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We're building a Morton Buildings farm shop and we're interested in buying two Schweiss bifold 14'x30' doors.


Hi I am designing a farm shop and would like to put a 50'wide by 20' high bifold door or a hydraulic door. I would like an estimate on each of these types of doors. I am planning to build a wood structured building, maybe a hybrid type with steel trusses. Thanks


Looking for prices on two 30'x 18' Bifold insulated, and one 16x16 Bifold insulated. These are for farm use.


Ball park price for a Lift Strap bottom drive Bifold internal truss door, mounting above the building header with remote mount control, center wind pin - 1" diameter and manual side latch kit for a farm equipment cold storage shed.


Hello, I'm looking for a quote and some more information on a bi-fold door for an agricultural workshop. The end wall opening will be 40ftx14ft. Please feel free to give me a call.


I would like a quote on two 35 foot wide by 20 foot tall doors. They will be going into a steel building. The building will be an insulated, heated, and cooled farm shop. We need 35x20 when the door is open. We have not decided on the steel building company yet, but we will build this summer.


Designing future build. Door size may change - construction should start next summer. This is for farm equipment. My only concern is wind with the hydraulic door - will open to the west . Thank you for your time


I have two garage doors for a barn that I am building and am looking for hydraulic doors. The size for each for is 8'x12'.


Looking for a price for a 15 foot 11 inch door High by 29 foot 11 1/2 inch wide door for a farm shop


We are exploring options for our farm shop. It’s a pole building with wood frame sliders on it now. It would probably be a next summer or fall project if we decide to do it.


I’m interested in getting 2 42x15ft doors for my farm shop. Can I get a quote My zip 78064


Building farm shop and looking for budgetary quote to take to the bank. Looking at both the bifold door and the hydraulic door. Will Follow up for more detailed quote after.


I am looking at building a new building for a farm shop. The building will be 60 ft wide and the door will be on the gable end. Any info and suggestions would be great. Thank you


I'm in the planning stages of constructing a cold storage farm machinery building, and I'm interested in possibly having bifold strap doors at one or both ends. I am new to bi-fold doors and would appreciate any advice or considerations I should be aware of when comparing them to overhead sectional doors or sliding barn doors for this application. I'm seeking a rough cost estimate to decide if further consideration is feasible, as well as costs for alternative design options (cost difference between a smaller (30ft?) door at each end vs. one larger (40-45ft?) door at one end. This would be new construction, but is there any reason to consider a "free standing" door vs. designing the building to support the door itself.


Budget guestimate on Bifold,12 feet high x 18 feet wide Steel girder frame is in place in remolded farm building would want metal skins on door. Also have numerous doors that would consider converting to strap system, Several 20ft wide x16 high. look forward to talk by phone...


Hi, I'm Pete at the U of MN West Central Research and Outreach Center in Morris. We are working on a portable solar panel trailer to be used in a pasture setting to provide shade for dairy cattle and generate electricity. The panels will need to fold to move the trailer from pasture to pasture. From our concept designs the structures to support the panels resemble a door frame for a bi-fold door. Would Schweiss be interested in looking at out our project and possibly designing and building these panel support structures? Thanks.


I am planning on building a farm equipment shop with 20ft side walls and and to put in two hydraulic doors. One would be 20x50 and the other 20x16.


I’m building a farm shop and am looking to get a door large enough to fit 8x40” equipment. I am thinking that a 32X18 would be the right fit. I have been quoted a couple doors by my builder but I would like to see how they compare to your bi-fold and hydraulic options. Appreciate your time.


I’m looking for prices on a 45ft wide by 20ft tall (21 ft sidewall). AND a 22ft x20 bifold doors. They would be in a new steel heated farm shop.


I am in the preliminary stages of designing a Farm/Commercial Shop. I would like one larger door in it and trying to determine the best type of door for this size opening.


Please provide a quote for a 25x14 bi fold for a farm shop. I will need to have an insulation package or I can insulate it myself


I'm in the very early stages of planning a storage building for farm equipment and possibly an airplane. A 40 foot wide bifold door would be ideal that provided a minimum clearance of 16 feet. What is the rough cost of door this size?


Hey guys, im in the early stages of a 60x100' farm shop and would like to see if my budget will allow a bifold door in one of my 60' gable end walls. I would like the door to be 40' wide and 16' tall. Can you advise on what my wall height needs to be to clear a 16' tall opening? Also would like to know ballpark pricing on a door like this insulated please. Thanks for your time. Nic


I am interested in updating my current farm shop doors. Building is wood. Looking for 36x16 hydraulic power lifted door I am clueless as to how your doors work with an existing structure


Building a new farm shop in spring of 2023. Would like a quote from Schweiss for a 46x16 one piece powerlifted hydraulic door. Would need door in April-May 2023 time frame.


I am considering a bifold door for a new build. Door 20 wide x 12' tall. Insulated, steel siding, with 2 lites. Residential or light farm door use. I am located in Fort Madison, IA. Thank you, Pat


Interested in building a door for my farm shop. Would like for it to include a standard size walk door in the center. My opening is approximately 14x48


Hello -- we are planning to build a farm machine shed and are interested in a bi-fold door. We have a Schweiss door on another shed, which was retro-fitted about 10 years ago. We are planning for a 30 wide x 18 height door, non-insulated. Do you have a dealer network, or do we work directly with your company (I don't remember what we did before...) Thanks. Best way to reply is email, but phone is OK, too.


I’m putting up an ag shop and I’m considering a bi-fold farm shop door. I’m from the Portland,Indiana area and was wondering where the closest one would be to me so I can physically look at one. If you could point me in the right direction for this to happen it would be much appreciated. The door I would be looking at would be a 16’H x 44’W, insulated with a. walk thru door. Thanks Troy


Looking at bifold strap door options for a heated farm shed that I want to build. Building will be a insulated concrete form building with 14' side walls. Looking at a 14' wide by 12' 6" high door if possible to get that on a 14' side wall. The door will be on the end of the building and not under the eave if that makes a difference. The opening can be made wider to accommodate the door if need be.


Hi I saw you all at the national farm machinery show in Louisville and was wanting to get a quote on a bi-fold door for my farm shop that will be about 45 ft. x 18 or 20 ft. tall.


Starting initial planning for a 40x60x18 or 50x70x18 farm shop. Would like some information on your bi fold strap and automatic latching doors and the advantages over a typical insulated overhead door. At this point I am considering a 24x16 door minimum size. Any information on this size and larger, taller doors would be greatly appreciated with pricing. Thank you


I'm looking for a bifold door 45 ft wide Wall height of the farm use shed will be 16 feet I would like as much clearance as I can get to get my bigger machinery in and out


In the middle of building a small farm shop. Need a bi-fold quote. Would like to talk insulation specs, sizing and framing requirements. Aside from price, I need to know approximate lead time. Currently, building has not been framed with a bi-fold door in mind, so need to know if there will be any changes required to framing prior to cladding the building. Currently the rough opening has been framed to allow for an absolute minimum 18'W X15'H standard roll up door. How much headroom will I gain using a bifold strap door?


We are looking for a price on a 45'x20' hydraulic or bifold strap door for a farm shop we are planning to build.


We are in the early planning stages of building a farm shop and are mainly considering our options for two bifold strap doors. Could we please get a ballpark quote on a 50x 20 door, bi Fold and hydraulic. We haven't decided on whether or not we are going to build a wood or steel structure yet either if its a large difference one way or the other could you quote it both ways please. Thank you, Karl


We are looking to build a new farm shop and want to put in a 40'w X 20'h door to easily pull in large equipment. Building will be at least 80'w with 20' side walls. Just wanting a quote to be able to gauge cost. Door needs to be liftstrap with windows and walk door.


I need to have 3 large bifold farm shop doors for openings that are 27 ' wide by 20 ' tall, installed on an existing metal building. Doors need to be the bifold strap design.


I am building a farm shop / hangar and would like a quote on a 40 and 50 ft both hydraulic and a price on a bi fold door. The building will probably be either a 50 wide 18ft tall or 42 wide 18 tall. We live in Virginia and sometimes snowfall can be a problem. I hear your bifold door handles snow loads very well. Thanks, Adam


A major concern is keeping cost reasonable. Bifold strap door I need is for an existing farm shop that is lightly used by a single person. I'm not able to use a sectional overhead door because of an overhead hoist. The door will be replacing larger sliding doors which are no longer needed. Since the existing opening is larger door measurements don't need to be precise. I want an approximately 18 ft. by 10 ft. door but could make some adjustments to door size if cost savings could be realized. The shop is heated so the door needs some degree of insulation. Appearance of door is a minor consideration.


Call me if you need more information. I would like pricing on a 40 x 18 bifold door for a new farm shop building. I assume a bifold will be less expensive and am probably leaning that way but a hydraulic would also be an option. Thanks- Galen


I am building a new farm shop at home that will also be used as a hangar for airplane. Just getting quotes around to see what options are available for bifold and hydraulic Schweiss farm shop hangar doors.


I am building a farm shop at my home. 50x72x14 I am considering a hydraulic or bifold door for an end wall. I am not sure what "side column type" is. The building will have poured concrete knee walls and 2x6 studs. What is the lead time on bifold shop doors?


Looking for a quote on a build your own hydraulic door. Putting up a new steel building farm shop. The door will be 30x 18 and will need remote openers and a walk door.


I would like a quote on a 32 x 18 lift strap bi-fold door for a farm shop.


Interested in Agricultural Bi-fold doors for our farm shop. Pricing, etc. Thanks, Gary


Hello I I am looking to replace or repair a farm shop that has an opening of 24 feet wide by 15 1/2 foot height It currently has sliding doors but they are getting too heavy and old to operate so looking to do some kind of door that would easier to open


Good Morning. I'm in the early stages of building a farm shop and am very interested in your bi fold door system. I am looking at a 10'h x 20'w door and would like more information on the lift strap system with auto auto latches. I have the vertical wall space to go with an overhead drive but curious if that works with the strap latches or not. Also, is your system only the drive, or the door also? Pricing will also be a question, once I have a design figured out.


Just getting a ball park price on a large door for a possible new farm shop we will be hopefully building this or next year.


I have a farm shop that's a steel building. (32 yr old) Currently has a sliding door. 18' wide x 15'3" high. Very hard to slide. I'm looking for the most economical farm shop door to replace this with that isn't a manual slide. Bi-fold ? The shop is insulated.


I am looking for a bottom seal for a 40 foot bifold farmshop door it was installed with approximately 1/4 inch gap , I think a b2 type seal installed on inside of door would work. I should be able to install this myself. 


I am constructing a farm shop behind my new rural home under construction in Rockledge Fl. I have designed a Farm type shop for out back and will house an RV and Boat. It will double as my man-cave. I am looking to purchase a Bifold Liftstrap  Farm door. 30x16 with add-on remote opening door components. Please contact me for specifications and pricing. Thank you! -Steve


I am a building contractor and have a customer requesting a quote on 3 doors for a farm shop. A 20x20 ,a 40x20, and a 60x20 . Looking for a hydro swinging one-piece and bifold strap doors, installed price, call me at your earliest convieniance, thank you


I'm interested in a bi-fold barn door or a hydraulic barn door, compared to cost of multi-panel. Building a farm shop building 60' X 96' and need (2) 12'W X 14'H, and (1) 24'W X 14'H, doors. Can one hydraulic unit operate more than one door or do I need one per door?


upgrading a 27X48 corn crib to a farm shop. 2x6 studs ev 16" all around. seems to be solid building. I have 27'x30" trusses that will be installed ev, 2', ceiling height 12'6".at this time are concerned about the rough opening and the design and engineering. You can give an estimate with and without farm shop door installation. e-mail or call is fine. Thanks, Lee


I am intrested in a 15x12 Hydraulic or Bi Fold farm shop bifold door for the end wall of my shop. It would need to be insulated and have one row of windows. Please provide basic pricing on both models. We can get the exact mesurments dialed in when I get an idea of pricing. Steve


Converting an existing pole building into a farm shop and was looking at a bifold farm shop door to gain some headroom


Looking at pricing for a 40' x 18' hydraulic or bi-fold farm shop door. We are planning on putting up a Machine Shop this Spring on our farm. Thank you!


I would like a quote on a strap type bifold farm shop door for my farm shop. Currently it has spray foam insulated sliding doors. The rough opening is 14' high by 20' wide. The new door needs to be insulated at least at a R-15 value, I would also like to get a optional quote for one or two windows.


we have one of your bifold doors for our hay barn farm shop that was put in two years ago, i am asking for someone to come do upkeep maintenance on it, no problems but its never been checked since it was put in.


Good Evening, We are a very small scale operation in upstate NY, processing poultry as a service for our local producers. We are currently siding our shop and are very interested in a bi-fold ag shop door, possibly two with lift straps. Likely 10 feet high by 12 to 14 feet wide, maybe even a 10 x 10. Is this anything u can assist us with?


The owner would like 16ft clear height opening for the doors, prefer bifold with liftstraps and autolatches but will also consider hydraulic if this works better to give me the most headroom. The farm shop bldg eve height will be 24ft with interior clearance height of 21ft


I would like to get a quote on (2) 45' x 18' bi-fold farm shop doors installed by Schweiss Doors near  Council Bluffs, IA. Include liftstraps and autolatches and windows.  Price remote opener separately.


Looking for a general estimate on a 28 ft. bifold ranch shop door retrofit we are pondering upon getting. The information I filled out about the door is still a rough comparison, we are in the process of adding onto our old shop, so things are not quite set in stone yet about the building itself.


Looking for information and a price for a Schweiss premier hydraulic door either 14-15 feet high by 14 feet wide. This would be for a farm shop. Not sure whether to go bifold or Hydraulic.  Any information you could provide would be appreciated. 


I am looking for a quote and information on your bifold straplift doors. Two doors, each 28 ft. x 12 ft. farm shop doors. If you could reply I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks Bob


With the hydraulic doors or strap bi-fold doors are there any structural additions that need to be engineered into the building? Farm shop will have 20' eaves. What would a 22' door cost(bi-fold strap or hydraulic door w/hydraulic and hardware?


We have one of your strong bi-fold doors on a hanger and are very pleased with it. We have a farm shop we would install either a bi-fold liftstrap door  or hydraulic lift door (38x16 ft). Quote us a steel door price on both.


Please give me a quote on a 45 foot and a 24 foot shop door. I will be building a farm shop in the spring and am interested in installing Schweiss Bifold Strap Doors. Price with remote door  opener and two handheld remote controls.


I have your Bifold machine shop door 14X50 feet on our shed, it's working very well. We would like to have pricing for one more Bifold strap machine shed ag door, 18X48 with auto latch and remote door opener. 


I have an old dairy barn converted into a shop, with a 14x18 overhead door. I'm thinking of putting a larger shop door in. The barn is 30 ft wide with 16 ft ceiling. How should I strengthen it for a larger door opening and bigger Schweiss strap door.


I need a price on 14x40 foot bi-fold strap shop door for wooden truss farm shop. Will require walk door and remote door opener.


I have a bi-fold door now that I would like to replace with a one piece hydraulic door to gain more clear door height. Can someone come out to measure the current farm shop door opening so we know how much door height can be gained.


I have a 15 foot wide 14 foot high opening in a farmshed. How much is both the hydraulic door and the bi fold strap door? Also how much height clearance will both types have when opened?


Requesting a quotation and design for a metal building on two [2] each 40 feet clear x 22 feet clear Bi-Fold liftstrap doors. Use for a ag. shop and storage. Would like remotes and a backup system and well insulated.


I am building a 60'x 124'x 18' farm shop. I would like to price 2 doors. 20' x 16' Bi fold door on one side and a 40' x 16' Bi fold door on one end - no cables, only straps, insulated with remote control. I would like to have an estimate what 2 doors cost and what extra framing is involved.


I currently have a 14ft rolling door on my farm shop. It is a converted flat barn with a 8ft ceiling. I have about two feet on one side of the door to get to the corner post (6"x6" post frame building), making the door dimensions 16' long by 8' high. I would like to keep as much clearance as I can (thus not wanting a conventional garage door.) What prices do you have for both the Schweiss hydraulic and liftstrap bi-fold doors? Also include price for walk door and insulation. 


Constructing a 40'(W) X 150'(L) X 18'(H) ag shed out of wood. I have 3 door opening all on the south side of the 150' and would like to maintain a opening height of 16'. Door 1 is 24' wide and would like to have insulated for our shop. Door 2 is 18' wide and would like to have insulated for our shop. Any idea on what kind of R rating can be obtained? Door 3 is 30' non-insulated with a walk-in door. Would like breakdown cost and options. We have a steel building with a 40' door from you and like the straps but open to hydraulics as well depending on cost. If hydraulics are choosen can a single Red Power Schweiss pump be shared for all 3 doors and valve solenoids used to control which door opens? Also interested in the remote control option. Call my cell if you have additional questions. Thanks


Looking for info and pricing on 16 x 12 and an 8x8 Schweiss liftstrap bi fold shop door, do you have rep For Ont Can. If not what would shipping entail. Love your doors, see a lot of bifold and hydraulic Schweiss doors in Ontario farms and hangars.


What would a Schweiss hydraulic door cost for a barn shop building with an opening of 14 feet high and 30 feet wide? Would a bi-fold door be more practicle? There are 2 openings of this size on either end of this steel structure barn. Thanks


Would like a bid on a Schweiss hydraulic one piece door 40x18 for my farm shop. Door needs to be insulated, remote opener and with a man door and three windows across. Thank you.


We were thinking about getting new doors on our farm shop, as of right now we have two doors that slide together and they are getting very hard to open and close it takes two sometimes three people to open and close them. What I was wondering is what is a round about price of the bifold doors and also maybe the hydraulic door, more the bifold doors with liftstraps tho?? Thank you, Martha


Please quote a 50x18 clear bifold liftstrap door installed in a new farm shop. Please quote a free standing header and labor to install separately. Please fax quote and design specifications for metal building supplier. Thank you.


Just exploring costs to build a farm shop building. Need to know minimum building width to allow 30 ft. door. Most interested in your Bifold with liftstraps, however I would like to compare price on a one piece Schweiss hydraulic door as well. I really like the sleek look of your doors and workmanship appears to better than any others I've seen.


Would like a price on 30x16 bifold door, New Construction Farm shop SIP Construction Pricing is for a promo building hoping to sell 3-4. Make sure you price liftstraps and autolatches. How much more for an aluminum frame?


Greetings. I am in the beginning stages of planning to build a new shop for our farm. I know that I want to be able to drive all of our equipment in; that includes an R-72 combine with a 30ft header. I am looking for a ballpark quote; nothing definitive. As I get closer to building we can work out the details, but that is a ways off. I'm kinda planning on putting in a bigger door than I need now, so if I get bigger equipment in the future I'm set. Will your straplifts handle real big doors, or should I be considering a hydraulic Red Power door instead. You guys are the experts, give me your thoughts.


I am building a new farm shop and will need a 40 X 16 bifold liftstrap/autolatch door. Call me on my cell phone. If you call the home phone, please leave a message.


We are building a new farm machine shed and it will be a steel frame building and the manufacture wants to know how much weight to engineer the end wall for? This will be a bifold door with liftstraps and autolatches. 34 ft. x 16 ft.


We are building a new farm shop building and would like more information on your bifold and hydraulic doors. The size will be 30 wide and 16 tall.  Nelson Mn 56355.


I am wondering approximate cost for a bifold door for my farm shop. It is approximately 30 (give or take a foot) feet across and 14 feet tall. can you get me a quote and information? I\'ll want the door insulated and with lift straps and autolatches. Give me a separate price on a walk thru door.


I would like to increase the heigth of my farm shop door. It is 14 feet now and is at the maximum for an overhead style door to work. I want to stay inside the current roof line, I do not like the looks of doors that extend beyond that. I am wondering if a bifold door would help in this situation. The header can be raised, but does a bifold door take up space under the header?


I am looking for pricing and loading requirements for a shop door on my farm. The opening is 32\'x 18\', hydraulic one piece door will be clad both sides and insulated.


Please quote me a door that I need to put on the gable end of our building. Our farm shop will be 40\' wide. I was thinking a 28-30\' bifold liftstrap  door. Our sidewall will be 18\' tall. I am expecting a 16\' door in height. I assume we can insulate and place windows in at our discretion. Please feel free to call me,


Three ag bi-fold doors 14x14 in Sibley, IA Really windy there, sick of problems with overhead doors going down in the inside of building, full of crap. Wants outside mounted doors, wind rated, insulated, with your quiet lift straps and auto latches for a good seal.


I need a hydraulic door price for a door with a clear opening of 34' wide x 18 ft. high. This is for a farm shop (maybe you call it a machine shop) for large farming equipment, combines, tractors, etc. Will need a free standing header and walk thru door.


i would like to get information on how much a bifold door would cost that is 30' wide and 12' tall? I want it for my farm shop and I want a walk thru door on it, doesn't matter which side you put it on. Auto latches needed.       


Can you get me a quote on a 30x16 Bi-fold door. Insulated with opener, delivered and installed to Sisseton, SD. I'm wanting it for my ranch shop. Lift straps please.


I need a bifold door and opener for my farm shop. Opening is 10' wide x 12' tall. What would your pricing be? I also need two 12' x 12' bifold doors on my machine shed to replace the clunky old sliders. Can I get a walk through door price on this. I also want the lift straps and remote.


We need an overhead bi fold door for our farm shop and we would like a quote. The size is 32 feet 4 inches by 18 feet high and we would also like to have an electric opener and walk thru door. Thanks


Hello, Please give me a quote on a 30x18 insulated bifold door with lift straps, auto latches and remote controller that would be used in a heated farm shop. Thanks.


30' x 30' farm work shop, post tension building, post are concreted 2.5' in ground, concrete slab to be poured within a couple weeks, building closed in with metal siding with metal girts. Want your bifold door with lift straps and three remote openers.


We are building a new farm shop, 60 x 40.we want a 24w x 16 h bi fold door in end wall. Can you give a quote? The building is pre engineered all steel in Pennsylvania. Do we need any extra reinforcement to support another bifold door that is 30 ft. x 16 ft. h?


I found your website, and I would like a ball park figure on the cost of bifold doors for my farm shop. I wonder whether the hydraulic door would be good in this area where we can get 40 mph winds or more. I forget the brand of building, but it is very similar to slant wall buildings. The doors are 24 foot wide, with the bottom 2 feet concrete with the inside width is 23 foot 10 inches. The opening is 187 inches high. Is there a dealer close to me, as I expect the distance for installation would be prohibitive? Thank you, Mel


I have a customer that is interested in a bifold or possibly a hydraulic door on a farm shop. The size is 23'6"x16. How much extra for a walk thru door?


Building a new farm shop 50x80 with 18ft side walls. All steel building and will be engineered for your door. I would like a quote for a 16x30 bifold door with lift straps installed in upstate New York. Thanks Carrie


I am a contractor and have a customer looking for a 40'x20' high Schweiss bifold door for a farm storage building. we can probably install ourselfs. Could I please get a quote for this door. does not have to be insulated. we can supply metal cladding,


I'm going to be building a new farm machine shed this spring and I have no idea what a Schweiss Bifold Doors cost. I'll need one 40' x 16'. Also, could you send me information about the structural requirements I need to be thinking about? I've looked at the info on your website and got a lot out of it. And can you give me a ballpark figure on the freight to MD? Thanks, 


Expecting to build a 40'X60'pole building in the Spring with 12' celling. I want to install 40' Bi-fold door in the 60' end which will be the gabled end. building will be used to store farm equip and possabally an airplane. Need specs and dimentions of what size the door opening will need to be. I also need the price of door and the difference between strap lift and cable lift door prices. I am familure with the instalation of the 40' cable lift because I installed one of you doors on my hanger about 11 Years ago and it's still working great. Thanks 


I have an existing pole building that I am considering making into a farm shop. There is an opening that is 13' 7" wide and the height would end up at about 13' even I would like to not lose much head room if any. There isn't much of a header if at all it is on the end wall. there was at one time sliding doors. the barn currently has a dirt floor which is why the height is approximate and could be changed. what type of reinforcement is required for bi-fold and hydraulic doors as far as header and sides? I would for right now like a estimate on the door size provided. also this building I believe is about 50 years old.


Would like a quote on a 20 foot wide by 14 foot tall Schweiss Bi-fold door. I can adjust the header to height so when door is open I still have 14 feet of clearance. Would like to have some sort of power opener on it. Also would like it insulated. This is for a farm shop. Below I selected I beams for door posts it is actually 10" heavy channel.


Hi Folks Need a quote on a 40' X 18' Schweiss Bifold for a metal farm shed. Can you provide a quote delivered to our place of business?


quote on 30x18 Bifold on endwall and 30x16 Bifold on sidewall. New steel construction, Farm Building, Installed, Lincoln, Nebraska


Would like one single piece door to be insulated and lined on inside with white tin. Other door, single piece also, non-insulated or lined. Several windows This is for a 60 x 126 farm shop.


I am looking for a price for a door for a farm work shop. Door opening is 16 ft wide and 12 ft high. I need specs and pricing on a hydraulic and bi fold door.


I have a customer interested in a couple of these Schweiss Bi-Fold Doors installed on a steel and wood cold-storage warehouse, I would like to get some info on them. lift straps, latches (auto and strap).


Hello, Can you please provide a quote on a 24 wide 16 high hydraulic one piece door for a new construction Farm Shop. Delivery to Illinois


Need 42x18 Clear Bifold door quote installed. Please price a free standing header and labor to install separately. Please also email design information so I can send to ASAP. Strap lift. This will be installed on a Farm Shop


I am looking at building steel farm shop and I am looking for a price on a hydraulic door. The size of the building is a 40' by60' with 16' side walls. The size of the door that i am looking for would 26' wide by as tall as I could get with 16' sidewall.


The farm i work on is putting up a new ag shop and we are wondering on a price and info for a 40 foot by 18 foot hydraulic or bi-fold door.


We are looking to cut out a wall of an existing building and have an approx 28'w x 14'h bifold door installed. It does not have to be insulated. Looking at an inexpensive way to get larger machinery inside our farm shop.


I am getting prices on a 60'X60' metal hangar for my farm airstrip. The opening in front of the metal hangar building will be 60' by 14 feet high as I want 12' of open door clearance. Please send me an estimate of cost including shipping for a suitable bi-fold door. I also need the weight of the door that the top support will need to carry to inform my metal building supplier. Within the metal door, I need one standard walk through door mounted on the left half of the bottom bi-fold door handle.


I am building a new farm shop would like a opening 30 to 32 foot wide by 18 or your 17 1/2 foot tall. The bifold or hydraulic door would need to be insulated.


We are looking a building a new steel building this summer. This will be a 80x80' building and would like to consider a 16x40' endwall hydraulic door. What would be the availability, estimated cost and possible company installation for a door for our farm shop. Thank you


I am looking at building a shop and need to know an idea of what a bifold door would cost... I am looking at 20' wide and 14' high... thanks!


I'm designing a hangar/shop and need to know how high the eaves must be for one both your bi-fold and one-piece hydraulic doors. I must have an opening height of 16' in order to provide the necessary clearance. Can you provide me with that information along with a basic quotation for each door type? Thanks.


I am in the process of building a shop at my residence and would like an idea of the cost of a bifold door. The two sizes are 16' x 14' and 24' x 14'.Thanks


I am a farmer in North Carolina and need a door for my shop. The opening is 12ft tall and 17.5ft wide.I like the Bifold door, but I would like to know the Hydraulic door cost as well. You can price me on the door only, delivered to Raleigh, NC. No installation please.Thanks


Hi my name is Norman , I'm looking for a quote for Two bi-fold doors for my cold storage building.The openings are 24' wide x 16' High. The building is located in Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada.Can you include the shipping fob Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada Thank youNorman


Dear Schweiss folk, I am interested in your one-piece hydraulic doors.I am planning to build a farm shop this coming summer north of Edmonton, Alberta, CANADA. The door will also need to be wide enough to accommodate our airplane's wingspan if possible (and not overpriced for this need).How much would we have to pay for a 14' high X 30' wide door of this kind?Can it be shipped to me or to Edmonton?I look forward to hearing from you.Thanks!Cory




agriculture shop and storage building 72'wide x 100' long 72' x 40' shop 72' x 60' storage please size this large hydraulic doors


Sir I am interested in two hydraulic doors 60 feet by 20 feet also one 25' x 17'one 25 x 14 feet can you advise me on shipping and prices and could you send me some literature and instructions on how they are built we have now two shops which are in construction. is there any doors stalled near Yuma Arizona that I can see how they work please advise me do I put my own tin and installation in these doors or do they come complete please send me out a catalog and all the information you can about these doors


I'm looking at building a 32 by 52 by 12 ft cieling farm shop this summer. I'd like to utilize the full 12ft by putting a hydraulic on the one end 12ft 16ft door. What would be a estimate one what these would cost?


We bought a bifold from you a year and 2 months ago for a customer. We are looking at one for our farm now. It would go on an existing shed - we need the opening to be fully cleared 20' wide x 12'10" tall. Could you get us a quote on a bifold w/ cables vs w/ straps, and while we're at it, a hydraulic swing door as well. We can provide the metal sheeting inside and out. Thanks, -Jimmy


I am building a shed that will have a 35 wide 14 tall hydraulic farm door. A friend of mine had one put in a few years ago and I helped him put the sheeting on it. I am thinking of going that same route.


Am putting up a steel building for a farm shop. It will have a 20ft wide x 16 ft high door and a 18 ft wide x 14 ft high door on it. Presently will be going with an overhead door but would like to know how the price of your bifold doors will compare. Need this info as soon as possible. Thanks, Rick


Hi, I would like a quote on both of your doors, Hydraulic and bi-fold. Which of these doors would you recommend, holds up best with time and best value? Im not sure of the exact dimentions, but the dimentions i have provided will be correct for width but close on height (within 2-3 feet)Would it be possible to quote both a 16ft and 18ft high door. The door opening on our shed currently is aprox. 28FT wide, how much work would it be to open the door to fit a 35ft door and cost. I would like two doors. However the back door could be the same size as the back existing door but same height as front door. Please feel free to call if you have any questions.


I am interested in a 18 ft high and 40 ft wide hydraulic door for my farm shop. What price would this door have? What advantages does your door have over your competition?


Please calculate for me the maximum opening height for a bi-fold door on my farm shop building. Endwall truss is doubled, and corner posts are double 6x8's. I will send additional photos and descriptions as needed. Rough opening dimensions are approximate.


We are in the planning stages of a new shop for our farm. Looking at 3 doors 2-24x18 & 1-12x12. I have never seen your products and was planning to use conventional role-up style doors. I saw your web page and would like more info and some ball park pricing to see if Bifolds are a possibility


I have a farm machine storage barn with a 16h by 24w opening and would like a your suggestion on what would be the best door for me. Hydraulic or Bifold. I need head room. Thanks, Brian


Looking for a bifold door for a workshop I am building. I need a rough cost of a door to see what is the best route to supply a door for this building. Can I install your door myself? Do you have an installer in the area? Thanks.


We are sourcing doors for a new machine shop/storage building for our farm operations. The new structure will have 18 ft. side walls on cement foundation and wood framing. Width will be 80' and length 60'. The widest bifold door would be 34' or 36'. A pole barn structure will be attached for additional storage. This structure is not yet built. Do you have a distributor in the London, Ontario area? We would appreciate information with regards to cost, structural load requirements, installation details, long term maintenance and durability.


I'm looking for a door to go into a heated farm shop. 2x8" stud walls. I'll plan to put steel on outside & spray urethane on inside. Am planning on 16 ft wall heights, vaulted ceiling trusses. Concerned to have a tight, winter weather worthy door. Two windows would be nice option for this door Thanks, ps Also planning to put in a 12high x 10w overhead bifold in the same end wall.


I am thinking about building a shop with a hydraulic door big enough to get in an airplane and various agricultural equipment. I would like to find out about how much it would cost to put in one of your doors. The size of the door will be somewhere around 14 tall (opening) by 40 wide. I will do all the construction and installation myself. I will be building the shop myself. I will probably use steel trusses on wood posts. For now I am trying to get an idea of what everything is going to cost. I have not yet determined the final size of the building because it will change depending on which door I go with. I am planning on building the shop sometime next year. Cost is the biggest obstacle for me. Please e-mail me a quote on what is the most cost effective door that you have. Thanks


Hello, I'm looking for some pricing for 2 bifold doors. I would like a 20 x 18-20 h door for our shop (agriculture) and a 38 x whatever would typically be used for a general aviation hangar door. This is a project we are looking to complete by the end of this summer. Thanks, Jason


Good morning: Please quote me on a bi-fold delivered and installed in Baxley, Georgia, Appling Co. This door will be going in an endwall of a metal building for farm equipment access. 35' wide and clear height of 15', need remote control access. Wind load in Appling Co. is 101mph.3 sec.gust. Thanks W.G.


Please also quote installation of hydraulic door. This is for a farm machinery storage building. The customer will also want this door insulated. Do you quote the insulation or should we simply use our 2" blanket insulation?


Building a 160'x75' farm building looking for options on a 40' opening. Probably Bifold because snow, ice buidup in front of door. Going to Farm Progress show in Decatur Ill but wanted a head start on your company. Lots of choices at show. Want a price installed and not installed. Thaks


I talked to Jeremy this morning and he is getting me prices for me on doors. please tell him I need these doors insulated. thanks. Chad V


40x16 door with insulation and remote.how much extra head room do i need for installation on end walls and side walls? thanks for the info. does the side columns and building construction of wood or steel change the price and is one better than another for long term reliabilty? this projest is at least 1 year out but i am starting to design the shop for the farm. depending on the price i may need additional doors in other sizes.


I am going to build a shop for the farm and I am interested in a folding door. please send me information and price list. the structure will be built this summer. thank you mark p.


You gave me a quote on a bi-fold door, He now wants a quote for a 40x12 door. This is a farm shop. What is easier to install, the bi-fold or one piece door? I have seen both here in my town and both look fairly simple to operate but I know it will take some skill to install it. Thanks for any info you can give!


I have older farm buiding use as shop has wooden sliding doors on at present time. Would like to replace with more air tight doors with out losing any head room. I need two doors both air openings are 8'4" high one is 14' wide and the second one is 10' wide. Was thinking your bifold with lift straps. Would like to know if you could make me a door this size and about what price range we're looking at. thankyou please mail or email quote have any questions you can either call or email


I would like a price with the strap opener, internal truss, with the weather strip kit,and the top rubber gasket. If there is any other thing that you would suggest for a heated farm shop, please include it in your quote thank you


we are in beginning of planning for farm shop. looking at doors and considering bi-fold door will be in 60'? end wall considering 16 by 40 door. how tall does our building need to be I am so far impressed with your door I saw ad in Nebraska Farmer if I could get a door price and installation price would be appreciated thank you also what is the lead time from order to delivery and what specifications do I need to know when it comes time for erection thank you Randy


Hello, we are constructing a new farm shop, and saw your doors in the Farm Show magazine. We are still in the early construction phases and have not yet decided on what we are going to do for our large door. We are looking to have 16'H and 24'W in the clear for our door, and we would like it insulated as it will a heated shop for our chilly Washington winters. If it isn't too much trouble I would also like there to be a quote that includes windows and onw without windows. I would also like to know what size overhead we will be needing to get 16' in the clear. If you need any more info before making the quote, just email me and I will reply with it within 24 hours. There is no rush as we will not be getting back into construction till spring time. Thank you very much, and I hope we get to do bussiness!


just wondering what a 36ft by 16ft one piece hydraulic fold door would cost. the door would be used for a farm shop so it would have to be insulated. just a ball park price would be nice. thanks dustin


Hi, I am looking at building a 60x60 Farm shop Heated this fall. and i am looking 2 doors for it one on the eve side and one on the gable end. I was origanlly interested in the one piece door, but the bifold looks safer and better for staying open long periods of time. (which are cheaper)less maintancee) i am looking at a 22 wide by 14 tall. do I have to make my door opening 22 wide by 16 ft tall for a bifold (to reach 14 open height) cause they don't fold tight? How much head room do I lose on a bifold. I have requested a price for 1 22w x 14h tall doors but if you could also price 1 30w x 14h with and 1 14w x10h One Piece door Thanks alot my projet start date is oct 10th.fyi Thanks PHil R.


Need to replace a door on a small shop. Will be checking the building to see if it is possible to open the door to 21' wide also. need a price and availability on the listed dooor and one 21' wide. Basic farm shop. Needs insulation and no doors or windows. I need to make this decision in the next week to get out of trouble with the better half. Thanks.


looking into a door for my farm shop a 40x60 pole shed wood frame interested in a 28wide by 16 high looking for prices and info would like free standing so it could be placed on the outside of exsiting building thanks eric


Hi I am building a farm shop this summer could you give me a quote on a 16H X 24 wide insulated bifold door with strap lift system. I would also like the following options priced: auto. latch, remote and the cost of 36" x 24" dual pain PVC windows.


I am building a farm shop later this year. I need pricing on a 24x16 end wall door and a 32x16 side wall door. Please send me literature on both bifold and hydrualic because I am not sure which is better for me. Thanks! Loren


I have a 30' wide by 14' tall doorway on my pole building farm shop. I am intersted in a bi fold door to maintain the height. Could you give me an estimated cost? Can it be attached to the current construction without additional framework.




I am building a 40 x 72 farm shop this summer. Could you provide me with the framing specs for each type of door for a wooden pole barn type structure? Thanks


Interested in bi-fold door for farm equipment shop. Dimensions approximately: 20'W x 16-1/2" H. Please contact for estimate.


I just asked about the bifolds for farm shop. Would hydraulic be any better? Which one opens faster? I also run school busses in and out twice a day.


I am looking at building a new 50 * 80ft wood frame farm shop with 16ft ceiling. What would a 26 * 16 ft insulated bifold door be worth with electric opener? What is R value is available for insulation? Do these doors seal any better or worse than regular insulated overhead doors?


We are getting ready to put up a 40'x60'x18'evehieght steel building for a farm shop. I would like to explore the possibilities of a hydraulic door for one end. I'm thinking 16'high, and 34' wide. Possibly a man door inside the hydraulic door. Insulation as well. Feel free to call if that is easier than email. mikE


I am costing a farm tool shed and the need the cost of 24 fooot wide by 14 foot high and 32 foot wide by 16 foot high bifold doors. None of My cost sources give listing for such doors. No header cost is needed for an end instalation, but I would like to know what a side instalation header would cost (typical 8 to 10 foot spacing farm pole building with truss roof). This information would also be helpfull to me for figuring the functional obselescence on older tool sheds. The value just needs to ba a ball park figure for costing purposes. Sid H. Appraiser


I need a quote on a 30'X 15' door in a farm building in Michigan. I also need the extra cost for you to install. Thanks: Joe


We are looking into converting the old cattle barn into a work shop. We are just tring to get a rough idea what the cost will be. Are zip code for shipping is 49221. (Adrian, MI) Thanks, Rick


Our farm shop/ office building recently burned. We are replacing with a 75 x 80 steel building. We are considering two drive-thru bays, one with 16' doors and the other with at least 24' opening. Would like information to compare against a roll-up door. I am not aware of any of your doors in my area. Please contact me with any information you may have. Also, if there are any dealers in my area. Thank you, Landy W.


i was interested in a 20-30 ft door for a shop i am building, its a farm shop and shed. I wondered what these doors cost? thanks jeff


I seen you at the farm show, I'm working on a price for a farm shop, I need a 14' tall opening looking at going with a Kentucky steel truss building, I'm getting all my prices in order and see if I can do it this year. the building size is 40x60x18. with a 4-12 pitch roof. I want to cover a 36'x 14' opening. (door) could you give me a price, or a close price so I can plug them into my buget.


I work for NE AgrAbility and assist disabled farmers and ranchers in determining equipment needs and then assist them in finding funding for their needs, if necessary. I am working with Chuck M. of Hartington, NE and he is in need of a door for a Farmstead shed. I am requesting quote for him. I would like quotes for both types of doors so he could look at options. You can fax, mail , or email me a quote. We would also like to know what delivery cost and installation of these doors would be. Thanks!


saw your ad in successful farming magazine and was curious about putting your door in a garage I am thinking of building soon. The garage will be a 30X30 with 10 or 12 foot sidewalls. PLease quote a door in 10 X18 and 12X18. Also do you sell just the door frame that I can cover with the same material that is going to bee used on the rest of the building?


please quote a 40 x 14 bifold.this a farm application. ship to orangeburg, sc 29118 thanks in advance John G.


I am interested in a door for my shop I have a 14x24 foot opening and would like an insulated door with about 6 windows.


I am currently remodeling an existing building that was built in the early 1950s. This building was once used for grain storage. We are now wanting to remove the existing storage bins and add to the building to make a farm shop out of it. I have existing doors on both ends that I would like to widen out to make 12'X 12' openings. The way the building is build I will need the full 12' hight in the doors, as there will be very little head room inside the building above the doors. Please mail me a quote on two 12'X 12' doors. Any other advise you can give me for this application is greatly appriciated.


I have a 36'wide X 16' high opening on a machine shed. The doors that I have are too heavy to slide. I'm looking for suggestions


I am building a shop with two doors 12 feet wide 9 feet wide I need the height inside so can not use a standerd roolup


I am building a shop & I would like to put 2 doors in it. One Door will be 30'wide by 16'tall, insulated. one door will be 16'tall by 16'wide. Not sure what type of building it will be yet, but it will be a steel building. Maybe a Quonset style.