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This is for a project we are building close to Clayton, New Mexico. We need a 45' wide x 18' tall single section, single swing hydraulically controlled door. The door will be installed in a Nucor brand pre-engineered metal building endwall. At this time I will need to know pricing, availability and reaction information to design the first structural rafter for the hydraulic door arms.


Dear Sir We are constructing 5 new warehouse buildings which require large engineered hydraulic doors with  openings approximately 19m wide x 8 m high. Our construction is in the UAE. Can you supply and install in this country. If so we can forward you drawings for quotation. 


Greetings, We are interested in a quote for a recessed, face-mounted, bifold liftstrap and autolatch door for a 50x10 opening (face mounted door would be 12x50 or so) on a wood structure by Lester Buildings. The agricultural machine shed will be 60x50, with the door centered on the 60' side. We would like to break ground on the IA structure this fall. Lester can engineer the building around the requirements for the door.


I'm an CT architect, we have a new e water treatment plant we are designing that we think should use your bifold or hydraulic doors on. One is 35'x16, the other 25'x16 - and we would be adding some decorative wood to the outside face. We'd like to get complete costs including recommended upgrades, motors, etc. We also would like preliminary engineering design loads so we can understand how it affects our structures. Note that the gates are mounted in a cmu perimeter fence - not in a building - so they are exposed to weather. I can also provide renderings that show what we have in mind if that helps. 


Need one personnel door, two remotes. Just curious, have you heard of anyone putting a hydraulic door on an aircraft hangar out of ICF forms? I would be interested to hear how they engineered the header and how it might affect the installation of these hydraulic powered doors in cold MT climate. 


 I am looking to buy a engineered hydraulic hanger door. Size approx 45 feet by 16 feet, prefer hydraulic door based upon cost. Cement block hanger construction 18 inch steel beam header building width is 53 feet, stem walls will reduce door width to approx 45 feet by 16 feet. Please offer suggestions, call me in VT.


I would like to build a hangar with a Schweiss bi-fold lift straps door. How has your experience been with Morton Buildings: 1. Following Schweiss design criteria for supporting the door loads 2. Customers' reaction in general to Morton with Schweiss doors. Thank You


A customer wishing to have a Schweiss hyd door installed on the two ends of the new hangar and they have talked with you. But also have asked for T&E to install the doors. We are the pre-engineered building builder in the area and wish to have the information on the engineering of the building requirements to handle your door. can someone in your co call me to chat about these doors. Thank You Ted 


Please email and fax design specifications as well so I can provide to pre-engineered metal building supplier. Need 18' clear on a Schweiss hydraulic one piece Red Power door, how tall will the building need to be? 


What is the weight of 8' w x 7' one piece hydraulic door without a truss? I want to give that information to my structural engineer?


Good morning, I am a specification writer and I am in the process of specifying your hydraulic door. I believe one of my co-workers has already been in contact with your company. So far, I know that the dimensions of this hydraulic Red Power door are 44%u2019high (OH) x 60%u2019wide. I have looked through the specifications you provide on your website, but I was wondering if you have a 3 part CSI specification? I am not sure where to begin, or even what division this would fall under. Can anyone help me?


Please contact me. I am a engineer and I have a project coming up and I have some questions about your hydraulic door systems. Thank you.


I am a truss designer seeking information on proper loading requirements for the structural gable that needs to support these hydraulic doors that you sell. In particular, I am currently working on a 50' hydraulic door for an Agricultural building. Horizontal member requirements are typically 2x10 at 30" above plate, but that depends on the door design. Do you have a general installation guide for wood truss buildings, and bracing requirements also. Send me an Email whether you can provide this information online, or if I could get some form of a catalog. Thanks for your time, and have a good day.