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Pre-engineered hangar building (65'x 22' LSW x 327' long) located in Auburn, AL. Roof Slope is 1:12. Bay spacing is 65'-0". Code is IBC 2021 with 110mph WL, Exp. C. Side columns for doors can be either tubes or I beams. Please advise on preference.


Hello, I am building a aircraft Hangar of 50'X40'with a 43' ~ 49'foot door and a workshop attached in the rear with a width of 26' and a 23' door. Both doors should be 16' tall. These will be in Lakeway Texas, about 15 miles west of Austin. I would like to get engineering data for the Schweiss Bifold Liftstrap and automatic latching door to coordinate with my builder, Mueller metal buildings. Please advise on the process and any issues regarding using your bi-fold doors. Sincerely, Robert Turchan


Proposing bifold Schweiss hanger door options for a client that include the technical requirements for both so that the opening can be properly engineered for the structural requirements of having a house on the floor above. This is a basement of a home and we have an opening of 42' x 15'. The door opening elevation will be wood framed with steel columns and beam at the door. Side column will likely be I-Beam. Part of this request is to get the minimum of information so that the structural engineering can be completed. Hanger door needs to be packaged / crated for transport to Alaska. The door will be delivered to Seattle WA to our freight forwarder, SPAN Alaska who will handle getting the door to Alaska. Please advise of any questions, concerns or advice that you may have at this point. Thank you.


I'm working on a project (hangar) and I'm using bi fold doors at the exterior openings and would like additional information on your product. Specifically, I'd like a Schweiss engineered BIM file to incorporate into the model to show the client. One opening will be 37' x 19'-6' and two openings will be 14'x17'. I will really appreciate if you can send me your bim file of your bi fold strap hangar doors. Thank you.


Hi, I have visited your booth at Oshkosh in WI a couple times in order to ask questions. Our old heavy sliding hangar door has to go...we want a Schweiss hydraulic door. We already have one on our hangar home. This old hangar is wood, a 40X60 footer with about a 50 foot opening. The height of the opening is 12 feet, the same height we need after the hydraulic door is opened for our airplanes. I have taken a bunch of pictures for you, inside and out, and need a contact to send them so you can advise us on what design would work best. I have a contractor involved for the work to beef up the hangar and will have an engineer involved as soon as we decide what door we will have. Thank You, 


We are a consulting engineering firm in DE doing a structural analysis of post-storm conditions for some hangars in Massachusetts. One of our tasks is to find out how much it would cost to completely replace a hangar as oppose to recommending some repairs. I was wondering if you could give me a quote for a complete replacement for a hangar that has the following dimensions: 390' long x 32.5' wide. Each hangar houses about 12 small planes, each one taking up about 40' of space (two bifold T-Hangar  strap latch doors are used for each airplane space) Price cost of bifold hangar doors separately. 


I need a quote for the 12' high and 45' wide engineered hydraulic hangar door that you have been developing for a R&M building delivered to Symrna TN


Pricing up airplane hanger at regional airport. Owner wants a door 50' long x 18'- 20' high. Pre-engineered building manufacturer wants to know probable weight of bifold liftstrap door? Can metal siding be fastened to door to match metal siding of building?


Need Schweiss hangar door 66'w x 16'h. To be mounted on Alaskan structure building (Fabric w/gable steel frame). King Air 350 aircraft door  (58'w, 47'l, 15'h) Windload is 75 MPH, Snow load 10 psf. Can you provide eng/arch requirements?