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I'm an architect Looking for structural/electrical coordination info as well as details for a 100' wide by 28' tall bifold Liftstrap operated hangar door. It will be installed in pre-engineered steel hangar. This is for an FBO/Hangar project at the Eastern Iowa Airport in Cedar Rapids, IA. We would also like to clad the door in polycarbonate. Thanks in advance.


I have a 36'x12' opening in my steel framed hangar, I am after a bi-fold strap door that can operate on 12V or24V as we are off grid, I understand I will loose 2' off the vertical due to the bi-fold which is fine as the hangar houses Experimental aircraft, not that tall. Would also like to operate with a remote. Can you help? Geoff


Hi - I have 2 questions regarding a current project in design. 1. We are working through the design of an electrical vault with overhead doors but would prefer an electrical lifting bifold strap door - do any of your products have a 3HR fire rating? 2. We also have a loading dock that will either be one larger or 2 doors, what are the maximum widths for bifold doors at 14' clear opening? Thank, Scott


Hello, I am working on an aircraft hangar project with many box hangars using your electrical lifting power operated Bifold doors. My question is can the doors be operated on 208V? That is what we have available on site. My other question is how many amps and/or HP do the doors require. The max size of door is 58'W x 21'H. Thank you!


Is there a way to get a wire diagram for an older door system? It is an older lock system for a biofold door. The main controller was replaced and I need to wire in the door lock/latch. I can provide photos or other information as needed. The lock/latch has a reversing contactor controlled by a relay. It is a telemecanique contactor. Please reply by email. Thanks, Patrick Colwell


I am working on a model SCH-5, Serial number 152916-27, manufactured 6/5/2006. There is some wiring that has been disconnected by a previous owner. They did not leave any kind of documentation or wiring diagram for the bifold Liftstrap door controller. I have looked at your website but haven't been able to find anything. I was wondering if it is possible to get the wiring diagrams at least for this door? Any additional documentation would be a plus if available. A document link would even be great if available. Please advise. Thank you


I'm an electrical engineer and I have a project that has spec'd (3) 26' x 16' Bi-Fold Door with liftstrap and autolatches. I am wondering if you could send me the power requirements (voltage, fla, phase, accessories, etc) for said doors. They haven't decided if they are going bottom drive or vertical top drive, so if you could send me those as well, I'd appreciate it. I looked on the website and couldn't find it so if its there, I apologize. Thanks!


Requesting pdf of Installation Manual, Electrical Schematic and Electrical Diagram for your bifold electrical lifting doors.


Hello, I have a Schweiss bifold door. I was wondering if there’s a remote control available for this door? Also, would you be able to send me any information on how to wire my door for 1 push open and.


Hello I need two 34'x14 'high performance bifold strap doors. I saw your folding and fast lifting electric doors with straps and they are interesting. If I want to get it, do you have a distributor in Canada? If not, how much is it? Also the motor operates on what voltage? Thank you


What is the price of Two bifold electrical lifting door frames to fit an openings of 14' x 9' with interior motor and control panel that will also operate with a remote opener? These will be installed in a church and need to be quiet operating bifold doors.


Hi, we have a project in Palo Alto with a large garage. I like your bifold product and would like to get a rough estimate on three different size electrical lifting bifold strap doors for our municipal waterworks building. Our openings are 9x10,18x10,9x10. we probably prefer clear glass. Thanks, Guy


Scope of Work 1.Furnish the labor and material to take down existing 2- 20 ft. x 24 ft. rolling doors with operators. 2. Remove existing electrical connexn from overhead door operators 3. Remove existing light and relocate above new framed opening 4.Install required structure for bifold door opening 60 ft. x 26 ft. 5.Reinstall electrical to new operator Specifications 1-60 ft. x 26 ft. rolling bifold service door 1-RHX heavy duty jack shaft 3hp, phase Max wind load 31 psf


I am designing a home in Tampa, Fl., that requires an 18'x8' upward folding Electrical lifting bifold garage door. I would also need Florida Product Approval numbers. can you help? thanks!


Basic quote for basic bifold electric lifting door, replacing existing sliding doors that have been nothing short of a big pain in the buttocks from the first day they were installed. 


Hi there - we've just run into some electrical problems with the bifold door on dad's hangar in Puyallup, WA. Your mechanisms are wired so beautifully with lots of colored wires. We are getting power to the switch box, but no reaction in the door. Is there any chance you could email a wiring diagram to save us time in diagnosing the problem? I found your schematic for installation but not the electrical diagram on the website. Thank you.


Looking to replace 1 larger sliding garage door with two electrical lifting bifold liftstrap doors. Can I send you a door photo and get back with you for recommendations?


We recently flooded during Hurricane Harvey. Our motor for our hangar door did not work at first but has started working again. I am relieved that it is still working, but I would like to get information on purchasing a new motor, just in case.


Hello, I recently purchased a hangar in Chiloquin OR from Jon Knapp. He had the hangar built in 1998. The Schweiss Bifold strap door is currently operated with a solar power system to provide power to the 230 Volt door motor. I would like to get a gas generator to power the door. Do you happen to have any records as to the motor power requirement and how many Kw generator I would need. Thank You, Al Knabe


We have door S24, No. 452-2, Serial7619. This has a separate motor to run the door locks. When the door closes, it starts engaging the motor for the door locks. We have had an electrician come out and look at. The motor is good. We can manually press the starter and it will engage the motor as long as we press the starter. Is there a wiring diagram we can get for this door? Is there a local company/person who can work on this door? Now that winter is starting to set in, we need the door to close and lock.


I want to replace 19ft wide x 18ft high slider with strap lift bifold. Wood frame electrical lifting powerful pole barn bifold door to replace 7 years old door. Prefer insulated Schweiss liftstrap door. Can do install myself if warranty allows. I would like to get an estimate. Thank you.


We are electrical contractors currently engaged to install power to Schweiss electrical lifting Bi-fold doors for a client. The doors are 11 mtrs across and have 2 x 3 mtr panels with 2 x motors . Can you supply a diagram or information to enable us 1 / Where to run the power supply to too and how it attaches to the door and if there is any other wiring we should have to under take and if so the method of installation .


Looking for a quote for a 50 x14 one piece hydraulic door and/or a bifold liftstrap electric opening door, installed in a new building. Price walkdoor and windows separately.  thx Ray


In need of OEM price for the following; (1) 14' x 14' bi-folding electric operated quick acting door, to be located in Bad Axe, MI. Explosion proof motor door if inside building. Bifold strap door to be mounted on a steel frame building.


We purchased 2 Schweiss bifold strap doors a few years back, we are finishing the interior space now and we want to know if we can add stainless steel metal siding to the interior side of the residential doors. We don't want to have issues with additional weight. Will the electric motor on there now have enough door lifting power with this additional weight? The 22 ft. x 14 ft. insulated doors are foam insulated doors.


Interested in a quote for a electrical lifting hydraulic pump shipping container doors or bifold lift strap container doors to retrofit a six foot wide double end steel container. Are they all spherical bearing doors?


I am wanting a quote and specs. on a underground facility door 40' long x 16' high for installation at a industrial mining site. 3 phase electrical lifting mine door. Must be fast opening bifold strap door with non-electrical backup system. 


I am an electrical engineer working on a new building project. The architect specifies a Schweiss Bi-Fold strap custom designed door, 14' high, 30', insulated. I have 120v, 208v, and 480 volt power available. What voltage do you recommend for best lift? Provide motor HP, full load amps, and a recommended door breaker size? 


I have an existing wood building with three sliding doors with an total opening of 21 high x 26 wide. What will it cost me to replace with one bifold liftstrap electrical lifting door.


I had a Schweiss bifold industrial strength door installed in 1999 (G339); 46'X 12', Wedge 30" internal truss; 220 Volt. I'm interested in converting my Schweiss door from cable to straps w/auto latches and a faster lifting motor. Do you offer installation, or just the "kit"? Is there any sort of trade-in allowance for the Schweiss electric motor presently installed to lift my door? 


Information on converting my non motorized hangar door to a electrical lifting motorized strap door. Door width 38.5 ft 12 high uses 2 1/4 in cables and a counter weight system. Sleek frame construction 1 1/2 box door tubing works well.


We have a bi-fold door and over the past few months, I've come out and seen the door open a few inchs. I'm guessing that someone here close by has a remote opener that is reacting to my door. If I trip off the power, it doesn't do it. Can the code be changed? I really don't use the remote control like I thought we would, another thought, can I just remove the antenna? I'd prefer to change the code if possible. How can I do it?


I am trying to provide my contractor wiring details, could please provide the power requirements and wiring diagram for the Schweiss liftstrap/ autolatch bi-fold doors? Any recommendations as to how to connect a senor switch if we were to close the door during high wind speed?


Please quote the two electrical lifting Schweiss bifold liftstrap/autolatch doors with 1/4" Guardian IS20 Glass. Custom Painted Frame ( Color to Be Determined) 4 Glass Panels Wide x 2 High. Please feel free to call with any questions and I will do my best to answer them


We've been working with a company and their electrical lifting airport hanger bifold door for a while now that has existing cables and pulleys. The parts are beginning to become high maintenance for our customer and they are looking to invest in the Schweiss lift strap system that can retro fit to their door if possible. The door is 60'0" X 20'0" roughly. What size motors would you have for this door, we want one with fast lifting power.  If you have a job inspection form that needs to be completed, please email. Or if you need to schedule the inspection yourself with our customer that would be fine. We have never installed the lift strap system and it may be better for a professional hanger door technician to install. If you have any questions, please let us know. Thank you, Scott Mason


Also, how much does it cost to convert my current 30' bifold door to new nylon strap auto latch and more powerful electric motor for faster lift in cold weather?


I have bi-fold electrically lifted cable operated door on my 60x40 aircraft hangar in Tucson Arizona. The door has been installed for over 5 years. The door appears to be operating normally. However, I have seen your Schweiss liftstrap operated doors and I would like to convert to them instead of cables. How do I install it? Can you send me a conversion kit with instructions. How much extra for auto latches. 


Need a price for a Hydraulic Schweiss door. The voltage for the motor is 220 volt, we need the exterior white siding , no insulation. Shipping to our summer and winter fishing and resort place in rural Quebec, Canada. Also information on backup systems in case of power outage.


We are looking for a bi-fold with straplifts and autolatches for a new large hanger for the P-M Airport in Canada. We are having power problems to supply power to the door motors Would like to use 208 3phz. Could you send me information or give me a call regarding what sort of backup systems other than a hand crank that Schweiss Doors offers in case we have further power outages and need to get the door open.


Looking for a quote on a 30 ft by 14 foot electric folding door for use on a agricultural pole barn building. please contact myself. thanks.