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With a bi-fold door approximately 30-32 feet wide x 12 feet high is there a Schweiss reliable backup bifold Liftstrap system to operate the door when electricity is not available at the building location?


Please give me an idea of cost for a 12' x 14' bifold electric door installed in St. Cloud, MN


I need a price and availability for a top of the line Schweiss electric drive motor for the following equipment: Bi-Fold Door SCH-5, Serial # 197780-9 230V single Phase 60Hz.


I'm a General Contractor in Manhattan Beach, CA. We're interested in pricing for a Schweiss single lift hydraulic door or bifold liftstrap door , Wood Slab, Size 12'-11 tall x 18' 4 1/2" wide. Im also interested in pricing for (4) wood bifold doors: 1. 7' 2" tall x 16' 4" wide 2. 7'2" tall x 9'- 4 1/2" wide 3. 7'-0" tall x 16'-4" wide 4. 7'-0" tall x 9'4"wide. All Schweiss electric bifold doors with auto latching systems.


I am engineering a building for a client in Rosemund, CA. We need a 48'x14' self supporting electric bi-fold door with remote openers for a hangar project. Could you please provide pricing and specs for this door. Please also include the strap. 


Need info to spec bi-fold Schweiss strap electric opening doors for a project in northern VA. Door finish, electrical system, weatherstripping.


What are electric door power requirements for a strap lift door? 2. Delivery time to Idaho. Provide a quote and additional door information needed for a wood constructed building door,  and internal door bracing options.


I am working on a project where your Hydraulic Schweiss Red Power doors are being specified and need to know the specs on the electrical connections for the doors. The project is at the Anti Corrosion Control Facility, Army Depot. I believe you have been contacted on this previously. Once again please include the Voltage and Horsepower informaiton.


I called a few days ago about adding a battery operated back up for my door i gave your rep motor model number etc. Just want to let you know that I have the Schweiss door up and running. Thanks for the quick response to my request. Schweiss Doors always come through.


Could you please send me a PDF copy of the wiring schematic for the Schweiss SCH-4 Iwould like to change the up/down button to a constant hold for both up and down but have no schematic for that control box. Thank you Carlton


We are looking to install a Schweiss bifold or hydraulic lift door appx. 17'-2" wide and 8'-0" high on an existing electrical enclosure, to provide access to back of electrical equipment which currently does not have clear access. Please contact me to discuss different options, and to arrange a quote. Shipping to New York.


We just completed wiring a new hangar door for a friend at Quahdi Field. Bifold Door works great. We have another older door in the old hangar which came from your company as well. Our problem is that when we try to run the door on the standby generator which is oversized for the hangar, the door brakes doesn't want to turn loose so the door can rise. Our voltage is correct at 215 volts These are single phase doors. 2 each motors. Everything else seems to work perfectly. We recently changed out 230 volt single phase service to 208 volt 3 phase and the actual voltage runs about 215 volts at the door. Any ideas??


could you please give me a quote on a bifold electric door opening to be 60' wide X 20' high the door needs to open to the height of 17' would like a quote on a cable driven and on a strap driven I need the quote asap please


Need quote for a bifold door,  70'x18' clear height when open pre wired electric operation ul approved 90 mps wind load exposure c top override jiggle switches three button automatic switch door base safety edge insulated 3' walkdoor and lock set automatic latching system


Need a price on a 40x11 electric bi-fold door delivered to Sarasota, FL.Needs 130 MPH wind design.thanksMark


Hello. Can you please provide me a list of accessories for a electric door with straps. Thanks, Darren


I am building a new shop/aircraft hanger on the home farm. I currently have electric bi-fold doors on A/C hangers. This project will require a clear span of 40ft with a opening height of 16ft. I am at the design stage and can build the opening structural support as required.At this point I need some budget costs. Thanks Jesse


I am trying to get a one piece hydraulic door to fit on a 19 foot wide opening and be 15 tall. my cieling heigth is only 16' Is that enough room to get the 15'. If so please send quote. Also they would like it to be motor operated.


Do you have any companies around Portland, Ore. that sell and install your products? I have a project that could use 5 electric bifold doors and 1 manual bifold doors.


Hi Brook In reference to the above bid I am going to need to adjust down because i am concerned about the weight and size of that bifold door. I need to come down to 35ft wide 12 ft opening can you please fax me a bid based on this size please include estimated weight of door for me and also include a three button automatic switch and remote control for the door. Thanks Matt K.


I have a bifold door with a up-down switch that is malfunctioning. It appears to be the same as yours. It uses 220 vac and came on a bifold door. I cannot find the manufacturer of this crumy door anywhere on the web I would like to replace their switch with your switch. Can you sell me just the switch box complete without any wiring?


need price and specs on 30 x 30 electric operated bi-fold doors (3 required for this project)


Hi Julie, Re: Quote or it may be an 8. Alpha Row-Auburn Randy S. referred me to you to get the electrical requirements for our doors. I need to know the size of the circuit (breaker size) required for each door. Thank you, Scott


We received a door from your company for a hydraulic door. There was no wiring diagram in the package. Can you please email us a copy for the electrician. Thanks


A have an old door and need an up-down-stop switch and a automatic limit switch---my door was 14 foot tall and 40 foot long----I cut it back to 25 foot----it has a 3/4 motor---please price both of these for me thanks robin


We were hired to put in a horn and light that will sound and flash while the Door is going up or down. Do you have any suggestions on possible contact points that we can use as a triger for the actavation of the horn and light. the assembly is a 120V unit and we can us that or lower voltage for a relay if needed. Any help would be appreicated. This is for two tents being use by the border patrol at Fort Huachuca in AZ. Howard General forman


a customer is need of a Bi fold door for an existing project. electric Operated, appox. 62' wide x 19' tall. 130 mph wind, located in Covington, LA I need design information to rework our frames for this door and a price for them. My customer is CORSO you can contact Vic c.


I have another one of your bi-fold doors ordered that is 90' wide and 24' high clearance. I am ordering a back-up generator. What capacity (kw) do I need and how many drive motors will it have? Thanks, Harley W.


I am looking for a wiring diagram for the switch on our door we bought in 1995. It has 7 wires going in to it. Thanks for any help you can give. Dale


I need a price for a bi-fold door. qty: 1 door size: 30' x 16' open wind: 90 mph electrically operated.


Include Freight del to Okeechobee, Fl. 34974 Include Electric operator Price door with lift straps. Please have someone call me today. Thank you, Rick


Tried to download electrical diagram. Pitures don't print. Interested in picture diagram for electrical overview or manual. We already ordered and received a bifold door with straps from you. Trying to install.


hello need price quot on 20hx40l bi-fold eletric door. please use email as always outworking.I will put skin on just neeed frame.also native american so no tax quot allowed will send exemption # when time right. thank you


Hi, I would like to order two (2) Side Latch Jiggle Switches. Also could you explain the brake release on the electric motor/brake unit. Thanks, Ray G.


Please send a quote on a complete door. Of interest is the electrical requirements of the motor. What amperage circuit is required based on single phase 220 volt? I may also have another neighbor interested in a door. What discount could you offer on two doors? If we can purchase them at the same time and combine shipping, what savings might be realized here? Thank you for your time.


Attn:Jeremy I am working on the Oberlin pools and i was looking at the information on your doors. it showed the operators being 240v-1ph and we do not have that voltage. we have 208v-1ph, will that work with your equipment?


Need a quote on a 31' wide by 23'6" high bifold. Bottom of door must be configured to close over two sets of railroad rails. Automatic powered operation required.


Can your overhead bifold door motors operate on any of the following: 480V/3Phase, 277V/1Phase, 208V/3phase, 208V/1Phase, and 120V/1Phase


Can you please provide me a quote for a 80' x 31' bifold door with electric opening for a cost estimate I am developing? Thanks


We had a company install electric motors on our hangar doors. The dirve motors work fine, but they failed to install a manual release so we could open the doors in case of a power failure. I am looking for some one who can fix the problem, or at least point me in the right direction. These are Pocket Doors. Jerry R. Maintenance


I currently have a bi fold door on the building with a manual opener. The door measures 30 feet 3inches by 16 feet high. Manufactured from 1.5 inch square steel tube. Can I buy the accessories to make my door operate automaticly. I will install and understand I may have to alter my door to fit your equipment. What is the price for everything minus the door frame? what is the everyting with the door frame?


I need a price quote for a white 40'x 12' electric bi-fold hangar door. I have two contractors submitted estimates to build a 80'x 50' hangar for me. I suspect both have overly padded the price of your door.


I need to get a quote for the following: (1) 17'6"x11'10" & (1) 18'0"x11'10" vertical bi-folding doors, NOA requirement, electric operation with hangar building design, lift straps, constant hold station, limit switches, electrical disconnect and a baked finish.


Please advise as to electrical requirements (motor hp) for 54'-0" wide x 16'-0" high bi-fold. Building has 480 service. We are in design stage for 116,000 sf assembly building in North Florida Thank you


I need to get an architectural spec for a 70’ X 20’ strap lift electric bi-fold door for an aircraft hangar.


Msg is for Dave. Hi Dave, Glen E st asked me to give you a call regarding hooking up a generator to power the door (only) on my 60x60 hangar at Chino. I want to be able to open quickly it in the case of a power outage. Do you have anything available that would show how a generator might be hooked up, and what size generator I would need to purchase? I'm also interested in buying a hand crank for my motor as a "backup to my backup". My hangar is at Chino, CA built by Aviation Development Group, Brad H. and Michael D. I also own a few other hangars at Chino, 1 in Redmond (with Glen), 1 in Blaine and 2 at Thermal, CA. Thanks!


How many watt generator would I need to operate my soon to be installed 40 foot bifold door. Going to hold off on electric work in hangar until spring.


i am haveing a 24 x 36 building . maybe 2 doors 32 wide . concrete floor. bi fold. elecctric open . like to git price


I am bidding the electrical for a 12 bay t-hanger wednesday for Benton, AR. You are the specified door mfg. Can you provide me the voltage, phase and hp of the operators you are quoting?


What is the electrical requirement for a 45' wide by 13' high bi-fold? Does a man-door work in this height door?


We purchased a Schweiss bifold door. It accomodates a 40X12 foot opening. I'm the owner and the contractor is Steve N. Construction. The door arrived last Friday. I'm subcontracting with an electrician to wire the door and run the electrical cable to the hangar. Can you tell me what the electrical specifications are? I know it requires 220 volts, but the electrician needs to know the wattage, amperage to size circuit breakers etc. Any information that you can provide would be appreciated. Thanks, George H. G., CA


OK - Hangar is complete. Ready to install door. Opening is 18' by 40'. Need to fit the door in that opening. Would like to have a bi fold, electrically operated, possibly with a remote entry feature. Please give me a quote on the door and shipping to Davenport, Washington. Will be able to install myself. Thanks for your help!


I have a hangar with no electricity. Can I power your door with a portable engine driven hydraulic system provided by you or me?




In situations where power is not available can your bi-fold doors be equipped to open and close manually?


Jerry S. at Rice Lake airport is planning to put up a spec hanger 60'x 60' with a 55'x16' clear opening bi-fold door. I need info for specifications and electrical requirements. We plan to have 240v 3 phase power in the hanger.


We plan on installing a 16' X 45' bi-fold door. Our engineers need to know the electrical requirements for the door. Thanks, Margy


I need a price on a 75'x16' bottom operated electric bifold door, cable lift, manual latch. (most economical that you have)per Doug S.


I need the pricing on a biflod door with a opening size of 56'x16'. I also need the "hinge height" or cleaqrance needed for it too. I would want a electric opener and freight to here.


Need quote on 12 units 41'6" (-) width x 12'0" height each with a 3-0 x 6-0 ( ) personnel door built into lower section of bi-fold panel Electric operator F.O.B. Gainesville, TX Need installation details and typical head & jamb sections Thank you.


Send quote on a basic door. Please list any options available separately. Do you offer a hydraulic drive for the bi-fold? My concern is opening the door if the electricity should happen to be off.


Please quote 18x20 Schweiss Bi fold door with electric opener, we will supply tin. Thanks!


Can you please price for us a Bifold door that would be 40, wide and 11' tall complete with metal sideing finsh and the top of the top section to have some windows. Power on site would be 110 volt and single phase. Please note we would need to have a clear openng height of 10'-6". Please fax or e-mail drawings and the quote. If possiable a frieight rate to Kelowna or size and shipping weight. Thank you and have a great day.


Need literature, pricing and freight est. for 10' x 20' wide and 10'X 24' wide bifold door with electric opener and safety controls for new wood frame barn.


We are repairing an old hangar building and need to replace the door. We need a bid on a door that has a framed opening of 48' wide by 11' high. We need to keep as much of the height as we can. Please fax or email us a bid for an electric bifold with straps, no walk door. Let me know if you have any questions. Thanks Kevin S.


I need 2 doors for a prototype recreation building. The doors are approx 21' wide x 8' high. I prefer that they be one-piece. The purpose is to provide shade for the deck area once opened. The doors must be easily opened by mechanical/hydraulic/electrical means. The skin will likely be 22ga Corten corrugated steel. Please offer any suggestions.Thanks.


Not exactly sure on the door size. The building will be 120 X 60 with 50ft wide doors. I believe the doors to be 16-18 ft in hieght. I need the estimate for my business plan as I am ready for the building numbers.I would like the electric strap doors, bi-fold. Thank you!


I need a quote for a customer, 32x16 door, installed, power operator, with our steel installed on door.


I am interested in building a pole building or a metal building of approximately 40'deep X 60'wide X (12' or 14')high. I need at least an 11' high clearance on a 40' wide opening. I would like a price quote on an aircraft style, bi-fold electrically operated door (operator mounted at bottom) and shipped to Bishopville, SC