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Want the door in the style of the Blarney Stone Irish Pub doors on your website. New construction, steel building, 16 x 9


Hello, I am building a 2 car residential garage and would like to install a car-lift in one of the stalls. I would like to limit the garage height and am considering your bifold door as a possible option. Our design preference is a bifold Liftstrap designer style panel door with translucent glass panels. Construction will be done by a local company to Traverse City, MI (Simonis Construction). Can you tell me if a residential garage door 16x8 is within your catalog and if we would work with a distributor or with Schweiss directly? Construction is planned for August/September this summer. Thank you, Rick Frank


We are bidding a job called Bombers in Oakland, CA with a 9'4x9'0 opaque glass bifold bar and restaurant door specified. I'm hoping someone on your end was involved in this specification. Can you pass on your quote and estimated time of delivery.


I'm doing research for this to be installed within a new curtainwall system in DC. It will be at the penthouse level of a residential tower and would need a bifold door open onto a terrace so that the tenants can potentially operate this. I'd like to know how to spec this in our drawings for pricing purposes and what's needed as far as structure and installation within another wall system.


Hi, We are a sectional garage door manufacturer and we are looking for a Schweiss bifold designer door solution and Schweiss agricultural doors. We would to analyse that kind of solution for two of our activity sector. Large doors for farms and an "no top rail" solution for commerce (like restaurant). For the restaurant we are selling glass and aluminum garage doors. So, may you send me different solution for those two activity sector and an average cost for differnt size of doors. 


I need a Schweiss turn-key bifold door solution for a heavy duty parking of a 255-flats condo located in Monterrey, Mexico. Vertical bi-fold door with liftstraps preferable. Size is 18ft x 8 1/4ft. Frame is made of concrete. 


Am interested in several bifold glass high end restaurant designer doors for new construction. Please call to discuss. Thanks. Bill


Looking for information and quote on a Schweiss bi fold or hydraulic glass door for use in an NJ interior office project.


Roughly 16hx32W bifold liftstrap, or hydraulic, I would need to build a free standing header for wood building in WV, BALL PARK cost on these doors? At moment just considering, so ball park figure is adequate. Thank you, John


I need a 12' high 40' wide bifold door. To be installed as a railroad dock door in Anchorage, Alaska. Steel door with remote control door operator.


I bought a bifold strap door from you years ago. Now I am needing bigger industrial doors on a new building we are putting up. Looking at a simliar strap door but 44' wide. Door height is 16'-8" with 16' clear. Great doors. Love the straps. 


Provide a quote for a Schweiss Bi-fold door to be  installed in our Cold Storage Hanger. The clear opening size of the door is to be 55' wide by 14' high. Can you advise how much door headroom is required for a clear door opening of 14 feet? The cold storage hangar door is to have a backup door method for closing in the event of a power outage.


I have a hangar and i need a schweis bifold door with dimensions 60 lenght by 18 feet.


I have a 80'wide x 72'long - Steel Master Arch building that was recently completed, and now need a Schweiss door to button it up. The opening can be adjusted smaller, if it means a more standard dimension and lower cost. The building is a Hanger / Home where I will reside, and will have hot water solar heat, with the radiant heat in the concrete floor, so it is essential for me to use an insulated door. I didn't see anything in the selections about insulation.


i am looking for a quote on a Schweiss bifold door that is 50' x 14'. The aircraft hangar will be insulated a pre-engineered steel building as it is in Northern Ontario. Likely be a Robertson or Olympia building. Please call if you require more detail.


I've ordered a 70X40 steel building.. I intend to put a 60 Ft. X18Ft. bi Fold Door. The door personal suggested I contact you folks for the door. Please give me a price and delivery time. Thank you 


Please price both a bi-fold and hydraulic door. please price bi-fold with straps. Please price labor separately. Need 18' clear. ALso need design specifications emailed or faxed for both so I can send for endwall design. Thank you.


want to replace a 18 x 13 foot slider in the end of morton building. this is farm shop. would like estamate on a schweiss bifold door. thanks


I am bidding a project in Wahoo  Nebraska at the airport and they want a 70' wide x 20' high (18' clear) bi fold door. Can you price this for me? I also need the door reaction for the metal building. I need this as soon as possible. Thanks,


You provided the doors for our original 3 hanger projects through Dean Buildings. We are finishing a fourth Box Hanger and now are in need of the door, quote, soecs, etc..... The building is Pre-Fab..


I am an authorized builder for RIGID building systems and would you please quote materials and labor for two (2) 70' x 18' SCHWEISS BI-FOLD doors located in Galesburg, IL. It's a RIGID brand building 100' x 120' x 24' eave height.


I recently purchased a 40X14 bi-fold from you via my building dealer. I was wondering what guage of wire I need to run for the 2 HP motor and what size of breaker? Thanks for your help


I am shortly to begin construction of a 60X70X19 R&M Steel hangar with one of your 55X14 clear bifold doors. It's in Montana and insulation and weather sealing are of primary importance. Would like to have a hard copy catalog so I can sit down with the contractor and hash out exactly what I want as far as insulation, weather sealing, and other available options. Would appreciate it if you could send out the catalog as soon as possible as I want to finalize my option choices within the next week or so. Thanks. Greg


Hello, my name is Allan I have sold quite a few farm and Ag shops already and their all looking for either bifolds, or hydraulic doors. If possible, could I receive some pricing information on your products? I like the way these doors are designed and would like to be putting a hi quality door in a high quality building! Thank you. Best Regards, Allan


Schweiss, Please give me a price quote for a 40x15 one piece door that is to be installed in the endwall of a 48 x 72 steelbuilding.com building for ag machinery storage. Thank You, Roy


I will be building a airplane hanger and looking at door options will you please bid a 45 by 14 door with both bifold with straps and single hyd door. I may build a wood building with metal I beam to carry the load of the door, otherwise going with a rainbow metal building


The building is a 60' wide cuckler built around 1960 It has a steel truss structure with wood beams and has corregated aluminum siding. I would like to retrofit the widest bifold door practical. The sidewalls are about 16' high. The floor is concrete. I am interested in converting this machine shed into a farm and aircraft shop.


I am considering a building from 64 metals and want to make sure every thing would fit together. How can I assure that a proper fit will take place with a bifold door? John


The customer is looking for a door with a clear height opening of 18 feet. VP Buildings estimated that the bifold door opening would need to be 22 feet in order to achieve this. Please verify for us. Customer wants the lift straps.


I'm looking for a price for some bi fold and hydraulic doors. 24x18, 20x16 and 35x18 both styles with at least two windows with remotes,auto lock system and openers to go into a EPS building with installation. I'm finishing a building quote and need to get final cost. All doors need to be insulated. Thank you so much George F.


Have existing Morten brand built (2005) hangar 48'X60' with homemade 44'X12' door. Would like to upgrade to hydraulic and use existing framework. Will you sell the cylinders,frame, and power pack?


I currently have sliding doors on my late 70's  machine shed. Opening measures 17.5 wide by 12' high. Would you be able to give me an estimate on a bi-fold? Electric or hydraulic? Options? Thanks. Lola


I am needing a price qoute and the door specs for a 32'x18' Hydraulic door. The company I work for erects pre-engineered steel buildings for Varco-Pruden. I need to know the weights and loads that the door will put on my endwall for the building that I am in the process of designing. Thank you Niel


Have a 42 x 84 Cover-All building with an open end. Considering framing with wood and installing a bifold door. 26' wide x 15' high. Thanks, Ray


I am considering replacing the end sliding doors on my steel building. The opening is 23ft 6in wide and 13ft 6in tall and I don't want to loose any size of opening. I don't know if the one piece or the bi-fold is for me but want to know what it's going to cost me. The cell phone number is the easiest to reach me or email. I monitor my email during the day every week day where as my other address doesn't get looked at daily. This building is not insulated or heated so the door doesn't have to insulated.


Hi, I am from an Ag Supplier. We sell Cover-All Buildings and I am working on a building quote for a customer. He wants a 40' x 18' Bifold door in one end and in order to quote the endwall, I need a custom quote from Cover-All. They need the reactions of the door to the end wall. If you could get that to me that would be great. If you have any questions give me a call or email. Thanks, Cory


Need price for two 45 wide bifold doors dilivered to Alpine Tx 79830 We will be using Mueller Inc MetAL buildings ,buildings are 50x50 .20ft tall insulated


I would like you to price a hydraulic & a bi-fold door to be placed on a chief metal buildign in Haiti, SD. the dimensions are 50'-0" wide x 20'-0" high.


I have bought a 60W x 52L x 20H steel building and need a 45W x 16H door. I'd like it priced and the cost of; straps, auto-lock and remote. I also need a 10 x 12 auto door for the same building and a 36" passage door. thank you, Kevin


I am building an insulated farm shop and am wondering in which direction I should go. I am thinking about a 20x40 bi-fold, or hydraulic door. My question is.... will I have the same clearance with the hydraulic opener as the bi-fold or will one be greater than the other. I have been in contact with representitives from metallic, and olympic steel buildings and they both tell me that with a 20x40' door, my clearance will be about 18'. If I go with a hydraulic opener, can I gain clearance or will it be about the same. The door is going to be in the gable end of the building. the building is 80x120' with 20' sidewalls(or 22'sidewalls if needed) the reason that it's an issue is that along with the bi-fold or hydraulic door, there will be a 16x16; overhead door in the same end. If I could get someone to contact me to discuss openings, clearance, and price and just general knowledge, it would be greatley appreciated. thanks.....John


I would like a price quote on bifold doors for 2 Miracle Steel packages I have. 1. 52 X 16 with 16 ft hinge Ht. 2. 42 X 14 with 14 ft hinge Ht. Delivered to Seattle Port. will need weight and dimensions as well. thank you


Need price on single fold (not by-fold) for a  building with a opening of 13.5' tall, 24' wide, price with windows, remote, etc. Is there such a thing? Or should I be asking about a hydraulic door?


Could you please send a screw on attenna for the remote, we lost it? We have the bracket and all but nothing to screw onto the threads? unit was sold to Bartholemew G. III in Boston. You should have my address in your database.


I have a steel building. its 32'-3" wide and its 15'6" high including a 15 1/2" knee wall. i would like to add a bifold door. can i do this w/ your door?


my area code is 62358 I am wondering where the closest dealer is to me, I have a slant sided building with 2 slider doors now, I am interested in possibly a Bi Fold, my opening is 24' wide by 16' high I am wondering how much height I will need.


I have a metal building that I am interested in replacing the track door with a one piece hydralic door. I have not measured the opening but I believe it is 24 X 12 or 14. What would the cost of the door be? The building faces North and sometimes the door track will freeze and need to be thawed. I would consider a bifold or hydraulic but this would bother the actual door height that is already short enough. Devin


Metal Building 14 ft ceiling. 30 ft opening need every bit the 14 to get machinery in, so can the door fold to allow that? What do you recommend?


I am planning to put a new bifold or hydraulic door of some kind on my metal round-top building on my farm. The building is 46' X 80', I believe. I don't have the measurements in front of me but I will check. The double sliding doors that were originally on it were 22'w X 13'tall. I don't want anything fancy, just basic metal door, no windows or insulation. This is strictly a storage shed for farm machinery. What would your company be able to do in a bi-fold door style and price? I would appreciate hearing from you as soon as possible since I may decide what type of door to purchase before the end of the year. Thank you. Harry


We are currently working with Steel Buildings to add a 40X70 addition to our shop. This structure will have the main door in the 40' end much like an aircraft hangar. This building will be used to house our haulers, etc. The largest door they will provide for this building is 20'. Their reasoning is that such door will be comprised of two 10' panels that will each slide laterally 10 feet such that when the door is open the opening will be 20 feet wide. They do not want door panels to extend past the side of the building when open, hence their max opening in the 40' end will be 20'. I would like a price on a 30' and perhaps a 36' door 14' high hydraulic door installed at Ripley, WV. Thanks.


Want to install hydraulic door on end of Morton building. Door opening needed is 26' wide X 16' high


We have a metal building built in the 1960's which has been storage and we would like to now convert into a shop. The building is 60' wide by 120' long we would like to put a door in the end of this building and would like to know if this would be a possibility with your company. The hydraulic style door would need to be 16' tall by 40'wide.


We are quoting a (4) unit hangar at the Dekalb Airport in Dekalb, IL. Please send me a quote for (4) Bi-Fold Doors with opening size 44' x 14'. Doors will be mounted to steel jambs supplied by Butler. Tom


We need a quote for this project. The material/equipment specifications are as follows: Rough opening 45'-8" x 16'-6" Open web steel header Steel door framing only, (G.C. will install door insulation and exterior skin) Provide operator with pre-wired controls Can you provide an alternate quote to install, bifold door frame, header, jambs and operator? Please contact me.


Good afternoon, Looking for a quote for a bi fold door to attach to an Allied steel hanger. Door opening is 60 ft wide and 14 ft tall. Thanks, Jim


What is the cost including shipping of the free standing header that would be required for the 44 foot bi-fold door? This may reduce the re-engineering of the Miller Building to accommodate the bi-fold.


I received your door information from VP Buildings as we are building a new airplane hanger and need 65x20 bi-fold door for it. Please include door weight so we can size header beam correctly with our VP Rep. Thank You


If I want 13' clear span opening to allow for a 12 3/4 airplane tail access, how high will the eve have to be on the building to use you bifold door? The exterior dimensions of building are 50X50 steel frame clear span. Haven't purchased but looking at Olymipic


We have purchased a double unit hanger from R&M Steel that we are installing in Pagosa Springs, CO. The Schweiss doors are 18'-3" x 60' bi-fold. Could we please have an installation manual. Because of weather delays we will probably not have the doors shipped until late July and would like to study the manuals. We have ordered auto-latch and remote controls. The 2 doors are of different heights because of sloping site conditions. Please forward by e-mail all literature that will help us understand the installation, maintenance etc. If e-mailing is not possible you can send by mail.


I have a quote for a Mueller Steel hanger 60 x 60 and or a 60 x 80. need to know how much weight and engineering for the door. I want the price for a 40 45 50 and 55


E-mail only good through June 5. What I would like is quotes with options for a 16 foot wide by 28 foot high door to be placed on an existing American Building Co. steel rigid frame building at my farm site. I am open to a bifold or one piece door and I would like to know if erection can be offered. We will be out of school this week so please send any information by land mail. You can phone me with any questions at either number and I will respond as quickly as possible. I would be looking at purchase and installation in the October-November time period. Thank you.


Metal Building Contractor for Borga Buildings. We would like to request a price quote for a Bi-Fold Door 40' wide x 14'-0" high for a Hanger Building we are quoting. Please quote Manual Operation with option add for Electric Opener. Any Questions email or call on cell. Thanks.....Gordon G.


I am considering a bifold door.. on a cover-all building. it will have to be a self supporting frame and door. i was hoping to use a 35 x 18h door. how big a beam across the top would I need to support it?


My Wife and I have handling sales at the Orlando/ Airport since it's inception in 2003. We actually used one of your bifold doors on our family's hangar. My issue is this, I need an approximate price on a 60' x 18' bifold door. Nothing exact, just an intelligent estimate. We are considering building a larger hangar and are trying to come up with an approximate cost. It would be attached to a Olympia building as before.Thank you,Ron H.


I'm looking for a 16' tall x 50' wide bifold door for a hangar use to install on a butler building. what is the cost for a cable operated door with one view window? How about an upgrade to a strap system? we don't need a walk door at this time. The hangar will be at in VA.How much header room do you need for mounting above the opening? Thanks,Joey R.


Need quote on hydraulic door: 32x18 door Power lift You Install You Install Steel On Door Door Installed On New Astro Building. Gable Framed Opening 32x18 Door goes to Tarkio, MO. Just outside of Rockport Mo. 29 Exit South.


Please quote a hydraulic door. Need labor quoted separately Please quote a free standing header. Please quote labor as well. Quote each separately. Thanks Need 15' Clear. Will be installed in a new Butler or Liberty Building


My building was designed as a commercial building. It is two years old and was never erected. It is 80' X 100' I purchased the building pieces and transported it to 4SD I am now working with the Airport Authority for a lease. Do I need to send you the concrete plans for a revision and to get a quote? Or, do you work with Olympia on this. If not, how do we do this? I assume that I will need to submit your plans along with the Olympia plans. Or??? Thank you, Tim F. If you call me, end of day your time is best.




Dear Sir, I'm the Regional Construction Manager for the Central Region of Morton Buildings. More of your doors are being sold there for I would like a Installation manual.Our Wanatah office has sold one of your doors and to be better able to help that crew, this would prove to be handy to have a installation manual available to me here. Thank you


I have a morton pole shed shop. Steel sheets inside and outside. The shed is 48 by 36. The dual sliding doors are insulated for heating. I havent measured yet but i think they are 13ft tall and about 16 ft wide. I was wondering if a insulated bi-fold door with a couple windows in it would reduce the opening and how much? I will measure the opening tomarrow and check. Also wondered what a ball park figure of my cost would be if i install it myself? If this works well the shed right next to this one also needs a new insulated door and it is 13 in hight and 22 ft wide. It too is a morton shed.


We're a star building dealer and star had you quote a door for one of our jobs. We'd like to get a price direct from you to see if we could possibably save some money that way.


I need a price of a door installed in springview nebraska. The size is 40 x 20 Straps, electric 480 volt. with sheeting in white. It is going on a behlen building they where told the building is going to have a bifold door. Thanks Dennis


I would like some info. on a hydraulic door 20ft. wide 13ft tall. Morton shed in need of a good door. I`m not sure how you would measure your doors for the opening. Phil


We are new dealer for EPS Buildings. Would like info for future post frame and SIP buildings.


Need quote for (2) bi-fold doors 28'w x 14'h, to be installed in new Behlen warehouse building.


want to install a 40' wide x 16' clear hydraulic door on a butler building.need quote and loads imposed on building.


I am looking at a steel building from R & M steel Co. I understand you supply their Bi-fold doors. They quoted me on a 12X42 ft. electric opening door with manual latches cable operated. I want to know how much to upgrade to the lift strap system with auto latches and the top override jiggle switch. I am assuming a door of this size will have the internal trusses on the inside of the door? Also I need to know what size (hp) opener it would have as I am limited on electrical. Can you give me a recommended Breaker size? One more ?. What is the main advantage of an aluminum frame over the steel because most of the weight of the door is in the sheeting is it not? Thanks in advance for answering my questions.


I have a 1976 morton pole shop with a 17'x13' "approx" sliding door that is getting hard to open with one man in the summer, and damn near impossible to open in the winter, so much for the heated shop, Looking for a bifold door,my neighbor has three and they work great. Any info and pricing would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance,Curt.


I am getting a bid from Jason over at Metal Building Depot for a hanger. He suggested I contact you. Please give me a quote on a Bi-fold door and a one piece door.


Have a customer who would like to put a one piece door on an old Butler farmsted, which has the I beam header for the 24' wide slide door.


Hello, I'm Mike with KingFisher Steel LLC. and we are currently building an 80'x80' Airplane hanger w/ a 16' high x 50' wide bay door opening, We will need a bi-fold door for this opening. I would like to send you some PDF's to give you more detail. It would be awesome to hear from you guys a.s.a.p. because I'm kind of pressed for time... Thanks for your help! Mike~


I am purchasing a three unit hangar from ASI inc. and have specified 3 of your 41 x 12 bifold doors. My question is, do you and ASI get together regarding the specific door size to fit their hangar, or do I contact you with the specifics? Thanks Ernie T.


We just took ownership delivery on a new aircraft hangar at the Tacoma Narrows Airport. The building was built by Northwest Hangars, Inc. We ordered Schweiss doors on both the north and south sides of the hangar (48' wide x 14' clear height). The doors are your bi-fold, bottom drive models. We have two requests: 1. Cost & options for remote control kits (2). The hangar we are leaving has a similar Schweiss door (60' wide) and remote controls (like garage door openers) that I am able to program into my car so I can open the door as I approach the hangar. The remote is in the helicopter so I can open the door as the rotor is slowing down. I have used it for 4 years and it works very well, especially when it is raining. 2. Safety optical eye (scans ~ 6" above ground level) and safety strip (if door comes down onto something). Costs & installation? Our current Schweiss door has neither of these options but they seem like great ideas. Many thanks, Steve


Cover-All Building Systems is a manufacturer of industrial and commercial buildings. For additional information as to what we do please visit our website. Because of our market, we require information regarding your doors and how we might establish a business relationship beneficial to both Schweiss and Cover-All.


Recently purchased a 72x112 coverall legend ground mount building. Want a 19 ft. tall opening and as wide as possible, what width would I be able to go? What price if you had someone install? How much head room is needed for installation?


Please provide a quote to furnish (2) each 40' wide x 18' clear under open bifold door including operators, freight to Wellington, CO and 2.9% sales tax. This is to be installed in a Chief metal buidling. IBC 2006 Design @ 100 mph wind. Call if you have any questions. Thanks, Randy G.


Need a quote for (1)ea 36' wide x 16' tall bi-fold door in the endwall of a Butler building. I got a quote from Butler for the custom endwall opening, so only need the door and operating mechanism from you. Also, would like a ballpark of how many hours labor you recommend for assembly and istallation. Call if you have any questions or need further information. Would like to have pricing sometime tomorrow, if possible.


Wick Building dealer: Customer would like a price on a 40' x 16' one piece door. Option for a 40' x 18' 3:12 PITCH on a 60' wide building. Thanks...I talked to one of you about Kevin C's door...building is supposed to be delivered around October 8th but will let Kevin know exact date for his Bi-fold from you.


I am writing specs and details for Schweiss replacement openers for (8)existing bi-fold doors. I have the info on the openers but bottom wetherseal is part of the request for quote specs as well as re-weatherstripping (6) sectional slide door on an old Butler hangar building. My question is, can we specify your weatherstrip material and if so what are the specifications. I am assuming you are using EPDM type. Thank you


Looking for a insulated 16X40 bi-fold door for an inside dividing wall in a cheif building. A 16X30 would also work.


I have a Butler farmsted 2 steel building. I am wanting to put a bifold door in the shop area. My problem is that we need to go in the side of the biulding. I do not see any plans to do that.


Julie Please quote a bifold and hydraulic door for an existing Butler Farmstead Building (1980) They currently have a slide door that was badly damaged by storms earlier this year. Their slide door is 30x15. Need a price on doors 30x15 clear as well as the free standing header for each and the installation for door and free standing header. As always please breakout the free standing header and all the labor. Project location is rural Kerkoven


I am receiving a R&M steel 60x80 hangar. If I order it without the bifold and wish to install the bifold at a later time (for financial reasons) Can you please give me a quote for a bifold to fit a 60 wide 18 high opening? Please quote straps, motor, insulation and lites in the upper panel, shipping. Thank you. Pam


I am a District Manager for Ceco Building Systems putting together a quote for an 80X60X18 building with door included. I need price by Wed. morning. Please give alterante price for installation of door.


Hi I am an Armor Steel Building dealer, on some of the projects I will have a need to furnish and install a door such as you manufacture. Currently I'm working on a project where the building will be an airplane hangar that requires a 50ft. wide by 12ft. high door. I'm interested in becoming a reseller or dealer for your products and would prefer to have you be the installer as well.


I saw an article about your horse building, which led to your website about bi-fold doors. I work for Hansen Pole Buildings, LLC out of Browns Valley, MN (about 150 miles from Fairfax). I'm wondering if you send me a catalogue about your product. We quote airplane hangars all over the country, but do not supply hangar doors. Thanks! Your website is very impressive!


Looking into building a 60' X 60' hangar at Boone Municipal Airport, Boone, IA. Likely to be a Morton building or similar.


2 buildings 1st 8 bi-folds 2nd 9 bi-folds each door would be 14tall x 42' wide on a prengineered steel building (Nucor)


I have an opening 20 feet wide and 15 feet tall. I would like a price on a bi fold and one piece doors. The shop is a steel structure Star building is the manufactuer. I would pick the door up at your factory and install it myself. Thanks Scott W.


We are a Butler Builder and are preparing a quote for this project which has all approvals and a new plane waiting to be housed in the hanger. Please forward quote with clear opening dimensions needed and loads of door. Your rapid follow up will be appreciated.


Recently purchased Astro wood framed building which we will use for farm shop. We have two bi-fold doors from your company in use now. Would like to have a quote on a door for rough opening 16' x 30' using the newer lift straps. Do you sell direct or can we purchase through our local lumber-yard. Building will be delivered mid August so probably Sep. 1st would be a good time for delivery of door. Please send a quote along with information on suggested endwall installation. Thanks!


Gentlemen, I have placed an order with Mueller, Inc. for a metal building. The building was ordered without a door since my intent is to order a Schweiss Bi-Fold door to retrofit to the building later this year. Mueller's engineer is asking for load data for the Bi-Fold door system. Are you in a position to provide the load information and dimensions I will need in order to accomodate your door system? Specific details follow. Design Wind Load = 120 MPH Wedge dimension = 1 ft Steel tube construction (not aluminum) Free standing header to be included. Bottom drive w/ lift straps. Mueller will frame the opening dimensions to permit your free standing header to be inserted flush with their wall. Your header should accomodate all vertical loads with only the horizontal tipping load and wind load restrained by connections to the building trusses. Given your framing options, I would prefer the smallest section of square tube possible be used for the door panels, consistent with meeting the load requirements. Where some variation in loads may exist due to options not yet specified, just advise the worst case not-to-exceed value for design. Then I'm covered no matter what we end up with. Many thanks in advance, James E. Skinner IMPORTANT The Customer, Contractor, Owner or Building Manufacturer When your Bi-Fold Door is in the full open position, the Bi-Fold Door tends to pull away from the building at the hinge line, exerting considerable horizontal loads on the building structure in the open position. Your building header design must meet standard deflection and strength criteria, both in vertical and horizontal directions to support the Bi-Fold Door in all positions. GENERAL / BUILDING DESIGN CRITERIA - Helpful Ideas %u2022 The building header shall be designed to accommodate horizontal and vertical building deflections to support the bi-fold door in all positions (with the proper lateral bracing) %u2022 The buildings door columns must be framed of the proper design and size to reinforce the opening (with lateral bracing )and to carry all loads and vibrations imposed thereon. %u2022 Schweiss provides the A-1 , A-2 , A-3, and A-4 Spec%u2019s Sheets : Read through & understand them and have your building designed for our door. The Bi-fold should have solid footing / sill directly underneath the door frame and extending beyond the door frame outward from the door to provide a base for the door%u2019s base weather seal also prevent.flow of water (into or Under) the door installation.


Would like a quote for a bi-fold and a one piece hydraulic door 24 ft.wide x 16 ft. tall with remote control. Door to be installed on a Butler Farmstead Steel building with the sloped side walls built in 1975.


Price please on two single lift or, alternatively, bi-fold doors for 8 X 16 openings on an "Icon" steel building.


I have a Menards wood pole machine shed with sliding doors. I am interested in replacing the sliding doors. The approximate rough opening measurement is 12'H X 20'W.


I need specs so I can size the door opening, I belive that Butler has already been in comunication with you. But I have no specs to work with. The sooner that I can get them the sooner I can get the quote to the customer.


The doors (double splits) will be going on a Summit Structures portable/temporary building (they gave me your contact) 96' wide (door side) and 100' deep. The doors will need to be ready for shipping in the end of June.


I am building a new Morton Machine Shed (54X120X16). I am wanting a bi-fold end door for opening of 40 X 16. I have been told your Bi-fold door would need to be 40 X 18. Is this correct? Building to be erected early August. I need price quote for 40 X 18 Bi-fold Door without siding. Include Strap lift, auto locks and delivery charges. Please list separate cost of installation by Schweiss. Best time to call home phone between 8-9 A.M. and after 4 P.M.. Cell Phone not carried all the time. I will need blue prints showing measurements, so Morton Buildings can build opening to fit your bi-fold door. PS. I think I can install door, what is the estimated time in hours for me to install door? The Morton Buildings salesman is Tom


I didn't see any pictures of a bi-fold on the side door of a Morton machine shed. I have I think a 18 wide by 12 high door I need replaced, under a rain gutter. Can this be done and can you give me an approximate price please? Do you have any local contractors to install? Thanks.


This is an existing bulding, built in 1977. It is a Morton building and I would not like to lose any head or very minamal at best.


I have just assembled a Curvco steel building with 12ft X 12ft opening I had planned to use a roll up door but I don't have the overhead clearance. This is primarly used for a agriculture type use building and was wondering if a manual lift up would be available Also can I assemble this kit myself Please quote me a door to fit this opening


Need a quote for both doors. 40 wide by 16 clear heigth. It will go in a 60 by 60 by 18 Behlen building. It will be installed in the endwall.


Hi, I have an older 48x74 Morton machine shed. I am interested in a one piece hydraulic door. My opening is roughly 14x24 on the end wall. What do I need to do to strengthen it to hold the door?


I am erecting an Allied Steel Building to be used as an Aircraft Hangar. Building will be 95'x56'x22' Door size will be 50'w x 18'h


HI I would first like to get more info on your doors, for my shed building. Do you send out a sales guy to provide a no obligation quote? As I don't know who would install your door in my area. If you have someone in my area, would you infom me.


I have a building with sliding doors that the cement moves slightly in the winters causing the doors to be adjusted twice a year. The problem I have is that I cant afford to give up any head room.


Interested in price for one piece hydraulic door. 16 high by 24 wide. We have a Cleary building. Wind damaged the doors and we need to replace. Wood like a price.


I am looking for a price on a door. The building is a butler steel building with a concrete floor. not exactly sure on opening but i wanted a ballpark price. 35' x 16'


Looking for prices for door on the end wall of a Fabric covered steel structure. We manufactur of Rushmore Buildings and we have had a number of request of 60 to 80 foot wide buildings with the ability to have a 30 foot wide door on the ends to open to store large farm equipment.I have one specific request looking for a door of this size, on both ends since it will be used as a combine maintence shop at a dealership. Can you also send me some information on mounting requirements for the frame. We are looking at quote the complete package to the dealership.


I have requirements for a door in our materials warehouse. It is a Cleary Steel Building, unheated. No room inside for a roll-up, and it was suggested that we do NOT want a "slider". S. Iowa Garage Doors (Burlington, IA) suggested I contact you regarding a bi-fold doo. Will remain closed majority of the time, however would like to have the access if necessary. I would also be looking for installation.


Needing (2) 63' x 18' hangar doors. Need quote on both bifold and hydraulic with remote control option. Will be installed on new Varco Pruden buildings. Delivery in May.


We have a 48x50 Butler shop with two 12'(for a 24' span)wide x 16' high doors on one end. I was interested in the cost of putting up one hydraulic, insulated door to replace them.


We are bidding an airport hanger in Sibley, IA. We need a bi-fold door 62' x 16 ' clear. We are using a NucorPreengineered building.


Julie, would you change quote to show without a free standing header. It looks as if we are going to use a Behlen Building and it wont be necessary. Thanks Dale


building --14ft. tall by 27ft door opening Interested in hydraulic door. measurements may not be exact. Please give me a estimated price.


I am Metal building installer and have a Clinet building a 60X60 Building and is looking for a 40' or 50' wide door the building is being looked at 16 eaves and 20 eaves. He is looking for the most for his money can you help me with this. Thank You Alfred J.


Last week you sent me a quote for a 25x18 bi-fold door. I wanted to make sure it was insulated, installed, steel installed on door by your company, and that you had included a remote. I also wanted to add a row of windows along the door. Astro Buildings is constructing the building.


We have a couple of older Kirby steel buildings built in the 1980's which were used for ethanol production. We will be renovating ( new insulation and new sheet metal. these buildings in the spring of 2008 and want to be able to hang our small Cessna in one if possible.


I am looking for doors to be mounted on the front/rear of Hoop Buildings, or if this is possible with your doors.


I would like to price a bifold/lift strap door for a building with an opening of: 20'6" width 12'8.5" height We would like 2 remote control openers. We would also like to know the cost of installation if we would have you install it. Thanks, Craig G.


I am quoting a hangar building at the Joliet Airport in Joliet, IL. (Will County) Building will be a Butler pre-engineered metal building. Would you fax or e-mail me a quote and weight/reactions (for Butler)for a 44' clear width by 15' clear height bi-fold door.Door will be exterior mount


I would like a price on a 12x36 bifold door. Top/bottom drive differences, lift strap additional cost, and freight to Cherryfield Maine. I am still undecided about the building type, it will either be or a steel building. Thanks


I need pricing for a 56 ft. X16 ft. bifold. this would go in the endwall of a new Star metal building, palm beach county fl. 140mph wind the building will be 60x90x20 designed for the door. also want price if you install.


looking to put a door in a building would be on a end wall hole size 7 10 by 14 would have about 2 feet above ceiling height to the roof line was looking to see what your doors would cost with remote opener. loking forward to hearing from you thanks mike


will be building a 54X60 hangar and have quoted a price for a door. I would like to compare Schweiss installed price and features. I want an aluminum bi-fold door with remote control and straps. Also, would Schweiss do the installation?


We have a Goodon Building with a 16x30 ft opening what do you recomend for a door and send me a price of that door we can't loose any head room


Looking for Bi-Fold 40x16 insulated door. It will be going on a Bldg.addition.Current building width is 60 feet. Need a rough price to see where I am at money wise.


Hello, I am just getting started on new home and hangar at Heritage Airpark. I have a quote from Mueller, Inc., New Braunfels, TX on the metal I beam hangar. Hangar will be 44'X 38'X 14' height, with 40' openening on end wall. Would like a quote on 40' X 14' bifold, strap door, no window or door openings in door. Est. move in Jan 08, so will not need to place order for a couple of months. Will have slab for hangar poured next month. Most hangars at Heritage have your doors with Mueller building. Mueller says that you are great to work with on providing door dimensions/ data. Sales person, Thanks, Don


Looking at building out a 50x50x20 Mueller metal hanger. Am interested in a 14x46 bifold door. Please contact me to develop specs and a qhuote. Thanks! -Lew J.


I have a 42x60x13 building and would like a one piece hydraulic door on one end. Would appreciate a quote for a door shipped  Thanks


need you to price out 24 one pc hydraulic doors w. remote openers. surface mount. 220v operation single ph. 1 ea 42 x 16 2 ea 39 x 16 6 ea 37 x 16 15 ea 33 x 16 these are to be mounted to Varco Pruden steel buildings. the buildings are not fabbed yet. and I do not have drawings. I am the VP building supplier and erector here in Las vegas


Man wanting to build a 40'long x 50' wide x 12' tall hanger in Madison Co. Il near St. Jacob I sell buildings He wants a 48' wide x 12' door Can you give me a price?


I would like information on the Bi-fold and Hyrdaulic style doors for agriculatural application. Door: Width 40', 17' high walls on the building. I am considering a building, 60'W X120'L X 17'H in astern South Dakota. I would like you to send me your catalog information in the mail. But, if could you e-mail me a ballpark price for each style door I would appreciate. I need some preliminary pricing information immediately. You can reach me on my cell phone at anytime with questions. best regards, Pete


Please provide pricing for 1 each 40' wide x 18' high bi-fold door for a new hangar building. Please include all parts, equipment, and appurtenances required. Shipping destimation is Kauai, Hawaii. The door will be installed in a Nucor pre-engineered steel building. Thank-you. Please call me with any questions.


I have a customer that I am pricing for a Rigid Steel Building. He wants a large end opening with a Bifold door. Door clear opening of 50-56'x 14'. Do you have local installers? How much would a turn key purchase cost? Thank you, Gary.


I'm looking for a hangar door..I purchased a Miracle Truss 42x46 building..looking for a one piece heavy duty hydraulic door


Hello, I am in the process of purchasing either a Mirical truss or Olympia steel building. Is it easy to fit your doors to either of these buildings? Do I need to inform the building mfg. of the type of door that I am using?


We are looking to put a bi-fold door in a building. The sliding doors are shot and we would like to replace them. The opening is 23'6" X 14'8". We were wondering if a bifold comes with any kind of insulation on it.




I need a budget price for an new hanger "VP Buildings" 60x16 OPening. Electric. I need a budget price by Thursday PM if at all possible. Thanks....Bill L.




Hi I need to get some information on a bi-fold hangar door they need 58'x18' clear. It will be mounted on a Star metal building on a sidewall there will be 2 of these doors. Any information and prices would be greatly appreciated Thanks Gordon W.


I am an engineer and am looking for all design/engineering and installation instructions for using your doors in a wood post frame building. Thanks


We are preparing a proposal for a new hangar at an Airport. A bottom running 80' x 25' six leaf door is specified, but we are exploring other options. We need to have our proposal completed by 26 FEB. The hangar building will be a Star pre-engineered steel building, 110' x 110' x 28' at this time. If you could offer a proposal for either or both styles of doors that would fit this application, we would appreciate it. A door only price or door and installation price would be welcome. If you have any questions, please contact us. Thank you.


Bidding a hangar with a CBC prefab metal building Need pricing and info for a bifold 75-6 W x 23-9 H CBC has included the sheeting and trims in their takeoff


I have some customers that would like to build hangers. I would like to get some information about your products to assist them. we sell steel buildings. What are the structural requierments I should be aware of and cost ranges. Thank you for your help, I look forward to working with someone from your company. Rob S. Next Generation Steel Buildings, Inc.


I need specs for your 70x18 Bi-fold doors for a customer. Thanks, Brandon B. Empire Steel Buildings


I am looking for a quote on a 60'wide bifold door to go on a 60' wide Allied Steel Building at the South St. Paul Airport. The building will have 17' eaves, so I am thinking about a 17' door. I'm not sure what kind of clearance that would have. I want the motor on the bottom. Quote both cables and straps. I would also like a quote for the auto-lock system with remote. Thanks for your time.


I would like a quote on a door for my steel building. it is a new 30x40 ruffin stel building. the gaurage door is 15' wide by 12' tall . It is a auto gaurage/work shop.


We have a l962 Herco steel clear span building with the door on the end of building. We are in need of a raising the door header to get our new combine in so are looking into putting in a bifold door. The opening is l4 X 24 with a walk-in door on the right side of the bifold door. Please send info and quote. Gerald S.


We are quoting an American Building with a 90'x 20' Schweiss Bifold Hanger Door. Please send me erection instructions and specifications as well as cost. Thanks, Jeff L.


This is going in to a new Butler steel building. Into the end wall. The area is IBC 03 code and has a 110 3sec wind load.


I would like to know if the hydraulic door can be used in the middle of a building, to seperate a heated shop from unheated machinery storage. The building I am talking about is a 60 x 105 with 16 foot sidewalls and 18.5 center ceiling height (vaulted ceiling in the heated shop portion)I was thinking about a 50 x 15 door or something like that for maximum storage use in back of builing.


I have purchased a steel span metal shed that was formerly used to store grain. The building is 50'x200', and I plan to put a larger door in the end of it to more easily use it for machinery storage or shop work. Please send me some information and price quotes on what you have to offer. Sincerely, Dan B.


Interlox is currently involved with a client that would like a 70' x 20' bi-fold door on a 100' wide Butler Building.Please have someone contact us ASAP Thank you


This is an replacement of a sliding door on a Butler Farmstead building. On the endwall of the building.


I need to get pricing and clearance requirements for a Hydralic swing door 40'wide with 14' clear opening height. This will be designed into a Pre engineered structure by Garco Building Systems. I have a preliminary meeting with the owner next week and need to get pricing and design completed by Monday Nov.13. The job is on Orcas Island and is for an airplane hangar. I will need a walk door on the left end of the door. Please call with any questions Alan G.


Contemplating construction of a new hangar. The bldg. will be 60 x 45. I am talking to Ruffin Buildings on the actual building and they wanted me to get information on the door.


Bill, I would like a price on a door 46'w x 14'h cable lift, no remote, no doors, no windows, matching the wind loads being met by the building mfgr ken. steel truss. Please respond by written estimate in the mail. thank you.


A friend and I have an opportunity to purchase a used 50X100 metal building R&M STeel brand and we need to know what the cost of two bifold doors would be for the buidling. We would install ourselves.


This weekend I stopped by the marina in Yarmouth, ME which just installed on of your doors on their new building. We have a Corle Metal Building which we put up in 2002. I would like a quote on bifold doors. The building deminsions are Width 80' Length 210' Eave height 30.2' We have 7 stalls which at this time we close with a plastic closing system. We are interested in replacing this system with byfold doors. The building has a gravel floor and is used for boat storage. Please send me a quote. Thank you.


I am bidding on a job in Canyon,Texas the job will have 3 each 60'wide 30' tall doors on one end the other end will have 3 each 40' wide 30' tall doors on the other end. The building will have a 40' eave height and a 3 on 12 roof pitch. The building will be supplied by Mesco Metal Buidlings. This building will use for an athletic practice building so they can open to the out side air. I will need these doors installed by Schweiss


This door is to go in the endwall of a "steel framed, fabric covered" building. You can Goggle their website. Coveral-All Building Systems.




We may be buying a building from Olympia and we want a 12 X 44 Schweiss door. Would you be able to provide a door on the same load that the building would be delivered with? The building would be delivered to Alberta ... OR Is there a Schweiss dealer in Edmonton, Alberta that we could purchase a door from later. I would prefer the door to come with building and make sure everyting fits when we assemble and not have the problems of cutting and welding or waiting for missing parts to be shipped forever there after.


Just ordered a hangar from Kentucky Steel. Door opening will be 10X38. Looking for your least expensive, color matched door to allow full access to this opening - with electric motor