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I am considering building a hangar at the Little Falls airport. I am just in the beginning stages of trying to roughly price it out. I would like a quote for both a 40' and a 50' wide door with a height of 16.' please. Thank you


Could I please get a quote on a 52widex20 bifold aviation airport hangar door please and everything needed to operate it


I am looking for pricing for a 60'x20' bifold hanger door. Replacing an existing bifold cable door, hanger is being enlarged and new door will be shorter than existing. The existing is 60'x 21' and is a cable door. Location is Washington County regional Airport. 


I need quotes on both a lift-strap bifold and a one-piece hydraulic door measuring 40' wide x 12' high for a hangar of wood construction, with metal cladding situated at Cornwall Regional Airport (CYCC) I need a price and time for delivery in CDN$$. Thank you, JD H.


I'm building a hangar at Rush City airport this fall. The building will be 48' x 48' with 16' walls. The opening for the door will probably be 44' wide x16' tall. I would like a quote on a door please.


We are building two 40' X 50' hangars at the Isle, MN Airport (Sherman Buildings). We need a quote on two 44' x 12' bifold doors. Please include options for both counter-weighted and electric operation and an option for the owner to install steel siding. Thank you, Dave R.


I wanted to thank Schweiss Doors for the excellent lift-strap bi-fold door that was installed at the airport in Iowa. A big thanks to Don for all the help on the phone. The door works great, and the airport is happy. They think I'm a door expert now. Thanks again, Dylan


We are quoting a new airplane hangar for an Indiana airport. The project calls for six (6) bifold hangar doors with clear height of 18'-0" (minimum) and 64'-6" clear width (minimum). I need to be able to provide our building manufacturer with any applicable information, so they can price the building. Would like to also know cost for installation. Would appreciate a call. Thanks, John


My company is constructing an airplane hangar for Airbus 380 which will need hangar door(s). We'll  need one or two engineered bifold liftstrap doors. Wondering if one large hydraulic door can span a 75 ft. door opening or if we need two bifold hangar doors. Prefer one large steel door.


I looking for a hanger door for a private hanger I'm building in northern Michigan. Opening 40'x12'. Looking to keep cost down, want to have a good sealing door at the jams, be able to insulate the door. I'm in the design phase of the project, want to determine the door I'm going to use, hydraulic one piece or liftstrap bifold, and design the structure for the door before we finalize plans. Call me for better explanation, thanks Dave


I would appreciate a quote for two 50'-0" wide by 18'-0" clear opening height operable Schweiss liftstrap bi-fold aircraft doors that will go into a framed opening of an 80' wide steel building to be located in IL 62821. Doors to have insulation and steel back panels. Doors to be fully operable. One door will be installed in each endwall. Please advise me on electrical requirements for the units.


We are bidding on a project at Peterborough Airport. Need a price for budget purposes on Schweiss bifold insulated door. Clear door opening 66' - 6" by 20' high/ Please call me Thanks


We are bidding a 60 wide x 70 long x 18 high Airplane hanger and need pricing for a 60 x 18 Bi Fold door installed at the Lakeland Airport in Arbor Vita WI. The door will be installed in the 60' wide endwall Can you verify that the door size will work and provide pricing. THANKS Riley


I own a Schweiss hangar door, S/N 12757-7 and would like an installation manual for the the automatic latching system---all the other manuals were there when I purchased the condo-hangar in 2005/2006 at The County Airport in Appleton, WI, but I can't find the one for the auto latching system. Also considering installing lift straps to replace the cable system. What would that run me? Thank you for your prompt reply, Carl


I am designing a hangar building in Waterloo Air port I would like to specify your door for 40' wide 10' high I would like to know if you have a cad dwaring I can attach in my drawings. Also Can you specify the header, post size, footing required Thanks   


I sow you in Oshkosh last year. Mi door is 15 mts wide and 5.0 mts high. I want to buy you Schweiss Hydraulic, the door or maybe just the piston equipment, because I hear you have best doors. Or tell me how mucho will be the cost with the door and all the hydraulic equipment to the border in Brownsville, Tx. Bregards. D. Manuella


good afternoon! I am interested in 2 of Schweiss doors for a project in Mexico, I need price and put in El Paso, Texas, weight and delivery time I need 1 door 15 'high x 70' wide, the door is open on a minimum of 30 seconds because it is for the airport fire department I need 1 door 18 'high x 75' wide. both doors need to be very resistant to air. both doors (bifold) also need to know if I can buy just the door frame and the price, weight and delivery time thank you very much look forward to your reply asap


good afternoon I'm looking for folding doors for an airport hangar. As I have is 70 'wide by 45' tall if you could help me with a quote I would appreciate that. regards


Need a Schweiss Door quote for trunkey installation of four (4) bi-fold doors (two per building) at Hickam, HI. Required door opening is 64'6"W x 23'8"H and door rated at 105MPH. Door with lower seal must accomodate four-inch change in grade on aircraft parking ramp where pre-engineereed steel buildings are being installed.


I am looking to purchase a 60'x60' building on an airport with no big door. I am looking for a quote on a 50'-54' door, by 18'-20' high. Would be interested in either a hydralic or bi-fold. I am a former client of yours, bought a Schweiss Bi-Fold for another hanger in 2005' or 2006' and was very pleased with it's performance. Please breakout the freight to get it into Alberta, CAN. Please contact me by email.


We our working on a bid that requires a hydrolic door for a airport hanger building we are bidding. Please provide an optional price for custom paint to match new building. Also could you provide me with a estimate on the required hours needed to do the installation?


need price for 18'-0 x 48'-0 bi-fold door. Need price nad info ASAP I have info for a project at an Airport I think I can get in on.


Please provide pricing for an estimate quote.One (1) 80'w x 17'h (clear) bi-fold door going to NC-County Airport'09 NC code, 90 MPH "C"Please include freight. Please include header height information. At this time this is only and estimate.


Your bifold door product has been specified by our company for the Aransas County Airport Hangar Renovations, Aransas County, Texas.I handle the bid phase of this project which bids on November 18. Attached is a Bid Release Notice FYI. Please email me a list of your contractors/builders that you supply so I may fax or email them a Bid Release Notice.Thank you kindly,


Greetings -- I maintain a hangar at the Lake Havasu City, AZ Airport. It is equipped with a bi-fold door operated with a chain-drive motor and cables. It works properly now, but I'm interested in retrofitting with your lift straps. Can you recommend a company in our area (Las Vegas and Phoenix being the closest large cities) that can service this Scheweiss door. I had no luck finding a service company onthe internet. Thank you.


You've been named as a vendor for a hanger renovation @ the Penn Yann NY Airport. Are you planning to quote on this hydraulic door project, and will you send me a scope and proposal? I think your new Red Power pumps may have a big advantage for you. Thank you


I need a quote for a 100' wide by 27'-6" clear height strap lift bifold door. Shipping would be to County Airport, in Maine. We will have three phase 480 V power. Can you also provide me with stub column locations and loads that would be applied to our VP per-engineered building.Thanks


Dear Schweiss, My wife and I are building a hangar in WI at an airport. I heard that you offer a discount for EAA memebers, is that true? Your hydraulic door might be the answer for us. Thanks


good morning, I saw your page and I want a door for a quote harga whose measures are 25 meters wide and 4.85 high. must be a bifolding door that opens upward, as illustrated photographs of doors is commercial airports. once you answer me of your interest in manufacturing and policies on how to work with you, I can provide them with drawings of the hangar to be more precise about what we are talking about. att; engineer Juan S.


Request quote. Have multiple options. Local project in Chattanooga, TN at Airport. 1) 85'x26' 2) 75'x26' 3) 60'x20' 4) 50'x16' (x2) Quote each as hydraulic or bifold with lift straps


Our airport has an upcoming project to build hangars for rent. We are looking at what doors we want to use please send info on your hydraulic and bifold doors and approximate shipping time once order is culminated, Thanks , Daisy


Can I have a quote for on a  Hydraulic Lift door 14 ft. height and 30 ft. length. I will install this door. The door would be shipped to Muskogee, Oklahoma 74403 to the Davis Airport


I have a project at our airport that I would like to give you a bidders list so you can quote bifold door pricing. Please give me an e-mail address so I can forward.


Hello, I need a quote for: 1. (3) 47' wide x 17' high framed openings. 2. (2) 42' wide x 17' high framed openings. Option: change the height of the hydraulic lift doors to 16'. The job site is at  Concord, CA Thank you, Terry


I am figuring a aircraft hanger for a customer and need a price on a 16 high by 40 wide bifold, delevered to colorado close to Pueblo. Thank You Shawn        


Investigating cost options for two different doors, hydraulic and bifold. One door is 90x22 and the other door is 90x27. What are the options and the cost associated with each door. We are working on budget numbers for a local airport. Thx. sp


Dear Schweiss Representative, I am currently designing an storage building for the local airport authority. We are exploring door options for the building and looking into bi-fold hangar doors. The client has requested that I research costs associated with bi-fold hangar doors. Any assistance that you can provide will be appreciated. Thanks, Steve S., Architect


Hi, I installed one of your 14x50 doors in 1994 at Wi. Have no trouble with it.I need some info and pricing for: Changing from cable to strap lift. (Door has top mounting motor) Romote for either cable or strap new cable pkg. outside-52ft inside-32ft two each bottom rubber with foam roll for inside. There is a empty hangar for sale here and I would like pricing for bi-fold and hyd 45x11 door. I would like answers on this now but will not do anything until spring.Thank You. William H.


I plan to build a 50' X 50' Hangar at the Municipal airport in Texas near Dallas. I will need a 40' Bifold door but would like to know more about the Hydrolic door as well. We have not determined the hight at this time but it will most likely be 16 feet. My time frame is 6 to 9 months. Please plan to call me on Wednesday or Thursday of this week if possible. -Jeff


I hope to build early spring if/when the local airport lifts its moratorium on new aircraft hangar construction. Am planning for a 42' x 36' hangar, or whatever is required for a 40' wide opening. Please bid bifold with straps and with/without insulation.


i am bidding on remodeling a airport hanger, i need a quote on 8 complete hydraulic doors, we dont have the cement floor in yet so i can only be close on the height, 40' wide 11'-3" to 11'-6" tall, I would like a delivered price, Indianapolis, north side, Please include a installed price


We have a request from a customer for a 100 x 20 hanger door at the Bridgewater aiport in Bridgewater Va....We would like to refer them to you to price and install this hydraulic Red Power door.


I am assembling a proposal for the construction of a new aircraft hanger at the Airport in Quebec, Canada. Examination of traffic loads and the design criteria leads me to believe that two hydraulic doors, of approximately 24' in height and 72' in width would be appropriate for our needs. I like the bifold design as it has the potential to lessen the headaches associated with tracks icing up. I'm wondering if you would ship to this area (about 1 1/2 hours north of Montreal) and if you can give me a budget that I can work with for the financing proposal. Thank you for your time. Sincerely Steve


I received your quote for the DeKalb Airport project we are bidding on. There are (8) total bifolds at the 44' x 14'. I think I just requested a quote for 4. Please revise for a total of 8. Also need some information on the loads associated with the door. Tom


I would like a quote on 6 bifold doors. This will be a continuation of the Longmont project with a re-designed building to accommodate longer wingspans. 5 of the doors will be 48'4" center to center on the vertical posts and will be 13 feet clear high. The 6th door will be 51' wide out-out on the vertical posts and will be 14' clear high. If I can work with your quote I will send the revised plans when I get them. Cole


We are in the initial planning stages for a new hangar development on our Airport, and are contemplating the use of the arch building. I am interested in exploring the idea of having a hangar door that follows the arch radius, which would eliminate the need to have a wider building and/or having the door frame overhang each side of the building. The end wall would have the upper fixed wall, and the lower part of the wall would raise horizontally like your hydraulic door. Maybe the hydraulic ram could be mounted on the floor and rotate and push the door upwards. Regardless, I would like to explore the possibilities since we would be building up to 25 hangars. Thanks


pricing pls one 12'x42' one pce hydr. swing door prepped for skin 2 windows one remote delivery to Muskoka Airport CYQA in Gravenhurst Ontario


I am purchasing a hanger at a local airport. The door opening is 44 feet. It currently has rolling(wheel)doors that are in less than ideal condition. My question is: What documentation/ images do you need to determine if this building is a candidate for a bi-fold door retrofit? I am also investigating the possibility of putting two 50'x50' individual hangers on the back side of this property for rental.


Gday, I am building another hangar at my field and wish to use bifold doors. 48 ft opening. Can You Help??? Cheers.


We are building a domestic airport and looking for Hanger Doors prefereably bi-fold. The size of the door should be 35 Meters in width and 10 meteres in Height.


I need data information for door size (60' wide X 18' Clear). This project is (2)unit hanger building with furture expansion. Project for CB Airport and will be located in IA. Each bi-fold door will have (2) 3'x 3' window and (1) 3070 man walk-in door. I do not need pricing only data. I you wish to submit pricing you can submitted to Dale


Hi, I am building a hanger at the M. airport. Approx size 50 x 50 with 12ft sidewalls. If you could get me specs asap so the building supplier could quote according to which door we choose. Include installation option. Thank you Lee K.


I am planning a new hanger on the O. WI airport. The building will be 50 ft wide and 17 ft high inside. I would like a quote for a 40ft wide by 14 ft high bi fold door. I would also like to know the cost difference for increasing the width to 45 ft and the height to 15 or 16 ft. thanks


I am looking at building a 50'X50' company hanger on city property at A. Municipal Airport. I need to see what the projected cost for this will be before I make a decision as to how to proceed.


Bidding Tx Airport Hanger Schweiss is listed as approved Folding door providor. 55x16 clr folding door , electrically operated up lift, 5 year materials warranty, 7 year ooperator warrantyCall


Are you working on a installed quote for the hanger for the W. Regional Airport in Pa.We are putting a bid together and would like a quote from you Thank You Rick W.


Need price for one 80'-0" clear wide x 25'-0" clear high bi-fold door delivered to Arlingto Airport - Arlington Washington


Attn Julie: You Quoted me 4 doors several months ago. I need a updated qoute for 4 56 wide bifold doors with a clear height of 16 feet. Include strap option, auto latch, and remote option. Shipped to Tullahoma Airport. The customer has a lower bid for a competitors door, so cut it as close as possible. Thanks Bill


I am a member of the airport advisery bord of Excelsior Springs. We are working on a project at the present time with the city to lease spots for individuals to build and owen their hangar. we estamate that we will have as many as 20 to 35 hangars in the next 10 yrs. the hamgars will be 48 x 40 x 12 ft sides, with a 44 ft bifold door. the structer will be wood frame with metal sides. please send me information and price on what you offer. Ron


Gentlemen; I bought 4 strap operated 45 foot wide 240 Volt doors thru Impact Building of San Antonio Texas for installation at the Show Low Arizona airport. I lost the plastic barrell shaped insert that goes into the gear reduction assembly while installing the motor. I notified you of this and you sent a new one to the above address. I took it to Show Low and am embarresed to say that I promptly lost it in the snow in my driveway. Can you please send another....I promise to be more careful! BTW, our next project is thru R&M for 8 doors at the Mesa Arizona Falcon Field Airport. Your door worked "GREAT" at Show Low. rb


pricing for an up coming project at John Wayne Airport, please give us a call Thanks Mark


We are quoting to S. at the Perryville, Mo. Airport. The doors will similar to existing doors.


Dear Sir, Our Company has a big hanger in sharm EL shiek international Airport,its dimentions & figure are attached


Looking for a bifold door to be delinered to the Santa Fe Airport with the following: - 60' wide by 16' clear - with operator - new hangar - steel building - end wall placement -


I am working with a client to furnish a new hangar located at Pearland Regioanl Airport, Pearland, Texas. I need loading data for (1) 60' wide x 17'-6" high bi-fold door, rated to 120MPH wind speed. My client and I visited a hangar at this airport to view a Schweiss door owned by Mr. Cary W. My client would like for me to include a door of the same type and size. Mr. W. purhcased (2) doors from your company approximately five years ago. Will you please provide the data for your door. I need to provided this to our engineering group so we can properly design the pre-engineered building system. I look forward to hearing from you soon.


I am looking for a cost on two doors for the capital city airport. I need one for the main hanger to replace a sliding door to be a 80' 0" x 15'9" opening please do with lift straps, auto latches complete weather seal package,& Saftey eyes. I need a cost for the other to replace an existing rolling curtain type door. This opening is 68'6" x 15'6" Please figure this door with the lift straps,auto latches, complete weather seal package, and Saftey eyes.


I do all of the door service for a number of municipal airports in the area and most of them have your bifold doors on them and i am needing the weatherseal for the bottom i was wondering if i can purchase that from you or if there is a provider that you would recommend that i use Thank You Ryan R. Overhead Door


Aubun airport, working with Mark M. Door height of door that will accept 16'8" king air/citation type airplanes... the hangar size is 60 deep 70 wide. Looking at aprox 50' door width. Walk-through door is in building not bi-fold. I think we are looking at the bi-fold rather than hydraulic door. Can you give some idea of the cost difference of different heights?


I am designing a connection for installing a 58' bifold in place of a 58' hydraulic, for Aircraft Storage Solutions at the Airport in Appleton, WI. I want to confirm a few items; the faxed information I have is third hand and practically illegible. Wind Load transferred to hinges: 2975 # to ten hinges Open position wind load to hinges: 1123 lb/hinge Interior hinges have one bolt per 12" wide hinge? (into header). Exterior have two or three bolts per 22" wide hinge? We will be welding a plate and stiffeners to the existing wide flange header and need to know the number and location of bolts in the hinges. Steve K.


I am bidding a project for the Upper Cumberland Regional Airport in Putnam County, Tennessee. The plans and specs can be seen on the McGraw-Hill Dodge Plan Book. I would like you to price the base bid doors and the alternates. If you have a problem accessing the plans via the net, call my cell number and I will send you a digital set of drawings. This project bids on Dec. 1st so if I could hear from you by the first of next week, that would be great. Thank You Leonard R. G II Sparta Tennessee


Replacing similar size sectional door in existing building. Owner: Christian A., Inc. Location: Akron Airport


Please advise if you are bidding Ogdensuburg International Airport Bi-fold Door project. This bids Monday November 3, 2008 at 2:00 PM. Your door is specified by the Engineer, C&S Engineers. Thank you.


the columbus airport authority has asked me to look into what it would cost to replace two hangar doors they are 61 feet 3inches wide and 18 feet high. we would like to price bi-fold and hydralic


Julie I forwarded you a PO for the Pella Airport project. Please let me know that you got this and also forward me all technical data for loads and bracing ASAP. Thanks Jason


I will be building a hanger at the Forest Lake Airport. It will be about 54' by 54'. I need info on what you need from me. Please call my cell after 4 pm most days. Thanks Doug


Please send a quote (including shipping) for a 42 X 14 ft hydraulic door with man-door. I believe you have (or will soon receive) an order from others in this area, and I would like to reduce shipping costs by sharing a load. This is for an aviation hanger at South Cariboo Regional Airport.


I am currently building a house for a customer in an airport community. I am starting the framing process now. I have built and installed these type of doors in the past and am familiar with the rough opening requirements. I would like to begin the process of ordering the door we will need as soon as possible. Thank you


I am bidding out an airport hanger facility near Ames, IA. I would like to have a quote on 10 individual 41'6" x 14' one piece hydralic doors. I will make the opening for whatever it needs to be. The units will be 42' wide and 40' deep, 5 units on each side of an 82 x 214 structure. Please price me out , with additional options priced separatly. Delivered, assembled, and installed. Winter project. You may call me if you have any questions. Will be a wood, pole structure Wick Building Systems building. Thanks, Ron




ned a price on a 12x40 door for my soon to built hangar. As you may have heard Peterborough Airport is in a restructuring and everyone is building new hangars in a new location in the airport.


I am looking for a 40x14 bifold door for a airpot can you quote me a price and delivery thanks


Please provide us with specification for a bi-fold door for a Airport hangar clear opening 40'-0"x 14'-0" as soon as possible. Regards Simon


We need a quote for the Shiloh Airport hangar doors. Base Bid is for Two (2) 60x18 hangar doors. Alternate bid is for One (1) 60x18 hangar door. The job is located in Stoneville, NC ,Rockingham County. Bids on the 20th but I need to quote the General contractors on Tuesday the 19th of August. Douglas B.


Air First is an FBO in Lagos Airport, Nigeria. We are about to errect a new Maintenance Hangar to accommodate Business Executive aircraft. I will be glad to forward to you the survey plan of the Land for your advice.


door will be for an airplane hanger made of wood or steel{to be finalized} motors will need to be single phase as there is only a 100a service.pls.price it fob your warehouse & also a delivered price to peterborough airport.


We are building an aircraft hanger on a small, private airport 15 miles east of Cheyenne. The 50'x60' building will have 20' eaves and requires a bi-fold or hydraulic door with dimensions 16'x44'. We are acquiring the property this week and will need to go forward with this project very soon in order to finish before the snow flies. If a bi-fold is used, we are interested in the lift strap unit. Pleas send your quote. Thank you Frank G.


I need to get pricing, installed, for the following at the Airport, Hondo, Texas: eight each 36' x 10' bi-fold hangar doors one each 52' x 18' bi-fold hangar door Thank you.


I have a prospect interested in a hangar at the Ashland, WI JFK Memorial Airport. Not sure what kind of wall ht. this door would require but I'm thinking at least 18'. Please let me know if a higher wall would be necessary. Thank You, Brent W.


We have several hangars at the airport that have bi-fold doors on them. We would like to set up an account with your company in case we need to order parts in the future. Please e-mail or fax us a credit application. Thank you


I need a 50x12 door at the Boise City, Oklahoma Airport north of Boise City Oklahoma--steel construction I need a 12x13 door at Keyes, Oklahoma about 15 miles east of the airport for a shop --Concreet construction I need the doors installed. I do not know of anyone that can put the doors up I would like the price by e-mail for both type of doors


Hello there, I saw your site and liked what I saw. I would like some info on your door for the T-hanger. If I can get some government assistance, I want to build four (4) strips of T-hangers with ten hangers in each strip in a new airport that I want to build. This airport will be strictly for lightsport and ultralight aircraft. I would like to know what you would require on each side or above the door in order for your door to be installed and work well. I thank you in advance for your time and assistance. Tom M.


Looking for the design forces for a 58' wide by 18' high hydraulic door. Project is located at Outagamie County Airport, Appleton, Wisconsin.


We are looking for 2 60'x16' Bifold doors for an Airplane Hangar we want to build. Insulated, power openers, with man doors in both. The Hangar will be @ Airport in Warren County.


Julie, I did not receive the new specifications and pricing for the Hangar project at the Winder Barrow Airport. If you have not finished it, then I apoligize for this e-mail. If you did and tried to send it maybe to the wrong e-mail address, then use the address here...Don H.


I am building a new hanger at the Cook MN airport this summer. I currently have a hanger there with your door. I would like a bid on a 55'X18' bifold door. 18' is what i am looking at for the building side walls, although I am pricing 16' as well. Straps, auto locks and romote, insolated for a heated hanger in Northern MN. I would like to also look at pricing for 50'X18' and 50'X16', bid with installation. the building will be 60X60, is there a cost difference between steel and wood building?


Could you provide me with specification for hangars type aircraft A-C and D. My company is entering in a new airport project development and it includes the building , among other facilities, that of hangar of the different types mentiones above. Of course we will be interested in reaching a business relationship with you Company to work out this project. thanks and regards


We will be submitting a bid on the Crow Wing County Airport project on 3/31/08 and we are looking for a quote from your firm on the bi-fold doors. We can send the plans and specs to you electronically if you so wish. Please contact Jack with any questions.


We are in need of products. We have your bi-fold doors at our airport but you no longer accept purchase orders. Our City Administrator does not allow credit card use for the City. I can generally get a check cut within ten days of delivery. Or I can send a check with our order if you can supply me with the correct amount owed. Please let me know as soon as possible the best way to handle this. Thank you, Susan B. Senior Purchasing Associate City of Fremont, Nebraska


Please Provide a price for the Schenectady Airport Project Quotes Due To G. By 2/28/08 Note Each Bi Fold Door has a pass door in it 3/0 x 6/8


I would like prcing and availability on a hydrolic door 20 ft high 70 ft wide delivered and installed at LVM airport.


I am quoting an upcoming project for the Airport in Logansport, IN. I would like to request a quotation for a 70'wide x 20'height bifold. Has your company already obtained all pertinent information & drawings for preparing the quote for this project? Please let me know if i need to send required information. project bids to Owner on February 20th, 2008.


We have purchased a 70'x 60' hangar at the Chino Airport in Chino California, an would like to add a electric photo sensor to override the constant hold feature. Please call or e-mail a quote to me. Thank You, Larry W.


Need Quote on Bi-Fold Door 75' wide 22' clear please call can forward sepec and misc information for project bidding 2/11/2008 Wood County Regional Airport


I'm in the process of erecting a 50' x 50' hanger on the Collegedale Municipal Airport and am interest in pricing for both a 38 foot and 42 foot door in both your bi-fold as well as hydraulic doors.


We are designing a hanger to be built at the Helena Regional Airport. Our plans are incomplete at this time and we are requesting information about your doors that will help us complete the final plans. At the present time we are planning an 18' x 60' Clear opening Bifold door. We are also planning a smaller door, wide enough (Our Maximum width available is 12 Ft.) and high enough (Max. 18 Ft.) to pass medium sized Rotor Wing Aircraft. We will most likely use Bi-Fold for both doors. Can you supply both of these doors in Bi-Fold? Also, can you direct us to a web site that we can access as a reference source to determine the types of aircraft that will fit through these door? Thank You. We look forward to your response.


Hello We are a group of people planning to build hangar space at the Regional Airport of Whitehorse. We are looking at several options from simple T%u2019s to more sophisticate ones with a jet bay. We kindly ask you for quotes for the following hangar door options: 1) approx. 38' or 40' wide x 12' high bifold doors. Quote for 2, 4 8 or 10 doors 2) 58' or 60' wide and 20' high. Quote for 1 or 2 doors. What are the needs for door posts to install the bifold doors? what is the total height required for installation of these doors? Thank you very much for your information Sincerely Ed


Hangar is ready for the door. Concrete done last week. I am not sure as I live out of the area if the specs you wanted for 2x6 across the top and in other areas has been performed. I would recommend you call him and make sure prior to your arrival. Also, without contacting me, the city of Litchfield apparently just put the large blacktop apron in front of the hangar. Did this today. This will require to cure a while before you place any equipment on it. Probably 1 week or so. Please contact H. lumber and ask for "Charlie" for a more precise timeline of when you could install the door. I would ask that the two of you coordinate this and anything else required prior to door installation. Hangar located at the Airport, Litchfield, Minnesota. Thank you. David K


Would like a price quote on a one piece hydraulic lift door. Building construction to start soon & be done by early Dec. Door is to be 48 feet by 13 feet.Job site will be S.D.airport. Wooden structure.Please contact ASAP, Thanks Again,Jeff T.


I am planning on building a set of hangers at our local airport. I will need 4 60 ft doors and 2 70 foot doors 20-24 ft high Bifold doors. I am planning on building the hangers this winter/spring. I need some budget numbers for the investors and state and county development offices. I am meeting with them on the 20th of November. I have heard good things about your doors and believe that they are the type I prefer but will be also comparing with others. The hanger will be a 260 ft by 100 foot hanger with 4 60 x 50 ft hangers and one 80 by 100 ft hanger. It will also have a 60 ft by 100 ft office area i n it. The hanger is planned to be 24 ft tall. There will be supports at 60 ft , 60 ft and 80 ft points along with the two end walls. Thanks in advance. Ross M.


i need a quote for a bi-fold for orange county tx 50' wide by 14' tall 220-1hp strap lift. 110 mph wind rating thanks jim ps by the way looks like we will get the sugarland regional airport ya'll quoted doors for me.


I am having a hangar built behind my home at the Watts Woodland Airport and need a price for the door. The hangar it self is 50'W x 45'L x 16' high. The door opening is 42'W x 12'H. I will all items to install the door to include the elect. motor to lift it.


Hello, Has your company installed Bi-Fold Doors at Flying Cloud Airport in Eden Prairie,MN? If so what was the average cost? I am looking to replace an existing door. Rick T.


this is for sugarland regional airport. i have only put one hangars door dimensions here, so th rest are as follows 14- 51'x 17'6" 36- 42'x 14'4" 38- 44'x 16'10" please rush quote as the bidding deadline jumped up on me. thanks jim


Our firm is currently designing a new school building for a charter school. This charter school is located at the historic Flabob Airport, in Rubidoux, California. We are very interrested in specifying your product for our project. The desing has a series of large openings where we might wish to use the bi-fold door. The largest is a 60' wide door, leading into a large multipurpose hangar space. The others either connect the surrounding classrooms to the hangar, or the classrooms to the outdoors. These doors are much smaller than the main door with openings no more than 10' high and either 7' or 12' wide. Initially we were looking at aluminum and glass sectional garage doors for these openings, but with the tie-in to the large main bi-fold door of the hangar going with a bi-fold door here as well makes a lot of sense. Pricing and technical information would be useful. Thank you.


I work as a restoration contractor and have a wind-related storm job at Thunderbird Aviation at Flying Cloud Airport. I would like to get pricing for a door that was damaged beyond repair. You may contact me on my cell number listed or through email. Thanks, Mark


Recently have had a Schweiss door installed on my hangar at the Belfast Municipal Airport. (5 doors delivered to Northeast Equpment about 6-8 weeks ago.) The doors have been installed and rudimentally setup for operation, but like most contractors no instructions are left behind. Do you have an electronic file of instructions you can email me so I can fine tune the door. Thanks. Scott


sirs I am intrested in a hydraulic hanger door. i dont have the measurments right now but am very intrested in your door& some of your prices approxmately of corse.My hanger is at the chamerlian airport Thank you Don T.


I need a quote on ten doors at 41 ft 5 inches by 12 ft high wind rated at 110 mph. Each door is to have a 3 x 7 walk door in left hand corner looking at the door from outside. Shipment point is Weslaco Texas Mid Valley Airport


We are leasing 40ftx40ft Hanger from Trinity County on the Weaverville CA Airport, and the existing door is made of wood which will be taken down by us. We will be purchasing the door as part of the lease. We are interested in installation as well. We understand Trinity Center Airport 30 miles away is purchasing doors from you. We would like to order at the same time or separately, in either case we are interested in one door.


Please quote us on Bi-Fold Door for following project:Aircraft Hanger (80 x 80), Orr Municipal Airport, Orr, MN Project is bid on July 26, 2007. Will need pricing by noon that date. Thank you Dale J. H.


Need a quote for a bi-fold door for an airport hangar facility. Please include installation in Edinburg, Texas.


I am submitting a budget on a project at the Scottsdale Airport, Scottsdale, AZ. The project is called Scottsdale Jet and four 70'-4" x 20'-4" Bi-fold hangar doors are shown. Please have someone contact me regarding the pricing that is due 7-13-07.


We are currently designing a 13,000 sf Maintenance Hangar at an airport in upstate New York. The clear door opening is required to be 100' long by 27' tall to accomodate the mixture of planes expected. I have a few questions. 1) What would the electrical requirements be for a door of this size, I would assume that we would need the 3 or 5 hp motor. 2) How much larger does the door need to be beyond the clear opening dimension, again I would assume the largest dimension of 36". Also, do we need to go with a surface applied door rather than the recessed due to the size? 3) Do you have CAD details the we would be able to use? We have a short time frame to put together the construction documents so any help would be appreciated as quickly as possible. Thank you in advance for your time.


Building is not yet built, bidding on project will have 38 total Hydraulic doors. Openings range from 42' to 49', project is located in St. Augustine, Fl 32034 at the airport. Please call as soon as possible, will email drawings I have or fax them. Bryan Project Manager


Would like to get a quote for 2 new doors on a hanger we just bought. Hanger is located in Blaine at the Anoka County Airport.


We need a price for a 42-0 x 18-0 bi fold door with your lift strap system, installed at an Airport, Bullhead City AZ. Please quote labor and material complete price. Thank You


Brook; Just a note to let you know that our insurance carrier was OK with making permanent repairs to our hangar door. Thank you very much for sending your info so quickly. I will keep it on file and promote its use for future hangar construcion at the airport. Thanks again, Tony K.


I'm inquiring for a group 0f 3-4 hangar owners @ the Brighton Airport who would like to purchase bi-fold doors this summer. Please let me know what your best price is for an individual door as well as multiple doors. All doors are approx. the same size but specific sizes will be submitted should we decide to buy your doors.


I am looking to build a 65X60 hanger on leased land in an airport in Durango CO. I would like as large as door as possible but also need to consider cost. In reality I just need a 44 X 14 or so door. But, depending on cost, I would go to a larger door so the hanger would be capable of storing larger airplanes in the future. Can you give a several options with pricing to help me decide. I would also like to know approximate on-sight installation costs Thanks


we are bidding on a project that requires a 80'-0" wide by 22'-0" high bi-fold door, furnished and erected. this is for a small 150 x 120 hangar going into a small private airport in the Buffalo, NY area. Please call or e-mail for further information, thanks.


Your company was listed as an acceptable bi-fold door manufacturer for the Barnes County Municipal Airport Hanger by KLJ Engineers. Please contact our office for specs from the engineers.


Your Bi-Fold Door is specified on a project at the Eunice Municipal Airport Engineer: Aucoin & Associates Please call so I can get a price Thanks Gus M.


We are currently awaiting plan approval from the City, on our engineered plans for a 40'x40' hangar at the Airport. Our door opening will be 39' x 12'. We could hinge the top edge of the bi-fold door at the 13' level, or even a bit higher, if it would allow us to maximize our opening height. However, our aircraft will not exceed 10'6" overall height. Your lift straps seem the best way for us to go. Thank you, Bruce R.


I have signed a lease with the Sussex County government for property to build a 100x100 metal hangar at the Sussex County Airport. I want to use a one peice Hydraulic door such as you advertise. The door must allow 22ft height opening and must accomodate a B-25 with 68 ft wingspan. I suspect a 80 foot wide door would work well.


Hello, I have been contracted to build several hangers for A small public airport. Just looking at pricing the doors for near future decision.


Considering a new door on an existing hangar at Sauk -Prairie Airport [ 91C ] Prairie Du Sac, WI.


I have several hangers that need doors at Sycamore Strip Airport. I would like an estimate for a 70 foot wide by 11 feet 6 inch high opening. There is a 3 feet above the opening to the roof. Thanks Ron


I am in the first phase of trying to build a hangar at the downtown airport in Shreveport, La. I am just trying to get a ball park cost for the bi-fold doors.


We are bidding on a hanger that will be at the Airport in Elko, Nevada. We need a price for a 60'wide x 16'clear height.


I need a sales person to call me. I am putting in 10 hangars with bifold doors in now but I need some other options for the next phase. I need a quote on 20 42' doors with 12' open height. The Lone Star Executive Airport is rated at 110 mph. I have seen your bottom mounted bifolds at this airport but was in an endwall. The doors I need will be on the side wall; 10 in a row on each side. After that phase, I will need 10 more for phase 3. Please call my cell. Thanks


Hello, You've sent me information before. I am an airport board member at the Cape Girardeau Regional Airport. I have worked diligently to get a firm to build hangars for us. I hope to see a local firm get the bid. I think we can get at least 4 private hangars committed to. I need pricing on 4 doors 50' x 14' (I need 14' opening). If you could give me pricing on 1 door 2 doors 3 doors 4 doors and 5 doors.


I am Fire Chief of my District and we are looking at a new fire station at our airport in the next 18 months. Would like some literature on your doors to show my Board of Directors in ca . Thanks