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I'm interested in information about the Build your own door kit. Looking to build a garage door for our metal garage. It has an opening of 16'W x 12'H.


Interested in a build your own kit. Let me know cost of kit for a 16’H x29’6”W door and a 16’Wx40’H door.


I would like a price on a build your own kit for a bifold and hydro swing door. For a 28’ wide x 16’ tall door.


Interested in the Build your own door kits, Looking to add a 20'w x 14' h door to an existing shop end wall. Or possibly just a complete door Concrete has not been poured yet could add additional supports


Could you please send me more information on your BYOD kits? I am interested in building a hydraulic single car garage door.


Hi there Would like to build my own 40 x 18 Bi-Fold door for a new shed and would like to know if you can supply me with lift strap kit for this project. Any distributing dealers in eastern Ontario between Ottawa and Montreal ? Or can i buy directly from your company in the US? What information would you need ? Thanks for info and pricing.


would you sell me the schweiss build it yourself door kit for a 12 x 20 door? can i pick that up or come talk to you? thank you


I would like to get a price on a build your own door kit. my door will 40ft x 14ft. thank you.


I am building a stand-alone hobby workshop and I have a large (finished dimension opening of approximately 10'w x 8'h. I am considering a horizontal bifold door. I have 12" /-on either side and top of the opening for framing, hardware, etc. The top of the opening is a steel beam and the side walls are framed. Wall depth is flexible. Can you give me some prep requirements for this? Also, are there kits available that would allow me to attach my own facing (I'm a woodworker)? Finally, general costs? Thanks


Im highly interested in your "BYOD" for my current home - I'm in the process of building a 30'W x 32'L x 12'H garage in texas. What would it cost to purchase one of your kits?


Hello Schweiss, I’m looking to pour concrete for my hangar in about one year. I’m starting to price structure and bifold Liftstrap door costs. Obviously you make great doors. Could I please get a quote for a door opening of about 42x14. I am still undecided between hydraulic and bifold. I would like to have a quote for both. Two other questions: -Do both doors have some kind of back up kit system if they should fail, either battery or manual? -Do the doors have a safety shutoff (like a garage door) if something gets in the way or an animal runs underneath? Thank you for your time Doug


interested in your bifold strap door kit 20' wide x 14' tall ; 2 posts each side door opening are 5x7 laminated posts 18" apart thru bolted at top cord and bottom of truss just like 9 other posts installed on end wall 50x80 building would like to install door before pouring floor Thanks Gary V


I have a Model No. S22 Schweiss Bifold strap door. I need the upgrade kit from Mechanical Lock system to automatic. Please send me quote.


How much does a bifold strap door kit cost to convert a 40' x 18' bifold door to lift straps and auto latches?


need quote on bi-fold 44'x14' with delivery to 76088 zip code. I am flexible as to width so a quote of widths up to 54' wide is appreciated. What is your lead time? please also include price and details on the build your own kit for this size door. your schweiss unique kit doors are the bomb.  please e-mail a copy of the quote, along with mailing the quote with a catalog


Hello, I seen your booth at Oshkosh this past week and was looking for a hydraulic door. My opening would be 11ft from the bottom of the truss to the floor and 35ft between each post. Is it possible to buy a complete do it yourself kit that I can install myself, if so how much? How much for a compete door installed by you with shipping? My zip code is 45130 for shipping Thanks Eric


Presently have a 40 x 12 Bifold door with top drive. Would like to convert to Bottom Drive. Is this possible and do you have a bifold door kit for doing so?


I am the proud owner of one of your earlier creations: Cable bi-fold 60', electric motor drives transmission that operates a chain that drives the cable drum. The smaller gear turned by the motor got damaged.  Can you identify that gear and get me one? Anything that you may need to help identify it, let me know.


I would like to obtain pricing information on a remote control kit to remotely open/close a bifold hanger door that is currently about 12 years old, T-hanger about 44' wide, currently uses a cable system and two manual locks (one on each side) that I want to replace with Schweiss lift straps and auto latches. Thank you.


We just purchased an old hangar in NH with one of your doors. Resealing is necessary and I would like to see what options you offer. Thank you I look forward to hearing from you.


I recently had a hangar built at the airport in SC and am interested in purchasing your rubber seal kit product that is suitable in putting under a hangar door to seal the door to the ground. I would appreciate it if you would send me details on the cost and how to purchase this product. 


Hi I just purchased a hangar in CO that is in need of some replacement pieces including top / bottom rubber seals, walk in door, etc. Was hoping that someone could explain to me exactly how to measure for these items hydraulic door and frame opening width and height, door opening width, etc. 


I have a Schweiss Bifold door. 13'5 opening on a 44' X 42' hangar, Beckwourth,CA the straps are still  looking great after 10 years now. What are the costs on installing your autolatch system, I can do the install. Do you have a kit you can send?


Good Day, I have an old hanger with bottom and top door seals on the bifold that are in great need of replacement or repair. I am not sure on the brand of door or hangar. It appears that your B1 and B2 kits are what I need but I am not sure if your items are compatible with Butler. Please advise and provide Schweiss Door kit pricing if able. Thank you, Raven


Needing to replace the bottom rubber seal on my 45' bi-fold door installed in 1998. Nothing urgent. What do you recommend?


Hello! We have a bifold cable door that was bought from you back in 2000. It's roughly 93' wide. It has the original cable system on it. After reading the info on your web site, I'm interested in seeing what it would cost to convert over to your strap system. Can you get me a price to convert? Do you have a kit for this that we can install?  Also, can you tell me, based on history, where should we be focusing our inspections on this door when it gets to be this old? Where is it most likely to give us trouble, i.e. mounting point on top of frame, pivot point in middle of door, door frame itself???  


Please quote me for complete retrofit strap kit for 1 - 56 x 18 older bifold door from another company. 


I have a Mod S-12 No L-9 Ser #6762. What would be the cost for 4 new liftstraps to replace the cables and also what would it cost to convert to straps if you do the install? Thanks: AC Smithe.


I'm interested in the purchase of 60'-0" of 12" bottom rubber shipped to the above address. Best Regards


11 ft wide x 12 ft tall and a 18 ft wide x 12 ft tall bifold lift and lock system. We can weld and cover need the liftstrap and autolatch lock kit only


I am building a bi-fold door 155"H x 187"W and am looking at your strap opening system kit could you please give me a quote for just your opener? I live in Alberta, Canada. Do you have a supplier here so I don't have to deal with the border and extra fees for duty? 


I am interested in purchasing what appears to be an H style hydraulic door lift kit capable of lifting  wooden garage doors that are eight feet wide by ~8 feet high weighing about 400 pounds. Please supply me with Schweiss door options and pricing. Also please consider any door safety features like interlocks or a safety door sensor bottom.


I need to replace the top and bottom rubber seals on my 40' wide Schweiss biomass door. Would like to get a price estimate for the two seals with the bottom door foam seal kit and corner foam door seal kit.


Curious on pricing of both styles of your Schweiss liftstrap bifold and hydraulic one piece ag door lifting systems. I'll fabricate the frame... But would like to purchase door parts from you and do my own installation. Interested in your easy to install bifold liftstrap door system?


I have a customer with an older existing Schweiss bifold door on his shed. He will redo part of the shed now and wants to put new weatherseals around his bifold door and order a kit to convert it to liftstraps. Door closes onto gravel, he used to have a 3" seal on that bottom in the past. 


I would like to install a new bottom door seal on a 58 ft bifold and also convert it to a straplift system. I am also thinking about building a new hanger and was wondering what the cost is for a new 58 x 20 ft bifold steel hangar door? 


I currently have a 20 foot Schweiss bifold liftstrap  shop door. I'm interested in adding your patented auto latches and remote door opener to it. Can you tell me what this door conversion kit would cost and if it is something I can install on the door?


I have a 55 X 18' bi-fold hangar door lifted by cables. What would it cost me to purchase a retrofit Schweiss lift strap kit from you that would be good enough for this steel hangar door. Send me info on your Schweiss Door auto lock system as well quote on just the lift strap door system. 


We have a 40 by 18 Schweiss bifold door. I would like to convert to strap drive and would like you to send me a liftstrap door kit.


Have an older 2 cable Schweiss door. Wondering about the cost of door conversion to manual latch strap system. Do you have a door kit for this you can send?


As requested, I received two cartons of door strap parts, new drive shafts, truss tubing. Your door installer thanks you for fast response.


I have a 50 x 14 ft Schweiss hangar door installed on a steel hangar. It has the cable system that I want to convert it to the great Schweiss strap system like I have on my newer hangar. Do you provide a door "conversion" kit?  


We have door service contract appointments for several Schweiss bifold and hydraulic door owners.  Wondering if we need some door parts or bifold door kits? Two bifold cable door owners indicated they are interested in converting or retrofitting doors to liftstraps. 


We recently bought a house with your bi-fold doors at the above address. There is a space on one side where the door rests on the garage floor that we would like sealed. Looks like the rubber seal may have been damaged. Perhaps, just a new seal will do it for us. I can send some photos if that helps. Other than that we really like your quality doors. Can you help us?


I am looking for the autolatch strap replacement kit for my Schweiss cable lift bifold door. 


I have an old Schweiss bifold door on my hangar at the public airport that I would like you to come service. I think the rubber at the top and bottom of the door needs replacing. There are also several other hangar owners up here that need the same service. Perhaps we could arrange for a service visit for multiple customers in the near future?


I have a Bifold door Model No SCH5-21 and would like to add a remote control unit to it and possibly autolatches. Please provide me with a quote, or contact me if you require any more information. Thank you.


My son was greasing the fittings on my bi-fold door with a new grease gun.... Broke a couple fittings..... Need a package of fittings ( at least 5-6 fittings). Please advise how to obtain said fittings. Many thanks, Pete 


I have 56x16 Schweiss hangar door not yet installed purchased in 2004. Can I upgrade it to straps from cables and what other upgrades might be available for this door. I would be willing to return the cable assembly if I could get credit for that. Glad I held off on this, your strap system is much better. Thx.


Can you send me a price for a kit to replace a cable lock system to a strap lock system on a 65' wide Schweiss by-fold door. My cables are still good, but a friend of mine has your straps. I like how quietly they lift the door. Great door by the way.


I own a hangar at Hurricane Hangars in Victoria BC. It has a Schweiss bifold door - about 20 years old. I have no manual for the door and wonder how I can get one. In addition, even though my door still raises and lower quite good, I may be interested in updating it with your liftstraps, autolatches and a remote opener. Can you price these for me and what the shipping costs would be.  Thanks for your help. John


Hi, I have a Schweiss Bi-Fold Door for my airplane hangar. Bottom Drive, Jackshaft - Strap Motor, 230V,  single phase, 2 HP. Is there any way to manually close the door if the power fails? Handcrank or generator drivin? I can not see any obvious location for one. Love your door, it opens so smoothly and quietly. Best investment I ever made. Thanks, Chris


I need to update my old Schweiss bifold door to a liftstrap system, also need an additional electrical cord for my bi-fold door. Is it possible to add to my current cord? What does it cost? 


Good morning. We have a couple of your bifold doors on one of our hangars. (great doors). The data plate on the door says the model is an S-12, and the serial number is 1173. Are your cable replacement lift straps appropriate to use? Are there solid rollers available? We have a second hangar that uses such rollers, and I was not sure if they are Schweiss door parts or not. For sure, send us the liftstrap kits. Thanks for your help.


Hi! Please could you give me a quote as follows: Please let me also know, what the additional costs would be for: -) AutoLatch System -) Remote Control What would be the delivery costs? What would be the installation costs, if you would do it? 


Bought a hangar door about ten years ago. It is one of the earlier strap doors. We live on the Oregon coast, where a tsunami of massive proportions is predicted to happen someday. If this does happen, several hangars here that have your doors would have their planes locked in. The planes could not be used for evac, medical supplies, etc. Our town/airport has three weak bridges on the land side and the ocean on the other so potentionally we could be isolated, with no electricity for an extended time. I heard Schweiss has a backup system for bifold and hydraulic doors, do you have a device that would allow the doors to be operated manually? Thank you.


We some hangars that are using the cables and they are starting to show some wear and fraying. How do you sell replacement strap kits? By the specific length we need or by a spool an we cut to length?


What is the price for the pulleys on a cable style bi-fold- 3"x3/4"x3/8"? price for Pirelli A45 belts- metric 13C1200? Price to convert to Schweiss lift straps?  Thank you for your help, Vinnie


Can I get the Schweiss door bifold frame work kit to install myself. I want to remove sliding doors for yours for better seal in winter aprox size is inches less then 12 high x14 wide.


Can you ship me a conversion kit that would allow us to convert our cable drive bifold door lift to the belt lift system for our hangar door. Our hangar door is approx 32 X 16. Also include installation instructions and any other things I need to know, like electrical, etc.


I rent a 60ft hangar at Lincoln, CA. with a Bifold , cable-lift door. Can you email to me a maintenance manual or the following info.? I need the adjustment specs for the limit switches and lubrication requirements. Please also send info on the remote control option and retrofitting to lift straps.


I need some new door seals for the top of a bi-fold door. What widths do you offer and what is your price per foot of material? The door is about 40 ft wide. So I would like about 44 feet of material. The exposed seal now is about 10 inches, so about I am thinking an 18 inch width would work well. Thank you.


Looking to purchase several remote control 3 button units for our vehicles our bifold door order # is 10380 from 5-19-2003 please E mail me with availability. Doors are still working great day-in and day-out.   thank you


We purchased a door earlier this year. (ser.no. 19731) We would like the price and availability of top and side jiggle switches and a retrofit of auto-latch straps. We currently have manual latches and one of our pilots is so afraid of opening the door with the latches locked that he unlatches the door and leaves it unlatched for his whole 12 hour shift. It is causing our heating bills to go up. I would appreciate a quote on these items as soon as possible. 


We have 4 of the large Bi-fold doors on the front of our yacht center. Within the last year we purchased lift straps to replace the cable system from you. Just wanted to let you know this was a great move on our part. The straps work even better than you suggested. Really like the fact that the doors no longer squeal and they open and close faster too.  I\'d recommend them to anyone.


I\'ve retrieved your business card from a past trade show that I attended and we\'re exploring the option of replacing our old style cables on the door with new generation straps. The sixty foot door has four existing cables that control it. It is a Schweiss Bi-Fold Door. We are only in the budgeting stage and I\'m on a fact finding mission. Can you given me an approximate cost of what we would face in replacing the old style cables with the new generation straps?


We have an 74x24 foot Schweiss bi-fold door. We would now like a jiggle safety switch assembly about halfway up for the winch that secures the door.  Can I get a schematic or parts list for that switch assembly when you send it out to me? Or a  scematic can be emailed. You can also call me if you need additional info. This is a great trouble-free door, sure glad you convinced me to go with the lift straps and autolatches instead of cables. For the tiny bit more in cost, they were surely worth it. And what I really like is they are so quiet and smooth. Thanks.


I have a door with an up-down button you have to hold. (Not a Schweiss door). I understand the switch can be rewired so you don't have to hold it. Can you give me info on how to do this?


I have a Schweiss Bi-fold door on the 40' opening of my hanger on the Brighton airport. It was installed about 12 years ago by owner. I'm interested in retrofitting it with your new lift straps and if at all possible I would like auto latches put on it too. Do you have service personnel in Michigan or authorized contractors you might recommend? Or would this task be easy enough for me to accomplish if I order the parts from Schweiss Doors?   Thank you.


I have one of your Bi-Fold doors. I need a way to open it when the power fails in our area. Do you have a mechanical lift that is made to fit? Door works like a champ, I just feel like if I don't have a backup I may get stuck if the power fails. It seems to do that a lot lately around here. Send me what you got.


I have a 40' bifold hangar door currently using steel cables to lift. I'm interested in converting to your strap lifting system, as I have seen it used in other hangars. Can you advise what sort of conversion kits are available, and if you have a dealer in Edmonton or Calary (Alberta, Canada)? My door system is a typical 40' steel hangar bifold door system with the motor, gearbox, and steel shaft mounted at the bottom of the door, and steel cables attached at the top. Thank you kindly. Sully G.


A couple of years ago on work order 23743 ( could be under harder mechanical ) as they were who I was working with at the time. I purchased a bi fold door lift assembly. motor, straps all parts required. I am about to actually get ready to install and cannot find the packing list or installation instructions you sent. Please provide me another copy as it would be greatly appreciated. On a separate note the door I was going to put it on got damaged by a third party and needs to be replaced. Therefore, Please provide a quote to build a 42 wide by 18' tall bi fold door only as I have all the rest of it. Please provide this week if possible. Thanks very much.


I'm looking to build a carport with your Schweiss door system attached, to close it to 10x20, but 20x20 when door is up. Will I need a Schweiss bifold door or hydraulic door. Please send approximate cost and time for completion.


Hi there I currently have a bi-fold door that is cable lifted and was wondering if you could put together a kit price on converting it to the lift strap system. It is a model S12 with i think a 56' opening. Please let me know what you come up with. Thank you 


i am in need of pricing on a bifold door. approximately 30' wide and 18' tall. insulated and non insulated pricing if you offer both. I need some information on the weather kit and it will be shipped to Lemont, IL.


I am interested in finding out if you will sell and ship the bifold strap door mechanism independently of the door/frame. I want to replace my old cables.


Would like a quote for service of our Bi-fold Schweiss door as well as the conversion of 8 cables to the lift strap.


Would like a bid on a bifold door with white siding and cold weather kit. Also an install price and time-frame for doing it. Thanks


I have a 50' Schweiss bifold door with a 14' opening. Please provide prices and availability of: 1) Hand crank. 2) Two side latch jiggle switches. With respect to the jiggle switches, is a wiring diagram included with them? Thank you.


Do you sell a hardware kit so I can build the door panels myself 40x12 bi fold Hangar door, is a bifold the better door for areas that get a lot of snow?, FYI building is a wood frame 2x6 commercial type building with a 14' ceiling, Thank-you


Could please quote me a price on a set of your Standard Manual Bifold Door Side Latches? Thanks, 


I'm looking for someone to come and inspect and adjust our 80' wide bi-fold hangar door. Who do you recommend? Is there any other kind of pervetative maintenance I can do to keep my door running good.


I would like more information on the bifold latch strap modification. Price, installation etc. Thanks George.


Note I'm giving you opening width & ceiling height please price hydraulic door size based on your actual dimensions required to my opening availabilty. Also provide an alternate for a 20' wide door. Existing structure is wood stud framed 2x6 wall @ 16" o.c. Price standard window size in door (2) windows. Price remote control Price complete hydraulic pump system Door insulation? Alternate for the free standing header system? is that an option on a wood stud framed building? Price the 7 seperate options (sensors etc) Price labor by Schweiss as an alternate send details of structaral work required to make the wood stud structure acceptable.


Can you tell me where I can buy the lower hangar door seal - 12 inch x 1/8 inch x 45 ft? I'm based in northern Florida. Thanks


I have 3 Schweiss cable operated hanger doors 9' x 40'. I need to replace some of the cables. It looks like 1/4 inch cable. Do you sell this in bulk, like 100 foot rolls or 250 feel? Also can you retrofit cable doors to straps? Thanks.


I installed my 22' Schweiss door in 1984 on a new building. I love it ! I still get comments on today. The cables look like they are 20 years old and would like to improve the door with your lift straps and not just maintain it. Is there any way I could convert my cable system to lift straps? If so, could you quote me on the material and hardware that will be needed to change it over? Sincerely, Cliff


we lease two buildings at the Oshkosh airport with bifold cable doors, S12, L9, s/n 63531 and 63532 installed. I noticed at Oshkosh that you sell a kit to replace them with your new straps?


How can I change from a one touch operating switch to a press and hold switch. Can I do it with the existing switch or does it need to be replaced. I have built several dozen hangars so I am comfortable with your components.


I have a 60' door of yours on an airplane hanger that is a quite a few years old.  I also noticed that it can replace my current cable system. My question is, how much for the lift strap replacement and is this something that I could do myself? Thanks for any help, Stephan


My company services multiple bifold doors at a local airport,I am Very interested in the lift strap conversion! What information do I need to get a materials quote?


I have an elderly lady with what I think is a Schweiss door. It is very old, probably over 20 yrs. Do you keep records on all your doors sold. It is top mounted motor. What would it cost to convert it to schweiss straps or bottom motor and 4 cables like mine. Also look up mine and what would it cost to change mine to straps. You can call me anytime today. I need to order the cables and pulleys to get her door fixed now.


I purchased a door a couple of years ago, installed. In order to do the recommended maintenance, I need a manual for the motor and gearbox assembly. My installer must have kept the one you sent.  Please advise on how I can get one. Call or email. Thank you Kirby


I have a 46' standard bi fold door that I bought from you in the mid 2000s installed on my hanger and i was wondering what the cost for parts and such would be to update the door to an auto latch system on. Thanks, Tim P.S. Send me info on the strap conversion too.


I would like to get ordering informaiton for the door seals. I have a Schweiss bi-fold door on my hanger and I would like details on the optional Weather Seal Kit.


I have 2 schweiss bifold doors. One measures 40' x 16'. The other door is 44' x 16'. They are both cable operated at this time and I was wondering what the cost would be to convert the doors to lift straps. Thank you.


I need to know if i can retrofit my cables on my bifold to lift straps. It looks like a great system as seen on your web site. This door had manual locks before the auto locks were installed. Looking for some prices, or if its reasonable I would like to update the latch system.


I will be building a 60*60*16 farm shop with heated floor this year. I am interested in one of your doors, hydraulic lift or bifold. 30 or 35 feet wide. I would like to know cost, price, and also the specs; specifically, the measurements of the header area,from top of door to underside of truss{gable end}. I am planning 16' 2*6's on top of a 18" stem wall. How much clearance will I have for tractors, combines etc... What are your recommendations? Thanks in advance. Please send information on a seal door kit.


I bought a hangar in the Texas. I have no idea who made the door as there is no name on it. It could be home made for all I know. It is a bi-fold with a motor on the bottom that turns a tube that goes the width of the door. There are a couple of cables that wrap around that tube to lift the door, much like most other bi-fold doors. I'm interested in adding your latches with latch straps to the door and nylon lift straps. Can they be added to any door with a lifting mechinism that I described? Also, do you send somebody out or do I have to do the install myself? What are the prices associated with whatever options I have? Thanks


this is for a residence... a top or bottom drive hangar style bi-fold door. i would like to fabricate the door but purchase the required motor, drive bar, hardware for such, manual operation (wench?), remote control, etc. i would appreciate a consultation very much.


Insulation and Liner Kit for Door Please include labor for installing door..plus insulation/liner Automatic latching Remote control opener


I would like a quote on a 50' wide x 18' high bifold door. I have a bunch of kids running around the farm site and I need to add some safety equipment.  Photo eye sensors and warning lights and sirens. Please call me if you need more information.


I just purchased a hangar with your door equipped with cables. It is 46' wide and the hangar ceiling is 14'. The door is mounted high enough so that most of the ceiling height is opened with the door, so maybe the door is 15' or higher to do that. The auto closing feature uses a cable system as illustrated on your website. Currently the door open and closes slowly, I've seen on the web site that the strap system is fast, I don't want to damage the door of course, so that is why I am being cautious before I act on my assumptions. Is the kit easy enough for a novice to install.


I need a bifold door with header and jambs for a 44 X 60 X 14 pole building. Please have someone call after nine A.M. who can tell me what my options are and what the kits cost. I would probably plan to install it myself or with local help. Roger B


Dear Sirs, Good afternoon, We have learned from internet web your sight with very interested in your special patents strap. As The Lift-Strap System utilized polyesterstraps on a take-up spindle when open and close with button. We think your system sure to make convenience at work big ware house ,factory,cargoand etc. We'd like to purchase as belows if you can supply it. *System Lift-Strap *Spindle Motor *Latch-Strap. Because , we will replace your unic system to former our gate. Could you offer us if you can accept our request? It'll be great appreciate,hearing any from you soon. Thank you. 


In quote please include: Bottom Seal, Top Seal, Middle Seals, is that all that goes into the seal door kit? Straps 4", Blanket with White backer for insulation. Or do I find my own insulation? Manual Latches What ever else you think I may need. Most likely building would be ready for door in May


I currently have a 40ft wide bi-fold hangar door with cables and motor at the top. I would like to convert to bottom drive with the fast nylon lift straps. Any idea on cost and complexity to convert?


 I'm thinking I should just switch over to straps instead of the cable system that I have. What will it cost me to upgrade? thanks Larry T


Interested in prices and feasibility data for an old "T" hangar building with ten hangars approximately 40 ft wide, 12 ft high. Presently has sliding (rolling) doors. Construction is pole and wood frame, with metal sheathing. In addition, I am about to replace cables for a customer on another hangar which already has your bi-fold door (we have communicated previously on this and purchased your manuals). My question is this: the door uses a cable system that goes over four single blocks at the top and back to a shackle on the lower frame - but the pulley strap is so wide in relation to the pulley, that the cables have jumped off the pulleys at times causing cable damage and fraying. Do you have wider pulleys that would not have the extra space between the pulley and their side plates? I suspect there needs to be some limit switch adjustment to prevent excess slack in the cables Because this installation uses a double purchase system, it appears the cable lengths would be about 30 ft each (4 cables) allowing for the wrap on the drive drum and adequate length for the clamping loops. The drive drums look like 2" diameter.


Dear sir! I wunder if it's possible to just buy the hydraulic parts and a drawing for the doors? I have a hanger in Sweden any to ship all the steel across might be a bit expensive


Considering shipping costs, I would be happy to receive the materials in a kit form with instructions for assembling your bifold doors. This is a sailplane hangar at Dillingham airfield. An approximate estimate at this time would suffice. Thanks


We just require the actual door equipment as we wish to fabricate the hydraulic doors here can you do a supply only please?


I am looking to buy a manually opened bifold door for a 40' wide by 14' high opening. Is it possible to buy only the door frame and hardware from you and to clad it on-site. If so, could you give me a ballpark cost FOB at your location. Thanks, Marvin




can I buy just the hydraulic system and build the frame myself for a single hydraulic door


Please price me the door with and without the Red Power hydraulic pump, resivior, and valve, as we have a large quantity of these supplies. thanks Deleno


I have a building with an open end (14' sidewalls and 36' double truss on 6x6 posts). I need to maintain all headroom and would like to keep the opening as wide as possible. With a standard bifold, I am guessing that I would need to narrow the opening by something on either side. Also at one time I had heard that you sell the motor/gearbox and control units for a bifold. Is that still possible? Thanks, Brad


Can you sell me only the system (motor & straps, etc.) and I build my own door to you specifications since I live in Mexico and is very expensive to ship the door


Hello Id like to get a quote on a one piece garage door. 15' 7" wide X 7' 3" high. I would like to buy a parts kit and install myself. The door comes as just a metal frame I bolt together and then I install whatever external paneling i like, correct? Is there kit that just has some kind of counter balance spring rather than being motorized? If so Id like a quote on both kinds. Also Id like the door to seal as tightly as possible when closed, if there any options for weathersealing etc let me know. let me know if there are any other dimensions/info needed . I prefer to be contacted by email. Thanks,


require quote on a 45x16 hydraulic lift hangar door, shipped to Collingwood, Ontario. Also advice re:kit possibility.


Hello, I saw your door lift system at a friend's plane hangar. This will sound odd, but I'm building a second floor loft into my existing hangar but have very limited space for the staircase. The solution I designed is a full size staircase that lowers and raises on a large industrial hinge system. I need an electric lift system exactly like the one you offer for your doors with an up/down/stop switch and upper and lower limits. Do you sell the electrical components of your lift system? If so, how do I go about getting a quote for the lift components needed which would be the motor controller, wall switch, connecting cables, 110v motor, and (2) lift straps roughly 15' in length. The stairs will raise and lower 9' and, since they are cantilevered and have spring assists (like a garage door) will only take a small motor (capable of lifting roughly 30 lbs). If these components are listed and available in your catalog, please mail me one. I may see some other hardware in there that I could use. Thank you.


Hello, Would like to convert my two individual 8'wide x 7'high manually lifted (standard 4-section residential)redwood overhead garage doors to your Bi-Fold system. Can the existing sectional panels be re-used as the "skin" or exterior surface cladding on your framework. Thanks for any information in advance, Ray S.


I have a bi-fold door on a hangar in Australia, which was manufactured by someone there. It has an operating mechanism and locks that are, in a word, troublesome. Have you ever fitted your auto latches and operators to other people's doors? I can supply a photo or two of the current set-up. Best - Ron K.


Julie I talked to you earlier by phone. Please email prices to me. 40x16 bifold and 40x16 one-pc just plan jane no opions. shipping to New Richmond WI. Do you sell just the hydralic parts if I wanted to make my own frame? thanks Rick


Can I get a quote for a system that will lift a 14 ft. tall by 40 ft. wide bifold hangar door. I am kinda in a time crunch. thanks


Will be starting new wood const. on ag machine shed this spring and would like quote on 30' or 32'x 15' hdy. door kit.This will be going in an insulated building and would likely be self installed.Door located in 60' end wall. Thanks,Chris


Hi, we are building a bifold door system for a customer,approx 12m long by 3.5m high.Can you please price for us your opening system with 4 straps? Is your system compatible with our electricity?(230-240volts/50hz).Our customer is aware of your product and as nothing similar is available here in Australia he is keen to use it.Regards James C.


Please quote Door with frame system (self frame)with foundation requirements for project cost evaluation. Also to clarify: 10' height is for door clearance when open. Thank you.


Marketing Manager - Exports Dear Sir, WISH YOU HAPPY NEW YEAR THAT HAS JUST SET-IN. We hope our mail of Dec. 27, 08 is receiving your attention, however we like to repeat, since it may work out uneconomical to Import Complete Door with System and become uncompetitive and loose order, we are writing again with a request to quote your best offer for Complete System Hardware etc., BUT without Door Frame. As advised in our Mail, Door Frame can be fabricated at our end as per your Drgs./Instructions etc., On hearing from you we can furnish further Technical details in the subject. We are hopeful this may lead to successful negotiations with Customer and starting of a long term Business Associations. I look forward to hear from you before long. Regards, Bharat M.


We are looking for bifold door hardware (automatic) only. If we can buy only the hardware please let us know.


Cost of Single piece Hyd door kit to fit a 14'high x 50'width opening delivered to Kerrville, TX. Also order ship times. M. B. Please communicate through e-mail


Doing some work on a home made one piece door. 50 X 12. Looking for a pair of long stroke hydraulic cylinders. Would you have any to sell?


hi i have a customer who wants us to install hydraulic arms on his doors and equip it with a proximity sensor that would allow the door to open automatically and close as he approaches it can u help?


I would like the price and availability of the motor-gear reducer cables and shaft bearings for a complete lift mechanism to put on my custom built 18' x 24' metal bi fold door if you are willing to sell it to me. Thank you in advance for your consideration. Regards EDA


Greetings, I was wondering if I could buy the One-Piece Hydraulic Door hardware without the door to use for my own project? If it is possible I would like a price quote as well. Thank You, Jason P.


I just got a job at an animal shelter in Upland, Ca. that requires me to lift 3 windows like a Hanger door. the largest is 14'x 10'they will be built from aluminum. I need the motors controls and straps to lift them. I can email you a couple of pages on the plans that almost detail them. Call me please


I am looking to make our manual Hangar doors converted to automatic. Please have someone contact me about this and what needs to be done to get an estimate. Thanks- Amy


i need a quote on a 35x16 hydralic door. no windows or walking doors on it. just a plain simple door kit.


Attn: Mike If you have received an previous email from me then disregard this one. However, in the event you did not receive my eariler corresopndence then here is my questions again; We have two (2) doors that are hinge mounted and swing from the center out each way to open. The doors are each 24'-0" wide x 40'-0" tall. We would like to install two (2) hydraulic cylinders on each door to open and close them. The doors will manually open and close easy by one man as long as the wind is not blowing, but, as you can imagine they get to be a handfull when the wind blows as it usually does. Will you please quote us the price and delivery for two (2) hydraulic operator systems for these doors? We are a steel fabrication shop and can install any mounting devices necessary for the systems. If you have any questions please contact me at your convenience. Thank You, Don M. ps - please let me know if you intend to quote on these items or not so that I will know how to go forward with the subject.


Attn: Mike, We would like to purchase the hydraulic componets only for our existing shop doors. The two doors are 21'-0" wide x 40'-0" tall each and swing 90 degrees to open and then to close. Since they are mounted on hinges that carry the load of the door the only load on the opening operators will be wind load and initial force to start the door moving. The doors swing very easy and can be opened and closed by one man, as long as the wind is not blowing very fast. Please contact me at the below numbers if you have any questions. Thank You, Don M.


Can I purchase a kit, ie. motors, strapes etc. as I will be fabricating and installing the doors myself. I have seen your product on another Hangar in WA. What is the approx cost of supply and shipping.


I've been looking for something like this for a long time. Would it be possible to buy the hardware from you? I am a cabinetmaker and would like to build a door for my 200 year old barn /shop. I can't stand the thought of losing any interior space since my shop is already quite small.


How much for just the hydrolic rams to support a 10 x 10 door? shipping a door to Hawaii is too expensive!


Ideally we would like to provide our own panels. Please let me know if this is possible and how much the bifold system would be for the approximatev dimensions provided below. Thank you, Meghan M.


Thanks , some questions Have you any agents in Australia ? We have looked at several doors and find yours to be the best option. If no agents in Australia are we able to purchase component parts from you to build our own here. We have Approx. 6 doors to do at this time ? Are you looking for Agents here in Australia ? We wish to oder a catologue please post one to us at the above address. Would you be able to advise on a rough price to supply and errect in America a standard 60x20,60x15,40x20,40x15 with 1 x bifold door to a clearance hieght of 5 meters. So we may get an idea of price ?? Thanks Ian m.


If you cant supply a door to England, would you be able to supply fabrication drawing and some of the key components Regards Richard S.


Great doors you guys make, got an agent in Australia??? If not, what chance of obtaining all components in kit form for six bifold doors for aircraft hangars 50 Ft wide by 12 Ft clear opening height? Electrics need to be 240V 50 Hz. Many thanks, Graeme C.


I understand from a fellow hanger owner that Schweiss sells lift conversion kits for existing hanger doors. Can you provide me with a list of what is included in those kits. I need to convert the lift system to a door mounted motor system from the current system that uses cables routed through pullies to a motor mounted on the roof support structure in the center of the hanger. The door is approximately 42 x 14. Thanks.


We would like to look at purchasing a kit from you for an existing building. I prefer s Bi-Fold door. What is your standard sizes ? I need around 18ft high opening x 26ft - 30ft wide. Now do you sell it as a modular frame that I can put my own insulation in and metal skin on ? I manufacture insulated panels in EPS and polyurethane. I can CNC cut pieces to fit the opeings and clad it your frame. I could be a customer of yours as we are going into manufacturing buildings this year. We currently manufacture and supply insulated panels for walkin coolers/ freezers and portable modular buildings. We want to take the next step and I noticed your doors on the web and figured try one on my own building. Pls advise


Used for new T-Hanger, nested. Would like a quote for a 14' height and 16' height. Please feel free to contact me with any questions. would also like the price of the installation kits need for self installation as well as a supervised one door installation.


I need more info on your product. Can I purchase and install myself? Do you deliver to California?


If I build my own doors will you sell the lift strap assembly, or the hydraulic lift assembly, by them selves? If you would, what would the price be for either one of them for a 16'high x 30' wide door? single phase and three phase. Thank You, Roger M.


hi, we are designing a shipping container for a mobile base camp with our adventure tour company that requires the complete side of the container to lift up as a door and act as an awning at the same time, we came across your website and thought you could help us. the side wall from the 20ft container would weigh approx 1 tonne with some overkill. our ideal situation would be to use a 12v dc hydraulic pump with the lift cylinders as it will not be near a power source, but if we need to run a small gas powered hydraulic pump, or use a generator to power the lift we will. we will be fabricating most things in our workshop but need the hydraulic componentry. could you please send me some brochures and prices of components required.Hydraulic hoses can be made up locally.


We are building two 60ft bifold doors and are interested in obtaining pricing on motor,gear reducer,motor starter and limit controls (rotational limits) ETC . Power available 1 phase 120/240 volts Are you folks able to help us?


Supply only. If you supply the framing and mechanisms we can install our own cladding. Previous correspondance was for a 40 foot by 14 foot door. Could you also price out a 30 by 14 clear opening and a 35 by 14 clear opening? Thank you.


Dear Sir/Madam, I am building a new hangar in UK, and would very much like to fit a hydraulic single door. The idea appeals to me very much. It is obvious we would be unable to ship a complete door, but would it be possible for you to supply hydraulic parts as a kit, and we would make our own door. The door would be approximatley 39' wide and about 10' high. It seems to me there could be a market for this type of door in the UK, would you be interested in supplying these parts - if so, how much and how long delivery, etc. Joe T.


I would like to build my own bifold overhead door for my barn . Could I get some plans? Also could you give me a price list for your doors? Our opening is 10'wide X 7.4'high. Thanks Tom L.


I was wondering if I could get a price for the hydraulics and rams for a door. I would like to build the door myself. My hangar is remotely located and shipping a complete set would not be cost-effective.


I am trying to creat a custom bi-fold door that is about 16'-0" wide by 8'-0" tall, that would have vertical wood slats 1"x1" appox. with 1" to 2" airspace between. It is primarily a gate to a courtyard but it is covered. I would be attaching the wood and installing the door myself and would only require the door frame, the hardware and the opening mechanism. My question is, would this be a way to speceify the door or would you need to completely manufacture the door using my design for the vertical wood slats?




How thick is the wall thickness of your 1.5 and 2.0 square tubing on your hangar doors? I can't afford to buy a door outright so need to build one of my own (piece meal). I have the design penciled out but would like to know the metal specifications of the tubing you use in your doors. I see you at the EAA Arlington fly in everyear but haven't asked the question. My door will be approximately 40 ft wide by 16 feet high. I'm trying to figure out what metal to purchase locally. I do have a source to buy the metal at steep discounts but need to know what type/wall thickness to order. Any chance you could help?


Dear sir, Thanks for your references provided, after going through , we are interested in your products. we introduce to customer and especially, make strong recommendation for your products. Now we got order for 9Meters Bi-Fold Door, need your quotaion for this accordingly Concerning the low qty and short lead time, there will be limit during manufacturing and delivery, it wil affect the order implementation, therefore, suggest your company could offer technique support and provide the critial materials, components, including the controlling part, for the door itself, we can assemble in local under your guidance. Hope can consider my suggestion and whatever your reply is negative or positive, appreicate could get your quotation and sulutions asap, consequently, we can feedback to customers. PS: looking forward to discussing further for our future cooperation after this program.


G'Day: I had your door on my hangar when I lived back in the States. I now live here in Australia, and am building a new hangar at my place here. I need to put up a bifold, but the shipping, not to mention the regulation on imports here, Quarentine, Customs, GST, and all the rest, make is cost prohibited over locally sourced doors. The problem is that I have been spoiled with your doors for ages. Is it possible to purchase just a drive unit and straps from your company to incorporate into a door that I will build here. Thanks: Pat M.


I am very interested in your bifold or hydraulic doors, but I got a feeling I wont be able to afford the price. I am able to build my own door frame by buying my own metal and doing my own welding, thus cutting some of the cost, and buy the lifting componants from you.


I am currently looking for a pricing quote for a 110 volt motor and gearbox assembly, and a control pannel. Thank you Wayne M.


I would like a bid for materials only with me installing and one for a turn key installation. Does the door come with an electical opener or is it manual? Where I am located has no power except my generator.


i have a 50x50 free span steel bldg and need an info pack to design a bifold door. thanks


Dear Sir, I am currently building a small aircraft hangar. 12metres by 12metres, by 4metres stud. I would like to install one of your hydraulic doors, and wish to know if you sell the componentry in kitset form. Also, if you supply plans for construction of the door. If you can supply, please email me some pricing information. Thank you. Allan J.


dears sirs i have a 16 x 8 garage door , i would like info on your product. i am interested in the lift strap for my door. i was looking to make my own door , but use your bifold system with the strap- hand crank. any info would be great.


I own a hanger in South Africa. Can I construct this hanger door from plans and purchase the associated hardware from you? Can you qgive me a budget quote on a feaseable option to have an idea whether it is a affordable option out here.


Dear Sir, I am shortly commencing work on a small hangar, and I am interested in a single piece hydraulic door. The hangar will measure 12 meters square, and the door opening will be 10 meters wide. The clear door height required will be 4 meters. I would be interested in obtaining a kit set of your hydraulics, with all necessary parts to build a hydraulic door. All materials to construct the door, framing etc., can be obtained locally. I also would require your plans to construct this door.Looking forward to hearing from you.Thank you,Yours sincerely,Allan J.


Have a bi-fold door, not of Schweiss construction, but bottom drive shaft, steel cable same as Schweiss...do you fabricate or have a selection of cable shafts? Door is approx 41 feet wide, presently using 5 cables. Thank you, Krusse, Line Service Manager