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We are a general contractor in southern Indiana and we have a customer that would like for us to install a 50 foot wide by 20 foot tall barn door into the end wall of his existing building. The existing pre-engineered steel building has a sliding door, but we want to replace it with a hydraulic door. We are thinking that would be more cost-effective to provide an independent structure to support your door? Please give me a call as soon as possible to discuss. Brandon


We are a general contractor bidding on a restaurant in MD. This project calls for Schweiss Doors. Would you be able to provide local contractors for this scope of work. Thanks Jillian


I'd love to know who installed the hydraulic door for under armor facility in MD and pick their brain about the installation. We are currently being asked to bid a project with these style of doors and I'm not sure if our installation crews can handle the job as we are totally unfamiliar with the product. Thanks! Bryce 


Good afternoon, I am a contractor and we are in the design phase of a large civic project and part of the design includes a custom bi-fold hangar door. Your projects and work are very impressive and seems to be similar to what we are looking for. Would it be possible to get some technical details/information for your large bi-fold hangar doors? We would be looking for the type that uses lift-straps. Thank you, Mitch


I'm a general contractor. We are looking for bi-fold doors for a large residence at the above address in PA. We are interested in cable systems, not straps. Can you give me a call and see if this a project you would be interested in bidding on?


Hi my OH company is a general contractor and development firm located in central Wisconsin. We have a client looking to construct a new hangar facility and I am looking to get a price on a bifold liftstrap strap latch door and some additional info on your hydraulic door line. Please contact me so that we can get something in the works. 


Metal building contractor have customer wanting to build hangar. Would like a quote for one piece hydralic Do you help with installatlion? I have installed Schweiss doors before. Best way to get me is email. we're looking at building metal 100'wide x 100'long x 18' sidewalls (possibly shorter if it would work any better)2:12 roof. Please contact me ASAP 


We have installed Schweiss bifold doors for about 32 years and I was wondering what it would take to become a certified installer? Thank you, 


I need the bifold strap door thermal insulated and installed by you. I will have panels for the inside and outside. This will go out to the Willmar Airport where we have been contracted to build a new steel hangar.


I am a steel building contractor/erector looking for pricing on a 40x18 insulated bifold strap door. Call with any questions. 


Need door data for 45 wide and 13' clear Bi-fold Liftstrap door, We are contractors bidding the steel building. Please let me know you received email. thanks


We are building a 60 x 80 hangar with a 56 x 19 bifold door. I need to price this up to see if the contractor is overcharging us. He originally had a smaller door and wants to add 2k to his price. The quotes we received from two other contractors had the price at the same as his smaller door.


I'm a General contractor that will be erecting a metal building for one of our customers. The project calls for (4) 40' Wide x 18' high bi-fold strap doors. Can you please quote doors and installation. We will skin the doors with our metal building siding. Please send quote by email within 7 days. If you have any questions please email. 


Just looking to expand my product line. Have a couple customers who have shown interest in a Schweiss bi-fold and one-piece hydraulic designer door product. Thanks Clark


Attn: Regarding the Schweiss hydraulic door quote for 46' x 16'. Can you please send me the specs for the door to use for our building design.


We are putting plans together for a client and he is using your hydraulic door order #20109 bid # 32812-fh and we need the Florida building code product approval number so we can specify your product on the plans


Your Schweiss Bi-Fold Doors have been specified on a school project we are bidding on as General Contractors in the Vancouver, BC area. Please advise who can provide supply and install quotes. Thanks.


Please send me a quote for 5 Schweiss airplane bifold hangar doors, we'll choose between 2 sizes. 5- 40 feet wide by 14 feet high 5 42 by 14. Please include price for door operating mecanism. door placement is in the side wall, 5 units airplane hangar.These doors are going to Canada, your doors are all over up here Thanks


Hi, I am a general contractor being asked to bid on a 35' opening 12' in height to enclose one wall of a spray booth using a door. Can you give me a budget number for one of your high quatlity bifold or hydraulic doors? The application will be for a spray booth enclosure 18' x 40' x 14' with 25,000 CFM of airflow and the potetntial to pressurize up to 1 to 2 WC on the door. Currently they are using a vinyl curtain on the opening and it not cutting it. Thanks, Neal


I'm designing a hangar as part of a new home at an airpark in Benton, KS, by the way i want the straps. I plan to use your bi-fold door with the strap system. I need a 12' open height (clear air). I'm still debating between a 45' and 60' width. Can you tell me the price difference between 45 and 60 wide? Also, with a 12' open height, how much room do I need for the header? Thanks Albert




We are one of the General Contractors that will be bidding on the Project in , LA (Hanger Door Repairs) Multiple Hangers we have the plans available on our web-site I was hoping you could recommend installers that might be interested in bidding this hydraulic door project. If you know of anyone please emailme back with there name and number.Thanks for the information


We are the general contractor for a new facility in , N.C. that will require two of your hangar doors.The owner has several of your bifold doors and wants to stay with your product.


We're a steel building contractor in northern Illinois, are you interested in quoting 20' x 16' height bifold door, 24' x 16' and 30' x 16'. Installed, all our work in Illinois and Wisconsin.


I an building a building with 14 doors 25' wide i need to know a contractor's price on these T-Hanger bifolds. Please call me Mike         


I need some sheeting repairs done on my door and was wondering if you had a list of dealers and/or contractors that work on them. My forktruck driver went postal and rammed a couple holes in my door. I'm located in NE North Dakota. Thanks Gary


Hi Guys We are a steel frame building company specialising in hangar solutions throughout New Zealand. We currently average twelve hangars per year (excluding multiplex developments) and are currently exploring hydraulic door options. I am particularly interested in your bolt together options and am curious to know if would be economical to source them from you for installation here in New Zealand. I have a project commencing in the new year for which I need four doors 13m wide * 4m high. Assuming four doors would fit in a 40' container I would you be interested to know what the cost would be. Are you intersted in pricing them for me ?(Price the freight to Port Lyttleton New Zealand for me also if you can) Kind regards Peter


I am looking for estimating numbers for our customer who intends to use this building for the storage and distribution of 30' long pipe that will be forklifted horizontaly into this building. Also, I would assume that we will need assist with install as this is our first large bi fold. Can you help us with this request. Thank You , Fred


I have a need to price four turnkey airport hangers for a local customer of mine. I am in need of pricing (including shipping) of bifold doors and a brief explanation of the install process as my contracting firm will be installing them. Will put the hangers up one at a time, so will need them shipped that way as well. Doors are 60 feet long and 12 feet high.


I am one of your regular contractors and I need a quote for 2 sizes of doors. 52x14 in bifold and hydraulic and 45x14 in bifold and hydraulic. Thanks Brad


To Whom It May Concern: We are a GC pricing a plane hangar for a client of ours in Valdosta, GA. It will be a 6,000 sft hangar with a 54' x 17' bifold door. The building will be pre-engineered  in Valdosta, GA. We are trying to get a price to the client by the end of next week. Let me know how soon you can get a number to us. Thanks


I was the general contractor for Three Belles Marina Niantic CT when we installed their Schweiss bi fold door purchased by the marina direct from Schweiss. The owner has asked me to contact Schweiss on his behalf to setup a maintenance schedule with Schweiss Doors when you would have factory maintenance people in the area. Thank You in Advance; Rick


I am working on a design for Trotter General Contracting from Macomb, IL in which he is going to use a Schweiss bifold door. He has not received a quote yet for the door so I was hoping you'd be able to send me the specs for the design. It's a 20' x 14' door. Please let me know if there are any problems. Thanks for your help. Bill


Hello, We are a General Contractor who will be bidding this project and would like Schweiss Doors  to work with our team. I have attached the Invitation to Bid with our contact information. Please confirm what you will be bidding along with contact information. Thank you, Judy


We are a General Contractor in the Philadelphia, PA region. Your product is specified on a project we are bidding. We would like to know if you bid direct to GC's or have a local distributor. Typically in Philadelphia construction labor is required to be union. I've taken the liberty of attaching a drawing showing the exterior “Patio bar�. The attached sketches were sent after the drawings were issued eliminating one side of this assembly. We are looking for a hydraulic bi-fold door. Please take a look and let me know what you think. Thanks, Steve


I am a general contractor in Tn. and I have a client interested in your Bi- fold doors for a personal hanger. Insulation seems to be a hot button for my client also so any info you could provide me would be helpful. The door in question needs to be 55 feet wide and clear 16 feet high. I would need a spec sheet and general info to provide my steel building manufacture. Also please provide R-values,availablity,spec sheets,installation and pricing. Again thanks for your assistance in this matter.


My contractor is in the quoting stages of this job and needs to know what the eave height of the building should be for this 21' tall hydraulic door. The drawings for the building do not provide any specifics for the building height. He wants to quote building to meet the doors requirements.


I am a general contractor putting together a bid for a hangar. My customer wants to use the bifold door. I am looking for pricing currrently.


Have been contracted to build a hanger for a customer, are in the bill proposal stage. There will be two doors needed. 1.) clear opening size: 44'0"wide/12'0"high.(side wall) 2.) clear opening size: 40'0"wide/12'0"high.(gable end wall) Both doors to use the 24" Wedge. Concrete floor options, stile #1 (best way) Use web-belt system.- bottom mount motor. contact to go specifics, about optional insulation , exterior skin. Due to snow load in area, both doors will probably be a 36" deep glue-laminated beam, supported by 6" x12"x15' glue-laminated posts, each end to handle deflection. Price in UPGRADE EQUIPMENT, Items 1,2,3,5,8 Add in separate quotes for field install, and if deemed necessary, Free Standing Header,


Gentlemen, We are general contractors and have a requirement to install 4 each bi-fold doors for a fire station in Honolulu. the openings are 14'x14'. Door panels shall be made of aluminum with clear tempered glass section at 5' high. Doors shall meet wind load requirement of 120mph. Doors shall be motor operated. Please provide your best price and aailability by Monday, 6/1/09. Your help will be greatly appreciated. John C.


We are currently working on a design build project for a small business in SW VA We are design-build general contractors located in NE TN. Please contact me about using your product on this project We are on a Friday deadline to complete our quote


I am a General Contractor. I am bidding a Hanger 50x100 to be located in Texas. The building will have a 14' Eve Ht. The owner has requested a 40' opening and did not specify a height.He has a Cessna Twin. I need adequate clearance for this plane. Please quote a Bi-fold and alternates if you don't mind. Thank you for your help. Rob C.


Dear sir am contractor and am looking for design with estimatiom about air craft hangar door we got from goverment contract to make door for exist hangar please send to me your company email and i will send for you the deatails for contact scope of work thanks


I am a contractor in Seattle, we are looking at a store front re-do and are considering using a bi-fold door. What is you general lead time?


Our hangar has a opening of appro.50 feet wide by 14 tall, can your company recomend any contractor on the west coast?


Hi there. I'm a contractor in Alberta, Canada, and I have a customer who is interested in your door system. I do have a few questions, however. First of all, does your team have to install the door to retain warranty, or can my regular overhead door guys do it? Secondly, is there a weather stripping down the sides that the door closes against? I'd imagine the tracks would have to be exterior? If so, do you have any problems with ice getting in the tracks? Do I have to order a taller door to have the amount of headroom as I would have with a traditional overhead door? Finally, do the doors have any method to be locked, or do they simply lock themselves as they 'over-center'?


Dear Sir, This is an inquiry for the bus-station Contract ,Shutter doors((Over Head Rolling doors)) , ,I am looking for earliest reply , I have my engineering team to answer any questions you have from your Technical department This Outside roller shutters with roller Box 1-The doors size as follow //A--8.6 M width x 6.5 M height.quantity 16 B--8.6 M Width x4.3 M high Quantity 4 C- 8.6 M width X 3.2 M High Quantity 4 Total of the Garage doors -----------------24 doors 2-we need Clear opening depends on the your suggestions please just look for the attachments ,that will give you a good Idea about the clear open 3- the materials used for this door is Aluminum doors ,or ThermoTeck, Our project is in the final stage &we need this doors to meet with our budget plan ,your expertise in this area is highly appreciated 4-this shutter doors used for the maintenance work shop for bus station 5- the Shutter door should be working automatically and manually. 6-total of 24 Shutter doors, Please look at the attached files. PS/I need a sample of the materials used for such doors ,my mailing Address PS/I have another projecr ((four colleges and I need a large amount of steel doors , I am subcontractor for the projects ,I will send the shope drwaing if are intrested to qoute it Best Regards Adam M. Contracting &General trading


Hi there, We will highly appreciate it if you could forward this mail to Purchasing Manager or staff in sourcing team, thanks for your assistance. My name is Wendy, salesperson of M. Plastic & Mold Co., Ltd at Shanghai, China. We are a medium-sized provider of injection molds and plastic injection molded products, stamping parts as well. With our State-of-art equipments and veteran engineers, we are able to deliver better quality at a tight schedule and budget. For further information about Mason and the products & services we provide, please visit or reply with a request and I will be glad to send you our brochure. Thank your for your time, we will highly appreciate it if you could consider filing our profile for future projects. We look forward to hearing from you for any inquiries. Best regards Wendy


This company manufactures rollforming equipment for all types of industries around the world. I was curious as to where you currently buy your metal panels and structural members from and if you would have a need for rollforming your own panels. I would greatly appreciate it if you could respond to me with whatever information you have regarding this subject. Thank you for your time. Troy H. Sales


Contractor in Fort Worth, Texas looking for a bi-fold door for a new metal building. Opening about 42'11" wide by 20' tall. Wanted to talk with someone about pricing and turn around. Thanks!




Bidding on the Norfolk (NE) 2 Bay Corporate Hangar project which calls for 2-60' x 23' bi-fold doors. I can scan the spec section and send it upon request. This project bids 10/10 at 10 am. Thank you, Jason C. Estimator CGC, Inc


A contractor is asking us to bid on a project in Miami. I would venture that this is not the first request for this project. There are 7 doors 41' x 14' cable lift & apparently motor driven. The contractor is hopeful of a proposal by Tuesday 7. I am way more optimistic and am hoping for a call on Monday 6.Specs call for wind loads of +44.2 psf & -44.2 psf.There should also have pass doors. Thanks.


Hi, I am looking for your local distributor in Southern California for a large construction project. Best Regards, Dan F. Project Manager m. Construction Company


Hi there, We will highly appreciate it if you could forward this mail to Purchasing Manager or staff in sourcing team, thanks for your assistance. My name is Wendy, salesperson of Mason Plastic & Mold Co., Ltd at Shanghai, China. We are a medium-sized provider of injection molds and plastic injection molded products, stamping parts as well. With our State-of-art equipments and veteran engineers, we are able to deliver better quality at a tight schedule and budget. For further information about Mason and the products & services we provide, please visit or reply with a request and I will be glad to send you our brochure. Thank your for your time, we will highly appreciate it if you could consider filing our profile for future projects. We look forward to hearing from you for any inquiries. Best regards Wendy


Dear sirs we are najem international group working in libyan market and we are intersted to be your agent in libyan market so kindly send us more details with best regards Awad N.




DEAR SIR I am ready for cooprate with your co. in IRAN& middle east about production, assembly & marketing. BEST REGUARDS, MAJID


Dear Sir, We are an Import Export company Based in India. We supply Imported spares and machinery equipments to various Government organisations/ Airport Authorities in India. On one of our Visits to our Clients site where the Engines of Aircrafts are overhaulled. Our Client has door about 20 feet height and a width of 40 Feet which has a sliding Door and has to be pushed manually which they now need to automize We would be really glad to recieve some of your technical brochures for your products along with the prices so we could represent your company to our end customer to procure some business Should you have any futher clarifications please feel free to contact me


We are general contractors specializing in shops,commercial and office buildings. We are bidding a 50' wide X 60' long X 16' high hangar. The owner wants a Schweiss bi-fold 40' wide X 15' high door. Please quote price and shipping to the project site in Ferndale, Washington. Regards, D L A


Hi, I am a building contractor, operating internationally. For one of my projects (shipyard), I need a bi-fold door. Width 43 ft, height 36 ft. Can you give me information about the possibilities? Cost? The jobsite is in the Netherlands. Could we do the installation ourselves? I have a partner in California, if needed he can arrange shipping of materials to Netherlands. Thanks in advance, best regards, Arjen B.


Dear Sirs We are general contractors in Malibu, California. We have single family beach home in construction. The client would like aircraft hanger doors in bifold articulated to exterior. Sizes are two ea. @ 8'-9"X 9'-6" and two ea. @ 13'-1"X 9'-6". Material spec'd as "glass/wood frame". Please price accordingly or contact us for more information. Thank you, Raphael P.


We are an aerosol touch up manufacturer and would like to send you a brochure about our company and our custom color matched touch up paints. Our product adheres to powder coating warm or cool as well as plastics and metal. If I could get a mailing or e-mail address and possibly a contact to which my information should go to would be greatly appreciated. We can e-mail brochures. Best Regards, Paul W.


I am a general contractor in Omaha. We have a client interested in a glass bifold door (like the last picture in the commercial door section of your webpage). It will go to a deck from the commercial space. There is an existing opening of 106"W x 96"H. The sides of the opening are steel. Can you email me a quote on one of these doors to fill the opening and operate. Thank you, Corey


We are an aerosol touch up manufacturer and would like to send you a brochure about our company and our custom color matched touch up paints. Our product adheres to powder coating warm or cool as well as plastics and metal. If I could get a mailing or e-mail address and possibly a contact to which my information should go to would be greatly appreciated. We can e-mail brochures. Best Regards, Paul W.


We have a contractor who is purchasing a 36' x 12' one piece hydraulic door from you. Could you furnish design and installation details. Location is Antrim county in Northern Lower Peninsula, Michigan. Either PDF or DWG format is fine. Thank you. Dave R.


I am ageneral contractor in the St Louis area and am looking at your product for an upcoming job. Thank you


Hello Schweiss, I represent the aluminum extrusion company Star Extruded Shapes. I recently recieved some literature from your company and it interested me. We would like the opportunity to quote some of your extrusions. Please use my contact information provided to contact me. I look forward to hearing from you. Thank You, Andrew S.


Having a great day ,we are company for construction so we are interesting to know more about your items categories ,cataloges samples if that possible . I am glad to get reply from you . Best regards Ali h.


Hello,i f'm INDIA{MUMBAI} can u send me u'r all product details.i working as a CONTRACTOR. still i wait for u'r reply. Thanxs. Regards.


Bidding project for Harrow Contractors, job at Macy's in Kenner. Need price for 31' x 16'. They faxed us spcs. Also spec. is requesting 1/8" aluminum sheet attached to bi-fold door framing. (D. brand) Please quote


I have purchased doors from you in the past both as a sales rep. for Moore & Carter Lumber, and now with Deckerville Building Center, in Deckerville Mi. I am a satelite store for Deckerville Building Center, hence the DBC Design Center. I had suffered a total wipe-out of my computer here at my office in Dec. due to lightning damage. So, I am resubmitting this information. Today, I need a quote for the following building I am quoting;


Dear Sir, We have pleasure to introduce ourselves as one of the leading manufacturers of all type of Brass Components and Brass Hardwares such as Brass Components used in Electronic/Electrical accessories such as Connectors, Caps, Pins, Stud, Terminals, Molding Inserts etc., Instrumental Parts, and Brass Hardwares such as all types of hinges, tower bolts,handles, etc. We also manufacture M. S. and Brass fasteners such as nuts, bolts, washers, screws etc., All the above items are manufactured as per the drawing, samples or as per the detailed sketch or specification provided by the customers exactly as per their requirements. We are supplying these items to various leading and reputable companies in Jamnagar since last 20 years and now we looking forward to deal with reputade national and international industries situated in India or outside India for transport and export of our products directly and through merchant exporters respectively. We take liberty to approach you with a request to kindly let us know your valued inquiries along with samples, drawing, or detailed sketch with quantity requirements so as to enable us to quote our rock bottom rates and enter into long lasting business relationship with your esteemed firm for our mutual benefit. If you give us chance to serve you we will definitely satisfy with our products and best services provided to you by us at reasonable conditions. We assure you the best quality and timely delivery to your satisfaction. Thanking you and awaiting to hear from you. Yours faithfully


To Whom it may Concern, I am a Project Manager for LeChase Construction Services, LLC. located in Durham, NC. We are in need of more information in regards to your Designer Bi-Fold Doors. We are working with Duke University on converting a portion of their Bryan Student Activities Center into a restaurant, which would need one of these doors to allow for open air seating. Please provide me with any information that will help us in getting you involved with us as early as possible. If you have a local rep, please have them contact me asap. In the mean time, please forward me some brochures and technical data that will help us relay to you what our situation is on site. Thanks, Denny M.


I am seeking training on the repair and maintenance of hangar doors. Do you provide this type of training? Thank you Dennis K.


Dear Sir/Madam, We are intereste in your products and we would like to cooperate with your company to sell your products in Turkish market. We would like to give you some information about our company. Armada Ltd. Co. is a Turkish company, operating mainly in defense industry. We represent some US, Italian and Israeli companies in Turkey. We represent Axsys Technologies, Z-Micro, UFC-United Fastener Company, MSKennedy, Med-Pac, Summit Aviation from United States, Simmel Difesa from Italy and ISDS, Mavaarim Demining Co. from Israel. I am the founder of Armada Ltd Co. and I have long experience in defence industry, nearly 20 years. Our company is a registered company to The Office of Defense Trade Controls Compliance, Compience and Registration Division (CRD) ,United States Department of State. Our registrant code is K-1566. We would like to represent your company in Turkey and introduce your products to the related organizations and develop business. I will be glad to provide if you need further information. Hope to hear from you soon. Best Regards, R. T.


Dear Madam/Sir, Merry Christmas . GlobalMarket's International Logicstic Service is a key sector of Total Trade Solution. After over 10 years' development and the successful merger with Shenzhen Euroland Int'l Forwarding Co., Ltd. and Shenzhen FEI Logistics Corporation, we have established: 18 direct subordinated office in the country, over 100 strategic partners and agents in the globe. Our service network has covered main ports in the world and has widely received recognition and respect from our clients. Close cooperation with shipping companies such as Maersk, ZIM%u3001 MSC%u3001 CSCL etc. Our advantaged routes extend to Europe, Mediterranean, Black Sea, Red Sea, Middle East, South America, and Southeast Asia etc. Close cooperation with airline companies such as Saudi Arabian Airlines, Emirates Airline, Etihad Airways, Gulf Air and Cathay Pacific Airways etc., those which cover every routes and major cities in the Middle East. Offering flexible and diversified logistic solution, we create more values and offer more value-added service for our clients. If any demand, pls contact me anytime. Your any kind advices will do be highly appreciated. Best wishes Philip Z.


Do you have a contractor handling your bifold door in the Ellensburg, Washington area? Seen your add in the Ewste Farmer Stockman Thanks John S.


I build pole barns and I have had two inquiries about bi-fold doors both for farm use. I worked for a construction company that installed several of your doors, so I am somewhat familiar with them. I have never done one start to finish, but have worked on them on several different stages. I am interested on a quote on a 24' and 16' door both 14'tall. Thank you for your time. Michael M.


Dear Sir We have read your data about your products it was very much interest for us .We have a good market in this .And we would like to have a safe bussines with your company in UAE area specialy.If you it is interst for you please tel us about your policy.(aT THIS MOMENT WE HAVE A BIG PROGECTIN IRAN ,,HOSPITAL) BEST REGARDS Hadi S. General MANAGER TUNNEL PEY KHAZAR CO


Please mail out catalogues that I can offer our customers when selling hangars or other buildings requiring larger doors. I could sell more of your doors that way. I need prices and hinge locations for two bi=fold doors. An 80'x 16' clear, as listed below and a 60'x 16' clear shipping to the same location. Both should have alternates for lift straps, auto latch and remotes. Please fax to our office ASAP. Thank You, Don Branch Vice Presedent Marketing & Sales Pacific Building Systems


We have been in business for over forty years now and we have successfully represented british companies in Nigeria.There are quite a number of projects that require your products here in Nigeria and as manufacturer representatives we would like to have wide options and good aesthetics which we strongly believe your products can provide as such we would request you to send us a comprehensive products catalogue to study along with c&f prices,thank you. O. E. Godson




Dear Mr Mike Schweiss, I believe your bifold doors have considerable sales potentiality in the middle eastern countries of Saudi Arabia, Kuwait,Baharain, Qatar, UAE and Oman. i have extensive business contacts and indepth knowledge of these markets. I can effectively assist you organize marketing, distribution, installation and after sales service channels by building a select group of dealerships across all the countries I have just mentioned. This is the time to expand overseas before others move in. My business terms are : exclusive marketing rights to these countries, a percentage point on sales invoices and your willingness to assign a budget of $ 2000 towards a part cost of my travels across these countries to make presentation to potential dealers. I believe we should be able to sell about 1000 doors across these countries during the first year. Should you be interested to pursue this proposal further, please let me know asap. I am planning a visit to United States in the first week of September,2007 and would be pleased to pay a visit to you, if you agree to refund my New York Fairfax New York travel expenses. With best wishes Morar


I would like pricing for a 50x17 door with straps and remote as OPTIONAL costs. Please give delivery times and names of installers. I am a GC and plan to build up to four hangars. Location- Showlow AZ


Hello, We are a Wick builder in Colorado we recently started bidding out airplane hangers and we need a DOOR GUY!! If you can send us some information on your product and a price sheet that would be great!!!


Dear Sir or Madam, We learn that you are one of the leading companies in the line of the auto lifts in your area. We have the pleasure of writing to you for the establishment of business realations with you. Our company has the experience of specializing in auto lifts in china for more than 5 years and our products enjoy a good market .At present , we are in the hope of enlarging our business in your aera and we believe that our cooperation will promot both business and friendship between us. We are look forward to your favorable reply. Best regards!


Please send product binder and literature. My company is interested in becoming a distributor.


Good day Interested in becoming a dealer of your product we continually are getting more request for bi doors. We have been in business since 1973 and feel we have good market relations in eastern Wisconsin Please reply to : Tim D.


We are nearing the dirt moving part of our new 12,000' maintenance hangar construction. I would like sample pricing on both hyd and strap doors of 60' by 12 or maybe 14'. The building dimensions will be established in a week or so, including door openings. Prices on this size will help me swing the owners to an automatic door, I hope. Mack S. construction supervisor


I am a contractor and I have a customer inquiring about bi-fold doors. I would like to have the price of two 12'x14' insulated bi-fold doors. I would like to have the drive motor on the bottom of the door. Thank you Jerry