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Do you do these vertically bi-folding doors on a smaller scale? We are doing a back bar area and they want a door similar to what yours look like. It's only about a 13'Lx7'H opening though. The motor and mechanisms I see here would be too large and heavy duty.


I have a customer looking for a hydraulic window wall at the rear of their row home in DC. the opening, which is done in steel beams is 10'-0" by 7'-9". Please let me know if this is a door you can make. Thank you


I am bidding a project that has your Designer door bottom drive specified and am wondering if you would be interested in providing a price?


Looking to build a bifold door for a boat house. Am very interested in using your top mounted strap system to operate the door. My door will be quite a bit smaller than most in the pictures on your web site. Door opening dimensions will be 10' wide by only 8' high. Dimensions are able to be adjusted to accommodate your system. Please advise on best way to proceed. Thank you, Tom


I am looking at your designer doors for a project I have and need more information about the cladding options before I can present to my client.


We have a beautiful custom built home with a large 2-story VT barn looking garage/workshop. The house is 17 years old and we need a better garage door solution. The opening is 14’w x 11’ 8” tall. We’d like to see some solutions that look like barn doors but operate/open with the push of a button. Currently the doors are 5.75” thick and roll sideways open on heavy duty barn slides. Please call to discuss. Thanks, Chad


I need a 20’w x 14’h door, for an RV garage. Straps, hydraulic, etc… I’m not sure, but the best option with the most reliability. We will be putting this in a metal/steel building. We are in our (last chance) final phase of any/all details for the building company to complete the final engineered plans. (We are looking to determine our garage door issue ASAP). You have a garage door (bi-fold) on one of your online photos, that appears to have wood on it (or at least it looks like wood). That is what we would be interested in. We are going for a “barn” look. We also need a 12’ x 10’ door.


I was sent some information on the designer doors for a restaurant in South Florida, and I would like to get more information if you don’t mind. The PDF for the glass door shows a single hydraulic pump for a door that is 10’ H x 14’ W. They marked it up to be wider but shorter. Right now, we have a total of 12 such doors shown, and I would like to know if each door requires its own pump, or will the pump requirements change in order to handle more doors? Can you help me out with the electrical portion of this so I can make sure it is designed correctly. Also, what is the maximum length on the hydraulic lines from pump to door?


I’m building a pool cabana and am looking to make a bifold door for it that is approximately 16’ wide and 8’ tall. I’m wondering about your build your own door kits. Can someone please contact me to give me an idea on cost and the mounting criteria required since my structure is traditional wood framing with lvl beams etc. Thanks Jon


Hi I need a stone clad bifold garage door for a non-air conditioned parking space. Can your doors be clad in natural stone? It would be for a residence in Miami Beach, so it would need an NOA.


Hi, I'm reaching out about a schweiss hydraulic glass door we are trying to spec for a brewery project here in Seattle. The brewery has a fixed existing opening with CMU columns on either side and a steel beam spanning (although we expect supplementary steel structure will likely be necessary). The fixed R.O. we're trying to fill is approximately 10'-5" high x 23'-1" wide. Would you be able to give me some more information on how the frame and glass install work? Additionally, we'd appreciate some pricing and structural loading/deflection we could pass along to the client and our structural engineer. Phone or email is fine. Thank you


Good morning Team! I am excited to read your website in detail! It is great to see a company that thinks outside of the box! quite literally! We have a project that calls for a standard hydraulic door flush mount. The width is 22' the height is 14'. The client would like the face of the door to have the appearance of the home with a "stucco" like finish and two residential casement windows sized 53" wide by 72" tall. I would like to speak with someone from the team regarding this project. Please note that the project is in the Florida HVHZ zone. The building is CMU "concrete masonry construction" Please advise Thank you Frank


Looking for schweiss designer door - glass 1 piece hydraulic door. Checking pricing and availability after approved submittal/shop drawing.


Good afternoon! I wanted to request a quote for a 10w'x10h' opening for a glass overhead door. I also wanted to ask how much flexibility there would be in the mullion placement for a door of that size. We would like for the door to have horizontal mullions placed at every 2', and I was wondering if this would be possible for Schweiss Doors to manufacture. Please contact me by email Thank you!


I have a vision 12x14 bifold door and would like to send Schweiss some mock ups I've done to see if my idea is possible and at what cost. Look forward to creating with you.


Need a quote for 2 identical hangar doors for a Public Works project in Pell City, AL 2/Ea, 68wx19h, Single-Leaf Hydraulic power lifted insulated hangar doors


Looking for a glass bi fold door for bed and breakfast. Concrete structure opening size 168" x 108" (h). Please send schweiss doors pricing.


Hi! I'm looking for pricing on 2 high end bifolding doors for a residential project. One door would be fully glass and the other door would be black with no glass. 9' x 8' Thank you!


I am working with a general contractor on an Olympic Venue project in Salt Lake City. They are interested in bifold doors and need some budget numbers for 6-8 doors that are 10' x 9' /-. Can you help me?


Hi, I am interested in this bifold garage door style just like the Cool Custom Bar/Garage Bifold Door - Santa Cruz, CA on the project page of your website. I just need the aluminum frame and the lifting mechanism as I will be using my external wall wood cladding materials. Currently, I have 2 side by side garage with opening measurement of 8'H x 7'H for both. Garage has 8' floor to ceiling height. With this bifold door, is there a minimum height requirement? I am currently renovating so I can modify the height up to 8ft. Also, what is more economical to build, 2 independent doors or 1 17'W x 7' or 8'H bifold door? Can you please give me a quote and estimated shipping cost to NJ? Thanks


I have a project for a luxury home. I would like to build a patio that can open up to the mountain view. I need something that will bring opulence to the home and be a talk piece. I want to save headroom and get the most out of the space within the current design. I think the hydraulic door would be best but want to discuss options. I would also like an all glass door with minimal obstructions. Thank you, C


We have a residential project where the clients want to convert their garage into a living space. The clients are interested in learning about different models that are discreet and modern. Do you have any thermally-broken garage doors that bi-fold? Any information would be great. It is best to reach me via email. Thank you


We are interested in your Standard Bifold Door Horizontal Top Drive and would like to explore it for a residential project in Palo Alto, CA. What we are hoping to achieve is similar to the North Carolina Art Studio project on your website, where two units come to a corner. Information we would like to receive are size limitations, energy performance (Title 24), glazing, mullion sizes, and cost.


We would like a quote for designer glass bi-fold doors for a project ( Seacoast Grace Church) in Cypress, CA. The project would have 2 glass bi-fold doors. One is 29'-0" wide and the other is 23'-0" wide x 7' of 8' high. Height TBD. Please call if you have any questions. Thank you, Fred


I own a CrossFit gym that is open space concept but looking for an option to have walls/doors that open and close for rain and weather. Schweiss open space doors would help this.


We have a carport and need an invisible door or incognito door to get approval to enclose as a garage. It is a wood-framed house with brick veneer on the front elevation and first floor and Hardiboard siding on the second floor on the side elevations. Ideally the door would look like brick plus a triple window. I do not know if not having a siding look is possible with your systems. Schweiss designer doors could work for this project. Thanks in advance for your time.


Hello, I am just in the designing stages of a residential property and I would like to incorporate your overhead doors. The first one is fairly straight forward as a chic garage door. The second door is more of a specialty door in that I want it to be a hidden room that opens up. Is this something you would be able to design?


Hello, I found your door product online, was wondering if you have authorized dealer in my area. I want to install this door for my backyard covered patio area door. Looking forward to hearing from you. Regards, L


Building a wedding venue and would like one side of our building to open up to a patio. Wanted to talk about the cost of custom designer doors and door options.


I want to install a schweiss designer bifold door over a basement garage, flush with the ground. It would need to open horizontally rather than vertically, such that it would be flush with the ground like a cellar door. Can your days be made to mount horizontally? It would be over a driveway that angles down into a basement garage.


Single door opening for concession stand type space at a camp for autistic children and their families.


Looking for a fire rated 9 x7 or 9x8 bifold designer door for garage to basement home entry. Industrial, but decorative (steel, wood panel or glass). Thanks. G


Good Morning, I am working on a bifold designer door project where we would like to include a fold-up garage door with a more modern style (a glass with aluminum frame). I was wondering if you could help provide me with some additional information regarding the R/U value of this type of door. Our client would like a cost comparison against a sliding wall style system. Any additional information you can provide will be extremely helpful. Please let me know if you need us to provide any additional information. Thank you, Anthony


I am looking for a residential garage bifold or hydraulic designer door for a 14' x 7' high opening. Ideally I would like a hydraulic operated, bi-folding door. I would like custom siding of approximately 9" horizontal wood planks (or wood plank looking), to match the siding of the house. I am located in the Los Angeles, West Hollywood, CA 90069 area. Can you please contact me to discuss the project some more, as well as provide references of some installers that you might have worked here in the West Hollywood/Los Angeles area? Thank you, Allen Petrossian PS. Best contact with me is my email: petrossianallen@gmail.com


I need a quote on a 18-0 x 16-0 bi fold Liftstrap designer door that can be sided with wood by a contractor. Can you please tell me what my options are?


We are owner rep currently working on a 100,00sqf custom home with requirement for several large bifold or horizontal pivot doors (7 numbers) within concrete frame. Please let us know who we should contact to seek technical advice on equipment room sizing...and finally quote to design and build it? Thanks Geok Ser


Looking for a quote and information for an opening thats 8'-3" x 6'-7 1/2". Bifold Liftstrap designer door, preferably with a carriage type look.


I am converting our standard two-car garage into an art studio and would like a bifold glass designer door, plus an overhead screen option. We have one large garage door now. I would like windows at the top. I am open to looking at whatever options you might have. I think manual is fine. I am interested in security and keeping critters out. Thank you.


We are looking for details for an 18' x 9' flip up hydraulic or bifold designer door. The design has the door flush with the exterior siding of the building. Can your doors have siding installed on them, and is there a weight limit for the siding?


I currently have 9x8 overhead doors. Do you offer residential bi fold residential designer door replacements? I'm in St Louis, MO. Do you service my area? If not, are there any authorized bifold Liftstrap door installers


Residential bifold designer door project in Longport, NJ 16' W x 7' H single door possible metalized finish three panes of glass 8" x 24"


Hello, I am inquiring about whether you would be able to provide a quote for three glass bifold designer doors for our beauty spa on Rodeo Drive, California.  East door- 12' long Center door- 19'11" long West door- 12'2" Height- 10'8" There are steel beams that create the gap between each door.


Hello! My company (RAYGUN) is taking over a space that was most recently a Giordano's  and during the previous renovation they added one of your lift strap designer restaurant doors to the front. It's beautiful and we feel very fortunate to now be the ones enjoying your door - could you send me some information about maintenance, upkeep, best practices? Thanks so much


I am interested in finding out more about both of your designer specialty door types for a special application in one of our ride based attractions. I'm interested in better understanding design parameters for our facility based on needing an opening of 7'H min.clear opening (we have 8' between structure) x 48'. Wondering the speed at which this size would open and how much headroom or tieback structure is required. There will be a question of approximate price as there will be three of these for this particular inquiry, this is to compare to our current solution. In future, there may be a requirement for other sizing, but this is a good starting point as a frame of reference. Uncertain if IBeam or Steel tube is more appropriate? Thanks, Cheryl, Manager Architecture & Design


We are looking for source of BiFold doors for a few exclusive residential projects we have in the San Francisco Bay area? We do have current request for three bifolds that will be clad in glass and teak. Please call


Good afternoon, I really like the custom solutions you have on your website for bi-folding and hydraulic doors. I wanted to see if you'd be able to help me come up with some solutions for a few areas within a casino that need to be closed up at night, but open in the daytime. Currently we're planning on using some sort of roll-down shutter, but it is not visually appealing as a Schweiss glass designer door. I have a few ideas, but want to get you input.


I'm looking for a quote on a Top Drive Lift Strap Bifold door for a  Golf Club project that might happen next summer? I would need to know what I would need to do in advance, to make the opening acceptable for your door?


Hello - I'm working on a retail designer door project where we're considering single panel glazed hydraulic doors, and had a few questions about what Schweiss offers. 1. Does Schweiss deliver a "turnkey" ready door? Or, given that the door is intended to be glazed, will contractors need to attach glazing to a frame provided by Schweiss in the field? 2. We think that hydraulic doors will be a more functional and durable option for the project, but the client is worried that they may be too expensive and is considering sectional doors instead. We're looking to get a rough sense of pricing for hydraulic to move the conversation forward. We're considering about (8) doors at about 20' wide x 10' tall. Would it be possible to get a rough quote for that? I can send graphic elevations of what we're thinking if you need more information. Thanks, Bryan Harry


We are designing a distillery restaurant with (5) 12'x12' operable Schweiss window-walls to create an indoor/outdoor experience. The project is an extensive remodel of a wood-framed building, but much of the new structure will be steel and we intend to integrate the door system with the retrofit steel structure. We also are considering two 12' wide, 6' tall hydraulic operated fully glazed flip-up windows over the indoor-outdoor bar. We would like information regarding sizing of the door structure, associated loads, and details so we can incorporate custom fenestration. We also need pricing information to determine if this concept works within the clients budget. What is the typical timeline for production and delivery after your Schweiss shop drawings are approved?


We are interested in a vertical lift strap bifold door similar to the Barrel & Bushel Restaurant door on your website. This is for a small restaurant in Telluride Colorado. Total door size is /- 11' x 11'. As we are in a high mountain town we need to have an insulated energy efficient door design.


Interested in restaurant designer doors. 2 doors at 6' high x 13' long. Glass panels. Price will drive the decision. What can we expect per door? Thanks,


We'd like an initial estimate for a fully glazed and double glazed 14' wide by 18' high designer bifold lift-strap door.


Interested in pricing for single and double bifold door disguised with either siding or windows. Considering building on zero-lot line plat in Hartness, Greer, SC that is steep. Would want to disguise the garage on front property line. Builder there may also be interested in literature and pricing, as he is still trying to come up with solutions that abide by many design restrictions.


We are interested in your products, as well as some more general information on your designer doors for other projects. For this specific project we need a glazed bi-fold door which is 12'-0" in width and 9'-0" in height. I would like to obtain some pricing information to confirm that it will work for this project. As well, once pricing information is received we will be asking for CAD details to implement into our drawings. Regards


Looking for a quote on a designer bifold glass door for our tasting room in our house


I have a town-home, with a single car garage. I am short on space and I am converting my garage into a room and do not want the garage door to be a part of it while open! What am I looking at for a bifold garage door? Just approx to see if it within budget. Because I live in a community with an association, it has to look the same as it does now. Thank you for your time.


I have a customer building a new restaurant that wants one and possibly three full view designer hydraulic doors mounted over half walls. The sizes are 9x5, 12x5, and 24x5. Can you please quote them separately so they can decide whether to do one or all three. I'm sure you need more info on finishes. Please email me with whatever questions you have. Thanks, Marcus


We are interested in using an operable designer bifold window/wall/door in a new restaurant design and wanted to get some rough pricing info. If you could contact me via email, I can send a drawing showing what we intend to do and outline the rough opening dimensions. Thanks Jason, Architectural Design Manager


Sales/Estimating Dept. in CA, Can you please provide a price quote for (1) Glass Vertical Bifold Door as follows: Type: Lift Strap Size: 26'-7"W x 15'-0"H Finish: Clear Anodized Glazing: (By Able Glass) Qty: (1) Vertical Bifold Door Please include Mechanical Operator. Let me know if you have any questions. Thank you, Juan


We have a boutique hotel (vertical) expansion project in Madison, WI. The 7th floor (top floor) will contain a bar/lounge, roof deck, possible event space, and a luxury suite. We are considering using designer (glass) bi-fold doors for general access to the roof deck (in addition to normal doors for emergency egress) as well as over sized operable windows or operable walls to open large segments of the walls to the outdoors. Largest of the units we would be looking at would be about 21' long by 6'-12' high. Steel structure. Wondering if this would be a good application for your bifold doors with lift straps. We would like to get any technical information you might have. Structural requirements, allowable wind loads, weather stripping/sealing, energy efficiency, etc.


I have a few sets of Schweiss bi-fold designer doors for a new modern restaurant in the Bahamas. The taller doors sit 13 1/2" in front of frameless glass railing. (6) 17'-1" wide 8'-11 5/8"clear opening (2) 11'-0" wide 8'-11 5/8" clear opening (10)11'-5" wide 10'-1 1/8" clear opening (3) 18'-11" wide 10'-1 1/8" clear opening I have sketches of building sections showing the confines of each application that can be sent to you. My concern is the visibility of the operating mechanism when the door are in the opened position. Does Schweiss have top drive bifold doors.. I am interested the the Designer series with the applied wood slats. The shutter is intended to be used for hurricane protection to protect large frameless sliding glass doors.


I'm a Studio designer. Another designer and myself wanted to specify bi-folding doors for a hotel restaurant we are working on in Toronto. I was wondering if you can meet our requirements and produce some custom-made bifold Schweiss designer doors and windows for us. I can send you reference drawings and images of the type of bi-folding doors we would like to use for the restaurant facade. There will be 2 bi-folding doors, 1 French door surrounded by glazing, and one regular window which will have the same design language as the bi-folding door but be stationary. The full dimensions of each piece will be 8 feet high and 11 feet wide. Please let us know if this is possible and any other information you would need from us in order to establish a quote, lead time, etc.. 


Received your info from Christopher Kurrie at Feldman Architecture. I found a home they did that used a lifting glass door for access to the outside patio. Any chance you can get me a budget price for either a folding or tilting bifold Schweiss door in glass 12' x 12' and 16' x 16'? It is for a similar purpose here in Michigan at our house, to enclose a patio/outdoor kitchen. 


I have a Contractor that we install Aluminum & Glass doors on his Pizza restaurants. He saw an aluminum and glass bi-fold on a restaurant in Florida. He would like me to price out one as an option to a standard sectional door. Could you quote me the cost for a 13' wide x 10' tall Aluminum Clear Anodized Bi-Fold with Insulated Clear Tempered Glass. Motor operated. We are doing these in the Chicago area for him. Quote with your labor as an option. Thanks, Marcus


We are looking for a tilt up designer glass door for a boat house. The project is early in the design development stage and we would like to find a product that will suit.


Looking at using a fully glazed bi-fold designer series door on a project. Is there a way to get your details in a CAD file? Thanks!


I have a project we are bidding that has 3 designer bifold doors shown from Bar area to Patio 1-16'2-8' glass. project is in Oklahoma and we will estimate the openings to be 16'0" x 7'0" 8'0" x 7'0"


We are looking for a lift-strap bi-fold door. Rough Opening: 120" x 144" Quantity Needed: 1 Aluminum door drame: clear Ano Glass: Insulated Clear Need lead time. Need designer doors as shown in the "Blarney Stone Irish Pub" photo.


I'm installing a sunroom patio on my house and need a one-piece hydraulic door for patio opening of 16 ft. wide 8 ft. tall, I would like an all glass designer door as seen in your photos.


I'm contacting you because we have a project we are working on and would like to get a quote on 6 designer bi-fold doors from Schweiss Doors. Each glass door has a measurement of 4.20 meters tall by 2.80 meters wide. Could you please send me an email to where I could send you the renders. Thanks regards, Martha


We are looking for a large format glass door for a high-end residential project in Brooklyn. The rough opening is 19'-6" wide by 11'-6" tall. The client is interested in both the bi-fold and single piece hydraulic doors. We are still in the early design stages of the project and as such are looking to understand the high-level planning requirements, such as: -Cost for each type of door -Structural requirements (what do we need to provide?) -Lead times -Design process (What kind of contract or retainer is required to start a design process with you? I.e. what is your typical "next steps") This would be a glass designer door similar to either the "Sway" or "Newmarket" doors that you have on your web site. Please let me know if there is anything specific that you need, and if you have any questions/comments. I am available by phone or email. Thank you.


We're looking for additional info and pricing information for some designer overhead bifold doors for a project we're designing.


I have a design which has incorporated a designer lift-strap bi-fold door which I would like to clad in a perforated metal panel by others. Could you supply a specification document. Thank you!


I'm looking to build a garage that will house an an RV. I've seen videos that use your bi-fold doors to hide the height by integrating a fake garage door and siding. I'm interested in how much a door like this would cost? I'm estimating a size of 12' wide by 13' or 14' heigh. Is this something you have in stock or something that you fabricate on a per unit basis? Thanks very much, Christopher A.


I am building a 3 story floating home and am potentially interested in using one of Schweiss' lift-strap bi-fold doors. I would love to get a ballpark sense of the pricing for the following openings: 17' x 7', 15' x 7', and 14' x 7'. I would like to get a quote on a designer door, there needs to be as much glass as possible with a reflective / mirrored finish. I am also interested in a black frame. If you have suggestions for cost saving with my design please feel free to share. Thanks, Jill


I am adding a 4 season room to my house. I would like to have a glass designer one-piece hydraulic door that opens fully and it looks like your door products would work very well for this. I would like to get more information on pricing, ordering process, and installation.


I am looking at using a designer door for a small Cafe bar counter and would like to get some standard details to use in our drawings. I will be an all glass lift-strap bi-fold door approximately 8'-0" wide x 4'-6" tall. Please let me know if you have any questions. Thanks, Rick


I am looking to get more information about Schweiss' lift-strap bifold doors. We are interested in using them for a large residential project in Georgia. We are particularly interested in the designer doors your provided for the "Wyckoff Exchange" project. Can you put me in touch with a representative in the Atlanta area? Thank you


I was interesting in getting a quote for a custom designer interior bifold door. It would be about 5'-0" high and 15'-6" wide. The design would probably be fairly basic, mainly glass and metal. I was interested to see what Schweiss can make. Thank you


I would more information on your designer hydraulic doors, specifically materials that can be used (glass) and overall dimensions of your product as well as general pricing. Thanks!


We are constructing a 5 story multi use building in Tucson AZ and I have seen your designer doors in a restaurant in Tulsa OK. I like the look of the strap bi fold doors. We are looking at possibly doing some roll up doors but I would prefer the designer bi fold doors but I am wondering about the cost of the doors. If someone could contact me about the doors either by phone or return email that would be great.


I'm working on in Toronto. It is a restaurant with a curved facade. We want to install a three panel designer bi folding door with structural glazing. The opening size is 6 m long by 2.7 m high. Each panel should be 2 m long by 2.7 m high. If you can provide me with an email address I can share plan details for better clarity. Please contact me to discuss further. Thanks, Fabio


I would like a estimate for a great looking Schweiss glass designer garage door similar to: HOME OWNERS PRIVATE GARAGE This 30' x 14' One-Piece Hydraulic Door located in Denver, Colorado was purchased by Bruce Hamon in 2011 The difference ours would be 9' x 9' thanks


Cement/in ground/indoor swimming pool presently under construction. It will be located inside a new construction in the back of the house. Want the outside wall to be built with 3 glass bifold designer  patio  panel doors that would maximise the viewing area. Thanks


Hello! We have secured a remodel and addition project in Fort Collins, CO and the Architect found your Bifold Restaurant Designer Doors as a potential option to replace four (4) existing windows. The openings are all the same size at approximately 9'-10" wide x 9'-4" tall. We are thinking an all glass option would work well and the space is intended to be a Restaurant so you would want lots of visability. The existing structure is wood framed. Please call me with any questions and thanks for your time! 


Good Afternoon, I am inquiring to see if you have any Schweiss kinetic architectural system bifold  door products that fit the following requirements for an operable window system for a quick service restaurant in downtown Detroit, MI: 1. I am looking for an operable window that either slides vertically up, folds vertically or folds horizontally to one side. 2. Window can project both interior and exterior when vertically opened if it is a folding system. 3. Ideally I would prefer 3 equal window panels, the top window will be fixed and the bottom window panels can either slide up and behind the fixed window, or fold vertically. 4. The system should be operable with either an air curtain, an insect screen or any sort of insect control system that works in relation to the operable window system. 5. We have (3) openings in this project the largest opening is 10'-11 1/2" wide x 10'-1/2" in height. Please feel free to contact me via email with further information. Thank you.


HI, I am looking for a quick quote on a Schweiss glass bi fold strap designer door just like the one at the Blarney Stone Irish Pub on the Schweiss Doors Must See Photo website. Same situation where I want to make an entrance to an outdoor deck. Please have someone call me Thank you


I have a new hotel renovation project in which we are considering a bifold glass overhead door between the restaurant and the outdoor terrace/patio area. I saw other Schweiss restaurant doors on your website and this sold me on your bifold designer doors.  I would like to discuss our options and products you can offer.


I am looking for either a bifold or hydrolic door for an interior opening in a coffee shop. We are looking for pricing on just the frame - no finish materials as we will be adding glass to the Schweiss designer door. Please provide a quote for both based on the details below. Thank you!


Your door is specified for the Crosspointe Church Project in Cary, NC that I am pricing. I would appreciate a quote from you and can email drawings. We are interested in your Schweiss Designer series in either a hydraulic door or bifold door style.  Thanks


Hello, I am working on a restaurant project that I would like to install a tilt-up Schweiss hydraulic glass window door at an exterior bar location. Does your product have a Florida Product Approval? Thank you, Robert 


Thanks Mike! for taking the time to speak with me this morning regarding the doors at my NV Lounge. I wasn't trying to low ball the value of your product, Schweiss makes the best hydraulic and bifold doors on the market. We are on a tight budget and time frame and are trying to get the best value from an aesthetic/functionality hydraulic door point of view. If we could come to terms on getting 2 hydraulic glass designer doors I think that you could open the door to more business in my IN neck of the woods. These doors would be on display in an entertainment district and for all to see coming in and out of the Casino and arena. This is in the top 5 most competitive restaurant and bar districts in the country. We plan on doing 2 Schweiss restaurant door units right now and then add 2 more in the spring to finish the main bar area. Then we also have the whole second floor which needs all new windows. Its about 80' on three walls that would be done. The columns are brick and the header is steel, it is a brick building. Also could you quote for both 9' and 14' heights


Hi, I see you have installed several of your bifold and hydraulic door systems in a restaurant before? I am looking for a hydraulic glass door system to open up a patio in MA during the summer months but provide some barrier during the spring and fall. It would be great to see some details and if it would work in a commercial setting. Thanks, Kevin


Requesting quote on storefront configuration for retail space in commercial/residential building. Like the unique designer look of the Schweiss perforated steel doors you did in Brooklyn, NY. that provide a nice canopy when open and security when closed.


Looking for a quote for either a hydraulic or a bi-fold glass designer door to fit a 10'x10' door opening. Would want the door material to be see through to allow light to come in even when the door is closed.


Hi I am Senior Designer, presently we have designed a bi-fold system for our ballroom project we think you can help us. Our project is in the Manila, Philippines a Total of 12 indoor bi-fold strap door systems is needed. Price with and without glass and with aluminum or galvanized frames.


I have a client looking for one of your bi-fold glass automated designer doors. Please have someone reach out to me so I an get some information on you guys for this client and for the office to have on hand for future projects.. Bill Mac


What is the horsepower for the Schweiss designer restaurant door model used at the TGI Fridays you show on your site? We are looking to get that same kind of door, bifold with lift straps, connected on one side to steel tubes and the other to an existing masonry wall. Specifics and detailed information as follows.


We're looking at three bi-fold lifstrap doors with glass and aluminum framing to secure and weatherproof an outdoor bar. The opening sizes are: (2) doors at 8'6"W x 5'6"H and (1) door at 22'W x 5'6"H. The 8'6" doors are on the sides and perpendicular to the 22'W unit, forming a 'C'channel shape, and when they are open the 3- sides of the bar are open with minimal structure visible (steel tubes at the two corners). I need dimensional information for headroom and clearances and where the operator goes. Any shop drawings you have to share would be helpful, dwg files would be better so I can insert into our drawings. Thanks for your help and I love the look of your Schweiss designer and restaurant doors and hope we can use them.


We are building an upscale restaurant in New York City and are interested in your bifold door and hydraulic door restaurant designer door systems. We have a couple questions. 1. Can double pane glass be installed in these doors? 2. What sort of glass is usually installed in these doors? 3. Can the frame be made of wood? 4. What colors are you able to make/paint/stain the frames? 5. How long is the wait between ordering and shipment? 6. What%u2019s the maximum height and width of separate window and frame units? 7. What is the weight of a full restaurant system, like you have pictured on your website? 8. What is the average weight of the frame? 9. What are the requirements for the mounting spots?


We would like to use a bifold door system in our pergola roof , so we can open it in our restaurant and see the sky at night time. Designer door should have lots of glass and utilize aluminum framing. Remote control a necessity.


Need four full view insulated glass, bronze designer doors, motorized for upscale resort motel. Would like specs and pricing please.


Would like info on vertical bifold glazed liftstrap designer doors including budget numbers for small mixed use building in Seattle.


I have a unique situation. Have a opening that will need a flip hydraulic powered door on top and bifold doors on bottom. Can you help.


I am in interested in a bi-fold door for the end of a sunroom. This is a residential property I want it to be glass with panels - much like the picture of the Old Navy front - but with clear glass. I am also interested in the picture that shows the basement entrance that appears to be one piece hydraulic door  that opens out without hardware inside (like a traditional garage door. Thanks in advance.


Hello, We are the architects of the USA pavilion for the upcoming 2015 Milan EXPO. Our building design requires two large bi-folding doors (one on the front and one on the back). We would like to start a conversation regarding the integration of these doors in a more detailed way into our drawing set that we would need to issue to the EXPO by June 1st. We are looking for a large expanses of glass panels and to minimize the structure as much as possible (not unlike the doors you did for the Red Bull headquarters). We are also interested in reducing the appearance of the rail where the rollers are fitted into as that seam would split large graphic elements of the design.  I will be able to reply back with images and plans of our design to better illustrate our design goals. It should also be noted that we are also needing to design the Pavilion for disassembly as the EXPO is a temporary (6 month) installation. We will be finalizing the structural design with our consultants in the upcoming weeks and information regarding the loads and bracing required for large moving doors will need to be included in the structural design. I look forward to working with you (especially a MN company; formally from St. Paul myself) in the near future on this exciting project.


Looking for a 9x7 residential bi-fold glass patio/pool door with aluminum frame. Any designer door ideas? Let me know. Thanks Keith


Need designer door ideas for a restaurant storefront. Aprox 40 wide 20 tall. thinking of a center entry flanked by glass bi fold with liftstraps, perhaps crane type


Hello! We're working on a new restaurant and hotel building in downtown Austin, and I'd like to get some preliminary pricing/feedback from you on some designer doors, both hydraulic and bifold doors.


This job is a cafe and they want to get rid of the solid windows and have it open up. Needs to be aluminum frame and full view glass designer door, bifold or hydraulic. Could you please call me, I need to talk to somebody to find out if I can do this.


Working on a retail door project and I like the idea of incorporating signage, like in the Under Armor corporate doors, and the idea of door security systems from Schweiss, used in Schweiss lighted bifold designer door project. I'm looking for a general price for the Schweiss designer doors, hydraulic designer doors and bifold designer  doors, if we were to order 10 Schweiss corporate doors. 


I'm building a pool, outdoor kitchen and pool house for a client who wants a glass one piece aluminum frame hydraulic Schweiss door 16 ft. x 10 ft. I would like to use your hangar style door for this. Can you give me cost figures on this door with a remote opener. I've installed several of your doors at a nearby airpark and one large 60 ft. door for an orange grove farmer. Everybody who gets your doors comments on the quality workmanship and I have never had to do any repairs on your doors. They are built to last and their performance is top quality, better than any other doors I have come across.


I am interested in getting a quote on several custom one piece circular glass doors. Aluminum frame designer door project has 2 - 4'x10' hydraulic lift doors, 1 - 4'x7', 1 - 7'x19', 1 - 7'x7'. These are height by length-- hydraulics, hinges and related Schweiss hydraulic door hardware/pumps your type "H" configuration, remote door openers. 


We are looking for a Schweiss bi fold specialty glass designer door with liftstraps for our outdoor patio. Please give me a call so that I may send you the plans and specs on this patio door.


We have a project in Tacoma WA that will need some simple bifold window doors. Who I should contact at Schweiss Doors to find out more about your folding window doors. Schweiss liftstrap model would be the right solution for this project.


I'm looking for pricing for a bifold liftstrap type designer door with as much door glass area as possible for a commercial structure door. The net door opening needs to be about 16' by 13'. We are in the feasibility stage now, but hope to start this commercial bifold door project in spring.


Please construct a Schweiss glass designer door with metal frame in a black finish. Project site is located in NY. Following delivery, bifold door  will be loaded onto a freight barge to transfer across the bay. Please provide door lead times.


I am looking for a unique Schweiss designer style  pool cabana door. I would like the bifold strap door to be quoted with glass and without. 


Looking for a Schweiss Bifold designer door 8x7 clear anodized aluminum frame door with single pane clear glass with option for tempered glass. Liftstrap door with photo eye sensors.


We are repurposing a large warehouse 1940s bldg. into a small batch brewery. We have four store front type door openings in the front of the building that look awful and want to dress them up with Schweiss designer glass bifold strap doors. Four 16 ft wide glass doors. Halfway up glass door for light and appearance.


I'm interested in your full glass storefront door system to be used for a new mixed-use designer door project in Hollywood. Can you send me some generic specs of the structural and electrical door  needs for this type of assembly utilizing Schweiss bifold liftstrap glass & aluminum frame doors?


I am bidding a door project that lists Schweiss Doors as the preferred manufacturer of a bifold liftstrap door. Contact me about materials and door quotes for a series of 8 designer restaurant and hotel doors.


Need price range for a 3 glass bifold doors similar to some of the restaurant door shots on your website. All three glazed glass doors will be the same size. The sill would be counter height. Sizes and some additional info is entered below. Include designer door installation. We are curious if you come out to install, if the contractor does install or if you have glazers you'd recommend for install. We can provide rendering images, prelim drawings, etc. if helpful for pricing. 


I want Schweiss Designer Doors. Glass bi fold restaurant doors to open up and act as a door awning. Two liftstrap / autolatch doors. Must be good sealing photo eye doors.


We would like to use your designer glass bifold door product in some schools that we are designing. Four aluminum frame glass doors with photo eye sensors and door base safety edge. School door sizes will all be 18'w x 12' h. 


We are looking for custom made bi-fold garage doors for a home in Tucson, AZ. The projects that are similar to what we are looking for are the storefront rust mesh door you did in San Rafael, CA. Do you have a Schweiss Door design department or door sales rep we can contact? 


Hello, I'm working on a middle school in Powell, WY. We have 3 classroom wings that each have a flexible breakout space. The doors are all interior, and open up the wall between classrooms and the breakout space. We'd like them to easily disapear overhead, but also be useful when they are closed, so we may be looking at your Schweiss liftstrap Bifold model doors. The doors should be partially glass, and possibly semi-translucent. We need a price quote to know if this is going to be an option on our budget. If you could give us a price range for that size, with partial glass. We would have 9 identical doors. As far as structure, we can put in whatever is required, as this is new steel construction. Looking forward to hearing from you! Please let me know if you need any more information to give us a starting number. 


Can your Schweiss bifold designer doors be fabricated with openings in the top panel IE: 2-3'x3' openings for windows?


Please provide a quote for a residential condo building Schweiss designer glass bi-fold door sized 15'-6" (W) x 7'-6" (H). - insulated - door electronics - cladding (n.i.c.) Thanks, Jordy


Please send me literature on your Schweiss liftstrap bi-fold designer doors like the Red Bull project I am looking for glass or translucent glass doors


I emailed you before I saw this form... I also sent a photo from your website of the TGIF Schweiss Designer door example that would be perfect for our application as well. My main question is once we place an order, how soon can we expect delivery and what further information will you need to give us an accurate quote.


I would like to obtain more information in regards to your bi-fold strap doors. We are working on a bar in Houston, TX, and would like to introduce your product into an outdoor bar that needs to be closed after working hours. The doors will go up to the bar countertop, Do you have any specifications for Schweiss glass designer doors? Or where could I e-mail our drawings to get a better estimate and specifications on these doors. Note: Aside from the doors specified below there is another one that is 15'-0"W x 8'-3"H All doors are R-panels.


Please provide pricing for a a bi fold, double glass architectural Schweiss designer glass door for use in an existing pool room, along the exterior wall. The size of opening is 13'-4" wide x 10'-6" high


Having a building construction project which require Bifold Sun Shade similar to your Schweiss system. Looking for the operating mechanism including the motor, bifold straps, hinges and the movement parts. The sun shade is to be made of stainless steel perforated sheet with minimum hollow section as frame. Tom.


Insulated mostly glass door overlooking lake Michigan. approx. 12' x 8 ' or possibly 12' x 5' opening up over indoor/outdoor bar. Your Schweiss designer doors on your website really helped me out with this idea. I think it will look great. Thanks


Hi, I'm an Interior Design student. In studio we are developing a small project, that is basically a storage room of around 12' x 20'. Still in the research process, I was wondering if it's possible for the Schweiss team to design a 7'x 6.8' bi-fold designer door that will go on an indoor restaurant, hand operated (not electric) with glass and aluminum frame. Also if it is possible, what would be the price if the whole structure material is Aluminum. Thank you.


Looking for an oceanfront Schweiss bifolding door for a small bar. Your liftstrap bifold door folding out and up with autolatches may be a good solution. Owner wants maximum usable width and height. A rollup door is not desirable because we lose 8 inches fromt he concrete ceiling space neededto house the rollup cnaister. Horizontal bifolds and multi-slide windows will stack to one side and we lose counter space. Rough opening for this bar is 115.5 inches wide x 38 inches high. We may consider enclosing the entire bar with your Schweiss wall system glass bifold door which would then make the opening 240" x 125". Please advise me of your thoughts, I know you are the experts. Material made of vinyl panels and a galvanized or aluminum frame would hold up best in tropical salt environment.


We are currently designing what is meant to be a specialty door from a corridor into a lecture space. Everything will be inside the existing building. This will be a glass bifold "liftstrap" door with all the safety features Schweiss Doors provide. Aluminum frame please.


Would you please quote me for a horizontal bi-folding Schweiss designer style residential door 30" wide x 21' High complete with liftstrap operator, insulation and windows. Framing only no cladding Thanks


Thanks again for your prompt reply to my email. Since speaking with you, I've been kicking around your web page, as advertising and marketing is something I've dabbled in for 40 years, writing grocery ads, television ads for US House and Senate candidates, gubernatorial candidates and state fairs. Hence, it is with some experience that I can tell you that YOUR Schweiss Doors informative Hydraulic and Liftstrap Bifold Door web page may just be the best I've seen in the past ten years. I'm serious. Your page is extremely well-done. (Enjoyed the video that shared the 'boat house' on Lake Vermillion, but it shook up my wife a bit. When the guy started his boat, Sheila heard it all the way from the other room and thought I was having trouble with irregularity.) Your Schweiss Designer Doors are to die for. I'm gonna get you to put together a glass designer wall door for my patio this summer. I'll be getting back to you very soon. Again, thanks...and congratulations on having such an impressive company.


Hello, I%u2019m reaching out to you for information on your bifold liftstrap and hydraulic Red Power doors. I%u2019m on a design team with currently working on an existing commercial office building upgrade in Los Angeles, and we%u2019re interested in using glazed doors to open up the ground level of the building. We will need 12 of these operable doors throughout the project, so we want to compare price and physical compatibility between your products. The office building currently has a 30%u2019 O.C. structural bay, and we%u2019re looking at openings approximately 28%u2019w x 12%u2019h. There is clearance on both the interior and exterior for either a bifold or hydraulic system. We like the industrial feel of the hydraulic pistons; is there a difference in convenience between the hydraulic and bifold system (speed, maintenance, manual operation capability)? Would it be possible to send me all the relevant information you have on these products? We%u2019d like to know about the pricing, weight, and dimensioning of doors in both a single glazed and double glazed IGU application. Also, any cut sheets/CAD drawings you have would greatly help to hardline your products into our drawing set. Best regards,


Looking to order a Schweiss Bifold Designer Hangar Home Door to have redwood skin on exterior and hickory skin on interior. Skins approximately 2" in thickness. Is this something you can do. If not, I will start looking for these skins right after I order my liftstrap door from you later this week.


This application is intended for a private home used for sunroom openings at a lake house. 3 openings approximately 12' wide and 6' tall; this would be the maximum opening. The expectation is for all panels to be glass and for the entire apparatuses to meet North Carolina R & U value ratings. These are a bit relaxed for a sunroom, but as I understand it from our engineer not very flexible. I will follow this email with some rough sketches. If calling please call my cell phone. Your Schweiss Designer Doors are definately the best in the West! Southeast too! Thanks, Lana


I would love get some specification of installation. Design is oriented using Schweiss designer style bi-fold doors for the enclosure. Should be lightweight materials. Could you also send me a different options for the materials? Best Regards, D. Chung


Hello, We'd like to get some information and quick quote on a manual operated hydraulic aluminum frame one piece Schweiss Red Power door. The application is for a glass designer door pool cabana bar area. We'd be happy to forward more detailed drawings for clarification Thank you!


I would like to get a quote on a bifold glass designer liftstrap door for a client. This door would be similar to the picture you have of the bar on your web site. The difference is the door will close on the bar top so it won't go to the ground and only needs to be 50" tall. The width is 16'. Your help would be greatly appreciated. Our time frame is mid to late March for install. My crew would install the door.


I am looking for information and pricing on 2 8080 Bi-fold glass designer Schweiss doors for a restaurant project we are working on in Colorado Springs. I like quote to include installation on my building and aluminum frame.


We have to build garage and Pool house with bar same as photo of the day, Custom Schweiss Bi-fold Doors on the internet. We are pricing this job for a costumer who has indicated that he prefers this type of door to close up bar area facing pool patio. The doors will be placed between brick pillars. Please provide quote for 2 glass Bifold Doors, shipped to Ont. Canada


I am looking for a preliminary quote on (6) 12'-0"W X 11'-6"H glass Schweiss designer style bifold doors. This would be installed in a restaurant. We will want the liftstraps, no cables.


Hello, I would like to know, preferably today, the cost for a glass paneled bi-fold straplift doors of 4m x 16m, with a price that include all the glass, frame and technical consideration. Same style as the one used for the Redbull Headquarters or the Stanford Global Ecology Center with a nice glazed aesthetic. Thanks


Hello. I need a price on a designer style Schweiss bi-fold door with lots of glass that is 19.5' wide and 14' tall. I live in Oxnard California. Do you have a local installer here. Looking forward to finally getting one of your doors. Please email me if you need any more info. 


I was wondering if you could email me a quote for (3) 10x8 Bifold doors in your all glass designer series doors for a residential property we are bidding on. These doors will separate the living area from the outside elements of the back porch area. Please let me know if you have any questions. Install requirements, drawings, or anything like that would be great as well. Motorized if possible or necessary. Thank you for your time. DJ


We are interested in a garage/patio door for a client in Palm Beach. I wanted to discuss the construction, requirements and options available. This will be a designer door with glass, but I need to know what type of glass you offer. I'm interested in both the Schweiss Liftstrap Bifold and you one piece hydraulic door. It gets really windy around here during hurricane season, can to give your doors extra support for that andwhich of the two doors hold up better in the wind?   Thank you! Caroline


Hello Schweiss Doors Europe Representative, I am currently working on a boutique hotel in downtown Villach, Austria. It will have a restaurant on the bottom floor with a pretty large sized takeaway counter/window opening to the exterior on the side of the building. I am interested in a Schweiss Straplift bifold glass garage door for this space. The door will not be the full height. We want it to rest on top of the counter which is at 1.6m ht. Also, the building exterior is an existing brick wall and I was wondering if the door can be placed in the interior of the wall instead of on the outside/center of wall? Is there a rep I can contact for the CA area so that I can send drawings to get a more details on this door? Thanks and look forward to hearing back. Best, Glenda


This is for a future apartment building currently in the design phase. I'm looking for a contemporary look with bronze aluminum frames and clear glass panels. Similar to many of the Schweiss designer doors featured on your website and brochure. You must really be proud of those achievements that put the Schweiss name in headlines across the world.  Please call me with any additional questions.


Do you have a dealer/sales rep in the Vancouver, BC Canada area? We're looking for a glazed bifold door (with lift straps & autolatches) similar to those shown in your designer door section, for a residential application. Please contact me via email or telephone. Thank you.


I am looking for an overhead Schweiss liftstrap bifold door and wondering about the installation requirements and clearance requirements. This is for a high end custom residence and was wondering what kind of hardware is required/permitted in residential installations. Cost of glass/aluminum, other cladding available, etc.


Please provide me the Miami Dade County NOA number for your designer doors (specifically looking for vertical liftstrap Schweiss bi-fold windows for a restaurant) Thanks.


Does your bifold or hydraulic door allow for flush finishes with metal panel both on the buildings and within the system? I am needing for a door with Trespa Panel finish on the exterior with a man door within. Guess you'd call this a designer door. Please and thank you.


I had a few questions regarding the Designer storefront bifold doors. What is the insulation properties on the storefront? Is there a width limit on the storefront doors? Possibly looking to a 50'-0" long by 9'-0" to 10'-0" high opening. When folded what it the height of the two folded pieces? I saw in a few pictures that it does not fully fold. It seems to be positioned in a triangular shape. If we used it on a 9'-0" high opening, would it provide sufficient head clearance (6'-8") when closed? Pricing per linear foot? Safety measures? Is there an emergency stop? Can we get manual? I am assuming the system is hydraulic? Would there be a large price difference if we could get manual? That would be it for now. Looking to hear back asap. Thank you.


I am a glazing contractor and have been requested to get a budget price for the supply and install of the following: Bifold open up glass storefront style doors 28'W x 10'H clear area concrete substrate. Insulated glass units 1" overall Metal color custom color match My customer referenced the Westmark College project. Please email or call me to discuss.


I an interested in bi-fold overhead doors with a reasonable R-Value and also glazing options, such as sealed, double glazed units for use in a school in our cold climate. Any examples and information would be appreciated. Architectural appearance will be important. Really impressed with some of your other work as shown on the Schweiss website.


I am renovating a old industrial block building that is going to be used for weddings and other events and I'm interested in a designer-style glass bifold liftstrap door. The opening is 10' 4" tall by 10' 8" wide. Along with a quote for the door I would like to know what a factory installation would cost. I'm located just across the border from Kentucky. Thanks


I am a designer who is working on an upscale  restaurant project. We are interested in your designer, glass bi folds using liftstraps or possibly even your Schweiss one piece hydraulic doors for the facade, so our client can seasonally open. If you can direct me to someone to inquire about the process that would be great.


I am a designer who is working on a restaurant project. We are interested in your designer, glass bi fold lifts for the facade, so our client can seasonally open. If you can direct me to someone to inquire about the process that would be great. Really like the lift strap idea, it will provide the strength and quietness we need for this project.


I am an architect working on a residential project in Los Angeles, California. We are trying to figure out a way to open up a glass wall in a way that doesn't use sliding doors, rather we would like to use an aluminum-framed glass wall that either tilts up and into a horizontal position or that folds up and into an almost horizontal position, much like the bi-fold liftstrap doors shown on your website but of an architectural character with aluminum frames and glass panels. In the open position the horizontal door would act almost like a sunscreen/trellis. Is it possible for you to engineer a wall/door, made of aluminum 2x 4 frames with additional mullions as required and with insulated  tempered glazing, say 10x12wide by 8x9 tall, that would tilt, all in one piece, up and out and be held in a horizontal position some 8 to 9' above the floor? I see on your website that you have a few bi-fold doors with aluminum and glass but the only outward tilting doors seem to be industrial type. If not a bi-fold door could possibly be used but we would like to explore the possibility of using a single wall-like tilting hydraulic door.


Hello, We are involved in a design to open an exterior glass storefront and create an exterior seating area. Attached is a plan of the area. The width of the opening would be the 20\'-9\" dimension. We would like two bi-fold sections. There are existing steel 2x4 columns at approx 42\" OC. The height is 8ft. We are interested in something similar to the Stanford Ecology Center design you have on the Schweiss website. Can you provide details of your specialty doors along with an estimated cost, delivery timeframe from approvals.


Hello, I am interested in a Schweiss bifold door similar to that shown in the steel mesh or greenhouse frame door for my garage. The rough opening is 16\'-0\" x 7\'-0\". I might be able to get additional height but not width. Can you send me a shop drawing for an equivalent door and other general design info for a door like this one?


We would be interested to specify a bifold liftstrap  door 8\' X 18\', designer type in glass. We also need to get a quote for our client. Please tell us how you would like to proceed. The job site is located in Quebec Canada. If you can install over here, can you ship custom package? Do you have model of frame and system that are adapted for very cold climate with snow? We have a definite idea for the finishes. Look forward to hearing from you shortly


I have a party room or outdoor kitchen and have been looking for some type of doors that will close it up in the winter and leave it open in the summer. We live in the Austin Texas area. There are 7 openings approx. 7 \'22\" wide and 7\'22\" tall. I found your site and noticed the bifold doors and windows that open and fold up out of the way to the top. This looks like something that I could use. I would want some glass in these so if they are closed there is still light coming into the area. What would a door of this type cost. I just need a ball park figure to see if this might be an option.Remember I have 7 openings of approx the same size. Could you email more info and pictures of exactly how they attach and how they might look. I saw the picture of the restuarant bi fold liftstrap windows and those looked great. Could that type of idea be incoporated into a door that would fold up that way.


Dear Sirs, We are interested in your glazed bi-folding lift strap lifting designer doors. Do you do something similar in the UK that would be suitable for a large garage?


Subject: Moerlein Lager House - Bi-fold Door RFQ We are sending you the information we have available for quoting the Schweiss designer style bi-folding doors. The finish is black anodized and there are 3 identical openings (W111, W112 & W113). The plans, elevations, details and door schedule. We are lacking a specification other than the %u201CKey Note #8%u201D on sheet A304 which calls for a Lift Strap Door. We will be installing the rest of the exterior glazing on this project and to make sure it matches we would prefer that you quote your product open for glazing by others. The glass we will be installing is 1%u201D thick overall insulated glass. I don%u2019t know what thickness your doors are capable of accepting but please let me know right away. I will need your quote ASAP and I believe the product will be required early summer this year.


Hi, I\'ve looked through your website photos and really like your designer folding glass storefront systems. Is everything you do custom or do you have glass systems that are prefab? My office is starting on a building project that may have a lot of outdoor space and we liked the idea of using the patented Schweiss bifold liftstrap system. We wondered if there is a way we could get average door sizes and prices so we have an idea of what will work when we get to the point of budget, design details, and specifications. Please let me know if there is any information you can provide.


I am making an inquiry on the Schweiss Designer bifold door series. We are remodeling a hospital lobby and would like to use a glass/aluminum designer bifold door with liftstraps at the entrance to the gift shop from the main lobby. While the door has two purposes - security and to resist passage of smoke (not required to be rated, but will need the weather stripping, etc... that an exterior door would need) Our opening is 12\'-0\" tall and 10\'-0\" wide. Would it be possible to do a face mounted glass (single pane) so that all the structure happens behind? I\'ve attached some sketches of what we are thinking and some of our constraints. Are you able to fabricate something like this? Also how do you seal off the sides of the door?


My wife and I are building a new custom home. We are looking for a unique window (designer door) to put in our new home. We are looking to have a window that is 4%u2019 High x 8%u2019 Wide. We wanted it to be a bi-fold vertical window to allow serving access from the interior bar to the exterior courtyard. I saw on the bifold.com website with lift straps that may work. I am investigating and would like to see if you have something that would fit. I have included the elevation of our house as seen from the courtyard, it is the bottom elevation. I have also included the main floor layout that shows the bar area where the window would be. If you have any information that could help us find a provider of this, or need further clarification, please contact me.


We are Las Vegas based Architectural company and usually our work is related with gaming industry. At this moment we are working closely with one of the properties to remodel entrance doors. The designer series bi-fold glass and aluminum lift strap/autolatch doors, offered by your company, looked appealing and we would be glad to use your product. First of all, please see attached images. Would you be able to manufacture this kind of door? What would be the main aspects I should know before presenting this idea to client? And finally would you be capable to do 3 sets, one next to each other as shown in pictures? As I understand the frame of door has to be continuous so we were thinking to make a slot in floor to accommodate the bottom frame and when its open the slot would be covered manually or automatically. Thank you and I%u2019m looking forward to work with you, Kindly,


Dear Schweiss, We are doing a restaurant in Santa Monica California. We want eight (8) bi-fold doors above an 18" wainscot wall with small member steel frame and muntins. We want to know the sizes of steel frame and muntin for a horizontal span of 8' and vertical span of 6' to 8'. I need to know width and depth of track at jambs so we can size & detail the wainscot wall. Can you send me CAD files of those details? (The bi-fold with liftstraps to be horizontally hinged with clear view glass and steel frame painted black.) Style similar to the two projects below of yours.


Hello, I'm interested in the door you show in the 'Designer' door catalog at Kenyon College, It does not look like it has the strapping that some of the bi-fold doors have. When are the straps necessary and when aren't they? Regards, David Whitfield


We are designing a building in which we are highly  considering using Schweiss designer style bi-fold doors. We were hoping that there is a local rep that could come chat with us about the Schweiss products, especially the auto latches. Our preferred meeting time would be on a Wednesday. Perhaps we could do a webinar or three-way teleconference if that's possible. Call me so we can get something going.  Thanks


We are interested in using vertical bi-folding doors using lift straps at a field house concession area on a new middle school. The doors would be finished in aluminum to match adjacent storefront window framing. The panels would be solid insulated glass with no glazing. Your Web Site Schweiss designer doors got me drooling over the possibilities for our door. But the boss wants to keep them simple, not frilly. Jennie


We have two openings that will be leading out to a outside patio at our bar/restaurant. It is an old brick building (former post office) and are mid construction. They are both approximately 10x10 openings...would like to discuss some of your delightful designer door options like the ones displayed on your web site. When is the best time for me to give you a call. I'm in Chattanooga and I think that is the same time zone as Minnesota. 


Hello, We're looking at ideas for the parking garage/loading dock door gate for an apartment building we're designing in Washington DC. We're trying to find something secure, accessible, and attractive. I found your Schweiss designer bi-fold door photos and particularly liked Target's solution (same issues we're facing) and the perforated still security doors that also function as awnings. We're wondering what the clearance in front of those doors needs to be when they open. For example, if a person walks by or a vehicle pulls up to the door, how far back do they need to be to avoid being hit. This may be a function of how high the fold is. Jon


I am contractor looking for an exterior window that could lift externally to create a more open feeling in a living room. I have looked at glass garage doors etc.,. The opening is roughly 12 - 16 ft wide and 6-8 ft tall. I have some flexibility in these measurements if it makes a difference in the structural aspect of it. I have a second opening roughly 10x6 also. It would need to make proper seal as it is conditioned space on the insideThe window would be butting up against a timberframe. Bart


Interested in bifold glass aircraft hangar doors that I can use for an outside bar. I think I would need 8x10. I want it to have a designer look so when people are sipping a cold one, they can see my restored plane. Is this possible? Please let me know!! Thanks!! Jill


I have an upscale restaurant in NY that we are renovating and I would like to talk to someone about your designer doors, similar to those depicted on your Schweiss Doors web site, to see if it is a viable alternative. Not sure of dimensions yet, I seek your professional input.


I need a retractable roof over a 30'x50' beer garden. This bifold door of yours seems like the perfect answer but I need to know the cost. It could be attached to one side and then fold out so I guess 2 15'x50' sections would be the best or do they not come that long.


I'm working on a prototype design for an high  school, and we're thinking about putting something like your bi-fold doors as an interior divider between a gym & commons space. What are the maximum dimensions (or recommended dimensions) that can be constructed? Depending on these dimensions, we may want 1-4 doors. We currently have a width of 56'-0" and a height of 24'-0" (although we are not necessarily interested in having the door be that tall - what are price savings to make the door 10', 12', 16, etc? I think we are looking at glass door, but also may be interested in aluminum. Advise if Schweiss bifold or hydraulic one piece would be better for this application.


Hi, I'd love to get some pricing info on a custom glass bifold door. This would be for a gallery space in a business & technology building in Hickory, NC. Dimensions would be anywhere from 12-18'wide and 10-18'tall. I look forward to hearing from you and just let me know what other info you need! Thanks so much, Billy Bob


Looking for a Designer Door, 2-bi-fold panel with glass, to use on two exterior walls of our house to open the living area to the outside. Ultimately, we'll probably install 2-4 of these, depending on cost/size availability. We insist on a quiet operating door, I assume the lift straps would be better for this. Looked at your designer doors on your impressive web site, Wow! Schweiss Doors certainly does  quality work. That's what we want.


Would like a quote on two upward folding doors - one is 30 feet long by 10 feet high and the other is 12 feet long by 10 feet high. I plan to use them as interior walls for a conference room and hope to have high quality finishes - either aluminum panels or wood panels. Can the 30 foot door have a swinging door in it? Could each door be built in 4 folding panels? Thanks, Russell 


We are designing a fire station where we would like to use fast opening doors similar to yours. There are four (4) doors, which are 14' x 14' in size. they would be mounted to the exterior to the outside of the building. These are to be highly decorative such as glass and aluminum. Is this an application type you could accomodate? If so, do you have a budget cost for each door? We are meeting with the contractor this week to work through budgets. lastly, do you have a simple borchure you could e-mail on your Schweiss bifold and hydraulic doors  that I can take with me to give to the contractor?


Frame only. We are going to cover the frame with canvas. It is to inclose a resturant patio. Do you do canvas? If not we would consider a glass door or similar fabric. We want a rustic look.


Mike, I am building my 48' x 64 Man Cave this fall, debating on which door to put in. I want a door on the north side to back in a mobile home. so I am thinking a 14' x 14' for that door then the door for my hoist a 12' x 12' door. then under the loft which is the south side of the the shed, a 9 x 7 garage door. I'm leaning toward your bifold with lift straps, but also like the idea of shade that your hydraulic door provides. It's nice to sit under and have a beer on a hot or rainy day. Thanks for your man cave opinion on this matter. I can e mail you more detail plans if needed. Thanks. Jason G. 


Looked at your amazing "Designer Doors" on your web site. We want glass horizontal bi-fold doors with insulate glazing, low E squared. Not sure if the size of doors would requre lift straps, or Red Power assisting. I am indicating two doors, the first is the largest, and the second would be 13' wide x 11' 4" high. We are not sure how many panes of glass the opening should be broken into - what would you recommend?


 Looking for quote for a bifold lift strap unit 8 ft high. Frame structure is 16 ft wide with metal siding so assume 15' - 9" for clear door and frame. Looking for glass unit similar in concept to photo of Stanford Global on website to be used at Lakehouse as a way close off "dog run" between two units. I can send preliminary architectural plans on Monday? Side columns can be either steel tube or wood based on your recommendation. Jimmy      


Doing a design build and would like a rough estimate on bifold door that will be used at an upscale restaurant providing outside seating in nice Maryland coastal weather. Please email me. Calls are fine also.


I found your site via Google "bi fold doors). You may be amused that I am looking for a laundry area door, perhaps 4 - 5 feet wide. You don't by any chance make *small* horizontally split bi-folding doors? That would be a really attractive solution! Jon PS. I like your designer doors, might be interested in glass.


Please could I get a price on creating an approx 30" w x 24" bifold doors (similiar to a paneled closet door type bifold fitted with your advanced lift strap and autolatch systems).


I'm working on a project (restaurant) using bifold doors at the exterior openings and would like additional information on your product. Specifically, I'd like the CAD or BIM file to incorporate into the model to show the client. Two openings will be 8' x 10' Got my idea from your Old Navy door on Schweiss web page Thank you for your help.


Buying and redesigning a restaurant in Hoboken, NJ and want to do something similar to the bifold door windows you did in NYC. We have a 18 ft and a 16 ft wide openings at about 9 ft high. Exact numbers to follow once we discuss options


Hello, looking to price two doors, bi-fold hangar types: location- San Diego, CA use- for outdoor cafe patio access on nice (most) days. approx. dimensions each- 11'3" wide by 9'6" tall. These are spec'd by a design firm, unknown engineering for the framing at this time. The wall appears to be brick. The existing openings contain aluminum framed windows. Header construction unknown. The open hangar doors will serve as patio covers above tables and chairs. I think your hydraulic Red Power doors provide more overhang, but are they more expensive. You can call me to discuss. Bud S.


We are interested in using Schweiss custom glass bifold doors in a restaurant we are designing. We would need 4 separate doors that measure 10' wide by either 10' or 12' high. Please let us know if this is possible. Any drawings or typical details you could send would also be appreciated.


We are looking for pricing for furnishing and installing Schweiss Designer Doors on a project we are bidding for the University of Missouri Facility in Missouri. The doors are outswing overhead Bi-Fold doors with electric controls and lift straps. Please forward the appropriate contact information. Sincerely, Bill W., project manager.


Do you make a Schweiss Designer Door that's full view? I want to use it across my store front. It would need all windows in the panels. This may not work if this door is really expensive. My door would be only 9 feet wide by about 10 feet high. Not sure if I want the bifold or hydraulic variety. Let's talk it over, I can send pictures if you like.


I'm currently involved in the design development phase of a renovation to an existing winery in Niagara Ontario, the overall intent is to create an upscale, contemporary image. One particular area of the project scope involves converting an existing shipping, loading dock area to hospitality, replacing 2 existing in-place sectional doors to one wider unit and providing an addition door in an adjacent exterior wall. The building in question and its siting also marks the entry into the winery, so requiring a specific level in quality and a clean unencumbered appearance. I want to retain an informality to the renovated space yet wish to avoid overhead ceiling tracks, unnecessarily dangerous jamb-mounted springs/ door hardware. I would like to incorporate clear glazing panels into the doors. I can provide pdf elevations for review. Need Schweiss recommendations as to whether a bifold or hydraulic door would fit this application best.


I am working on a new project where we would like to use glass bifold doors at the sidewalk retail. I really like what you did with your designer doors on your Schweiss Doors website and think something like that will put a sparkle on my business. What do you need from me at this point?  Judy


Looking for a quote on a glass bi-fold door for pool house. Dimensions are 20' wide by 9' tall. We would want the lift straps and a quiet, smooth running motor with plenty of power. A remote might be nice too.  Thank you.


 I work for a facade consulting firm in New York City. We are involved in a new project in D.C. where the Architect is looking to use a bi-fold door / screen element outboard of the exterior facade similar to your job in Brooklyn on Wyckoff Ave. The project is in the early phases, but I'd be interested in discussing different options and costs of your Schweiss bifold and one piece hydraulic  products.  Regards, Silver A. Associate, New York, NY 


Aloha, I am looking at a bi-fold door approx. 14' x 14', bottom drive with lift straps. The look that I would like is similar to the San Francisco Architects projects with a translucent facing. The project is in Honolulu and will be an exterior door. We have a salt-laden corrosive atmosphere and would like to have either an aluminum frame and tracks or a powder-coat finish. All fasteners should be stainless steel. Can you please help me with specs for this door? This is for a commercial project. I'll need keyed access controls from both sides. Can you also provide me with options on the facing? I don't need a quote, as I will be specifying around your product, however, will be bid on by contractors. Mahalo, Sunny B.


Need pricing on 2 16' wide by 16' high bi-fold designer doors......would like the slanted wood look with the casing trim...... to be installed in a 40x50 x32 high metal engineered shop building.... Located just outside of San Diego, CA. How soon would you be able to deliver?


Quote Request. The Girls School of Austin project. There is one unit of curtain wall style frame & horizontal Schweiss bi-fold door. Can we get a designer look on the bifold, possibly glass? Please email me with your email address and I will send you the drawing and detail. I want you to send me the quote by May 23rd. Thanks.


The project is located in South Brevard Seventh Day Adventist is to be phased. Phase One will complete the site work and build out the roofed Breezeway structure only approximately 5,000 square feet). The Breezeway structure is enclosed but needs to be able open and take advantage of the natural ventilation for part of the year. Phase Two will complete the balance of the work, including the Sanctuary( 5,600 square feet with 340 seats) and some interior work in the existing building. One of the examples we liked in your site is a set of custom Schweiss bi-fold doors used in the project for TGIF. Ricky S. Coral Gables, Florida 33134 


Our San Antonio firm is designing a new 4 story professional office building that will have an eating area on the 4th floor. We want to have several 10'w x 8'h Schweiss bifold designer aluminum & glass doors along a perimeter wall leading to an outdoor patio. The perimeter wall is steel framed. Can Schweiss provide us with your recommendations, details and spec's for these bifold doors? Appreciate your response at your earliest convenience. PETE C.


I am a graduation student at the Technical Unversity in Delft, The Netherlands, at the faculty of Architecture and Building Technology. For my graduation project I designed a concert hall with folding facades. I found your website and the designer door techniques you use for the Schweiss hydraulic one piece and bi-fold doors. This was exactly what I was looking for. Only my doors are a bit different; they cannot slide over a rails on one side. My question is if I can send you my technical drawings of the doors and hopefully you can tell me if it is possible and what I have to do to improve it. I hope you can help me. Barbara


Do you have a vertical Schweiss bifold door that could be used in a patio door application? Can we get it in glass and aluminum and with a backup safety system. Thank you. Silvia


We are looking to specify one of your Schweiss bi-folding garage doors, kind of in a designer style for a children's roof garden project. We would like the doors to have full glazing. May you please email me any CAD and PDF details and information you have. Could we use the lift straps on this or would we have to stick to a cable lift system?


We are a development/design/build company in Philadelphia and in the process of developing several projects which need either Schweiss bifold or hydraulic one piece garage doors or commercial storefront doors like the one that you just installed in Marc Vetri's new restaurant, Alla Spina. Marc, a friend, was impressed by your company and suggested you to me. I look forward to hearing from someone. Robert


Need a bi fold glass door for bar/restaurant in Hollywood, CA. What dimensions do you need to give me a quote for checking if it will fit my budget? What will the top override backup system do for me and what advantage do the lift straps have over cables? How soon could you deliver & install?


Hello, I have a Schweiss Bi-Fold designer door S6240 that I could use a new bottom seal for. Also need price on auto-latch modification for the bifold and a price range for a hydraulic door. Quotes needed. 


We'd like a custom made designer door for a interior space (roughly 12'H x 24'W). Have you done anything at Schweiss Doors for other customers. Would this require a hydraulic/ bifold door or do you recommend a strap system. Are your interior doors quiet. Do you do glass doors?


A Schweiss Bifold custom or designer door(s) is probably what I need. I am a custom home builder looking at putting an 20' x 12' bi-fold door on up to a dozen cabanas. Do you have discounts on volume orders, can doors be color coordinated to match cabanas. Delivery time, cost needed. Thanks.


Hello, I am working on a designer door project where I would like to create a window that can open to act as a sun shade. What types of Schweiss custom door products would fit this application? Thanks much, Donna I. Milicent, San Diego, CA


Hello, I am a structural engineer working on the design of a frame to support a Schweiss bi-fold door. Rough opening is 26'-0" wide by 16'-0" tall. The door is to be a decorative designer metal grille. Could you advise me as to what vertical and lateral loads I should design the door frame to resist?


Hello, We are currently working on precon of a new construction building that is in schematic design.  The designer drawings and renderings of this building show a large glass door at one end of a presentation area. Could we email the drawings to Schweiss Doors for budget pricing?


Can and / or does a Schweiss Designer Bifold classify for a 1.5 hour fire rated door assembly in a 2 hr fire rated wall? Situation: Interior construction, 4th floor of existing 12 story concrete and steel building. A gathering room for 250 people must have 2 hour fire rated walls separating it from it's surrounding open office space. We want to put three of the Schweiss Designer Bifold doors, 8' ht x 10' wide (open dim'n) in one wall to open it to the surrounding space under normal operation, but close the doors as need for privacy and for fire rating/fire situation. Can you do this? Have you done this? Thanks, Benjamin


What is the frame built out of? Can I fasten engineered wood panel siding (LP Smart siding) to the Schweiss bifold door?


I am in the process of a custom home design and would like to specify a bifold door. After looking through photos on your Schweiss Doors website. I would like a bifold that is similar to your New York Restaurant Store Front Project. I would like the bifold to be metal frame with glass folding in half to form an awning. I have listed the overall size as 15' wide by 8' height. The glass panels would be best if the bifold door's width was divide in three equal window panels each being approx. 4'6" and then the metal frame using up the remainder of the 15' width! The height of the door could be greater than 8' if the proportions looked correct. I would like to have some sort of ballpark price for this kind of door to determine if it will work with our budget. If the door pricing is close to our budget requirements, we can proceed from there with very specific details! I look forward to your quick response! Regards. The windows for this home will be aluminum framed. The Schweiss bifold door should match this look!


Looking for a Schweiss designer style bifold door for for a 16'w x 12'h opening. Preferrably a black steel frame/mullion with glass lites. Bottom row could be opaque, or frosted glass.


Looking for Bi-Fold windows for a restaurant in Pittsburgh, PA. Building is a historic stone structure with nearly 100 foot opening. Considering a design with one bi-fold door to open into bar and bi-fold windows along booths as well. Love the designer doors on your web site.


Regarding your byfold glass doors (designer series)- I am working on remodeling a garage into a recreation room and need a budget price for a 9' x 12' byfold dual glazed designer series door. Who carries/installs your product in my area ? Thank you


need qoute on a 32 wide by 14 tall and a 21 wide 13.3 hydrualic swing door if you can make them at a odd size of 13.3 if not 12 ft will be fine tall. Thanks


We are building a house and need a large garage door. We like the glass covered designer bi-fold door system that you have. Can you give me an estimate on what that would cost delivered? Thank you Nancy




I'm interested in getting a ball park cost for (3) "designer" bi-fold doors to fit in an existing masonry opening; 7'-4" wide by 9'-4" high. The configuration requires a solid panel at the bottom with glazing at the top.


We would like a quote for a schweiss glass designer bi-fold door. The opening is 20' wide x 8'-1" high. It is for a carport building that has a back side to an outdoor kitchen. We would like to have the ability to lift the door to open up the kitchen area. We like the style of the glass door with aluminum mullions. Please e-mail a quote or let me know if you have any other questions. Thanks!


Hello, My husband and I purchased land on Maui and built a 3 car garage like structure to use as our main home. Due to budget limitations we installed 5 regular garage doors and lift them to create an inside/outside living feeling. I cannot stand the look of the garage doors on the ceiling and would like another affordable option. We were looking at your Two Glass Paneled Schweiss Bifold Designer Doors (we would need 5) and was wondering if you could price them for us. If you could please include all costs including shipping to Maui and possibly an estimate on how much we should expect to pay to have them installed. Also, we installed roll down screens on each opening (on the outside). Let us know if you have any options to accommodate screens. Door width and height below may be off by 1-13/4 inches. I will have the exact measurements when you contact me. Many thanks,


I would like some information and recommendations on your designer bi-fold doors to be used as a interior room divider in an architects office. The rough opening is 23'-7"wide x 14'-0" high. The building structure is cast-in-place concrete columns at the jambs and concrete beam at the head. I am considering a metal panel finish - both sides should have the same finish. The door should have some acoustical quality to control sound between rooms. Would this door be electric or hydraulic? I know there are many variables, but what might a cost range be for this size door?


We need a budget quote of 2 - two panel upfolding bilfold doors sizes are 10' h x 17'4" wide. Insulated glass with clear aluminum frames. Job site is in WV Project is an indoor pool faility. We are considering this apporach in lieu of glass overhead doors. Do you provide installation services? What is the lead time ? Project is now under construction.


3 Bi-fold Door 20'x20' with lift straps and auto lift straps like the one you guys did for in the west side of manhattan in NYC from your pics New York Metal Shutter House


We are seeking a quote for a door to be installed in the caribbean. The Door will form the entrance to a mall, and we'd like quote options on folding and hydraulic. The door will need to be fully glazed, minimum jointing between glass panels / glass panels as large as possible. Dimensions as per form. I look forward to hearing from you


Looking for a faux wood exterior, bi-fold door, no windows, insulated, that fits a standard 2 car garage. The garage is finished and I want it to have a finished feel. It seems your door will offer me no railings on the ceiling like a traditional garage door. I would appreciate a range of prices you offer for such an order. Thank you in advance... and great product! 


This hydraulic door the contractor wants to stucco and put a 36" wide window center of door,we will only need the jambs put in we will put in the header and sill


Hello, we are currently exploring different shading solutions for the construction of a large kindergarten project in Canada. The design calls for a inovative way of shading, as we are trying do this without air conditioning. We have established a module for the classrooms, which will have a large glazed front, facing south-east / south-west (9m wide x 3,4m high). We will have 32 of these fronts. The structure will be coreslab and concrete block. Is it possible to clad the bifold door system with only a perforated metal screen, over the width of one module? The idea is to mount hydraulic doors on the outside of the structure, infront of the glass facade and use them as shading screens only. Could you please send me a quote if this is something you can do. Thank you very much


Attended Palm Springs and saw your work at the Palm Springs Resort. Bifold would like the same glazed style door on my property who should I contact? approximate cost for this door? thanks


I want to use bifold doors as a perforated screen in front of a glass wall. I am looking at 20' long by 10' wide, 6 doors total 3 on each floor, or 10'x 10' 12 total. The height could be reduced to 7' if that would reduce the cost significantly.


Hello We are in the design phase for an ocean front home in Hawaii. We are ocean front but do not get any ocean wave spray. I saw the photos in your bifold door designer gallery and I was really impressed. I sent my architect a link to your webpage at the same time he sent me a link. Can these windows stay opened at different stops so that we might want to only have a foot or two at the bottom open to the ocean breeze? Also do you do counter balanced windows that raise straight up? Our opening could go 16' high by 13 ft wide or 8' to 10 ' X 13' if we just did the bottom story.Is it possible to give me a ball park price range (I know there are many variables) for the above size windows made to withstand the coastal conditions? Thanks


Hello, I would like to speak with you about doing a custom door for my motorcycle shop in Brooklyn, similar to this rust mesh door in San Rafael. I would also like to see this actual door. I will be out in SF over Thanksgiving and would like to see this if at all possible. I will be opening up shops in LA and SF next year and will need custom bifold designer doors for those as well. Please e-mail me to coordinate a time to speak about this project.


Hello,I'm looking for a price on a 60' x 18' Clear door for a hanger we are budgeting for one of our owners in Glendale, AZ. I'll need some cut sheets and much info as you can give me. If there are a couple different models I would like to give the owner/designer a couple of bifold and hydraulic door options. Feel free to call me with questions. The name of the Project is ATF Hanger.Thanks Estimator / LEED A.P.


Attached are the latest construction drawings for your use and information (not a completes set removed unnecessary sheets to reduce file size). As discussed we are looking to using the Schweiss Bi-fold door system with a wood slat screen (built by us) mounted to it. The bi-folds to the north will swing out and the south breezeway bifold will fold to the inside of the breezeway space.Also included are the steel shop drawings from Haskell showing the C-channel sizes and overall steel structure we are utilizing. The approximate sizes of the doors would be 10'-6" height and 8'-0" width and would be for 5 total doors including 1 that has a reverse/ inward fold. Also, as discussed today, we are open to using straps, however the door will be more of a "designer" door as those shown on your website. That being said we would like to try to keep the inside part ofthe door as clean as possible, and would like to try to hide the motor and components as much as possible. We were also working with some of the material suppliers to help reduce the cost. Being an academic competition where we work off of a limited grant and must fund-raise all the costs of the competition including materials, transportation & shipping, as well as sending the students to Madrid to re-assemble the house and participate in the 2 week competition. Any help that you may be able to provide will be very much appreciated.If you have any questions please feel to contact me at this email address or on my cell For overall schedule purposes we are looking to ship the house to Madrid in the end of March for the SolarDecathlon competition in the beginning of June 2010. Best Regards, John


I'd like to know if your designer bi-fold door with the glass and metal frame can meet residential code requirements for air/water penetration and U-values. I would consider using this as an opening into a living space. Please let me know if this is possible. On my current project I'm thinking in terms of a 7 to 8' high x 18' to 20' wide opening. Do you have a standard size door that's about this size? Thanks


Hi, I'm an Architect and am doing a studio addition to my existing garage, and will be making some improvements to the existing garage. I've been trying to find an opportunity use a hydraulic or vertical bifold garage door on a project, but have met with client resistance. I'd like to use them on my own project, as it will be a showcase of many design ideas. The pertinent information for a quote is inputted below, but I also want to add a bit about the material. I would like the door to have a spaced 3/4" horizontal stained wood finish, with a painted plywood backerboard. I would like the siding of the rest of the garage to plane out to the face of the door. I hope that helps... Thanks




I have a client that would like to use your doors. The project is on the Long Beach, CA and would require California Product Approval. We would also like to be able to apply a stucco finish to the one piece hydraulic doors. If your product will work for this applicaiton where can I puchase these doors? Thank you,


We have a client who is interested in installing one your bi-fold doors on the interior of their facility. The opening size is 12' x 14'. We had OH Dr. of Covington provide a cost estimate on a door "frame" with a motor but they indicated we needed to provided the skin of metal siding. The metal siding we have to match the wall is 1- 1/2" thick. Is this going to work and can we install this on both faces of the door? I'm not familiar with your doors at all and I've tried to look at your details but I'm still interested.


I am looking for a price for a 9 X 9' automatic bi-folding door with 16 equal glass lights. Your competitions door was spec'd and I would like to offer other options. Please call tomorrow.




I am unsure which type of building I will have but it will be either wood or metal. I will need the spec sheet on whichever I use as to the strength needed. I will be installing the door myself. I want a remote controlled bifold door with straps. Also, I would like to add a wood face to the outside of the door to give a designer look. I want to do this myself, also. All I am looking for now is a ballpark figure using the limited information I have given. I will fine tune the figures with you as soon as I finalize the overall design. Ths, Murray


Hello, I am an imported of Aluminium and Stainless steel shutters in Australia, and am interested in brining Bi-folds in to the country as there are very few suppliers here. Is it possible for you to send through to me your square meter rates for your bifolds so I can see if it would be economically viable for me to sell your product here. I have priced one job with 2 openings of about 30m x 30m I have offered a fabric shutter typically used on hangers. Is this an opening size you can handle ? if so could you send me an estimate for this this. Could you email me an e-catalog. Regards Joseph


We currently have a project for the Vancouver International Airport for 3 airside buildings, a firehall, a maintenance garage and a de-icing facility. All 3 buildings will incorporate significant garage spaces that require a lot of doors. We are interested in incorporating the bi-fold doors in our design. Our question is whether or not your company is able to manufacture these bi-fold doors with Kalwall / Translucent Panel door panels? The doors are up to 8m wide x 4m tall, and need to be as weather tight as possible. Thank you, we are looking forward to hearing from you.


i would like some information on your designer bi-fold doors, with all glass exterior. the doors would be used on the side of a wooden structure.


Proposed project for these bifold designer doors is in Roche Harbor, San Juan Island, Wa. Washington State Ferry for travel


I have been asked to bid the SANTA MONICA PLACE PARKNG GARAGE which calls for (9) 17'3"x7'0"electric bi-fold glass designer doors. pleas call me to advise if you will sell to me , etc.or if you bid direct.


Quote Request: Needed. Job name: Horizontal Bi-fold door No specifications Black aluminum finsih anodized Full view door Installed on steel tubes 4ea- 7'4"x9' 1ea- 12'x9' 1ea- 15'4"x9' Thanks - project bids soon.


Looking to replace a 16x8 garage door on a wine tasting room. ideally clear/tinted insulated glass and aluminum.


Dear Sir, I would like to take this opportunity and introduce our company to you. We are a new Interior Design company, Stickman, based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. We specialize in high end hospitality and F&B. We are in the process of building our material library. Currently we are working on an F&B project in Shanghai and we are designing on a bi-fold door with horizontal fold, in glass on metal/aluminum frames as similar to a curtain wall. Approximately the door measures 11 (W) x 6 (H) meters. Could you possibly tell us the price for this? Can you get back to us as soon as possible, we require the information on an urgent basis. Awaiting for your reply. Thank you.


Looking for commercial auto dealership-style door for a showroom. Must be able to accomodate large car in/out. Also need a customer in/out door. Can this be a combined door or just on the side? I'm wanting a glass/aluminum hydraulic door.


We are working on a design that requires 3 vertical bi folding doors with glass panels similar to the door shown in your web page header. The door opening will be 19'-0" x 9'-6".


to whom it may concern, i am interested in your aluminum glass panel bi-fold doors. i am looking for something in the 16' wide x 12' high range that would be installed in an aluminum storefront system. i would like to get in touch with an architectural representative in my area/region. can you provide me with any contact information. in addition, do you have any installations that you are aware in Salt Lake City or surrounding areas? thank you.


I am looking for a mirrored bi-fold door 30' x 16' and can't seem to find any locally here on Maui. Can you ship to Hawaii? What would be the shipping cost? How much is the cost of the door? Thanks, Brent


Are there maximum dimensions for using glass bi-fold doors? We have a door span of approx. 54' wide x 21' high. Is that doable in a glass panel(s)?


Hi, I'm looking for some details for a bifold steel door. The dimensions are 8' x 9'-6", the is a strap lift door. I need to know what I need for attachment for the door, and what the profile of the door looks like. The door has a metal frame with glass inserts. Thanks Bill


Hi, I am building a cabin at the lake, faces south.I want to have it metal covered , one walk out door. When i build my cabin it will be the new styrofoam, cement filled walls so i will have to build frame or beam into the walls and cross beam on roof will be heavy duty as it will hold up insulated roof and door. The front of the cabin will be all windows and when i open door it will be my shade for cement patio in front i want to be able to stop door and set at any angle 0-80 degrees. I want to remotely open it. When im gone i can close it and have security and protect my windows from vandilizm too. It will take a while to get this all figured out but will work well. I may also mount solar panels on the top of your hydraulic one piece door. I think they are a great door and also my cousin has one on his hangar and works great! Thanks Ted


We are working on a house in the Turks and Caicos islands and we have some doors that are 10' high x 12' wide that require hurricane shutters. WE have not found any that are satisfactory until we studied your web site at Schweiss Doors, and were interested in designing our own doors and having you build them. We would like for them to just hinge at the top and be lifted into a trellis condition, the bi-folds could possibly work. But would prefer to try to do in a single piece. Any thoughts? 


I have a 20x12 opening with a specific wood carriage style look requested. The client wants no overhead tracks inside the space. Want to send you a drawing to see if it looks like something you would be interested in supplying a hydraulic Schweiss Door for us.


We're discussing the practicality of using a bi-fold door as the main entry to a conference room in an interior commercial office space. The door size is roughly 8'wide by 12' tall. Material is either glass with aluminum trim or possibly wood with glass resembling a barn door. Can you give me some options and pricing for these?


Your bifold door would be a simple elegant solution for my residential garage door situation. I'm looking for a white, light weight, maintenance free material for the door itself, with a traditional garage door appearance.


bi-fold fir exterior finish (1x6 horizontal) 7'0" tall x 7'-2' wide. what is interior finish? is exterior wood exposed on the interior? cable pull interested in price


I have a project for a Graphic Arts studio here in Denver. We have an existing wood shop we are remodeling into a Schweiss designers studio, we looked at your designer door pages and really liked the Old Navy doors. On the south facing exterior wall(lots of sun) there are four garage door openings we would like to use your bi-fold glass doors, low E glass, power openers, each opening is 6'0"X7'0". If possible we would like to do the install. We are ready to get the project moving as soon as possible. Could you give me an idea of what our lead times are as well as a quote for these doors?


We are working on a event center project where it is desireable for a window wall to bifold up to open up to the underside of the existing wood bowstring truss. Height approximately 14' width 26'. Can the window wall be clad in wood? Sound control would be desireable.


I'm interested in pricing on two 10' X 10' glass bifold doors. similar to the jpg "designer 6a" on your website. Do you intall in texas? I will need black mullions with 4 large windows. Give me a call to discuss. Will


I need pricing on :4- designer series, 10foot high X 20 foot wide, two glasspanel bifold doorsalternate: aluminum frame with 8-10mm extruded souble wall polycarbonate instead of glass




Hi we are looking to specify a 'designer' glazed bi-fold door for a restaurant project in Vancouver. Material should be black anodized aluminum and door should be thermally broken if possible. Please could a sales/technical representative call me back to discuss. Sample details and spec for this door by email would also be appreciated. Kind Regards, Adam J.


I am trying to gather information for my boss, who would like to do a garage remodel. his garage doors are carriage style and are two different heights. one is 6-4 and the other is 6-6.


Do you have any more information or details for the Rust Mesh door that you have on your website?


We are designing a specialized car display room for a client and need to create a "garage" door opening that does not look like a garage door. Could you please contact me right away to discuss options? Thanks


8'wide by 6'6" tall. Only 7' ceilings. Redwood or Cedar vertical door? Flush mount with exterior siding. Thank You


interested in purchasing a commercial overhead door with glass panels (designer)approximately 9x10 ft. Thank you.


we are particularly interested in the designer models: designer 6a designer 14 designer 18 designer 20


Hello. We are looking to have a bifold WINDOW product on the interior of a Country Buffet restaurant. We are working on designing a new prototype for Country Buffet that will be the standard from here on every time a Country Buffet is redesigned or built. These drawings and the companies that we purchase products from will become the standard from here on. Can you help us out? We can send you rough openings on our proposed openings. We will need your direction in providing direction for clearances in our rough openings. Please call or email very soon. Our completion date on these drawings is December 1st, 2008.


Additional information for previous request, client is looking for something similar to the Global Ecology Center - Stanford University. they want as much glass as possible to the door


Hi, I'm looking for an RV garage door and it appears that a Schweiss bi-fold door may work in lieu of the normal roll up doors that look so big and ugly. The proposed garage door opening in 18' wide x 14' high and I'm hoping to make it look more like a normal garage door (18' x 8') with stucco & maybe even windows on the top 6' section to match the home. Can the two sections of your bi-fold door be different heights (6' on top, 8' on bottom)? with stucco on the top section and wood on the bottom that looks like an upper end residential garage door. Another option would be to use a normal RV garage door 18' x 14' and just use your one piece door to drop down in front of the large garage door to create the appearance of a smaller garage door -- your door would only need to be opened when the RV is taken in/out of the garage. This is a residential property and the quality must be very good to be approved by the archetectural committee. Thanks and please get with me soon -- final plans are almost completed and I'm getting bids from several companies. Thanks, Phillip M.


I am looking to have a bi-fold door made of clear glass/lexan type material similar to photo you have in your "designer Bifold Door" section on your site. It will be used in front of showroom. Opening 16' x 7'. Probably open via cables so I wouldn't see straps. Idea is that clients can see our products when we are closed but touch when we are available.


I have a need for a "Designer" Bi- fold door that would have a glass /alum frame skin. The door will be for interior use with an opening aproximately 16"wide x13" high.I would like more specific information abou tthis specific application. This is for a project currently under construction.


We would like to present a client with more information on your Schweiss Designer Door Series. Application would be for an upscale restaurant.


We would like to get a quote on a bi-fold door with the following dimesions that would be similiar to the designer doors with all insulated glazing. Thanks, Nicole


I need to get preliminary pricing for a Bi-fold glass and aluminum door to be installed in an interior application. Similar in look & feel to the ones you show on your designer doors/specialty doors pages that shows what looks like a conference room. The size would be 16' Wide by 10'-12' tall. I have to verify the final size, but am looking for a quick pricing exercise. I would need two to be installed on conference rooms that are across from each other with an informal meeting area in the middle. The client wants the opportunity to use these as separate rooms or open them up to one large room. I'm hoping you can help me with this. Thanks. Tina Also, have you ever done a hydraulic that would pivot a third of the way down instead of at the top? i need that for another interior job and was just curious. Thanks again.


We live in a Grade 1 listed building in London designed in 1938 by Berthold Lubetkin, a famous modernist architect. We have a flat where the original owner took out the original steel windows and replaced them with PVC. We wish to re-instate the original window design. As the building is listed the replacement windows must be reproduced to match the originals. These are steel windows and can be matched in the UK. However, in the living room there is a long stretch of bi-fold window consisting of 6 windows (folding outwards) each window (glass) measuring 189" (480 cms)height x 28.75" (73 cms) wide)width a 4cms bar betwween each end and between each window excluding narrow window frame on each. In order to match the requirements for Listed (Historic) Building permission, we have to try and match this as exactly as possible which means we have to look for someone who can make a steel bi-fold window. If this the type of thing you make? And if so, any idea of an approximate cost to make and then to ship to the UK? Kind regards, Della R.


I have two picnic shelters that have heavy wood doors that you have to lift up and hook. Very clumsy and heavy. We need a light sturdy easy to open door that looks good.


Trying to build an indoor outdoor sportcourt. This would likely be one of your designer doors. The width is about 40ft, and as to height I expect just under 20 ft. I am trying to get an estimate of how much such a bi fold door might cost, assume a wood door, perhaps with some glass. Plese also price an estimated install cost in las vegas. The house is new construction.


Hi, could you tell me where to you can shipp a door in Belgium. Is this someone who can install the doors to?? I am interested in een bifold designer door in one piece or bifold door What is the price for a door in 93.6 x 97.5 inch. What is the price for shipping this door ? Do you know perhaps a supplier in belgium ? thanks a lot for your answer.


Hi, I am looking for a classy bi-fold door designed for a high-end Art gallery that will be showing vehicles. The glass pane I would like to replace has an opening of 14'w - 11'h and 6" deep with a mix of wood and steel framing. The windows are framed in Aluminum. There are six panes of glass in varying sizes. Please send me any information you may have on price for this size and turn around. Feel free to contact me at any of the above information. Thank You Eric D.


Hello, Just trying to get a ballpark figure on your bifold doors. Saw the picture on the website of the door for the Redbull facility and liked the custom look. Our project requires a cover to the stage for a city amphitheatre. Thanks.


I send a request to Jeremy a few minutes ago, not sure if this is a better way to reach you. Thanks there will be 5 14'x 14' bifold doors designer series- "storefront look" opaque bottom panels, clear glass above with and without man doors in each. similar to a photo we saw on your website. wind loaded to 120-130 mph with Florida Building Code N.O.A. approval.


I am interested in getting a One pice hydrolic door/window. the building is of wood frame. Can the door/window made out of aluminum anodized to reduce weight? Can I receive picture or drawing of your similar products in the past. I have seen some pictures in your designer doors section that are similar but I am not sure.Thank you for you prompt attention. Regards, Hen T.


We would like to replace an existing garage door on tracks with a door that opens out. This is a normal residential two car garage. Owner wants it to look normal when closed but use the garage as an art studio. Owner will put glass doors behind bifold doors for light during day.


I have a client interested in and inswing hydraulic, single slab door. He would like to have an all-wood carrage style door attached to it. The finished opening would he approxinmately 13'-6" wide x 11'-0" tall. Waht are my options? Thanks


We are rebuilding our detached garage. The garage door will measure 16 feet wide by 7 feet 6 inches high. We are considering using bifold doors, but a friend recommended your doors. The house is a spanish stucco style from 1926, and the garage will be built to match. We want wooden framed doors with windows. (The wooden frames will match the rest of the windows and doors on the house and garage.) I am not sure if it should fold in half or in quarters. Is there a manual door opener or is it only hydraulic lift? How much interior space will the doors occupy? Thank you for the response.


I have a special application for you bifold door system in a private beach club enviorment. Please call me, David.


I would like to use your doors on a new home I am building for myself. I saw the photo's of a project designed by Peter G. in July 2007 Architectural Record magazine. (page 180) Please send me pricing information. What do you provide? install? I have 4 - 10' -0" doors that I would like costing on. Please have a rep call me.


looking to use doors on high end residence made primarily of glass. Would like to have more information on both bi-fold and hydrolic doors. Case studies are helpful IE: Global Ecology Center and Guthrie. any residential applications would be helpful. -Thanks


I am interested in a hydralic one piece door that can be covered on the outside with wood to look like a carriage style door. I would require two doors for openings 18'x 9'. The interior of the door also would need to receive a finish covering.Please call to discuss.


We are looking for a 9x7 garage door for our basement garage. There is no header room for a traditional garage door. Do you have anything to offer that would work for us, and would be attractive?


Hi. I am very interested in your product. I work at a joinery and I see that woodwork is also involved in this design.Do you manufacture this product in South Africa?


I very much like the modern glass bifold doors that you have in your designer doors section. What are the details of these doors? how is the operation controlled? Do you have drawing details and pictures that you could send? I would very much like to specify soemthing similar on a project that I am undertaking. Thank you. Adam


We are looking at a designer bi-fold door to be used in a project we are doing at the University of Oklahoma.


Hello, I am considering replacing current rollup convential gargage doors with a bifold solution. The current doors cover an opening 8 feet wide and 7 feet high. Can you tell me the range of prices for bifold door to do this? I would like the top portion to have windows and for the door to look like a top grade wood door from the outside. Can you tell me how much of the 7 foot height would be used by the door when it is fully up? Can the lift motor assembly, be attached to the wall above the door? Do you have any doors installed in the San Jose/San Francisco area on residential garages that I could see? Thank you, Steve H.


I am working on a warehouse conversion to a performance and visual at space, and am planning on specifying a bi-fold door between the performance space and the sidewalk (to get equipment in and out). The necessary size is about 8' wide by 12' high with a 4' high fixed panel at the top. We would like this to be insulated (for sound purposes primarily) and with wood finish. Depending on the cost, we may specify a second door 10.5' x 14'.


I am researching bi-fold doors for an interior application. I am working on a new science center for a Boston high school; we are looking into "garage" style doors that can be opened along interior walls between laboratory spaces for increased flexibility. Do you have any images and information about interior applications of your bi-fold doors? Also, can the doors be custom made with glass and/or a translucent material? The door has a dimension of 9' x 9'. How much space is required in front of the door to open it? Also, for this size of door, what are the options for opening the door? Thanks, Stephanie U.


We are interested in using your product for a high end condominium project in Los Angeles. Your product would have to meet the appropriate California regulations for infilitration, etc. Please have a sales representative call me when you have had a chance to review this. Thank you, Lorenz Q.


I am interested in an application utilizing your doors as a roof piece that could open to the outside. I would like to better understand waterproofing details to know if they could be transferred to a roof design.


I am looking for bifold doors about 12' in length. Height about 12 to 12 feet. The size is under planing stages. Pricing? Do you have any that resemble wood?


I was looking on your site at the pictures and was wondering if you had any pictures of your doors on a smaller scale. My job would require a 12'-0" x 13'-0" door and I will also have (2) 8'-0" x 12'-0" doors. Do you have any pictures close to those sizes that I can show my client? Or even any pictures that are not being used on an airplane hangar. Thank You


I need a quote on a 18-4 x 8-2 bifold door just like the one in your designer door section of the web page. We are a garage door company in Phoenix, Arizona and will handle the installation ourselves. We have a commercial department and have installed hangar doors before. Please call me ASAP for questions because I need to give my contractor a quote ASAP. Brandon B.


Dear Sirs I ordered and have installed one of your bi fold doors. I did not have skins put on at the time, thinking it would not be a problem to have it customed covered here in Monee, IL to match the home I am building. I am finding it to be a headache getting the door covered. Can I get a custom skin made with insulation for the door at this time? Thank you in advance Brad S.


We are looking for a steel foldup or swing door that can have an integral egress outswinging door built into the garage door. This door will require that there be no tripping hazard at the bottom. The garage door itself is roughly 9' by 9'. Please let me know if you are able to manufacturer this product. Please let me know if this is not enough information and I can send a sketch. Thanks.


We are looking to use this product on a small artists studio. the door would be 9'W x 10'H. We would also like to customize the panels is this possible? Thanks!


I am looking for a solution to a two car garage converted recently into an artist studio. Due to architectural review committee oversight and community standards, we are required to keep the standard look of a flat panel garage door. Because of the finished interior space, I do not want to have long tracks along the ceiling in the interior space. Your product looks like it is less intrusive and may be customizable to give the front the appearance of a flat panel garage door, except in this case, only the middle panel is hinged. I am trying to get a solution for a reasonable amount of money. Can you give me an idea what it would cost to create two doors for us? One measures 7 X 10 and the other 7 X 9. Also, do you install, can you recommend an installer in our area or can this be installed by a handy homeowner? I can only be reached at my home number. Thank you, db


We are looking for a large Bi-Fold door that will be clad in "Board and Batten" Hardwood. At this point we would first like to know if this is possible, and if so, could we have some general dimensions and specifications to include in our document package. Thank you for you help.


The application is for a custom home for use as a sun screen. I need three 8'-0 panels, 8 x 8 panels with a translucent material on a sreel galvinized frame. Please provide quick quote, this maybe too costly and I do not want to watse your time. Thank You, Pope


we saw metal bi-fold doors that look like yours at the Global Ecology Center, Stanford, CA. They look great ! We are interested in using this type of door "Designer Door" for one of our projects. There are 3 doors : 14'-0" x 8'-0" (2) and 10'-8" x 8'-0" (1).


I'm looking for a simple bi-fold door (approx. 5x8) that can have wood siding attached to the exterior face for a near seamless look. The wall construction is 8" CMU + Furring Strips + Siding. Can send drawings if needed.


In planning stage for building a garage for 2 cars and a boat and need 2, later 3, functional, attractive garage doors. I am not sure about the exact size of the doors, only the function. These doors will be seen 24/7 since they will be in a court yard in front of our Lake Ontario cottage. Do you have an e-mailable list of options for design for the doors. I like the no loss of ceiling space feature of bi-fold doors. I had a hangar built by Miracle Truss which included 46 ft. bi-fold door which must have been a copy of your doors. It had cables. Straps would be better according to Mr. Schweiss. It would be appreciated if you could give cost ranges for the doors---just ball park high/low numbers.


Designer door Steel opening 9'11" W X 11'4" T Steel frame for wood deck and galvalume siding


I need to price a door of yours that is specified for a residential art studio here in Houston Texas. The door opening is approximatley 18' wide and 8' tall. The archiect would like to have glass panels installed in the door. Can you give me some ideas for preliminary pricing for a bifold door like this. If you need additional information please do not hesitate to contact me. This is for the W. Residence.


Hi We are building a custom home and were considering your product. We would like doublepane glass doors like in one of your cuctom photos on this site. We have 4 openings 2@ 13'wide by 8'tall and 2@ 10'wide by 8' tall. Is it possible to get a ball park idea on the cost of your product? I don't want to waste anyones time if your product doesn't fit our budget. Thank you Dave


We are interested in using bifold doors simliar to what you've done in your designer door section in a sales center. Please send me any information you have. Thank you.


Hello! I am looking for a attractive door(s) for a residential application in California. We are installing a workshop across the driveway from our garage and would like matching doors, however, the workshop door needs to swing out like you door as we will have a car lift just inside and need the headroom clear. I am wondering if you work in California and what style of residential doors you might have to fit our home. thanks Caitlin


We are interested in using you designer bifold doors in a library addition we are working on. They would need to integrate into an aluminum curtain wall as shown in the example photos from your web site("designer1" and "designer18"). Our opening would be roughly 12 foot wide ("A" dimension) and 10 foot clear height ("B" dimension). Can you provide we with information regarding this specific type of use? Most the information I have is in regards to airplane hangars or garages, not curtain wall systems.


Hi, I am looking for bi-fold doors for the front of a resturant here in Los Angeles. There are two openings that are approximately 20' wide by 13.5' tall. The openings could be split into four openings 10' wide if necessary. Clear safety glass would need to be installed. Is this something you can manufacture? I can forward drawings. Sincerely, Russ...


We are in the process of building a modern home and are in the need of a door like this that opens onto the deck of our house. These are a much better option than a standard garage door that we were looking at because there is no overhead hardware to deal with. Can you tell me about how much a door would be that is 8' x 8' with windows. We liked the one that looked like it was in a restaurant or a retail store. Something with all glass would be great. We also will need 2 garage doors at the same dimensions but probably metal with just a few windows. We have an architect that would be purchasing the doors so if you have a contractor discount if you could let me know what the percentage off would be. Thanks for your time. Kyle K.


We are designing a coffeehouse in a bookstore and we would like to know whether Scheveiss Designer Doors will be able to match the building storefront. I will be glad to send Floor Plans and Exterior Elevations of the building. Thank you very much for your attention to this matter. Nathalia


I am interested in the designer doors for residential use. Please let me know information regaring a 8' x 16' door with prices and options. please also let me know if you have sold any on Long Island, New York. Thank you.


We are designing a new University of Minnesota Duluth football stadium with seating, lockers, rest rooms and concessions. We are looking at using a bi-fold door design for the concessions windows instead of coiling shutters. The bi-fold door will need to be a cold weather design package with a metal skin, with an approximate size of 4'-6" h by 10'-0" w quantity 6. We are looking for installation and operation detail information. Thank you


Thinking of enclosing a veranda so it can be used during the winter as well as the summer. Will be interested in the following: widows that open with screen, glass panels (clear and colored), access door, and architectural design with finish looks both inside and out. will need three doors widths are: 10 feet, 11 feet, and 17 feet at a height of 10 feet. I could make the one door 28 feet long by adding the 11 17 feet together and then all I need will be two doors at 10 feet and 28 feet. Will you supply the specs for a steel frame to suppor the doors? will start construction Oct 1, 2007 Thank you in advance, Ray


Hi, Looking to get bifold door for new construction 12' wide 10' high, insulated for north coastal weather, raised panel exterior or textured exterior with weather-proof package. Auto lift with remote and strap lift system desired. Row of small windows in top half also desired. How far beyond opening width is needed to have weather proof door?




we're looking for an off the shelf bi-fold door with approximate dimensions of 43'10'W x 16'6 H. we're looking to support the door by hanging it from a structural i-beam above. can you send us some dimensions/materials/catalogs of products that fit this description? if you have any information regarding sound-proofing, please include that as well (we're looking to have around 25lbs/sf. soundproofing for the door). it would also be great if you could send us some prices (industrial grade material like cement board). if you need additional information or if you have any questions, please contact me. thank you! amiee l. p.s. i forgot to mention, this project is regarding a one-story classroom and music performance pavilion on the CalArts campus in Valencia.


Hello: We are working on a high-end residential project in Freeport, Maine and have a garage door that we would like to do as a bifold. The door is 16' long and 7' tall and will be installed in a wood framed building though the frame around the door will be steel. Could you send me some details on how these doors are installed? CAD would be preferabl if you have them. We want to have a traditional wood exterior on the door. Is that done by the contractor or by Schweiss? What power requirements are necessary for the door? Do you provide remotes? Sincerely, Corey P.


Door will require three (3) ea 8'-0"wide X 3'-0"high insulated vision panels to be located in the middle of the upper 1/2 of the opening. Vision panels will be spaced equally across the door. Please provide power requirements, push button control, and inside truss configuration. Please provide alte ate for remote control operation. Please provide freight allowance for delivery to Chelan, WA Please provide separate installation quote. Please provide quotation as soon as possible as we are developing final quotation on this project at this time. Thank you


Please provide info for an urban mixed use building in Denver, CO. 7'h x 9'w exterior wall opening onto balcony in residential unit. Interest in bifold door with insulated frame and glass. Like a storefront. Need ideas, description, cost, short term delivery. Thank you, Alan.


Hi, I saw that "no door too small" statement in the custom door section, and was wondering if it might be feasible to have such a door to replace the sliding glass patio-type doors that lead out to my lanai. there is room overhead, but not much to the sides. Have you done that sort of thing? thanks, dmz


I need an estimate of a garage door that is 6'8' tall and 20' wide with a remote and something that would be either wood or wood grained.we also will be need a couple of machine shed doores in the future so would li9ke the catalogue.


does your company offer a bifold or a one piece door for commercial applications in a full view glass door? i.e., 14x7 thanks, mike


Can you send me information and pricing on your doors for a project I am working on. Openings are 8' x 10'-8". I am looking for two options, 1. a full glass door and 2. option of a door that can be covered to look like an paneled lattice wall in a garden.


Hi, I am a student doing research on different door types for a studio project. If you could send any brochure or catalogue type information that would be great. I was also wondering what types of materials could be cladded to the door. Thank you. Chas H.


This is for an institutional building (college) with a fitness area that we would like to connect with an exterior workout patio. What I like about your product is 1. the bifold when up provides a canopy, 2. it is possible to have a man door in the bottom leaf, 3 it is possible to put a custom finish on the doors, potentially to match the rest of the building. Question: how much glazing can we put it your doors?


We are building a structure for a park/picnic area. We want a building that will house a restroom, utility room, and tee-shaped service/lounge area. A bifold door could provide security and openness, even extending the indoors as a canopy/awning during use. We are interested in a fire-proof value-door for this purpose in the woods. Please call me in Eureka, Montana.