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Looking to add more depth to my construction company and maybe change direction of work. Would like to know if my company can manufacture the custom doors for our clients but would like to use your system to open the garage doors. Thank you


Hello Schweiss Team, I am not sure if reaching out to you would be of any interest, but I thought I would give it a try. I recently started an "On-Site" Hydraulic Hose Repair Business. Yesterday, I was approached by a pretty large Distributor / Installer within the NY, NJ, PA and DE Region to see if I would be interested in doing their repairs for the warehouse paltforms that are hydraulicly managed to go into the trailer for forklift access. I am a bit concerned about the size of the Company, but it may be a great opportunity for me. The reason I am writing to you is that since you have built and installed so many Schweiss Hydraulic Doors, what do you find fails the most regarding your Hydraulic Systems, hoses, fittings, etc? Do you have your own Maintenance Team to do these repairs? I would greatly appreciate a reply and any type of guidance you can lend. Maybe if my business takes off a but, I could become a dealer for your doors. Many Thanks, Al


Good Morning, I have been with Ditta Enterprises dba Overhead Door Company of Northeast Arkansas for several years and became familiar with your hydraulic and bifold door products in selling and installing. I have recently been fortunate enough to open up my own company in Mountain Home, Arkansas. We are BCA Enterprises d/b/a Overhead Door Company of North Arkansas. I am interested in getting set up as a dealer for Schweiss products. I currently have a customer interested in eight residential size bifold glass doors. As soon as I get the sized and more information I will be reaching out to you for a quote. If you have any question or need any paperwork from me in order to get set up please let me know. Thank you, Michael Bellah


Good day We do aluminium windows garage doors etc. I would like to be supplied with hardware for large single and double Schweiss doors that we have calls for but cannot supply.


I have a customer looking to put a custom, 1 piece, mostly glass, designer hydraulic door on his house.


We are a wood garage door manufacture but we also represent other manufactures of custom applications and metal style doors. We have a client that would like a hydraulic hangar door and Id like to get a quote for 12'w x 10'5"h call me to discuss. Do you work with Dealers?


Dear Sir, We are one of the leading Electrically operated Hangar Door dealers in India (Mainly Bottom Rolling Bi- Parting type) As a part of our Expansion Activities we look to the possibilities to becoming a dealership of Hydraulic Doors for various Security Applications. I wonder if you will be interested to add Huge Potential Indian Market for your products to your existing Business.


We are very interested in being a dealership of Schweiss doors in North African and South Europe projects. Your lift-strap bi-fold and one-piece hydraulic doors would look wonderful on various projects we are working on. Best Regards


Good evening: Door King de Mexico is a company dedicated to the manufacture of doors for sliding system telescopic hangar, and we want to expand our product range and offer other systems like your superior made hydraulic and bifold strap Doors, We would like to know if you would manufacture those doors and systems for export into mexico for us. We also know that it is complicated to ship and export this kind of doors because of their dimensions, so we want to know if you can provide us only the engineering system of the doors and the system, ir order for us to locally manufacture those doors and install the system. We now have two prospects who ask us quote these types of doors: Two doors with measures 7.00 x 6.50 meters (width x height) and a door with measures 15.00 meters x 8.50 meters (width x height) Stay aware of your response. 


I am the commercial sales rep for Midwest Garage Door Co. in IL. The majority of our installs are overhead sectional doors, but I would be interested in any other info on your quality Schweiss hydraulic doors and bifold liftstrap doors which would help me offer your products as an additional option.