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I am currently a sales manager in a overhead door business. Currently bifold cafe doors are increasingly becoming more popular. We substitute for full vision overhead doors and customers are generally happy with that. However, I am interested in possibly becoming a Schweiss Door dealer or adding a division to the company I work with. I am curious on the prices of these doors in comparison with the full vision overhead doors. The market where I do business isn't a market that will spend more than they have to. I would love to offer these types of doors, especially Schweiss Designer doors, if they are within the price of the ones I currently offer. Could you please send me a catalog with general pricing? I would also like some information as to how much the door blocks the top of the opening when open. I hear you lose no headroom with a bifold, how about a hydraulic door? Mainly because as an entrance door i can't have people banging their heads off it. I would need to know how large the opening needs to be so the doors folds up above the required 7' Thank You


Hello, I lost the name of your Canadian Schweiss door distributor? We are looking at testing your doors at a prototype restaurant to see if it will work for the rest of the chain. Please advise pricing on 8x9' bifold doors. 


Hello, I Have installed your products many times throughout my career and I would like my company to become a dealer as I have always been very proud of my Schweiss Installs and clearly see you have a superior door product! Email is best as I am often with customers Zachary Campbell HIGH-LIFT DOOR INC.


I did get a bid sometime ago for changing out my hangar in Page, Arizona. I cannot find anyone that will come to Page, Arizona and change out to the strap and auto Latch conversion. Do you have anyone that works in this area??


I love your Schweiss bifold and hydraulic doors and I'm interested in what you have for dealer or rep opportunities. I'm from Southern California but we also have a home in northern Idaho and we're building a new home in Hayden Lake and plan to spend more time in Idaho where I will need a bifold boathouse door. I didn't see anything on your site about dealers in our area. I know about the project you worked on in Sandpoint at SilverWing. 


Over the years we have recommended your product to architects in design as the correct application came along. We have been in the industrial door and hardware business for over 40 years and feel a growing need and see more applications for your products. We would link to have access to your products and build a working relationship. We have well experienced full time installation crews as well. What is the best way to get this going?


Looking to sell your products in the Toronto Area. Please let me know if there is a minimum buy. We are currently supplying doors and other commercial services to other car dealerships in the Toronto Area.


Gentlemen, I have installed hundreds of your doors in the past years for my former company, but I have recently started my own business and I am interested in becoming a dealer and installing your doors once again. Also I am very interested in switching out the old cable systems for the strap systems which I believe there is a huge market for. I am interested in seeing the prices on your cable system to strap system pricing please? Thank you, Edward


I have agriculture customers who have asked me about bifold and hydraulic doors. I'm looking for more information to see if this is a fit to add to our product line. I currently need options and pricing for a 25' x 15' opening.


Good evening, I am a shipping container convertor. I am always looking for innovative ways to enhance the functionality of my units. I happened to see your door on a Pinterest post. I would like to know more about your products for use on my conversions and to see whether we could represent you in South Africa.


My companies are distributors for commercial construction products such as ceilings and drywall. We do have a commercial door division focusing on hollow metal, steel and wood doors and hardware. We are always looking to broaden our product offering. We have locations in Arkansas, Mississippi and Tennessee which I personally fly to for visits. A number of FBO managers have asked about aircraft hangar doors so, I decided to see if there could be an opportunity.


Hello Schweiss Doors, we would like to become an official dealer and installer of Schweiss bi-fold and hydraulic doors in the Florida area. Please contact us if you're interested.


We would like to have the opportunity to sell, place and to do the maintenance on all of your products in Europe. In the past we worked together with Schweiss Doors Europe for a project at an Army Base. It was the first Bifold door in Belgium. Kind regards, Luke


We are interested in pricing, installation information and possible dealership opportunities of Schweiss Bifold and Hydraulic doors. We are currently a post frame dealer and installer, building 50-70 buildings a year. Thank you, Troy, Builders Representative 


Good day! We have a great interest in the products of your company. To be specific then to the bifold Schweiss strap doors. The climate which prevails in our country is quite diverse . Largely similar to the climate of Canada and the Northern United States of America . And so the tightness created by the bifolding door of your Schweiss production line as well as door design can find better use in our geographical zone. We have a lot of experience with different types of garage doors, doors for hangars, in particular folding doors. But practice and communication with customers shows that the bifold and hydraulic doors of your operations is the most preferred doors worldwide. And if you compare the price of folding gates of large sizes and the hydraulic gates of the same size, the advantage will be for foldable Schweiss door gate and much safer. We had the experience of installing hydraulic gate your production in 2014, The Customer found our organization. And asked "can you install?" And we have established. Interestingly, the installation was quite simple !!! Based on the above ,I want to ask you. So how can there be cooperation . We would like to organize the sale of your equipment in our region. Sales together with installation. Become a dealer of your plant. What do you say about this ? Thank you!


I have worked for 20 years as a construction manager for various large Irish firms and am now looking for a new opportunity. I would have many contacts in the structural steel/ construction sector.if you could contact me to discuss I would be most grateful. I am very impressed with the quality of your kinetic architectural type bifold and one-piece kinetic hydraulic doors. .


I am a large building builder. I have all necessary equiptment like zoom booms, siccor lifts truck & Trailer to haul. I employee around 10 men at the busy season. We put in around 30 bi folds doors here in Alberta the grain belt of Canada. I would like to maybe a dealer for your door. Please review my web page at maybe we can get together. I like you to notice how strong I make my buildings and I put them on a concrete pile. In my career I've put up approx 330 buildings and my son in law wants to continue the business In the past I've been getting my bi-fold doors from another dealer in Manatoba but your Schweiss doors appear to be better constructed..


I own a custom garage door company in Arizona. We install many of the traditional aluminum frame glass garage doors. However we have recently had many inquiries about stacking or bi-fold glass doors. It looks like you guys manufacture a quality bifold door product. Do you wholesale your doors at all? Or are you strictly direct to consumer? I would love to get in touch with someone who could give me some more details about the doors and pricing.


Hi Schweiss, I am from China garage door factory. we are interested in your Bi-fold doors. Many customers ask us on hangar door now.How can we to be agent for your bi-fold straplift doors in China Market ? What conditions could be agent for your bi- fold doors ? I hope to get your earlier reply. Thanks advance. Regards Arabella 


I'm a sales rep for a steel building dealer in Highland, WI. They have asked me to quote a building with a Schweiss bi-fold door. They sent me the Schweiss quote (33114 MB dated 3/31/2014), but I also need the door loading information and specifications so we can properly design our building. Can someone send me this information in regards to this bid number?


Dear Sir, Please can you furnish me in full details about the standard of your products. I will appreciate it more if you can give me with detail specification. I am working as an accredited commission agent and I am looking for supplier whose products is of good quality as your hydraulic doors and bifold straplift door products. These are among the need items which will be purchase in a large quantities. You can reach me for business opportunities for the supply of your products. 


I own a garage door manufacturing business in Australia specializing is strong, light, clear door panels perfectly suited to large bi fold doors. We also use solidworks. Would Schweiss Doors be interested in designing for me a solidworks model using my panels to meet my customers particular needs for large commercial, industrial and hangar doors incorporating weldments and Microsoft excel? I'd like to be able to easily quote on different size doors, bifold and hydraulic doors for you to get more door sales here. 




Hello, I saw the excellent Washington state RV door on your Schweiss website "Photo of the Day" meant to look like a regular door and was wondering about pricing. How much would a same size bifold liftstrap RV garage door like that cost?   


I need a quote for an 8x8 hydraulic or bifold strap  seaplane door shipped to Vancouver, BC, Canada. Itemize the door cost break down. Do you have a dealer here that has worked with your product or recommend someone here. 


I have a customer looking for a 38' wide x 9'6" high overhead bifold strap float plane hangar door. Please call me with pricing details to include a walk door, remote opener and windows.


Please quote a 12'x9' horizontal lifting carriage house door with a exterior door look similar to the overhead door at the Eastman Estate from Garaga. I have been working in the door industry for 20 years, and continue to offer my customers in Quebec, Canada your superb line of  Schweiss hydraulic doors and bifold strap doors. 


I would like information about large scale custom made doors. Schweiss bi-folding liftstrap doors. I deal in small scale doors and would like to add the Schweiss door line for some door clients.


Do you have reps in Ontario, Canada that will install your bifold hangar doors? We purchased two floatplane hangar doors from your company which will be delivered in May. 


Hello, I am needing to get some spec information on a bi-fold strap door for one of my potential customers. The door size he is wanting is 16 1/2 x 40 with windows and a door in the bi-fold door. I need this for my building supplier so they can engineer the structurals to handle the stress this door would put on the building. Thank You Mike


I work for a Seattle Construction Company. We are building a residential house and I was wondering if you can give me an estimate for 3 bi-fold liftstrap model garage doors. Each door would be 8' wide and 8'8" high.


Dear Sir, we had received your mail, we also a deal with Rolling Shutters, Doors, Gates, Etc., but would like to carry your superior quality bifold and hydraulic doors. Please send the Schweiss Doors catllouges and price list of Doors Hydraulics,an all the things in which you deal Thanking you.


We would like to be your sales rep for Taiwan, a small but growing market in Asian Pacific area. We have clients seeking bi-fold type doors for aircraft hangars as well as for industrial building applications. Most doors width requirements are from 3 meters to 12 meters, height from 3 to 10 meters. If you do not have a sales rep, dealers, etc., in this part of the world, please advise. It would be great to hear from your company to establish businesses. Sincerely, 


Hello. I helped install 3 Schweiss lift strap bi-fold doors for a client, 4-5 years ago in Fanny Bay, Vancouver Island, BC Canada. I was wondering if I could take a course and look after the maintenance of doors on the West Coast (Canada) for you. The other rep. is on your side of the Rockies, Calgary, Alberta. I have a Certificate of Qualification for Electrician (Red Seal) for installing power to door(s) as well. Please let me know with questions, inquiries,resume,etc... Thanks. Theodore B.


My company would like to sale your Schweiss door products and install. Do you have distributors? if so how could my compney get setup.


Dear Sir/Madam, Goodd day! I know your company from your company website that you are a professional supplier offer so many kinds doors. I am glad to have the chance to write to you, and sincerely hope to establish business relationship with your esteemed company. And by our joint effort,to open market in your country. First, let me introduce our company and our new products briefly, we are a professional door accessories manufacturer in China for 15 years, mainly produce: 1.sliding door wheel, 2. door hinge(especially adjustable hinge), 3.end stop,door stopper, 4.upper guide roller bracket, 5.cantilever wheel and so on. These product are mainly used for sliding door,swing door and so on. If there is anything I can do for you and your quality Schweiss doors, please contact me directly, it is my great pleasure to help you as I can. Your prompt reply will be highly appreciated. Thank you &Best wishes. Yours sincerely, Ping Chin 


Good day, Impressed with your web presence on hanger doors ,we would appreciate if you would be interested to do business with us if mutually acceptable. We have a requirement for hanger doors and we think you could possibly be able to quote to us on the same. To know more about us, please visit our website. We are a leading company based in United Arab Emirates in all types of doors and have a large number of prestigious installations to our credit representing different brands. Our immediate requirement is for an ongoing project, which I think could possibly be converted the hydraulic system door manufactured by you. I would appreciate more technical specs, load conditions and other specifics to be able to present to our client to suggest such a conversion from a regular sliding hanger door to a bifold or hydraulic door. The hanger doors we are looking at are quite large. Jamal R.


We wanted to know if you are interested in bringing your Schweiss door products to India and if you are looking at a partner for the same.


I was wondering if you guys were looking for any more installers or installation crews I have 23 years in the door business. I have experience in all phases of installation, mechanical, electrical. You name it I've done it. A foreman for over 15 years running 10 man crews. Flying all over the country installing from standard tip ups, aperture sliders, bi-folds, explosion proof, crane rail set ups. vertical lift panel lifts, high speed fabric doors, monster rolling steel doors with 10in slats, sound proof bi-folds, cantilever style doors with removable mullions. Countless retrofits for tail doors for the the new C-130. If at all interested or just want to talk drop me a line. Thanks Martin Gardner




I was just wondering if there would happen to be any job openings in your business at this time. I will be graduating in may of 09 from Ridgewater Hutchinson with a degree in welding and am looking fora job in that field. Thank you for your time in reading this e-mail an I hope to hear from you either way if there would be a job opening or not Thanks Justin


Hey Mike- We will be trying to contact you personally soon, but just wanted to ask you to keep us in mind for any employee or customer lunches, meetings etc. We are open for lunch Monday, Friday and Sunday and every night. We are flexible to meet your needs and offer pizza as well as pasta, piegas and salads! Look forward to talking with you soon! Scott and Sara W.


interested in welding job. I worked at accurpress Inc. for 14 years as a welder. Wondering what pay is and hours worked are.


I use to live in Minnesota and would always see your display at the Minnesota State fair. Since moving back to my native state of OR, I was suprised to see your doors specified in a project out in Eugene, OR. So the reason for this e-mail is to find out how you will be bidding this project for UofO Chilled Water Plant? I was wondering if you will be just supplier, or supply and install doors? If you are looking for installers for this project, I would be interested. I do have some experience with bifold. I would even be willing to come to your location and receive training if that is necessary.


I am interested in employment opportunites within Schweiss. I have 6 years commercial door sales experience as a factory representative as well as an independent sales representative serving commercial door dealers and installers, material handling dealers and distributors, and end users alike. Your products are very intriguing to me as I recognize the unique strap system you utilize. Please contact me if you have any salesperson needs within the territories of the upper Mid-west. Thank you, Chris T.


This is my curriculum vitae Wagner L. E. Born in 02/march/1983 In Curitiba city %u2013 Paran%uFFFD %u2013 Brazil. Metalworker professional since he is 15 years old, 10 years ago. Working with iron's windows, iron and steel's doors for residence (including garages) or commercial places. Gates (normal in iron or automated). Fences in iron. Purpose: make my best, being a hard work person. have better profits with my job to invest in Brazil. have an experience living in another country, knowing the language and the culture. Build my own workshop of a metalworker in my city. I'm expert in every work like metalworker and I use to lead my team, making big services. Example: buildings and residential assemblage. I'm also ending a course to solder structures in SESI ( Industrial Governmental Courses in Brazil).


We are a Flatbed, Step Deck & Heavy Haul provider with great rates! Our coverage areas are Continental U.S., Alaska, Canada. Please call or email us for a quote on your next loads. Best regards, Bob W.


Have a bucket truck / welding truck. Would like to custom build side doors to act as shade while welding, then cover tool box doors, when closed , to deter theft. Truck sits outside. Interested in hydraulic cylinders,systems,etc., and if you decide to offer this system to the open market as a custom design and make millions, a cut of the profits would be appreciated, since it was my idea. Already got shafted on another product invention in Pittsburgh, then bought it two years later. Thank you


Hi! I'm Carlos, Portuguese, I ask if you seel your products to Europe and Africa, and, if is possible to get your representation to seel your products? If yes what are your conditions? I wait four you, Best Regards and Success! Carlos


We are into manufacturing of designer gates in uganda, using onametal(casted) design, we have seen your products and would like to introduce your products in uganda. Please assist us , and tell how we can venture . You can also visit our web site to see our product range.


i am an aircraft mechanical engineer with experiance 16 yrs. in a&p maintenance(airframe and power plant)maintenance(transport aircrafts)With lisence issued by(THE STATE ORGANIZATION FOR IRQI CIVIL AVIATION) specialest in (turbofan/piston engines) i am also flight engineer on aircraft type(IL-76MD)WITH LISENCE ISSUED BY (THE STATE ORGANIZATIN FOR IRQI CIVIL AVIATION) ALSO I AM A MAINTENANCE ENGINEER FOR LIGHT AIRCRAFTS (WARRIOR/SENECA /SESENA /PRAVO)(A&P) SEEKING FOR JOB IN ANY AIRCRAFTS MAINTENANCE COMPANY IN ANY LOCATON


basically i am a electronics engineer . i am intrested to doing work in your compay. in electronics related job. thanks


name is Tracy. Im 40 and after being in Rx retail for 15 yrs. I want to take my people and customer service skills to use. I have been working for vending company helping place machines in which I've been successful. But vending machines only get placed when it is brought to the owners attention and makes them unhappy we/current vendor. with all the faxes-mails, cold calls and walk ins I've done they just have to wait. the companies name is out there I did my job time to move on. I am inquiring about that sort of job you may need in my area and I want to work as a subcontractor. Meaning I work independently for you representing your company and services place to place asking to put my sticker on their door in case it needs repair. I can do all fax e-mail calls, as I have HOME OFFICE. I don't request benefits being you may only want my for 3 months which should be enough time to get your name out and get a lot of doors stickered. I won't do commission unless its draw commission because you won't see returns until a door breaks. I won't come after you for unemployment or be upset if you don't need me after 3 months. I had a job coach this summer he said rep. or account exec. in the field. im great with people fun friendly but always in a professional manor. This is how I will represent your company. I can dress up or down depending on targets. I have my own car and I must say everyone says this is what I should do. Why? because I do all the things owners don't want to. my friends say I should sale cars but the dealers want you to know or train you which is nice but I would rather be out or in contact with new people. I live in El Sob ante ca which is san Francisco east bay area Ca. I am available for east bay and north bay. I work approximate 32 hrs a week but when I represent someone I do it every where I go. ( this is the lowest according to labor statistics and enough to be happy) That is why I only charge 32hrs. My pay is sort of negotiable but this is more than fair for your company to get name out and to represented professionally. $430 per week check or cash I do my own taxes so 1099 is up to you. An extra $20 to make $450 per week this will make sure I have gas AND bridge fair if needed. if you want reciepts for your taxes I can do $400 but you pay for milege bridge and all necessities, (if 1099 it would be $450 wk) I just want to do something im good at and take care of my kid, by helping someone grow I grow too. I hope to own my own business someday but $ comes first. job is what I need. short term I worked lyres for someone else now I want to do MY work FOR someone else. .I can do this to help anyone build their business so if you know someone who needs someone like me, please refer me to them. I really appreciate your time and sincerely hope you will get back to me. Thank You SINCERELY, Tracy


Please forward to the HR Manager.... I am inquiring about a possible opening for a drafter at your company and would like to apply. Are you hiring and if so, would you accept my resume and correspondence to apply by email? Looking forward to hearing from you, Best Regards, Suzette B.


We are a door company in the Las Vegas, NV area and were looking into getting into the hangar door installation and maintenance business. We would love to be placed on your list of vendors for the Las Vegas area. Also, we would love to have the ability to use your product in any projects that may present themselves here. Thank You very much and we look forward to working with you in the future.


We are interested to be your agent in the golf area if you do not have an agent. Please replay by e-mail a.s.a.p. Abdulaziz Gen.Manager.


My Name is Paul M. and I was looking at your web-site.. I see that you are using a Gas Spring for the hydraulic lift of the doors... I am a Gas spring manufacturer and we make all kind of gas struts and hydraulics.. We are very competitive and we can manufacturer any size or lbs of gas spring. Our European engineering is FREE and we will provide your company with FREE samples.. Please give me a call and I would enjoy speaking with you. We are a very talented company and we make all kind of springs. We also make what is called a traction spring which does the opposite of a gas spring. It pulls the rod into the cylinder instead of pushing it out. We also make friction springs and lockable springs... Thank You Paul M. Vice President


dear sir i am warking 7 years for roller door company in sri lanka i would like to wark for u pls let me know if u have any oppatunaty thnks


I visited your stand at the Air Venture in Oshkosh, took some pictures and talk to Mike Schweiss. We would like to represent your company in Chile. We actually work in mining, forestry. celulose, construction, I'm sure that we can do an excellent job selling this bi-fold doors. Wishing to hear from you soon, receive our best personal regards. Marcelo General Manager Sermagrep S.A.


dear sir thank you firesr for your intresting to read my massage i would like to inform you i have good experiance in overhauling and maintaining for all hydraulic air craft jacks and i have diploma in same postion hydraulic technician from egypt institute from 1993 and i hope to find in your company any vacent in same postion thankx and i hope to hear from you as well best regards technician yasser


Dear Sir or Madam, Our compny------Qingdao Yida rubber co.,ltd, is a lead rubber product manufacturer and exporter in China, specializing in manufacturing the following products: 1. Extruded Rubber Product: Rubber Seal, Rubber O-Ring, Rubber Gasket ect,. 2. Rubber Mat: EVA Mat for sport & Rubber Mat for animals 3. Rubber Sheet: NR,CR,EPDM,NBR,SBR,Silicon Rubber 4.Rubber Hose,Rubber Tube 5. Skritting Rubber All the product can made accord to the customer's requirements. If you are interested in any of the above items, pls feel free to contact me! Kind regards! Sales Manager Tom


We are XIAMEN TAILISHIN IMP&EXP CO.,LTD. As lead company at local area, we have more than ten years experiences in selling pvc sheet for door and furniture, window. and also we have rich experiences at after service. Our product has very good quality and made by import materials (not made by waste plastic materials) and world lead craft, that's why our product has very good quality reason. Now we have full honor to establish cooperate relation ship with your company. Our pvc sheet surface can make like the oak, rose wood, cherry, black, and colors. We have more than one thousand color and grains. Every standard of the product accords with standard EN71, RoSH demand in Europe. Our product specification is: Thickness:0.1mm-0.5mm width:980mm-1400mm If you have any interesting in our product. Please don't hesitate contact us Looking forwards for your reply best wishes and regards Yours sincerely roger


Dear Sir, I just want to confirm if the company planning to step in indian market ,as it is the place in present time where all major international brands are entering. I am working in this industry from 10 years having good exposure in North india and have the capability to launch any product relating to constructio. Waiting for yopur reply ,if the company give me an opportunity to work with .Presently working as Hardware Consultant in HafeleIndia. Regards, Yashwant


are you represented in Africa if not i would like to look at the opportunity of becoming an agent for South Africa.


I would like to hear from you if you would like to make me one of your team members. I would also like to work for you overtime and expand my career skills and keep on practicing on dimensioning project with you. You can also get my help to traslate spanish to english in times of need. I just need to have one chance to try out and I will try to be the best and over check my work.


Dear Sirs, We have taken your name and address from Taiwan Trade Directory made to understand that your biggest Manufacturer and exporter in your country. We take to introducing our selves to you that Our company is well established import and export company in Bangladesh. Also, we are very interested to import and marketing with sales and control your products Bangladesh market whole area as a Sole-Agent basis . Please send catalogues with quote most competitive price by EMS or any sprite postal service for our selection and market evaluation. Upon receive your competitive prices we will place the order as early as possible. We are export Stainless Steel Scraps from Bangladesh . If you want to interested import Stainless Steel Scraps please contract us without hesitation. We shall be highly appreciated your early reply. Thanking you and looking forward to your favorable response by return mail. Lot of thanks & Best Regards