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Need some assistance installing a door in North Dakota.


Looking for a 10 X 32 foot bi fold or hydraulic door. What would be the cost fob Fargo, North Dakota? thanks. tom sands


Need a price quote on a 50 x 18 bi fold or hydraulic door delivered to Whapeton, ND Also what I’d delivery time Thank you for your prompt response!


I have one of your hydraulic doors on my hangar in Tea, SD. I need to purchase a replacement antenna cable for the remote control system and an additional remote control. Please contact me with instructions to purchase those items. Thank you, Jack


I am bidding a project out in Western ND and they have no specifications other than it needs to be a hydraulic door. The opening is to be 57'-8" wide x 14'-0" tall. I would like to have a conversation with someone about this so please call the office or cell I've provided today if possible. Project bid is due in 10 days


I am Customer Service Project Coordinator with a project going South Dakota. I am looking for a download of the Hydraulic Door installation packet and spec. sheets so we can design our building. We have 50' x 18' framed opening on a gable end of the building. I have having trouble getting the information from our builder(purchaser), and I need the information so our engineers can design our building. Your help is greatly appreciated! Mark


I'm working on a hangar plan in Marion, SD. Just trying to get some rough numbers together by Saturday. Looking at one, possibly two 40' x 12' hydraulic hangar doors with insulated panels. Thanks


Looking for a door to replace the sliding doors on my shop in Sioux Falls, SD with a one-piece hydraulic door. The opening is 9' high by 12 " wide. I would like windows and have it insulated. Thanks


The cable on the main drive shaft snapped on my bi fold from a different manufacturer. The next time you have people in north central ND I would like to upgrade the door with Schweiss' lift strap systems. contact me for further info.


I would like to retrofit my 40 ft long by 46 ft wide Quonset building located in SD with an insulated hydraulic door. The door will replace the sliding doors on the end wall. I would like a quote for the door as well the whole job. Just call me if you need more info. Thank you.


I would like to retrofit my 40 ft long by 46 ft wide Miracle Span Quonsett with an insulated hydraulic door. The door will replace the sliding doors on the end wall. I would like a quote for the door as well the whole job, including shipping to Lemmon, South Dakota. Just call me if you need more info. Thank you.


Hello, I have a 40x60x16 steel shop. Id like to change the sliding doors out to a hydraulic door system. (I live in SD and chipping ice away from the doors in the winter is getting old) I see you make a DIY kit for the hydraulic door. thanks for your time, Daniel


Looking to replace my sliding door on my machine shed, I lost my measurement, there 2 sliders approxiamately 10'x13' each. This is a cold storage building currently with heavy corrugated galvanized panels and wood framing from the 60's I believe. please give me an idea what it will cost to replace this door with a hydraulic door. Thanks, Mitch


Looking at the option of putting bifold doors on a new construction residential home in Bismarck, ND. We would flush mount the doors with inset installation and match some ribbed metal siding with cold weather insulation and stripping. Bottom elevation of roof trusses planned to be 10'10" above floor elevation, so some flexibility in wedge size and header elevation available. Looking for material, shipping, and installation info. Thanks, Carl


Working on a airplane hanger in Ipswich, SD. Building is 81x60x16. Customer would like a 75' wide hydraulic hangar door. Height as tall as you can in a 16' Sidewall.


I am needing a price on a 44'x15' hydraulic door for a hangar located in Kimball SD as well as specs for the girder truss so I can get that quoted as well. Building is 60x60 with the door on a gable end. Thanks


Do you install the doors if I were to purchase one. I have a build with 20'x12' wood frame clear span not much of a truss desin. Might need to restructure the openings to support door. I would like a single hydraulic door see my two doors are different sizes one is 16 ft wide one is only 14 ft wide. I want to get a quote with for an insulated door including the shipping cost to Larimore, ND.


Want a quote on a hydraulic barn door... we are looking at putting up a 60x75x20 building and would like to see the costs of a 36' x20' door, we will need it insulated as it can get pretty cold here in North Dakota.


I am looking for 2- 40' x 12' Bi-Fold and a 40' x 12' Hydraulic door for an airplane hangar we are looking to build in Canton, SD. Please give me a call. Thanks


I have a client that is looking for an unusual entrance door into his existing corporate office space in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. 30' x 80' opening. Your doors might be a great fit. Can you help? Bill


I have one of your 26 by 13 ft. hydraulic barn doors and was looking to get a second on a new garage I'm putting up, ity will be for my classic cars so I will need it insulated and weather tight. Do you have a representative near Harrisburg, SD that can take a look and give me an estimate.


Looking to quote a customer who is putting up a 100'x280' fabric roof structure and would like to install a 50'x 20' hydraulic door on the gable ends. The customer is 20 miles from Fargo, ND. Is this something you would be able to quote?


Can you give me an approximate cost on two 44 ft wide hydraulic garage doors. 13 ft high. Need them to keep out the cold too, we live in North Dakota, so we'll need insulated doors. Thanks, Bryan


My wife and I are building a hangar home in South Dakota. We will be needing a hydraulic hangar door in about 3 to 4 months. I met (by coincidence) Mike Schweiss at a convention May 20, 2016. He was at the hotel that my brothers wedding was being held the next day. He told me to contact you for complete pricing and details. Please call because I have a few questions pertaining to costs, shipping and installation as this is all new to us. BTW, Our hangar is a 12" concrete block building poured solid. Thanks so much! - Gary and Vanessa 


We are a consulting company in Sioux City, SD, doing research into the use of horizontal bi-fold doors for a project in early design. Would you be able to provide some basic information regarding the systems you offer for architectural storefront application? Please see below questions. -Size limitations of door panels (currently each folding partition is ~10m high and as wide as possible is preferred) -Size limitations on glass in the doors. Capacity to incorporate custom glass makeups. -Provisions/requirements for air/water tightness (especially at sill). Sill drainage track/locking? Air/water tightness performance data of system if available. -Deflection requirements of support/framing members (expected maximum WL ~65psf) -Operation requirements (doors are intended to be used on a daily basis) -Options for customization (such as adding custom beauty-cap to exterior/interior) -Ballpark cost estimate (based on square footage or per door?) Any assistance you may provide is much appreciated!


New project bidding for an Event Center in Sioux Falls, SD. Schweiss is listed as the approved manufacturer to provide the hydraulic lift doors. Please email me quote and specifications/drawings. Thanks!


I am converting half of a pole-barn garage to a studio in Aberdeen, SD. I want to fill the 9' wide x 8' high opening with French doors & a window. But I would like to have the garage door to cover the new windows when I am out of town or it is snowing (we get some serious cold here). Is there any way to convert the existing three part overhead door to an exterior hydraulic door like awning type set up? (So it would somewhat match other side). Do you provide hardware only for such a door? Any other suggestions.? What is cost of a new door for this application ?


I'm planning to build a wood hangar near Custer, SD in the summer of 2018 or 19. I currently live in AK and talked to your rep at the AK Airmen show. I will need a door that will fit a Cessna 185 on floats(about 36' x 13' x 27'). I didn't see any sizes or prices on your web page. I'm thinking it will be a hydraulic door. What size would you recommend? How much extra space on each side and on top of the door I need? About how much would the door cost? Do you install the door? I haven't had the building designed yet, any recommendations?


I'm interested in a stylish bi-fold door for our covered deck. We are building a new house in South Dakota and have started construction. I'm looking for one with mainly glass panels, approximately 9' tall by 14' wide.


We are looking at building a machine shed for winter storage of our semi-trucks in colder months. Current preliminary design of the shed is 150'x70'. Would have 18' sidewall clearance. We would be looking for a quote on a set of two bi-fold doors 45'-50' wide. Maybe you have a set increment for door widths? Do a quote of two bi-fold doors with no windows and also a set of doors with one set of windows roughly eye level (4 windows in each door, 8 total windows). Please include shipping quote, our shed will be in Fargo, North Dakota.


I would like a quote on a hydraulic barn door 17'6"(h) x 64'-0"(w). It will be installed in upper North Dakota so I will need it to be insulated and weather tight to keep out the snow.


Need a quote for two 50x18 flush mount hydraulic barn doors installed. Customer is in Minot, ND. Building will be a pole barn Door will be on a bearing wall. I have not received the preliminaries back from the engineer yet but believe the beam above will be at least 38 inches tall for the 50' span.


We are bidding on a hangar door replacement at our local airport in Grand Forks, ND and I'd like to get a quote on a hydraulic hangar door.


I'm looking for a price on three 30' wide x 16' high clearance bifold doors for my hangar in North Dakota. I also want to compare to the hydraulic door, also how much for a 40' wide door compare to the 30', being put in a steel building on the gable wall, 120' long wall,


Looking to build a hangar at the airport in Minot, ND. Would like to get a ballpark price on a bifold door which would be 42 feet wide and an open height of 14 feet with overall height of 16 feet. Please advise budget pricing ASAP. Thank-you


I'd like to inquire about a single piece hydraulic door for a pole barn we are building in South Dakota. The door would need to be 30x14 and insulated. Is this something you can give me a quote for?


I need a quote for supply & install of an overhead hydraulic swing barn door, Clad with powder coated alum storefronts frames & 1" insulated clear glazing(2- 1/4" thk with 1/2" space in between) with 8 equal panels of the following sizes: 1) 9'-9" L x 8'-10" H 2) 9'-9" L x 7'-2" H delivered to Dickinson, ND


I am building a residence in Rapid City, SD, and have a customer who is looking at building a small hangar on his property. we are pricing out 9' x 40' hydraulic hangar door, insulated if possible. can you contact me for more details? Thanks! Peter


I am looking for a hydraulic door to mount on a steel quonset on my farm near Huron, SD. It is a 14'high and 22'wide door. I only have 110 volt power but would consider a battery operated system if it was available. I'm hoping your door will be an option for our building.


I have a large steel building. The entry doors are like barn doors I'd like have those removed and have a hydraulic barn door installed. Assuming this can be retrofitted I need a ball park figure so I can budget it into other things like insulating the inside 1800 ft. If it helps the front side of the building is approx. 16ft height 30ft width.


I am looking for a 42*40*12 pole barn/hangar for my CubCrafters CC11-160 Carbon Cub. I need an idea for a hydraulic hangar door of 38 ft on the 42 foot side of the hangar. I am in preliminary design with a contractor here in Fargo North Dakota. Regards, Carl


looking for a quote on a 35' wide 16' high hydraulic door for pole barn recently constructed near Spearfish, south dakota


I live near watertown, North Dakota and I need a price on a 36x16 hydraulic hangar door. Used on a hangar for a Helicopter in a Commercial non-airport setting. Standard wind-load ratings AND 110 mph upgrade please as an option. Door will be insulated and covered with Steel 3 ft wide Standard Siding/ roofing material. Building is made of Steel I have not seen the plans, I received this info from the general contractor.  They are checking to be sure the plans are calling for an actual 36x16 door, and do not expect that to be the clear opening. The bldg has 18ft sidewalls. What is the clear opening on a 16 ft tall please?


Looking for pricing on hydraulic hangar doors at least 40' wide for an airplane hangar in North Dakota. We just bought a 40'x16' hydraulic door from you but also wanted to see on price for 7 to 8 doors for building. Thanks and look forward to speaking with you. Thomas


We have designed a facility for a local church in Fargo ND. The Gym's west wall will have 3 - 8'x12' overhead doors ~ clear anodized aluminum, 1/2" insulated safety glass (low E). Tube steel provided in jambs for support. This is a new building with 30' clearance at this wall. Can you get me a price for these doors?


We are designing a local high school building in South Dakota and we will be incorporating 3 glass bifold doors. All are 11'-8" tall, widths are 24', 28' and 36', with 1" insulated glass. Could you provide weight and detailing and safety accessories information? Thank you.


I need to get design information on a 60'x20' lift-strap bi-fold hangar door to price out a building. Project is in Mobridge, SD.  Thank You


I need a price on a 40' X 17' bifold door going into a Nucor Pre Engineered Metal Building. Location is New Town, ND, 115 mph wind rating. Strap Lift. Need a price asap Call David


I am looking for budget cost on a door for a machine shop in Hartford South Dakota, height 12 feet width 24 feet or 20 feet would prefer hydraulic, I am willing to consider a single door can the door be insulated ? what R value?


I would like to put two doors on my existing wood framed quonset style shed located near Parkston, SD. I would need to know what framing would need to be done to support one of your doors.


Hi I am looking for an 11' 9" w x 10' h door with a walk door built in. Could you send me a quote for both the bi fold door and the hydraulic door. The door is for the end wall of a newly built steel quonset located in Lincoln, North Dakota. If you need more details please email me. Thank you for your time.


Hello, I am a Steel Erector in Valley City, North Dakota, looking to purchase a standard commercial style hydraulic door at approximately 24'x 52' Would like to discuss: 1. Rough cost 2. Wedge dimension options for this size door 3. Engineering options for jamb and header Please call


I need a price on a 50x14 hydraulic door for a Steel Building Job will be in North Dakota. call me for questions i need the data so we can price our building


I live in upper North Dakota and I have an old hangar door that needs rubber seals top and bottom. Please send details and pricing. Door is 43' wide and my biggest gap is 2.75". the frame of this bifold door is made of 2" sched 40 pipe. We have quite a bit of wind here and I'd like to keep the dirt out. Dirt is a problem. Also it is cold here, i.e. -25 sometimes, but I'm a fair weather flyer. I was planning to use 1/16" thick cloth inserted neoprene. 12" wide for the bottom seal, and 9" wide for the top. Do you sell material like this and if so what are your prices and delivery time, etc. Ease of installation would be a plus if you have advice for that, too it would help me with this DIY project. Thanks. Samuel


Like to get a quote on a 40' x 12' hydraulic door. Like the quote to include a turn key price including door, trim, sheeting and installation. The door will be installed in North Dakota. Please email quote today to above email address. Thanks Fred


Looking for cost on a one-piece 14ft high x 22ft wide hydraulic garage door with installation included in the price. Do you have installers here in South Dakota?  Thanks, Chad


I have a non-schweiss cabled bifold door on a building located in Hitchcock, SD. The present opener has a broken gear box. The door is 20x14 framed with 11 guage square tube. I saw a demo in Mitchell South Dakota... The person there said that they could put a strap system on any door.


I would like to order a 50 ft tall by 30 ft wide hydraulic barn door, we live in North Dakota and will need it insulated and weather sealed.


I have a Behlen Quonset that has sliding doors here in Horace, North Dakota. I am considering whether to build a new building or put some money into my old building. What I would want in the new door is an insulated hydraulic door with a walk in door, probably a couple windows. The rough opening is 20' 3.5" wide, and 14'6" high. Please provide me with a quote for this door installed.


Im looking for a bid for a door for a new construction wood bulding. 50 wide by 20 high, bifold or hydraulic, id like to see both prices including the price of instillation. It would not be insulated. And I don't need nice windows in it, would like a few small peeking windows in it so I could see outside when its closed.


I am looking for a 45' x 22' one piece hydronic door for a farm shop door in North Dakota. Do you have a company in Canada, if not do you deliver and install in Canada.


Need a price on a 40' x 18' hydraulic door unit to go into a laminated pole building. Building has 20' sidewalls and am figuring 4 ply 2x8 poles. I see that you offer a build your own door kit, I will need it shipped to Rapid City, SD. Thanks


We have three Hi-fold doors on our barns in Canton, South Dakota and they all use cables for lifting the door. I was wondering if it was at all possible to retro fit our doors with your strap system. I'm sick of replacing cables. I do about one to two on each door a year. the door dimensions are 40'x17', 40'x17', and 44'x17'.


Hello, I am in the beginning stages of designing a farm shop near Hazen, ND. I am just tying to get ball park figures on a 40' wide x 16' tall hydraulic door. Building is going to be a wood post frame with concrete floor, roughly 60x80. Door would be on the end of the building facing south. If you could email me or call me that would be appreciated.


What is the cost of a hangar hydraulic door 41' by 14'? Does it have it's own vertical beams that attach to my exisiting beams that support the front of my hangar? Please send me a quote with insulated panels and shipping to Alpena, SD included,


I have a customer that is considering a one piece hydraulic door for their home. Do you have a recommended installer in the North Dakota area.


I am interested in the build your own door option for a hydraulic door, to go into an existing concrete building here in South Dakota. The current opening is 8'11" high, by 10'2" wide. The concrete thickness is 12", with an overall wall thickness including insulation and brick veneer of 23". Looking at the details of the byod page, it would seem like the sub frame could be anchored to the concrete, and hinges and door welded to it. Thanks, Percy


I am looking for a quote on either a bifold door or a hydraulic door with the sizes being 19 foot 10"wide by 17 foot 9" high clear opening. How well does the door do in the winter, it can get pretty cold here in ND and I was wondering how that affects the hydraulics?


I am interested in a 9' X 7' one-piece hydraulic door/wall for my home in Hartford, ND. Could you send me options and prices including insulation and shipping cost. Thanks, Jack


We have project in North Dakota where we are installing 4 - 42'w x ~24'h overhead doors. We are seeking a solution to other than roller type and are interested in your one-piece hydraulic doors. Please contact me. Regards, Errol Frick


Looking to replace sliders on a Butler brand building. I picked up a brochure at Dakotafest in Mitchell SD, on 8/16/16, but did not get a chance to talk to anyone. I'm very interested in a hydraulic door.


I am looking to purchase a 14 x 10 bifold lift-strap glass garage door for a project i am working on. Could you give me a budget please supplied and installed in South Dakota.


I have an older round metal Quonset building on my farm near williston north dakota and I need to replace the rollers at the top of the metal sliding doors. I am checking to determine availability and cost of replacing the sliding doors with a one piece hydraulic door from your company. I do not currently have the dimensions of the sliding doors with me but I am eager to replace them. Thank you.


We have a project in ND, a heritage building being renovated and we we need 2 bi-fold doors for front and rear entrance. Let me know if you are interested and we can set up a call or meeting. Thanks, Harry Project Manager 


I would like to get a quote on a hydraulic door for a post frame building in Rockham, SD. The door would be 24' x 16'.


Hello, we are a custom home builder and have a customer in North Dakota who we are trying to help build their new home and hanger for their plane. Our customer want's one of your hydraulic doors and we have contacted you on style and price, however we are wondering if you have a list of sub-contractors that can install your hydraulic doors in ND?


Looking for a 28 or 30 ft. one-piece hydraulic door. It is for a 68ft. wide Behlen curvette. Need a walk in door and windows in top section depending on vertical supports. Is there much of a price difference? will mainly use bldg. for storing rv during winters here in North Dakota. Thanks, Greg


I am in South Dakota and I need prices on a 40' x 14' hydraulic door and a 38' x 12' hydraulic door, both with insulation. Going on two steel buildings.