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Need to get design information for a 70-0 x 25-0 hydraulic door going to Springdale, AR. Will you provide this for a manufacturer? I am not providing the door but the contractor will be contacting you for pricing.


Salt Lake City Utah, Glazing Contractor overhead doors looking for budgetary numbers for design team. Projects needing luxury doors


Good Morning, Have a project we are bidding in Merritt Island, FL (32953) that has called out a designer hydraulic Schweiss door (53'w x 18'h). We were not provided any specifications. Can you provide a proposal? We appreciate your time and attention to this request. Please feel free to contact me at your earliest convenience.


Construction company working on a new Butler building. I am needing a quote on a door for a hangar project we are working on. The desired opening size is 85' x 26'. Details below.


I have requested also for 2x 8x8 one-piece door quotes as well. looking for one estimate for all of them for job- new wood construction.


I am a Baltimore-based General Contractor that specializes in Pre-Engineered Metal Buildings. I am a dealer for Nucor, Chief and Ceco buildings and do 4-6 buildings per year, including maintenance and restoration of existing structures. I have a current project that requires a Scweiss door and have a quote in process but I also look at many projects in the aviation and marine realm and feel partnering with Schweiss might give me an advantage on these projects. I would be interested to discuss a dealership opportunity and learn more about the products.


Looking to see what contractor options are available in Western Washington in regards to ordering bifold and hydraulic Schweiss Doors. I know prime development is one, but their workload is into the end of next year. Would like any distributor contact information so we can discuss the project with them more specifically. Also looking for a bifold or. hydraulic hanger door.


Can you please provide an approximate quote (builder pricing if offered) for the following hydraulic and bifold strap door options: The area that I need to cover is flexible- it is for an outside pool gazibo - steel beam. The height can range between 8-10 feet and the length over all is 36 feet. It can be two door (15ft each or 1 large door)- which ever is more cost effective. Looking for the most economical solution for a residential application. -Custom Window Wall- As shown on your website- 9ft x 32 ft -Custom Window Wall- As shown on your website- 9ft x 15 ft (2 units) -Schweiss 36' x 10ft' tall glass hydraulic curtain wall door -Schweiss hydraulic door clear opening of 15' x 8'


Need pricing for bi-fold auto latch door (70x24) shipping to Salisbury, MD. Contractor wants you to  include price for four windows,  walk door and remote opener.


We are the General Contractor in charge of building a Hotel & Resort in Grand Cayman Islands. We have some of your Schweiss Designer Door products specified on the project Please contact me so i can explain and get a Proposal from you. 


I am in the planning stage for building a hangar home. I anticipate a 50' wide and 14' high hangar door. Can you advise of the cost for both your hydraulic door and the bifold door with lift straps? Do you provide specifications for the hanger attachment points and requirements? Do you provide specification sheets to attach to my plan to provide to the plan review for permit?


Cape Canaveral is requesting your product for a project we are bidding. please give me a call. thank you




We are contractors in Minneapolis and the project is in North Dakota. We have a large central corridor/pre-function space with curtain walls at either end. We are thinking of using the Schweiss hydraulic door at the far end, opening up onto the patio and need to discuss options.


We build a few large shops and sheds every year up in this part of Alberta and would like to have the option of installing hydraulic doors. A number of years ago we installed one of your doors for a customer and really liked the quality. We are finding more and more demand for the larger doors.


We are a general contractor in mid Hudson valley NY and are pricing out a post frame building for a client and are looking for a price on three(3) one-piece hydraulic doors doors one- is 20'w x 16'ft. high. two - are 16'ft. wide x 14'ft high looking for price ASAP thanks Mitchell


Have a general contractor here that is looking for aluminum and glass hydraulic door for a 14' x 9' opening. I have a sheet with more info if needed.


Good afternoon, I am a contractor and detailer with a Building Company. I have a quick question regarding the door clear width. The stated door width on the final specs of the hydraulic door in question is 40'. The current distance between the inside flanges of the jamb columns is 40'2 1/4". So there is a 1-1/8" gap on either side of the clear distance. Is this acceptable, or do we need to adjust the columns to be exactly 40' clear? Any help you can give would be most appreciated. Thanks, Sarah.


Hello, I am a contractor and one of our clients has requested a hydraulic door. We had looked around and found that Schweiss one-piece hydraulic doors will suit our purposes the best. Regards, Arnold


We have been contracted to build a pole barn and  the customer is requesting a price on the sizes listed below. It would be going on a 60x80x20' or 22' pole building. The customer states he wants a one-piece hydraulic door and needs clearance a minimum of 18' when the door is open. Since it would be going on a pole building, is there anything specific Schweiss Doors can tell me about design for the opening to accommodate the door? I'm available Monday thru Friday from 8-4 at the phone number listed or thru email. Thank you for your help and time.


I am pricing a door for a job I am bidding on. The door is 50'x13'. I would like to compare the price and specs of the lift-strap bifold as well as the one-piece hydraulic door.


I require a budget price for either a Bifold or hydraulic lift door 60' x 17'. My customer is in the building design phase and we are looking for options to offer.


I'm working on a residential project for a client, who wants to build a backyard garage, which also functions as an entertaining space - like a garden pavilion. The walls will be steel-framed glass, and I think that a vertical bifold door might work well for us if we can integrate it with the same framing system and glazing. The door overall size is 4.8m wide, and around 2.8m tall. I would like to get some CAD details of the system, in particular structural requirements, side and top clearances, etc. If there's a local sales rep a meeting would be very useful. Thanks, Sebastian B.


I have a customer who is looking for a bi-fold hydraulic door system. His opening is 19 ft 6 in x 10 ft He will be using a Shunshine door with polycarbonate panels. Can you quote on the hardware and frame required to be able to attach my door sections to your hardware. Thanks, Ben Y.


I've been contracted on a building estimate, and the customer requested a Schweiss lift-strap bifold door. So I am looking for pricing and a dealer/installer near Nebraska.


Hello, I am a recent architecture graduate. I am currently doing some contract work in British Columbia and I am very interested in using at least one of your door. I am looking for 10'x10'. My original thought was lift-strap bifold but I would be curious about the cost of a one-piece hydraulic as well. Right now I am just looking for base price (no windows, etc). Any information you can provide is much appreciated. Thank you, Joe


I'm the pre engineered metal building fabricator. i need the design sheets on your hydraulic doors in order to send into my estimating dept to accurately quote this job. General contractor will be buying the doors, we will only design for the doors. please send these asap.


I am a contractor and developer in SW Florida. A friend of mine is going to build a hangar and wants a hydraulic door. Can you deal with our wind requirements? Jim


My contractor loves Schweiss doors. Please quote a bi-fold door with columns and truss to support a 60' x 28' clear. bi fold door. the metal building has sliders in it now. tying the truss back into the existing building will not be a problem we can do that but the building is not tall enough to fit the bi-hold door in so the truss will have to above the roof line.


Hello, I am an architect working on a parks office building in WA and was hoping to get some preliminary pricing on a glass hydraulic door similar to the Denver Contractors office on the Must See Photo Schweiss Doors website. And also a glass bifold patio / garage door. The size would be 8' tall by 10' wide. Beautiful door you made for the contractor.


I am designing a residence in Connecticut and on Long Island Sound. It must be raised 8' from grade to allow storm water to flow through to meet code. We can use an "open" panel that allows water to flow but I am looking at a horizontal hydraulic powered set of doors made from horizontal slats of iPe so the panels can lift up under the house to be out of the way and also for access to park cars under the structure. I would like to send you the current drawings as work in progress and discuss how you might help our contracting business in fabricating these hydraulic doors.


I am working with worldwide steel company on a hangar which is being designed to accommodate 54'x 14' hydraulic door. The hangar will be located in Idaho. Can you provide me a quote on such an item and all hydraulic door accessories that are available? Thanks! 


I have several customers with your aircraft doors. I need some hydraulic door technical maintenance manuals and advice in regards to replacement parts and adjustments. I'd like to have someone contact me, so I can provide this service to my customer. 




I am a project manager/designer with a OH construction/development firm and we are currently in the schematic design phase of a new residential project in Los Angeles and are considering incorporation of an entirely hydraulic operable wall of windows into our design and think that your Schweiss Hydraulic Designer Door system may suit our needs. Please provide a cost estimate for eight hydraulic tilt up glass doors that would be roughly 13' wide and 7' tall each. We would like to incorporate a separately operative swing door into two of them. Additionally, as these doors would be acting as the wall of a residential interior space, we would need these hydraulic doors to be weathertight. Lastly, we will be building the building as modular units built in a factory that will be shipped to the site and installed via crane. Does your system have to be installed by Schweiss representatives? If so, would your crew be willing to complete the install in the modular factory? 


Constructing a new 60x60 building w/21' peak, OK contractor is looking at 3 18' doors. I would like full opening. Not sure if bifold would open enough but your hydraulic door looks interesting. I was going to look at sliding doors, but found out what a pain they can be. Let me know what you might have for my situation and if you can cost it out with a remote openers.


You say: The building contractor, manufacturer or owner is responsible to ensure that the structural design is capable of handling all imposed loads that the door exerts to your door header, wall and building. It's really no problem, I know from past bifold and hydraulic door orders that Schweiss Doors can provide you with easy-to-read spec sheets showing all the forces and building header requirements. I need to quote a building to fabricate for our customer in Benton KS. The Schweiss spec sheet provided us for the 46'x15' hydraulic door by the owner, with a total dead weight of 3499 lbs. includes all information on "the forces and building header requirements". Thank you.


Hello, We came across Schweiss on Architectural Products magazine and the products look very promising. We have several OR houses pending contract so we are trying to update our library with large-scale windows & doors to hopefully utilize them on these projects. Would it be possible to get product information pertaining to your hydraulic door, bifold door and designer door products? Love your hydraulic designer doors.        


I am a district manager and contractor for metal farm buildings. I need to get design information on a 75'x 18'(Clear) hydraulic door. I am trying to price a building and need the clearances and design loading information. Project is going to Nebraska and building is 90'x80'. I need ASAP. Thank You


I need a price on a 60x16 hydraulic door for a job i am bidding next week. Hydraulic Schweiss door is the spec'd door on this project. What specific information will you need to give me an accurate quote.


To Whom It May Concern: I had a contractor customer call this afternoon looking for a price on a 10' wide x 7' high hanger door. Do you folks make such a size or is it too small? Please price if possible. The opening is existing. I heard all your doors are custom made down to less than an inch.


Can you give me the estimated Man hours to install 60x22 f/o schweiss bi-fold Door with liftstraps and autolatches. i am a contractor putting together an estimate please get back to as soon as you can. Really like your doors - hydraulic and bifold.


Can you please send literature on your products for our resource library and future projects. As a contractor I see a lot of inquiries for your hydraulic and bifold strap doors. There's a lot of Schweiss doors in this area of Michigan for hangars and agricultural uses.


Hi I am in Australia, I need 3 doors for 2 hangar projects. Each door is 20m wide x 6m high. I am looking at your one piece hydraulic lift door. Im not sure how we could go about this, whether we buy the hydraulic kit with working drawings and we manufacture the door itself or whether we buy the kit, shipping is the reason for thinking option one. I am a builder and would be interested in becoming an agent in Australia for your hydraulic and bifold straplift doors if you would be interested in discussing. 


We have a client looking at one of your hydraulic or  bifold strap doors for a 16'h x 30'w clear opening. This is a new opening in an existing steel building with 12" brick masonry exterior (non load bearing). We are trying to design and detail the steel needed to support one of your doors. Can you provide us with any preliminary reactions that we could use in designing our steel? Also, we will need to know the height of the header supporting the top of the door. Thanks,


I am a general contractor and really like your hydraulic doors. I'd like direct pricing for hydraulic commercial and designer doors that require glass. Clients have asked us to provide glass and glazing door numbers so we need to see details. Please e-mail us glazing details.


I'm a General Contractor specializing in the construction of pre engineered steel building systems, and I really like your well built doors. We have been asked by an airline company at a Canadian airport to service their Schweiss Bi Fold Liftstrap and Hydraulic One-Piece Door Systems. Could you provide us with Door Service Manuals? We have requests for both your Schweiss Door Systems on construction projects.


Hi, I would like to get a quote from you for a 20' x 15' door. I would like a quote for a bifold and also a quote for the Hydraulic lift door. I am a general contractor putting some numbers together for a gentleman so I will also need to know the loads I need to put on the building to accept either door. Thanks.


we are looking for a creative way to enclose a existing 40x60 pole barn using a Schweiss hydraulic doors used for a agratourism festival in the fall. The structure is wood framed and should handle your door. please send specs to run it by my contractor.


Licensed Class A general contractor needs quote for a custom hangar door. Specs: Roughly 58' wide by 18' tall. Needs to be hydraulically opened to allow full width and height. I have pictures of existing hangar for clarification if needed.