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Hi! We are a shipping container modification company based in Atlanta, GA and we are looking for pricing for the hydraulic doors for the sides of 20' and 40' containers. I wasn't sure if you only sell the full doors with the hydraulics or if the hydraulic systems are sold separately. Thank you for any guidance and pricing you may be able to provide for these.


Looking for a [17'W x 7'H] schweiss bi-fold or single-panel hydraulic door to be installed onto either side of a [20'L x 8'W x 8.6'H] Shipping Container. Available to discuss further details on Tuesday 09/06 in the late morning or afternoon.


Need help with sizing and logistics for a 4' tall by 20' wide single piece opening hydraulic door. this would serve as a security cover to an open shipping container inside a warehouse type building.


Looking at opening a food truck that is made out of a shipping container. would like to have an awning door on one maybe two sides where customers can order. Are you able to make hydraulic container doors like this?


Hi injuring about container doors. I saw a few on your website and I'm interesting in converting a container into a small show trailer for my business. Could I get pricing on small container doors?


Hello, I was wanting to get a quote on a hydraulic lift system. Our company provides modified portable storage units and I was looking to get a hydraulic lift container vessel doors to open a door about 8'x18' on the side of a container and what that might cost for the mechanism.


Greetings We are attempting to build a bar, here in Columbus Ohio, out of shipping containers. And we are interested in having your hydraulic container vessel doors installed on some of the containers. I look forward to speaking with you. Cheers! Felicia


Good morning, I am an Architect from Palo Alto California who is interested in obtaining some cost information with regards to the Schweiss Container with hydraulic or bifold strap doors. We are designing a project for a relatively small site using shipping containers as the architecture and would like some pricing information regarding using your unit to incorporate it into a ground floor cafe/coffee shop use. We would be looking for a container door  unit similar to what you have shown on your website(1 end door and 1 door on the long side about 12' wide), although we'd be finishing the interior in conjunction with other shipping containers making up the space. Any order of magnitude pricing would be very helpful at this early schematic stage of our design as we are budgeting for the project now. thank you and look forward to hearing from you.


I like the idea of your company's "Build your own door" package. Would you do this for a bifold container door also. It is a smaller door and I think a a hydraulic lift would be cost prohibitive. So if it's possible I would like a quote of what a "build your own door" kit cost and also a quote for what it would cost for you to manufacture the whole Schweiss container door set up for me.


Hello we have a 20 foot shipping container and a 40 foot shipping container. we are looking for the container vessel doors the entire side to fold down on both sides so the container will be open ground level. If you could direct us in the right direction for that it would be much appreciated. Thank you


I'm working on a senior community it the Balt./DC suburbs and I have a client request to have a dumpster/compactor container door enclosure on site. I'd like to provide a bifold door that would allow the trash trucks to access the compactors, but be high enough that the truck won't hit the door when it comes in to grab the trash. The opening I need clear is about 20' wide by about 15' high. And I'm hoping to use materials/colors that match the adjacent building to try to make this gigantic bifold container door "disappear" as much as possible. Do you guys have the capability to make a door within these parameters? Thanks! Greg


I need for your information about modified container with open side bifold lift door for coal container. We really have your advice about it. Thank you