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I build custom shipping containers for show booths, tiny homes, hunting pods, etc. and I am interested in your container doors. I would like a quote on the hydraulic moving wall door for a High cube container door.


We are doing a custom container with a pivot hydraulic door in it. Is it possible to have a kit for on parts where the rams and hydraulic unit are sent for us to install? If not do you have any UK dealers that could quote a build and installation?


I have a 20' HC open-side shipping container being used as an equipment room for a project at the OSU Wexner Medical Center. Recently, it has come to our, and the architect's, attention that there is a conflict with the open side door height and an adjacent building that overhangs the new construction. We have considered a series of alternatives and have concluded that a split door setup would be the best solution to the issue. I would like to discuss options, constraints, cost, timelines with someone as soon as possible.


Im intrested to purchase one side door for a 20" container. Full opening up. Can you send me your normal cost and deliverytime for a frame with a gate?


I am looking for a replacement cargo bay door for a standard height 20’ shipping container. Building a custom one off proof of concept for a client and want to do something modern / involving glass. It’s for commercial use and would need to be secure enough to prevent any attempts at theft. I may want something different, that’s the thing, I don’t know what’s available that isn’t super custom and priced out of our budget. Do you have a list of doors that can be installed on a shipping container? Prefer email. Thanks


I am probably looking for something much smaller than what I see on your site, but I love what I see. We are converting a 40' shipping container into a bath house, mostly so the wives and daughters that visit our hunting grounds don't have to use buckets :) Ok, yes and it be nice to have a shower too. Any way, the middle 16 feet of the container will be just open for recreation space and we plan to build a large deck off of it. I really want to find a solution that we can place a 9-12 foot door, preferably with glass, in the side of the container and allow it to open to create a larger living space. I've been looking at roll up doors but their design would not fit across the shallow width (


Making a Beer garden out of shipping containers need a door like your hydraulic container wall but only half height. it would be like 20 feet long by roughly 48" tall


Looking at putting an overhead door on a shop made out of shipping containers. The roof is made with a wood trusses. We have a max height of 20' to work with and need it to open at least 12' high.


Hello I am looking for bifold door hardware/frame maybe just track, hinges, and lift strap system. I essentially want a 15’ long by 7 tall bi fold on a shipping container. I would like to have the original container wall clad to the exterior. Can you quote me for a bifold frame and hardware I can attach the panels to call it an extra 1000lbs of door weight


Interested in the hydraulic lift door for a 20' ISO container on the long side. This will be what you at Schweiss call a Designer Container Door as it will be used as a rolling restaurant door. Can you quote?


I would like to see if I can get a price on a 40' container with both 40' sides opening upwards with Schweiss quality hydraulics. For now just a price of the shell with no other modifications fob your plant. Similar to the red/blue unit or the BeerPod. Just so that both sides are accessible. Im putting together my business plan and just need a ballpark for what this might cost. If I move forward first order will be for one. Then 10 units to follow after proof of concept is approved. Is this possible? 


Due to ceiling height restrictions, we are having to change my Schweiss custom-made container door to a one-piece hydraulic door design. I need a quote ASAP as we're finalizing design