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New design project on a commercial building. We would like to incorporate your designer door into the store front. The door will serve as a decorative piece as well as a canopy and security gate/door. Still in the planning process but would like an estimate on an overhead door like this.


I am redoing an old hog barn into a little shop. It isn't as tall as I'd like for a normal door. From the ceiling to the floor is 94.5" so just under 8' I'd like to get the max amount of clearance I possibly could out of a door for it. I'd like to go to go a double wide strap door wide like 16 foot. But depending on prices if I had to I'd go down to an 8 foot wide. What do you have that could fit? Prices and full clearance heights. Thanks


Hello, Would like to communicate with a local Sales Rep in NYC metropolitan area to discuss a Hydraulic Garage door for a Commercial Building. Size of the opening is roughly 22'wide x 10'6 tall. Please reach out at the earliest to facilitate a conference call with my project consultants. 


I have a customer that is interested in a Hydraulic One-Piece Commercial Door and I am looking for a budgetary price. They are considering two sizes, first would be to fit the exiting opening @ 16'-0" W x 14'-9" H with an alternate size @ 21'-8" W x 14'-9" H. I will also need to know the electrical requirements, they have 120/1/60Hz available so I am assuming they would need different power run to operate your door. Push button activation from inside and outside the building. Please feel free to contact me with any questions. Thank you, Jeff Labuz


Looking for a hydraulic door for a restaurant/brewery. Have ordered a hangar door in the past. Looking for one of your designer doors, mostly glass.


I am building an outdoor bar grill area that I would like to have open on three sides and thinking these doors would be perfect. I want 3 hydraulic doors, my plan is to have 2 8' H x 12'L and one 8'H x 14'L.


Hello, I am building a new restaurant 32' x 54' and an attached dining area 20' x 18'. 16' tall walls with 22' ceiling height. Wood construction. I would like a quote for 5 Schweiss hydraulic bay doors. 2 hydraulic doors 16' wide x 12' tall 2 hydraulic doors 12' wide x 12' tall 1 bifold door 8' wide x 10' tall Thank you, Buck


Looking for a one piece hydraulic door for a new storefront. 37' wide X 15' high (least expensive as possible). Size can vary some if needed. Thanks


I am a contractor and need to quote a glass paneled hydraulic door 20ft long and 10 feet high for a client who is building a restaurant, and wants the patio area to have a large opening.


I running a small shipping business and I would like to install 2 hydraulic doors for my loading area. I'm in Oregon, and if you have any installers or dealers in the area to come out and look at the opening to see what would work best.


Hi, my name is Aaron. I own a door company in Colorado. I have a client interested in a hydraulic doors for a store front application. Hopefully a Full-View type. I would love to speak with someone and to get a quote when convenient. Thank your for your time.


Needing quote on commercial hydraulic door 20'x15'. Mounting into a 44'x20' restaurant building. If door needs additional header or side posts in building please advise. Thanks, Kyle


Looking for a quote for hydraulic doors for a hotel in Michigan. The owner is looking for a product more in-line with their budget.


I was wondering if the hydraulic doors come in widths between 20'-30' or if thats too wide. If so what would a price range be on something like that? I was looking at designing a store that was 60 ft wide but could open up to an outside arena as well. Thanks for your time.


I am in the process of bidding a store for a large retail chain in TN. Spec call for 14'-0" clear height x 32'-0 clear length. Your company was listed on the bid package and I would like to get a quote for this door. 24 ga. painted panel rob, rigid foam plank insulation, steel or aluminum. Please email me with a cost of the above and shipping to Troy, TN. Thank you, Tyler


we need pricing for a 20'x 13'5" hydraulic door for a small retail building, we will be creating a new opening with steel jambs and header, a bi-fold option would also be ok let me know your questions thanks Donny


I'm looking for a quote on a hydraulic door for the loading area of my store that has the dimensions of 50' x 50' x 16'. If you could recommend a door size, I'd appreciate it.  Thank you.


Need price and timing (installation) for a glass paneled hydraulic door in an 8'x8' opening (garage door) for my storefront in Berkeley, CA. I need a door to be installed soon and I'm comparing standard (sectional/rollup) types as well. So please provide info soon. Best is to email me or text me. Thanks. Mary


I'm an architect in Chicago and am interested in learning more about your services for one-piece hydraulic and bi-fold doors. I'm also interested in receiving some pricing information per the specs provided below. Thank you! Clarifications to the specs below: building: the building is an existing precast structure with existing openings that used to have overhead garage doors. we are converting the space into a performance venue and are interested in bi-fold OR one-piece hydraulic doors that would be made of glass in a steel frame. Each opening is approximately 12' in width and 14'-6" in height. We are considering using these doors for 4 - 6 openings.


Send an email quote. I need a 24'W x 16'H hydraulic door with glass panels for the front of my auto body shop. Currently there are two 12'W x 16'H overhead garage do in use and they don't look very nice. High wind area. Loss of a foot in height would not be a problem.


I am working with a building owner and their insurance company on an existing commercial building that had a Brand-X folding door with rough measurements of 40' wide x 17' high. Is this a door that you can manufacture? It was aluminum framed and metal cladded / sided. Thank you in advance for your time and help!


I am looking for a hydraulic door for my brewery. I am looking for a quote for garage door that is 12' wide by 10' tall. This is a restaurant, so I am hoping for an attractive and functional door that is designed with the restaurant seating area in mind, i.e. no greasy track rails or dust falling onto customers plates. Thank you for your time, Evan


Good Day We are costing out budget numbers to build a commercial space instead of continuing to rent. The Plan is to install two doors, one at each end. The building is 80x80. We are looking for a door around 30' x 18'. It can be a bit smaller, I don't know where the price jumps. Second door, about 28' x 12'.


Would like a quote for the following: 20ft wide by 14ft clearing hydraulic store front door. 90 mph wind load (3 second gust). Will be installed in a steel building. Include engineering, materials and delivery to Idaho. Please send quote for bifold and hydraulic options. Email is best. I would also like a catalog mailed to me with prices if possible. Thanks.


I am the General Contractor working in Indiana. We are working on a re-design for his proposed building conversion to a restaurant. I'd like to get a quote from you along with preliminary hinge locations and associated loading and weights of the doors for a 20' wide x 18'-0" clear opening height hydraulic door. I'll need to know the over-all height to the hinges on the hydraulic. Would also like to give them the option for a bifold Door. Please advise wind loading and column reaction loads at the door jambs. We will be re-designing the clear span truss that will be creating this door opening. Please advise ASAP.


Hello. I am a structural engineer and we are looking at using a hydraulic wall in New York City, indoors inside a busy restaurant (so only minimal 'wind' load), with extra acoustic resistance. The wall will be 16 feet high. We are very early in the project design, but I would like to have a weight estimate for the system (in pounds per linear foot, I presume) to begin planning impact to the existing building structure, which is steel framing. Thanks, Earl


Need budgetary price for a 20' wide x 12' clear hydraulic door for my auto body shop. This will be my second door from your company.


I am interested in a one piece hydraulic door for our auto dealership. I want the door to be glass and sit flush when closed. It will also need a double walk door for access. I want the door to be mostly invisible to blend with the building then lift up to easily move cars in and out of the display area.


I am looking at pricing for a hydraulic door for my store, 40'x35'. This is going to be a new construction.


I am looking for budgetary pricing for a 30' wide by 10' high swing out hydraulic door. It would be used on a new retail store, for the loading area. No man-door required. Any bottom structural element should be on the inside. The structure supporting the door could be made of steel, the building is only at the architectural design stage at this point. Time frame is about one year out for the actual build, but I need the preliminary Budget numbers in the next few weeks. Delivery would be to Gray Creek, British Columbia, Canada. Thank You. Stanley


We're interested in a one piece hydraulic door for use in a retail storefront application on the Las Vegas Strip, similar to the Under Armor example with signage on the leading edge of the door in the open position.


Looking for pricing on (2) 15' x 12' bi folding doors for my store front, it's a furniture store, and having a large door in front will help when I need to move things around easily. Please let me know if this is something you can help with and i can get you all info,  Thanks John


We are remodeling a hotel in Las Vegas and we will be needing 3 Schweiss Bifold with Polycarbonate Frosted Panels. Specs are 9'0" W x 10'0"H. Please let me know what the price and install would cost.


Was looking at the Metal Shutter House Door on your site if Bi Fold but I was not sure if the height I need is too low to look good as a bi-fold. The One Piece Hydraulic commercial door is nice also, I would need this as a glass/ metal frame door. Was not sure of the weather seal at the floor, how that works. Thanks


One of my customers has a 56 wide by 25 high opening that he needs a door in, it's for an  industrial plant that makes large concrete pipes. They epoxy the tubes and they need a door to keep things dry and moisture down inside the storage room, can you provide me a quote for a hydraulic door with a finished opening size of 56' wide and 25' high. Do you supply the structural engineering that is needed to hold the door? Thank you, Steve B.


We want to meet with a rep to discuss possibilities of custom overhead hydraulic doors for a commercial retail project.


We are specifying your product for a mixed use project in Los Angeles, CA. Could you send me typical cad details for hydraulic glass door? It will be for retail spaces. Thank you.


I spoke with someone at Schweiss Doors yesterday regarding a hydraulic commercial door project we are working on in Savannah, GA. We are currently indicating vertically lifting hydraulic power doors in our documents and need details for head, sill, jamb, and middle conditions. Would you please forward these and any other details you have to me 


I am building a commercial warehouse in NE and need a shop door for a 20X14 opening I like the hydraulic but would be interested in others. I would like to find out the prices on different doors for this opening. It is a standard pole building.


I have 2 NJ commercial door openings I need to put a hydraulic door in both of them 8' x 8'. If possible I would like a window in each. Could you please give me a price on that. the side columns are 8" x 8" redwood pillers. Will I need to beef up the side columns and header?


We have a storefront design which intend to install a Hydraulic Schweiss glass door for a restaurant, size: 18'-3" wide x 9'-4" tall, above 2'-8" curb wall. address: Montgomery, AL. Need technical support and price quote. Please contact us ASAP. thanks.


The existing KY commercial building has 14'0" from the floor to the ceiling. The owner wants the door opening to be 14'0". I assume we will need to beef up the single roof truss on that end of the building. The existing building is 54' wide. Advise me how to proceed to get a hydraulic commercial door put in.


Hydraulic Designer door - All glass - All safety features - This will be for a retail space in AR please call for more details, Thanks 


Window and door retail/wholesale store in BC, I buy most of my products in Spokane, WA for my standard doors and have a customer looking for a hydraulic door for a 14 x 14 opening with a 14 foot ceiling height. Insulated door, no glass, as much of the opening clear as possible. Thanks, Paul


Hi, Re: The Mall at the Miami, FL Worldcenter Project, Miami FL. I just wanted to verify the availability of AutoCAD Details and we may need some planning assistance with regards to placing the Schweiss hydraulic doors in large alcoves at the Exterior Walls. Thank you


Bidding Supermarket Food & Bread Company in northern CA.  Calls for 181" x 168" Hydraulic commercial door with 1/2" laminated glass


Please e-mail me with information on your hydraulic doors and strap bi-fold doors. I have a large NC commercial door project coming up. Also if you have any training on it I might be interest in that as well. 


Considering 2- 30'w x 15'h 3- 20'w x 14' high. Not sure if I want bifolds or hydraulics. Hydraulic doors for this commercial project in UT would be nice.


We are looking for pricing on six different hydraulic commercial use doors, opening are 16'16.5', 20'x19 call me Monday in OR and we can discuss the opening and pricing. 


I need a quote for a hydraulic door. The size of my customer's rough opening is 79.5x97 inches. Would also like a man door. I know this is small for your company but the customer is a commercial business person. Price door with glass, photo eye sensors.


Interested in a bi fold liftstrap door or a hydraulic lift commercial door with wood or glass panels. Insulated glass or insulated solid door.


I\'m one of the owners of a company named Custom Structures, Inc. out of Ashland, IL. I am interested in purchasing a 24\' x 14\' hydraulic one piece Red Power door. I want you to know up front that time of delivery is a key factor in my decision. Please contact me so we can discuss this project further.


I am doing some research to find a company that could manufacturer large hydraulic lift doors for a waste facility where trucks will be driving in and out. Currently our design has two 26\'tall x 30\' wide doors, three 25\' tall x 12\'wide doors, one 20\' tall x 23\'8\' wide and one 12\' tall x 15\'-8\" wide. I believe that our sizes could increase to fit with a modular door size if needed. Is this something your company could manufacturer?


I am working on a commercial building project and trying to decide on an door for the front of the building. I am interested in using one of your solutions but I not sure of how the end result will work, I also don\'t know how you recommend to insulate the door. I like the look of the commercial overhead doors and they come insulated and ready to go. Attached is a photo of what I am building. I plan to use your hydraulic Red Power door approximately 18\' X 14\'. Please give me some examples of how to achieve a clean finished look if I use one of your products.


I have a 100' x 100' x 25' tall building that is currently open on 2 sides. We are considering putting in a commercial rock climbing gym in this building. We want to keep the open design to take advantage of the good weather, however, for the cold months we need to be enclosed. do you have doors (or a series of doors) to cover that kind of footage? if so, what would a ball park price point be? Thanks.


I am looking for 2 Schweiss doors for an enclosed driving range building. I prefer insulated doors and am interested in the hydraulic one piece doors. I would need a quote on a 16ft Wide x 14ft High and also on an 8ft x 14ft. I'm not sure what you would call this building per se, but it is to let golfers stand protected inside while golfing out onto the driving range. If you have any questions, please call me. Thanks.


we are a small, mainly outdoor restaurant that would like to be able to close in an area if cold or rainy--similar to like the bifold designer door pics of a tgif...one thing I would like is a nice walk though door mounted to it. any suggestions would be great.


We are building a patio for an ice cream store. Seems like Hydraulic doors would be a great way to open up the patio for a wide open feel during nice days. Saw pix of a bar in Clear Lake Iowa that did this sort of thing. Any price advantage in ordering 3 doors? THANKS.


Looking for a vertical hydraulic door to use in a commercial application on a truck load out grain facility Door opening is 14'wid and 16'tall door will have to cycle opened and close with every truck so it will have to cycle opened and closed every 8 to 10 minutes


Could you please quote the following: 35' wide, 20' High hydraulic door - used for commercial building Door to be installed in the endwall of a wood frame building.


I would like prices on the Schweiss Large bifold door mechanisms. We would like to use the system in a shopping centre and we have an opening 1200 wide and 2600 high so will end up with two doors 1300 wide bifolding up at a press of a button.


Good afternoon. We would like a hydraulic door for a parking garage on a 40 unit residential building that is under construction in Boston. I would like some assistance in making sure we select the correct door for this situation, and that it will work in the space we have. Please contact me via email and i wil send drawings showing where the door will be located. Thanks!


Looking at hot looking glass door. I should need soemthing far less impressive. Probably hand operated. Needs to be high wind resistant and open in. Wind tight and water tight with almost flush bottom. insulted to temperature and sound. The door would be a closed see through store front 95 % of the time. It would be open on occasion in good weather. I have been mostly looking at hydraulic.