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Pricing 8'x 8' clear anodized aluminum frame with windows, vertical bi-fold door for a commercial application


I am building a 28 x 32 detached storage unit and looking for an estimate on a bifold door (strap) door size 20 w x 10 please - for a lake property in Pequot Lakes MN incidentally. some idea of cost- delivered. can any contractor install or does this require special installers? If so who would you recommend for Pequot area ? turn time to create it delivery options any special building prep considerations - assume mounted externally. std electrical power or higher voltage required. is there a manual crank back up options should power fail Please be so kind as the email the responses and if moving forward I will have the builder we plan to use contact you - we are still in the design stage. thanks


Hi, we've specified and used your products in the past...all good! At the moment, we are specifying your Standard BiFold Door with Horizontal Top Drive (with straps) for a commercial storefront project in Los Angeles and are in need of your AutoCAD files and Standard Specifications for our drawings set. We'd love to get ahold of these files ASAP as our drawings are being reviewed by a City of LA Plan Check Engineer. In addition, our structural engineer is in need of the drawing details. The doors will not have glazing in them but instead will be clad in a lightweight thin metal screen.


We are looking to change to bifold doors from using standard overhead doors for commercial use and reduce costs. Recently we replaced the doors at a commercial waste facility, doors were 14' x 22', 26' x 24' and 26'x26' all sectional doors were replaced with high lift roll ups. Very interested in cost comparison and features. We are in process of replacing other doors for the same company at different facilities.


I have a CMU Block commercial warehouse building that I need an 11'6" tall by 10'wide clear opening in. Basic steel/fiberglass/aluminum door nothing special. Can you give me the dimensional clearances required for a bifold door, approximate cost and the lead times for the door. Thank you. Mark


Necesito comercializar este sistema automático para puertas de garaje. Como lo podemos conseguir?Muy interesado en la puerta biplegable y el sistema de pestillo de correa. Necesita esto para puertas residenciales y puertas comerciales.


Hi, We have a high-end hospitality project in Poconos, PA where we have 3 openings that are 30'Wx8'H. We are looking at using a bifold doors at the openings.


We have a project in Logansport, IN which will need a bifold door. Need door pricing and pricing for lift straps. It is for an Equipment dealer. Door size is 40' by 18'. Eave height is 28'. PEMB will be Butler. Please call to discuss. Thanks, Stan


Looking for 2 bi-fold doors on front gable end wall of new construction Ag building designed to look like an old farm "Feed and Seed" store. Will be conventional 2x6 wood framing on an 8" thick concrete foundation. Larger door is 12x14 and would like it to include a walk through door. Second bifold door is 10x10. Exterior finish of door could be wood or metal with top windows for natural light. There are also two 8x8 side wall doors as well to consider. One is possibly a metal door as a loading dock door and other will be all glass door for a canning kitchen and farm disposal/sales room.


Looking for a price on a 40'x12' bi-fold door to be installed for an insulated shop in Black river falls WI, Thanks Tom


We have 2 65'x18' bifold doors at our shop. my question is how long should the straps last. we open the doors alot here. Minimum of 5-10 times a day and can be up to maybe 30-40 times . The doors have been in service for approximately 8 years. We are a fabrication shop so there is alot of grinding dust in the air which may or may not be good for the life of the straps. Please advise on what a regular schedule for replacement may be in our circumstances. The doors are operating great and we really enjoy them here. High quality product! Thank You Ken


I located you on INet. I am constantly buying doors overhead, man, and bi-fold for clients for whom we made a steel building. I love the look and style of your doors. I currently need a quote for delivery of a bi-fold door 50 feet wide by 20 feet high for Alberta, Canada.


We may use 3 commercial bifold doors total depends on price. Quote installed price for 1 and possible 2 more. One door will mount on a side wall, one door mount on end wall and one door mount on an interior 8" girt partition wall. Roof pitch is 2:12 80 ft. wide clear span. 18 ft. ht walls


Hello, I'm working on a Mall repositioning project in Southern California. I'm hoping to speak with a product rep to discuss an operable bifold commercial glass door solution.


We are looking for a custom "promo" door storefront solution at a mall property. We have a rough opening of approx. 20'W x 30'H and require six (6) 3'0" man doors for egress purposes. We will require an operable section of approx. 12'x12' for moving promotional (cars,boats,etc) items into and out of the mall. We would like the bifold doors to all have automatic locking systems and that can all be opened with the same remote openers.


We have a project in Culver City CA where we want to convert a garage door to a bifold glass panel commercial use Liftstrap designer door and I would like a quote on this. I can send over an image of a style we like. Timeline for install would be May.


Good day, I'm looking for three 9' x 7' bifold commercial use doors for a commercial retail space. Looking for a black frame with full glazing. Located on Salt Spring Island BC. Are you able to ship here? Do you work with any local installers? Thanks


I am inquiring about a bifold or hydraulic door for my business in Ashland Illinois 62612 and would love to speak with someone if at all possible. Most interested in your glass designer commercial use door.


Need a price on a bifold designer style commercial door 55' x 18' (needed clear opening) Location is Melbourne Florida


Hello, We are designing a loading dock that will be a glass box, curtain wall. We are interested in the bifold door for this project. We currently have a 14'0"x14'0" opening for this door. We need a clear opening height to allow a standard box truck (11-12' H) to pull in, is this possible with the commercial grade Liftstrap bifold door? We would like this door to fit seamless into the rest of the building. Thank you.


We are interested in 3 bi-fold-up doors with Schweiss lift strap operation for a new commercial building. My questions: can provide #1- Small size (10'-0" W by 6'-2" H) #2-Manually operated #3-if question #1 is yes, then an approximate price Thank you very much, Gustavo Mur Royal Byckovas Architects


interested in a 12'x14' clear door opening solution for a commercial bldg I'm planning in Stuart, FL i plan 3 openings to accommodate RV's and the city is insisting these openings are at least partially glazed so i'm looking for a proposal for the most cost effective solution either all glazed or not your website is loaded with examples, the nearest to what i need is the RV garage door example in Lynden, WA FL FBC wind load applies and advise to reps in my area for installation. Your custom made Schweiss Doors are in my opinion, the best bifold doors in the world.


I'm looking for a small bifold door to use in exterior north wall of an art studio. The size is 5'-11" wide by 8' high. Not sure if it's Manuel lift or power. Is this something you could provide and install . What is needed to price? Do you have shops? Colors? Can it have standby seam siding overlay ? ETA? Job is in Sullivan Illinois Thanks Scott Love your Liftstrap door design.


Saw in your Gallery the Bifold doors in Brooklyn Ny. I have a commercial strip center with 6 stores about 15 ft widths and 12ft hight was wondering the cost for similar design looking for bifold door security also.


I am wanting a quote on a bifold commercial door for our storefront. I would like it to be glass with a black frame and will need to have photo eye sensors and auto locks.


Hello, I have a commercial fast food restaurant and am looking for a glass-clad bifold designer door for the exterior that can be opened to an outside dining area. What information will you need from me to get the order processed?


I have an old storefront that is currently all glassblock. I would like to replace with a glass-bifold designer door with remote opener and photo eye sensors. I am interested in a price estimate. Window space is roughly 13'X 9'. Thanks, Anna


Our company caters to one of the major tire retail store nationwide. They are exploring to use bi-fold commercial grade Liftstrap operated metal panel doors in lieu of their existing roll-up doors. We do the construction documents for them and I was wondering if you have CAD details of the Standard Bifold door bottom drive so I can have drawings for them? I would greatly appreciate it.


Interested in bifold door to fill opening from of commercial building located at 2045 and 2055 13th Avenue, Vero Beach Fl. 32960. Downtown of Vero Beach with older buildings. Need this to be a hurricane rated door.


Looking for more information on an 40x18 bifold commercial use door with straps. I am spec'ing a metal 60x60 building for a project and the client would like a large opening to move machinery and trucks/trailers in/out of. Just trying to get an idea on pricing vs 2-3 overhead doors. Any other special design considerations for the metal building. We haven't picked a supplier but can most metal building installers figure out the install on these doors? Thanks, Kyle


We are doing a small commercial project in Hinsdale Illinois, got referred to you by a garage door manufacture we use here locally. Looking to Price out the option of a small bifold glass door opening window for a platform tennis court we are renovating. It would be much smaller than most of the stuff I’ve seen on your website. It would be a single window with the hope of having it all glass for maximum visibility when closed, and to open as one. Would have a bar below it for inside outside access and stools. Similar to a picture I saw on your website. Size would be approximately 5 x 6 give or take. So not very large, your process and mechanics may be overkill for this small of a opening, but let me know if this is something we could discuss. It would be something similar to the picture I saw from barrel and bushel on your website, but it wouldn’t need to be hinged, we prefer it to be a solid panel to lift up and down to allow for full glass, no Bars in the glass


I'm in Alaska, and i'm looking at building a bifold strap door for our sawmill/lumber processing facility. The door opening is 14x14', and I have some 4" SIP panels that i will use with a steel framework. Can i purchase operators and mounting hardware from schweiss for either cable or lift strap doors, preferably liftstrap operations? Thanks Ben


I am looking for folding commercial strap door solutions for (1) 10'x19' opening and (1) 10'x18' opening. These opening are existing Store fronts.


We are building couple of structures in Napa, intended as winery and would like to look at options for more bifold strap doors with your company. I can send you the plans if you can provide an email address


Looking for bifold doors for a light commercial project — door width 16 feet / door height 14 feet. Straps only. All glass front.


i am getting quotes for 16’x 7’ glass garage door to convert stand alone garage to a commercial art studio. I like the idea of folding so tracks do not have to be in studio space and I want the door to have a lot of glass.


Hi, I am Seyoon Oh of CallisonRTKL and we are now working on luxury brand car dealership project that will utilize two of your bifold designer strap doors. I have seen your firm have dealership project using bi-fold door in car entry area, and it is very similar we currently looking for. In dealership car entry such as showroom, service entry, we are looking glass door options. Can you provide Revit family of your product for our drawing package work? It will be very helpful our project. Let me know if you have questions. Thanks in advance. Regards,


Hello, i’m looking to speak to someone in regards to your bifold windows that operate with your lift straps, this will be for a commercial application (restaurant) if someone can contact me as soon as possible it would be much appreciated


Hello! I am wanting a quote on a small door for my business. I would like it to be bi-fold with straps if affordable for me, but I am interested in other options if not. The actual door size needs to be between 4.5 ft to 6 ft wide and between 7 ft to 9 ft tall. I would like it to be glass or frosted glass preferably, but again am open to my other options. Thanks! Esta


Wanting to replace 2 role up commercial doors with bifold liftstrap hanger style doors. I am available to discuss Monday the 21st email or call so we can set up a site walk thank you.


Usually available after 3:30pm I'm purchasing a building downtown in Litchfield, MN. The back is a cinder block wall I want to install a door in. Width is approximately 25' wide x about 14' tall. I'd like a commercial grade bifold strap door that has a standard walk in door in it as well. Can I get some options and requirements for how to remodel for one of your doors. Maybe have someone come look at it? Thanks, Samuel


Hi, My firm is trying to locate a large quiet operating Bifold OH door, possibly 22' or more in length for a grocery store load dock. This load dock is adjacent to residential homes so we are required by the city to meet a nighttime noise limit of 47dBA. Would we be able to insulate a door to meet these requirements? What opening types would we be limited to?


New construction Studio solar shop I need three 10’ x 9’ bifold liftstrap doors glass Also on 12’ x 9’ Wood siding Rough openings Are framed I am ready to order Thank you Hugh


We are converting an old (1927) dairy barn into a butcher shop and need a bifold strap door with stainless steel cladding inside liner that gives a clear hoist rail opening, the side wall is 16 feet and we need a door to be open to at least 12 feet.


I would like to speak with a rep regarding two large bifold liftstrap/autolatch doors for a commercial project in San Diego. Please contact me at my mobile number or by email as soon as possible. Thanks.


I would like a quote. Commercial space. It is a price-sensitive project so nothing crazy expensive... coffee shop and retail and we are going for a repurposed commercial barn/greenhouse etc... look The openings for your bifold designer liftstrap commercial grade doors can be 10 feet x 20 feet and three doors all the same size OR We could do 10 feet x 30 feet and that would be two doors. Aluminum and tempered glass would be best but willing to look at polymer or plastic as well. Bi-fold up is cool. Love you to give me an option or two and then pricing... so we are in same $ universe. This would be prior to Christmas delivery. Ryan


Hello, I have a client that has an application for 16 ea 21'-1-" x 14'-4" folding commercial overhead doors for an office building with first floor storefronts. Can you provide pricing for this job so I can provide an estimate to my client? Doors need to be priced out as liftstrap doors with manual latching systems. Thanks, Tom Osborne


New Construction on a commercial building at the Mountain Winery, Saratoga CA. Will need to incorporate the bifold winery doors into an adjacent storefront system. Need details and installer ASAP.


looking for estimate for bifold door hardware (or hardware and door)for retail storefront in Phila. approx. size of opening is 17' x 7'. Bifold door will need to be provided with photo eye sensors and door base safety edges.


We are building a new hardware store and need a 16/0x7/0 high security gun storage door for our stock room. The hall in front is only not very wide making it a problem when bringing a pallet out. What can you do for me to fit this space? It's interior and would prefer it to be hand lift-able.


Contractor invited me to bid a job that on drawings that require a 36' x 16' Schweiss Bi-Fold Strap Door vertical top drive manual latch manufacturer to include all hardware framing system and control panel for installation and operation for commercial use door.


Want to trial a product similar to the Under Armor storefront in Baltimore for a Walmart Location. Outstanding looking decorator storefront door that we would like to come from the factory as a bifold liftstrap door.


Inquiring for product options on a design assist high end residential tower matching cladding bifold door. Owner looking for Bifold Liftstrap or single panel hydraulic pivoting door. Opening 22'-2" w x 13'-2" high and could be split into smaller openings if needed for product configuration / design considerations or cost benefit.


Looking for a Schweiss Bifold door dealer in the St. Louis area. We have a project coming up that will require an operable movable bifold wall system for a car dealership to move cars and trucks in and out of its showroom similar to the Mercedes Benz glass doors you installed in St. Louis. We would like to order one of your efficient folding Liftstrap designer


Commercial building project using three designer style Schweiss Bifold doors, location Palm Desert, CA. Public assembly Building. Size = 20' x 16 ' h. Glazed. Your Schweiss award winning designer doors posted on your Schweiss website caught the attention of our board of directors. We scouted other door manufacturers and have determined your bifold strap doors are superior to all others on the market.


We have a request for a rugged and durable bifold Liftstrap or cable lift door for a 30 x 17 door for a waste transfer station. All-steel bifold steel clad door that can be remotely operated. Can we get prices please ?


We are proposing to install a new bifold commercial liftstrap door in the façade of an existing 3-story masonry building in the Bronx, New York. There will be a new steel framed opening for the new door. We are estimating a clear opening height of approx. 11 feet and a 24" wedge...and a bottom drive configuration. Am also needing a backup system in case of a power outage. I look forward to receiving your quote. Thanks.


We are doing a coffee shop project with 2 existing openings that we want to infill with folding overhead glass/aluminum bifold designer doors. Please let me know who reps your products in the Indianapolis, IN area.


Hi, I bought a commercial bifold from Jeremy Rieke early last year (Jan 2019). It was finally installed this winter. Just wanted to send you a photo and let you know that we really think this is an outstanding bifold strap door.


I have a potential customer inquiring about your bifold liftstrap commercial grade doors. Do you have a distribution center in Seattle area if not what is your nearest location? this is a storefront application; therefore, full view dark bronze or black anodized with clear glass for starters.


Just bought this commercial building and I would like to get a quote on installing 3 Bi-Folding Strap Doors.


Hi, I am working on an education project that would require a bifold commercial grade door into a storefront window system. I see that you did something similar on the dog store in, CA and I was wondering the product and pricing. Our openings are roughly 7'5" wide by 7' tall. and the storefront height around it would be between 10' and 13'-4". The building material is wood, but our structural element are mass timber, we dont have column, only CLT Panel walls and glulam beams above. Just something to consider. All exterior walls are structural and since it is made with mass timber, the whole wall has backing. Please email me back with more information. Thanks, Amy


Hello, I have a bid coming up for Bass Pro that is requiring (2) 16x10 Bi-Fold Liftstrap Autolatching Full view doors. Renlita is what they want, but they are open to other options. Would you be able to quote those for me? FINISH FLUROPON PREMIER EAST GEORGIA GREEN SL5A208... The glass isn't really specified. Could you do insulated low e tempered clear? I'm sure you know what a full view looks like, but the one I will be quoting to match these is the Raynor AV300. Please let me know if you can help. Email would be the best way to get a hold of me today, as I have a few different MRI's and CT scans to go get done. Thank you Brandon Holt


Looking to build a small structure for vending-type structure (that's at least the size) that will be secured over night. Looked at Coiling Doors, but they require headroom, and I'd like to have the customer area covered, so a bi-fold liftstrap vending door would be ideal if I can make it work. Doesn't need to be insulated.


Hello, I'd like to get ball-park pricing and lead times for a retail bifold commercial door project in Brooklyn. Clear openings are listed below--I'd love to discuss design options and cost ranges at your earliest convenience! Thanks, Steven


I'm interested in Some of your bifold liftstrap commercial door products on a project I'm working on. The owner found your products and forwarded me the link. We are building an olive mill the will have a welcome center. I'm interested in one of the full lift hydraulic doors for the front of the welcome center and a possible folding bifold door for the insulated storage facility to allow forklift access be maintain insulation while closed


Hi, we are a large commercial contractor in Chicago. Can you please email me a contact for a local rep / installer for your product? Thanks, Bob Gallo


We are doing a commercial project in Belleville, Ontario and are interested in using two of your designer glass bi-fold doors, similar to those seen in your Newmarket, ON project. I am wondering if DWG or PDF detail drawings are available so that we can better assess how to incorporate the product into our architectural details. Thanks.


We are doing budget pricing for a trucking company that wants to horizontally folding overhead garage doors at a bifold designer door showroom type application. I have a drawing that shows


We are expanding our Hardware Store. We are using 2x6 walls with 1/2" plywood on the outside and inside. The opening is under the eave with a 10' sidewall. I have been looking at roll up doors and regular garage doors but not satisfied with either. We are spending a lot of money to make the addition to our store reflect our old store. The inside will have a lot of wood exposed and we would like prices on your hydraulic and bifold commercial doors.


Prefer email. Just looking to replace existing store front with a bar height bifold designer door/window. Thank you


I am looking to get pricing for a bifold lifstrap designer style door for an interior application at a cafeteria in an office building. In addition to pricing I would like to further understand any additional structural requirements we'll need to provide for the door. Thank you.


My current building plans are for a 80 ft x 18 ft. heavy-duty bifold strap door for my machinery shop. It will be a 2x6 studded building built on a foundation and a 2 ft concrete wall. With a concrete floor


Looking for priicng for three 15' wide by 16' tall storefront commercial grade bifold doors for a project in Denver CO.


Hello, My firm is working on a new commercial designer door project in the New Orleans area and are interested in a hydraulic or bifold door clad with metal rainscreen panels. We did a similar thing with a Schweiss door a few years ago for another project we worked on in Natchitoches, LA. I'd like to discuss this with a technical rep with your company. We'd also like to know who you might recommend from an installer standpoint in our area. In any event, could someone contact me at my phone number to discuss in more detail?


Good morning, We have a project of Soap factory in Toronto which needs 15 pcs vertically-operated bi-fold overhead door. Your products might be meet the requirement. Please you please provide your quote and detail information for the 15 commercial doors. Price should include material, delivery and installation on job site in Toronto. Regards


Hi, My company is in the process of designing a retail store in El Segundo, CA and we're looking for ballpark pricing on the storefront bifold commercial designer door before finalizing the designs. We are looking at a glass panel bifold door approximately 28'w x 14'h. The framing would be matte black metal. Would you be able to provide an estimated price including delivery? Also a price for installation if you offer it. Thanks, Kelsey


Hi Schweiss, I have come across your doors, specifically the "funky storefront doors" you did for an architect in Brooklyn. We are working on a project that could use a similar system: steel perforated panels covering your door assembly. I have filled in your opening size for the door in question, we are already manufacturing the perforated panels for another aspect of the building and want to do likewise with decorative perforated panel bifold strap doors. Please send me a quote ASAP, and feel free to contact me with any questions you may have about this.


I am an architect with a commercial door building project that would benefit from two large 34' x 28' bifold doors. Please let me know if you have some Schweiss detailed CAD or BIM drawings that we can use in our documents. This is a renovation that has very limited height inside the perimeter steel of the floor above and little opportunity to reframe for a conventional roll-up door inside the building. There is some flexibility outside the building and it appears that the Schweiss liftstrap belt lift bi-fold door should work well in this application. It appears that there are several door skin options for these doors. Please indicate if custom metal panel could be used to match the finish of the metal panels on the rest of the building. Lastly if you have thermal data for insulated panels, I would very much like to see it. 


I'd like to get a quote for four 11' tall, 14' wide, bi-fold liftstrap auto latching doors for a commercial door project I'm working on.


Can you provide me a quote for a glass bifold for a commercial storefront? The opening width is 17' and the height is 9'. Do you have a strapless version for storefronts? How long is delivery? Thank you Matt Ryan


I am in search of a (2) 12 meter by 12 meter Schweiss bifolding overhead doors for commercial use in a vehicle airlock. They must be suitable to handle local wind loads in Australia. The doors will be pressurized from the the inner side of the outer door (the one subject to wind load design) and the outer side of the inner door. Internal building pressure maximum design loads are 2.5 w.c., or 13 pounds per square foot (63.4716 kilogram/square meter). Please provide a quote for the doors and installation, if applicable.


Looking for something for a take out bifold commercial window at a restaurant. approximately 4 feet wide by 4 to 6 feet tall. Would like the window to bifold up to create a canopy over the opening. Thanks. Bob


We are working on a restaurant project and we are looking for a bifold window with total dimensions of 12'-10" w x 5'-11" h


Hello, I am currently helping with the design and construction of a new restaurant in Asheville NC and was interested in getting pricing on a door system. Any help with that would be much appreciated. Thank You


Hi I am looking for an automatic bifold door for an outdoor bar on our restaurant. The opening is roughly 11 feet wide by 8 feet high. Would like to know what options are available and what the approximate cost would be? Also, do you know of any installers in the San Francisco Bay Area that could install? Thanks Rick Howard


Hello, I am an architect in Baltimore, MD working on a project for Johns Hopkins Hospital. We are in the process of designing a loading dock. Given the site conditions, the loading dock must be adjacent to the main entrance of the building, on a busy street. We are looking to conceal the dock behind a bi-fold door. I would like a representative to come to the office to discuss the project and provide more information.


Hello, I am working on a educational building in NH that includes 2 makerspaces. In loo of a traditional rolling door, we would like to have two small hydraulic doors installed. I would like to get a BIM, CAD, Revit model and spec into my drawings as soon as possible. Please email me personally so that we can get moving on this and make sure your product is included in our documents before we move into construction documents. I should also mention that cost is a key component to this project. Thanks! We are very excited about your product and working with you in the future. Sarah


Hello, working on a project where we would like to use your bi-fold or hydraulic door system. however, we only have 15'-1" clear. we would like to maintain a 14'-0" clear since it would serve a loading dock. can you please confirm whether a bi-fold or hydraulic door would work under this condition. a prompt response would be greatly appreciated. thanks, Martha.


Pricing. Great product curious to see if this in our project's budget. We are looking at something similar to your product at Sam Tavern in Seattle.


Good day. We are looking at bi-fold hangar style architectural doors for a project in Miami connecting a 3,600 SF air-conditioned space with a courtyard, with a similar aesthetic to the one that your company did for the Fermilab in Illinois. Does your company have experience in projects requiring Miami-Dade county NOAs?


is there a minimum height? I'm working on specifying an operable bifold door/window for a restaurant patio area. The opening is 7' wide by 4'-6" tall. thanks!


I am working on a small commercial project. The owners want a glass bifold garage door. The opening will be 8' wide x 9' tall. It will open to a deck, I think the door opening and acting as a cover, may be an added feature a garage door can't provide. Can this type of door be a cost competitive option? Thank you for your help.


Hello I am looking for a glass bifold door for a new restaurant. It is in a existing former manufacturing building steel truss building. Is it possible to have a pair of egress door within the bifold ? The door width would be 30' wide and 15'-0" high. Could you email me some possibilities? Thanks Erica


I have a commercial indoor installation in which I need an bifold style lift door system in glass & wood or glass and metal. I can send you more details by email with layouts.


Hello, We would like to have a Schweiss lift-strap Bi-fold door for a commercial project in Miami, FL. I see that most of your literature shows an 18' clear height. Is this a maximum or does it have to be 18'? Also, does your product have an NOA for Miami-Dade?


We are trying to do (5) separate bifold garage doors within an 11'-11"W x 11'-4"H Opening. This will be to create an indoor/ outdoor bar for a hotel in San Antonio TX. Some of the doors will be the full height of the rough opening, and some will only be to the top of the counter.


I have been asked to design a commercial building using glass bi-fold commercial grade doors. They will stack , first and second floor above each other. Ceiling height 10' first and 8' second floor. The window walls will be approx. 36' long. Is there a dealer local that I can work with to help with the design? Thanks, Mike


We have an existing storefront that we are redesigning in Baltimore. It currently has a roll up security door. we are looking for something more aesthetically pleasing. Could you please give me a quick budget number if I wanted to use a bifold metal door. the opening is 24' wide by 10' high please email or call me at your earliest convenience.


I'm quoting a restaurant in Bright, IN. Owner wants tow upward bifold doors at his bar area. I have drawings available. I'm in need of quick pricing. He wants a price from me by the end of the day tomorrow. Please call and I can e-mail the drawings to you.


Dear Sir, Good Day We have Bi Fold Commercial Warehouse Doors Installed in one of our Warehouses and now want an additional six bifold warehouse doors of the same size for our steel building. We would like these steel doors to have four windows and walk doors.


We're planning the opening of a storefront and are in need of 4-season insulated glass upfold commercial  doors for our coffee house...


I need a quote on two doors that will be inside a store-- to be clear anodized alum with single glazed full glass. The opening sizes currently 12'2" wide by 7'1" tall. Please send a quote and detail of what the bifold liftstrap doors will look like --- Thanks Ed


I'm very interested in figuring out how to use your product on a project of mine. The project is a commercial space on Sunset Boulevard in Los Angeles, CA. We are working on re-cladding 3 large buildings and we are redesigning a large plaza space that connects all buildings. Part of our scope includes a custom newsstand and we are hoping to install a small bifold door with custom siding to match that can lock. I don't think we need it to be automated, but we are open to suggestions. Please reach out to me when you have time and I'll get the updated information to get an idea of cost and production time. Thank you! Jackson


We have an inquiry for Bi Fold doors for a restaurant from where the end user needs a good quality Bi fold door with glass panels. The door size is 5500mm x 5500mm and qty. required is 4 nos. Power supply in Kuwait is 3ph, 415V, 50Hz. Please let me know if you would be interested in quoting. Best regards, Kato


Do you have Florida Building approved / Impact resistant doors like the one you made for the Sway Restaurant. Thank you, Ethan


My building will be a concrete tilt wall construction with a retail storefront windows and entry way. I am looking for protection (hurricanes), security, and sun/awning relief for my retail windows. The strap lift bifold system may be helpful for my new building.


Hi, I will like to get a quote for 12' tall openings 17'-4" and 22'-0" wide. I am preparing budget pricing for a new three store restaurant in the Bahamas. Once we make contact I can send plans and images of the shutter similar to what appear on your website. Can the doors be used as primary barrier for hurricane? are your door rated? I look forward to hearing from you.


I own a Kubota tractor dealership in Hillsboro, Oregon. We are in the process of selling our present facility and moving. Our new store will be new construction. We are determining costs, etc. for the new facility. We are interested in installing Bi-Fold doors, but are also interested in your Hydraulic doors. Please send 2 copies of information so I can share with the steel building fabricator that we will be using and the architect. Since we are in the process of gathering information for our plans, I am unsure of door dimensions. I am assuming that the tallest door we would have would be 18 feet (as our sidewalls will be 22'), but cost would influence door sizes if there is a "best value" size. We will use standard bay spacing of 20' or 25'. The dealership is in Hillsboro, OR 97123. Thank you, John, Owner


I would like to get a quote for a 40x18 glass bifold door. This is early in the design process, so I'm not sure of all my answers. We are looking for the most affordable option, but it will be in a restaurant, so we will be balancing budget and aesthetics. We want glass.


I'm looking for a aluminum glass bifold door for a storefront. The aluminum I would like powder coated to a dark bronze and fitted for half inch insulated glass. I do not want the door shipped with glass because the contractor is going to install matching glass with the rest of the storefront. My opening dimensions is 9 foot 11 and 3/4 by 8 ft 8 in. The header is a 5 inch steel tube. The jam Dimension is in between jam and the jams are poured concrete. I am looking for a door option that would fit this opening.


Hello, We are interested in spec'ing one of your bifold doors for an interior conference room of a commercial project in North Carolina. We're looking for details for the head and jambs, in particular. Thank you for your help, Johnathan.


We are wanting to install 6 Schweiss bi-fold doors to open up our restaurant for patio seating. the doors will be 12'x 8'. We want to have Insulated Glass Bi-Fold Doors with the lift-straps. Can you call asap, Want to make a decision this week. Thank You


Starting to plan a commercial building, curious about a designer bifold door, tentatively 16x30. I want to compare pricing to standard doors.


I have contacted you a couple of months ago regarding making my new shop front door a bi-fold unit. You kindly sent me plans of how you build yours but there is some detail and information I am not clear on. Could you tell me if the bottom of the door runs in a guide frame when lifting,and what do you use for guide runners for lateral movement? I have completed my shed frame, and installed the two heavy uprights. The two uprights are heavy universal beams which measure 130mm across the flange and 210 across the beam face. (5.1" X 8.25" ) The header beam is also of the same dimension with an underfloor clearance of 5500mm (18ft) Can you help me with technical drawings which I am very happy to pay for.Is there a portal I can email you photos of my structure to date? Regards Bob


My wife and I are getting price quotes to build a hangar home in an airpark. It will be a very unique structure architecturally. Depending on the final cost it may have a green roof and be mostly constructed out of insulated concrete forms (highly energy efficient). If the cost is reasonable we may include a hydraulic hangar door with glass or Lexan. The ending size may be determined by cost and final construction plans, but currently we are getting prices for a hangar door that is 50' wide by 20' tall. The cost and strength of the door (windy location) are the major considerations for us. We are leaning more toward the hydraulic option, but would entertain more information on the bifold option as well. We like aspects of the following doors you have done: https://www.bifold.com/photo-of-the-day-ontario.php https://www.bifold.com/photo-of-the-day-tavares.php https://www.bifold.com/photo-of-the-day-california-church.php My parents built a hangar several years ago and I believe their bifold door is a Schweiss. Right now we don't need a detailed cost estimate or engineering. Just looking for ballpark estimates so that we can further refine the size of the door/hangar and understand the cost differences between transparent doors and traditional steel sided doors. Email is the best way to reach me, from there we can schedule a call time as needed. Thanks! Tracy


Hello Im interested in a steel framed glass bifold 65 and 1/2 inches width x 94" height . We're a small cafe in New York and Im looking for the best priced I can do. How long does it take to finish and to order and shipping. Pls. give us a good price. Thanks, Marcel


I'm an architect working on a project for a school client in western Massachusetts. I'd like to see if your strap-lift bifold doors may be appropriate for this large commercial job. The project is a new 4-season enclosure over existing tennis courts. The tennis pavilion is 336'x130' and needs an enclosure system about 14' high around all sides (roughly 13,000 sf). The bifold school doors must be lifted up during summer weather and closed during rainstorms and colder days. Here are a few questions you may be able to help me out with: 1. What size panels would your enclosure system work with? Our largest bay sizes are 27'-6" x 14'h, but can be divided into smaller openings or grouped into larger openings as necessary. I'm interested in keeping the quantity of openings cost efficient, so if fewer and larger openings are more cost effective, I can make modifications to the bay sizes. 2. The building is in a flood zone. The doors should be open during a flood event to allow water (up to a few feet) to pass through the building. In order to keep the doors from a "fail closed" situation we would require a Schweiss door battery backup system to lower during a power failure. Are there options with the system to enable the doors to operate during a power failure and ensure they stay open during a storm? 3. I understand that Schweiss provides either a steel frame to be clad by others, or a glazed aluminum frame. Have you had any experience with using fabric or clear vinyl to clad these doors? We're looking for a transparent door material to daylight the space, but does not need to be insulated. 4. Is it possible to integrate swing doors into the bifold door panel for egress? 


looking for a storefront using bifold commercial grade doors up to aprox 8X22 - need traditional double doors. Space will be used for a wood fired kitchen restaurant & taphouse. looking for rough budgetary considerations. thanks


Retail storefront in SF, CA. Two separate bifold commercial doors desired, each at approximately 11'w x 13'h. Large sheets of insulated glass on steel frame. We'd like to know if the two sections of a bifold can be assymmetrical; can the upper panel be shorter than the lower panel so that we can better align the seam with other architectural elements?


I'm an architect and would like to use your glazed bifold commercial doors in an upscale commercial building. Please send me your standard details and design guide. Ken Loose


Hello, I would like to request a budget for a commercial bifold tavern door project here in Cleveland. Dimensions verified per field check. I have worked with the design firm on several other designed with vertically folding glass doors. Glass designer bi-fold, no spec. 1/4" clear tempered glass Exterior finish to match kawneer storefront, clear anodized. (2) 9-11 x 6-0 (1) 13-9 x 6-0 (2) 10-0 x 10-0 


I had a bifold commercial lakeside resort door installed years ago and just wondering if there have been any issue with snow load on doors when open? We are in the snow belt off Lake Mi. on the Michigan side and just want to make sure that there is not an issue with weight and pulling door off frame or building? Look forward to your professional thoughts. Door has been flawless for 10-12 years THANKS, R. Walt


Could you please provide quote with install for a hydraulic door or bifold strap door, given that it is new wood construction commercial building? Thank you


I'm a builder and have customers that want commercial doors in their new shops that we are bidding on. I'm shopping and lookin for number to add to my bid. They will both be 16 ft tall not sure on widths one maybe 26 on a gable and 20 on a eve side. Include price for delivery, install and repair service.


Good afternoon. We would like commercial door services for a parking garage on a 40 unit apartment building that is under construction in Boston. I would like some assistance in making sure we select the correct door for this situation, and that it will work in the space we have. Please contact me via email and i will send drawings showing where the door will be located. Thanks!


We are building a patio for an ice cream store. Seems like commercial glass doors would be a great way to open up the patio for a wide open feel during nice days. Saw pix of a bar in Clear Lake Iowa that did this sort of thing. Any price advantage in ordering 3 doors? THANKS.


Could you please quote me on commercial door installation for 2 -16 ft x 14 ft bifold doors. with lift straps and auto latches for a building I am bidding in Durand Wisconsin. The owner has two of your doors on another building now so if need be I can try to get some additional info off the doors if that would be required to price. The building would be wood frame construction. The outside skin would be a poly carbonate panel to let in light. There are large cam latches on the sides. I can send pictures also if needed. They are for a fertilizer mixing room if that influences the type of operator motor or a protective paint applied to doors.


I am interested in commercial door service for our 24x30 restaurant. We will be selling food out of the door so the outside overhang and free overhead interior space sounds very appealing. The finished opening is approx 10' wide and 15' tall, roof pitch is 3-12, and approx 9' to the first roof truss.The shed has been framed in with 2x6 studs. Also, was wondering if this can be done with a traditional outside raised panel look. Please contact me and let me know if this is possible. We are located in Chicago. I would be able to install myself if we are too far away.




Looking for commercial door services in Hollywood specifies (2) Schweiss O/H bi-fold doors. Door frame is metal with infill of tempered door glass on both the top and bottom panels. They are 6'-0" wide and 8'-0" tall. Do you provide an absolute complete bifold door system? In that you provide the motor, the frame (panted/powder coated) and the glass infill? Or do you just provide a door frame with motor?


Good afternoon. We would like commercial door services for a parking garage on a 40 unit residential building that is under construction in Boston. I would like some assistance in making sure we select the correct door for this situation, and that it will work in the space we have. Please contact me via email and i will send drawings showing where the door will be located. Thanks!


Looking for a commercial door service on a truck load out grain facility Door opening is 14'wid and 16'tall door will have to cycle opened and close with every truck so it will have to cycle opened and closed every 8 to 10 minutes


I have a 100' x 100' x 25' tall building that is currently open on 2 sides. We are considering Schweiss commercial door services for a rock climbing gym in this building. We want to keep the open design to take advantage of the good weather, however, for the cold months we need to be enclosed. do you have doors (or a series of doors) to cover that kind of footage? if so, what would a ball park price point be? Thanks.


Could you please quote the following: 35' wide, 20' High hydraulic door - used for commercial building Door to be installed in the endwall of a wood frame building.


I am looking for 2 Schweiss doors for a commercial door service. I prefer insulated doors and am interested in the hydraulic one piece doors. I would need a quote on a 16ft Wide x 14ft High and also on an 8ft x 14ft. I'm not sure what you would call this building per se, but its an indoor/outdoor driving range to let golfers stand protected inside while golfing out onto the driving range. If you have any questions, please call me. Thanks.


Hello, I would like to request quote for commercial project located in New York, NY. We are looking for similar door type as SST-II Hydraulic Bi-Folding System with the following parameters: Schweiss Bifold door options we are considering: -Metal frame construction -Commercial grade -Job Site Location: Brooklyn, New York (Brooklyn Navy Yard) -Building type: Steel, Existing Structure with existing rough opening for the doors -Load Wind Requirements: None for interior bifold doors installation. One is exterior bifold door installation. -Door Quantity: Manufacturing facility grade -Header Material: Steel -Jamb Material: Steel -Door Opening Sizes: Interior (6 ea) 14'-0" x 10'-0" x 0'-4" %u2026and.. exterior (1 ea) 19'-11" 1/2 x 17'-0" x 0'-4" -Type of Door Covering/Skin: Glass -Options to Include in Bifold Door: The (1) big exterior bifold door to have integrated single swing door in the middle. Door schedule is available per request with door elevation and sizes. Quote should include: Shop Drawings, Field Measurements, Installation of the doors, or authorized company supervisor for installation by others (if installed by local crew hired independently). Please contact me and let me know if you need any further information, and if you have any comments.


Hello, I would like to install a bifold door in a conference room in San Francisco. I have a photo of the glass clad type of Schweiss commercial door I'm trying to achieve so if you email me back I can attach a photo of what I want. I would like the door to be manually operated and I would like to know my size options and limitations. Thanks!


I have two of your economical Schweiss commercial grade bifold doors. The one installed in 1999 was insulated and weather stripped. I would like you to ship me some replacement weatherstripping.  The original installation contractor as well as overhead door and insulation dealers are unable to help me locate materials to seal the gaps at the bifold door hinge and at the top of the door. Can you help me?


Could you please provide a quote for each side column type if applicable and recommend which is best, a hydraulic door or bifold strap door, given that it is new wood construction commercial building? Thank you


Need quote for (1) 60' x 14'6" bifold liftstrap commercial door with remote operator and photo eye sensors. The building is there, we need specs on the requirements for reinforcing the building for this door.


Hello, We are looking for an inward opening door system for 4.75M high minimum clearance loading doors on a new commercial building in London. Can you provide more information on an inward opening bi-fold door system and an inward opening one-panel hydraulic door system (similar to the up and over style but inward opening). The design consists of two loading doors each at 6.1 meters wide. This is a high end building so we would not like to have any exposed operators or motors on the exterior. Please let me know if you require any additional information. 


In addition to commercial doors below would like quote for two doors 59'-4" wide by 14'-6" high. Please give me option for the bifold door to be 18' high.  Thanks


I am looking at Commercial Truss building from  and wanted to know if your Schweiss patented strap bifold door can be installed on the end wall. I need a clear opening of 32 feet wide by 12 feet high. I would also like a budgetary price for this door and supporting structure will cost me to determine is I can move forward. Jerry 


New construction bifold multi-use door. Reinforced steal beam and footers. Bifold liftstraps and autolatches, Commercial concrete building door containing windows and key lockset separate entry door. Price two extra handheld remotes for this 32 ft. x 16 ft. door.


Bifold designer door information for 35 x 16 ft. commercial business door on concrete and metal building. Glass bifold door to have liftstraps, autolatches, aluminum frame, pedestrian door  and remote door opener.


Our hotel door project here in Hollywood specifies (2) Schweiss O/H bi-fold doors. Door frame is metal with infill of tempered door glass on both the top and bottom panels. They are 6'-0" wide and 8'-0" tall. Do you provide an absolute complete bifold door system? In that you provide the motor, the frame (panted/powder coated) and the glass infill? Or do you just provide a door frame with motor?


I would like to price both the bifold liftstrap and hydraulic doors for commercial door use. Sizes on two seperate steel doors : 40' wide x 18' clearance height, and 30' wide x 18' clearance height. I will need the costs of these Schweiss commercial doors shipped directly to location near Lubbock, TX. 


I have a client requesting six (6) 20' - 22' wide x 16' tall bifold liftstrap autolatch mini-mall doors with photo eye sensors to be installed on a new pre-engineered building. Concrete block building doors 160' x 125' x 28' with a 4:12 pitch. 


We're looking to install a 5-7m tall store front door. We would require 2-3 bifold liftstrap doors with  windows. Photo eye sensors, door base safety edge and remote openers. 


We are looking to get a price on a bifold greenhouse glass door with straps (no door cables) at 40' wide x 14' open height. Also price your auto latch and a glass walk-in door.


I would like an estimate for an insulated wall door for a commercial business building. The size is about 20 feet wide by 12 feet height. We have side rolling doors now and want to retrofit with Schweiss bifold liftstrap door and locking combination walk door. Windows will be useful.        


Looking for a store front entrance door for a business. All glass look with aluminum door frame. Bifold door that turns into an awning. I need two options: 1) 9'10" x 10'.  2) 6' x 10'. Not looking for cables, only liftstraps. Include photo eye sensors.


We require information for a radiation shield doors listed below, a lead lined door, as well as heftier  door installation details. 


I want a 20' section by 14' high bi-fold glass commercial grade door. Aluminum frame storefront door with automatic electric opening door with door latching feature and lift straps.


I need some Bifold Strap Doors for a strip mall project. Require 1 ea 77 x clear height 28' 2 ea 57 x Clear hieght 20' 1 ea 47 x Clear Height 16' 2 ea 42 x Clear height 16' Please provide necessary Rough Opening Size. Could you also price these as aluminum frame doors?


 I need a Schweiss bi-fold commercial door 30' wide X 14' tall for my storage facility. The opening will be 16' high - 24" of wedge = 14'. Insulated with straps and autolatches. Lockable walk door. Thanks, Jeff


Looking for Schweiss glass garage doors for a restaurant space. Probably 4 of them 8' wide and 7' high. Looking for a guesstamate. But really need to know if they are hurricane rated and which door, bifold or hydraulic seals up best. The restaurant is on the boardwalk at the Jersey shore. Thanks, Vito.


I'm looking for a quote for renovating my restaurant. I have a plan to change my front window to a straplift bi-fold door. Can you quote me how much to replace a bi-fold door, including the installation and excluding the installation cost? I'm looking at an aluminum frame, glass door.


Interested in budget pricing for a bi-fold liftstrap  commerical door to replace a rolling dock door on a commerical building. Rough dimensions of opening are: 24' wide x 15'6" tall. Photo of existing door available for review. How soon can you deliver, and can you install on a weekend vs. weekday?


We are Detailing a Bus Maintenance Garage in Toronto, Canada with Bi-Folding curtain wall window sections. Our specification calls up your Schweiss liftstrap bi-fold door so I have some details worked up that I would like to send you to see if they would work. Anything specific that you will need at this point.


I am interested in an insulated overhead bifold liftstrap [manual] that we can use in our 24x30 metal shed. We will be selling food out of the door so the outside overhang and free overhead interior space sounds very appealing. The finished opening is approx 7'10" wide and 7'6" tall, roof pitch is 3-12, and approx 9' to the first roof truss.The shed has been framed in with 2x6 studs. Also, was wondering if this can be done with a traditional outside raised panel look. Please contact me and let me know if this is possible. We are located in Illinois. I would be able to install myself if we are too far away.


We are looking for a quote on a Liftstrap Bi fold door clear opening 32 ft width 24 ft height for a new commercial project we are quoting


I'm a builder and have customers that want bi fold liftstrap shop doors in their new shops that we are bidding on. I'm shopping and lookin for number to add to my bid. They will both be 16 ft tall not sure on widths one maybe 26 on a gable and 20 on a eve side 


I would like to speak with a representative regarding a bifold designer Schweiss door for a small storefront in NYC. We would like the door to serve as an awning when in an open position, and it should be able to close down and lock (from the street, rather than from inside as is typical in most of the scenarios I see on your website. The total storefront is rather small, measuring approximately 8'8" wide by 10'2" tall. These are the dimensions which would include the frame/track. Please give me a call to discuss at some point today. Thanks!


We are looking at your Bi-Fold door for a project in Golden, Colorado. We have 15\'-4\" clear to ceiling/structure and need this full height opening for a loading dock entrance. We would appreciated dimensioned details of side rails and top mounting for our use in determining if your door system will be an appropriate use for our project. We are wanting the lift straps and autolatches and a fast opening/closing door. Thanks


This concerns a hospital quote you have given in Billings, MT. I have been asked by the hospital and  construction company to take over the proposal for replacement of this door. Door is 26x70 strap lift, auto locks, must operate in 45 mph wind, prepped for interior steel. delivered to Billings, MT, installed by me. I need price on door delivered door only


We have been asked by the City of Redwood Falls to submit a bid to add a bifold door to the existing arrival and departure building we constructed for them in 2002. The building was constructed to add a future door where there presently are three overhead doors. The building drawings showing the framing and connection points are attached. The liftstrap  door would be 50' x 17' clear opening. They are also interested in an alternate price for a hydraulic door, if it would work with the existing structure.


Could you please quote me on providing and installing 2 -16 ft x 14 ft bifold doors with lift straps and auto latches for a building I am bidding in Durand Wisconsin. The owner has two of your doors on another building now so if need be I can try to get some additional info off the doors if that would be required to price. The building would be wood frame construction. The outside skin would be a poly carbonate panel to let in light. There are large cam latches on the sides. I can send pictures also if needed. They are for a fertilizer mixing room if that influences the type of operator motor or a protective paint applied to doors.


We are interested in your premier bi-fold liftstrap  door products. We are looking for immediate action and development. This will be a commercial retail storefront application along a blvd in Westwood CA. 1. The building type is combination of existing timber with new steel seismic reinforced framing. These will create possible conflicts for interior swing allotment. 2. We are currently working on the wind load requirements at this time. The exterior part of the doors cannot overhang more than 4\' from lease line. 3. Header and jambs will be steel. Intermediate supports between doors will be 4x4\"  steel beams. 4. Each door opening would be approximately 16\' width x 14\' height. Motorized is required. 5. We prefer clear powder coated 2x4\" hot rolled tube steel w/ 1\"glazing stops w/ (2) layers of 1/4\" laminated and tempered glazing. If you do not offer steel, we would consider using an aluminum product and powder coating. 6. No pass thru doors will be necessary. 7. Installation may be contracted by GC, supervised may be preferred. 8. Please see the attached schematic package for your reference. Please feel free to contact me at your earliest convenience to discuss the details of this opportunity.


We are about to open up a bar in Houston, Texas. I saw the custom bi-fold door made for TGIF that is posted on your website. I was hoping to get an idea about pricing for a door like that one, 18\' wide and 12\' high. I want the quieter opening lift straps on it.


Hi, We have a problem and wondered if you could help us solve. We are looking to add two doors at the ends of a wash bay to provide protection from the elements (rain, wind, not thermal, since it is an unheated space). Opening are 12 wide x 27 high.         Desire is for quick opening/closing (5 -20 seconds).  We are looking at bi-folding lift strap, swinging, and overhead coiling (with a wire bridge) doors, and could use your expert recommendation. There is no side room for sliding doors. Rail/train cars will enter/exit the space. There is an overhead catenary (high-voltage) wire that is suspended a couple of feet down and offset from center. We could conceivably hang weatherstripping (from the opening header down to the wire) and mount the doors below that. Mounting location not finalized (utilities/equipment would have to be relocated for mount to interior vs. exterior). See attached drawings. Can you help? We need a concept and a budget.


We are interested in the Red Power hydraulic doors for our motorcycle shop! We would like it to have a designer look like you did for Cycle City in Hawaii. Do you have any info you could mail or fax to use?


I am looking for some pricing on custom built Schweiss bi fold lift strap doors for a large commercial project near San Jose, CA. I would like to speak with someone from sales because I want this door to have a designer look similar to two that I saw on your web site. Thank you


New Restaurant project in Bastrop, TX, Architect currently calling for roll up, but I would like to look at option of your Bi-Fold doors instead because I saw one a couple years ago in Oklahoma. I think a roll up is too noisy and I want glass on my door. Do you have any one in the Local Dallas/Ft Worth area that can show me one with your lift straps?  Thank you


Dear Sir, We are an automobile dealership and making a showroom which is having a height of 22 fts and breadth of 65 fts. For the front opening we are interested to install complete front opening door in your bifold design with glass front.  Looking forward for your support and cooperation. Regards


I am interested in speaking with someone about a specific bifold designer door for my sales room for some pricing and additional info. You show some great looking doors on your Schweiss Web site. I'm excited about getting one soon.


2 openings in existing storefront to be replaced with a bi-fold or hydraulic pivot project near Crater Lake.   10'4" H x 15'4" W and 10'4" H x 12'10" W. Doors should be wind loaded and have back up systems.       


I would like to get a price quote on both a bi fold door and hydraulic door for my commercial business. How difficult would it be to install myself? Thanks! Gary


Dear sirs, We are pricing these doors for a new retail shop that we are thinking of building this fall and I would like to have the specs for these doors. The new building is being added to a building that is already there and the overall hight is a deciding factor of which door, bifold or hydraulic, that we will be using. We have a 30 foot Schweiss bi-fold in another building and it works great. thanks.


Would like to use Schweiss bifolding doors to place at the front of a restaurant. one rough opening would be 12' wide 14' height and one opening at 6' wide by 14' high. I didnt know if you could make doors this small. If so please price for budget estimate.


I am considering building a 10,000 sq ft. building for auctions. Your hangar door looks like it may fit well into my plans. I am interested in getting a pricing idea on your bifold doors as well as your one piece hydraulic Schweiss doors. Can your doors be insulated and fitted with walk through doors.


Im looking for 3 insulated thermal glass Schweiss quality bifold doors for a commercial storefront in a bar/restaurant near Chicago (cold winters!). I could use some guidance on the selection process


Need pricing for a 50'x18 clear opening bifold door for a cold storage building in S.D. Could I also get a price for two 30'x19' clear opening hydraulic doors for a cold storage building in N.D. Bot jobs are on pre-engineered structures. I will need clearance dimensions for installation of each door.


Hi We are John Deere dealers and I need to build another building for clean up shop just wondering about price on your bifold insulated lift strap doors I would need 2 18x20 and also an 18x30 or even 36. I want an attractive door painted in John Deere green (what else)  Please have somebody give me a call with dealers in my area we are located in the Peterborough area in Central Ontario


I need a quote for four (4) horizontally bi-folding doors for a commercial project in San Antonio, TX. Please contact me via email for specifications, etc. (3) doors @ 17'-10" clear width, 11'-2" clear height, 13'-2" overall heights (1) door @ 8'-3" clear width, 8'-8" clear height, 10-8" overall height


I am doing a capital needs "wish list" for the fertilizer plant I manage and I would like a quote for 4 strap bi-fold doors that are 16'x16' on a steel built building in Wolf Point, MT. I am only looking for a quote at this time, thank you.


 I am interested in seeing what is available on the market for bifold commercial doors to replace the current sliding doors that I have here. These doors are constantly being repaired because of the amount of snow and ice, these doors are not made for our type of operation. These doors have pedestrian doors in them for emergency exit and I am open to any options that you may have. Please give me a call when you have the chance! Thanks Bart


We need an offer for the delivery of Schweiss bifold doors with lift straps, bottom drive. The panel of the door must be thermo- insulating. The doors will be installed in Bulgaria on a industrial building. The air clearance is H=4800mm, W= 4800mm. Quantity- 12 pcs. Electric drive with power supply 380 Volts. I also see by your Schweiss web site that you have a hydraulic door with a new Red Power Hydraulic Pump and backup system. Could you send literature on those as well. If you have an European distributor, please forward our inquiry to him or send us his address. If you have questions, please contact us. We are a Bulgarian company. We deliver and install Industrial and commercial doors. Sincerely yours, Kelley S. CEO


I am a Dunkin Donuts franchisee renovating an exisiting gas station. We are considering your Schweiss bifold door product in place of the former garage bay doors. Looking for information on a "storefront" like lift strap bi-fold door. Could you include the entrance light upgrade. Please call


This door, Schweiss Bifold w/straps, would go into a factory for future access to deliver large equipment. We are looking at using your door in what the owner calls a temporary opening. They want something that will match the wall thickness which is 8" thick and not look like a door when not in use, both interior and exterior. They want it to be a good sealed door not to allow for dirt, rodents and anything else to get in. Please send us any head, jamb and sill detail for our use in detailing your door for possible consideration.


I would like to speak to a sales rep about a project that I am bidding, the conversion of a 20' shipping container into a pop up store. One idea my client has is to convert the approx. 20'X8' side into a drop down platform, I've seen this done and would like to discuss the Schweiss hydraulic one piece door &  parts needed. Thanks, Riley., Brooklyn, N.Y.


Could I get some pricing on Schweiss hydraulic doors covering an opening of 30' wide x 20' high on a new steel building. Is it available in our area? What would be the delivery time to expect? Thanks, Neva


I have received your Schweiss Doors commerical building quote. It reflects designing the building to accomodate a 35' x 18' Hydraulic door centered in each end wall in a 60' x 110' x 20' building just as we asked. Thank you for your quick reply. We'll contact you soon for installation of the hydraulic doors.


I just need ball park pricing, we are in the design process for a shopping mall. Please quote 40 ft and 32 ft. wide with 14 ft. clear opening for a Schweiss bifold door with lift straps and 2-button constant hold control to be installed in Xenia, OH.


we require few doors for our new ware house and we are very much interested in your Schweiss Bifold and Hydraulic door products, we are out of state. I know you do a lot of out-of state biz, how soon could you get to us once we place an order?


I would like a quote for a 40'wide x 18' Schweiss bifold or hydraulic door. The building is 60x100x18' what do i need for extra material for the header? This door will be installed on the end wall.


i'd like 2 quotes please: 1) a Schweiss bifold door with a 20ga aluminum face 2) a single Schweiss  hydraulic door with the same aluminum face the aluminum face may be by others but what i'm looking for is a tube steel structure to support an aluminum plate facade that may be perforated with a design. these doors are more for secureity and exterior asthetics than actually functioning as a door. please quote both options above as five panels each 15'-0"wide X 14'-0"high. Thank you


Looking for two insulated Schweiss comertial bifold doors. 32 feet wide with a 23 foot high clearance. Can this be done on a 26 foot under eave height? Do you have installation crews?


Hello, I'm working on a large commercial renovation project in New York city and we are looking at putting a system of architectural bifold doors around the perimeter of a space. The doors would be sized to accommodate an existing structural grid that's 20' on center and the doors would be 32' high. There would be a total of 700 linear feet; 34 20' bays. We're looking at options of both 20' wide doors and 40' wide doors along the system. The finish material would all be glazing. Does this seem like something your Schweiss Door product could accommodate? Also, could you provide a rough estimate of the price range per square foot of a system of this sort? Any feedback and product recommendations are welcome Thanks.


Working on a retail project in Waco area. Need a door to cover an opening 18'-0" wide by 12'-0" tall with a bifolding door. This encloses an open area for use when store is open and security when store is closed. Our thought is to use open position to provide "canopy overhang at public side walk. Need budget estimate for all frame and hardware. Will assume use of wood for surface treatment of frame. Your prompt response will be appreciated


Hello, I work for a Tent Manufactor and we are getting ready to launch a Aviation Product Line and have come accross your product. We have units from 30' wide up to 160' wide and have an unlimited length. We have a system that already opens and closes the entire end of the structure but we are also looking at flat end strutures with Bi-Fold Doors. We think your doors will be best.


I need a quote for a vertical folding door with a 120mph wind load. Add to the quote for auto-latches, I live in FL. I also need it to include delivery and installation. THANKS!


I'm in the soil conservation construction end and because of one of my scrapers I will only have about 10" of headroom. Wondering which of your doors, the bifold or hydraulic offers the most head room. Best to call me on my cell. Thank You, Peter


We are looking for something like your "Glass Paneled Bifold Designer Doors", but with semi-opaque glass. My team has the perfect use of the door. A store owner wants his coffee shop to be more accessible. Thanks.


Just checking pricing for an upcoming project on a steel warehouse... 44 x 12 Hangar door. Bi-fold type. Key word is cheap. Delivered to Oregon. What are we looking at for pricing vs. using the company from Oregon to get it.


I work for an architecture firm looking to specify a bi-fold hangar door for a commercial building. Please send a MasterSpec format specification for a bi-fold hangar door if one is available. Thanks, Shawn P


I hope to specify 3 glass bifold doors for a restaurant in Colorado. Please call so we can coordinate. Thanks!


We have an application for 2 doors on a restaurant to separate the bar from the patio dining. Need a glass bi-fold or single door from the bar top up. I would also like to investigate a new door on my hanger at FCM.


The bi-fold door and hydraulic door are exactly what I have been looking for. Our church just purchased a building in our village that we will use for outreach events. We want to turn an existing garage door opening into a door opening that opens out like your doors do so we can open the building up when we are playing live music and such. I'm looking forward to hearing from you.


looking for a quote on a bifold door 32x10 for a commercial project , plain panel , no glass


Please mail a complete product information. We are designing a tropical restaurant place in Colombia (S.A.)It is a 3 facadas cornner lot with multiple window openings (7'8"w.x9'h.) We think your bifold designer Schweiss product may match our ideas.


I sent you an email and a pdf file showing what I'm looking for in your designer style bifold line. Have you had a chance to look at it? This is for a Tiki Bar enclosure here in Ft. Lauderdale on the beach. Thanks


Attached is a "very rough" draft of a bifold door for a job we are bidding...Apparently, it is 100' wide and from floor to header, 28'. It's in Montgomery County (here near Houston), they want 100 mph wind load and Exp. "C"Quote alternate for 90 mph wind, Exp. "C". I will be out of the office after 4:00 today through Monday. Please quote me. Thanks


PROJECT CONSISTS OF: construction of an 3,200 sq ft amphitheater containing a stage, greenrooms, restroom facilities and loading area. Site improvements for the amphitheater include sidewalks, paver walkway, signage, lighting, site work, installation of site furniture. Also included is the construction of 1,200 sq ft restroom bldg for the Scott's Place playground. The park will contain concrete walkways, installation of signage, lighting, landscape and will include a 44 space parking lot containing lighting and landscaping.TRADES NEEDED: surveyors, site work, underground, paving, striping, fencing, landscaping, irrigation,pavers, concrete, pre-cast concrete, masonry, misc. metals, structural steel, aluminum items,rough carpentry, wood trusses, millwork, insulation, metal roofing, gutters, waterproofing, doors,overhead coiling doors, stucco, drywall, painting, acoustical ceilings, flooring, bath accessories, signage,fire extinguishers, lockers, louvers, hvac, plumbing, electrical. Hydraulic doors to be included Thanks


Commercial/Industrial Division I need a quote for 5 doors for a agriculture pre engineered building. The building will be 150'W x 162'L. One end wall (150') will have 3-36'x16' hydraulic doors in it and the other end wall will have 2-36'x16' doors.I need the 16' to be clear height.I need you to quote the bi fold vs the one piece.I will need to know what the header height requirements will be.This is in the design phase so I don't have any more information that above.If I can have a price ASAP I would appreciate it. Thanks,


I am looking for some information on a bi-folding overhead door for a loading dock. I need to have 8'clear height and 6' clear width when open. No glass. Would you have such a door and where can Ifind details for such a door. Let me know. Thanks.Winnipeg,


We have a need for 28 doors to replace existing for street car repair/maintenance facilities. We have a budget to work to and would like to explore bi-fold doors as an option. The door openings are approximately 12 feet wide by 16 feet high. Location is Toronto Ontario.


Recently, I received a response from one of your sales reps. However, it was sent to my spam email and inadvertently deleted. We are working on a new hotel project in Jamaica, NY where there will be an entry to an underground parking garage. We were in the process of specifying a door that was attractive (I believe it was a designer hydraulic door) that had the ability to automatically open quickly by a remote sensor. We are not sure which door you could recommend, but I have filled out the size we would need below. Not sure if our situation would be a side wall or end wall configuration. Please send information on your doors. Thank you!


We are interested on the price of a bi-fold door for a commercial building, it should be 6225mm. x 7200mm., in milk white color. Of course we need to know also the cost of shipping. Thank you


hello, I would like to talk with about getting a quote for a bifold door for a commercial project in Redmond Oregon - The  Power Hanger Building at the Redmond Airport. I would also like to get an alternate price for installation assistance. Please contact me at your earliest convenience to discuss. This project bids January 8th at 1pm. Thanks and Happy Holidays! Amy


I own a Mini Storage facility and we have 5 large units with roll up doors. These have been very unreliable and heavy to open. Do you make a bifold door that would work for this?, approx. 14 ft. wide by 16 ft. high. Thanks, Kevin


Dear Sir or Madam, I'm interested in you bi-fold doors. Can you please let me know what the minimum size is, you can produce them? We would like to use it for a small commercial project and the door would not be much bigger than 2700mmx1500mm. Is this visible? Could you please come back to me with any information as soon as possible, as we are meeting the client tomorrow. Thank you very much. Kind regards, Katharina


Good Morning Our firm works with the Shake Shake chain, and we are bidding a location at 47 Prince Street in NYC. The GC is Shawmut. They have asked us to bid the three bi-fold doors on the project. We will either install or accept your quotation to install. Please let us know what information you require for quotation, and if you intend to do so. We need to go in on this project ASAP. Thank you in advance, Bill D


We are doing a Market building. 35' tall with opening of about 8' wide by 29' tall Can I get you to answer some bifold door questions and maybe get a quote.         


We are bidding a project, Garrett County Trade Enterprise Center/Exhibit Hall, on which your Schweiss bifold designer style doors are specified. We would appreciate receiving a proposal from your firm. If you can have a sales rep. contact me, I can discuss details. 


Hi,  I am interested in using the Bi-Fold (vertical) designer style Schweiss bifold door in a restaurant storefront. I would like to request a price quote for the client. The rough dimensions are approximated and written in the form. Also, how is the fabrication/installation process work? Do we provide the drawings or is there a contractor provided? Please call or email back. Thank you!


Dear Sir I am looking for a way of separating off a section of our school assembly hall. Can I use one of your hydraulic bifold doors to do this? The door would be used internally. The door would close off the stage area used during school assemblies from the larger area of the hall which would be used as a gymnasium when not in use for assemblies. With the door in the open position during assemblies we would need to seat students under the open door. Is this possible? Thanks Richard C.


We are thinking about using some of your doors for a small restaurant project we are working on. Would it be possible to get a set of dimensioned drawings or details for a top-mounted cable door? We are looking for it to be a glass bi-fold window. No more than 20 feet wide by 10 feet tall. Feel free to call the office or email .dwg or PDF files directly to me. We are looking to do this quickly, so haste would be appreciated


Loooking for information on vertical folding door to close flexible use conference / meeting room between office and retail space. Interior use.


Hello, I am in a construction management estimating class. I am doing a bid project for a fire station. Wondering if you can give me any ball park idea of a pricing for custom garage doors. Here's what I have to get a price for:7'x14'x1.75" with two tempered glass panels in each section. total of 6 pairs for vehicle openings. If you can just give a range of price that would be great! I reall appriciate any assistance. Robyn T.


Working on an indoor soccer complex in MN that is considering the installation of hanger doors to provide an "outside" playing atmosphere for a fully enclosed building. New construction this summer.


I am bidding on the Garrett County Trade Center Project that calls out your doors and would like to discuss it with someone as soon as possible. Thank you


We are doing some renovations at American International College in Springfield, MA this summer. The architect on this project would like to use 4 of your bifold doors 10'-2" x 12'-6". 3 would be operable and 1 fixed. Whom would I contact to get a installed price?


I need a price for a bi-fold garage door. I am building a pizza restaurant and the owner wanted to price out the option of your door versus a conventional garage door. The door needs to be 9' wide by 8' tall. Thank you, Chadd M.


My client would like to enclose the patio of their restaurant with a motorized glazed O/H folding door. We have 4 openings 15 x 10. The project is in Edmonton Alberta, Canada. Is your door system applicable for this application? Please advise one way or the other. thanks Darren


I am in the early stages of designing a building for our customer. He wants a private hanger with a 50' x 14' bifold door that I will design the building around and at this point I'm just looking for technical information for the building design. We are a Varco Pruden pre-engineered building distributor. 1. What do you recommend for framed opening size? 2. How much room do I need to allow above the door for the header? 3. What are the weights and forces that I need to apply to the building? 4. From looking at the pictures, it appears that you just supply the frame work and we apply the panel to match the building. Is this correct? 5. Do you insulate the door or is that our responsiblity? 6. Any information that you can provide that will help with this design would be appreciated. You can email me at the above email address, or fax it. Thank you, Duane C.


I am inquiring about a Schweiss bi-fold door that an architect has specified on the Des Moines Art Center addition project. The door measures 12' wide and 16' tall. The specifications state, "Framework for a motorized hanger-style horizontally bifolding door, for applicaton of stone wall panels, product by Scweiss Bi-Fold Doors. Can you contact me by the end of the day with a quote. The architects have requested that I provide them with a budget estimate for this potential project by the end of the day today. Thanks you for your help.


I am doing a design/build project for the Department of Horticulture and we are interested in putting in your hanger doors. the opening dimensions are three bays of 15' wide by 14' tall. Possibly just one door at 45' wide by 14' tall. I would love to possibly send you a section to see what options you think might be best.


Looking to enclose a deck of a water-front resaurant/bar and am interested in the bifolds.


Have you looked at the Merced Social Science and Management Building ? It has your doors specified and I would like to get a price. Let me know what you need, i do not want to send you a whole bunch of stuff you may already have Thanks, Tim


We have a train car wash building that has overhead catenary wires through the building. The train cars get their propulsion power to drive through the building. We are looking for a new type of bi-fold door that will allow accomodate overhead wire when door is closed. Possible a vertical bi-fold with a block out for overhead wires. The current door sizes are 15' wide x 23' tall. Please contact me.


I am constructing a new shop and a carport at my bussiness, the clear opening for the shop will be 20' wide by 12' tall with metal R panel siding. The opening for the carport will be 24' wide by 8' tall, I would like to skin this door with cedar siding to match details on existing building. I will install these doors myself [ have been building for 35 years ] If you could tell me a ballpark price for these units, and what is the space required for the motors and frame structure of the 24'X8' and if this unit could have skin on inside to cover any mechanical features of the door, this door requires a more finished look on the inside. Thank You, Lou


First of all i need a bid on a 44x15. If you pull up our account you will se we have moved we could really use some new brochers from you we are getting more and more into the commercial market and would love to push your product more. we have been useing one of you compition and have been having some service issues. Billy M. Owner


need a ball park quote - looking for the most economical solution. Application similar to Cycle City or Kenyon College. Pleae forward details -head/jamb/sill


We do large scale parking decks/garages and vehicle maintenance facilities. Please send us a catalog of your product. Thanks, Tonya


We are looking at a number of options for doors for a Fire Department Apparatus Building. Width and quantity of doors will vary as we look at different options. If you can provide a range of costs for doors (34' wide and 50' wide) all with 14' clear opening height.


I am interested in pricing info. for a 10'x10' rough opening bi-fold door assembly. The door is part of a remodel project for county health services and needs to be some type of metal panel (i.e. aluminum coiled garage door)for the security of the medical supplies which will be stored there. The existing building has a steel structure with an exterior finish of EIFS. Also, there is an existing storefront window which will be removed before installation of the new garage door. Cargo vans and small shipping trucks will be the intended vehicles used to bring in the required medical supplies. Also, if you could price this next to your competitors I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you for your assistance and I look forward to your reply.


I need a quote for a Bi-fold door unit which is required to be 40' wide with a 18' clear height. I need this door to be insulated and it will be installed in Illinois. Please bid complete with opener and all required hardware in order to insure a complete package. In addition I need for you to provide me with loading information so that a header can be designed to support your unit and hardware. Please provide information on weather proofing and seals so that I can be knowledgeable about your product. This is going to be used in a gable end for a tractor dealership. Any questions please give me a call. as soon as you receive this email please call and provide timing of when I can receive your quote. Sincerely, George L W


I talked with a salesperson earlier today. Please send this brochure out promptly. My project bids on Friday. I have a specific request from the contractor to supply your "Bi-Fold" Door by Schweiss on an elementary school. Thank you kindly, Alexander G. Commercial Estimator


We are in the preliminary stages of proposing some possible changes for an existing shopping center in Oahu, Hawaii. I was wondering if you are able to build bi-fold overhead doors that are only 6ft wide by 8 ft high. If so, what is the rough cost for these doors? FOB Oahu, Hawaii.


we're thinking about using Schweiss bi fold doors at exterior locations for access to bicycle storage areas. there are eight locations, 11 feet wide x 7 feet high. Please send literature and details


Currently looking at a Bi-Fold door to use in a small project - Golf Course/Country Club (Indoor Driving Range) However, I do not see any CAD files to add to my Construction Documents. Can a data CD or files be emailed.


We are getting ready to bid a project called Gold Star Museum Addition/Alteration at Camp Dodge in Johnston, Iowa. Are there any suppliers/installers in this area that you can recommend?


we ar looking at doing a facility expansion to a project called B. L. D.'s in Lakeland Florida, ther are (2) bifold door 50' wide x 18' high. I would like to get a cost of these doors including engineering and installation


We are bidding a project called Upland Animal Services, Upland, Ca. There are 3 of your doors on the project. Are you familiar with this job? Do you have a local rep? Please advise. Jerry P. Estimator


We have two entrances to our parking garage; personal vehicles and our loading dock/waste/bus transit operation. Our loading dock operation is accessed by a large opening, 15' high, 40' wide. I am worried about weight of ice and snow on that portion of the bi-fold that will extend outside. Also, on a door this size, how long would it take to open and shut? The passenger car entrance is much smaller, 10' high and 24' wide, but will be opening and closing hundreds of times a day. Problem? Thank you, Whit S.


I have schweiss bi fold doors specified on a 2nd floor in front of store front windows at the Kent Events Center. For servicing - how do we access the motors behind the door? do we need to provide access from the interior side or are there access panels from the exterior side?


We are quoting a building addition to Scot Forge in Spring Grove, IL. They want an 18'x 20' bi-fold door in the endwall of addition. Project will start in September.


Our office is designing a youth swimming pool house with 6 12' wide by 10' (8' clear) high bi-fold doors with storefront glazing. We are interested in information regarding cost, installation, head and jamb details, structural loads, forces and framing requirements, glazing (if provided or if the GC must provide the glazing system). We are not opposed to the possibility of using hydraulic doors instead.


Hi, University of chicago hospital project team is interested in using bi-fold door at loading dock. the door size will be 43'w)x 17'(h). material is glass. Please email me regarding feasiablity. Thanks, Hyun


I am building a commercial building in Santa Barbara, and am interested in using your doors. There are (3) openings 9' x9'. Could you help me with costs and installtion details? Thanks, Mark


Commercial project in our area specifying Schweiss door, need pricing. If some one would call me today 06/13/08? Thank you, Jerry


Hello, Our firm is considering specifying the bi-fold doors in a building in Napa Valley. The building is maintenance facility for a Winery. We would like to get more information on the doors including cad details. Thank you


We are building a new showroom and workshop for our auto dealership. I need a door between the showroom and the workshop 14 feet wide and 14 feet high. Must be accoustic panels so that noise from the workshop does not disturb the showroom. Four sections each 3ft 6in would work with lock in centre of aperture. I prefer that the surface is flat when closed. John P.




Hi, We are designing an office building in Culver City, CA and would like to learn more about your bi-fold doors. Ideally, we would need 6 doors, each about 8' tall by 8' wide. We would like them to have glass/plexiglass panels with an aluminum/steel frame. Can you please send me some information that addresses the issues above? Also, pricing information will be helpful. Right now, we are just trying to ballpark the numbers to see if this is possible. Thank you, Ellen R. S. Architecture


We need to get as much information on your bi-fold doors for use in an office space as possible. It would be nice to know what the approx. retail prices are on your doors also if possible. Maybe a cost per lineal foot would be appropriate. We have some 20 foot openings we're thinking of putting them into. Thanks!


I am interested in price of a commercial bi-fold door for a three car garage on Long Island, New York. Please advise what information you need in order to provide a quote. I am interested in knowing the different types of material for commercial bi-fold garage door. Also, I need automatic feature. Thank you.


I am building a concession stand and your bi fold door has been spec'd and I need to get some information on your products. I can e mail a pdf drawing of the door I need as well as the specs on it. size 8'-0" x 7'-0"


Please provide a quote on the specified doors. This application will require a minimum of 16' of clearance. The sidewall where these will be installed is 30' in height so there should be no problem in sizing the opening to what ever is required to achieve 16' of clearance with the doors in an open position. Please allow 6" or whatever "fudge factor" you suggest to make sure that under field conditions we will have the FULL 16' clearance. (This is going into a landfill building and one of the container vessles utilized measures 15' 5" - thus the concern about making sure we don't encounter a problem. Thanks for your suggestions and assistance.


Hi, We are disigning two small buildings which use are bicyle and Kayak booths. Our engineer ask us about the following issues about the bi-fold doors: 1 - If the product fulfills with UBC-97 2 - ASCE(7) 95 wind load We also need details in DWG. format, that can be send to: Miguel A. M. Thank You


I'm putting together a budget to re-model the restuarant for the Hyatt Regency in Atlanta and have a fold up door at the buffet. I have listed the size below. I'd like a budget price for this door. Please contact me if you have any questions. Thank you.


We have dry kilns that we aree needing to replace the doors on thought this might be an option.


Dear Bifold Door, Marquette State fish Hatchery has 3 open ended biuldings covering fish raceways. We are intersted closing in the south/west ends of two biulds to provide additional shade for the fish. Each new bifold door must have 2 to 3 man doors for ailse access. These man doors would be used most of the year. The bifold door would be lifted during disinfection and clean out periods (twice yearly). I can send pictures if needed.


Have an RV storage carport that I need to add door to. Look at bifold but limited on header area. Door wqould be approx 24' wide by 13' tall. What would be approx clearance measurement of door when folded at open end of "V"? Need to make look like normal steel garage door. Wind load would be from both inside and outside as carport is open on sides.


I'm working on a fast track showroom project within the Merchandise Mart in Chicago. We have a large storefront area that we'd like to completely open up, and it seems that Schweiss might do the trick. We have a 140' span, but it could be broken up into multiple doors if necessary. Please contact me as soon as possible to discuss. Thank you.


i am building a RV storage facility with enclosed space. Size of Building is 90 feet deep and 292 feet wide. Looking for dors. Bob


We anticipate constructing an addition to our museum. We will need a non electric hangar door 100' x 33' with a tail door. We would appreciate talking to one of your representatives. I work on Tues - Thur only. Thanks! Jack F.


Job Name: Laguna Honda Hospital I'll fax you the information I have. It's not much. Thanks Ken S.


I am bidding a municipal Community Events Center on Nov. 21, 2007 that has an 18'-0" X 12'-6" and a 20'-0" x 12'-6" bi-fold glass hanger door called out. Can you connect me with a salesperson/distributor/installer for a quote. The project in WA.


Dear Sir, We are interested in your bi-fold doord for our timber dryers which we manufacture. We are also interested in marketing your doors in our area. Kindly refer to our website. Kindly send us your brochures and prices. Regards !


We require a well insulated, well sealed door for the front of our lumber kiln. The inside temp. reaches 160 F. and the humidity often reaches near 100%.


I'm working on a proposal for a permanent outdoor music stage, and am interested in using a bifold door to close off the stage front when not in use. What are the maximum dimensions for your door system? The opening could be as small as 60' wide x 24' high, or as large as 90' wide x 35' high. Are there any rules of thumb for pricing doors in those size ranges? Thanks, Scott W. Sound Concepts


We are looking for an alternative to our current bi-fold "garage doors" for a retailer we are working with. We will be doing 5 more stores in 2008 and 10 in 2009. We use the bi-fold doors as an alternative front entry into a department in the store. Our basic specs are 3 separate doors with glazing and aluminum frames, 10-11ft tall x 9-10ft wide. Could you please provide us with pricing and finish options. Thank you, Sarah H.


My name is Butch T. and I own a Hardware & Lumber co. in Maine. We are in the process of designing and building a new store. I am looking for either a bi-fold or hydraulic one piece door ( actually 2 doors the same size ) to put in the front of the store on each side of the entrance door. We are planning on having a 12 ft. overhang on the front of the store to use as a display area. I want to be able to just put these doors up in the morning and close them down at night for security. The heighth of each door would be 12ft high and the width would be 36 ft. each. Could you please give me the pricing for doors this size in both bi-fold model and the hydraulic model. Thank you Sincerely, Butch T.


We are looking at using bi-flod doors for a fire hall project. We plan to incorporate a lot of glass into the door and also between doors. Could you provide us with some standard details for jambs and heads for bi-fold doors.


We are looking for a large commercial garage door that will need to be about 60 feet wide by about 16 feet tall. I do not have any specific kind in mind, whatever will be the most cost effective way. Can you let me know if you can do this and estimated cost. Thank You


Hello I am interested in your bo fold doors for a warehouse front that large trucks need to be parked. The area space is 44ft wide x 20ft high


I have a project where we would like to use four bi-fold doors. The doors will be approximately 24' high X 70' wide, and identical to one another. I would like to get the design and drawings for the doors started in the next few days. Please send send me a proposal for the design through shop drawing stage of the project. Also, please let me know where and to whom I should send the current in progress construction drawings for your use. I look forward to working with Schweiss Bi-fold Doors on this project and I am interested in learning the intricacies of the product. Please, contact me at any time with any questions or concerns.


Seeking urgent quote for commercial bifold door for community airport application. Installation will also require electric closer.


Our customer is resizing an opening and would like to replace a sectional door with bifold insulated with exterior steel sheeting. Building is to be converted into an Aviation Mechanic school. -Vertical and horizontal steel support will be placed to support new opening dimension. Question: can bifold door be installed directly onto precast or do steel tubes have to be installed for mounting. Please quote as soon as possible. Call with any questions. Thank you, Tony A.


Hi, I'm needing a ballpark quote on a bifold door (insulated) to replace the 10'W x 12'T roll-up garage door on my studio building. Please quote it w/out the motor, using the manual crank instead. I've already been quoted a price by the Overhead Door Co. for replacing the old existing door with an insulated roll-up, and I'm wondering how your product pricing would compare to that cost. Thank you! Joe


This door will be used as a sunshade device for a building that is now under construction. I would like to use a perforated corrugated aluminum skin on the door - is this something you can provide? Thanks.


Looking for roll down door to secure an outdoor bar on a deck / cabana at a golf course. Thank you,


Hello, My colleague has just recieved a quote from you folks and I was wondering if you have any pictures of one of your doors on a dry kiln (used for drying lumber). It was mentioned to him that you had such installations. A location of these types of dry kiln installation would be very helpful as well. Thank you, Bruce


We are designing a restaurant with an outdoor deck, and the client has requested 2 all insulated glass swing-out doors approximately 8'x24'each to the deck. The installa-tion must have a clean look. I have looked at your Bi-fold's and Hydraulic doors. Can they be installed without the web at the bottom? We were thinking a reinforced tube as part of the frame to resist wind load. The building is a masonry structure.


Please provide pricing & Availability for 2 ea Bi-Fold doors to be installed in a commercial warehouse, Door Opening 46' H X 25' W ...Plesase contact me to discuss


Looking for a commercial application door that is 40' wide and 14' high with a minimum oc 12' clear.


Interesed on your bi-fold doors for commercial use (restaurant)for future projects. Please send me a catalogue and if you have waterproofing details.




Interested in Bifold Gate for smaller application (public bike parking facility/vendor space).


The top of the opening is a steel truss. The sidewalls are 8 in concrete blocks. Winter is coming and we have just completed the cement work. Thanks


The building is concrete below where the hangar is, with steel ceiling web beams which support a one-story wood structure/office above the hangar space.


the building is a cinder block building, with concrete floor, and the end wall where the door is going has a steel header measuring 12" high, 8" wide, and spanning about 14' across