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Good Afternoon I'm needing a quote on 1-10'x12' 120volt Single Phase Motor. Thanks


Want 14 ft of vertical clear-space when the hangar doors are open. Quote option-price for windows, insulation. What's the lead-time? Do you install?


I have a Schweiss Bi-Fold Hangar door and am in need of a new bottom door gasket- Also interested in converting this door from cables to straps as soon as possible as my cables are starting to fray again. Wondering if there is a Schweiss dealer in New Hampshire or New England Thanks so much!!


I am making my own bifold doors for a shed. They are 13.5" high and 13' wide, 2 of them. I am wondering if you have type of opener for them. I am thinking of a worm drive possibly. I also plan to have contour weights to help lift them. I can send photos if that would help. Please let me know if you have something that might work.


The company I work for will soon relocate, but we are now in the middle of renovating the new building. My boss wants to put in a couple hangar style bifold doors at the new shop, so he asked me to try to find some more information. I have no experience with hangar doors, so everything I'm researching is new to me. From what I have been able to find so far, I'm thinking something like your Schweiss' Build Your Own Kits is what we really need, preferably a bifold BYOD kit. We do custom metal fabrication, so I'm sure we will be building the door frame (and anything else we can) ourselves. The main things I need to find out relate to the hydraulic system or anything else we don't have the ability to manufacture. I need to know what size cylinder and how long of a stroke we need. I was also trying to figure out all the components or pieces we need, but your door kits look like they have everything.


I have a hangar with a Schweiss BiFold door. It was installed in 2001. It is about 56' wide and when folded up the clearance from the bottom of the door to the ground is 14'. I am considering another plane that has a taller tail for this opening. With this in mind I was wondering if there was another door configuration that could accommodate the new plane (or compress the bifold door) so I could get a few more feet out of the door opening. Your BiFold has lived up to its great reputation and I wanted to see what the alternatives might be and how much I could increase the opening height. Is this something a hydraulic Schweiss door could remedy?


Hi I have a 34'x 16' opening and I would like to utilize your door components: straps, motors, etc. to build my own bifold door.


I would like to order a build your own door to install myself. Face mounted on 16 x 36 I-beam columns and a 16 x 45 I-beam header. Rough opening is 19'5-1/2" X 39'6-1/2". Can you give me a price on a bifold BYOD and also a hydraulic BYOD.


Interested in building my own 14x24 door please send quote for plans and materials. If you don't have a BYOD kit for a bifold strap door, can I purchase the straps, motors and other essentials.


I am inquiring about the build your own door. Door will be installed in a post frame building, but I erect commercial steel buildings for a living. any information and pricing would be greatly appreciated. Can the BYODs come in bifold and hydraulic? Thank you!


Really like the idea of your doors. I could build the door myself but the hinges and lifting system is a little too complicated for me to try. I'm really looking for a secure steel door for my garage, just big enough to fit an atv or car. Can you fill me in on what a Schweiss Build Your Own Door would cost?


Need a cost on a 40x18 bifold door and also another cost on a 40x20 hydraulic ag door to provide our customer with. I can send over drawings if needed. Please email me for them. Thanks!


I am interested in a Schweiss Build Your Own Door for a strap system, but only see the hydraulic system listed on your web site. Do you offer a kit for the strap system? I am currently building a residential house with a 2 level glass front. I am interested in putting an outer security door similar to the one shown on your web site covering a store front. As the construction is overseas and I have a welding shop available I would only be interested in the Schweiss  motor/strap system and other electronic Schweiss Door security/safety devices. Construction is entirely reinforced concrete however steel %u201CI%u201D beam or other members can be incorporated as we are still completing the design. I look forward to your response. 


You had quoted this same project a year ago for a short door. I need information for Nucor Building Systems to finish the design of the IL building using your hydraulic Schweiss door ASAP.


Hi I'm from OH and interested in your Schweiss Cylinders and building 2 of my own doors with your Schweiss BYOD kit about the size of a typical garage door (8'x7') on 1 building. Do any of your doors operate without electricity? I'm wondering how I'd get them opened or closed in the event of a power failure. Advise me on hydraulic backup systems available.  What are the dimensions and the weight of your Schweiss Red Power Hydraulic Pump? How would a door 8'x7' weigh? Would I need a pump for each door or could I just use one?


I am looking to see if you can build a custom bifold  hobby farm barn door. It would need to fit in a 14x26 foot opening. Lift to approximately 12 feet and capacity of 3000 pounds, Exterior door will be clad in wood to match barn.


Need 18' Clear building doors. Undecided on liftstrap bifold or hydraulic Schweiss model. Please price both installed. Please price free standing header as an option with labor. Door will be lined on the inside. Please also include design information. Please fax quote and design information as our email does not seem to communicate very well. If possible please send by after lunch today. Thank you.


We would like to submit a Request For a Quote for a building job we are bidding at encompasses 2 - bifold liftstrap doors.


Are your building doors available for sale in Portland, OR area? We are located one hour east of Portland and would like two doors, either Schweiss liftstrap bi-fold or one piece, with man doors (one door with man door in lower left corner, one door with man door in lower right corner) to retrofit an existing building. Doors are side by side sliding barn doors currently, with post separating the two identical openings. Current rough openings are 11'5" wide x 13" tall, so information on how much space is needed for hardware would be helpful as well.


I want to finish ends on my 25ft x 60ft building. I really like the looks of your patented Schweiss bi-fold strap doors so I don't lose any entry width. Building is an S series steel building make.


Hello. I would like to order polebarns from your company .What is the price also what type of payment do you accept .Thank you and waiting . Best Regards Robin


We have a tenant operated farm in the Peoria, Il area that needs a new machine shed bifold door. However, we reside in the western suburbs of Chicago, IL. Also, do you have any hydraulic lift doors that you have sold for airport hangars, farm machine sheds, ag chem.-fert. dealers, trucking terminals or warehouses or whatever in the Chicago IL western suburbs? or any other businesses in the Naperville, Aurora, or Joliet areas that have these doors would be convenient for me to look at with my elderly business partner-landowner. Do you have a dealership in Central Illinois?


Mike, it was a pleasure speaking with this evening. Please supply me with budgetary numbers on a hydraulic Red Power door. Also, please keep me in mind for the first building. The maximum size I can build on the leased lot is 45' X 52'. If it is more cost efficient to make the depth of the building divisable by 6 or 8, I will go with a 45' x 48'