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Im designing a shop for my home and I am very interested in building my own hydraulic doors using your cylinder/hinge/pump set up. Is this something you are still offering? I want to do either 14' high x 22' wide or 24' wide and do two of them. Was curious can I use the same pump for each door and mount it in the middle of the building, doors will be 60' apart. Is this something I can get a quote on? Thank you.


Hi. I am looking to build my own door and would like to purchase the hydraulic cylinders and mounts if possible Thanks


Would like information on your build your own door kit. I am building a 28'x14' hydraulic door on a shop for myself.


I have a residential shop woodframe building 2”x8” walls and a solid wood doorframe. A rough opening of 12’ tall by 16’ wide with 2’ of headroom above door. Would like info and price on a hydraulic build your own door kit with remote opener.


Am looking for a hydraulic build your own kit for my personal steel building addition, but would also like to inquire about becoming a dealer/installer fro Schweiss Doors as well. We manufacture steel buildings here in Oklahoma and think this would be a great addition to our company as well as an awesome service to provide our customers with Bifold and Hydraulic door options.


Would like a quote on a 40’x16’ one piece hydraulic shop door minus the hydraulic pump and also a price on a diy kit for the same size. Thanks


I would like to see if I can get some help sourcing materials to build a hydraulic flip out door for my small residential shop. If possible I would like to buy the power unit, cylinders, hinges, dogs (cylinder attachment points), and any controls needed from Schweiss. If I could get a drawing of the door framing needed; I would like to see if I could get the materials locally and cut/weld the framing on site.


Looking for a schweiss diy kit for a 14’ x 50’ hydraulic door frame and all hardware. I will sheet the outside of the door with color Matching paneling. Thank you


Price on a hydraulic door for an exiting wood building I can also price the same door for a build your own door kit since i work for a steel and fab company thanks


Hello, I am building A Lester post frame building. It will have a 16 ft ceiling. The garage door needs to be 12 ft high x 20 ft width. I am interested in a hydraulic door and learning more about the Schweiss BYOD option. If you could please help me with pricing this, I would appreciate it. Thank you. -Mike


I'm interested in getting pricing on 2 bifold doors that I can build myself with one of your door kits. each are 14' x 14'. I noticed you have a DIY option with the hydraulic doors. Do you have the same with bifolds? The reason I want to build my own is that I'm building this shop to passive house standards and want an extremely well insulated and sealed door. Thanks


Looking into build your own door kit with self supporting header. Bifold style required, but will also consider a BYOD hydraulic Schweiss Door. Thanks,Tim


Hello I’m interested in the BYOD kit for either a bifold or hydraulic Schweiss Door. My opening is 12’5”w x 11’10”h


i am intrested in a build your own door kit and pricing.... bifold door would be about 12'3''high and 22' wide please email me current price as of 3-16-22 i know all about the iron prices


Build my own door kit ,need at least 16'clearance,Building will have 18' walls. I also need price for a 20'x16'for the side wall . door opening can be built i-beam or tubing. Sidewall I'm guessing with need a freestanding header.


Good Morning, Do you sell just the hinges for your bifold Liftstrap opening doors? I'm building a 22ft wide y 14'-6" high door in my shop. I'm just looking to buy the top hinges. Thanks Charlie Miller Cell# 612-670-6747


I’m looking to build a 22’ wide by 18’ tall door. I’m interested in the hydraulic pump and ram kit you offer. I’m looking forwards to hearing from someone to discuss options. Thank you


I want to bay a kit to build own door if is possible My structure have 2 doors that are 24/16. I'd prefer a bifold build your own door, but if they are not available I'm open to a Schweiss hydraulic door.


Hi I would like to buy a door kit from you I see you have a DIY kit for the hydraulic door but do you have the same kit or could you provide for the bifold strap lift door. I think my welding skills could save me big bucks on building a bifold Liftstrap door, but I will have to purchase some of the door lift components Thanks Carson


Looking for a price on Build your own door kit. I am building a 14x14 steel door that will have to lift using your bifold strap system.


Good afternoon, Julie I got a quote from you on 6-18-2020 quote number 61720 JT. So I’m finally getting to build. I think that quote was for a 40’x10’ and I would like to go to a 12’ tall 40’ wide door. I’m interested in the build your own door kit. I’ve been a welder/ fabricator for 30 years or so. I bought a set of door columns with all the mounts welded to them already, they were a set that was sent with one of your doors and they were incorrect length. I don’t know if the length is an issue as they are 18’ long and I need 12’ long, I’m hoping that with a little bit of elbow grease I can make them work. Could I please get a quote on the necessary parts hinges, pump, cylinders, not worried about hydraulic lines as I will get them from a local supplier. Also a set of prints. I would like to order my trusses this week and the truss engineer needs to know the hinge spacing. Is my price still locked in?


I would like more information on the build your own bifold or hydraulic door option you guys have. I have a small tool shed (12ft long x 8 ft wide x 10 ft tall) I'm building for my business and I would like the front section of it to have a 7 ft wide x 7.5 ft tall flip up wall with a small built in door. Thanks kindly Benjamin Wyckoff


I have a customer interested in one of your "build your own door kits". He currently has an old, old, another manufacturers bifold hangar door that is falling apart and wants a one piece hydraulic door. The door opening is 10'x39' roughly. Could you get me a rough price on what one of those kits would cost with everything needed to complete? Feel free to call anytime. Thank you, Rex Donn RD Construction


hello i am getting prices from a number of companies now for a building of about 60 foot by 200 foot to be put up by fall of 2022. im getting the quotes without doors on the ends i am interested in your (build your own door) add. I'm hearing your Schweiss company is the only one in existence that offers a BYOD — Please call with info and prices for two 40 ft. x 16 ft. doors.


I would like a price on one of your “build your own door” kits. If you don't have it in bifold, shoot me a price on a Hydraulic. Door will be a 16x20.


Do you offer BYOD kits with all hardware and motors needed with some sort of plans? I’m a welder fabricator and would love to be able to save some money and build it and install it myself. 26’wide 14’tall.


My name is Ben Sheldon. I just purchased a 50 year old brick Hangar building. The original DIY bi-fold door is toast and must be replaced. I want to replace with a hydraulic door, and wish to go with the Schweiss Build My Own Door option as I have access to a shop here in Ogden Utah, and can perform all the welding. "Rough" door dimensions are 40' x 14'. Please provide form to fill out with information you will need to design the Build Your Own door. Initial preferences are internal truss (versus external), single 80" insulated man-door fitted for door knob and deadbolt, four non-opening windows. Thank you


I recently measured a hangar door that was made by Hydroswing doors, but was told that Schweiss had bought that company and I should contact you. I am looking at your website and see that you sell the complete Hydraulic operated Build Your Own Door kits that I can fabricate here. Can you please have someone call me?


I’m interested in the build your own door option or possibly a completely new bifold strap door. It’s for a workshop I’m building. Door would be 18’ wide x 12’ high.


I am very interested in buying a BYOD system. I have my own fabrication shop with 3 full time welders. i think we could handle fabricating a bifold door that we need for my own use in a barn we are building. WE have had some experience installing Higher Power and PowerLift doors in the past, this got me to looking if any company sold “do it yourself components”. I’m looking at a door approx. 18’ wide x 12’ tall. Wondering on approx cost. Thanks Michael


I am interested in learning more about the Build Your Own Door package offered and if it is also available using a bifold strap door. I own an airplane hanger and I am interested in learning if the package is something I can afford. Would it be possible to get a non binding estimate for a 39x10 hydraulic and bifold door package. Thank you, Doug Engwis


Have plans for a Varco Pruden 60x80x20 steel building and saw your do it yourself hydraulic door add, have plenty of welding experience, material and equipment. Was thinking about one 40 or 50x18 end wall and one 24x 18 side wall doors instead of overhead doors on plans. Do you still offer your do it yourself doors and in these sizes and could you give me an idea of cost on a BYOD bifold door? Thanks Mitch


10'high, 20'wide opening build it yourself kits.......with options cost of the kit and list of what is included and do you have a BYOD kit for bifold?


Inquiring about a hydraulic door for an opening approximately 14 feet high and 20 feet wide . Build your own door, with a pass through door and pump priced separately . Non insulated and would get the steel siding locally. Could you also price this same size door in a bifold strap model?


I am interested in the "Schweiss hydraulic build your own door" kits. I need two 10ft x 7ft doors and one 12ft x 7ft door. I need the doors to seal and be air tight as I will have A/c and heat in the garage. I will weld and fabricate the frame of the door. I just need the hinges, pump, hydraulic cylinders and brackets.


Hi, I would like a quote for a hydraulic door frame 24' x 9' and also a quote for your BYOD for a hydraulic door of the same size. I like your bifold doors but can't afford to lose even an inch of headroom.


I just need pricing on a hinge and hydraulic unit w/controllers set for a 16' wide door opening. I can weld the build your own door with a set on door blueprints included in the package.


I'd like to build my own 12'*24' hydraulic swing door for a clients project. Can you run me through the pricing for your parts to complete...everything but the welded door. From what I see, you don't have a bifold BYOD, right?


I'm interested in a DIY hydraulic or bifold strap door. 3400mm x 4500mm. Can you supply a 'do it yourself kit.' Freight is to Adelaide, South Australia


Dear Schweiss Would it be possible for you to provide my company with a quote for a build your own door for a 14 X 14 rough opening? Most interested in bifold with straps but will consider hydraulic door also. Sincerely Darrell


iam interested in the build your own bifold door kit. The door will be installed on a hangar to store my airplane. If a bifold BYOD isn't available, please price as a hydraulic one-piece door with delivery to Quebec, Canada.


I have a customer who is thinking on building his own hangar doors. sliders with aluminum c channel and polycarbonate facing. The opening is 184' wide x 14' high. I would like to offer him a quote for one or two bifold strap operated doors that, if possible he can build with Schweiss door components.


I am wanting pricing for a "build your own door kit" using a bifold strap door or hydraulic one piece door for a 20' wide by 10' tall door. What's all in the kit? Will I need to provide something on my own?


I am interested in build you own door. I am building a hanger at my house and lookin for a 42 foot by 10 foot high bifold strap door or hydraulic one-piece


I have a 20w x14h door wanting to get pice for hydraulic door and the kit to build my own bifold strap door. What sort of process is involved to get me started?


I am interested in the build your own door option for a hydraulic or bifold strap door. Please forward pricing and information. Thanks, Shawn


Interested in pricing on the parts needed to build my own bifold door in a wood post frame barn. Height can be anywhere between 14–16', and width 16–40' (I have 20 wide x 16 high in the form below, just as a suggestion), whatever strikes the best balance between price and Awesomeness™. Haven't completely decided on the cladding yet; might be corrugated sheet metal, might be wooden board. I have a good source for steel, just need all the hardware to make the bifold door run smoothly.


Hi I am looking at building a airplane hangar and I am interested in a build your own door kit. The opening would be 45X20. Is there any chance you could give me a quote for this? Could you also quote me a BYOD hydraulic hangar door.


Hello, I'm just starting to look at this project so i am needing a ballpark price for a do it your self style bifold door build option. It would be 16'w x 14'H and I'll need to order the remote opening door devise from you.


I am interested in the build your own Schweiss hydraulic doors. Could you send me some more info on your BYODs and pump system. I am wanting to build a 16 tall x 20 wide door in the end of our timber barn. Brad.


Hi Guys, I am really interested in a kit BYO hydraulic or bifold strap door. We are based in Australia GMT 11 Wondering if this is acheiveable or do you have/need an Australian reseller??? The first door we are interested is a Hanger door 15m X 5m What would your suggested be (Bifold or Hydraulic one piece?) Many Thanks Brett


Interested in the B.Y.O.D. Hydraulic or bifold strap door Option. Will be in a residential application, 8ft two car garage.


Please provide a quote for a bifold door frame for a 65' wide x 24' high clear opening. Also would like a quote for a BYOD hardware set for the same opening. Door will be clad with two layers of 1"x1" 11g woven mesh fabric, 50% open area, total 1.7 psf, 180 MPH ultimate/140 MPH sustained wind speed.


Interested in hardware to build 2 doors. Insulated and sealed for cold winters. I have plenty of Styrofoam 1. 5" sheets. Door opening has 2' head room on outside of wall, inside has very limited space from ceiling. I will need your straps for a 40 ft. wide x 18 ft. tall door and remote openers.


Interested in a DYI door solution for a bifold Schweiss door, or if that's not possible for your hydraulic door model. Have 2 16' wide by 9' tall openings that I would like to install a single lift door. Would like help with design and parts acquisition. 8x8" wood columns with a 8x12" header. Figure door weight around 450lbs.


hi..i have built a 100ftx60ft hangar with a 16ftx50ft door opening,would be interested in your byod concept if you have that for a bifold hangar door...I am a welder so would be no problem doing the fabricating myself..thnx,lee


I am looking for pricing on a 18' W X 16' H hydraulic door, both pricing for a completed built and installed and the BYOD price. If you have a BYOD Bifold Door, I would prefer that.


Looking for a pricing quote on a BYOD kit vs a bifold door. Opener is required as well. How much headroom is required for both doors? What comes with the BYOD kit?


I have a few questions. I seen there is a BYOD section. Also, I see there is hydraulic vs bifold. What I would be looking for is the hydraulic hinges set up. Can I just buy the hinges and build my own door? Or is having you guys build the door the way to go? I would be using this door for a shipping container/shop and I would want a glass type door. Please call me when you can and thank you so much.


Was looking at replacing my indoor window with a garage door. I would prefer your design for the hydraulic or bi fold liftstrap glass door. I plan on installing this myself and I’m looking at a cost just for the Kit. We are interested in the lesser expensive budget friendly option. Size of my window is: 59” wide x 95” high


I would like a quote for a B.Y.O.D kit. door size 30' wide by 18' tall. this will be in a post frame building. are there any special considerations to keep in mind during the build when using them in this type of building? Are the BYOD kits only available in hydraulic door configurations?


Interested in a BYOD kit with architectural features. Can email drawings once sales rep gets in touch with me. Still undecided on Bifold vs hydraulic. I think the fact I need a man door will necessitate a hydraulic, but I do see that your bifold doors can also come with a man door too.


Looking at build your own door option for a bifold door. Opening is 18ft wide by 13ft tall. Building is a steel building flat roof.. What does the door kit include?


I’m interested in getting pricing on a build your own door kit. Door size would 24’w x 13’t. Are the BYOD kits available for bifold doors too?


I’m interested in the Schweiss build your own door kit for a smaller door about 7 ft. tall by 6 ft. wide with one inch glass. Will this kit work for this, or would you recommend a bifold door instead.


Do you offer build your own door kit in the bifold strap door like you do in the hydraulic doors?


Hi I was wondering what the cost is for the hydraulic or bifold Schweiss build your own door kit is for a door opening measuring 8’ x 8’. The garage is wood framed but has a steel 4x4 frame for the garage door. thank you


- Interested in BYOD - My hobby is metal art and fabrication - We recently purchased a property with an existing concrete outbuilding - We call the building 'The Bunker' as it's built into the hillside and has 14" thick concrete walls and a 12" thick concrete roof - The building has 2 Large entrances which are currently stick framed out with traditional roll up doors. - We want to replace 1 opening with a large hydraulic or bifold strap door for both access, (interior job crane can swing out) and to start bringing in some of the architectural elements the new house being built nearby will have


Hello, I'm looking to build a door for my hangar. I see you have "build a door option" which given I'm in Australia I thought would be good - but I was keen on the bifold door system with your fantastic strap system. Is the bifold strap door available either in a flat pack assembly or a kit form that we can ship easily to Australia? Thanks, Michael.


We are wanting a quote for hydraulic kit for one piece door for our hangar we are building. The door is 40' x 14' high. We are likely building two hangars but would like price for one kit at this time. Plus cost to ship to Creston, B.C. also price a pre-built bifold door with these same dimensions. We might just go that route if it is a fairly affordable door.


Hello I was instreted in the build our own kit. Is it possible to take a standard residential singe car roll up door and convert it to a one piece or bifold door and using your hydrlic cylinders to open it? It doesn't wiegh very much. If so what the cost of just the pump and hydrolic arms? Thanks, Kishan


Could you please quote me on a bifold and hydraulic kit door I can install and skin myself. Could possibly pick it up in Minnesota? Dimensions I have provided are for existing rough opening and have to be verified for final order. What's the lead time on your Build Your Own doors?


I am presently working on the design of my new home garage (construction next spring). I need a door 16 feet wide and 11 feet high but definitly don't want the look coming with it. Looking at some of your projects it is clear that your bi fold door is what i need. I can see on your web site that we can fabricate and build our own hydraulic or bifold door frame , you provide the drawing and all the hardware (hinges , strap ,motor and gearboxes ,...). What could be the budget price for a door 16x11 with the motor mounted on the ceiling with the cold wheater package and a remote control. shipping to Quebec Canada included Regards Nicolas


Hello, I am interested in getting pricing for a bifold strap or hydraulic swing door. I am building a new wood frame pole barn shop with 16’ side wall and would like to install a 30’x16’ door in the end wall. I am also very interested in the build your own door kits, how does that kit compare in price to a fully assembled door, do you have BYOD kits for bifold doors? What would the cost increase be to move to a 35’ wide door? Thank you very much.


Hi, I want to build four doors. My shop I have a 29'8" wide by 15'2" tall opening. This one I was about to order my steel from Mcneelius steel until seeing yours. I'm an electrician and a fabricator and pretty much have the tools and space to build what I want. It would definitely save me time buying your hinges. Not sure about the bifold door motors. Would be curious what it would cost me to have you look at my materials list on my big folding shop door? I typically over kill my projects, but I like strong, and Schweiss builds strong.


Would you sell me the motor/drive for a bifold door? Along with 6 drums/straps? I am building this door that has 30 solar panels as its cladding. The door is 18 feet tall and 41 feet wide. It tilts back at a 75 degree angle to collect the best winter energy in our area of northern Canada. The total weight of the bifold door, with cladding is 2700 lb, calculated, plus the power unit which would be top mounted on the door. 220v drive. Thank you. I had one of your older bifold cable doors in my other hanger and loved it, I know I'll like your strap doors even more. I restrung the cables with blocks to halve the forces on the motor as that hangar had only two twelve volt batteries and a single solar panel with an inverter to run the motor.


Hi There, I spoke to someone this morning about a byod hydraulic door, but now I'm seeing that I have to have the byod as a bifold strap model, which is also OK. I just wanted to make sure he had my email right, so here it is. It will be an outside mount into a post frame building. I can frame a 14't x 19'w opening. I will likely use a 10" I beam as the header, and can weld to it Thanks in advance for your time preparing a quote package. Call if you need any other information. If it is possible to get that back to me today, I will work on things over the weekend. Thanks again. Scott


Looking to get a price on a B.Y.O.D for existing hangars at my airport. What do you need from me i.e. measurements, pictures to get started? I would like bifold strap and motor components only. I will build the frame.


Your "Build Your Own Door Kit" would be perfect for us. We are needing a one piece hydraulic lift door on the end wall of an existing wood pole barn constructed building. Our shop can provide and handle the door framing material, cutting, fitting and welding. But we need your kit of hinge components, liftstraps, auto latches, motors and design experience or shop plans. Using separate steel columns at jambs and header sounds better to us then modifying the existing wood construction. Please ask any questions you have and email a quote. Thanks for helping us out, Denis Kloewer One Ton Welding Inc


Interested in the build your own door kit for 2 doors on a 42x60 morton barn that was built in 1983. 24x11 side wall and 21x13 end wall are the openings. Just the kits, to include straps, motors, etc. no doors. I'll build the new doors myself. Thanks!!!


Looking for a Build your own hydraulic lift or bifold liftstrap door that does not require any support by the building similar to your hydraulic self supporting frame.


I am mainly interested in the DIY hydraulic door but please quote bifolds, hydraulic, and DIY for reference. I have priced roll up doors already and am more convinced the Schweiss bifold and hydraulic doors are of better quality. Thanks.


Hi I am interested in making a one piece, hinge up door on hydraulic rams that I can build myself with the assistance of Schweiss providing some integral parts. Door dimensions are 6m wide x 3m high. Are you interested in supplying only the powerpack and controls system for this? If so can you advise price on same. Electricity supply is single phase


Hello, looking for a quote for B.Y.O.D hydraulic or bifold door. County wind rating is 120 mph. Door size is attached to this email.


I’m interested in one of your build your own door kits if you could quote me one. Are they also available as a bifold door build your own door?


Would you design a 11' W X 8' H Door. What would a rough estimate be for the design and brackets on a bifolding strap door. We want to use the Build it Yourself Kit


I am interested in your Build your own door kit. How do I get a cost estimate for a kit. Can the BYOD kit come as a bifold and hydraulic door?  Thanks


I'm interested in your byod kit. I want to build a 20' wide by 14' bifolding door. I will build an opening for the door. Please email me a price, thanks Roger.


I'm interested in the b.y.o.d hydraulic kit. New construction, door size 24' long 12' high. Thanks


was curious about the build your own door option is this available for the bi-fold doors? I'm looking for a 12' tall 24' wide door with zero headroom loss. this door would also need decent wind load ratings and insulated. wouldn't have to be bi-fold as long as it has zero headroom loss.


Looking for pricing on Build your own door kits for quan 4, 42x14' bi-fold doors and for hydraulic doors. Thanks, Rod


Good morning, I am interested in getting a proposal for a "Build your own Hydraulic or Bifold Door" Kit. I am currently building a new residence with a garage door approximately 14'W x 12' Tall. The external facade will be solid sheeted and covered with tongue and groove cedar. The wall construction is 2x6 wood framing on a concrete slab.


Would like a price on a build your own hydraulic and bifold door kit 12 ft x12 ft with lifting straps and necessary hardware


What are the price differences on the Hydraulic doors vs the Schweiss build your own kits?


15'10"x 35'7" hydraulic door. Cost for both built at your factory or the build your own door package. What is your lead time on hydraulic door delivery to North Dakota.


I'm interested in a build your own door. Trying to cut cost The header of the door is I beam also interested in a walk-through door, and a remote opener. Do you have a bifold BYOD?


Would like to get a quote on a build your own hydraulic door. Door dimensions are 18' tall by 48' wide.


Please furnish quote on BYOD hydraulic industrial strength door- Thanks, Rog. No door or windows in hyd door. Call not necessary right now.


BYOD want to get a price on building my own door. Building a Hangar, may be interested in being an outlet. What exactly will I get with the BYOD door kit?


Good morning, I am considering a Schweiss bifold strap door or hydraulic one-piece door now that I saw you offered a "weld it yourself" option. This is a very light and small door separating two rooms in my farm shop. The rough opening is 9x9.5 ft. Please contact me to discuss what my options are and help me come up with a price for materials from you. One question...do you have aluminum hardware for this door project? Thanks James


I'm looking for a price for your BYOD kit please. I'm looking to build a door 14ft wide by 8 ft high. Need prices and estimated delivery time.   Thanks Matt


Hello, I'm inquiring about the build it yourself hydraulic door "kit" for an aircraft hangar. Specifically, I'm looking for a quote for the door hinges and mechanisms, and actuators (NOT the door itself). Down below i'm not sure if it's end wall or side wall or even what that means. Side column material can be built to spec if i know which is better. I'd like to have a contractor use your Schweiss Bid Your Own Door kit for a not-yet-constructed hangar, so I'm collecting quotes. Thanks in advance, Eric Sorensen


Build your own door kit quote please. Interested in glazing options, I'd like a glass build your own door  panel door, not operable windows.


Looking for a price on a Schweiss build your hydraulic door kit, looking to do multiple doors though, 4 doors that are 12 ft wide on center at the wooden posts and 8 feet tall but sidewalks of shop are 12 ft tall, and on door that is 12 ft tall and 12 ft wide. Please contact me via email, my building is a combination of wood and steel, wood walls but steel trusses.


Just looking for a price on the DIY hydraulic door garage kit with backup system in case of a power outage.. The door is 10' x 10'. Thank You Scott 


I%u2019m looking to fabricate and install a hydro swing door. But instead of a Hydro, can I get a quote for a Build my own door with Schweiss to supply the design, door components, and power unit. Would you just sell a hydraulic power unit by itself? Thanks Ash


Hi there Please can you send me a quote for your DIY kit for your strap lift bi-fold and hydraulic doors. Looking forward to hearing from you. Kind regards Imogen


I would like to build my own hydraulic door. This is for a metal hangar building I am planning on my property. The door opening is 46' wide and 14' high. My hangar will be 60' wide and 40' deep. I saw your hydraulic door BYOD page. Do you also have a bi-fold kit. Thanks Mark


I built a hangar and need a door, I would like a price of your hydrolic DIY kit shipped to 99623 the Build Your Own Door will be about 15 x 40 opening. Danny


I am seriously interested in the DIY hydraulic door. My father-in-law is a welder so can you send me information on that as well?


I am interested in cost for DIY kits as well as turnkey for the following door jamb sizes. 3 - 24' wide x 20' tall 1 - 49' wide x 20' tall.  Thanks for your help! Wallace


Looking at build your own hydraulic single door Considering 12x40 or 14x40 depending on price, and what clearances I would need on each of the above? (For header on building) Thanks!




I see you sell build your own door kits for hydraulic doors would you quote me one, I'm converting a cattle shed on the farm to a shop.


I am looking for price on a build your own door I want 44' by 12' vs 44' by 14' vs 44' by 16' its going in a wood hangar and can be built to suit I would prefer hyd. door but open to bifold as well not a commercial hangar just a hobby but need something safe and reliable


I am looking for a price quote on a build your own door kit for a small, solid wall insulated hydraulic door. Power unit needs to be single phase if pump motor is less than 5hp, 3ph if above. 1ph preferred. I prefer shipping via YRC to their terminal in GR, if possible. My structure is an old 2x8 stud wall wood framed farm building. This building does have two even smaller overhead doors, and I would love to explore the possibility of purchasing cylinders and hinge kits for them as well at a later date(and plumbing existing power unit to power 1 at a time of any of the three doors). The other two doors measure 16' wide x 7' tall, and 9' wide x 8' tall, respectively. I am a residential customer, and mainly looking at the greater insulation capacity and theft resistance of these doors when compared to other solutions.


I am interested in a hydraulic door. I'm interested in the build your own door kit. I am curious how well the hydraulic door seals all the way around if building is heated during winter vs a roll up door. Also what kind of prices would i be looking at.


Hi there! I see you have a build-it-yourself hydraulic lifting door kit advertised: 1. What is the cost? 2. Can I get some more info on this? and 3. Would you be able to ship it to South Africa? Kind regards, 


I am looking for pricing for a Build-your-own door kit. I would be looking for the cylinders, cylinder mounts and hinges for a 60ft wide, 20ft tall hydraulic door. The building is wood, post-frame construction but the door frame could/will be reinforced, including tie-backs to a concrete floor slab or any other suggested requirements. Please contact me via email for further Schweiss BYOD hydraulic door kit information. Thanks, Dory


hello need an estimate on 40' wide x 16' high hydraulic door. build your own door kit, can install our selves go in the end of an all steel building


I'd like a quote on both bifold and hydraulic doors and the build it yourself door kit if possible. Email would work best as I work a hectic schedule. Thank you!


I am building a 48x48X12 hangar and looking for info on your build your own hydraulic door kit. Im looking for a 40ft hydro door with recess mount.


Need an 11'x14' Hydraulic Door. Like to have two prices, one built, the other where you supply the material and I weld it myself like on your Build your own door web page. Thanks, Bobby


Can you send me a price list for the build your own hydraulic door kit, I am interested in saving some money by doing some of the work myself.


Hi there, i am interested in learning about costs of your build your own door system kit. Our brick rough opening is approximately 8' tall and 10' wide. we are located in Maryland, thank you.


I have a building and I'm wanting to put either a hydraulic door or bifold door, whichever is my cheapest option! I'm wanting to build the door myself. The door opening is 35ft and 81/2 inches wide, and 13ft 8inches tall. I'd like to get a quote on the Schweiss build your own door. You can contact me anytime. Thank you.


I would like more information and pricing on a 26 by 14 tall build your own hydraulic door kit to build myself on site. Thanks


Hi Can you give me pricing for a set of 50 foot bifold hangar doors to ship to Australia? I'm most interested in your one-piece hydraulic door build your own door kit. Can you price that as well? BYOD could save me big money I'm thinking.


I'm building an attached RV garage, I'm interested in the build your own door kit for a 12x14 opening. I plan to disguise the door as a standard garage car door similar to what I've seen on the Schweiss Doors website using one of your bifold RV doors. I'm interested in pricing the build your own door kit. Thank you and I look forward to speaking with someone about it.


I am interested in your "build your own door" kits. I am adding on to my shop and need a new door, and I want to save some money and weld it myself.Thanks, Bryan


Would like a quote on the "build your own hydraulic door" kit to fit a 20 ft wide 14 ft high opening the opening is framed in with 8" square tubing price to include shipping to western Canada if u need any more info please call or e-mail. Thank you,  Danny


Please indicate price for a full swing hydraulic door in a "build your own door" kit suitable for 30' wide opening x 15' clear open height. Location near Bristol, England.


I'm interested in the "build your own door" kit. Do you offer that service for bifold doors? I'm looking at building 2 small doors. One 10' x 10' opening and the other 8' tall x 10' wide opening. I'd like both doors to be 8" thick. These doors will be part of a "hybrid" building. ( steel I-beam structure with wood walls) My thought was if you designed them and I got the parts from you, I can build the frames myself. Thank You, Bob


Looking for an economical option on a 35' wide by 12' high bi-fold door. I am planning on constructing a 40'w x 48' long post frame metal clad hangar/shop next summer. I see from your website that you sell a "Build your own door" kit, and I think that will suit me best. I am a construction manager and have labor and resources to get it done. E-mail is preferred method of contact. Regards, Steve


I have a 16'x 7' raw opening garage door. I like the idea of the one-piece hydraulic door. I am curious about the "Build your own door" kit, the cost, and material used.


Good morning. I live in Iceland. I would like to order one of your "Build your own door" kits for an opening 9 meter wide and 2 meters high. Shelter for aeroplane. This equipment you are selling for opening, one-piece hydraulic door, how much? With regards, Aaron


I spotted your ad in a magazine! Do you have a distributor here in Australia? If not, I see that you have a build your own door kit and I am very interested in ordering one.  It's not economical to have doors sent across the Pacific as you can imagine. Looking forward to your reply.  Regards, Gilbert


I have researched your lift-strap bi-folding gates and decided to ask about them. I have to install  a bi-fold upward gate on my garage , it has an opening of 18'-0" wide and 11'-0" high. I just want to ask about the price and other services that Schweiss Doors offers and if you have a team that is working anywhere in Pakistan? I see that you offer a build your own door package. I will arrange its installation on my end. We will arrange the shipment method if the cost is within my price range. I liked your design and work, so I contacted you to ask. Please respond when you see my message. You can ask for any further details about the location where I have to install the door. Thank you, Fred, Head Engineer


I am building a steel hangar approximately 32m long x 15m deep. I will be having two 15m door openings on either side of center line of the buildings with a partition down the middle to form two 16m x 15m hangars, a duplex hangar. i envisage door openings will be 15m wide x 5m high. Not sure if i prefer bifold or hydraulic at this stage. What is your pricing to fulfill these requirements? Do you supply build your own door plans? I am a boiler-maker welder by trade and can fulfill any fabrication and welding needs if you supply the plans and supplies.   Delivery would be to the Newcastle area, 2320, 2hrs north of Sydney, NSW Australia. Any pricing or assistance would be appreciated. Regards Col S.


Do you have a Bifold lift-strap system that you sell as a kit, to allow building of own door?


I would like to order a Build your own hydraulic door kit. I had previously gotten a quote, however I needed to make some structural upgrades, and now I am ready to build the door


I see that you sell a build your own door kit to make your own one-piece hydraulic doors. My door is roughly 20ft wide and 13.4ft tall. If you could email me a price on a kit to make that and what's included. I would appreciate it. Thanks


I am working on a proposal to build and lease an office/warehouse hanger to a pipeline company. The hanger section of the building includes a 42' X 14' door. The tenant has expressed interest in a hydraulic door to provide additional shade during training sessions. Can you provide budget numbers for one of your one-piece hydraulic door units. I have the ability to assemble the unit and install if you provide a kit for this size, I understand that you provide a build your own door kit. The 42' width is optimal, however 40' would work. They have 2 helicopters with a rotor diameter of 35.6'. Only one would be hangered at a time. I really like the kit idea and would love to see a kit price for an 20' W X 16' H double swinging hydraulic if offered.


I am looking for a quote on one-piece hydraulic doors for openings in the following sizes: Qty. (2) 8'-6" tall x 15'-0" wide Qty. (2) 8'-6" tall x 12'-0" wide Qty. (2) 8'-6" tall x 6'-6" wide I have all the necessary hardware to install these, so I would like a "build your own door" kit. These could be white in color. Let me know if there are other colors available and if there is any additional cost associated with those. Please include freight to my address provided. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me. Thank you.


I'm interested in your "build your own door" kit for a 40'x18' one-piece hydraulic hangar door. We can build the frame ourselves. Thanks


We are in the beginning stages of planning an airplane hangar for a crop dusting plane, and we wanted to use one of Schweiss' hydraulic hangar doors. I would like to do the build your own door kit. We have many years of experience with welding and building. The door will be a 50 foot by 16 foot. No walk in door but some windows. Can you give me a ballpark figure of what the kit would cost. Stan


Price estimate for build your own hydraulic door. Approx. 332cm high and 570cm wide along top there's a concrete beam (all concrete building) of 21cm hight and 100cm overhang 230Volts 50Hz system ready for the hydraulic power pack. Would like drawings for steelwork as transport alone would kill my plan... Also use for a strauss on inside at bottom. Pls notice, I'm all Metric and only knows 1/2" being 12,7mm after my gun... Looking forward to your cost estimate with transport to Stavanger, Norway Kind regards, Tony


Pricing info please: Schweiss 60' bifold lifstrap door (complete kit w/ motors) 60' hydrolic door (complete BYOD kit w/ motors) 70' bifold strap  door (complete kit w/ motors) 70' hydrolic door (complete BYOD kit w/motors)


I am Interested in the Schweiss B.Y.O.D. kits. I will build a pole barn hangar for my plane, and I want to build a self support steel frame, with hydraulic door. (40ft. x 10ft.)I own a welding company. Thanks, Brad


The 50'x14' bi-fold door on my hangar is nearing the end of its life. It was never installed with a proper opener and instead uses an electric winch. I am trying to decide between rebuilding the current door with new hinges, latches, and an opener, or replacing the door with a kinetic energy style Schweiss hydraulic door. Could you please provide a price estimate for both styles? I would prefer the hydraulic build-it-yourself option Thank you. Joe


Need info on the Schweiss BYOD kits. Am unable to print the BYOD page on your website. Would like to print this for the BOSS so he can see what comes in the kit. Any info you can email would be helpful. Thanks.


looking for a quote on a 30'x18' Schweiss Doors Build your own door kit. I would prefer itemized pricing on the door and hydraulic system separate. Also need to know what kind of discounts you can offer if I pick it up at the factory. Thanks,


As i live in Ireland. it would make more economical sense to make my own door.but using your hydraulic pumps and designed. Im looking to make a hydraulic door 6m wide x 3m high. could you give me a cost all the parts i require and also the shipping costs to Dublin Ireland. 


a while ago we bought an opening kit from you as well as plans to build our own door. We are pleased with how this worked out and would like to do again. We have a 28'Wx24'H door we'd like to build a hydraulic door for. Would you be able to provide a quote for an BYOD opening kit and the drawings to build a door ?




I am obtaining approval for a hanger in Wollongong Australia. I picked up literature on your Build Your Own Hydraulic Door kit at your show in Oshkosh. Do you have an agent in Australia if so please advise. If not, what do I have to do to have you send a kit here?


I would like any/all the information to hydraulic door (B.Y.O.D). We are in progress to construct a large metal building for Agricultural purposes in NE and we are looking to install a door that is 18' tall and 65' long. Look forward to hearing from you! Thanks


We have one AK hanger already with a Schweiss BIFOLD and we are looking to build another. Build will be in a remote Alaska area that will require everything to be brought in by ship. Interested in prices for normal bifold liftstrap/autolatch door and hydraulic build your own door, both door styles  with battery backup and windrated for 90 mph. Interested in prices for 40' by 16' and 60' by 16'. 


Hi we would like some information on your hydraulic door for my residential garage but am unable to find a supplier in Australia. Can you ship your doors to Sydney? Also really interested in your new Schweiss Build Your Own Door kit, I believe that would save me some shipping costs. Regards 


Have a 4ft. gap in my PA metal building that I am looking to close in and sometimes have it open. I would need 4 hydraulic one-piece build your own doors that would be 4ft. tall by 20 ft. long


I would like to build my own hydraulic hangar door with your kit. I am looking at 36 to 40 feet. I need to know what kind of building I will need to work with the door. I am looking at building a 40' x 50' shop in UT with your door to park the plane. the door would be on the 50' side of the building.


need a 30 wide by 16 tall door. would like for it to be a glass panel hydraulic door so I can see through it. looking at the hydraulic byod option. can I use the same hydraulic power unit for two different doors like the NV Irish Pub did?


Hello I am looking at options for a 16 x 10 garage door opening. Wondering if your Schweiss Hydraulic Build Your Own door system might work for me. I would probably be looking at getting all of the hardware from you guys and building my own doors in VT to your spec. Looking to maintain maximum amount of door opening space.(particularly the opening height) Please let me know if what you might have to offer. Thanks


How much is a hydraulic door build your own door kit for a 26 ft. wide by 18 ft. tall opening. Cost to ship to AK? Thank you Robert


Interested in your B.O.Y.D. program. What is provided with the hydraulic door components, cost, shipping to NM, etc. Thank you,


in the process of getting some shop quotes and im looking at a 16-18 ft tall by 35 wide hydraulic door. interested in some more info and prices. how much head room does the door require? I also do a lot of welding at work and at my NE farm so curious on building my own Schweiss hydraulic door and what that might save me?


Please quote one 30' wide by 18' high 1 piece hydraulic door. Also, price one 24' wide by 18' high door. They would be delivered to Roanoke, IL Also, quote both in doors in the Schweiss build your own door kit, delivered to Roanoke, IL.


I am a few weeks away from completing a 60 X 52 ID pole barn and need a 42 X 14 hydraulic door. Was planning to build my own but found a link that led me to your new BYOD option. This certainly interests me. I have even asked about buying one of your Schweiss hydraulic pumps in the past. I can fabricate the door frame no problem but having access to the quality hinges and mount brackets is a great option. I would like the door to sit inside the opening and the truss on the interior side. I'll also be adding glass panels so will space the internal members on 4' centers. Can you please provide an estimate on a BYOD kit for a door this size?


I would like a quote for a Strap Lift Bi Fold door with all of the additional options for a : 110' x 28' span Shipping to the Port of Miami, FL  Can I get a quote for Build your Own Hydraulic Door as well?


Due to living in Australia a Hydraulic BYOD kit would be our best option. If this is possible I can send photos of our install area. Regards 


have one wood pole barn in ID with two 12w x 10h doors and one steel building with two 10w x 12h doors would like price on Schweiss Build Your Own Hydraulic door kits. I will assemble and install


Would like to know more about the hydraulic build your own door kits, such as minimum and maximum door sizes that are possible to do and of course package prices from the lowest base package to the highest with whatever options are available for the build your own door kits. Location is NC.    Thanks


Really like the Schweiss hydraulic door BYOD concept I learned about at the Fargo, ND Big Iron farm show. Do you have details of how to weld up the door? How to add the glass or polycarbonate sheets, etc. It would help to understand all that is involved before you provide the hydraulic hardware.


I am interested in your hydraulic build your own door kit I saw in fastline this month. My rough openings are approximately 15 feet tall x20 feet wide on my OH building.I want to use the most economical hydraulic door you have and build them myself.


If I could please have quote for just the hydraulic door components that are needed to make the unit work besides the frame. I was hoping to have the frame constructed elsewhere in CT, but now I am most interested in your Build Your Own Door kit.  Thanks


Our company is looking at building a new hangar. we'll need a door that has an opening of 68ft x 21ft in the clear. Can we build a door that big using your Build Your Own Door kit? I would need to know how much taller the opening needs to be and how much head room is needed above the opening.This door will be installed in the Lubbock, Texas area. Also can you give me an estimated cost for the hydraulic kit door and shipping? Thank You, 


We are pricing an addition to a Concrete Precast building and the endwall needs a 30x30 Door to allow a wheeled gantry crane to roll in and out. Want the most cost effective option that has a weather seal and if possible R10 (ish) insulation. I realize crane doors are more involved with extra engineering, but would it be possible to use your Build Your Own Door kit on this hydraulic door?


Message to Mike Schweiss. Hi Mike, thanks so very much for showing me around yesterday I truly enjoyed the neat technology you're developing as well as the new Build Your Own Door kit option! Your team was fabulous in helping me out throughout the entire process! As a new friend, I would like to offer my help in any way that you see I could possibly help you moving forward with the many decisions you'll be making with the company... Just food for thought, and I want to repay you for your generosity and friendship!  Tremendous thanks, 


I'm looking for an estimated price for a clear glass hydraulic one piece garage door for my residence. 20ft wide by 7ft high. I have a friend who is a great welder and he said he'd be more than willing to build the door frame for me. Please price as a BYOD. Thank you.


I would like a quote for at 24x12 hydraulic Schweiss door using the build your own door techniques. Think I'd like to go this route to save me some cash.


I need a quote for a Hydraulic hanger door 45x x 13 ft clear to be installed on a steel building to be delivered to TN. Send quote using your BYOD hydraulic door kit please.


Hello, I am thinking about swapping out the existing bi-fold door for one of your Schweiss hydraulic doors. I am seeking cost estimates for a BYOD kit. Should be a real money saver.  


We have proposed using one of your hydraulic glass designer doors for a project and need your full Build Your Own Door kit specifications to insert into the project manual. Please send in Microsoft Word ".docx" format. Thanks


We would like to use the door in a window Build Your Own Door kit application with a 9'-8" wide x 6'-8" high opening. Please send ASAP.


We installed 2 fabric buildings at the San Cristobal silver mine site in Bolivia, and they have asked us to supply and install Schweiss hydraulic doors in those buildings. 2 of 10 m wide x 9 m tall 4 of 8 m wide and 8 m tall and 2 of 6 x 6 m Can you provide your costs for Build Your Own Door kits for these hydraulic doors which will need freestanding headers? 


I am designing a precast concrete structure in which the owner is planning on the use of your Schweiss  hydraulic designer doors. (16'x16' door) The door has 12" solid concrete walls at the sides and above the opening, with the ability to embed steel angles or channels around the perimeter. Can this be ordered as a Build Your Own Hydraulic door? Any direction would be appreciated.


I have a project on Nellis Air Force Base that Requires 35'6" Hydraulic Blastproof Military Grade Hangar doors, would you be interested in providing them as a BYOD kit doors, I would need a point of contact to email drawings to. 


Hello, I am looking for information on your hydraulic doors for a residential garage door project we are currently working on in Ontario. We would like some more information/details on your BYOD  hydraulic kit door package and what it includes. There are two doors, appx. 7'2x10'10, likely made of steel, glass and clad with wood.


I need a quote for a 21ft. tall, in the clear by 72ft. wide hydraulic one piece jet hangar door. Airplane hanger in Nevada. Can something this big be built by our guys using your BYOD kit? What header support will be needed to hold this hyd. door in place?


Need price for 40' wide X 12' hi Schweiss hydraulic airpark hangar door. Hangar manufacturer said they need specs to design door opening. They also want more information on your BYOD kit. Thanks.


I represent a chain of restaurants and we are looking for unique design elements like hydraulic lifting  garage doors or windows. I would like to email you sample pictures of what we're looking for. Tell me more about your Build Your Own Door kit. Please contact me at your earliest convenience. Thanks.


Need Quote for a metal hydraulic BYOD door kit for shop door 39'7" wide 12 ft 7" tall. Will be going to Texs. What lead time do I need to get a Build Your Own hydraulic door kit sent to me?


I am looking for some options for your Schweiss  one-piece doors/windows. I have a restaurant client and we are designing a bar that will have a "window" on one side of the bar that will open up to create an indoor/outdoor bar. I would like to find a system to include your Build Your Own Hydraulic Door option to present to the client. Thanks


We have a restaurant project we'd like to use one of your Build Your Own kit doors on. The door will be glass clad to match adjacent storefront. Please have a rep call me to discuss how we proceed with the detailing and door delivery components on this.


I am looking for budget pricing on an all glass door 20-28 feet wide and 8-10 feet high. Is there anything special I need to know to apply glass to a BYOD kit?


20x40 BYOD door kit. Building is only 3/4 finished still need to put in the header for the door. I was totally amazed at the Build Your Own Door kit option, what a fantastic idea for us do it yourselfers.


Have 24 x 32 garage with 9 x 16 overhead door. Has 10ft 2in ceiling. Can rework door height to approx 9ft 9 in. Need a hydraulic Schweiss Build Your Own door kit to fit opening 16 ft wide by 9 ft 9 in high


I have a pole barn in Minnesota 40lb snow load I have one of your 28' cost saving BYOD door kits that I want to put in the side wall I am thinking 6x6 steel posts and a 16'' I beam to support the trusses they are 56' span thinking of 8 or 10'' for header and hinge attach how do you usually do this


Please provide a quote for one (1) Hydraulic Hangar door with battery backup. This is to replace and existing damaged hangar door. Also, please provide a cost for the Build Your Own Door kit. 


Am building a home for a client and they would like a hyrdraulic garage door. Two 10 x 7' with a remote opener. Is this something you could price with the BYOD kit? Thank you Jon


I work for a design/build office in Brooklyn. We're currently working on a new ground-up townhouse also in Brooklyn and are interested in using a hydraulic one piece garage door. We would like more information regarding: Build Your Own Door kit. Potential finishes and colors wiring and controls insulation options possibility of incorporating a smaller maintenance free door into a double door system (a decorative, exterior door and a utility door for insulation) general info about equipment, motor location etc... Thanks


Interested in building airplane hangar at airport south of Pittsburgh. Hangar size is 65'wide X 50'deep with a 50'wide X 15' height hangar Build Your Own kit door. Rams and hinges need to be heavy duty. How soon can Schweiss hydraulic door parts and components be sent to us from your factory?


Good morning. I am a door contractor headquartered out of Ontario, Canada. Recently I have been getting several inquiries about the Schweiss Build Your Own Door kit and already have two orders ready to go. Could you send me some BYOD kit brochures that I can display and handout. The BYOD kit is amazing.


Hi, I am a New York City architect and I am currently designing a brewery and came across your site. I love your one-piece hydraulic door product. I originally was going to use oversized garage doors but your doors would work so much better. I was hoping you could help me figure out some Build Your Own Door kit numbers and specs to use for my project. I definitely need some sort of quote or price range. I hypothetically need 2 doors. One on the front of my building and one leading to the patio on the side. They need to be in the Art Nouveau style so Either bronze and glass and wrought iron decorative detailing, or wood panel faced with decorative wrought iron will be used. They would be either 12'W X 18'H or 18'W X 18'H. If you could get back to me as soon as possible I would really appreciate it! If also you could send me a catalogue that would be amazing.


I welded and installed my first BYOD. Go ahead and ship the next one out. I should be ready for the third BYOD in about one month. Sure like the Schweiss Doors new wrap around hinge assembly. Your help from start to finish was absolutely outstanding and trouble free.


Inquiring about replacement weather seals for our 22-year-old Schweiss bifold door. Also would like to know about your Build Your Own hydraulic door kit for a commercial door project coming up. I also need an extra remote controller. Many thanks for your time and attention. 


Send me another BYOD kit, same exact size as before. I found I saved enough money by doing it myself on the first door that I could afford another now instead of waiting another year or two. Your hydraulic door kit is real easy on the pocketbook.


I called a couple of weeks a go for a price on a 24 x 16 hydraulic door. A friend of mine just told me Schweiss Doors now has a Build Your Own Door kit. Could you quote me on a price for that option as well. Hope to hear from you, thank you


Hello. We are renovating our hangar and we will be replacing the sliding doors on it. We are looking for a one piece maintenance free door to maximize the opening. The opening is 38 feet wide and 10 feet high. Could you provide a quote on a pre-built hydraulic door and also one delivered as a Build Your Own Door kit? I'm a pretty good welder and do it yourself type guy, so I'm leaning toward the BYOD kit.


I am building a 48x48 pole barn for a hanger. It will have 12 foot side walls, I Want to put a 40 foot by 10 foot Schweiss hydraulic door in the gable end. Can you please price me a BYOD kit door, along with detailed drawings and instructions to install door. Can we have a choice on hydraulic motor size or cylinders? We want a fast opening one piece door.   Thanks


Thanks for coming up with the BYOD kit. I saved a ton of money by welding it together and also on shipping costs to Tennessee.  Love my new hydraulic RV kit door. 


I have an older Schweiss bi-fold door that has cables. My building is 65 wide by 16 tall. The machine shed door I have now is only 50 wide and 14' 4" when it is open. I was wanting to know how much it would cost to use a hydraulic door kit that would be wider, taller and trouble free. I work nights currently so email would be the best point of contact. Thank you


I am looking for a price for a 10'x7' opening. The contractor wants to apply some steel sheeting on the face of the door. Is the Build Your Own hydraulic door shipped to our welding shop and we then install it ? Thank you for a quick reply


Hello. I wanted you to know that the dimensions Schweiss Doors sent me for the subframe and doorframe steel members to weld my BYOD hydraulic door were right on the mark. I still can't believe how easy it was to build my own door. If anyone out there is hesitating about the getting the BYOD kit, just refer them to me. I have nothing but good to say and my new aviation floatplane door is working like a charm. Thanks again.


I'm looking to price up (9) 22' wide x 12'6" tall hydraulic doors for an upcoming project. At this time it looks like the traditional overhead doors are a big ticket item and I'm looking for more options, specifically with your Schweiss Build Your Own Door kit.. Please feel free to shoot me a call with questions. Thanks


Hi, I need a quote for hydraulic one piece BYOD door kit to move a garage door size 890 cm large x 280 cm height. The weight of the door is 1 ton aprox. I can send you a plan of the door if it s help. regards 


You people at Schweiss Doors are now officially my heroes. Simply for the fact that you've come out with a Build Your Own Door kit that actually has grease zerks on the one of a kind Unibody hydraulic door hinge design. Start packing up two BYOD kits for the door dimensions listed below and send them to the delivery address in Ohio. 


My hangar door motor is finally up and running thanks to help from your Schweiss technical support team, even though this isn't a Schweiss Door.  As you suggested, all I had to do was replace the startup capacitor on the motor!  I had flight school tenants inside the building that wanted to get their aircraft out and Schweiss saved the day. We will be looking at adding a few more doors and are most interested in your new BYOD kit doors. I'll be contacting you on this by the end of the month.


Hello, I have a upcoming project in St. George Utah. This is a high end golf course community that requires no more than 8' in height on the garage door. My client wants an RV garage. I would like to design a one-piece door from your Build Your Own Door kit where the first 8' looks like the garage and the upper 8' could be matched to the stucco. This home is going to be featured in next years parade of homes so we would need information soon to get to the design review committee for approval. Your BYOD hydraulic door fits our needs to a tee. Great idea. Please contact me anytime. P.S. - The Schweiss Unibody hinge with grease zerks is years before its time.


we are looking for a two hydraulic designer doors which we can erect from your BYOD option to be used in a restaurant meeting these requirements: W:4'8" H:9'10 man door option ADA compliant minimum side space requirements for counter weight possibility to subdivide the panels with a unique mullion design if possible provide CAD or 3D models so that we can integrate the hydraulic doors with our design to see if it will work out. If there are any examples of your product in Los Angeles we would love to visit those sites and check out the product in action. Thank you


Im looking for a door appr 51' wide and 15' tall. This is in a pole buiding on an eve. Building is 60x102 with a 52' opening in the center. will have a 12x12 wood columns and a 30" steel I beam packed out with wood. ALSO want the door components (Red Power pump, cylinders, etc) sent as a Build Your Own Door kit. Are there any reputable installers in my area for the installation of your amazing do-it-yourself product.


Many farmers like me have multiple building with sliding doors that are in need of better doors. The Schweiss hydraulic money saving door kit allowed me to start replacing those outdated style doors. Just want to forward a huge thank you to your talented engineers for coming up with this BYOD idea.


It really makes sense to build your own door. Shop owners like us have a welder that we can put to work on it. Looks like Schweiss made it foolproof by providing hydraulic door specs, instructions, etc. Put me in for a big 48 ft. wide x 18 ft. agricultural BYOD. Shipping to Ohio. Quote me a turnkey price.


Please quote Build Your Own hydraulic door frame with 110 mph windload and single phase motor to give a finished 44x16 hydraulic door opening. Also include safety interlock to open. Figure freightc cost in. Can you also send drawings for pre-engineered metal building application? Thank you, 


You asked me to get back to you after I built my own (BYOD) 42 ft. machine shed door. Everything went just as smooth as you said it would, no problems with the welding or install. Directions were easy to understand and I really like you uni-body hinge system. Use me for a reference anytime. I'm thoroughly sold on your Build Your Own Door system.  


I was planning on replacing the sliding doors on the corner of my sun room. 70 x 85 (east wall) and 140 x 85 (south wall) with a folding sliding system when I stumbled across your new Build Your Own Door product. Looks like a real money saver! Can you provide a quote for a hydraulic glass system based on these dimensions?


We are bidding a hotel/restaurant project and bids are due May 15th. Please respond with your BYOD residential kit door prices and I will send plans and specs to you. thank you


Looking for bid price for BYOD one-piece remote opening hanger door. 50' opening with a fifteen foot clear height. FOB Kenai Peninsula, Alaska. Thank you


We are currently looking at a project to replace (14) Sliding Hangar doors with your Schweiss hydraulic kit doors. Doors are approx:  68' wide x 24' High (Clear opening) R-Value of 21 or greater.  Each hangar kit door has a 30-70 Man door. Door has a requirement to open in 90 seconds. Does Schweiss manufacture a BYOD door of this type and caliber? If so I can email a SOW and TORFP. 


Who would be our contact to price up a couple of Build Your Own hydraulic doors on a agricultural seed storage building project we are bidding? Thanks! 


I'm looking for 4 x Big milled aluminum hydraulic doors 12.6' high x 43' wide for a aircraft hanger project. Please price as factory made and also as a BYOD door kit. Were in a hurry, so thinking the BYOD will speed up delivery time as well as save us some money.


I built a 42'x44' Miracle Truss Steel building with a 42'x12' BYOD kit door. With the savings I realized, I want another so I will have drive-thru hydraulic doors on both ends for my semi-truck operation. Go ahead and send me another, same size, as soon as you can.  Thank you, Rob


We finished installing the hydraulic kit door on our welding shop this weekend. Great door, and it was much easier than I thought it would be to put it together and install. Two others who saw it want me to weld theirs together for them. I'm not only saving money on the shop door, but now I also will get some added revenue. What a deal you Schweiss Doors people have come up with. Thanks


Please send me a quote. We are looking for a glass hydraulic kit doors for 70 ft storefront. We will need one 7 ft wide x 10 ft high two 20ft wide x 10 ft high. We want these commercial doors to be sent as a BYOD kit door. Please provide all necessary setup instructions.


We need a hydraulic hanger door kit. Have called local people we were told did work on other hangers but not getting a response. That's why we are going with the reliable Schweiss team that now provides a Build Your Own Door Option. Please call and let us know how to give us an estimate. App door size listed below, but need expert to review. Also have another client in same area if we can get a quote, plus other hanger interested in a new motor. Finally, may have a crew that could represent you in the area to weld and install doors.


Hello, we are working on a restaurant with a small indoor glass hid. designer door, roughly 6' wide by 8' tall. Do you sell remote openers and electric photo eye sensors separately for doors, or are they included in the entire BYOD door package? Can you help us with this door? Thanks!




Just a quick note to you at Schweiss Doors to thank you for coming up with the Build Your Own Hydraulic Door concept. It was so easy, and the best part of all is it saved me a bunch of cash. You will get all my future business for sure. Jim in New Mexico.


I have a hanger door at Kalamazoo Airport that I need to replace with one of your kit doors. I have some pictures I could send you if you need more info. Hydraulic door will have to be wind rated and the 38' width should accommodate four windows located head high. My friend at the hangar next door just used your BYOD kit and is bragging it up to everyone. He said the money he saved will enable him to put a door on his new hangar being built in Florida. Thanks for your assistance 


Looking for a proposal for a 12' wide x 7'-2" high glass swing door to be installed at a fish bar. We will provide glass, but want Schweiss to ship it as a hydraulic kit door with all components and safety gear. Door shipment to Virgin Islands. Love your Schweiss Designer Doors, they not only are built strong, but they look terrific.


We are looking to increase our door sealing capability by getting rid of our rollup door and replacing it with a Schweiss hydraulic one-piece industrial strength door. We would like more information on the new Build Your Own Door kit, foam cushion seals, and other weatherstripping options. Thanks.


Need the following info assuming a 48' x 16' door opening: Cost for Hydraulic Red Power Build it Yourself door -Confirm Hydraulic lifts a full 90 degrees and thereby not restricting headroom -Possible to install a pedestrian door in the hydraulic door? -If so, what is the cost on this -Delivery cost and schedule to. I see you also supply sheeting and trim lengths. Unibody hinge design is way ahead of its time.


Looking for a BYOD hyd. door for a 16' x 30' pole building opening. All sides are finished but one end. Will want four windows designed for it and a standard walk door. Remote opener for sure with two handheld controls.         


On San Juan Island. After I get my BYOD together who can you recommend to install a big 38 ft. hydraulic helicopter hangar door? I have contacted you once and am ready to figure out exact size to order. All I need to do now is measure the clear opening and to place the order.


I would like price and availability for a BYOD door. I would like it shipped to Australia. My door size opening is 60ft x 16.5 ft. Can i get a quote for the hydraulic? Can you advise price and shipping size of packages? With the BYOD kit, I can see us doing considerable more business in the future for both agriculture and aviation hydraulic doors. Regards


Purchased and installed a bi-fold door from you folks a little over 2 years ago. Great door, still works like a clock. Now, due to the savings we can see by using your hydraulic build it yourself door kit, we are going to order a hydraulic aviation door. My welding shop is looking forward to this project. The welders said it will be a piece of cake to put your great hydro door together. Regards 


We are bidding a River Park Pavilion in CT and your company is specified because of the savings we can see by using your BYOD kit. Please let me know who can provide me with pricing or if you can direct me to a local rep or dealer. Thanks.


Dear Sirs I need a h-door for a hangar in Chile length: 43,3 feet height: 15 feet.Supplying all elements like supports axe and motor according to your Build Your Own Door instruction, is a significant way to save me transport costs. Looking forward to a doing it myself door.


Looking at options to replace industrial slider doors. Right now the doors are 19'x15'. Location is in Hawaii and just curious as to pricing etc. on your Build Your Own Hydraulic door kit. Should save me a ton of money on shipping and assembly costs.  Thanks, Dan


 I am in the market for a new hydraulic commercial door. Your Build your own door kit should work nicely for me. Will you send instructions for a walkdoor and windows to be installed in the kit?


I am considering new construction of an aircraft hanger to house an airtractor 802. I need advice on what sidewall heights are needed to use a hydraulic BYOD kit door? Pre-welded hinge components sure sound convenient and they look very strong.


Have a small single family home under construction. In my plans I currently have a garage door opening from my living room onto the patio. I have a a limited top plate of 8' 3" Due to limited cash on hand I certainly want to take advantage of your Build Your Own door kit. What a fantastic option for us that can do our own welding.


I won't know for sure until they engineer the building, but they tell me it will be your BYOD kit using 2"x4" double cylinder push tubes.. It could use 12/14g secondary support channel, or what they call a hot rolled 'W' beam.


Architect has specified your Build Your Own Door Kit Product. We will Construct. I need contact sales Brooklyn NY


Customer at Fowler Indiana interested in 45'x18' One-piece ag door to be built from your hydraulic door kit. No windows or doors and  prepared for interior steel liner if possible. Will this come with your spherical bearings?


We bought a 28x18 bifold strap door from you folks a little over a year ago. I was just about to order another bifold for my new hangar, but my friend told me you now offer a build your own hydraulic door. I'm really interested.


Send me a Build Your Own Door Kit. This will be installed on the extended roof of the house. The end is completely open, like a car port. The thought is to use square tubing for the door frame and extend it above the roof line to get the head room needed. Is  9'& 10' a standard width for the door?


We are designing a new boutique hotel in the Chattanooga, TN area. We have a large rooftop bar with a combination of storefront & curtain wall systems. We are looking at 5-6 sections that open up similar to a "garage" door. The interior design team would prefer a hydraulic hangar style door. After seeing you now offer a "build your own door kit," we are quite impressed and require more information. We have less than 3 weeks left to complete our 90% set and we have excellent welders on our staff. I need to know if what we are wanting to do will work. How will the storefront & curtain walls need to be modified. Of course a rough estimate of cost of the door kit is required to make sure this system is comparable to alternate, less attractive solutions.


Hi Do you have an Agent in Ireland or Europe. Can you provide me with delivery times on two Build Your Own Schweiss h-door kits. We inherited a couple of hangars will old roll up doors that we want replaced. What additional information will you need? Best Regards 


I would like to get budget pricing for three 9'x9' hydraulic designer door kits for a residential project in Denver, CO. All three doors will require remote openers.  Is there a local steel distributor or rep in Denver to talk to? Thanks


I am writing to ask for a quote of motorized garage glass doors particular the ONE PIECE HYDRAULIC DOOR KIT kind for a single family residence. It includes two indoor garages and we anticipate to have four Motorized garage Glass doors, the dimension of each door is 10 ft. high x 20 ft.wide. Please EMAIL me instead of calling. Also what is the maximum kit length of the one piece hydraulic door? Can it go up to 40'wide? Read about you h-door kit on your Schweiss website. What a great idea. Thanks in advance.


I have a beat up sliding aviation door 20 years old. I heard from a fellow pilot that Schweiss offers a kit to manufacture my own hydraulic doorframe in my welding shop. My hangar has a 26 x 14 clear opening. Advise me on weights and imposed loads on header so I can prepare hangar for your great door. Price sheet please.


Quote on three Build Your Own Door Kits: 120 mph wind rating. We would supply the r-panel skin and trim. Two Hangar Doors for 24' x 16' Openings One Door for a 38'-04" x 16' Opening. Delivered to San Antonio, TX


 You may remember that our airport in California was one of your first customers using your new Build Your Own Door Kit. Just to let you know, everything went together just as you said, and we saved enough money so that we are now in the market for another BYOD kit door. The hydro-door we need is a 60 ft long door jet aircraft door that needs to stand 22 ft. tall.  Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thanks 


I am doing preliminary planning for an aircraft hangar in Wasilla Alaska, and am most interested in your Build Your Own Hangar Door Kit. I need a ballpark number for 40 ft hyd. door components to be shipped up here. I believe the BYOD will especially save me a lot of money on shipping costs, not to mention labor, because I can weld my own stuff. Will you be at the Anchorage show again this spring?  Thank you. 


I have a client who is considering installing one of your overhead hydraulic kit doors in San Diego using your Build Your Own Door kit. Opening size is 20' wide by 12' tall. Aluminum frame with glass infill, which we will supply. We chose Schweiss doors because there is no wood in them and the quality stands out above all others. 


I am looking for quotes and specs on doors similar to the Metal Shutterhouse, Newmarket Operations HQ, and Red Bull examples. Are these doors possible to construct using your hydraulic Build Your Own Door kit. Can someone at Schweiss Doors give me a call to go over the details on these designer doors I am wanting. My architect in Calif. has all the specs but needs some other information on standard deflection, strength and weights, etc. that I know Schweiss Doors can supply.


Looking for a 20-40 foot storage container very similar to the very impressive Budweiser project you did. With 3 enclosed sides and one hydraulic door lengthwise. I'm most interested in your Build It Yourself hydraulic doorframe kit. Interested in quotes, please. thanks


Looking for Build Your Own Door pricing in Montana for my shop, the building is a red steel single slope straight out side wall configuration with a total height of 21' on this wall, which is the tall side of the building. Do the components you send out include your compact hydraulic pump? I want to mount it on the wall. Love you new hinge design and bigger cylinders.


Would like to get price quote on hydraulic lift door  for agricultural building using your Build Your Own Door Kit. Machine shed will need a 36 x 18 ft. door, clear. Remotes, walk door, and four windows. I'm an experienced welder, so building the doorframe myself should be easy enough.


Dear Sir: I will be constructing a 40x50 foot aircraft hanger on our farm property this spring. We are planning to have a 40 foot door opening with a one-piece style door closing system. Would you please contact me by email with an approximate cost to build our own door (BYOD kit) install h-door ourselves, including transport to our home near St Thomas Ontario Canada. Thank you.


Mike, you've done it again! I thought your ideas on the powerful Red Power Pump design and liftstraps were the greatest, but now I see you've come out with a Build Your Own Door Kit option for my customers. Schweiss Doors is always on the leading edge when it comes to door design and components. Keep up the good work. I'm sure I can generate some more business for you. As you know, people like to save money, and they like to impress others by saying they built their own door. Can you send me some brochures on BYOD? 


Hello, For my aviation hangar, I'm searching for large hydraulic all-steel door that I can weld and  build myself. Frame is 48,5 ft width x 15,15 ft height. How do you sell this kind of door kit in France? Distribution... Thanks in advance for your reply Best regards  


I need a local distributor to contact me regarding a custom high end restaurant designer door for a project in Orange County California. I am very interested in your new Build Your Own Door kit because we have an excellent welder on our construction company staff.


Looking for quote/ballpark on hydraulic restaurant  door similar to door used at Sway in Austin. Please contact me as soon as possible as I have a couple questions regarding your BYOD designer door kit for restaurant use.


Looking for 4 single wide BYOD storage shed kit doors, manual electric Red Power pump opening, for use in backyard Ramada. Finish most likely will be corten steel. 


Man Oh Man! Sure glad I ordered your BYOD hydraulic kit doors for our garages. Saved me a ton and was super easy to do. Use me as a reference anytime. Pete in St. Pete.


We are a Do It Best lumber yard in southern Illinois. I work mostly with our contractor base. I have one interested in the Build Your Own Door  aviation hydraulic doors. This would be in a new construction pole building with 16'-0" sidewalls Door size- 35'-0" x 14'-0". Please call or email. Thanks,


I have a roundtop with a 14 ft high and 18 ft wide opening. I am leaning toward a BYOD hydraulic quonset door. I have contractors that can do the welding and install. What would be my cost for materials and delivery to northern Kansas farm site. Contractors were amazed at the Unibody hinge design.


I have a customer that wants to know how feasible it will be to order one of your BYOD hydraulic doors for his commercial warehouse. Original Customer Name: Summit Metal Systems; Truss Style: Int.; Electrical: 220v; Size: 45'x12'; In addition, he would like to have remote operating system on the door. Please also provide pricing for door base safety edge, warning lights and horn.


This summer when school lets out, our administration wants to have glass hydraulic  doors installed at our High School in Long Beach, CA. similar to the ones that we read about in your Schweiss "Must See Photo" web page that Edison Language Academy in Santa Monica purchased from you. Our school has an outstanding welding class and we are wondering how much money we could save with your Build Your Own Door kit. This would be a great opportunity to provide hands-on summer jobs for kids and our welding instructor and especially to save the school district money. Can you provide details on the BYOD so we can study this option further.


We are a construction company and are looking to order and install an airplane hangar for a client here in Williams Lake, BC, Canada utilizing your BYOD hydraulic kit door. The client is interested in purchasing one of your doors and putting it together himself. Do you have a distributor in BC, Canada? I found Ontario but no BC. How does your Build Your Own package work? Does the package come with a design or would we need to get an engineer involved? Thank you for your time.


Acme Engineering is a civil consulting firm in central Illinois. We currently have a project for a local airport to install new T-hangar buildings. Please have a representative call to discuss your Build Your Own Door product and send me any literature you may have. Thank you. 


Hello, I run a company that transforms shipping containers into spaces for event and marketing use. We would like to have shipping container side panel cut and open using hydraulic door system similar to your Budweiser container door pictured on your Schweiss Doors Must See Photo section. The panel will unfold and become a deck, we would like to know if your company can assist us in creating that type of transformation by using your Build It Yourself door kits. Cordially.


What a novel idea you came up with your BYOD hydraulic door kit. I'm going to build a new hangar this fall and will definately get back to you when I'm ready to fire up my welder. What's your lead time on delivery of the Red Power components and cylinders?


I am designing a Post build hanger for my small air plane and would like to understand the costs for a hydraulic door 34 feet wide and 10 foot clear opening. I would like the costs FOB for a Build Your Own Door kit to my address in Ontario. Also the options of installation included or not included. Thanks


Mike, my wife was thoroughly amazed when I built my own door. I didn't tell her it was from your BYOD kit. A happy wife is a happy life! You are the best and so is your hydraulic door kit.


We are building a hanger at the Regional Airport in Alberta. Who is the local dealer/installer in the Edmonton Area. What can you tell me about your patented Build Your Own Door Kit. Please forward contact info and information on the hydraulic  BYOD. Thank you.


I'm building a pole building to use as a hangar in a residential neighborhood, so I'm trying to keep the building height as low as possible and have the door as inconspicuous as possible. I especially like your hydraulic door because it is whisper quiet and provides a nice shaded canopy. I definitely want one of your hydraulic doors that I can build myself (BYOD)  I plan to cover the door with vinyl siding. Also, will your door require a large header for structural support? I put sidewall in the quote below; the building will be 30 by 40.


Please contact me by Email, and/or cell phone with any questions regarding my order for your BYOD kit. What we are looking to do with this project is put a glass front on the hydraulic doors. With the quote please please email me sketches or shop drawings so I can contact our local glass company and have the proper information for them to get a price from them for the installation of glass. Thanks, Frank


Sorry, when I submitted my 1st comment/ quote I wanted it for a Build Your Own Hydraulic Door Kit, thanks again and have a great day, Mark


Hello, my name is Harold, came across your site and am very interested in your engineering design/product of the Build Your Own Door kit. Love the engineering that went into creating this type of door, the strength, function and endless design features, especially the unibody hinge design. Would like to have a quote on the info listed below. Plan on building my future house in a few years. Doing research, on providing the Architect w/ any structural design upgrades that may be needed w/ the features I would like to have incorporated into the design of the home. Thanks again for all your help, Mark P.S. Again LOVE the engineering that went into creating these types of doors, am not a big fan of the standard residential garage doors. P.P.S. Was wondering if the catalogue had different types of windows or do I send pics of the type I would like to have in the final design of the door.


I am looking for a price on a 16'h by 52'w hydraulic BYOD kit door. Would appreciate pricing on remote back up system and door base safety edge. Would also like pricing for a remote open/close feature. I purchased one of your doors a number of years ago for a hangar at my ranch in Idaho, now need one for new site in Wyoming. Great hinges on these doors.Thank you! Jack


I am looking to purchase a door for a boathouse I am building for a customer. We are ready to order and we will shortly have our finished opening dimensions. I am concerned about height but we should have ample room. Our first intention was a bi-fold but I watched the video on the Lake Vermillion boathouse door on your website and now with your new Build Your Own Door option I'm sold on this cost saving feature and how I can place the Red Power pump anywhere I want it. But I would like to see what you think would work best for us. I will speak with you soon.


Re: Seven (7) hydraulic BYOD steel / glass units with operators and safety equipment. Provide specs etc. for 18' x 10' one-piece doors.


Hydro door Size: 45 width x 13 height Insulation Remote control Possible man-door (please price separately) Questions: 1. What is an end wall or side wall? The door needs to run along the framed wall as it rises/closes. 2. Can you use an existing side column? Is type a requirement for the door spec or size? 3. There is an existing rollup door which apparently won't go any higher? Was told current opening height is 10.1'. 4. Want BYOD hydraulic door kit and want to clad outside of door with stucco. 


When we learned Schweiss Doors was offering the new BYOD hydraulic door kit, it caught my eye immediately. We have ordered several factory doors from Schweiss and appreciate the quality that goes into each and every one, so there's no reason I would even question your hydraulic kit design and wonderful warranty. I'm now ready for two additional T-Hangar kit doors at our airpark. They are exactly the same size as the other doors we've ordered from you. What is your delivery time on components?


I'm looking to build a shop with a gable entrance with 18 * 36 opening. I would prefer a hydraulic door and your BYOD kit is certainly an option. Just wondering options available and cost savings. Do you install? Thanks 


We wanted to know if we could get a quote on both doors but we are more interested in the Hydraulic operated Build Your Own kit door. We have a few preliminary questions. What are the finish options, what is the lead time, Can we get a price estimate, and is there a local representative in Hawaii that we may contact for further information. Our structural consultants might have a few questions as well. Please mail me a couple of your BYOD brochures.


Looking for rough cost estimate for preliminary budget. Working on early design stages of a project and would like to potentially incorporate Build Your Own hydraulic glass doors for a seaside resort. Doors to be shipped to Mexico City, Mexico.


Precast concrete producer of utility enclosures, looking for a small one-piece door supplier. Approx. 7 x 7 door insulated and uninsulated. Second Option: Quote same door as a BYOD where we can apply our own cladding and insulation.


Hello again, I lost my BYOD information for the door you quoted. I would like prices on a door that will allow a 44' X14' opening in my hangar. I would like information only on the Build Your Own hydraulic one piece doors. For planning purposes the door will need wood or vinyl horizontal siding on the exterior and not metal. I am also planning a remote control for the door. Do you have a price shipped to the above address in Fairbanks, AK? Thanks


I have an upcoming project and the customer wants to look at getting a one piece door in their living room instead of the standard accordion door you see everywhere. I would love to get pricing and learn more about your BYOD hydraulic doors - they look awesome!! Regards


The Schweiss team really did a nice job on the hydraulic door BYOD kit. The kit included the steel lengths and easy to follow detailed doorframe layout. But the fun part was welding the doorframe together and positioning your new hinge design in place. The unique door hinge design even has grease zerks and removal hinge pins. All I can say is it was so rewarding to be able to build my door with the Schweiss hydraulic door kit. I'm recommending it to all my friends.   


What sold me on building my own hydraulic door, besides the money I saved, was the obvious detail in the new style hinge design. I have never seen a stronger hinge assembly on any other weight bearing door. You have hit a home run with a your BYOD kit. 


Hello: We are working on a commercial project of an existing building that has eight arched doorways that we would like to convert to the Schweiss Hydraulic designer door that would then become their signage. The current doorways are 9'-0"W x 9'-0"H at the midpoint of the arch. We want to build our own doors and it will be necessary for Schweiss to send me any specifications that can aid our design? Please forward approximate costs for these BYOB doors. Shipment to Ashland, Oregon.  Thank you very much!


Repeat customer looking to retrofit a 40x14 door in an existing hangar (at KOGD) that currently uses two 20' garage doors with a mullion. Structure is cinder block with a giant glu-lam beam header across the doorway to carry the roof load which are typical wood engineered trusses. Need suggestions for BYOD one-piece and what is needed to prepare a door quote. Destination Ogden, Utah.


Do you have a rep in the Boston MA, USA area. We need 8 garage doors preferably one piece hydraulic Red Power operated for an interior space. We'd love to show someone our project and see how your Build Your Own doors might be solutions to what we are trying to accomplish. Thank you


I am starting investigation on building a house at an airpark and I would like a quote for a 34 x 8 feet hydro operated Build Your Own hangar door. There are dozens of your bifold liftstrap and one-piece doors in our airpark. I like the simplicity and clean look of your hydraulic model and how quiet it operates. I think I shall have no problem at all building it myself. Thanks


I am thinking about making a patio using the roof of a garage door in my backyard and wondered the price of a simple one piece door. The house is Key West style, the garage is vinyl siding, my budget is ultra tight, so I only want a quote on the Schweiss BYOD.  A single door is a good size, and I just need a ball park figure at this stage in my planning. I would like to have a pedestrian door and a window in the door if that makes a difference in the quote. My husband says he can build it.


I am interested in learning more about your Build Your Own designer hydraulic restaurant doors for a project we are working on in Denver CO. These will be glass doors and would need the name of an supplier for aluminum frames.


Have a customer interested in putting a bi-fold door in a post frame building I am working on for them. However, I am more interested in fixing him up with one of your Build Your Own hydraulic doors. Considering the savings on shipping and manufacturing, the BYOD should be in his price range and he actually prefers a one piece door on his farm shed. Quote me a delivery to location price for a 40 ft. x 20 ft. steel machine shed door with remote opener and remote back up system. Window, no walk thru door.


Do you have a "standard" homeowners garage door? We are in the early stages of design considerations. I have your hydraulic door on my rented hanger in Paris, Illinois and I am very impressed. Not sure what kind of construction. Why not start with the most important part....the door. Opening size is flexible. We are looking at a 16x30 two story garage "mancave" that can be easily heated and cooled. The entrance will open to an outdoor space that can be sheltered by your door. Concerned with insulation, air tightness and cost. Please quote as a BYOD and factory installed  turnkey hydraulic door.


Looking to build a 70x70 hangar. opening 60 w 20ht opening. Center height 30, pitch 2/12. Pricing door hydrolic and as a hydraulic build your own door. Also if you can reference someone who would provide the building door specs who works with you. Thank you. 


I am working on a project in Dickinson, ND. We have an issue at our walk-out basement in regards to head room and being able to fit a sectional garage door in the space we have and are looking into alternative door systems, especially using your BYOD H-Door option. The clear opening will need to be 8' in height and 10' wide. Have you installed your aviation door in a situation like this before?


Request estimate for "non-skinned" Build Your Own Aircraft Hangar Door. Clear Opening 40' x 12'. Wood (Pole) Building by Hoover of Lexington SC. Price BYOD with four standard windows and remote openers.


Need contractors price and guidance for a single 30' hydraulic BYOD door. Thank you, 


We are doing a restaurant outside of Boston, MA and are looking into vertical hydraulic operated Build Your Own glass walls/doors. There are four possible openings, two at 14'-7", one at 11'-9", and one at 10'-9" and all at 8'-4" high. Each of the doors/walls will sit on a 2'-4" high ledge - so they will not touch the ground. The frames need to be 'light', probably aluminum, and the glass needs to be clear. Can you help us out with steel and aluminum suppliers close to our area in Denver?


Looking for a door for a client. Would need door installed, but will build it myself. Building would have a 30" tall double bar joist header. Building would be wood framed, but would have steel I beams at the opening. Clear opening is 38 ft. x 16 ft. Include space for walkdoor and two windows.


Hello, We want to build a stage door. Its weight 1 ton. Sizes are 3000 milimeters X 8000 milimeters. We have a model for it and we would like to get your opinion and price for BYOD and motorizing it. Please contact us in Poland. I've seen your hydraulic doors and I like them much. 


Interested in 2 hydro glass doors for standard garage & golf cart openings on a new construction residence. Can you ship a BYOD kit for doors measuring 18' x 9.' with windows stretching across?


Hi there We're trying to get an idea of costs for one piece hangar doors 40' wide and 9' high. A ballpark Build Your Own Door figure is fine. Supply only, and supply and install within 100 miles of your plant.


Zerks, zerks, zerks. For years I have been waiting for a big door manufacturer to have hinges with zerks. Now you've done it with your BYOD unibody hinge design and removable hinge pins. You are going to make a lot of customers very happy with your state-of-the-art BYOD product. Congratulations. I'll be ordering two of these doors before fall farm harvesting sets in.


We are looking for a 12x12 hydro BYOD door. We would put tin on it to match outside and inside of our hunting shack. I was wondering if it can be remote control so we can drive our 4-wheeler in? Thank you. 


Email is best contact Planning on changing door this summer It would be going on a Butler slant wall building I want to be able to weld and build a frame for it myself to attach it. I will Insulated, Remote opener I look forward to hearing from you BYOD Schweiss guys. Thanks Tim


Holy Smokes! Love your BYOD concept. You at Schweiss Doors are way ahead of the game.


Please fax quote on this BYOD door please: 11.6 x 8 Customer would like the door quoted so he can apply with a row of glass at the top. Thanks, Dodge City Garage Doors. Since you came out with the BYOD door, I've been getting numerous calls on it. Appears to be the best hydraulic door since sliced bread.


Looking for a blackened steel frame - hydraulic one-piece door with insulated glass. this is a residential application for eight Build Your Own garage doors. Four are existing sliders that need replacing and others are for a new four car garage being built.


please send us some information on your Build Your Own Schweiss Door product below and a quote, to Gold Coast Australia. I bet I'll be really surprised as to how much I'll save on shipping costs alone. Great idea mate! Regards 


We are about to get plans drawn up for a residential build and are looking at a variety of options for large wall panel areas. Your Build it Yourself product is one that we are interested in and have seen applications installed in various sites around Australia. Have you got a distributer in Australia or are these people buying direct from you and getting them shipped out. Could you please give us some information in regards to the best option for getting quotes on your hydraulic aircraft door product in Australia. Kind regards


We are looking for ideas to combine RV garage and living quarters as a temporary area while we build a new airpark home. Hangar door dimension is 39'x14' with a walk door with window. Price as a Build Your Own Door package.


We have an older Schweiss bi fold 60x20 cable driven door we are most happy with. We would like to order a BYOD ag shop door. The existing door is organized as 10`by 5` horizontal rectangles of 2"x4" steel tubing braced with 2x2 steel. The bottom rail is 2"x6". It will need a single walk through door. We would weld trusses to it during the building process. Therefore: We would like to know the cost of your BYOD with Red Power mechanism and spherical bearings and hinges with grease zerks. Would you also provide a quote on a complete new machine shed door/ system altogether. 20x60 (clear height 16feet) hydraulic powered door with internal trusses and installation in Colorado. Thank you


I would like to change my existing roll up garage doors to a one-piece hangar style door using your BYOD method. I have seen several different places that make them from wood, or cheep material, however I want to have a quality door like you offer that I can be proud of, and is safe. This will be going on my garage which I am converting into a shop. My question is.. For a standard 2 car garage (20x20 ft) With only 8 ft end walls will I be able to get full opening clearance at the entrance? I can send you some more detailed description if needed, I'm just researching to decide if this is the way I want to go. Seems to be a good way to save a ton of money. Shipping address would be in Nevada.


Hi, what is the price range for the build your own door kit? I want to install a 12'-5" x 9' BYOD glass poolside door in the Virgin Islands. Thanks


I have an old homemade bi-fold door. 1. Do you have anyone in the Portland, OR area I can talk to about ordering one of your BYOD hydraulic one piece doors? 2. Do you have a schematic for this door? 3. What is the price to convert to a hydraulic  system. The door failed today. I used the remote to open the door and a bad motor noise occurred. I hit stop and looked at the door lift stuff. the only problem I could see was the two drive chains were very tight on both sides. Everything is now dead, the remote and wall buttons do not do anything. The breaker is OK. I need a good door soon.  Suggestions??


Hi! Do you have any reps/installers in San Diego? I'm interested in a one-piece BYOD RV and car door for my house's garage. My husband is a welder and has the equipment to install this door which will be about 28 ft. wide x 14 ft. tall Thank you! 


Hi. I am developing drawings for a restaurant in Tacoma. Interested in a horizontal hydraulic door in a 2x6 wood framed exterior wall and would like to get some details on your Build Your Own door kit. Please call. 


Would like to know the correct size of the grease zerks on the hinges on your BYOD kit. I've broken two on my door and can't seem to find the correct size. 1/4" by 28 is too big. Not sure if they are S.A.E. or metric. Better yet, could I replace the hinges on my door with your new BYOD Unibody hinge design? Not real  happy with my door that was installed on my hanger in 2007. Should have ordered a Schweiss Door instead. Thank you. 


Trying to establish a budget for a hydraulic operated  door. looking at between 38 and 40 wide with a clear opening of 10 feet high or 12 feet high (not decided yet) prefer your compact Red Power pump and would consider the BYOD option. Price door both ways please.


We require Budget pricing on a Schweiss hydraulic  door 1 @ 40' X 12' (clear opening) 1 @ 45' X 12' (clear opening) 1 @ 50' X 12' (clear opening), all of which would be put together with your Build Your Own Door kits.  thanks


Quotation for: 28'-0" x 20'-0" Hydraulic Shop Door; components and hardware only as specified in your Build Your Own Door kit, cladding by others.


The current door is from another manufacturer in Wisconsin. I'd like an estimate and price to replace  the existing door and build the frame & install the new door myself. I have a few pictures of the existing door that I can send you. I think your BYOD kit is perfect for me.


New building in planning stage. Estimated time needed would be 90 days out. Undecided on end wall or side wall location and one piece or bifold, possibly one of each. Can same Build Your Own Door Red Power hydraulic unit be used for both? Does the door frame need to be different from standard metal building construction?


I would absolutely love to cut out the middleman and build my own door using your quality Schweiss components. Please quote me a price on a 80' x 24' jet aircraft hangar door. Hangar is being built in Louisiana and should be finished in three months. Please provide door weights and other pertinent info I will need to pass on to my building superintendent and architect.


Hi,  I will be chosen to wire up a customers BYOD hanger doors. This is my first time wiring in these doors. I would like to see a electrical diagram. Is the factory hydraulic pump pre-wired? With two doors being built here and installed are we just jumping from one motor to the other and does the up/down/stop button good for the two running at the same time. I haven't looked at what all is in this package...as the contractor is still working on putting them together. So I would like to look at the wiring book you send with the BYOD pkge. Just wondering if there is a Schweiss help line to call in Canada/Ontario if we have any question. thanks, Pete 


Looking for piston type hinges for a tailgate lift up BYOD door that will weigh about 500 lbs. Will they hold the door open to be the awning also and be easy enough for my wife to open and close?


I never used to bother to grease the hinges on my old previous door, it was always such a hassle. But since I welded, built and installed your hydraulic BYOD I do it monthly, no more squeaks and I'm sure my door will last a long time. The hinge zerks are by far the best idea to come around in a long time. Thanks Schweiss for thinking about something everybody wanted.


We have a waste bunker that has two conveyors that come out into it. We are having a problem with these during the winter months. We are looking to close this in with a large one piece door 32' wide x 20' tall. A large front loader comes into the bunker to pick up all of the waste that comes out. We are looking at multiple options because there are a lot of things that can go wrong with this door. I need an idea of what one of these Build Your Own hydraulic piston (cylinder) Red Pump driven doors will cost. There is a possibility of adding on more of a structure to the outside of this bunker. I would like to be in contact with someone and maybe explore a few of these options. Thank you


Happy Days Are Here Again. My wife is really overjoyed now that she doesn't have to wrestle with sticky old sliding doors on our farm hangar. I'm also satisfied knowing that I built the door, with your help of course. The BYOD hydraulic door has us all smiling.


Good afternoon. My name is David and I'm in a flying club based out of the St. Paul metropolitan area. We currently have a hanger door that has been somewhat problematic in that it is using cables that tend to break at inopportune times, with planes getting stranded either inside or outside of our hanger. We're looking to get an estimate at converting our cable-based door to a hydraulic door utilizing your new Build Your Own Door kit I read about in the June issue of Aviators Hotline. I was wondering if you would be willing to give us an estimate on the sizes listed below? Please call.


Hello, I am a architectural grad student at Washington State University. I am working on a design studio that will be presented to Architects as well as the Seattle community and am interested in getting a little more detail from you guys about your doors. I have looked at your different designer door and other links on your web site, but I still have a few questions, and am especially interested in your latest milestone project, the Build Your Own Door kit. I would guess that every door has very specific structural needs based on its size and city codes, but I was also wondering if it was possible to send me some ball park quotes, brochures and needs for a steel supported frame for a hydraulic one-piece door about 15' wide X 20' tall that I can share with my fellow architects. Thank you for any help you can give. 


I am interested in both systems of doors and wondering how this compares in Ontario winters and snow. I would like a price on both doors, hydraulic and bifold with liftstraps, what kind of power is required to run the hyd pump, can it run two different doors? What building my own door (BYOD) entails and also is it possible to use in a non insulated building in -25 c winters? thanks 


Good morning! I am looking for a general quote for our main hanger door here at the airport. We have a very large hanger with double sliding doors and steel track at the moment. I'm not sure of the measurements but it looks very similar to the picture on your website at the lower left corner on the Bifold liftstrap doors 35, under Red Power section. I can tell you the size of the hanger is 1,800' x 1,000', sorry I can't tell you the height or width. I would like to know if you remove the existing doors, install the new door, an estimate of what shipping would cost,and an estimate of the cost of labor ( if you remove old doors and install new door). Also just read about a new offering by Schweiss called the BYOD. We have an experienced group of craftsmen at our big airport who might just like to take on the task of building our own hangar door. Thank you so much for your time! I look forward to your response. 


I need BYOD kit pricing for the Southeast T-Hangar project for Hernando County, Fl. Please advise on estimated delivery times for the eight hydraulic doors listed below. Respectfully, Ben


We own a hangar at the Municipal Airport in  Georgetown, Texas that has a sliding door on it. I need to visit with someone qualified to give me the details and specs on your much acclaimed Build Your Own Door kit. I can easily do the welding but wondering if there is someone in the Austin area that can install a big hydraulic door? thanks


I am looking at building a set of Tee Hangars. This will be stick built and probably start with 4 units and add 4 to 6 additional units. I need pricing on 4 ea 44' x 12' hydro swing BYOD door kits. Components will be shipped to Homer, Alaska  Thanks Steve


Hello, I am in the process of budgeting a new Elementary School in KS. The project has a 32' wide x 14' wide opening between the gym and multi-purpose room which is an open room used for a cafeteria daily. Please provide a Build Your Own Door kit quote for the opening or provide a local dealer/provider contact. I will need the finish proposed and achieve at least a 48 STC rating. Please provide the information at your earliest convenience. I appreciate the help in advance. Looks like the BYOD kit will be easy enough to do and the cost savings will surely please the local school administration.


I need a quote on a 60'wide x24' high BYOD kit  hanger door. This will go in a steel building in Missoula, Montana. For now if I can just get a quick budget number. We are working on a preliminary budget number for the owner to see if he wants to do the BYOD kit job on his row of box hangars. If I could get something quickly it would be helpful as I meet with him tomorrow. Thanks Rick


Looking for a one piece garage door that is all glass for my master bedroom. I need it to meet current window standards and I need it to be properly sealed when closed since this is going in a bedroom and I want to avoid any heat/cool loss in seasons. Looking for this to be supplied as a Residential Build Your Own Door kit which I will also installed. Probably no wider than 12' and no higher than 7'. Frame must be designed to be all glass or mostly glass


I am interested in getting a quote on a Build Your Own door system. I will build the door and frame in my welding shop. I want to work with you to figure a price for you to supply the hydraulics and sensors, etc. The door will pivot using your new Unibody  hinge design at the top.


I have a customer interested in retro fitting his current bifold doors from cable to the new BYOD hydraulic door. How much is it? And do you have a pdf file for instructions? He has two end wall ag shop doors that are each 38'x18. Thank you Schweiss for your time and thank you for coming up with a great new do it yourself door idea.


I'm looking for prices on 60 to 80 foot jet aircraft  steel hydraulic hangar doors 24 ft high. I'm assuming you have BYOD widths in that size and prices for all the Schweiss quality components.


Looking for a nice looking insulated door for my RV garage that doesn't take up any ceiling space inside. Your hydraulic door should fit my needs perfectly and I would like to hear more about the BYOD kit option you offer at Schweiss Doors. Please call me first thing in the morning.


I'm interested in cost for a glass one piece Schweiss Designer door. Recently purchased and renovating a house that has an indoor/outdoor pool with a garage door over it. Looking to replace current door - a 40 yr old, heavy steel bi-fold mounted to steel I-beam operated by a cable pull and motor. I recently talked with a person who built and mounted one of your quiet operating hydraulic doors from your BYOD door kit and he said he would weld the frame for me. I'm located just outside Denver, CO. Thanks!


I am looking to build a Pool house in my backyard with a indoor/outdoor kitchen dining area (occasionally opened, but not a lot as San Antonio is Hot, humid and we have mosquitoes, half of the year. I am an AC Contractor, so I love the idea of ordering your latest BYOD kit). The outdoor portion of the will have 2 open sides, 1 25 feet long x 12 feet high and one 12 feet long x 10 feet high. we are using steel studs in lieu of wood so steel columns to support the hydraulic door glass windows/doors would not be a problem. What is the approximate cost,size and number of your product to fill this door space. A $ per square foot of window/door would be helpful in determining cost savings. The hydraulic cylinders Schweiss provides are the strongest ones I've seen and they look good in the application. Please contact me direct- Ken


Go ahead and ship out the three BYOD door kits we talked about. My client was tickled to death with the cost savings. He's going to be even more tickled when these doors are up and operating. These BYOD doors literally sell themselves.


After welding my first Schweiss BYOD kit, the word is getting out that I can do this in my commercial welding shop and still save your customers a hunk of cash. Send me out some brochures on the BYOD kits so I can circulate and promote them around California. This is going to be a much needed boost for my welding shop business. Looking forward to working with Schweiss Hydraulic Doors in the years to come.


I'm inquiring as to how much your hydrologic Build Your Own kit door system would cost, including delivery and what installation might run me on a one piece shipping container door of a yet unknown dimension. This would be for a start up business in Georgia, therefore I am only asking for my own planning purposes. Thank you for your time.




I am looking for an aircraft hangar door for a new construction hanger to be used by a aerial spraying operation. It could be wood or metal, my typical aircraft hangar size is 40 foot wingspan, 10 height, and 30 foot length.  I want to mount Build Your Own Hydraulic Doors at each end of the hangar.


Can Schweiss Doors offer aluminum framed hydraulic doors in a BYOD kit? If so please quote approximate costs of both steel and aluminum. I wasn't even considering an aluminum framed door until I read about the cost savings by going the Build Your Own Door route. Thanks, Ted


I need some prices for a 70x16 Schweiss aircraft hanger door as well as some info on ht. requirements for a hydraulic  door. Quote as a BYOD kit door please.


Good Afternoon; We have 8 of your hydraulic kit  doors in use here at our California airport. I am trying to find out if there are any overrides or electrical bypass in the event of a power loss for your hydraulic BYOD kit doors. We recently had a prolonged outage here and would be interested in adding battery backups to the Red Power pumps. Please let me know if you need any additional details. Thank you.


I have a customer interested in a large door opening 40' wide x 16' tall. My customer is looking for Either a Bifold door or a Hydraulic door. I am interested in pricing for both options, especially on the Build Your Own door kit. He will more than likely go with whichever is most economical.


Can you provide me with a quote to supply and build my own 50 foot wide by 20 foot high hydraulic kit door for the Iron County Airport  70' x 70' Airport Hanger Project that is out for bids? This is a wood framed building with sidewall heights to be 20 foot high. BYOD bids are due into the Airport before the end of the month.


Hello: I am interested in getting more information about your Build Your Own door kits. Can you send me details of the head, sill and side conditions in CAD or .pdf? Thanks, Betty.


We are working with a CM here in Cleveland, Ohio for the Museum of Art. The Architect, out of Mass, has indicated that your Schweiss hydraulic designer  doors are to be used on this project. There are three (3) 170" x 202 1/2" doors, with an all glass face, on this project. We have been asked to provide. Can you have an estimator or sales person contact me about details on your Build Your Own Door kit system so we can continue moving forward. 


I have a residential garage 1962 vintage Holmes Hally hinged door measuring 16' wide by 7'2" high. Aluminum frame with corrugated aluminum floor. There is about 2" headroom. I do not have room for a conventional roll up door. I would like a hydraulic door that I can build from your BYOD door kit  which would allow a car to park close to it, within 3 inches or so. Now it's about 3' back. A one piece door design on the existing frame will work perfectly. There are walls 42"wide to the west and 21" wide in height to the east 88" high on the same plane as the door. 2" x 14" Floor joists above are parallel to the length of the door. I am within one mile of the beach where I work out of my welding shop.


I need a quote along with loading for a 40' x 16' (clear) hydraulic Schweiss crane door shipping to Clare, MI for one of my builders. Loading and additional information on your Build Your Own Door kit would help me put my quote together for him.


We're interested in a glass windowed hydraulic designer door application in a restaurant located in El Segundo, CA. Would be happy to provide renderings, basic dimensions, etc and hopefully get some preliminary pricing on the Schweiss Build Your Own Door kit and lead times set up ASAP. Need to comply with Title 24 requirements as well. Please contact me at your earliest convenience. 


I have a hanger that has a cut out in front above the door for the tail 2 feet above it into the truss. have you dealt with this application before with a hydro BYOD kit door, and how does it seal?


Hi, I need a quote on a hydraulic door kit. The size is 30' wide x 26' clear opening height. I am quoting a project that is located in Marinette, WI. If the project goes it will be roughly an August delivery which will give us time to build the doorframe in our welding shop.


Hi there, I have a customer that has a Quonset hut and needs to replace the sliding doors. I told him I'd research it and came across your Schweiss Doors site. I was happy and most interested to see that you are probably the only door manufacturer that actually offers a Build Your Own Door kit. I noticed that it states you deliver to Canada, so I was hoping to get the contact info for your Canadian office or dealer. Thank you.


We are in Schematic Design for a Helicopter Hanger for a Sikorsky Helicopter. The blade length is 56'-4" and the height is 17'-11" What type of hydraulic helicopter hangar doors are available and can this be ordered in the BYOD kit format? What do you recommend? What door sizes are available. Could you email me some information? Thank you, 


Hello, Our architectural firm is working on schematics for an oil and gas facility for our local community college. We are interested in using your hydraulic BYOD kit door and would like to present drawings to owner showing it. Do you have bim files (.rfa/.rvt) we could use? Thank you


I'm buying a wind damaged T-hanger that needs a new door(s). I need some guidance concerning construction a new framed opening and what I will need to construct the door from a BYOD kit. Pictures are available.


Hello I need to request a quote can you please guide me on the specifications you need? all I have at the moment from our architect is the following: Schweise Design Doors all glass, 14%u2019 wide, 12%u2019 tall, or if we can have 4%u2019 transom and have it 8%u2019 tall. The architect mentioned you also offer a hydraulic door that can be built on location with a kit. Tell me about that exciting cost saving door option.


Hi I called couple days ago for a price on a 36ft X 16ft hyd one piece door & what I would do to modify the existing building to hang it. I now hear that Schweiss Doors has a Build Your Own Door kit on the market. Count me in and tell me more on that and how it can save me enough money to build another door right after this one.


Hi there, I'm currently looking for doors for a 12m x16m workshop that I'm building shortly and like the look of your Hydraulic model. I looking for something similar to the one you have featured on your website - I would like to construct a designer garage door using your Build Your Own Door kit to save me money on shipping costs. I'm actually looking for four doors one 11.5 metres wide x 4.5 metres high and 3 x 5 metres wide x 2.3 metres high. I am planning to use double glazed panels and with aluminium exterior joinery to house the glass. I realize that the 11.5m x 4.5m is a big and heavy door if double glazing is to be used but would prefer to go one piece rather than bifold. The building is being constructed with tilt up concrete panels with steel portals. I look forward to your reply. Many thanks Stu in New Zealand.


For a single-family residence. Need to know the necessary components and clearances before I put in an order for the Schweiss hydraulic BYOD kit for my outdoor patio and pool area. Thank You


I am providing budget Build Your Own door kit information to a customer for (6) 80Wx50H doors in LA. Wind Speeds are 130 MPH ASCE 7-10. I can provide drawings if it helps. 


I do not have a phone that I can be reached at during the day, only in the evenings. Email works best. Looking for a Schweiss hydraulic shop door kit to fit a 40x16 opening.


What about Build Your Own Door kit pricing for a  small opening- 6'8" high by 14'8" wide? It is for a small masonry cold storage building that is only 7'4" high (11 courses of block). 


I have two of your great BYOD hydaulic kit doors 14.5x 40 and a 15.5 x 24. Question on speed of door...these are two hp motors with 3" and 2 1/2" cylinders respectively. The 24' door opens in 45 seconds the 40' in 53 seconds. What is the fastest allowable time? How many gpm are the two horse pumps? Can you quote me on another 40'x18' BYOD door delivered to Utah.


I have a 16x7 garage door opening and was wondering if you have a hydraulic door kit that would provide me with the pump, cylinders and components so I can weld and build the frame  myself. Might work for my building if you have a battery backup system as I don't have power hooked up yet. Do you have a distributor installer in northern Idaho? 


Do you have a Build Your Own Crane Door kit? I need a fast opening hydraulic crane door that measures 28 wide x 20 ft. tall. I can also install the door, just need the parts and some Schweiss Doors know-how to get me started.


Hello Please only email contact. I'm owner of building company from Poland. We started new investition and I'm collecting information. I would like know how much cost of Build Your Own Doors kit like Riveredge park second photo or doors like NY storefront or moving porch. Please tell me approximate cost. Best regards


Looking to change hangar doors to accommodate taller aircraft. Opening is 15' but I lose a lot of height with a rollup door. I need 14'6" (almost all of the existing opening) - do the hydraulic doors raise to and beyond parallel with the ground? Can you quote me on a BYOD hydraulic hangar door kit.  Please email response.


We have a 80' hydro door. We have seen Schweiss hydraulic doors that seem a lot faster on cycle time than this one from a different manufacturer. Just wondering if there is a way to speed up the door by installing your Red Power pump. The cycle time to just open the door is 3 minutes 11 seconds. Wondering if you guys have a door kit to speed it up a bit and we know there is a happy medium where it can't be too fast.


Hello Sales, I am interested in the Build Your Own Door kit product(s) I saw here on your website but I will like to know if you would allow me to make payment with credit card. Also I am registered with a shipping agency in the US,so you won't be shipping the items for me but it will be picked up at your location by this licensed shipping agency. They have all the appropriate documents and permits, therefore regarding the shipping of the products. All I need is your cooperation with the shipping agent. Kindly get back to me so I can place my BYOD  orders. Best Regards, Burton


Looking to maximize space in a garage and found your hydraulic doors and Build Your Own Door kits  to be very interesting! Do you produce residential kit doors for single-family residential homes? If so, could you provide a broad estimate for a 16'x7' hydraulic lift door? Thanks in advance for any information you are able to provide.


Hello, I am currently looking for Build Your Own door kit options for a garage I am building. I am putting a lift in my garage so a standard garage door will not work. I would require an 18x7 hydraulic one piece door. I am curious how much a system like this would cost with delivery of components to New Jersey. Thanks for your help.


My door came with lift straps, remote and automatic closing system that seals the door nice and tight. I'm now in the market for a much bigger door and wondering if your hydraulic doors seal as tight as the bifold doors. I would like to look into your Build Your Own Door kit for this ag machine shed door 60 ft. x 20 ft. on a new construction pole building. Has anyone used your BYOD kit for a door this large? Sure looks like a terrific idea to save a lot of money, and the Unibody hinge design looks very strong. I especially like the grease zerks.


Good-morning. We have a European Coffeehouse in Atlanta, which we built two years ago. About 12 years ago, I had a vision for one piece doors. Three years ago, while designing my newest location in Midtown Brooklyn, I met a gentleman in the Southern U.S., whose company manufactures doors that function by large threaded rods. Each is approximately 12' wide by 9' high, and there are three. SUMMARY: 3 weeks ago, one of the doors failed to open. The manufacturer sent two technicians, who learned that one of the top pivoting rods had broken. We would now like to discuss with you the complete replacement of the 3 doors with your much advanced hydraulic doors and perhaps the Schweiss Build Your Own Door kit, of course, all mechanics. How might we proceed with retaining engineering services of your company to pursue the possibilities and choices? Might you have the name of an engineer or architect with whom you have experience? Separately, I also have an application I would like to price with you for my original location in North Carolina. We have one section with a glass wall which opens to our Terrace, and I would like to replace the glass wall with a single hydraulic opening front and wonder if we could use your Build Your Own Door kit for it. Thank-you!


Schweiss Doors, you answered all my prayers with your BYOD kit. Without it, I wouldn't have been able to have this magnificent hydraulic door, and my wife would still be struggling to open the old sliders. You saved my marriage and enhanced my building. We are happy Schweiss campers.


We are a boutique general contractor. We are always looking for new, unique and innovative ways to advance our projects. Your Schweiss Doors unique Build Your Own Door kit would be a great fit! We don't do ordinary! Just like Schweiss Doors, we do spectacular! We are currently working on the reconstruction of an 1826 carriage house and are looking for a non-intrusive automated one piece door system to operate several 9'w x 10'h wood carriage doors. We estimate the weight of each at 600 lbs. Based on your website Must See Photo gallery this seems very doable with your BYOD kit product! Look forward to speaking with you soon. Thanks,  Joeseph


Interested in your hydraulic door product for a customer with an original door opening request. Your Build Your Own Door kit product would be a perfect solution for this person who really, really likes to save a buck and do things himself. Please contact at your earliest convenience.


Need a fast opening and weathertight sealing hydraulic door for a plane hangar 70' width x 22' height. Will be installed in Montreal area. I would like to have quote with freight estimate using the Build Your Own Door kit. Thanks


I have a Walters building with a sliding door. I am considering building a hydraulic door using your Schweiss BYOD kit, to be able to use the door year round. The opening is 13 ft 8 inch high x 19 ft 6 inch wide. This opening is close to the rafters so I don't have the 12 inches for a header but don't need this much height. I am not sure if the header could be inserted in the opening or how this would work. 


HERE ARE THE "SPEC SHEET DETAILS" FOR YOUR BUILD YOUR OWN DOOR KIT:  A._40'_ Clear Opening between building Side Columns - Finished Opening. B._14'_ Clear opening from bottom of truss to finished floor - or total clear height opening. C._16'8" Distance from finished floor to the very top of door hinge. B D=C. D._2'8_ Distance from top of clear height to top of single hinge. This distance will vary on different size doors. The distance above your clear opening will be 12"-24"-30"-36"-48"-Other __24"__. Circle One. E._2'5" Distance from top of clear height to center of mounting hole for single hinges. F._16'8 Distance from finished floor to beginning of top building sheeting. H._16'5 The distance from the finished floor to the center of the mounting hole for the unibody hinges. Looking forward to doing this BYOD project.


Hi, How much wld it cost me to have a 46 x 16  hydraulic BYOD kit steel door, installed 3 ply 2x8 posts for door jams I can install the metal siding myself and weld the framework. I look forward to hearing back from you. Vernon


Hello I would like a quote on a Build Your Own door kit for a two story building with a hangar on the ground floor and a one piece hydraulic door on the hangar. The door opening is 45 feet wide and the ceiling is 13 feet tall. I would like the BYOD door to open to a minimum of 12 feet six inches. I would like the door specs to take into account this so that the attachment is adequate to accommodate this dimension. 


Is it really true that Schweiss Doors has a build it your own door kit? If so, that is a super fantastic idea. I've been hoping to build my own trouble free door for years and now I have to know more about it. What's in the door kit, what do the parts cost, how much money will it save me. 


I have a RV business with a 16 x 14 and 2 12 x 14 roll up doors. The building is steel with 16" side walls. I need to upgrade to something better. I believe the Schweiss hydraulic door would be the best choice. What is the approximate cost? Approximate cost savings for a BYOD kit?


I have a barn style carport that I would like to put one piece doors on. I do not have enough room for car doors. Thank you for some price Build Your Own Door quotes. I will need one door this size and I will submit a form for the other two doors.


We are working on a 1,000 SQ FT Restaurant in Brooklyn, NY. This is project is fast and low budget, therefore we would like to place a BYOD hydraulic designer door order. We have 3 openings in our brick facade measuring 11' high by 9' wide. We are looking for a glass storefront system that is lifts outward. When the system is down, we will need a 3' by 8' swing door serving as entry door in one of the openings. There is a fourth opening measuring 11' by 6'-4" wide in which we would like to install a fixed glass wall to match the lifting ones. We look forward to hearing from you. 


We are building a new steel frame so we would like to have one of your hydraulic Build Your Own Door kits to meet our specs. We need 1 walk thru door and two or three non opening windows. Will this pose any problem for us to build or any trouble to install?


we are looking to put a hydraulic door using your Schweiss BYOD kit in an existing machine shed. its opening is 17 feet wide x 13=1/2 feet tall. it needs to be insulated and 16 feet wide is fine but would like to stick to 13-1/2 feet tall opening. thanks jim.


Please send approximate pricing on two hydraulic kit doors for nested T-hangars at the Regional Airport in TX 76262. Approximate hangar frontal dimensions are 42' wide x 16' high. We already  constructed the frames using standard "red iron" structural steel and standard R panels (3' x 16').


I have a implement shed with one opening 24'wide X 16' high and one opening 16' wide X 16' high. I would like a price for Schweiss Build Your Own door kit hydraulic doors. We can install them ourselves. Thanks, John 


We are interested in doing a door similar to the designer stage door in your "Riveredge Park" project. Wood slats on a glazed hydraulic door. We have welders on staff and would like you to price out a BYOD kit. What info will you need to get us started?


I have a residential customer that is interested in building his own all glass hydraulic patio door. Can you please give me a quote for a 9'w x 10'h BYOD kit. He requires a quiet operating pump and cylinders. Thank you


If the riding arena project happens, it will be for six hydraulic lifting (6) doors going to the same location. We would like to look at pricing only for the Schweiss hydraulic Build Your Own door. Also, please specify the size of the H-section jam that will be needed from the manufacturer.


I would like a price quote on a one piece hydraulic build your own kit door 38' W X 14" H to my farm in Palmer, Alaska  Thanks, Rick


Hello I was wondering about a steel supplier for a BYOD kit on a Hydraulic door frame that is 22' wide and 14' tall? Also, how soon can you deliver a Schweiss kit door to Ontario?


Pricing out a hangar to be built in Alberta (25 miles south of Calgary). What is the cost of a hydraulic Schweiss BYOD kit for doors as follows: 40 ft wide x 12 ft high 46 ft wide x 12 or 13 ft high Also, do you folks install and is a steel post door frame and header required or is one included with your door. Also, can the hyd. door be made wider and taller or are there standard sizes?


G'day Fellas, I attended Oshkosh this year and spoke briefly to you about becoming an agent for your BYOD door kits in Australia. I'm building a demo hangar soon and would like to install one of your hydraulic doors. I'll also be travelling to the States again soon & was wondering if you'd be available to meet & discuss the above? I'd also like to look at an install to see how it all works. Best Regards, 


I'm looking at building a new hangar home in AZ at an Airpark and planning on building a 40' x 50' hangar. Probably looking at a 40' door and whatever the standard height is to common planes, Cessna 172, Piper 180, Mooney 20 etc. I currently have one of your strap doors on my hangar and I would like to go with a hydraulic door for the shade it offers. I would like to have a stucco front like the my home but would also like some windows too. Can you design this as a Build Your Own Door kit hydraulic door?


Morning, I am inquiring about your hydraulic build your own door kits (BYOD) and as to whether or not you work/ ship overseas. I work at an architectural firm in Sydney, Australia, and we are very interested in your product and the shipping costs it will save our clients.


Hello, I am looking at designing your garage doors into two of my current projects. The first one is a large bar space in Denver with two big hydraulic garage doors opening to a patio. The second is a small tree house (this may not be practical...but wanted to test a few ideas.) Would love to have some general BYOD pricing info for the tree house and how to go about custom orders. Thanks, 


Do the Schweiss hydraulic doors happen to be rated for any type of hurricane wind? Also, just as an estimate, how much would 2 battery backup hydraulic BYOD kit doors, 9'x10' & 11'x20', cost?


I would like a price quote on a one-piece Build Your Own door kit for 48' wide X 15' high opening on the end of a barn built mostly with I-beam, but with wooden pole/truss construction on the very end where the door would be mounted. BYOD is a great idea. I like saving money!


I would like a price quote on a hydraulic barn door.  It has wooden pole/truss construction. Before I order your BYOD kit, can you tell me how to frame the header and opening for the weight difference over the sliders that are on it now.


Hi, We are working on a residential project in San Francisco and are planning to do a custom garage door. I would like to discuss the design of this hydraulic door and details of receiving it as a BYOD kit door with one of your representatives. Please contact me as soon as possible. Thanks, 


I have a contemporary stucco home and would like to discuss installing a hydraulic garage door that will increase overhead room and match the look of the home. Will a BYOD kit work for this?


We are working on the design of a new industrial building where the client would like a large overhead crane to pass through and outside the building, with hydraulic doors below. I saw several photos on your website for crane doors but can you email me further information and images? One concern we have is that the overhead rail for the lower hydraulic doors would impede the product being carried by the crane. We'd like to learn about your Build Your Own Hydraulic door kit and  various solutions for this situation. Thank you!


Please advise if Schweiss can provide a Hydraulic Hanger Door Build Your Own Door kit as per the specifications listed below Headroom -5.4m Passage Width %u2013 12.5m Door Module Width %u2013 13.5m The hanger door shall be single unit and basically a modular design


We are currently renovating and modernizing a residential, two family house that has a detached two car garage structure that needs two, standard 8'x7' hydraulic doors After coming across your site, and seeing a local cafe redo their facade with them, we think hydraulic doors are the way to go. We would like to weld our own frame, but are unsure of the hardware necessary. Is that all included in your Build Your Own Door kit?  Exterior dimensions of the structure is 18' wide by 19' deep. The walls all around are of double thick brick. The brickwork above the doors need attention, so the height of the doors can change to up to a little over 8'. There is the possibility of re-framing the opening for a single door, the width of the two doors combined. Is it a hydraulic door lifting system that you provide? We are looking to stay within a budget, but at the same time provide a wow factor that this system provides.


We would like to add a door to close in the open work area in the back of our shop. The opening is approximately 54'x16'. The building is wood frame/sheet metal skin, looking quite similar to photos of buildings on your website. I would appreciate if I could get a quick and dirty "ballpark" number on what it would cost to get a  Build Your Own door kit. Please quote me the cheapest option as I would like to know where we start and work up from. If you could provide components for a one piece door I would appreciate it very much. 


I am looking for hydraulic Schweiss garage door Build Your Own Door components for a Full view aluminum frame that I am building. 11'4" wide 7' tall. Can you provide a cost to include shipping to Kansas?


NY building contractor is spec'ing a 48' wide building with a 48' hydro door in the end. He needs to know what the minimum side clearance needed for this size door and if it can be ordered as a BYOD hydraulic door kit. I think they specified the BYOD Schweiss door kit for the added cost savings, so you may have to contact the engineer with the details and shipping time period.


We are building a home and were originally looking into a slide door, until I noticed your hydraulic Build Your Own Door kit options. Very cool idea with an industrial feel! Our goal is an indoor outdoor living space. Obviously this application is  residential. Can you give me a general price range for your  BYOD solution, to see if I can even afford the possibility of a hydraulic door/wall opening? 


I am looking for a big hydraulic door for a hangar, with an opening of somewhere between 80x20 up to 80x26. I would like to use your BYOD kit, but wondering if this is feasible for such a big door?


I am an architect designing a hangar at a fly-in residential community. The building will be concrete block walls and wood roof trusses. The owner requests a BYOD kit and wants a Schweiss hydraulic door, 42' wide by 10' tall = is there any engineering requirements I can get my hands on so that I know what to do with the construction? 


I need to gain as much height as possible, especially in the center of the hangar for rudder clearance. I am hoping to gain 2 foot in height overall for a total of 18 feet. I also need to gain as much width as possible as I currently have rollup doors that consume a total of 5 feet usable width. How much headroom and usable width could I gain with a hydraulic Schweiss Door? Are your Build Your Own kit doors easy to assemble and how much cash will they save me?


I'd like to request a quote for 1 no. - 8m x 8.1m Hydraulic one piece door similar to the Kenyon College door. We want one of your industrial strength doors and wonder if we can build them extra strong from your BYOD kit.  


Hello, I installed a Schweiss bi-fold door in 2008. Now I'm looking hard at your Build Your Own Door kit because I want a big hydraulic barn door at least 42 ft. x 18 ft. Can you shoot me a kit quote that will include a battery backup.


We are building a demonstration home, and would like to talk about a possible partnership with Schweiss Doors that would highlight your hydraulic garage door product. We would be interested in your BYOD kit.  Thanks!


Dear Schweiss door team, I intend to build an aircraft hangar in the near future and currently am discussing differnt hydraulic door types and manufacturers. But to be truthful, your new Build Your Own Door Kit will probably seal the deal as no other manufacturers offer this cost saving option. I am interested in receiving more BYOD details and a quote with your technics.