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I am building a boathouse, and am interested in the bi-fold doors with remote control. It has 2 bays each 10' wide with a 3' walkway between them. I could do one large door or 2 smaller doors, whichever is less $ if there is a significant difference. I need to decide fairly quickly to submit permits as the work is ready to start soon. I have been looking at 2 sliding barn doors up until now.


I have a project going with one of my customers. Im interested in a bi-fold glass panel garage door for his boat house. The frame would need to be black in color. This door needs to operate with electric motors. The opening is 14'w 9-10'h.


I would like to obtain the dimensions and ideally a drawing (DWG), of at least the side view, for a flush-mounted strap bifold door providing 16 ft x 16 ft clear opening. I would like to refine my boat shed drawings before reaching out to a local Butler (or other) building contractor. I need to resolve the boat shed details so I can apply for a zoning variance to exceed the 18 ft accessory building height limit. A flush-mounted door would likely look better but, I am not opposed to a surface-mounted door if it will seal better. I expect to insulate the door and clad the inside with metal and outside with HardiBoard or similar siding. Please let me know what additional information is required. Thank you.


Hi, I’m wanting to know if you can get us the wind lock mechanism (I forget your term for it) for the large bi-food door our boathouse has. Please let me know if the mechanism can be made, the cost, and an approximate time to get it—not a particular hurry as our crazy winter is hopefully winding down.


Looking to build a bifold door for a boat house. Am very interested in using your top mounted strap system to operate the door. My door will be quite a bit smaller than most in the pictures on your web site. Door opening dimensions will be 10' wide by only 8' high. Dimensions are able to be adjusted to accommodate your system. Please advise on best way to proceed. Thank you, Tom Post


I have boat house project that we do not want the ceiling jeopardized with OHD hardware infringing on ceiling space. Door opening 10’ x 8’ all glass door.


I am looking for a sturdy door for a boat house I am refurbishing in the spring. It gets very windy. I like the hydraulic boathouse door you installed on Lake Vermillion, but with the strong winds I thinking a bifold strap door may be best suited. Tell me what you'd recommend. I live in Madison Wisconsin.


want an RV / boat bifold strap door for new construction in Park City UT very similar to a few featured on your Schweiss website. maybe 12x12 or so. insulated would help. some translucent glass on part of it would help. probably a concrete structure. Might need 'bi-fold' or hydraulic with faux exterior. Also, can your openers be accessed from the internet / automated house interfaces?


I have a boat house that I need 2 doors for. They have boat cranes and can’t use a normal overhead door set up. They will be adding a Boral overlay to make the doors “disappear” into their brand new very solid boat house. I’ve worked on your bifold and hydraulic hanger doors and a few other projects but never have installed your product as a boathouse door. I’d also need a reference for the Southern Nh area for an installer I will have to confirm the openings


Looking to understand if a bifold door can have cables instead of lift straps, or other options, and what the dimension of the wedge would be if it had an internal truss (if necessary for size). Door would have custom wood siding on exterior and custom wood paneling on interior for a residential boathouse. Tell me why you promote Schweiss lift strap doors as being superior to cables. What is the price difference?


Exploring options of adding a bifold garage door for our ski boat with a tower - not wanting an ugly large garage door - love the idea of making it look seamless with our single story ranch style home like you built for the Korthius RV door in Washington. Thank you for contacting us. Kristen


Need a small bifold strap door. 8'x 8' for a boat house. The exterior of the door will be clad with cedar, so I'm wondering if I'll need a larger motor?


Looking for a bi fold door for boathouse. Inside will be a boat slip and the cradle lift plus the liftstrap or steel cables to lift boat out of water. Need a system like yours. Can you price a 9 ft. x 8 ft. tall boathouse door?


We are architects working with a non for profit, Glynwood located in Cold Spring NY. We would like to install (2) manual Schwiess BI-Fold Doors in an existing boat house on a lake. Doors and straps to be black, should be remote controlled strap door. Approximate door size 10' wide by 7'4" high. Can you assist in providing a quote and recommending a local install in Hudson Valley. The project is Glynwood Boathouse Restoration Cold Spring, NY 10516 Located in Putnam County NY


Are you pricing up the BI fold door for Hamilton College - Boathouse Project. This was for the two 12 ft. x 9 ft. bifold boathouse strap doors. TY


Looking for costing on a 50' wide by 14' high door for a boathouse, will have tracking to pull in a amphibious plane and boat from the Lake to storage. Please include a couple of remote openers.


Hello, Can you tell me how much either a bifold or hydro-lift boathouse door 7 maybe 8ft tall by 9ft wide would be? Looking for options for a boathouse. I may do a single door 18ft wide or 2 9ft doors depends on cost. Ideally these would be glass with a man door somewhere in the main door. If I went the 2 small door route one could be just the frame no glass and i would add cedar to it myself. Thanks Randy


I need a Schweiss Bifold Liftstrap door or hydraulic one piece door for my boat house. The opening for the door is only 10'x7'. Do you make doors that small? The one I saw lifts the bottom of the door out and up. Exactly what I need.


Good day Schweiss Team, We are currently building a new home in Maine and would like to have bifold lifstrap and auto latching doors on our garage and especially a liftstrap door on the boathouse located on our property. Your doors were highly recommended by Matt Risinger. I have completed drawings for the garage and we are working on draft drawings for the boat building. I can share details when we connect. I look forward to speaking with you soon. Thank you, Randall


We are based in Arizona. I work for a General Contractor. We do lots of RV/Boat Storage buildings. We've never used bifold overhead doors but have a customer who is interested in them, he's impressed with your bifold strap system instead of using pesky cables. It is a large project (349 doors)with rough openings ranging from 12' wide by 14' high to 22' wide by 14' high). Some insulated and some not. I would like to get educated somewhat on bifold doors and see if cost wise they are competitive to sectional overhead doors. I also wonder about shipping if it would kill us. It seems that most of the manufactures of these doors are back east. Note, I'm on Mountain time.


Building a boat house 30 wide and 80 long looking for a door 20 wide and 28 high. I viewed the Schweiss Door website Must See Photo video of your hydraulic boathouse door on Lake Vermilion and was very impressed with what your outstanding company can engineer. Can you provide me with options and pricing please.


Boat house door. Like the black frames with the glass/window look. Don’t care how it lifts, either as a bifold or hydraulic boathouse door. Both style provide for a nice canopy door style.


We are the CM on a new Boathouse for Hamilton College in Rome, NY that has a vertical bifold exterior boathouse liftstrap door. Do you have a local rep for the Central New York area?


Looking for a 12’ garage door for boat on house. Saw that you had some 16’ rv ones. Just wondering what else you have to had for this height as I could use a bifold strap door that goes 18' tall.. Thanks. Ryan


Width 70" height 84" Looking for a bifold boathouse garage door for my cement block/stucco boathouse Can you send me a quote?


We are looking for a large door opening solution. Its for a boat storage facility. The opening is: 30' wide x 40' high Its located in Palm Coast, FL Wind Speed is 140 mph and we should be impact rated. Please forward bifold boat house door product details to assist our design team and pricing to assist our pre-con team. Thank you.


I am in an architecture class designing a boathouse that I want to put big bi-fold doors in. Would you be able to pass along a .DWG section of a bifold liftstrap door that fits a 19' opening I can use? I would appreciate it. Thanks




Looking at door options for our boathouse door  project. What is the approximate cost for a one piece hydraulic or bifold door? Seattle area. Thanks


Hi, I am currently looking into your bifold strap lift doors. I will be moving soon to a neighborhood with restrictions. I am planning to build a boat house door structure on my property with a large bifold boathouse door to store my boat. Door measurements aproxx 10"w x 12'h. I did see that some of your customers have created a hide-a-way door to satisfy their HOA restrictions. I will be trying to do the same. I am in the very early stages of researching ideas and came across your doors. I was just looking for ballpark pricing and more info.


Hi, We're working on a 2400sf floating canoe & kayak storage building in Maple Ridge, BC and are looking at including four bifold boathouse strap doors. I'd like to have an understanding about pricing for budget purposes, and also if you have distribution in BC (western Canada). I've filled in details below. Drawings also available at provided link. Thanks! David Zeibin Principal, Architect 


architect working on a barn boathouse for boat workshop and interested in using bifold boathouse  doors at each end of the workshop bay. project currently entails 2 doors at 24'w x 10'h, possibly increasing to 12' high


I need a bi-fold, open out, for a boathouse with minimal height clearance in boathouse. Standard bifold, slide left and right, or a vertical bi fold.


We have a client building a garage who would like a 30x16 door opening for the RV/Boat section of the building. We are exploring doors/manufacturers that can provide this size opening and compiling budget numbers so that we can review options with the owner.


I am building garage for large boat and want to hide door like the Washington RV door. So I would want plain door for my contractor to add building material to to camouflage door so it looks like end of house. Could build end of garage from steel or wood at this point.


Early design phase of a manufacturing a boathouse  building for our i550 sailboat. Costing of bifold large boathouse door options.


Hello, I am a project coordinator for a custom home builder in Washington state. We have a homeowner who is interested in having a garage bay boathouse door for his boat, requiring a minimum 12 foot clearance. However, the resort we are building in has a 9' garage door height maximum. We came across your 'hidden' bi-fold doors that mimic the look of a standard height garage door and the home siding pattern and thought this may be a unique way to get our client his desired door height while satisfying the resorts design review. I'm interested in learning more about what level of service/sales you're able to provide to us in our area and also pricing out a hidden boathouse door option for our client.


We are looking at a boat storage building in Chicago. They want a 40' wide by 30' clear height door in each end of our Butler building that is 100' x 300' x 45' Which of your door system would work best for this use? Do you install the doors?


Looking for pricing on a Schweiss bifold boathouse door. Door opening is 12' wide by 10' tall. Would like it to have a remote opener.


3 years ago I received a bid for a strap lift bifold door for a boat house to be built in Tower, MN. Life got in the way (kids' college and wedding), and the project was delayed. We are now underway again, so I will need a new bid. The boat house walls are 9 foot high reinforced poured concrete, with the distance from the center of one concrete wall to the center of the other being 19 feet. The header will be 20 feet long and will be bolted to the face of the concrete walls. I am assuming the door may be bolted onto the header beam with the top of the hinges flush with the top of the header and the center of the hinge holes 1" below the top of the header. Dimensions (assuming the door is mounted with the top of the hinges flush with the top of the header): A - 216" finished clear opening AA - 228" B - 84" C - 108" D - 24" top of clear height to top of hinges E - 23" top of clear height to center of mounting hole for hinges Please double check those dimensions and send me an updated bid, including dimensions of the appropriate size header. Please email (preferred) or call if you require further information or clarification. Thank you, Daniel


I have a Schweiss marina boathouse door on one of my marina storage buildings that is 18'wide x 22'tall would like a quote on a insulated door for that space. 


Need quote for Bifold boat storage door, belt straplift, no walkdoor option, R-11 door insulation in walls, metal panel skin by Bldg manufacturer. 115 MPH windrated door design with 30 MPH opening requirement. 70'-0" wide x 18'-0" clear door height opening required.


I have an older Schweiss bi-fold boathouse door, serial 15408. Can I get a bifold liftstrap door  conversion kit and the center strap door system that pulls the boathouse door straight up and  closes it fully. Bifold remote door opener is still working fine.


Need ball park price for lightweight boathouse door. 20 ft wide with 13 opening. Need full 13 foot opening. Aluminum frame bifold strap door.


This bifold strap boathouse floatplane door is built out over water. 50 ft x 100 ft two story, metal siding, with wood frame, 24"-30" treated telephone poles. Large trusses. I have photos to email you. 


I would like a quote on 2 garage doors to be used on a boat house. Please quote for a folding door and also on a hydraulic door. Seeing your website video, I think the hydraulic Schweiss door may work best for this. Have you installed bifolds on a boathouse?


We need to design a closure for a boat garage on a coastal Florida site. The current configuration is (2) windrated swing doors, each 8-0 wide x 15-4 high, finished in cedar to match adjacent O/H doors. As such we are concerned that the doors will be too heavy to operate, and cannot find hinges etc. that will work with this size/weight of door. Can you help? Was also wondering if a hanger type arrangement, that folded horizontally would be an option, and if so, how the cost would compare to swing doors, and what headroom we lose with this configuration? Appreciate any help Schweiss Doors could offer. Don't hesitate to call for further information. Thanks


I am building a 10' x 15' Schweiss bi-fold door for a boat house. I would like to get a price for the motor and liftstrap drive system with limit switches and controls.


Boathouse / lake house application MO south of Branson West on Table Rock Lake. Interested in two 7ft. X 9 ft standard garage door sized bifold  doors with glass panels that will function as walls that can be opened allowing a garage / boathouse to be also used as a outdoor pavilion. One end wall and adjacent side wall. Saw a Lake Vermillion boathouse video on your Schweiss Doors website. What a great boathouse you helped him with.


Please email me the updated quote #112712 PC for our boathouse Marine project as I will look to place these doors on order. Please note that only one (1) of the bi-folds requires a walkdoor, but both require liftstraps. Also please send me any credit info that you may require so that we can set up our account. Thank you. Jon


Our office is designing a high-profile community boathouse for the City of New Haven and we are interested in your bi-fold liftstrap doors for the boat bays- do you have a local sales rep that could come to our office to discuss and provide specs/CAD drawings?


We have a boat house over water with two doors, 8 ft tall, one 8 ft wide the other 7 ft wide. interested in bifold (1 hinge) or 4-panel (3 hinge) horizontally folding door. We cannot use roll-up because of interior truss and brace positions. I think your frame-based door would work fine. For an 8 ft tall door would you consider a design that has four horizontal panels of 2 ft height each with 3 horizontal hinges? Can you provide a hand-powered door-opening mechanism with an appropriate big wheel to turn to provide mechanical advantage? The work site is 3 miles across water and 75 miles north of Utica NY, some 7 miles out of Eagle Bay NY on Big Moose Lake. UPS and other LTL carriers come to a gravel parking lot 4 miles from work site. we (customer) would have meet the load and to move it a mile or so onto a barge for the 3 mile trip over water to get to the work site. For shipping cost estimate figure FOB Big Moose Lake. THIS IS A REQUEST FOR AN ESTIMATE FOR BUDGET PURPOSES. WHEN WE ASK FOR A QUOTE WE WILL PROVIDE VERY SPECIFIC DETAIL ON SIZES AND SURFACE MATERIAL. summary of requested info: (1) cost estimate for a pair of single-hinge bifold doors 8x8 ft (2) availability and cost estimate for a 3-hinge, 4-panel, horizontally folding door 8x8 ft (3) availability and cost estimate for hand-powered lift mechanism for above. thanks for your consideration of this request for cost and availability info.


I intend to have this bifold door, or if you think a hydraulic door will work better, on a wooden boat house I have under construction in Estonia that is going to be delivered in February next year. What info do you need to give me a quote, delivered.


Hi Guys, We have a hangar with Schweiss bi-fold door with auto latching that we love. We are doing a building project at our cabin in central Minnesota and thought about using one of your hydraulic lift doors on the boathouse, just like the one in your Schweiss Doors website video. Maybe the best would be to give me a call next week to talk about the project before getting too deep into the design.


Residential boat garage, new construction. Need to have front facing garage door look like wall for architectural reasons. Looking at your designer doors, would it be possible to place a couple port hole windows in it. Door will need to be 30 x 14 clear and insulated. Also want lift strap/auto latch design with horn alert.


I am looking for swinging doors for the side of a pole building for a 14'wx13'h opening; i.e. two 7'x13' doors that are hinged on sides and open out like your bifold doors. This door would only be used 2-3x a year to bring a boat in the gable end of the building as that is the only way to get height clearance. What do you have that could do this? prefer sideways opening vs. lifting the door vertically. Otto




We have a boat storage building that has an opening of 18'3" by 68'. How much would this door cost in a bi-fold lift strap and the hydraulic Red Power models? Price door with labor.  Tom


I am building a boathouse the end wall of the building is not done and I think a Bifold with lift straps would work It would be 34.5 ft wide and 10.5 ft tall the clear opening is 8 ft and there is a 2.5 ft truss to hinge from also I would like to add a wooden sacrificial section 2 ft tall and 24 ft wide to the bottom center of the lower half of the door That will be done so that if the ice should ever hit the door it will break the wooden section and not harm the door (as much)


Seeking price and availability for two bi-fold doors. we will mount them on a wooden boat house. The door sizes are 8 ft w x 8 ft tall, and 7 ft wide by 8 ft tall. Doors are to be lift strap operated, the installation site is water access only so we would like remote openers. Preferred shipping delivery point is to a parking lot with no fork-lift and no dock. We can meet a truck. the door itself should be of aluminum frame with brass or stainless steel hardware because of the humid corrosive atmosphere. the exposed surface materials could be various materials, such as translucent fiberglass, wood shingle, painted metal panel. We are looking to select source and product this fall for installation spring 2013. I look forward to discussing the options and constraints we have and how to work with you. thank you for your consideration of this request for price and availability.


I have an application for 2 10x24 bifold doors (with lift straps) going in a boathouse. The rough opening height is 10', although with a header this will be somewhat reduced. I want to match door skins to the siding which will be composite siding. The boathouse is in Granbury TX. I have indicated the side columns are wood, but these have not been installed. What size columns would you recommend for a door of this size? I would be able to brace them to the steel structure at the top, but not necessarily at the bottom. They will rest on the dock and be attached to the dock joists. I assume the stresses at the bottom of the side column are much less than at the top? Thanks!


Have boat house were building. Looking for 2 doors 8' tall x 10' wide. Roof and windows in. Wood studs are just bolted to concrete slab. Have hydralic for boat ramp hoping to use same system for both. Can that be done. Also looking to install myself. Bi-fold doors will work also.


I am looking for a 13.5' x 14' door for a building just getting ready to start for storing a large center console boat. Your Schweiss hydrolic door looks like it would be perfect for my application. Can I use Hardi Plank siding on the door? Looking to get some idea of pricing. Thank you very much. Lars T.


Looking for door in a boat house on waters edge. Min interior headroom for standard garage doors looking at your Schweiss bifold option. Would need to be able to have a remote and automatic open if possible. Right now sizes are 86 inches wide and 82 inches height this is the frame. Post and Beam style.


Need two Schweiss doors for a drive thru boat house. We want metal door color to match outside wood of boat house. Is there a standard size door I should build my boat house around or can you build any size bifold custom doors. do you recommend a hydraulic door or strap lift?


Constructing a boat barn addition on an existing residence. Endloading barn will be 24 wide and 50 long. 5 block with slab foundation, LVL wall studs 18' high. Very interested in your Schweiss bifold door.


Is a bi fold garage door available that opens to the inside rather than the outside? I am looking for a custom wood finished bi fold door for a small boat house on a lake. the size is approximately 11' wide x 7' high.


We are looking for info on a 117'x17' insulated one piece hydraulic door for a boat storage building. Head room is an issue. We also need info on a 48'x21 and possibly a 25'x21'. The warehouse is heated so I will need the insulation package.


I have a boat house that has an extension to be construction that is going to have an opening by the bar area. The size of the opening is 18'x6'. I would like to install (2) 9'x6' schweiss bi-fold doors with an aluminum frame and insulated windows (would consider tempered glass).


I am looking for a designer door for a boat storage building, full glass, aluminum frame (white painted) 24' x 24'. A bifold door will be acceptable. I would like to see an elevation of what you could propose, along with pricing. The door will be going into an existing building with a new endwall designed to meet the doors' design requirements. Let me know if you have any questions. Thanks.


we need a quote and required details for the building jambs and loads for two 16' w x 12' h clear bifold doors with 24" wedges. the client was the door to be covered with wood, do you have any details on a wood cover application? provide alternates for any add ons you think may be wanted. need quote and details ASAP Thanks, Kim Anderson


We are designing a metal building for a boat building busines in Virginia and need some prices on either bi-fold or hydraulic doors. The size would be 26' wide x 30' to 32' tall min. Looking for budget door prices.


We need a quote for five (5) 28x24 and two (2) 26x24 bifold doors for cold storage (boat house) application ; give option for Hydraulic doors


Please quote a one piece hydraulic door for a proposed boat storage facility. We are General Contractor quoting door price to owner.


We are looking at building a house boat dealership in Page Arizona. We need 2 bifold doors that will have a cleared opening space of 22 feet wide and 28 feet high. It will be installed in a pre fab metal building. I am just putting together some pricing right now but please contact me if you have any questions. Thanks


Building a boat storage shop. Need a 36ft door about 18ft high. Not sure if a bifold or a hydraulic door is better. Could you give me options on both and price. Thanks


We are looking for a bi fold or hydraulic door for the entrance to a wet dock for a clients boat house. A combination of both would be good as the dock floods several times a year and needs either a remote motor or a motor on the top of the door. Remote control required Door frame and actuation only as we are providing louvred panels to the door to match the cladding on the rest of the dock.


Looking for a quote 34' wide 36' high insulated bi-fold door for a boat storage facilty.oe C.


This door is to be installed in a custom boat house (wooden rowboats) with a wood shingled exterior. No interior or exterior finishes on the door...frame only. Please quote two prices...one for steel frame, one for all aluminum frame. The cell # I gave you is for a China Mobile telephone. My main office is in Shanghai but this project is on Martha's Vineyard where I have a seasonal residence. Thank you.


Hello - We are looking at a bifold door as a protection door for a Boathouse. How strong is the door in light of being hit by logs thrown up from the ocean? The Client is looking for something rather heavy, and strong "looking" as well - how much weight and thickness can the door support in terms of cladding? Thanks


We are looking for a Hydraulic Door for a boathouse project on Lake Vermilion, Cook, MN. I would like to get a quote on a door sized at: 18'-0"w X 7'-0"h with a design/style/color to blend in with a log structure. Would this quote include installation or just door? Can the door be installed by others?


I need to replace two sectional wooden doors on a hip-roofed boathouse above tidal salt water. The openings are approximately 7-8 feet high by 12 feet wide. One of these openings has a spectacular view of the bay, and I'd like to have a bi-fold (lifting) door for it with the widest/largest possible clear glass panels, especially in the top half of the door. View is not so critical on the second door, which opens toward land, but I still need light from that direction as well. The third door shown in your "designer door" section of your web site is the general idea, although it would be better if at least the top portion of the door could be a single wide pane of glass. Vertical members would cut up the broad view of the bay. The doors would stop on a sill on top of a wooden platform which can roll in and out of the boathouse, but there might be some times when the outer, seaward door, would stop in the closed position without any bottom support or sill. Can you give me any idea of what such doors, and shipping, would cost? Thanks for your help. Walter


I am looking for a bi-fold door for my boathouse. The opening is roughly 6'-7" high and 8' wide. Headroom is an issue. The boat is on a marine rail system and comes pretty close to the top of the doorway. Have you ever done a boathouse before? Thanks, John