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I have an old cable door and am wondering if i can put the auto latching to it? I know you can convert it to straps, but I would also want the auto latching.


I have a Schweiss latch system installed on my hangar door several years ago. It needs some maintenance. I wonder if the install instructions (which were never given to me) would have the information needed to properly adjust this system. Would you be able to send me a new manual? Thank you.


I bought a hangar with your bifold door but it doesn’t have an automatic locking system. The serial number is 11395. Can you please provide me a quote for the parts I can install?


i have a bifold strap style door with the bar latches on each side but now i see you have the strap latch system to retrofit my door


Hello, We just ordered an auto-lock spring for a hanger door. Easily installed those and the customer would like more. is it possible to pull out account history and the parts we order last? I would to purchase two sets this time. Great product with easy assembly. Thank you


We are a return customer. We ordered an airplane hangar bifold door from you in 2011. Love our bifold door, and especially appreciate the auto latches and straps, so much better than cables.


I have a new Hangar with a Bifold door with lift straps. I wanted to know how much would it cost to go from a manual door locking devices on each end to a cable rigged locking with remote controlled automatic latching operation of the doors opening and closing. Thanks, Frank


We have a Bifold strap job to bid in Newark, OH calling for a 50' x 14' bifold with auto latching feature. We plan to use 4" SQ HREW for the side columns. We will need your pricing by Monday afternoon.


Over 25 years ago I purchased a 30 X 10 bi-fold shop door for my place in OH. Friday the 7" pretension spring for the auto side latch broke. On page 3 of the installation manual this is identified as E6. I would like to order two of these springs.


Would like a price on a 70-0 x 18-0 bi fold SD hanger door. insulated, with metal panel skin and automatic strap latch. please email me pricing or questions


Need a quote on a strap lift, strap latch door described below. Need price to include installation in RI and Schweiss interlocking insulation of door. Need price to also include the installation of owner supplied steel sheathing 


I am replacing an old masonry building with like masonry. We have one of your old cable lift bi-fold doors. I would like to convert it to your lift strap and new auto strap latch system. It is installed on a metal building in OK. Eve height to bottom of wood trusses is 13 ft. with 12" over hang. I do not see any design details for block/ masonry construction. What do you recommend?


I Have a 40' wide bifold door on my WY hangar. I need to replace some of the guides and all of the cables. I was just curious how much the conversion to the lift-strap system would be. Also price your new strap latch - it really looks slick.  Thanks


I'm looking for two aluminum clean room doors 30X18 and 16X18. Have to be extremely well sealing dustproof doors. Can you give me prices to include pedestrian doors, autolatches, remote door openers and photo eye sensors with any backup door systems you might have.


Please come to Iliamna, Alaska or arrange for someone to install a Lift Strap and autolatch system door for a 54' bifold hanger door? The door is constructed with 2x4 and 2x2 square steel tubing and is a heavy door needing lift straps.


Can you give me a quote on adding the fancy bifold latch system and a remote door opener to the 72' x 18' aircraft door with the bottom drive that you put on our hanger in Nevada. Also, can you covert the top drive 50' x 14' door on the south side of hangar  to a bottom drive door with the auto latch and remote opener. Making a great door even better!


I would like a clear opening door height of 18' so I am guessing the ag door would be 22' We want a  steel machine shed door. We would like the door insulated and to be a Schweiss straplift bifold design with automatic latching system.


We purchased a Schweiss auto-latch utility door, now the door has arrived and is installed. It's a better door than we could have hoped for. 


To whom it may concern; We would like to use your bifold liftstrap/autolatch product on a high end residential garage renovation we are currently working on. I spoke with Brent yesterday regarding local installers in the Atlanta region. He said he had a list he would be able to forward me via email. I forgot to ask him what specific info he will need to get me an estimate and when the door can be delivered.


I have a 10 x 40 door with three sliders. I'd like to replace it with an insulated Schweiss bifold liftstrap door. No walk door, two thermal windows. Options and pricing please. Keith


I have a 16x40 bifold door that I am looking to change the old home built cable opener on.What would be the cost of system with straps and autolatches. The door is not very heavy. Will I be able to install the straps and autolatches once they get here.


We live in a fly in community (FL74) and have a real old cable driven Schweiss bi-fold door that needs to have the cables replaced. Can we get straps on this door instead? How about autolatches?  Thank you, Carl Miller


Project originally called for another manufacturers Hydraulic or Bi-fold door. The customer is now looking for some value engineering. They are interested in a Schweiss door. And we have used Schweiss in the past and recommend Schweiss. The biomass aluminum door is to be 12'-0"x 23'-0", liftstrap and autolatch Schweiss Bifold door. What are my options for finish/color? The rest of the storefront is to be dark bronze, I believe. I have a local glass company lined up to do the glass. Glass will be 3/16" PPG Solarban 60 low "E" tempered, insulated. Unfortunately, I don't have more information than this. There were no specs, really only a link to another website. The information below is to the best of my knowledge. As I mentioned, there was not a lot of information for this portion of the project. Thank you for your help. Please call or email with any questions.


Needa price for a 40 X 16 bi-fold door. Wind speed 10.44 PSF F.O.B. Options I want are: insulation package, weather kit, 3 windows and auto-latch straps.


I need a price quote for a Bifold door 30' wide x 15' high to be installed ina farm operation....building is a metal building....location is near Fredericksburg Va....I need price for auto-latches and installation requirements such as frame required to support the door Thanks 


Looking for a quote on a Schweiss Bifold door. 54 foot wide opening with hinge ht of 16 ft above Fin floor. Lift Straps, Auto Latches and delivery. 


Steel Bi-fold with Auto Latch and Remote Control Please Quote both 60 and 65 foot width by 15 foot high.


I am finally getting my hanger built and would like a qoute & dimensions with specs for your bi-fold door. 40 ft wide with 11 feet clear height. Options I would like for the door are Lift straps, auto-latches and walk door on the left hand side. 


Bi-Fold Door will be centered in 90' wide X 20' high endwall. Please include the following in your quote: 1. Lifting straps. 2. Auto Latch. 3. Framing for one row of 2' high x ?' wide windows. 4. Installation by Schweiss.


I am looking for a quote on 2 steel folding doors with straps and auto latches, for the end of a 62x400 Britespan fabric structure. Doors would be 18'wide and 16'high. Origanally we were looking for fabric door, but any info or ideas you have would be welcomed. Thank you Margie M.


We are looking at installing a new bi-fold door with autolatches on an existing hanger at the McPherson airport. I would like to visit with a sales person in regards to this. It will be best to contact me on the cell phone number. I look forward to hearing from someone.


Looking for a price to install a bi-fold door with lift straps and autolatches on my aircraft hanger located in Penn Yan NY


I have a bi-fold with auto-latches to price for Lake County Airport. I can e-mail drawings and specs.


Please provide a quote for 1 85' X 27' bi-fold door with lift straps and auto lock. to be installed on a new Nucor PEMB in St. George, Utah


Looking at building a 48x56x18' steel pole barn.Door opening will be on the gable end. Require opening to be 25'x16. Would like information/pricing for an a schweiss insulated bi-fold ,STRAP lift door with bottom mount drive, and auto latch option.


I've got and aging door and need to do some preventive maintenance on it. Replacing the cables with lift straps should keep it going good. 


Need a quote on a Schweiss 66' door 16 or 18' high. What is trhe delivery time from the time of order. I'm putting a schedule together for a building conversion which includes replacing a warehouse knock-out panel (designed with a hangar conversion in mind)with a bi-fold auto latch door. We'll eventually need technical support but at this time I'm preparing a schedule and need schedule advice. Thanks, George L.


I need to get a price quote for a customer for you to install a schweiss bi-fold door with straps for lifting and for the autolatching system. on an existing steel building. Door size is 29' wide x 16'7" high. The installation location in Marengo, OH, Thanx


dear sir would you please send us final price for Schweiss BI-FOLD door, dimension as following height width qty 4600mm 12900 regards, 1 question, what advantatges are there over auto-latches of strap latches.


WE are post frame builders and have a customer wanting a schweiss bifold door with the lift straps and autolatches. I am bidding his project now. Can I please get a price quote on a 40'x18'bifold with a row of glass? Thanks, Paula office manager


Schweiss Bifold, looking for a fully insualted with auto latch and electric door opener. fully weather stripped. In the quote I need price difference between cables and lift straps.


I have an existing shop 30x32 with a 24 x14 overhead door with fiber glass panels that are breaking apart due to age and weathering, built in 1979. Interested in a bi-fold door with auto-latches to replace it. Do you deal in used doors or doors that have factory defects? I am not fussy, just something to lower the price.


We need to get a price for a 30' x 30' Bi-fold door with auto strap latches installed at a location in NY. Also need to know delivery times. Thanks


Jeremy, I forgot to mention the auto latch and remote for the Bi-fold I order. Those would be options I would like too. Thanks.


Please submit price for the following: a} 60' wide x 20' high hydraulic outswing door b) 60' wide x 20' high bi-fold vertical lift door c) Provide freight price f.o.b., Sudbury, Ontario, Canada d) What would your install price be for each door indicated in item a) & b). e) What is the delivery for each door ? f) Do the doors come with engineered stamped drawings ? How long to get shop drawings from purchase order ? g) Can we get the doors insulated with R-20 & metal siding on each side of door ? Regards, Great Building Group Ltd. Duane, C.E.T., President


I want to replace older sliding door with a Schweiss door with either a bifold or hydraulic with remote and auto latch. I want 3 windows and metal siding on both sides with insulation between. 59 x 16 is current size


Hi, I have a Schweis bifold door with the manual side latches. Can you provide me with the cost to add the automatic side latches and remote open/close system to my current door? Is there any specific information you need in order to quote? Thank you


I have a hangar with a 70' x 22' clear door. I'd be interested in retrofitting to your lift straps. Thanks, Rick PS: Love your doors.


Please send a price quote on a bi-fold door for a 12'w x 10'8"h opening. Please extend the track above the opening so the door opening height is maintained. Also, price this with auto-latch. Can you furnish this as a kit to minimize shipping? Thanks, Pat


We purchased a size 56'-10" Wedge 36" x 19'-7" Do you have information on the installation of auto latch cable that goes to the locking and unlocking of the doors? Would you please call if you have a question?


Need a price on two different sizes. Building a new hangar and not sure which size I'm going with yet. One door would be 60x18 (16' clear) and the other would be 70x20 (18'clear). Both with straps and remote automatic latching opening kits.


I would like a price on the radio remote control and the automatic latches. I have an existing airplane hangar and think it would be awesome to have a remote door operator


What is the cost to change cable to strap lift on a 20'wide 18' tall door. Also what is the cost of remote and latching syatem. thank you Remmy


Please provide a cost quote for four (4) 54'x18' bifold hangar doors, FOB Anchorage, Alaska, and FOB Seattle Dock, Seattle, WA Auto locks Weatherstrip Jamb reinformcements one remote per door electric openers.


Mike. I want to thank everyone involved in trying to figure out the best hydraulic door for my use. Its hard to believe what we found and with out Randy and our electrial Engineer we could not have solved the problem. Im looking forward to installing the new auto latch and remote control. Mike thanks again for help. Darren


HI, Please send us a quotation for bifold door system itself only and including estimated shipment fees. Please also include automatic latch system as well.


I require a price for an automatic locking system for an existing bifold door. The door is 49' wide with a bottom shaft. The customer would also like radio controls as well


Looking for a price on the auto-latch hardware and lift straps. Would upgrade a 48x12 door, circa 1994 build, cable lifts. Email is the best way to contact me. Thanks, Mike


Please email pdf file of manual 903Instuctions on install of auto side latch.I am missing page 8 and 9Thank you.


Please provide pricing and include auto locking and remote feature. Can you also provide pricing for installation?


There are 3 doors total 1 12'x12' with the nylon system, Automatic locking mechanism, motorized. 2@ 16'x16' with 15 30"x30" insulated low-e glass in the upper panel nylon system,automatic locking mechanism, motorized. They would like a option for the 16' doors with lexan windows.


1. Please include installation and remote control. 2. Bifold to include strap lift and auto latches.


I have a hangar with a 50' bi-fold door with manual latches. Is it possible to convert to auto/remote latch operation, and how much would it cost?


Hello, I am in the process of building a special purpose bifold door. I am interested in your Automatic Limit Switch system. Do you sell this component separately? Do you have integrated lockout switches (won't open when door is locked against jamb)? I would be interested in pricing. Thank you. Regards, Rob M.


Can you give me a price for the kit for Automatic Latches for a 50' Schweiss bi-fold door that would get rid of the manual latches. Also, a price on the remote that will allow the door to close or open with just one push? Also, price for typical installation. Thanks.


I would like to have a price on what the auto latch system and remote cost also. Please price the door with straps vs. cables so we can compare. Thank you.


Attention: Julie S. 1. Can "slant-cut" top corners as shown on page 28 of your bi-fold brochure be incorporated into my door? 18" horizontal x 6" vertical to follow roof line. 2. Update price? Add automatic latches and strap lift. 3. Delivery schedule? Cliff N.


I need a quote on a 30x16 and a 40 x 16 bifold with remotes and auto latch. please quote sheeting and insulation as options.also a steel header. I will probably install it my self. respond by e mail only since I am out of the country on vacation until 3-11-08 thanks mike r.


we are looking for an estimate for 5 doors for a t-hangar, rough opening size: 60 x 18, on a steel frame building. In addition, we would like to know the price for an automatic latch upgrade.


On the bifold door , I would be interested in the autolatch feature. What is the cost of the straps v/s cables? What would there be much cost difference between a 42 and 45 foot door 12 foot high ? I travel a lot and very hard to catch by phone. I am currently working on closing the property purchase. I am looking to purchase in the next 60 days. approx. The side walls of the hanger will be 14 foot. The hanger will be made of pipe. the Door Frame will be made of 4" square tube.


Please quote me on a bi-fold door with lift straps. The clear opening is 45'-4" wide and 16'-3" high. Also quote me a walk thru door and automatic latches. Delivery would be to Chandler, AZ Thanks! Terry C.


Hello, We are building a 42x60 hangar and would like a quote on a bi-fold door. We would like a 40' wide and 16' high door with a 14' opening, straps, 220 volt single phase, electric motor, and autolatch. We will be insulating it and lining it with metal panels. We need a price quote for this. I need to know if you provide the insulation, exterior metal panels and the interior panels, or if we get this from the building company. Thank you.


Hi I just purchesed the auto latch and remote for my 12X42 door hear in alaska. I got the diredtions but the boxes got wet and ruened them are they on your web page or can you e mail them thanks steve f.


I bought a bifold door from you a couple years ago. I was wondering what kind of prices you get for automatic door latches and remote door opener. Thanks


I need this quote to include weather strip, remote operator, strap lifts, and auto locks. Can a 36" wedge be achieved with this door? I need a 14' clear under the door.


Need installation instructions for the automatic latches for the door I purchased from you last year. I don't seem to have these instructions. Please forward to me asap.


looking for Bi-fold quote with automatic latch, remote opener, opening is 63'x23' with a 3' wedge. these are aircraft hangars and right now the quantity is 18 but if more land is obtained could go to 29 units.


I have an exiting bi-fold door. Is it possible to install a auto latch system. The mechanism is cable lift.


Can your auto latches be retrofitted to my Schweiss bifold doors? I have the older style cables instead of the straps. Thank you, Scott N. Obispo, CA


how much are the springs used on your automatic latching doors. these are the ones from the cable to the latch


I am building a 5 ft. wide hangar with 12 ft. wall height. I want a 48 ft door with straps/auto latches and remote. Can you give me the best can do price. My builder does not supply doors.


I have an existing motorized bifold hanger door with manual latches. Will your auto-latch and remote control retrofit?


Each door will need a 3068 entry door,with locking hardware,10x10 view lite,frame,threshold.


I was wondering if you have a price sheet for 50 feet wide by either 12 foot or 14 foot high? I would want a bifold with the auto latch feature. Thanks


Wanting a budgetary quote on a 9'4" tall, 11'6" wide on a concrete block building. Automatic lock and remote. Thanks, Scott


Please include breakout pricing for options: Weather seal kit 3 button system Top Over ride Side latch jiggle switches


We are in the process of a building a bi-fold carriage house style door for a boat house. The actual door size is 10x8 and weights 380 lbs. Would you have all the hardware, hinges, guides, etc. that would be necessary for us to install this as a bi-fold. We will also need to make this door electrical operated