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Looking to replace a manual bifold door on an existing hangar. Door is 40’x 12’. Looking to go with the schweiss strap bifold door - all automatic


Please quote a 50x20 clear door with weather seal kit, auto strap side latch system Please send design information to us.


I am looking for an aircraft hangar bifold door with straps. Could I please get a quote for a 50 ft clear span door that clear a 14ft tail height. I'm also curious to know if you have auto-latching doors.


Please quote the following bifold doors One 42'-6" clear x 16' clear One 57'-6" clear x 16' clear Need design information on both doors so I can send to Butler Strap Auto Latches Option for Supervisor Install Prep doors for Insulation Both doors will be installed in same endwall


I'm looking for a quote on a 32 wide 16 tall bifold door with straps and strap latches. Please email me as soon as possible. Thank you


I have an older existing building with a bifold door on it. I am looking to convert my manual latches to the new strap latches and to get the automatic windpin. Please contact me with pricing for this conversion. Thanks, Mark


I'm building and airplane hangar and looking at doors either 54 ft wide by 18 ft tall or 53 ft wide by 16 ft tall or 44 ft wide and 15 ft tall. I would like them all to be bifold doors and insulated with the sheet metal on both sides. I would like two windows on the top half and 1 man door. I would like the automatic strap closing and tightening option. Thank you


Looking to add another schewiess bifold auto latch door to our building, would like a quote. would like to know if you changed your side locks we have manual levers now. Thanks, Jeff


I already have a bifold 44 ft door would like to upgrade to automatic latching bifold door but would like to keep the existing metal bifold door in place, only with new Liftstraps and a auto latch system.


I have one of your bifold doors with cables and hand latches (approx 43 by 16). Would like to find out about a conversion to straps and autolatches (we bought 5 from you with Bob Beckman about 4 years ago and Love your highly engineered auto latch system). Thanks


I am interested in your bifold autolatch doors. With your glass bifold doors what is the minimum height requirement? I put the quantity as one, but I am planning on using this product with my modular home design, so maybe if you could give me a price of one and of Ten. Thanks


Please quote a 50'*16' Bi-fold door with lift straps and auto latch. Delivered to our address. please email. Thanks, John


I bought a Scweiss bi-fold door this spring with the auto-latches and they are performing very well. I am interested in installing another lift-strap bi-fold door with the auto-latches. Please email or call me about the details.. Thanks!


I have a customer that spoke with you regarding changing his bi-fold door over to an auto-latch. Could you send me some information regarding the installation of these materials so that I can give the customer an idea on how much labor is required to install the material. Thank you, Victor


I am interested in some rough quotes/pricing for a door kit that will be a 12' x 12' opening in a steel building. The door currently installed is a traditional style panel door that is powered by an electric opener. We are interested in your bifold auto latch door design to gain extra clearance that is now restricted by the track system of the current door. Thank You.


I would like to get a Schweiss automatic door latch on my 8 year old 40' door.  The cable now has a kink in it, so I need the cable, and instructions on how to attach it to the drum on that end. I'm also considering a liftstrap door conversion.


We had the straps and your new auto strap latch installed in June of this year replacing the metal cables. Now I have a fast opening door without squeaks and no more cable fraying to deal with. And my door seals better too. Thanks


The airplane hangar I work in has one of your bi-fold strap doors. I would like to replace the cable that latches the door shut and have heard you now have a new auto strap latch which would be even better. Who do I need to get in contact with to get this done? The airplane hangar in question is located in the Municipal Airport in VA. Thanks


My Schweiss bifold door in GA works great now. Just needed minor latch adjustment, thanks for the free phone advise.


To whom it may concern, Please know that the existing bi fold strap-lift door has a 3'x 6'-8" out swing hinged door and owner would like to match as per existing. My existing Schweiss bifold autolatch door in NE has been working like a charm over the years.  Best Regards


Need a price on a 50' wide x 16' tall bi-fold autolatching door with straps. Located at Airport, Mansfield MA. Going in a 60'x60'x20' SPACE metal building. 


Please quote a Schweiss bifold autolatch liftstrap door with a pass door and 2- 3'x3' windows. If you still install please quote labor also. 


I received the Schweiss safe bifold door work procedure manuals for the install of a Schweiss bifold strap and autolatching laboratory door that was purchased for a worldwide door project in Saskatoon. Thanks for your quick reply. 


I am looking for economically priced Schweiss bifold autolatch hangar doors for my client in Texas. Door size will be 41 ft. x 16 ft. Price door install and remote door openers separately.


A door project we are working on has (4) 18'4"x18'6" Schweiss bifold liftstrap / autolatching doors that are tilt doors. I need to see if you guys can fabricate custom made tilt doors and install by early spring.


I would like some info and a price on a 30' x 18' Schweiss bifold liftstrap biomass door with automatic door latches. This is a metal door.   


I want a main door for a new wood post-frame hangar. My builder will probably adjust the engineered door order somewhat based on final building design. Please quote hangar door with the auto-latch locking door feature. Proposed start date for the hangar door install is early summer.


I would like to order one Schweiss Door bifold auto latch strap locking kit system for my bifold shop door. Model is S12 # EL9 S/N 12978. 


Can you provide a price for the Schweiss Bifold door and frame, then provide the extra costs for each of the add ons below? Lift Strap Auto Latch & Remote Walk Door 2 Windows (4x2 offset to right & 4x2 offset to left) Door Rubber? Siding?


Can you email me the installation and adjustment instructions for my Schweiss Bi-fold autolatch/strap  door. I have one with 4 straps (40' wide). I seem to have lost the instructions which came with the door. You can bill me.  Thank you.


Need door specifications/loading information for a Schweiss liftstrap bi-fold door with autolatches, 30' x 18' (clear opening), to be installed in pre-engineered metal building gabled endwall; 90mph wind, site exposure "C"; location in Michigan; door needs to be quoted with two (2) 3' x 4' slide windows - single insulated pane.


I am looking for a price on a 40' x 16' (clear) bi-fold door with Schweiss autolatches and straps..It will sit on an eave wall so I am looking for some information on how much head room and pricing, etc. Please contact me Monday AM Thanks 


I am looking to get a little more information and/or a technical drawing of the bi-fold opening. This liftstrap/autolatch mechanism is exactly what we have been looking for to specify to our client. If it's safety she wants, this should do it. Thank you Schweiss Doors! I just need some information and a drawing to convince them as they have not seen this type of opening before. I have added details of the dimensions. If possible I am looking for a quote and either a standard technical drawing with dimensions or if a drawing can be produced for the dimensions I have submitted then even better! Many Thanks from the designer.


I Received a quote from you in Sept. 2012. Sorry it has been so long in getting back, I got delayed by the county and weather. We are going to start soon. What I need is a bi-fold door with straps and autolatches 30 feet wide by 14 feet tall. 14 feet should be the opening when door is open, or I have a 16 foot opening with no door figuring for 24 inches of wedge. The door will be used on our county truck shop. Include remotes.  Thank you, Jeff


Please call ASAP Tuesday morning to discuss the details I listed below. It will be a new construction building, wood-framed, but with the option of going with steel for the hangar frame for the door. Probably a man door in the hangar door and a few windows also. 99% sure I'm going to go with the Schweiss liftstrap and autolatch one-piece hydraulic door. North Pole, AK is right outside of Fairbanks, AK. (Last year I was entertaining the idea of a bifold door for a building down between Soldotna and Sterling, but have decided to build up here instead, so you may see last year's quote about a door for me...) Construction to start as soon as possible in the spring, hopefully mid-May... Thanks