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We have a schweiss bi-folding door spec'd in our Scottsdale hangar project and was curious if you can share the SketchUp file so I can add it to my model. Thank you


Hello, We are looking for a quote on a schweiss bi-folding door (35'-0" by 7'-0") that will be installed at a big supermarket. Thanks!


Looking for Schweiss Door quote. Primarily interested in the strap bifold door. Door will be going on the endwall of a 60x70x22 Mueller metal building with a 2:12 pitch.


Looking for door, bifold strap lift in Show Low Az Could you provide contact information for dealer near me Thanks


Hello, I have a residential request for your bi-fold door. We are building a cabin in WV that has a western view and gets LOTS of sun. We want to control the amount of heat gain when not using the cabin. On your website, you are primarily geared to farm or airplane lift doors. I need a dumbed-down version of your awesome doors. Ideally, I'm looking for a 9' x 9' bifold door with a manual lift. It will be surface-mounted on the cabin. Is this something you can do?


Interested in 26’ wide by 14’ tall Schweiss bi-fold door. Please have someone call me


i am budgeting an aircraft hangar at the KJCA airport and need some pricing options for a bi-fold door. We are also a multitrade industrial contractor and are interested in discussing being an installation contractor.


We have gotten approved to build a 50x40x18 Hangar in Logan Utah and we want to get your Bi-Fold Door! We are not sure what size we should get? Can you send us a quote? Thanks


Requesting a price for a 50' x 16' Bi Fold Hangar Door for a Project we are bidding here in Presque Isle Maine.


I have some questions about a bifold door that we are specifying for one of our projects. I have an image that the client sent us for door inspiration, and I would love to talk to someone about options for that!


I'm about to start building a new hangar in Mexico. I need a BIFOLD door with a 25ft CLEAR OPENING, and 65ft width. could you please quote the door.


We are working on a project in Culver City/Los Angeles border and would like to get a ROM on 2ea. side by side doors that are approximately 14'-6" wide 9'-10' tall, no glass but a decorative metal panel.


We have a customer looking for a price for a 34'-0" x 14'-0" bifold door. We have purchased from Schweiss before, the door we are looking for would need to meet a 150 MPH wind-load.


Looking for a quote for a door with lift straps for a new hangar build. Wondering if I would need to have the door before I would be able to start construction on the hangar. Any additional information on what specifics I would need for the hangar for the door.


I'm planning a hangar building and shopping for a bifold door. I would like a quote for a standard wood construction steel cladding, 50'x 60' bifold door.


I am wondering is it possible to buy and have someone install new straps on my cable bifold door?


Looking to quote (2) bifold doors: (1) 16' W x 5.5' H (1) 8' W x 5.5' H


Looking for local installer near pensacola for bifold doors, (3) 20x12' to enclose drop shed.


Hi, I'm looking for a 38' X 10' Bifold strap door from you guys. It will be going in a Pre-fab red iron building. If you could send me a quote that would be great! Thank you!


I am interested in pricing and availability for a Bi-fold door to replace an existing Hi-Fold door that was damaged.


Just getting ducks in a row, getting estimates on building a new building. Looking for 26x14 bifold strap door. Dave


In need of a door to protect air compressors inside a carport type structure. Think a bifold door might work for us.


Buying a 50 deep by 60 wide pre-engineered building and would like a price on a 50 wide by 14 tall bi fold door/ insulated. Exterier provided by Building co.


Hi I'm bidding a job in Houston, Texas area. Customer needs 2-40x30 doors and your bi-fold door looks like a good match. I can tell you it's 2-40x30 and going on a metal building. I'm sure you will have other questions. I'd be interested in a door quote and labor quote as well, if that is an option. Also I'd like job site delivery as well if that is an option. As far as phone call I'm happy to discuss in more detail if necessary.


I am looking for a quote on a 72x16 bifold strap door for a steel 100x120' building. This door would go in the end wall. I would also like a walk in door built into the hangar door.


Hello, I am looking for pricing on 3 large doors in Florida. Is this something you could help me on? Regards,


I would like a quote on a bifold door thats 38' wide and 16' tall. It will be installed on a wood frame pole building


Hello, I have a customer that I will be building a hangar for and he wants one of your Bifold doors. I will be needing pricing for a 70'x25' door. Thank you,


In the planning stages of construction, hopefully starting this spring. Not sure the wind load, probably 115-125 mph. It’s a 60 x50 hangar, roof beams spanning the 60’ / gable roof. Door in the 60’ open end. I want it to be as large as possible.


I have an Agriculture project in Door County Wisconsin (Brussels) where the customer is looking to add on to an existing building for a combine storage. He would like the door that will accomodate this piece of equipment to be 24' wide by 15' high. Can I get a quote for this please?


I am building 14 hangars in Olive Branch Mississippi I would like a price / estimate on Bi-fold doors 41-8” wide 12’ clear height I can send you a drawing


I want a general price estimate on a bifold strap door, dimensions 14'6" height 44' wide.


We are bidding a project with Williamsburg regional airport to provide 5 new hangars with bifold doors they are 58' wide and 16' tall. Please reach out so I can send you the drawings.


Need pricing for (3) 25x25 stand alone bifold doors. We are building a pre engineered building. I need pricing and lead time details by 2.16.24


May we please get quotes on a 24wx18h foot hydraulic and bi-fold door please? Thank you!


I am doing due-diligence on a potential lot purchase for industrial building. Metal building manufacturer is unable to provide insulated door. 16'x16' opening in Maine to open infrequently (must allow boat hull in and out, but can see opening for fresh air on a nice day when no painting or fiberglassing!). I see your lead times. I would like to know options and pricing.


I have a 30x60 pole barn and I am interested in your bifold doors. Can you please send information with price ranges on 20-25 foot doors? Thank you


Hello, I am building a large barn/ building for a client in ann arbor Michigan- I am interested in a 20 wide x 16-foot-tall door. We have already installed the foundation- I would like to make a decision on door soon- Also looking for an installer- I can send plans if need be. We are hoping to clad the door to make it look like a traditional "barn door" please let me know any questions/ further information needed to do a proposal. Thank You-


I need a price on a 18' tall by 36' wide bifold door with motor. Deliver it to Quincy Illinois. We will install it.


Greetings- Hoping to build a hangar home in Mogollon Airpark, AZ82. Would like a 12' tall bifold door with liftstraps. Specs and pricing? 40' and 42' versions. Hangar will be stick built. Thanks!


I am looking at the best option for a new door for my barn. this is a wood structure with cement floor that has existing barn sliding doors. the rough opening is 216" the height is 116 1/4 on one side and 116 1/2 on the other. there is a 1" trim all the way around the shrinks the opening by 1" all the way around. there is a stem wall on each side of the door that is 8" above the cement floor. the sides are 2x6 stack of about 4 boards. Across the top is a about a 10" x 6". cleum Leum beam across the opening. I would like to put a man door in the door if I can.


Looking for pricing on a bi-fold door for my existing hangar. Opening size is 40 x 16’.


Looking for more information on the sidewall Quonset door. Looking for some rough numbers. It’s a X style future building 60Lx30W. Thanks,


Good morning, I have a client that is considering a Schweiss door or a barn. Current RO is approx 28'6"x14'6. 14'6" is also floor to ceiling. What other info do you need from me to quote this to BC, Canada? The client would like to insulate it, I assume that these come as a steel frame and it is the responsibility of the installer to insulate/clad/etc? What is the voltage/phase for the motors?


Specifically interested in product data and cut sheets for specifying large scale vertical bi-fold doors for a project in Florida requiring a 32'-0" tall and 44'-0" wide rough opening.


I am just looking for an estimate on cost for a steel building installation. I have a 40ft by 18in deep I-beam header over the door opening.


Looking for cost of a 24' wide X 14' tall for a pole barn that is already built. Looking for a bifold, that is insulated.


Greetings, I am building a hangar, 50' wide X 42' deep. I am looking for a 44' wide bi-fold door. I would like to discuss options, availability and get a quote from you. I am currently working with an engineer on design and door choice will affect the plans. I look forward to hearing from you.


I am needing some general specs on a couple of bifold doors. I need one that is 50' wide with a clear height of 16' and a 35' wide also with a 16' clear height. If I could get some specs so I can get our building designed. They will be going in Utah.


We are designing a barndominium and have the ability to determine opening size. We want to provide the best value for the customer and would like to suggest a standard opening size for a Schweiss Door. I think we want a minimum height of 14-15' for class A motor home but are open to single width or double width. We would also like to know if you have screen options that can be added for when the doors are open.


Interested in 2 16’ wide bifold doors for a new construction cabana in Stuart Fl - any dealers in this area or who can I speak with for more information


I am responsible for USA Pickleball's facilities development team. We handle 15-20 new projects engagements per week. Your bifold doors and moving walls would upscale many of our projects. I'd like to talk to someone in product development regarding materials, as well as business development regarding project collaboration.


Hi. I have a project that needs a bi-fold or fold-away storefront door. Attaching a sketch here. Let me know if you have any questions. Price and lead time is greatly appreciated. Fabrication and installation.


I need a price range on various style hangar doors and the only specific criteria at this point is it must have a 20' clear height and he needs to be mechanically operable with a manual back-up. These doors will be installed in a 30,000SF Pre-Engineered Metal Building located in Central Florida. I must provide a Turn-Key price for this project before this Friday, so if you are able to assist me. I need your info. today if possible.


I build metal buildings, and I have a customer who wants me to build an airplane hanger with a bifold door. I would like a salesman call me and discuss what all is involved with installing a large bifold door.


I recently purchased a hangar home in Newcastle, OK, that uses accordion-style steel framed fiberglass doors. The existing doors are pretty worn, but still work for the time being. I read about your bi-fold doors and was curious about a rough cost for replacing my current doors to a bi-fold. Ideally, having a bi-fold with windows on the upper panel would help bring natural light to the hangar. I included my rough opening frame dimensions, but please note that I own a PA24 (Piper Comanche) that would need about 7-8' vertical clearance to get inside the hangar. Would that still work with a bi-fold style door?


Hi I am looking for a hydraulic bi fold door solution for a hotel project I am working on. I have a bar which has doors 7' tall x 14' wide. I want the doors to bi fold overhead to provide shade during the day and fold down at night for security. what system do you have which could provide the above operation. This project is located on the oceanfront and would be subject salty conditions. Looking forward to your response I can be contacted by cell directly or on whatsapp


Good Afternoon, One of our hangars took heavy storm damage and it’s time for a replacement. Looking for options for a pole construction hangar, 40’ wide and 11’ tall.


Looking for a byfold door for a rough opening measurements 8 foot 9 high by 8 foot 10 inches wide


I am building a 40'x45' steel hangar building and need a quote on a 36' wide x 14' tall bifold strap door.


We have a project at NDSU for a new engineering complex. There is a precision agriculture addition that will have two overhead doors. The design team is exploring bifold doors as an option. The building will have structural precast walls. 30’W x 18’H 12’W x 18’H Looking to get some budgets to hold for now to see if this is a viable option.


Hi there, there is a Hangar project bidding in Manhattan, KS that has 8 bifold doors on it. Have you been contacted about this? We are bidding the building and erection, hoping the GC's are carrying the bifolds in their #. Have your kansas sales person call me please. Thanks.


I am looking to build an 80’ x 150’ heated pole building and like the idea of bi-folding doors to allow for driving equipment through the building. I would like some more information and possibly price two insulated 30’ x 16’ bi-folding doors. Thanks!


Hello I’m thinking about remodeling my shop and putting 24 wide by 12 high door just wondering what the price on your bifold would cost? Insulated and with some windows.


Need information on weatherproofing and weather stripping for my bifold door.


I am building a 40x80x16 building and instead of a hanger door on the Gable end. I was thinking one of the bifold doors you have. It'll be around 16x15ish. If someone could get back with me I would greatly appreciate it.


12' high x 48' wide clear door opening. Straps. Bi Fold type 160 mph wind load. Please provide a price for eight (8) doors, including transportation.


Hi, We're currently involved in the design of a large research lab at the University of Maine, in which we are requiring two very large industrial doors. Exact dimensions are to be confirmed but they will likely be something like 40'-0" wide and 30'-0" tall. There is a current desire for an all kalwall cladding for these doors. Right now we think a Bifold door is most appropriate and cost effective, but we would welcome suggestions. Looking forward to hearing from you.


I am designing an industrial building that needs at 40' high and 90' side door. Looking for options and budget costs for project in central Pennsylvania.


Hello, I have a bi-fold door with a 4-button remote feature. Is there a way to activate the up/down function without holding the button down for the whole time the door is moving? (like a common garage door remote).


In preliminary design phase for private aircraft hangar. Currently looking at a 96' wide x 30' tall bifold unit, aiming for 20' in the clear. Would like to discuss budgetary pricing, lead times, install options, etc.


Looking for rough estimate to replace my door with new bi-fold at a barn in Lake George, FL. General idea of cost...so I know what I'm looking at.


Hello, I'll be building a home hangar soon and am interested in a bi-fold door. Door size is planned to be about 40'x12'. Can you give me some detail and price? Thanks.


i am needing a a price on several 20 x20 bi fold doors. please let me know if you have any questions. thank you!


14ft ceiling in building (30x42 building). Would like tallest bifold door that can fit. Needs good insulation, R20 or better. Fairly high winds, have had storms with near100mph gusts Currently have 2 10ft wide x 13ft tall doors.


The architect has specified a bifold hangar door, installed into the endwall of a metal building, metal wall panel cladding. The metal building endwall opening is 90' wide, with a header height of 17'-0". Please provide a bifold door that is 90'-0" wide by 17'-0" tall. The clear height, when open, will be what it will be, based upon the size of the specified framed opening.


Hello. I am an Appraiser for Economical Insurance and I am looking for a quote on a Bifold Door - 16' wide x 11'6" high for a client of ours who lives close to Saskatoon Saskatchewan Canada. I am only looking for a Mid Range cost to supply this door for estimate purpose. Thanks


We are looking into building a 10 unit T hanger in Waukesha, WI and are looking for economical door options for either 40x12 or 42x12. Please email us a door quote for both sizes.


Hello. Previous customer inquiring on some more doors for a new structure. Pretty simple really. I am wondering the estimated price on a 22 wide by 17 tall door in both the bi-fold and the one piece doors. Looking to purchase at least 5 of them.


Hello. I have a hangar made of concrete block with a concrete base in Western France. The opening is approximately 13 meters wide and just under 3 meters high. Unfortunately I cannot loose any height or width as my aircraft only just fits through the opening, so I think that my best option would be a bi-fold door but it would have to be fixed to a frame on the outside of the hangar. The hangar opening has about 1/2 meter of reinforced concrete all around the opening so a frame could be fixed on the outside - is this possible. Let me know and I can send photos and more details.


We Need a price on 55’ wide x 16’ (clear) Bi-fold door. Would ship to Jasper AL. Thank You.


My company is building a 80'x 140'x 22' prefab metal building and I need one 65'x 18' Bi-fold hanger door. Prime Metal Buildings recommended I contact you.


Looking for Preliminary Door Specifications for Bid: Bi-fold door Option 1: W=52 ft x Clear H = 22 feet option 2: W=52 ft x H=20 feet Location LLoydminster, AB


We had a project in Dilli, Timor Leste. We are planning to construct a PEB hanger with bifold doors of size 7.92m [height] X 24.38m [length]. Can you provide us the quote for the bifold doors along with freight charges up to Dilli port.


Iowa State University has the need for an overhead door replacement. The rough opening is nominal 24' W x 20' T. We would like to have a bifold door installed. Schweiss installed a bifold door on one of the ISU farms in 2008.


Hello, I'm considering the construction of a hangar in Florida (either steel or ICF wall construction). I'm interested in approximate cost for the complete setup in two different sizes if possible? I plan on doing my own installation. What is the highest wind load that these doors can be designed for? What is the approximate price increase if I want to add a 3'-0" entry door? 42' x 14' Bi-fold with 150 MPH wind load 52' x 15' Bi-fold with 150 MPH wind load Thank you for your time and assistance.


I'm looking for a price quote for a bifold door to be installed on a pole building hangar. The opening is 13'H x 42'W.


Looking to build an aircraft hangar. The building is 65x60 steel (Titan Building). 22 foot side wall. Would like to see what we could do for A 50’ or possibly a 55’ wide door. The building manufacturer says the opening could be 18’ high. Not sure what kind of an open height that would give us. We are in the planning stages now. Would like to see what that would cost.


Do you have a dealer/installer in our area? We have a pole barn we would like to install two bifold doors on. Email is probably best right now


Request ballpark pricing for a door for a barn, 18 foot wide, 80 inches tall. I am interested in the folding strap door. Barn is from the 1920s with original timber for the structure.


Interested in rough idea of prices for a bi-fold door for a hangar at Long Island Airpark in NC. We're currently in the early stages of planning our build.


We are looking for a quote and frame details for the following: (3) 80'x25' with an option of going to: (3) 90'x25' Could we also get an installation cost as well? Thank you,


Looking for a quote on a bifold door for a 40x40x16 post from building. Building has not been constructed and the engineer is looking for information on the door in order to design the proper opening. I would like at least a 30'x14' door.


Installing a corporate hangar at Page Field in Fort Myers Florida and am looking to get a quote on a 100'x20' bifold OH door.


looking to get a quote on buying a bi folding door. The opening is sized 34' x 36'8".


I need a quote for a Bi-fold door with motor. RO is 17'10" x 12'0" Any help would be appreciated.


We have a hanger project in Camas, WA with 6 each 46'x16' bi-fold doors for a pre-engineered metal structure. Can you give me pricing to furnish and install these six doors.


We currently have a bifold door in our shop -- looking to upgrade to a new larger bifold door.


We have an existing 40'x 80' Ag building with one sliding door on the eave end of the building and one sliding door on the gable end of the building. We'd like to consider converting the sliding doors to bifold doors and were looking to understand the cost for the door and installation.


Looking for quote on 60' by 16' High Section steel bi-fold door for a project near Peterborough Ontario


I need a quote for the supply and installation of a bi-fold door. I have a set of drawings Thanks


I am thinking about a bifold door for my hayshed/ Barn, 20 feet wide , 12 feet high. what would something like that cost installed. Thanks


We are in the process of starting work on a 60x60 feet steel hangar in Montana. We are looking for bifold doors for it. Please provide example sizes and prices.


Looking for a quote on bifold hanger doors. I don’t have any experience with these.


I am working on a new building replacement at a marina, they are interested in large bifold door


Looking at a 20’ tall bifold that only needs to open to 16’. I would like to go with about 38’ wide (40’ post-frame), though I would like to know how much of a price difference it would be if dropped to 30’ wide. There would be at least one row of windows.


I'm interested in a bifold door for an opening that's 12' wide by 16' 8". Unsure of cladding and glazing.


We are needing a quote for two Bi-fold doors for a project in Loveland, Co. One 80'-0" wide x 18'-0" high (sidewall) One 60'-0" wide x 18'-0" high (endwall) They will be going in a Behlen steel building (new construction)


Looking for a Bi-Fold hangar door manufacturer and installer. Aircraft hangar door opening is: 42' W x 11’2” H Please contact me if this is within your area of expertise and ability. I am hoping to get an price American Made door of better quality.


Good morning, I need to know what the rough opening is for a 40ft wide and 18ft tall clearance bifold door would be.


I am looking for more information to help design a building to properly hold the Bi-Fold door option. The door would have a man door also if possible. Corrugated metal panel finish. Flush exterior finish.


We are working on getting a 30' x 70' x38' high steel building designed and built in the next 6 months. The building will have 2 door openings 12 ' wide by 20' tall. I interested in your BI Fold door for this application. We will add 2" to 3" foam to the inside for insulating purposes. Please send information and budget pricing. Thanks


Estimate for bifold doors 20w x 14h and 10w x 10h Could the doors be made of the Structall panels? Thank you for your time.


Needing a price on a 40' x 16' bi fold door going to a project in Laporte, IN. Let me know what lead time is also. Thanks.


Need quote on both a new bi-fold hangar door or a possible strap conversion to existing door. Current door bi-folds into the hangar so not sure a strap conversion would work.


I need pricing and availability of a bifold door to be installed on an existing building. Opening will be 40' wide and 30' tall.


Hello, I would like to receive a quote for labor and materials to install a new bi-fold door. This is for a new construction building located in West Harrison, IN. I would like to be contacted so that I can forward building plans along to the appropriate party. Thank you


I would like speak with rep handling Florida sales. I'm with an AandE firm with a client needing (2) 45'w x 20'h clear opening bi-fold door, with a few other specific requirements. Please feel free to email or call my phone anytime.


I'm Timothy, an architect with Smithgroup. We are working on a Museum in Madison Wisconsin, Wisconsin History Museum and would like to get a quick meeting with you to a loading dock door that we are designing. We are thinking a 12' wide by 12' tall bi-fold door that is clad with a higher end metal... Could someone send me a rep to get in contact with. If possible, we'd like set up a call sometime next week. Thanks


Need pricing and lead times for Bifold doors: Impact Resistant, Black Finish, Hydraulic as well as Lift Strap (1) @ 15'4" x 10'2" (1) @ 18'0" x 10'2" I have drawings I can send.


I'm asking about a 16'wide x 12 or 13'high bi-fold door. How much would it cost and how far out for delivery?


Good day, I am interested in your BIFOLD DOOR DRIVE products. We are a company that projects, designs, and builds commercially and residentially in the state of Texas, city of Brownsville. I would like to know more information about these products and their specifications, as well as a quote. of prices, for a project that we have at the moment, please any questions I am at your service.




Just wanted to share with you that this is our second Schweiss door...however...the automatic (triggered form our cars or plane) one on our hangar home airpark strap door was installed in 2005...just wanted to share with you that we averaged our door opening and closing at at least (3) times daily or some 1000 times a year....to date some 18,000 times with not one issue....and...operates today as it did when first installed....the only issue I'd share is something that you have changed since we ordered the door and wish we had....grease certs at each hinge ....you can share this with anyone...your strap doors are excellent...and....work without issues for a very long time.... Happy Father's Day ...Tom and Gigi LeRoy..FA37...Naples ....Florida


My primary question right now is what is the lead time for a bi-fold door. But would also like to get some additional information regarding detailing and motor placement.


Hi, I'm looking for a price on a 14'high x 30'wide bi-fold door. I would be interested in the cable or strap style lift. I would not need the exterior tin( I will reuse the tin from the sliding door currently on the structure)


Howdy, We are looking to price a bifold door that is 40' wide x 20' tall for a all metal hangar in Adelanto CA. Can you pleae provide me a general price list for these type ot doors? Thank you


I am looking for a quote to install a 28x18 translucent door down in Jackson, Mn.


I would like a quote for a 40’ wide by 14’ high bifold door this would be for a cbs construction on the building


Need a price on a 28'w x 16'h bifold overhead door. Wind rated at 144 mph. Install in Beaufort, NC


Our project team is lookin to use a standard bifold door (bottom drive) and we have some questions regarding clear opening heights. Specifically we need to provide a clear opening height of 12' and would like to know the overall size requirements and support configuration. We are currently looking at options for an all glass door or a metal siding door.


We are pricing a project in Tanner, Alabama. It has a 20'x20'Lift Strap Bi-Fold door that I need pricing on. Do you have someone who can price it to me?


I would like a quote on a 45x13 (16ft side walls) bifold door. This would be for a new construction at the Hartford airport in Wisconsin.


I'm wanting to know what your price would be for a Bi-Fold door 25 feet wide, and 20 feet tall.


Hi, Our studio is interested in your bi-folding garage doors for a client in Austin, TX. We would like to know if an oversized door is in our price point and a better picture of how it works. The door will be about 28' wide by 9' tall. We expect the finishing to be done by the contractor. Please give us a ballpark idea of how much the door would cost. Also, how much clearance do you need for the door once it's folded up? Can a 9' door fit in a 10' tall garage or do you need more head height? Thanks!


Looking for a Bi Fold Door in a hanger 60'x24' Replacing a HI Fold Door We will be using metal siding to skin the door the hanger is in Corinth MS


I'm in the planning stages of constructing a cold storage farm machinery building, and I'm interested in possibly having bifold strap doors at one or both ends. I am new to bi-fold doors and would appreciate any advice or considerations I should be aware of when comparing them to overhead sectional doors or sliding barn doors for this application. I'm seeking a rough cost estimate to decide if further consideration is feasible, as well as costs for alternative design options (cost difference between a smaller (30ft?) door at each end vs. one larger (40-45ft?) door at one end. This would be new construction, but is there any reason to consider a "free standing" door vs. designing the building to support the door itself.


We have a 16 year old Wilson door on our Morton building that needs repairs on cables and no one is able to do it. If you could replace the cables with your system, we need your help. But if getting an entire new door is our only option, we are need to see our options. The door size is 30’ by 16’.


Just wondering if you can give a business quote for a 20ft high x 18ft wide all strap bifold door with outer shell only of vinyl siding. hooking to concrete building to block wind and snow out of our pit areas. wanting to replace roll top doors.


We are planning on building a new house along with a machine shed starting spring of 2024. I’d like more information and pricing on your strap lift doors. I’m planning a 40 x 70 shed, with 18-20’ wide door. 14’-16’ sidewalls. I currently have a bi-fold cable operated door from Aero-Lift installed in 1984, 25’wide.


Good Afternoon, Could you please send me a quote for a 30’-0”x 20’-0” Bifold Door? The door will be delivered to Pittsburgh, PA. Please include a standard metal sheeting for the exterior. At this stage, I am providing an estimated budget price to a builder in the design phase so please include all standard options.


Would like a quote on a 40'x14' bifold hangar door to Redmond, Oregon. Thank you!


Looking for a price on a bifold strap door, clear opening 40x16. I plan on spray foaming the interior of the door.


Need pricing on a 50' x 22' Bifold. G.C. Would like to insulate and skin the door to match the rest of the building (Butler PEMB)


I have a client that needs a 60'Wx15'H Schweiss Bi Folding door for our steel building. I need price and specs so I can create the framed opening


Have a customer with existing homemade bi-fold wanting to replace. Opening framed correctly with I beam and proper bracing. Please include price for auto latch straps as well. Current door height clear opening is 17'2" with the top flange of I-beam header being at 250". Call with any questions thanks


I have a customer looking to price out a 40x18 bifold door and a 50x18 bifold door. please call.


I would like to replace my sliding doors with bifold. Opening approximately 48’ X 15’


I would like specs on 50’ x 16’ bottom operated bifold door. Weight ? Power requirements? Thank you Cam


I need two each 62' wide x 18' clear opening bifolds for a project in Lewiston, Idaho. These doors are on two adjacent walls around the corner from one another on the hangar. One end wall and one sidewall application. Please quote cost and lead time. We are a Varco Pruden Steel Building dealer and I am interested in becoming a Schweiss Dealer also. I have been involved in the purchase and installation of about a dozen Schweiss doors to date and good familiarity with the product.


Hello, I am looking for pricing on insulated bifold doors. (2) sizes 30'x15' 16'x15'


Need a quote from schweiss on 9 bi fold hangar doors Each aprx. 12' tall X 40' wide for new air plane storage facility in Tyler Tx.


Quote for a 56x16 strap bi fold door with auto latch. Delivered to Linden, MI 48451


Please provide a quote for a strap bi-fold door for a 20' wide x 8' high opening. I also need to know the structural requirements for the header to support the door. Thank you!


We are looking at installing a 39 ft wide by 20 foot bifold door. We have aluminum and siding on site but looking at using schweiss strap system bifolding door. Please let me know what we would order and the corresponding pricing.


Hello, Would you be able to send me a CSI specification word document for your strap bi-fold door? We have a current project for an airport storage facility that will include (3) large bi-fold hanger doors. I'm compiling a specification book for the project and would like to include Schweiss product information. If this information could be sent to me a.s.a.p., I would greatly appreciate it! Thank you, - Abbey


Need a price on a door from Schweiss 56’x14’ bifold door installed with strap operator to 54548.


Need pricing for 30x16' bifold with straps and auto latches. Need to coordinate engineering with building producer engineers.


Hi, We have a Schweiss Bi-fold door and we would like to upgrade the top half and add windows, is that something you do?


looking at pricing for couple Bifold doors. 36 wide x 20 high one insulated and one non-insulated


Looking for pricing on a door for a shop. Want most economical option so thinking the schweiss bi-fold. Height is 14'. Width to be 36'.


Looking to get schweiss doors pricing, lead time and details for a 42' wide by 10' clear height bifold door to be installed on Washington Island, WI.


Price and availability on 6 - 50' Wide x 12' Tall Bi Fold Schweiss Doors. would like a man door if possible in each


We are interested in getting a quote on a schweiss bifold overhead door for our building opening size width is 22'-8" height 18' We would want to mount the door on the outside of the building to maintain full height of opening.


Looking at building a new shop and thinking about a 36’x18’ bifold strap door with windows in it. Wondering what an estimate for a door that size would be.


Hi, I'm looking for installers/dealers for Boston MA to price 2 bifold doors. Preferably union. We are a construction company building innovative structures. Thank you.


dear bifold door, I'm the maintenance personnel from structural wood corporation. i talked to Jeremy today about getting a quote for a new bifold door. we currently have a 16 ft regular type overhead door. this door got hit by a forklift. the rough opening of the frame is 17ft-6in inside to inside column. and 18ft-2in tall from the ground to the existing header, in this building then add anything to the width to overlap the 17'-6"maybe to 17-9 i am currently working getting pics thanks!


Hello, I am interested in a bifold door for an airplane hangar. I would like to have 3 windows in it, insulated, white color with interior tin as well, auto latch with remote opener. I have 3 phase or 1 phase power available. The door size would be approx 148” high by 44’ wide. I would like the option priced with a walk in door and without if able. The door would require shipping to souris ND. I hope to hear from you. My current hydraulic door from another company suffered some wind damage so I’d like to look into the cost for an upgrade. Thanks Ty


I would like to know if you have a specific door. OS - 8’2” x 19’3” DS - 10’ x 20’ish Bi-Parting on rail I have pictures of it that I would like to send over as well.


Existing CMU building with brick fascia. Existing hangar door is bifold. Top beam is 27" x 10" I beam and side columns are 8" x 10" I beams. Top of I beam is 18'11" and we want to maximize clear opening height. Please contact us with options to maximize building space. Thanks


2 years ago I ordered the kit to convert the locking assembly from cable to strap. I have miss placed the instruction manuals you sent for installing the conversion! Could I get you to send me a new set of instruction manuals? I also have lost the remote controls! I’ll need to purchase new ones. They are the white and yellow oval shaped. Call me and I’ll give you a credit card number. (word of advice, NEVER let your workers find the remotes, one in a coat pocket thru a clothes washer, one run over with a car!) Thanks, Paul ...... still love the door !!


I’m trying to find out what type of oil to put in the gearbox for a bifold door with straps. Hangar door has been working great just want to maintenance the hanger door properly


I would like an additional 15 feet on the front of my 42W x 30W x 14H Sunward steel hangar. I would like to place a Schweiss Bifold on the front. I am still not sure whether the new 15 expansion will be wood or steel. I would like to know about how much to expect to pay for the door when speaking with contractors.


We are looking at replacing the existing overhead door on our hangar. I was wondering if you could give me quote on a 50' wide by 12' tall bifold strap door kit.


Hello, I'm an estimator I wanted to reach out because we are pricing a project in New Jersey and we require to install overhead bi-fold doors. Do you work with projects in this area? Could you please provide us a number for this part of the scope? Please send me an email to send you more information about the project. I appreciate your help in advance.


Building a hanger at the south Alabama regional airport. I will have a 90ftx16 opening for the hanger door. I request a quote for the bi-folding all strap door and I will require the door to meet wind load ratings for my location Thank you


existing building and doors have wood headers. Interested in solid bi-fold door with windows (4-8) Please provide option for windows.


getting ballpark estimates for building. Also, planning on daily use. what is bi-fold door life expectancy under daily (think normal home garage door use)? Insulated and finished interior, top/bottom/side seals, etc.


Hi, I am considering installing one of your bifold doors on a new construction hangar. Could you please supply info regarding power supply requirements? Thank you.


I am putting in lumber drying kilns. I would like a price for two insulated bifolds 20ft wide by 9 ft high doors. And one 16 foot by 9 ft high bifold door. If this is possible.


Could you send me the specs for a strapped bifold hanger door. 85ft. x 24ft clear opening. New steel construction in AK


Looking at schweiss pricing and timeline for a 45 ft wide by 18 ft high bifold door with windows.


Need a quote and specs for the hangar manufacturer on a bifold hangar door, 40 feet wide by 16 ft tall (14' clear opening) to be shipped to Manti, Ut airport, (41U) Jeb


We would like a preliminary quote on a bifold door for a church project that is currently under construction and due to be completed in January 2019. We would also like any reference for an installer in the Los Angeles/Orange County area.


I am looking for a lift strap Bi-fold door, the opening is 10' x 10', I need specs on the mechanical equipment which opens the door.Dimensions in particular, and finishes. Thank you


Looking for vertical bi-fold door. Clear opening size (LxH) approx. 5m x 2.3m. Need for isolation due to requirements for building standards


I need a budget cost for a lift-strap bifold door for a new construction aircraft hangar the will be built in southeast Michigan. The clear opening would be 80' wide x 45' tall. I would need the door and installed cost and provide any requirements that would be needed for the building to accept the door. I may be contacted any time to discuss this further. Thank you.


Hi could you sell me a kit for a bifold garage door 103in wide by 96in high regards.


Hello - working on new construction project. Would like to know rough pricing for 22' x 10'6" bifold door as well as weight the door can carry to accommodate custom exterior finish. Thank you. Best regards, Perry


I'm looking to get a quote on a 44'x16' liftstrap bifold door. I will need the engineering specifications to load the building for the door. Thanks in advance.


Looking at installing a 50 by 60 Mueller building on my property and as a aircraft owner, considering a liftstrap bifold door. What would be the price be FOB MN and shipped to Flatonia, Tx. What modifications would be required for the Mueller building to support the door? What is the typical weight of the door? How hard is it to insulate? Thank you


Looking for pricing options on 2 bi-folding doors. 1st door opening 27'-3" wide by 16'4" height. 2nd door opening 29'-9" wide by 16'4" height. Both buildings are completed with 2x6 wood framing onto 2' concrete grade beams. Would like a material supplied pricing package. Bifold door with lift straps Existing Construction Side door columns stacked 2x6's to header elevaton Doors will be located in end walls Shipping to above address.


Looking for Quote on Bifold door 45 x 14 (quote both strap and hydraulic operation). Thanks Jason


We are enclosing/rebuilding a carport into a gym and would like pricing information on a bifold door. Still in design phase but the opening is expected to be ~8' by ~8'. Please email an estimate and/or catalog with prices. Thank You.


I am looking for a Bi-Fold Door. (vertical opening) would like more information about costs, installations, and products.


I would like to know approx cost for your bifold door for a small opening - single car garage - 8foot wide x 10 foot tall is the rough opening. It would not need to be clad - only the frame and mechanism. We would install wood siding on the outside to match the house.


I am quoting a project for a Church in Fort Worth, TX. I was given your name by the acrylic glazing supplier. I am looking for a quote on two bifold doors approx. 19'7" x 11'. Please let me know if you can help. Thanks, Ryan


I need a door size 16 ft wide x 8ft-6in tall. How much room above that is needed for the bifold door? What is the cost? Thanks. Bryan


I have indoor loft area that I want to put in a lift-strap bifold door. The space is 9' 3" high by 8'1" tall. I live in Virginia from Raleigh. Thanks


I would like information on a bi-fold door. I spoke with you back a couple of years ago and we are finally in the position to order a door. Please let me know what you need from me for a quote. What the building requirements that are needed , etc. Thank you, Terry


We are working on a project where we need a 16' tall x 21' wide bi-fold garage door that we can clad with our Alusion panels (578 lbs=1.72 lbs/sq.ft.) We're interested in your product and are curious if you could give me some more details? Let me know! Thank you.


Hello, We're looking at installing some very big bi-fold doors in a new building we are currently in the budgeting stage for. We came across your website and are very impressed with your strap system. We are a structural steel fabricator and could produce the stick members for the door in house. We're curious to see what kind of arrangement we could have to produce these doors. Thank you, Sam


I have a steel building manufacturer asking for design specifications for your 60' wide bifold door 15' tall. I have talked to you at length at Oshkosh and hopefully there are specs for this door. Email is the best contact means. It's new construction, so with a pyramidal roof, we may need to include the header specifications. Thanks, Chance


Looking at the Bi-fold door w/ strap lift providing design and build service for a customer Need a clearance of 16' with door up Door size is 45'-50' wide can you tell me what height door you would provide and also the hinge center line height. Some refer to this as the wedge height also. best way of contact is with email, on the road much of the day thank you


I would like to inquire about your bifold doors. We're looking at using it for a project in Irvine CA. Rough opening is about 10' high by 25' wide


I am working on a project to construct a new stage for our fairgrounds. We need a door solution to enclose the stage when not in use... thinking I like the lift strap bi-fold option. door is roughly 38' wide, 12 feet high.. need a rough budget


I am interested in finding out more information about your bottom drive flush mount recessed insulated bi-fold door system. I am working on a project in New York City and would like to review the necessary clearances and system options for a 26' wide by 14' high (clear opening) custom stainless steel clad recessed / flush mount bi-fold door. We have (2) doors of this size. We are limited in overhead height so would like to review low clearance options and operation. Any technical information, sample projects and details you could send our way would be greatly appreciated and I can also followup early next week with some concept sections and elevations. Thank you in advance for your assistance and I look forward to hearing back from you. Regards, Carl


I need a quote on a Schweiss door. Width 55'w x 12'h Bifold with straps 6 windows @ 60" o/c off of ground height. Standard garage type door windows. Thanks


Looking to price a bi-fold door that is 80' clear wide by 22' clear tall. new Pre-Engineered Metal Building Construction Job would be located in Illinois.


Requesting a quote for a 40'-0" x 12'-0" clear bi-fold door shipping to MO. Call or email with any questions. Thanks, Steve


We are building a shed/man cave and do not want any traditional garage door railings hanging from the ceiling, and do not have the clearance for a vertical lift. So, I found your website and am just wondering how much one of your bifold doors would be. Thank you!!


I am unsure if y'all build bifold doors this high but I thought I would attempt it. This door is going to be installed in Mexico City, Mexico. 25psf design wind load. One walk door in the panel.


Interested in more information on the Bi-fold and One Piece hydraulic doors for a Barn project in Central Texas.


Some of our team members met a Schweiss doors representative at the Farm Progress show. We have a 18x18 opening (currently a rollup door) in our Cedar Falls location that we are looking to put a Schweiss lift-strap bi-fold door on.  Looking for a contact name to send information to.


I am looking for price of a 45' X 12' Schweiss lift-strap bifold door. I am building an 80'x50' miracle truss building with 14 foot wall.  Thanks for your time, Ted.


Can I please get a quote on 3 lift-strap bifold doors 55' x 18'. The contractor will provide steel siding to match the building. The materials will ship to Lancaster, Pa. Thank you, Bruce N.


We have a customer that wants a 50' x 50' building. The Bi-fold door will be going on the end wall and she needs 12'-6" of headroom and wants the door as wide as possible on that 50' end wall. Thank you, Karsten S.


We need a quote on two bi-fold doors 96' x 18'. 1 door will ship to Bessemer, AL and the 2nd door will ship to Crestview, FL.


We are planning a Perka building and are looking to install a 40' wide by 14' tall bifold door. We will be insulating, but we probably wont be sheeting inside. We would like prices on doors, headers, and uprights. Thanks, Joe G.


I am in need of a price to supply(or supply and install) a completely stainless steel framed, strap lift bifold door in the Saskatoon area. The door is 4880mm x 4880mm. Can we buy direct from you or do you have a dealer in our area? Sincerely, Murray L.


I am looking at two 14' by 14' bifold doors to place in the end wall of a web truss building. I'm not sure how i could shore up the header and the hinge points, the trusses may be 12 ft apart? Thank you, Erik A.




Please quote a 50'x17' Clear Bifold Door with Lift-Straps to be installed in an endwall of Butler Building. Include strap latch option. Please send design specifications so I can send to Butler. Door will be insulated and lined on the interior. Please also quote an option for free standing header with labor to install. If you could return information by late afternoon today so I can send building off to Butler for quoting that would be very much appreciated. Thank you


You were recommended to us by a building company in Alaska. We are planning to order our roof trusses from them. Our shop size is going to be 44 X 60. Do you sell all of the hardware and plans to build your own bi-fold lift-strap door? We would like our clear opening to be 40 ft wide by 14 ft tall minus the thickness of the door. That is why we are thinking we will have to construct our own bi-fold door. Thank you for your time we look forward to hearing from you.


Quote for (3) 48'x 18' doors and (15) 45'x 16' doors. All 18 bi-fold doors need hollow metal swing doors. ALL doors (bifold AND swing) to insulated, minimum R-4.75 Clear door height is 16' for the (3) 18' doors. Clear door height if 14' for the (15) 16' doors. Will be mounted to steel columns & all doors except one are on side walls. The one remaining door is on an end wall. Can send drawings if necessary. Need quote ASAP. Thanks!


Hello Schweiss Doors, I used a steel bi-fold door from your company some 12 years ago. We loved that door, our only regret was that we used a crank, not a motor for the door. Anyway, I've not had the opportunity to use your product until now. We are doing a concrete wall, wood/SIP roof pool house in upstate NY. Accord, NY 12404. We would like to price both door options of door with a 6'6" man-door inset in the door. We are assuming steel tube with a powder coat finish. Can we specify a custom color? How much of an extra is that? We do like the bi-fold doors better but are not so smitten with the straps aesthetically. Can you also price the bi-fold door with cables instead of straps? Will this steel frame door support double-glazed glass facade panel? Is is possible to have angle frames welded onto the front of the tube structure? What is the lead time for these doors. If I remember correctly, you all are very quick with the delivery. I look forward to talking to a Schweiss representative tomorrow morning. Best regards, Daniel


I'm working on an industrial technical education facility for a community college in Oregon City, Oregon. We are currently pricing our design that includes a sectional overhead door at one of the shop spaces. The users would love some overhead cover at this door, so I was curious if a bi-fold door was a good solution. As a community college project there is obviously budget restraints. Do you have any sense of the cost comparison of a 10' tall 16' wide bi-fold door compared to a sectional overhead (current spec has insulated glazed sectional overhead).


We are now tendering a A&A work to the captioned project, and would like to invite you to quote for kinetic architecture door system design, supply and install the Bi-fold metal gate (1 set) for the carpark entrance area. Please return your quotation no later than 10/5/16 (Tue) 12:00. Btw, please also provide the catalog/photo record/job reference for the proposed materials for our onward submission to our Consultant. 


Good Morning, Please include installing insulation, interior and exterior panels provided by Morton. Bifold doors should have straps and closing remote.   


We are looking to add metal aircraft bifold hangar doors to 2 to 4 new hangers at our small private airport located north of Kansas City, Missouri. 


Prep bifold door, 48x18 ft. bifold strap door, for interior steel, we will be using 1/2 thermax under the exterior steel, also two framed door window openings 4'x3', prepped for wainscot on exterior.


I need a quote for the following please. This is a new metal building with 8" "C" channel frames for the Overhead Door Openings. I'd like a Schweiss bifold door with liftstraps.


Like to look at a fairly large door that is installed somewhere in the Hastings area. We contemplating purchasing a Schweiss bifold strap door in the near future for our biomass operation.   Thanks Bud 


This building will be installed in a Varco Pruden Metal Building. How much field labor should I allow to install the Schweiss liftstrap bifold door? Do you furnish a technition.


Looking for a Schweiss door dealer in Iowa.  Will 18ft. opening have that opening with strap bifold door 45 ft width. Size of motor, price three and single phase.


Could you please provide me a quote for your bifold door, a 60'w x 16' tall. I have had the opening designed by EPS Buildings. (We are a dealer). We have installed a couple of your doors, both hydraulic and bifold, now for our clients. Great product. Really like the straps.


Am interested in Schweiss bifold doors and hardware for our antique garage as well as for our horse barn. Can you please direct me to a local dealer for massachusetts. thank you. ginette


I would like a quote on a liftstrap Schweiss bifold  door for my biomass facility. My rough opening is 40 feet wide by 20 feet 9 inches from floor to under side of a 6.5" I beam. Please include autolatches.


I've had one of your bifold doors on my hangar for approximately 20 years. Door has worked great, but now I would like to upgrade it with autolatches. The door is approximately 40' wide by 11' high. Motor and pulleys are in the attic. I'm also seriously  thinking I might like to have you folks convert it to a 'strap' system. Could you give me a call? Perhaps you'll have someone in the area, or I could email you some photos if that would help in giving me a quote. Please give me a call at your earliest convenience.


I am bidding a project in Olympia Washington for Dept of Natural resources. They have Schweiss Doors spec'd out for the new door on the hangar. Hangar door needs to specify "lift straps, not cables." Thank you.


Need to verify opening sizes required along with pricing on (10) bi-fold doors Call before providing a quote. I need price to include material, tax, delivery and labor. 


I entered info for the 40'x18' but i also need a 30'x18' Schweiss bifold door. I will be Lining and Insulating the Interior I want 4-4'x3' Window frames built into each door Please give me a call.


I am looking to add a Schweiss liftstrap opener and autolatches to a 1978 model 40x12 bifold door that is counterbalanced. What info do you need to make a recomendation for me as what you have that would be appropriate.


Hi I need a price with shipping for a Schweiss bifold door 48 X 16 clear opening motor 240v 1 ph Already got one for a 46 X 16 on a submission by another company. (What is the "option" strap lift?) Regard's Marc G


Please quote a Schweiss bi-fold liftstrap door 23'2" x 10'0". We plan to clad outside with 5/8" plywood and then 18 gauge sheet metal. I'd like to know power requirements and mounting clearance requirements. Thanks.


Would you please quote these Schweiss Bifold liftstrap doors in what I call "free standing"? and labor? Respectfully 


Good afternoon, Purchased two doors from you in the past, please provide quote including shipping. Please let me know if additional information is required, I have all original invoice and specifications on the last door I purchased in 1998, can supply as a PDF. Only major difference this time around is that I would like Bifold doors to be equipped with liftstraps and strap autolatches.  Great doors.


OSI bid R13-003. Clear open size 18' high x 65' wide. Schweiss Bifold door with straps. Delivery to Galveston TX area. 150 mph wind. No access door. Thanks


I am evaluating renovating a current building or building a new one. The liftstrap Bifold quote requested below is the current opening size. Please do not share my contact information with any other companies or individuals.


Please call me. I have a customer that needs a quote on two doors. 1. first door: 22'wide x 15'2"high, - Looking for a Vertical Bifold door - Electric Operated 2. Second Door: 70'wide x 17'high - Need Suggestings on type of door - Thinking Bi-Fold with liftstraps and remote opener - Electric Operated 3. 


Dear Sir's ; I would like to purchase one of your door's. Who would be a dealer in the Maine area? I'm looking for a 12' wide by up to 14' high Hanger style with a entrance door in the lower pannel. I want your bifold door with liftstraps, no cables. I'll do the installation.


Trying get an estimate for a aircraft liftstrap Bifold  hangar door somewhere in the neighborhood of 40'. Do you need more specifics than that? Thanks, John


Please quote a 50x16'-6" clear bifold liftstrap door installed. Please price separately a free standing header and labor to install. Please FAX design information for metal building manufacturer.




Hello I have some questions about your bi-fold doors 1st could I get a quote on two lift strap doors @ 70' long by 25' tall. Other question would be easier on the phone please call at your earliest convenience thanks 


We are inquiring about a budget figure for a bi-folding strap door, approximate size 72' wide x 21' high (clear opening) in an existing building. Door complete with all weatherstriping and seals for snow and cold climate conditions we run across here in Saskatchewan


Just the thought of this will probably make you all shake your head, but here I go. I understand it is probably not a recommended or sanction function but... I have one of your 10 year old Bi fold with cables. My question is how much can I lift with the door? I am thinking about having a couple of 55 gallon fuel barrels to refuel my aircraft and don't have any way to lift these full barrels out of a truck to to put in the hangar. My guesstimate is with the barrel I would be lifting approximately 350 pounds per full. I currently have a cable system, but read on your web page about the greater lifting ability of the polyester lift straps. Would I also need to get a more powerful motor so it wouldn't burn out? If I had to, I would consider a new Red Power hydraulic door if that would also lift these barrels for me.  Thanks, 


I requested information in regards to a 28' x 10' opening for a Schweiss bifold door. That has now changed to a 30' x 12 opening.  Please let me know when I can receive revised pricing information.


Gentlemen, I am in need of pricing for a project which requires two (2) insulated 45'0 wide x 26'0 tall (called opening) with one (1) walkdoor located in each. These doors will be installed on a pre-engineered metal building. Our firm specializes in pre-engineered metal buildings with the majority being for marina / boat storage applications and which utilize bi-folding doors. Since 1996 we have been purchasing our bi-folds from you and are very satisfied with your product quality. Continue to send any bifold doors we order from you with liftstraps instead of cables. They are by far the best.


I'm looking in future maybe for a fold out door is 13 ft high and 16 ft wide. Want it insulated. Need aprox cost drop ship and installed. Your lift bifold lift strap system seems like it would work real well. Can you install in Nebraska?


I am wanting to know the price of a bi-fold door 20x14 with liftstraps. I would need two, one insulated one not. The belt system looks good. 


I would like information about a bifold door with a walk thru door option and liftstraps. The door is 15'w x 12' h. Do you have a dealer in my area? Can I get an approximate idea of the cost for the door plus installation?


Dear Sir/ Madam, We have an inquiry for the Vertical bifold doors, liftstrap style. Sizes : 1) 8.5m(W)x 6.0m(H) : 12Nos. 2) 6.0m(W)x 6.0m(H) : 10Nos. Can you point me in the right direction as to how I can proceed with this request in order to receive these fine Schweiss products.


Do you have any distributor in British Columbia, Canada ? We just erected a steel garage, 25\' x 30\' in size. Do you recommend your bi fold door for us ? Can the door be on a remote control, using your lift strap system ? What would an estimated cost be ?


Schweiss: I wonder if you would be willing to quote to me the following liftstrap/autolatch bi-fold doors: 13 ea. %u2013 41%u20196%u201D x 12%u20190%u201D clear 1 ea. %u2013 55%u20190%u201D x 16%u20190%u201D clear I need to minimize the eave height (and your overall door height requirements) as much as possible. The project is going to Dallas, GA. Let me know what information you need to begin. This is a hot rush for us so if you can expedite I certainly would appreciate it. Call or e-mail with questions.


We would like to receive a quote for an 80' wide x 20' tall bifold door with walk door, lift straps, auto latches and photo eyes. Freight to Ada, OK.


Sales, Bi-Fold pricing needed: 58%u2019x18%u20196%u201D BiFold door with strap lift (15%u2019 Clear) Option to cable lift Automatic locking Remote controlled Please let me know if you need any more info to get this pricing complete


Attached are a few images of the wind turbine that we call the WindBine II. The WindBine III version will be built initially in the buiding we have on order from Olympia with the Schweiss door. We will build two side by side, simultaneously on trailers as you see in one of the images. From there they go into the field and vertical and mount down on the base. I think your Bifold with liftstraps will be perfect for this application. Happy as heck I was able to connect with you and use your much needed advice. You guys at Schweiss are the best.


You sent me a bid for a 37 ft. bifold door. I am very interested in the door but want the local contractor that built the structure two years ago to look at your specs and the building to avoid any surprises later. As soon as he gets out I will be in touch. One other question, does the door lock into the floor in any way? Right now the floor is gravel. Do I need to cement under the door? I am also considering replacing a sliding door on a shop building. I would like to widen the door to approximately 27 feet from the present opening of only 18 feet. That door would need a 12 foot high opening and I would insulate that one. Could I get a rough estimate for this door? It is an existing pole building (Menards ) about 20 years old. I would want the lift straps and remote control. I see people leave the bifold doors open most of the time. I am a believer that doors should be closed, but wondering if there are any worries when opening the doors during a storm to get the equipment inside?


Good Afternoon Need pricing on a 50%u2019-0 x 18%u2019-0 Bi-Fold, electric operation New construction, steel building No walk through doors, liner or insulation (supplied by others) -FOB Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada


Can you recommend a bi-fold door installer based around the Colorado Springs or Denver area? I may have a new lead for both of us but first owner wants us to fix his old Sliding Door. Please send me a list of liftstrap/autolatch bi-fold door installers you%u2019ve worked with.


To Whom It May Concern, I am preparing a proposal for a client that is asking for a 50\' Wide by 30\' Long by 13\' High (at Eave) pre-engineered metal building. They are wanting a 40\' Wide by 10\' Bifold Door with lift straps. In order to design the structure I need spec sheets A-1 thru A-5. Our office has requested this information from your company before. I am in need of this information as soon as possible so I can send the proposal out by 3:00 pm today. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you. Cordially,


The last quote we received was from  Bid Number 41411-IB. We are doing another quote for a Hangar in the Calgary, Alberta area again. This time, the hangar has a 42 feet wide by 14 feet high opening. Can we get a quote for a Bi-Fold door with lift straps and autolatches for this opening? The quote to include upgrades should be FOB Calgary.


I need a quote on a 30'x 16' tall folding door. The door will need to be insulated with R-25 Energy Saver (materials provided), after it is installed. I also need to know the power requirements for this door. Quote should include; folding door, lift straps, autolatches and installation as well as installation of insulation system to be complete. IF you are not quoting all of these items please specify what you are including in your quote.


I have a building that is 90x120x12 with a 4:12 pitch. I am needing a guesstimate price on a bi-fold door 40'x14' that will be centered in the 90' endwall. He is just now starting to get prices on this project and is unsure exactly what he'll be doing. These specs may change so if you get me specs on this type of door with lift straps I will note that the price and specs may change once the customer confirms what he'll be doing exactly. This will be delivered to English, IN 47118.


Dear all; We are bidding a project in the Yukon Territories for a Native Eskimo Corp. Please find attached the bid documents for the bid. Please send us prices for the attached insulated and windrated bifold liftstrap doors by Nov 18. Include shipping cost and delivery time. We will need a rep cost on site per day, assume 14 days Prices to be good till end of year.


My company has the contract to build the new Marshfield High School and the have specified 5 Multi-Leaf (bifold) vertical lift doors. I would like to get a quote from your company and to have these installed. Please contact me at your earliest convenience. Thank you.


Please send design information so we can give it to our metal bldg supplier. Please FAX quote and information as email does not work. Need a bifold liftstrap/autolatch door quoted with labor installed. Please price free standing header as an option as well as labor for free standing header. Need 18' clear. Your doors are top of the line. Thanks


I am looking for a overhead bi-fold liftstrap door to be used in the loading area of a building about to go out for tender. The approx. size of the door is 8 meters wide, with an overhead clearance of 6 meters. Please price autolatch system apart from door price if that doesn't come with the door.


I am looking for a price on a Bi-fold door that would have a 10' clear height measurement by 40' wide. This is an old pole building that I want to create a new opening with I-beams. Will probably need a free standing header, maybe not. Your input is appreciated, you guys at Schweiss are the experts. I am looking at a future project to take down this building and put up a new one around this door. Lift straps for this door. The only way to go!


Project is for a storage heated shop in Prudhoe Bay. Building will be fitted with manufacturers insulated metal panels. Metal panel thickness not finalized. Estimate up to 3lb/sf for panel weight and identify any thicknesses that do not allow for proper operation (fouling) of the bifold door system. Saw one of your bifolds up there and they seem to work very well in the extreme cold and seal well in the howling winds. Lift straps are a must.


Looking for a 16 foot clear opening, bifold door. Insulation, lift straps, auto-latches and cladding included Please figure out shipping to Winnipeg MB, if door is broken down into 20 foot sections, please supply a shipping quote to Grand Forks ND as well.


Bifold door with lift straps and auto latches, 48X96 wood frame on 2ft. concrete walls. 1 96ft. side open and divided into 4- 24ft. bays.16"X6" laminated headers. 18 ft. to top of headers. Would like delivery this fall if possible before the hawk comes out this winter.


I am in need of design loading and column/stub spacing and minimum material requirements. Our builder is doing a design/build project and has not purchased your Schweiss Bifold door yet and is looking for information to take to the end owner and utilize for deisgn purposes on our building system. Please price lift straps & autolatches.


We are beginning to detail the openings for the anticipated bi-fold door system. Could you please send the designer door example drawings in dwg? opening sizes are 18'-10.5" and 12'-11" is there anything else you need in relation to the project? Thanks, Corey


What is the max clear that I can get on a 45x15 ft older Shwiess cable lift (or strap lift) door. I need 12 1/2 feet vertical. Is this possible? If so I must need controller with wider end points as I only get about ten feet of clear. What would a kit to convert this door to lift straps cost. This is my second Schwiess door. The first is strap lift with auto latch which I like very much. I would like to update to the old door to this spec if possible. Thanks


Hello Jeremy, I would like a quote on two 40' x 12' bi-folds, insulated, installed in 49201. just like the other ones I ordered with lift straps and auto latches.  thanks, Bill


Saw your ad in Fastline. I have an old quonset in Minot, ND, and sliding doors mounted on the inside are shot. Had a guy out to look at it and he didn't like all the framing etc, required for an overhead door. He was thinking maybe roll up but they are kind of spendy and it is an old building. Can you shoot me an estimate? The opening/frame is approximately 24x14. Are your bi-folding doors a motorized or can a smaller one like this be operated manually? Just looking for a ball park price to see if it is feasible. Thanks.


I have a old steel building with scissor trusses, thinking about adding a bifold door on gable end, 16 foot tall by 24 foot wide, but corners are close to truss, can't get a slider in because it will be above the roof but if you have the exterior mounting of some sort I can put new post in and tie to the exisiting building, possible?? it is my understanding the Schweiss bifold puts less stress on the supporting post? I really like your lift strap operation, haven't seen any other door dealer offer this.


We have a fifteen year old (approximately) sliding door that has failed this morning. We need to know who the closest vendor is for replacement with a bifold Schweiss door.Tom 


We require a price F&I in an insulated bifold door with lift straps measuring 46' wide by 16' in height. Delivery point is zip 22605 Need pricing ASAP


do you guys provide all the headers and columns needed to support the bifold door? Is installation included in the price?


We are interested in 1 - 28 High x 80 Wide bi-fold door. 2- 28H x 30W bi-folds. 6- 28H x 24W bi-folds. Please price lift straps, auto latches, horn and lights separately Please email me with your questions. Thank you


Have an existing steel building with 12 x 26 side doors. Used as a garage so need auto opener, would also like windows across entire width. no walk door needed. Has steel header above current opening 12"x26'




We want a second bifold door also. 12 ft by 12 ft. We are in the process of remolding a farm shop. Just send estimates as we are investigating making the doors as tall and wide as possible. Questions please call. Sure like the first bifold we got from you. Should have replaced that slider years ago.


Looking for a price on a door that's a 16 wide by 14 tall and what the rough opening would be. Also a time frame on a bifold door being available and shipped to Illinois.


SCHWEISS BIFOLD ORDER: Please add: - standard walk door - windows (light-band) on top and bottom of door (exempt walk door) - top and bottom rubber seals - cold weather kit - free standing headers for concrete wall


We are needing to install a bifold door to a container mounted simple shelter building. (see www. simpleshelter.co.nz).Door opening size 6000 high x 18000 wide. What sort of door would you recommend? Also can you please provide a price for door and the framework required to support the door? I look forward to hearing from you. Regards


Re:72412pw I changed building manufacturers, looking at 60'x60'x16. They said they like 2' on both corners so what is the highest door opening with a bi-fold 56' wide? 4/12roof slope. Thanks


We are building a room that needs a 16' wide x 14' tall opening inside a steel frame building. We are thinking a Bi-Fold door would be a good choice. The rough opening framing will be built with the room so the material choice is optional at this time. Let me know a price and usefull information if available. Thanks Kelley S.


Need a cost on two Schweiss bifold doors with lift straps and remotes, insulated. Do they come direct from you or through a distributor? Post frame construction. Opening size 24 x 16 on one and 24 x 14 on second. What will be the clear height on each? Lead time and cost?


I am interested in four strap bi-fold doors for a project I am working on - However we are based in the UK, do you have any dealers over here, I don't  know of any companies that make a similar product as good as a Schweiss Door? thanks


I'd like to speak with a sales associate to get more information on your large bi-fold doors, the ones with the patented lift straps. I have seen the unit installed at Sagan Peichota's office in San Francisco and think they might work in our office. Please call as I have questions about size, structure, mechanical, and cost. THANK YOU




We need the sistem of bi- Fold Door, for a residence in Leon, Mexico. We want to send our design in dwf format. Not sure what sistem to order. Can you help me?


Request 2 quotes door quotes Bifold / Hydraulic one piece door opening 45 wide / clear height opening 14 ft. thanx Terry C. in Palmer, AK I'm seeing more and more of your doors up here. Owners tell me they withstand the weather and winds off the mountains very well.


About a month ago, we received a quote from you for a bi-fold door. As we have not officially made our decision yet, we were curious to see if there were any near-by locations in the north-central Indiana we could go look at to see an example of this type of door. We've heard good remarks about your doors and have looked at your web page, but my wife wants to see one in person. Thank you in advance.


Schweiss bifold door for arch building 40 ft wide at bottom front up to top hoizontal rail 12 1/2 ft. the door requires a personel door also with just light insulation.


I'm writing you to get more information about your Schweiss bifold doors to see if they will work within my current project. Unfortunately, I cannot share specifics about my project due to the confidential nature of our work, but I would like to speak with someone about your products.


ALTERNATES PER CUSTOMER 90 X 18 90 X 22 90 X 24 Sorry this is what they are asking for on their current bifold door order.


I have a old bifold door (that someone ran into with a dump truck) I am thinking of replacing with one of your lift strap bifolds.  The building is a block and steel construction.


I have a 42' by 14' opening that I need a door for and would like to use all the 14' height therefore I think a 16' bifold would be best. How much is the bare door frame with 12 volt opening motor and lift straps. Only one remote needed.


 I am needing a price on two 44ft by 12ft hydros or option two will be two 44ft by 16ft by-folds as I must have an opening of 12ft clear when open all the way. These doors will have 4 inch vinyl face insulation and need you to supply rubber top and bottom. Also if By-fold I would request the nylon straps please.


I have an 18 ft. opening in my building; can I maintain that 18 ft. with your bi-fold door? Or would your Red Power hydraulic lift door give me better head room. I need all I can get, because I have large trucks coming in and out.  Thanks. Jeorgey


I am needing info to design our building to support your door only. My customer will be purchasing the door, and I recommended your Schweiss bifold door. What info will you need from me.  Thanks for your help.


Hi Julie, Thanks for taking my call this afternoon. We have been in the overhead door business for 59 years, serving the northwest Ohio and southeastern Michigan areas. We would love to add your bifold and hydraulic one piece product line to our selection.


I want to know approximate cost of a 20' wide by 13' high red bifold door. Just a ballpark figure is all right. I know it would be a guestamate and I would not hold anybody to it. Have a list of accessories available when you call, I'm sure you'll be able to convince me to buy some of those. I'm easy! Rick. Please call on cell phone.




I am looking for a horizontal bifold 18x7 for a client. He does not like to have horizontal tracks inside the garage as the ceiling is finished. I don't want to lose head room either. The door can be taller inside or outside depending on the swing to be in or out. The door has to have an insulated factor as the garage is heated. Do you have a door that would fit my project. Thanks Gregory B.


I need a quote for a 42 x 15 bifold door and a 45x11'6" hydraulic door delivered to Tullahoma TN. Should have your patented lift straps and walk thru doors and extra remote openers. Hydraulic door with Red Power pump. Please separate quotes they are for different customers.


Last Feb. you provided a quote 33108-NC for a 70' x 18'/22' bi-flod door. Is the price still valid, and can you provide a separate price for erection. Maurice in North Bay, Ontario. Keep the price the same and I'll take you fishing.


I am looking for doors for opening that are 40 x 14 and 44 x 12 door wind speeds here in North Carolina get to 130 mph. Can you give me costs on bifold doors as well as hydrualic Red Power Schweiss doors. Also need price for delivery.


I am in the design stages of a hangar. I will require a 40' door with a 14' clear opening. I need standard information to complete the building structure. Lateral and vertical forces on door roof header/purlins. Typical required bracing. Clearance Requirement for mounting, (2' 3', 4'?). Building Location Roane County, TN. Protection: Open Field on top of hill, no trees. I would like to consider both a bifold door and a hydraulic door.


Our customer is looking at several operational door sizes. Base is 90' x 18'clear. Option #1: 90 x 20' clear. Option #2: 90' x 22' clear. Option #3: 90' x 24' clear. Bifold door with lift straps, walk thru doors, insulation.


Old building with angle iron construction, will need free standing header, end of building is 36 feet wide not sure how wide should my bifold door be with your header


I had a Schweiss biflod door installed at two of my hangers in Minneapolis, and Iowa. My other one is a sliding door in Kentucky is in need of replacement and I would like it replaced this month if possible.  It's 50' wide x14' high (clear opening). I have some photos that I can email just send me an address and whos attention to send it. Very satisfied with your work and product in the past.  Thanks Merlin H.


We are looking for bifold doors of this size 40'x20' with 18'clearance I would like a quote for 2 of them and as well for 6 of them all the same size. Include lift strap system and auto latches. Lightly insulated with remote openers.  Thank you sincerely Darvin


Good Morning, My name is Megan and I work for the City of Waterloo. I am currently trying to put together some information concerning the companies that have submitted bids on equipment and bifold and hydraulic door projects in the past. We are trying to update our files and get current information. Please email me back with the following information if it is available: Current employee that is in charge of submitting bids: Email address for that employee (if available): Thank you so much for taking the time to help out. Have a great day. Mildred, Central Garage Front Desk Receptionist, Waterloo, IA 50701 


Could you quote me no frills Schweiss Bifold strap door with the dimensions below. No installation required. 240 VAC single phase power is available. I am investigating purchasing a 60' Q type quonset hut. Anything I need to know regarding installation on a quonset vs. a standard square building?


This bifold door will be sold directly to the end user and not to Oakland. The door will be going into the endwall of a 60x60x14 building with a 2:12 slope, so the opening will be 42'x12'. We would want the maximum height we could get under the open door (probably 10'?). The wind load in Lexington is 90mph. If you need additional information, please feel free to call me. There is the possibility of a second project just like this one that will go in Frankfort, KY. I'm not versed in your "Red Power" door but we are looking for the most economical, but also the best version for our project.


I'm new at this and don't know what to ask in an effort to keep from making any mistakes. Also, do you offer veteran discounts as I have a very limited budget. I'm liking your bifold door to put on my garage. Can you match colors and outside and what info do you want from me?




Hi Guys I need a quote for this door. Just your basic least inexpensive bifold door you offer. The building has 5.5" vertical post cemented in the ground with a 12" thick "I" beam on the header. I do want lift straps, even if they cost more.  If you need to speak with me please give me a call 


I am looking for a quote on a 40' wide x 16' bi-fold door with lift straps and auto latch system - supply only - delivered to Crossfield Area. Can these doors be insulated with styrofoam when installed & 29 gauge metal screwed to them on inside & out ? Thank-you Herman


Have a person that wants a Schweiss Bifold 40x17 on wood frame building in Lincoln Ne We do need to get a price for him. Give me the whole nine yards on pricing for all accessories you might have for this door as well as delivery time and cost for your crew to install.


I am ready to buy the lift strap bifold door we have been discussing. Unfortunately I have not found the price you quoted a few weeks ago. Using your documentation the door is wired for 240 volts at 30 amps. The electrical is on the right side of the door as you face it from the outside. I have measured the space and it is a nominal 40 foot wide by 14 feet high. The width is actually 1 3/16 inches less than 40 feet or 39 feet 10 13/16 inches. The height is slightly different on both sides probably due to the uneven concrete floor. Facing the door from the outside, the left edge is 1 1/2 inches short and the right is 1 inch short, or 13 feet 10 1/2 on the left and 13 feet 11 on the right.


I'm needing 10 bi-fold doors I need the lift straps quoted please. The doors are 8'x23'-6". Can they be  made from 2" sq. tubing with R panel on the exterior side.


I was wondering if I could get a quote on a bi-fold door as follows, 2 ea - 42' x 16' Clad by other electric operator single lever looking system weather seals all mounting hardware cable anchor system Please get back to us ASAP please. Regards, Scott 


Please price the following (10) doors delivered to Sedalia, MO Bi-fold vertical doors with a personnel door in the lower section. 12' clear when open. (8) of the 41' /- doors, and (2) of the 48' /- doors. Electrically operated, self-locking.


My father has 2 bifiold doors that he purchased 2-3 years ago. Both have remotes. How do you program the remotes to work for each door. If you can email me with the answer I would be grateful. P.S. -he really is satisfied with your doors.


I need pricing on Bi-Fold uninsulated Overhead doors with electric drive unit, interior truss, manual side latch, safety latch switch; top override switch; safety limit switch, 24VAC push button control: momentary up, constant-pressure down, Stop. Door base safety edge and bottom weatherseal. 3" heavy duty roller bearing wheels. 2 year Minimum Warranty. I will need as many as 10 doors or as few as 5. The doors are 14' high x 45' long. These would need to be delivered to Shelby, Montana. Let me know if this is something that interests you, asap.


I am looking for a 54'0" x 14'0"(clear opening) electric bi-fold door with steel truss and columns that are pre-mounted. Lift straps and extra remote and loaded with all your safety devices.  Please include shipping and offloading charges at the site.


We want to use a 1-1/2" polyurethane panel for the exterior sheeting, can we do this, is your bifold door prep for installing such a panel?


We are interested in a building that can house a school for A&P mechanics ( admin. and 5 classrooms) and have an hangar for airplanes up to category c. We're interested in your bifold door with lift straps and might consider a glass designer door. What further info do you need to give us a quote. We would like these doors installed this fall.


HI I sent you an email then saw this, so please disregard the email. I live in NZ, so not sure if you have a supplier here or it needs to be shipped. If you can give me an idea of costs on those six bifold doors, that would be great. shawn


I need a quote on a 30 wide 14 high and a 40 wide 14 high Schweiss bifold door in Red River Cty Texas (Clarkville). This will be exactly the same as the three you installed for me in Wisconsin with all the same features. Super doors, I wouldn't consider ordering from anyone else.


Need to get a bi-fold lift strap door quoted for an 80' wide x 20' tall opening to fit our building. Client has purchased the building, and we are looking to ship this internationally as soon as possible. Structure is being built in Brazil. Loads are favorable, 80km wind, and 0 snow load.


I am looking for an installed door quote for one  bifold door, lift straps, etc for a agriculture building we are bidding. Price it with you applying the sheeting and insulation. Customer is wanting an insulated (prefer near 17R) 25'x16'wide door. Customer is Leonard B. from Plainfield, IA. Let me know if you need anything else from me. I have never actually priced one of these before. Please email it to me so I can attach it to my building proposal. Feel free to call if you need anything else. Thanks Austin


I am purchasing this property. The hanger currently has a bi fold door on it that only provides approximately 12' height opening. The opening is 14' tall. I need the 14' opening to be able to use the the hanger to store my 5th wheel also. I'm looking for a new door to be able to accomplish this.


Thanks for all your help, would like one more quote please, this time on a 16 high by 50 wide Schweiss bifold door please. Also should have lift straps and two walk thru doors and windows, just like the last one I ordered.  Thanks again, Bobby B.


Looking for a quote on 2 Schweiss bifold doors. One is 16' wide x 12' high. Other is 30' wide x 16' high. Please quote both as bifolds with straps. Price also with Electric photo eye sensors. Reese D.


Government Goes with Schweiss Doors The govenment ordered a total of 164 Schweiss bifold doors with a unique calwall covering on the doors to provide natural lighting and a continuous row of glass panels for a clear view outside the building. WANT TO COPY THIS DOOR Looking to build farm shop with a 45' or 50' wide by 16' tall door. Have south facing wall- like the natural light of the calwall covering.  Bidding the building out right now, either late summer start or wait until spring 2013. Most likely doing pole barn but might pursue steel frame if I can find a good company Great website! Great doors.


I now am interested in a Schweiss bifold door with straps for a multi purpose building. Your web site answered some specific needs and questions for me such as snow and ice do not affect the door opening, it gives a tight seal, loses no headroom, grease zirts on hinges. That's helpful, I live in cold old North Dakota. I'll soon get some clear opening sizes to you so I can place an order.


Can you provide me with pricing for a 16' x 16' Schweiss bi fold door? This is to replace an existing overhead door. Dusty environment, does not need to seal entirely to the ground. Do not require full 16' opening height, 14' would be plenty. Opening sides currently framed out with 8" x 11.5# channel Very little side clearance between door opening and concrete side walls. ( /- 4" per side) Remote operator, strap system, high traffic area, door opens 12-15 times per day, 365 days per year.




Looking for two 12X12 insulated Schweiss bi-fold doors with remote openers and auto lock system. What's the price difference in you cable vs. strap system. I hear the straps give faster lift. Side wall height is 14'. Thank you.


We are looking to purchase two (2) bi fold doors 30'w x 40'h. The doors with lift straps are to be installed in Andrews, Texas by your Schweiss Doors crew. How soon can we get the job rolling? Once the job is finished it will be a good excuse for me to throw a good old Texas BBQ. You'all invited, hear?


Looking for a proposal to provide a Schweiss bi-fold door with clear opening of 90'w x 18'h. Electric powered. Lift straps and two remote openers. Also include 2 button constant hold upgrade.


Fitting into existing opening. Wood columns that I will beef up, supporting steel I-beam header. I am experienced with and have installed Schweiss doors, I own one bifold that I got with a hangar I bought. I need specific dimensions on clear height/hinge strap height off floor as this is a tight fit on sidewall of existing building. I may have to lower clear height to fit. I am providing turnkey service to client so I am reselling door and supplying install. Thanks, Steve


Can you give me an estimate for an insulated, electrically operated overhead Schweiss bi-fold door with lift straps and remote opener (insulated) for an opening that is 14'w x 14'h. Could you also give me an idea as to how long it takes to install a door of this size and type. We are in York, PA


  I need a quote for 2 electric lift strap system bi fold doors, opening is 16'x8'-----and 1 door opening is 10'x8'. Would like them skinned out of aluminum. Do you install or have Schweiss Door  installation crews in western Pennsylvania?


Follow up to a quote sent a few minutes ago for 80'w doors. I'd also like a price quote for smaller 60'w Schweiss bifold doors. Also, forgot to mention, we definately want the lift straps on both these doors.


Need Schweiss Door specs for a 36'w x 12' high bifold lift strap door with walk door - that is my clear opening size. My building is 55 x 35 x 14 - 2:12 pitch. Door to be highly insulated to withstand North Dakota winters and wicked prairie winds.


My ruff opening is 16 feet wide and 15 feet tall. Please email me a ruff number delivered to Carpenter Wyoming for a Schweiss Bifold Door with cable system. If lift straps aren't much more expensive, send that also.  Jasper


Please quote a 24'x13' Schweiss Bi-Fold Door to be installed on the endwall of a 40' Wide Building, we will use 2x10 3ply wall columns to mount to the entire 40' wall will also be plated with 1/2" OSB Prior to steel being installed, we will use 9" on center imerial rib steel, color will probably be white, If you need any more information please contact me either by email or my cell phone


Hello, I'm currently working on a project in Prince George County, Maryland and we have a potential use for your Schweiss bi-fold door system. However, I could not find any downloadable (PDF) cut sheet or literature about your products available on your website. Please, send me a e-mail address so I can send more complete information about the project and the size or type of door we need, I can also send a picture of a similar door. Also, if possible, send me PDF's containing cut sheets and other literature about your Schweiss bi-fold doors. Thanks, Reginald


Hello I need Schweiss Doors to provide a two door price for same end-user. same set up as this price asking but for a opnening of 60'0''X 22'0''


Please review Schweiss Doors bid #121911-Magnolia. Funds released and signing contract. Please call or e-mail.


I requested a quote on an 18' x 8' bi-fold door about a week ago and I believe you may have sent me the quote but I think my spam filter put your email in junk mail and deleted it before I could open your bid. Can you please resend this quote to both randy and holly ? Thanks for your help and I hope you have a terrific week.


I need a proice on a 30' w x 17'6" clear ht bi-fold door delivered to Latour, MO. schweiss door are hot in the area


I emailed you for a quote about a mounth ago and now I'm ready to order my bifold. Keep everything the same and make sure you include the lift straps, not the cables. Vance in Devils Lake, ND


  Send quote a new Schweiss bifold door delivered with sheet metal & insulation. Price both installed and not installed. What would be the Estimated delivery time? The current door (not from your company) got damaged in storm. I believe From what I've seen, Schweiss Doors are much more sturdy and dependable.


I need at a 24 or 30 wide by 16 or 17 high Schweiss bi-fold door. Please send me pricing information and any other information related.


We need an estimate for the following Schweiss Bifold door size. This is not the exact measurement as I have not verified the header suitability. All size and structure information is my best estimate at this time. I will be bringing a trailer to my home in Alaska. Please include an estimate for pick up as well as delivery. I've seen a few of your Schweiss bifold and hydraulic doors in Alaska. You must do a lot of business up here. People I talked to are impressed with Schweiss doors.


Need to speak to someone about a Schweiss bi-fold door for a project in Rhode Island. 60'-0" wide x 25'-0" tall. electric operated with manual override. 


We're using two of your Schweiss Bi-fold doors with lift straps on a project up in British Columbia, one is 8x18,the other 9 x 18. Both wood clad (1/2" T&G). Trying to get a drawing of the hinges at the head so I can detail properly. Many thanks. You folks at Schweiss Doors have great products.Like your new Red Power Hydraulic pumps, they really do the job.


I need a price on a 40'x 12'Schweiss bifold door. Door needs to be wind loaded to 140 mph. Please include freight to Louisiana. Thank you,


Need price on 16'x 32' internal Schweiss bi-fold door. Structural framing is going to be made of 2x6 f/l material with a 5 1/8" x 12" glulam above for the header. Any better way of framing the rough opening?


Schweiss Doors, plaese send an opper for 3 bifold doors 40' x 14'8" - two doors 28' X 14'8" - one door add shipment cost to ashdod port in israel. we need price for the constrction , the mottors and all the electricity components without the outside cover. we nees to know what is the maximum wight for the cover. we need to know dlivery time and payment terms best regards.


My storage unit needs approx 8 Schweiss bifold doors 12' wide 10'opening. straps. I currently have a bifold Schweiss door and realy like it and am thinking of putting bifold doors on a to be built storage unit. Have your prices changed since I last ordered from you?


I Have 2 12 by 12 doors that I would like too make in too 1 Schweiss Bifold door and there is roughly a 2 ft pillar between the doors the ceiling hight is 14 ft


We require pricing for 6 Schweiss bifold doors that provide a usable opening of 38w x 18h. These will be installed into fabric clad steel framed buildings. We will need to ship the bifold doors in containers from our site, so information regarding shipping dimensions will be necessary.


Do you have a Schweiss bifold/hydraulic door dealer close to our location? I prefer not to be contacted via telephone. After looking at catalog I will call for more information or would like to visit with a near by dealer. Will you have a representative at the NY Farm Show in Syracuse at the end of this week?


Please provide price quote for 1 ea. 21' W X 15' 6" H Schweiss Bifold end door 1 ea. 15' W X 14' 0" H Schweiss Bifold side door Site location: Canton, IL Fulton County


Sirs, I am interested in your Schweiss bi-fold doors. Currently our doors are too close to the ceiling. A Schweiss bi-fold system such as you's , I am interested.


We are a construction company looking for a bifold door dealer. Right now we are needing 2 40 wide door. Tell me how Schweiss Doors can fulfill my needs. We are located in Indiana.


John from olympia said you would give me a great price on a 40' x 14' Schweiss bifold door.


Would invite a call for a 30 X 16 Schweiss Bifold door on the side of a  building. 


50x19 Clear Schweiss Bifold Door, Strap Lift Price. Installation cost as well. Please send design information ASAP.


Need pricing on (2) 63' /- x 20' clear Schweiss bi-fold doors as part of this inquiry.


I bought two Schweiss bi-fold doors from you in 1993. I'd like to retrofit a Schweiss lift strap system in one to see how easy it is to install and how much I like it. The opening is 10 foot high and about 20 foot wide. It has two cables, so I assume I'll need two straps. How much will it be to retrofit and how easy will it be for me to install and replace the cables?


Am interested in a Schweiss bifold door. You may call for additional information and quote, otherwise email will be fine. The building will be erected late spring/early summer, according to the Morton schedule. I would like Schweiss Doors to install the door. The building will have a wood frame with steel siding.


We have installed bifold doors in the front of a bar/restaurant. They want to be able to open the doors in the summer and have outdoor seating. The issue I am having is with the photo sensors at the bottom of the doors.Whenever the beam is blocked the sensors begin to click and the door starts creeping up .This is going to be a problem if chairs are close to sensors when doors are closed. Is there a way to disengage the sensor when the door is locked . I thought that when the locked limit was in the off position sensor would not call for doors to open. I know this is not a Schweiss Doors door, but can you help me anyway?.


i need a price quote for (2) 8' x 19' Schweiss bifold doors with auto latch system with remote receiver.


Need two Schweiss bi fold doors , 18 ft high X 80 ft wide. I need some information. Please call me on my cell.


Please quote me on a Schweiss bi-fold overhead door. Size of opening will be 50' x 14'. The door will be installed in the end wall of a metal or pole style building. Include a seperate quote of the metal support frame for this door and a seperate cost if the door is a Schweiss insulated hydraulic door. Feel free to call if more information is needed. Thank you.


Need a quote for a Schweiss bi-fold door for a 50 X 18.5' opening and a 60 X 18.5' opening. I will determine which one by price difference. Also include the auto latch and remote control. Thanks,


Hi! Looking for two vertical Schweiss bi-folds approximately 1) 18' w x 12' h 2) 10' w x 12' h This is for my husband and my home. He made beautiful wood and glass sliders in our house, these doors would be for garage/guest house & wandering if we could make frame & glass with your mechanism? Would like to know pricing love your Schweiss bi-fold doors !


Need a quote on a Schweiss bifold door installed in Billings MT with clear dimension of 50' wide and 15' tall.


I would like to have a quote on a Schweiss bi-fold door 24 wide and 14 tall. With or without windows.


I have client interested in a Schweiss Bi-Fold door 40'x16' opening. Please quote installed in North Manchester, In. If additional information is needed, contact me by phone or email.


I need a quote on a 38' x 14' Schweiss Bi-fold door. Post frame construction, Steel I-Beams for door columns. Strap options. IBC 2006 Building code. 90 MPH wind exposure C. Thanks.


I am looking for parts for a Bi fold door that is installed in the shop that we moved into about 2 months ago. What I am looking for is the hinges for the middle of the door.Will Schweiss Bi fold Door hinges work for our purposes?


Need 4 ea. 8' x 7' Schweiss bi-fold garage doors...no windows, plain, painted dark brown. The will be installed on wooden frames and I will need all hinges and attachments.


Would like a quote for a Schweiss bi-fold door for the shop I'm building. The door opening is 14'6" wide and is 14' high. I need to keep as much of the opening clear as possible but don't like the idea of sliding barn doors.


I have a home built 16'x12' overhead bi fold door. Do you sell a Schweiss bi fold opener separately


I have constructed a wood by-fod door, 11'h x 20'w, clear opening 9 feet, weighs less than 500 pounds. I am now lifting with a worm hear hand winch. I would like to buy a system operator. Can Schweiss Doors help me out on this situation?


Hi. I live in the Uk and was wondering if you have a supplier/fitter here? Alternatively would you ship to the uk ? Also, is there a option to clad a Schweiss  door ourselves in a desired finish? Or can Schweiss Doors do that for me. Regards,


Need rough quote estimates for 2 Schweiss Bi-fold doors. First is 16'6" H by 30' wide. Second is 24' H by 60' wide. Bi-Folds.


Interested in a quote for two Schweiss bi-fold doors @ 47' wide by 22' high for use on a metal storage building.


I'm looking at ajob here in Savannah Ga. and I need to get with someone on a quote for a Schweiss bi-fold door. I would like to talk to someone before i get the quote. Thanks,


(1) 36' wide x 16' clear Schweiss bi-fold or swing door to be installed into steel building. Provide (3) windows, electric opener, safety edge or photo eyes. Please forward loads for steel building. Include sales tax and frieght. Provide option on installation. Call with any questions.


I am needing pricing on both Schweiss bi-fold and hydraulic doors in several different sizes. Please contact me for specifics. Thank you. Ricky Balboney


We are investigating the feasibility of using Schweiss bifold doors at our recycling facility versus traditional rollup doors. The door opening is. 19' x26'


need price on two doors 24ft by 18ft , the Schweiss Hydraulic door and bi-fold door and a 20ft by 18ft Schweiss door with walk in door and windows in both


please email me aquote for the M style or outside mount. also send a email with some pictures of this Schweiss Bi-Fold door.




The door opening for a Schweiss bifold door is 10 ft high and 11 ft 4 in wide. The most important part is the width. Which would you recommend for keeping this door width? Also, do you recommend straps over cables or is it six of one and a half dozen of another?


I'm looking for a 16'wide x 10' tall door for my Morton building. How much clearance would I loose with one of your Schweiss Bifold doors?


I need a 10x12 door that needs little cieling space on the inside of the building. There is 5" at each end of the door.Should I be looking at the Schweiss Bi-fold door design?


I am currently erecting a 70x 90 16'clear height nucor structure. I am looking for pricing on a 24'w 15 -h door and a 20' by 14 door. Thank you feel free to call with questions. would like pricing on both Schweiss bifold and single panel Schweiss hyd. 


Please price a 50' wide by 18' clear Schweiss bi-fold door, with all required rubber seals, cold weather package and freight to Hanson, MA. Alternate for a Single Lift Door with the same dimensions.


we are looking for quotes and ideas for Schweiss bi fold dooors ten by ten and zinc or aluminum and glass


I have a 30' wide by 14' high Cleary building. I would like to get an estimate on a Schweiss bi-fold or one-piece hydraulic door approximately that size. I have no electricity in the building, so this must be manual opening. I would like to not have to redesign the building to accommodate a door if possible.


I am looking at a door 40' wide by 16'(building is 18' but need 16' of free clearance) prefer Schweiss bi-fold door style. Wood frame building.


Am wanting a price for a Schweiss bi-fold door for an opening of 25' x 16'. Just looking to cover and protect equipment from UV so the least expensive you have will work. Could even be manual operation if available. thanks


Need a price and availability on either a Schweiss bi-fold (preferred) or Hydraulic door for a 36'wide x 15'high clear opening.


Schweiss bi fold door,no wdws,no insulation,could you please qoute both,installed,and just delivered to site. I also will need framing details, i'll be supplying building material as well. thanks chris


Need a quote on the following bifold door to be supplied and installed by Schweiss Doors. Clearance min in height - 18'. Show me what you got and what you recommend. I hear you've been in business many years and know your stuff.  John, Plato, Minnesota


Please quote me a Schweiss  bifold door. 40 x 18 opening for now. Need Schweiss Door crew to install and apply the steel skin and provide remotes for the door. Three windows will be provided. Customers project would be (12) miles east of Marshall. Call me if you have questions. This is a non insulated door at this time. Possible winter or early spring project. When could you get on it?


I'd like to request some product literature on your Schweiss bi-fold doors and local dealers in the San Francisco/ Bay Area. Thank you. Jeanna N.


Hello I purchased 2 Schweiss Bi-Fold doors from you. I need to know the opening height of the most recent one . both were installed at titusville pa,  last mdoor wash purchased around 6 or so years ago please email me response asap .


Need information on installation and price of a 40' Schweiss Bi fold door will be a 14' Opening for over head clearance


Schweiss Doors --Accordion style bi-floding room dividing door; head detail 4D/ A-613; frame finish type P-4; 1 hour fire rated; panel type C-1; PL-2 type finish A 4150mm x 2800 x 25mm thick 1 nr P-4: Manufacturer: To Be Confirmed Color/Texture Selections: Interior Epoxy, Gloss Finish, Color To Be Determined by Owner Contact: To Be Confirmed Notes: Door frames Alternate approved equal manufacturers: Sherwin Williams, www.sherwinwilliams.com,  Paints, www.duluxpaints.com,  Manufacturer: Formica Series: Standard Color/Texture Selections: Wild Cherry, #5904, Matte Finish Contact: www.formica.com,  Notes: Locations: New Doors Alternate approved equal manufacturers


Please quote Schweiss door installed in a  Pre-Engineered Blg. Need all design data sent as well.. Please email design data. Must have 18' Clear. Do not need free standing header. Thank you.


Please note: The functional opening needs to 10ft. (Ht.) Therefore, I would think the actual Ht. of doors would likely need to be closer to 12ft.to allow the clear opening to be 10ft.Ht. >>>space for the folded door in it's up, stop position. Please indicate minimum Schweiss door panel Ht. to accomplish the clear 10ft.opening. Thanks


I had you give me a quote about a year ago and I'm wondering if you still have it on file? Not sure of the width and hieght that I gave you and if you have the old quote what would be the new price? I studied a lot of doors and I found the Schweiss Bi-Fold Door is the best. 


Hi, We are a small construction company in the "pole frame" business in the North of Alberta and Saskatchewan,Canada, installing on average 3 (mainly agricultural buildings approx. 42-60ft x 60-200ft.,16-22ft. high) per week, with a mix of "large doors" up to say 30ft. rollups, 40 ft. bifolds and some sliding doors, almost all installed by a local very competent subcontractor. The bifolds, although relatively few, have a long lead time of maybe 4-6 months, and at present we have one supplier in Manitoba, Canada. A catalogue would be of some help, but vital information for us would be some idea of anticipated lead time, details of framing requirements, and of course delivered costs to Edmonton, Alberta, for, say a 40x20 bifold and a 26x20.


Include With Bifold Door: (1) 3068 Vuelite Walk Door (2) 4030 Slider Windows Auto Latches With (2) Remotes Framing girt at 4'-0" for Wainscot Exterior Sheeting


Approx 4 yrs ago we bought (2) 40' x 14' bi-folds and they work wonderfully. We are now looking to build another hanger and would like pricing on 2 doors . I'd like 12' clear opening x approx 45' wide w/ auto close/latch. Give me es.t on 2 or 3 different width doors between 45 and 50' please. I'm not sure if you have a stock size in that range that is more economical. Our current 40' doors are too tight with a 38' wingspan and the fact that we are going to put 2 planes on each side now instead of 1 each. Thanks Lewis


Interested in carriage-style residential cedar wood single-car garage bifold door. Love the FAQ on your site but can't seem to get to the answers. Interested in approximate costs, safety around kids, etc. Thank you.


I wanted to know if the bi-fold doors have be installed in NYC where the door is at the property line. When the door is open the folded up part will overhang the sidewalk. I'm not sure if we are able to use your product since when it's in the open position it will be over hanging where people walk.


Bifold Strap version, wind rails, center pin, cold weather seal. Mounting will be recessed for flush look. Metal sheeting will be outside finish and inside will be insulated.




10 ft wide by about 12 ft high.. I can get the actual measurement for your.... But I am interested in the bifold with the straps and would to get an idea of the cost associated with it. Is it self install or how much is installation. do you all have a service provider for this area. Please advise.


Please provide quote for 40'wide x 35' tall bifold door. Side columns to be I beams with top header tube steel. Doro to be sheeted exterior with 24ga 7/8" rib corrugated panel. Please provide preliminary loading if available along with pricing. thank you.


We have an existing older (1980) wooden airplane hangar and we are looking to upgrade the door. Please we are looking for a 50 ft wide bifold door with 17 ft clearance. Please let us know if you have any contractors in our area that could help us assess our building for compatibility or if we need a free standing header. Regards, Stan Richardson


I am Looking for a Schweiss bifold door with an opening size of 25 wide by 14 foot tall. I can go 2.5 feet higher so I get a full lift of 14 foot for bottom of door. If you could give me some ideas please. I have installed 6 of your doors and am very impressed by the quality and low maintenance on them. I would like Self closers for wind and seals all around. I am looking for the cheapest solution to my problem here. Thank you David


please Emale a ball park price on a complete 12x12 and 14x16 bifold door. Straps, 2 windows and insulated with auto strap latches. Thanks Joel


Quote Request: Supply and install (2ct) 30'wide x 10'ht Bi-fold doors with auto latches. Location: Princeton, MN. Bldg Size 30 x 60 x10 Post-Framed(New Construction) Steel exterior panels Any questions please, call cell or Email. Thank you.


I am interested in purchasing a Schweiss overhead bi-fold with straps to replace my existing standard overhead garage door.


I'd like a quote on a bifold/strap door that functions like Eaa hangar in Biddeford,Maine. I own a hangar that is 44x58 with 12' height.


We are working on a project to replace 5 sectional overhead garage doors with 5 new Schweiss bi-folding doors. Openings have widths of up to 79 feet and clear heights up to 27 feet. We also have corner conditions of adjacent doors and have been tasked with maintaining the existing opening sizes. We have started drawings for the project based on a different door manufacturers standard details but are having difficulty getting support for the project specific details. If you can be price competitive and team oriented, we would be happy to use your product.


i was just wondering if you could give me a estimate on a 20 wide by 14 high bi fold door with a door inside the door.


We have a potential cleint whom is looking for a complete bi-fold hangar door system, 80' x 24' c/w electric operator. I have heard great things about the Schweiss door and would like to get one priced out. Thank You! Jean.


We have a shallow wide loading dock opening that needs a door. 15' high /- by 40' wide. We're loath to put a coiling door in that opening - afraid of frequent failures. I was trading emails with a Rep at Steel Structures, Inc. about a sliding door. He suggested I look Schweiss Doors up for your design and quality is the best. Our dock is or will be in Philadelphia. Union labor. We need a door to fit an opening that's 15' high at one end 14'-3 high at the other (sloping threshold) and 40' long. Your bi-fold with straps looks to be just the ticket, if it'll work. Can you help?


I called last week about a 24'x 14' tall schweiss bi-fold door system with lift straps for a shop, was told i would get a quote via email but I'm not sure if I gave it to you. wanted to verify that you had the right email. Thanks Jobe


Need price on a vertical lift strap door 12' high x 35' long with one horizonal split. Motorized and a list of safety features with prices. If we can come together in this we'll order. We are a Church with a budget so any direction in this area let us know. Thank You Anthony


I am interested in a quote for: 1) 24'w x 16'h electric bi-fold door 2) 36'w x 16'h electric bi-fold door. Both doors to be mounted in a steel frame building (considering Behlen but have not purchased yet) with rigid endwalls.


I have 3 coil -up doors that I would like to replace with bi-fold doors. One door is for a pole barn shop opening is 20 wide x 12 tall. Needs to be insulated, 2 windows, and power opener(remote if possible). The other 2 are for a fabic hoop building opening is 20 wide x 14 tall. Does not need to be insulated, but I would like to have one or two windows in them. Can you give me a quote and how long to build. Thanks Sylverster


Hello Schweiss, I'm designing a metal building with a hanger style bifold door on the end wall for a small church so they can use the same stage for indoor or outdoor events. The contractor has never installed one, and I'm concerned about the cost. Which may be two different issues, but maybe not... He did indicate that he knew someone that he would hire that had done several. Which brings me to my actual questions: Are there "standard" sizes that would keep cost down? It's a church... low budget, etc... but they do have a budget... :o) And can you give me a quote for a 28'w x 15'h bifold shipped to Fayetteville, NC area... Please offer closest standard size as well... and maybe another for 26' x 14'... still working on how tall the frame will be... Thanks, i enjoyed learning about your products on your website. Chad


I have a customer interested in a quote on a bi-fold with lift straps for a new steel frame building that I want to use as ag stroage Opening is 30-0 x 16-0.


We've got a carwash under construction and the carwash equipment was installed too close to the location of where the overhead door was supposed to be installed. We're now forced to come up with a door solution which does not roll up into the building. A bifold door which opens outward I believe would solve the trick. I've glanced over your website and it is very infomative and I have just noticed a single panel hydraulic door as well that would work. The opening is 10w x 10l and door would be manually opened, if that option exists. Exterior material would be a metal building panel. We've got to find a solution to this unforeseen problem if you guys are able to come up with another idea, I'd be more than happy to listen. Thanks,


I have a residential project, that has shipping containers for a garage. i want to use the cut out portions of two stacked containers for a garage door and include your bifold door with straps. The door opening is approx. 18' wide and the two panels are approx. 9' tall.


We have an older steel-wood framed building that we are thinking about putting a bi-fold door on. We think that the door would need to be seperate from the building, plus not lose any height or width. The opening measurements are 23'6" wide, and 13'9" tall. Plus we would want a walk-in door and windows in it also. Please quote us some prices on your doors. Jobe


I have a machire shed 70 x 160 with 2 side doors, 16x 36 , One is gone for good, But we still need one to work, The slieding doors put on by company has been a total failure, I have been working on trying to get a bifold door that I can open and get close, We need the 36 foot wide dooors, for large Lexion Combine and Implnents, But can't keep a door on it, I have consider Schweiss but never priced one out.


I am just completing a building with a 40 foot wide by 14 foot high open space. Please quote an approximate price for a bifold door with lift straps and autolatches to fit. Delivery will be spring 2012.


i am looking for a source of economy residential garage doors - bi-fold - open out and up.I would like some information on the lift straps and auto-latches. thank you C. Beason


We have a new 85' bifold door that seals perfectly when closed. Is there additional ways to insulate the door and opening available?


Hurricanes folded back existing 16 x 58 Schweiss bi-fold from early 1990's. At that time, new door installed on 1950's hangar renovation. Door now destroyed. Hangar OK. Absolutely love the product you build and wouldn't go anywhere else. when I replace the door, price one with embedded access door for people & tugs.


I purchased a schweiss bi-fold door system several years ago. Another barn now needs a new door. opening is 14' x 14'. I have room above this opening so I probably want to go 16' tall to keep all my opening. A neighbor also needs a door and I recommended one of your doors. His opening is 16'wide x 13'9 tall. email works best. Can you send an estimate on both doors? also you might estimate freight. Thanks


I have 3 openings in a 3 seasons room that I am building under my existing deck. 2 openings are 84 wide by 48 tall that i would like bifold windows and one opening that is approximately 12 ft wide and 80 inches tall that I am looking for a bifold door with all windows to allow as much light to flow through as possible.


I need a quotation for the Field Hangar. Electrically operated bi-fold overhead door. The door shall require a 65' wide x 16' clear opening, electrically operated, 3-position operating switch, with a framed opening for a 3070 passage door on the left side. bid straps and Secure locking system. Cycle time approx 30 seconds.


Hi folks. I am working exclusively for United Construction here in Sandusky. I have been a sales rep in the past for Moore & Carter Lumber as well as Deckerville Building Center. The economy in Michigan wiped out my job as you can well imagine. Lately, I have been doing quoting work for United. He is a past customer of mine as has dozens of other builders in the past. I like using your Schweiss Door products for the on-time deliveries and quality are what we look for so, please quote this bi-fold door for me. I want the usual standard features including an option to add my own liner steel on the inside. I hope all is well with you folks. Let me know if there is anything I can do for you from my end. Sincerely Symon


I would like information on a Schweiss Bi-Fold Door. I have two 22' overhead doors with removable center post. Wood building 2.5 roof pitch with 4' overhang. Two end trusses next at 9" and 12" then 24". Door opening hight 11' 6", hight at side 13' 6" giving you a 24" wedge. My current doors are about 1600 lb. The door opening is 6" lower than the bottom of the truss. I am very hard of hearing!


Could you please send me tech info on a 44'-6" wide X 18'-0" High bi-fold door, insulated, with a 15'-0" clearance. Thanks


Please quote price for replacement weather seals for your bi-fold door model #S24, No. 2-L9, ser.# 7018. Top and bottom seals are damaged from vandals, please include price for side seals if available. Approx. 85' x 30' opening.


Please have Jeremy contact me on concerning my bid, which was forwarded to AMW Steel Buildings - c/o Jim Winfree. We are currently working on the project that will require 1 - 70 x 20 & 2 - 44 x 18 bi-fold doors and we have spoken to Mr Binfield and he has given us permission to contact you concerning these 3 door requirements. We need to speak with Jeremy or the salesperson that put this particular quote together. Please call Friday AM if possible. thanks Harvey B


Need a price and delivery for a complete bi-fold door system, windows along the whole door and with a walk through door. 65' x 18' c/w 575 v. operator. Please & Thank You!


Need loads and design data for a Schweiss bi-fold door. the structure is intended for industrial use. 12' clear height and 41'-6 clear width. wind 90 MPH exp C.


4 - Side Wall 1 - End Wall Building is: 70' x 150' x 55' 1:12 Gable Slope Bi-Fold Door Bays will be 35' Ctr - ctr Minimum Tube Column Will be Used at Header. Bid Date 7/20/11 4:00 pm cst, Thanks


I have spoken with a Schweiss expert over the phone. The Existing structure is being renovated and we are increasing the height, and a full seismic upgrade will includes a moment frame at the opening where the schweiss bi-fold door is located.


I am repairing a Building and want to install a 24' Bi-fold door- From the bottom of our 12" steel beam which supported a 24' sliding type door which doesnt work, I would like maximun clearence. The building presently is 54' wide x 96' long. The door is located on the sidewall of the building. What does your company recommend for Height clearence and How much weight will we need to support ? I have installed a Schweiss Bi fold personally and I love it? I would like to get another. Please call if you have other questions, Also, I would like a quote on a 24' x 14'9" as this is the opening we presently have. Thanks James


We are in the planning stages for construction of 3 ag buildings.Wish to install 5 bi-fold doors--1-22' by 14'tall, 2-12' by 16' tall, 1-16' by 16'tall,1-28' by 16' tall, and 1-20' by 16' tall.Require 2'6" man doors in the 28' wide & 1-12' by 16' bi-fold doors. I would like to have the lift straps options on them all. Looking for total costs delivered to site.Thanks


Need quotes on 4 different schweiss folding door sizes, will be meeting with farmer in the middle of next week.... All doors prepped for inside skin...will be useing 1/4 inch vapor barrier, flush mount (ie inside mount), how much window option would be. Sizes; 40x18 40x20 45x18 45x20 Thanks and have a great 4th of July holiday..


I'm starting to design my new detail shop and was interested in using a schweiss hangar door instead of typical garage doors. Approximately how much is a 20w x 16h bi-fold door?


We've got a project requiring a 57x16 schweiss bi-fold hanger door system with "lift straps", how do I go about getting a quote for it? Thanks Brian


We have a customer wanting a 100x150x20 building and would like a 50x18 door in each end. We have investigated other doors and none of them have the sturdiness of the Schweiss folding doors, the customer does not like the one piece door. We would like to get some info and a quote for a bi-fold with straps.


Door To be installed by schweiss. Full frame structure included in door price, automatic locks, strap lift, and 230v 1ph power unit with strap lift. We will prepare opening to proper specs. Building is a steel Walters Building 60x104, Walters will engineer opening for door spec'd.


Hello, I would like a quote for a door that I am planning to install on an existing steel building in Chandler Arizona. The width needs to be a minimum of 45 feet, walk door in door frame, strap system, auto-latching. I'm preparing a budget for this remodel and need to get some preliminary numbers. Thanks, Henry


I wish I know about Schweiss Doors earlier. I have two new projects where the bifolds would be perfect. I have working offices in both Texas and Virginia and would like to have a catalog handy in my VA location. Thank you.


Please quote a 40x12 schweiss bifold door where we supply the sheets and trim. Also set the spacing on the hinges at 5' instead of 6'. use the strap system in the quote. Please send specifications to my email along with your contact.


I would like to get a quote on a schweiss 44x14 bifold door to be installed on wooden structure with a 44x12 opening. The wall height is 14 ft.


Require 3 units, bifold doors about 44' wide x 12' clear opening. Building opening size 44' x 14'. Need electric drive openers operation on 220 - 240v 50htz power supply. Exterior cladding steel with dark gray color applied. One person door in left side of lower panel. Appreciate your price and approx delivery time. PS, I have seen your single piece hydraulic doors installed to aircraft hangar at another local airfield and it went in perfectly and looks great.


We are interested in a strap folding door, with no tin siding or insulation. We also have purchased 6 3'x 4' windows we would like to install into the door.


Hi. For a new construction of a garage (commercial use) I am interested in your bi-fold door with straps. This garage door will open very often - does the your bifold door work in such an application?


I need to get a price on (3) exterior, electronically operated, insulated, BiFold, vertically folding doors. Aluminum mill finish, full weather seals and auto-latches. The size is only 8' x 9' per plans, so I'm not sure if you do anything that small.


We have an application for the bi fold doors and would like to get a quote. Also would like to know if you have a horizontal style door. Greg


We are building a combination 90 x 80 insulated shop building, and attached 70 x 80 farm machine storage building, with a need for 4 doors. total building size will be 80 x 160 18h x 40w bifold door with straps, insulated 18h x 24w bifold door with straps, insulated 2 18h x 30w bifold or hydraulic, not insulated, looking at most efficient cost on these two. Can you give me quote on these 4 doors? Leroy


I have had my insulated bifold door damaged and twisted in the recent tornados here in Alabama. My insurance wants a detailed quote for a replacement door the opening is 19X60


We have a current project in which we would like to use a bifold door in two places. The building is a combination of curtain walls, precast walls and metal panel all on steel structural frame. I would appreciate it if someone could contact us by email or we would meet with a rep in the area. Brief Overview: Door #1- 14'wide X 18'high door located in an aluminum curtain wall. Door would match curtain wall mullion spacing as much as possible. Door #2- 20'wide X 14' or 16' high door located in a precast concrete wall on steel structure. Please provide as much information possible. Greatly appreciated, Email preferred - Robert


Looking to price a bifold with auto-latches for an 8'x10' warehouse door configuration. The application is an acoustical type application with neighbors complaining of noise from warehouse.


Please bid: Schweiss Bi-fold door size of 16x16. The bottom section is 9x16 with a three foot man door and to windows on both sides of the door. the windows are 3x3.


I have a 44' hanger with rolling doors that just never worked very well and kept on losing hieght, and wish to replace them with a Schweiss bi-fold with strap auto latches, the Hanger is located in California. My hanger is two feet wider then the other door I purchased, with all the other dimensions the same. I need a kit to measure the door, the cost of same, and if I need to purchase any additional material, such as the siding, etc. I do wish the automatic door opening with a remote. Measurements are approximate, will supply exact measurements when I order. These are accurate within a few inches though. Thank you for your time. Troy C


Thanks for the earlier specs. Now I need specs for a Bi-Fold w/ straps, 76'-0"W X 18'-0" clear height. Thanks for such a quick response last time. Regards, Victor


Looking at a 40' wide door on a 18' sidewall building, This bifold will fit into a 16' opening based on the 2' v pattern. Its an all steel structure that should handle the door. Please quote lift straps and latches.


Looking for pricing on a schweiss by-fold door with lift straps. 20'-0 wide x 24'-0 high. Have in place a roll up door. Fails or needs complete repair every five years at $10,000. Looking to see if one of your products may be able to meet my needs. One of my venders has been using your doors and speaks highly about you product.


I would like a quote for 2 bifold doors. One insulated and on non insulated. Would like the doors to be 40x18 with straps and auto latch.


I am currently bidding on a project for a local farmer. He is looking at the an 80' x 100' maintenance building for equipment. There is a total of six bi-fold doors, three on each sidewall. Per side I need (2) 20'w x 16'h, and (1) 30'w x 16'h, for a total of (4) 20'w x 16'h and (2) 30'w x 16'h. Thanks,


Looking for pricing for a bifold door to be installed on an older farm hangar. Door size is 10ftx40ft. Opening size is approx 39.5 ft. There an existing steel beam( open web joist approx. 24in depth, 1/4 in angle thickness) that spans the opening and has old vertical bifolding doors attached via cannon ball trac. The posts supporting the beam are 6in x 6in (1/4in thickness)square tube. Price both lift strap and cable types. Price shipping to Ontario ,Canada. You may also price shipping to Port Huron , Michigan as well are on the border and can make pick up there if its cheaper.


I belive we have purchased a Schweiss door previously for our integration facility in Cape Canaveral, FL. Due to the reliablity and strength of your door, we would like to recieve a quote again for a bifold strap door measuring 70 foot wide and 50 foot tall. If you feel hydraulic may be a better application provide that pricing as well. We are still in the project development phase and only need rough pricing at this time.


Im doing a 60 by 60 with 16 ft walls I need two bifold doors one one each end of the building Could you call me with a price on Monday. Do you have discounts for standard sizes. Eager to hear back from you.


I am doing a little conversion of my own and I need to know where can I get 4 lift straps for a cable run  Schweiss bifold door. The door size is 12X48 installed around 2000


This door to replace present sliding door. We visualize an outside header and side support members, which will be attached to the face of the clear span beam, which is 100 ft. Each bay is 20ft, and the place for your hydraulic door is one bay in from the end, which gives an overhang from the weather. So the door needs to be mounted up high under the overhang roof. There is a full building width footing under the door frame as well as the end frame overhang bay. Detailed measurements can be made so that whatever support structure needed can be designed, since we need a complete installation.


12' clear opening need to know what is required above the 12' for the folding section of the door. Please supply price for self-installation and installed by you. Also what lead-time you require. Do you have a solution to keep wind from damaging the door that seams to be an appreciable advantage to an electric powered bi-fold?


I would like to install the bi-fold door on the gable end wall, starting from the side wall. If the door goes higher than the roof on the corner,is that a problem?


Interested in 28'x12' folding with lift straps and auto-latches door on which we oould attach wood to make a carriage door look. Please call when able.


I need a Schweiss door that would clear 50ft wide and approx 16-17ft tall. I'm planning a plate height of 18ft. I'm leaning toward the bifold, but I want to do this in the most least expensive way. Please respond asap. thanks


this door is to go into a new steel building end wall with a 26 feet bifold door. this door being 40 wide will need more steel in end wall. I read a little about your free standing header that you offer or can I reinforce my structure more. I need to talk to someone about this issue soon. thank you


We are planning on a 32'W x 16'H opening on my wood barn,but at this stage of construction it could change a little bit to fit the door. Please bid on a Schweiss Hydraulic Door. Thanks


Need a door for existing steel building. (red-iron frame) My framed opening is 30 foot wide and 16 foot 6 inches tall. I think I would prefer a bi-fold door unless hydraulic single door is more cost-efficient or a better door. Please let me know a quote.


I am looking to have a bi-folding aircraft type door to be used on one of my trans loading buildings. Restructions in my operation only allow this type of door. Please contact me with information on this kind of door. I will be contacting several makers and suppliers for price quotes. The size estimated size of the door for quote purposes will be. Height: 16 foot Width: 45 foot This will be mounted on a steel frame building bid by others. Final size will be sent at a later date after cost is considered for the budget.


We need a quote for three schweiss by-fold doors. One 38'wide x 30' clear under the door and two 20'wide x 30' clear under the door. These doors will be installed in a steel hog building. The building is located in Idaho. Thank You


I would primarily like a quote for a 36x16 endwall bifold door, but I may consider getting a second same size door for a sidewall if there is a significant savings.


Looking for pricing on 80' hydraulic lift door. Need 26' vertical clearance. Also need cutout so a portable generator can be used during power outages. Have not fialized building source as yet. with such a big door I need specs to get the structure to handle the weight.


We have a client looking for a budget price on a Bi-Fold Door, We are also very interested in the fast lift straps. The door is to be used for an air ambulance service in Newfoundland & Labrador. Door to be approx. 60'W x 14'H


Could you please send me quote for a 24x16' bifold with 2 windows in the bottom half? We are building a new tractor shop this summer and trying to figure out which style of large door to put in. I have a quote from you on a Hyd. door already and now would like to compare a bifold. I need it insulated and installed in Wi. I will supply steel for you to sheet the outside. I guess add whatever options are common for a farm shop. Thank you


Hello, I have a customer interested in a 40'-0" wide x 12' high 2-piece vertical lift door, for small airplane hangar with electric opener preferably heavy duty door with all hardware and weatherstripping? how much headroom is required? shipping to Canada please send quote with brochure or spec thanks!


To whom this concerns,i would like to get a quote on a door. It's a 40by20 bio fold. I need the quote to include installation and door in the door.  Thank you,


We have specified two 12'x12' bi-fold doors on a recent project and we are in the process of providing drawings for their use. Your typical sections and details show the bi-fold door mounted on the outside face of the building. Is it possible to provide structure on the inside of the building so that he outside face of your door is, more or less, flush with the outside face of the building? thanks.


Good morning, I am looking for a quote for a 40'W x 12'6"H BI-Folding hanger door. 3ph 400V operation IF there are any options for your product please list them separatly


Purchased 40' bi-fold in 1995. Very happy w/door and looking to purchase a 50' bi-fold w/straps.


Would like to have auto latches, remote,entrance door and 4 windows and cold weather kit. Have room for at least a 24" wedge above the 14' 7"


hi, i have a bi-fold door and i want to know, what size door can move a single electric motor or the transmision system??, having a good day thanks.


Please provide a quote for the door itself and then also provide a quote for installation (at Rockford, IL) I am interested in a steel, bifold, bottom drive, lift strap, internal truss, without autolatch. The building already has a bifold door on it but it is damaged. The existing door is 42 X 13' 6" (opening is 12').


We need 4 Bi Fold doors 18' High x 24' wide  need someone to install them also not insolated End walls are Concret 8'high rest is steel frame


I'm needing quotes on a bifold door 16' and 18' high by 40' to 45' wide. They would be shipped to Amarillo, TX. We will do the installation ourselves. Thank you for your help.


Will be building a 60 X 40 metal hangar in TX this fall. Most likely will select the Bi Fold. Please quote. Good web-site !


I am building a standard 18' tall sidewall 48'W X 72L'X 18'T- 2X6 construction shop that I may put a bi-fold on the one gable end wall (48'). We are planning 16' sidewalls up on 24" stemwalls for a ceiling of 18'. I have many of your doors at a Montana Airport that  I purchased probably 8 top 10 years ago. I want to be able to have as tall of a door in this end wall as possible so if I can go above 14' tall that would be great!! Probably 4/12 pitch will be used. 2 windows in the door, no walkin door needed, strap rollers, all electric, w/2 remotes, and I will supply the 2 windows (approx 3' X 5'), and the outer sheeting to match. Also want to insulate this door someday so if that matters in the build please accomidate. I think I want to stay with the inside frame mounting, how much headroom do I lose with an 18' opening?? If we only lose about 2 feet I may go to a 14' door in a 16' sidewall. Also could look at 42' and 44' widths if they aren't too much more and wont create too weak of side sheer to the building. Thanks


I require a price on a bi-fold door 50X14 for my hangar. Information on any other options would be appreciated.


I need a quick quote for a 42' x 12' (opening) motor operated Bi-Fold Door


we are needing a quote for a 60 ft wide 18 foot tall door. I believe the bi fold door will be the one for us . If you could figure shipping to texas


Looking for an estimate on 50 x 17 bifold door with cold weather kit to shipped to Nova Scotia Canada.


I would like a quote for a bi-fold hanger door with no sheeting on it, just frame, motor and straps and hinges. Everything but sheeting/siding


Hello, Need info and price for a hanger door. Bi-fold. Opening will be 12' high x 42' wide. New hanger/new door install. Need price for door only, I have motor-gearbox-brake already. Please send info for electric operator in case it is not practical or too costly to fit my parts on your door. Thank you


I have a customer interested in a one-piece hydraulic door. 12' x 10' with Horizontal ribs and Aluminum finish. I believe he would be most interested in a bi-fold door for his application. Can you give me a price, including freight to Arizona. We can install it. Thank You


New hangar construction at the local airport. Please provide a quote for a 42' wide bi-fold to fit 12' side-walls. Door will be on gabled end of pole-barn type construction and should open to the full 12'. Please provide lift options from counter-weight to electric cable and/or straps. Installation to be included. Finishing steel on outside of door will be supplied and installed by owner.


I would like a quote on a 60'w X 14'h bi-fold insulated hanger door. It is going in a new steel building with 8" girts. Please specify any structural requirements. Note: 60'x 14' is the opening size.


I have a 54by72 pole shed in need of a new door. The door opening is 14by26 1/2. I'm interested in the price of a bifold door for this building.


I would like a quote for the resale of a 36' wide x 14' high bifold door to be installed on a metal building. FOB Chico, CA. Thanks,


We are in the process of specifying a large bifold door for a monastery in NE. Please have a sales rep call as soon as possible. Thanks


Need a quote for a 60'W x 35'H bifold door for a solid waste transfer facility in Watertown, NY.


I would like a quote for a 14'2''w x 18'8''h bifold door system, with electric opener 575volts 3 phases, I want to put a wood side wall outside of the door by myself. that is for my customer How many time I have for installation? I will organise by myself the transport.


Please quote: Strap lift bifold door to fit your 12' high x 40.8' W opening. I am looking to buy an existing building. It is one the U.S. Govt. was suppose to buy from them, then cancelled. As I undrestand it, the framing fits your Schweiss bi-fold door. Thanks




I need a top elevation at 21 ft for the bifold door. I do not care what my clear height kicks out.


I've decided to start building my hanger in Tx and need to know the price of bi-fold and a swing out door 50' x 14 opening. I need to compare price of one vs the other. Thank you


i have a building 40 x 60 with the end wall completely open i was thinking about putting a bifold door on this


My customer is looking for a horizontal bifold scissor door 60'x16' can you supply this door and provide a quote


Good morning, Please provide pricing for one (1) 50' wide x 12' clear Bi-fold door going to Taylorsville, NC.The design code is 2009 NC and the wind load is 90 MPH, exposure "C". At this time this is only and estimate quote. Thanks so much


I have the quote above from your company and have a couple of questions: Are there any other authorized resellers/installers of your bi-fold doors or is your company the only company authorized to see/install the Schweiss bi-fold doors? Does this quote include installation? What is the completion time after receipt of an order?


The customer solicited a quote from you for the bi-fold doors, but this has not been awarded yet. We are required to post asynopsis/solicitation on FBO, because we are requesting brand name only for the Schweiss bi-fold doors and also because of the dollar figure. We are looking for a company who can both provide the doors AND install them, we do not want to pay for these 2 items separately for several reasons. We would appreciate receiving a quote from Schweiss that includes the price for installation (you would subcontract with Bob, for example, and pay him yourself). If you are willing to do that, we would appreciate you assisting other vendors who would like to bid on this opportunity who can also install the doors, by giving them pricing for the doors.Thank you for your time




Here are the dimensions: Bi-Fold 25 ft 7 in wide by 13 feet tall un-insulated door with two simple windows Hyd 23 ft 6 in wide by 11 ft 10 in tall fully foam insulated with two thermal insulated windows. Thanks.


Attached is a RFQ for a bifold door our firm requires as part of a supply contract shipping to Caracas Venezuela.We also have a Bi-Parting, Side Sliding, Southern Stacking Hangar Door System to provide in th same contract I am currently on site in Venezuela. Until I am back in our Mississauga, Ontario office, please contact me here at this email address Best regards


Another opening for a quote. He wants a bi-fold door on this opening. The size is 23'8 x 13'8. The customer has TWO buildings, so I need a price on TWO  doors. Both doors will have a man door.Thanks!


Change the size of the door on this order. New opening size is to be 50'x17'6" with the same options. Visited with Dave about this change last week, he said when final size had been determined I was to notify, you will send out revised proposal showing new size and bifold door spec. sheets. We will revise and send you a new sub-contract.


I am designing the structural framing for the Universal Industries building in Cedar Falls, IA, that is to have a Bi-fold door installed. The building is a conventionally framed steel building (HSS columns,wide flange beams). I have attached a few plan views of the area to have a door installed. I would like a bit of direction as to what is required of the beam at the top of the door as far as attachments go. Please see the attached.Please feel free to call or e-mail with comments.


We also have a project with a 220' wide opening X 28' tall, can you build a door for that application also and what is the approx cost? We are currently looking at and have quotes for a 8 leaf biparting door system.Please contact me to discuss.Thank You


We have a need for a bifold hangar door for two types of hangars. The projects are in LA Ca and require structural design of Siesmic zone 4 and a wind force of 100 MPH exposure C. Can you providea proposal for the two doors indicated on the attached drawing?


Please see attached details of Bifold motorized doors for (3) loading docks. Door opening sizes are:(1) 21'x16'-6"H(1) 15'x17'H(1) 24'x17'-6"H Bifold doors are located between column lines 1.0 and 4.0.Include steel frame clad with 1/4" thick finish painted steel panels in the exterior face and compositealuminum panels in the interior face. 6" rigid insulation infill is required. Please see attached specification for further details.Please quote budget price to furnish the doors. Please include a complete assembly including tracks, metal cladding, finish paint, vertical support steel and all required hardware and operator. If you have any questions, please contact me.


My name is Dean. I talked to you on the phone Thursday. about a bi-fold door. My openeing is 13' high x 24' 2" wide. Mine is built in 1976. You can e-mail me with information Or call my cell Thank you for your help




Hi, Need pricing on a 80' wide x 20' frame opening height bifold door to be locate in Mesa, Arizona.


We will ask you informations about yuor products, because we are interesting about your Schweiss Bi-Fold Doors. We have to build nr. 3 bifolding doors having size 10 mt x 5 mt (height).Thanks.


Please contact me about a replacement bifold door for our community hangar. We have just removed a  sliding door....opening is 80' wide, 21' tall. Best contact is by cell phone


I need a quote for these bifold doors as soon as possible. Please call me or email with a quote or if you have any questions. Thank you, Jose


Jeff here again, the model number and the bifold door serial number are right where you said they were going to be. Thanks again, Jeff


can you send me the maintenance instructions for a 40 X 20 foot hanger bifold door with cables? thank you


We are currently working on a Schweiss project that will have a 50'x16' Bifold door and would like to discuss options and pricing. you can call or email. Steve


I need to send you the warranty plant for a bifold door can you please let me know your address. Thanks Paula


I'd like to be contacted regarding a 40' x 24'-6" Bifold door. The door pricing needs to be submitted by Jan. 11th


I have a customer looking for a bi-fold door for a 22' w x 13' h opening but the ceiling for the door is 14' h.


We would like a price on a 50' wide x 14' high bi-fold door delivered to , WI


Require Pricing on the following 1 - 100'0" w x 31'0"h Bi-Fold Door Must be clear under as 29'0" Exterior cladding and insulation will be by Client Power operator with safety reverse system Include top weatherstrip as well as sides. Include freight to Edmonton and working Supervisor[if possible] Our Client needs a Budget Price as quick as possible. Thanking you in advance. Please contact me via E-mail. Eugene


We had your competitors 32'x15'6" bi-fold door that was wrecked during a winter storm this past winter. I stopped by your booth at Dakota Fest (Mitchell, SD) in August, but didn't get a chance to visit (partly because I didn't have all the necessary info at the time. Anyway, I was wondering if I could get a quote on an equivalent door. Best number to reach me is my cell. Thanks, Brad K.


Need price on a bi-fold door by Tuesday. 23' high clear x 70' wide clear - end wall installation


Please quote a 70x18 clear open bi-fold door, itemize options, install, straps, remote, ect. Regards,


Looking for preliminary pricing for (4) bi-fold doors approx. 6'wide x 10' tall. Could be hydraulic lift, but I assume they are more costly.


I am thinking about putting in a bi-fold door on the end of my free-stall barn. Currently there is a regular overhead door, uninsulated on the north end, and we have trouble lifting it in the winter.




Hi, We are looking at building our own hangar for a helicopter operation we own, we love the bi-fold door with straps but have no idea what the cost would be. we are putting together a price for both a small (60x20) hangar and a large (60x60) hangar. the small building would have a door 16 wide by 14 feet high and the large building would have a door 48 feet wide by 16 feet high. if you could give us an estimate on these two doors we would greatly appreciate it.


I am looking for a 46 x14 bi fold door for my hangar. Non insulated. Please quote me a price shipped.


Bidding a job in Orient, New York and would like price on two Schweiss motorized bi-fold doors. 1. 8'0 x 8'0 2. 8'0 x 9'6 high


Customer wants to install a 34x18 bifold or hydraulic door in a new post frame storage building. How can I determine specs and get a price quote for these options?


Please send price for (2) 65'-0" x 16'-0" clear opening bifold doors installed on each end of Butler steel building.


One of our customers wants a price on a door that will fit into a 44'X 20'opening. Please let me know if you have any questians.


I need a price for one (1) 50' wide by 14' clear when open bifold door. 3 phase power at site.


I need a quote on 8 each 42' wide x 12' clear bi-fold hanger doors with a walk door in each


I need a quote on supplying and installing 2 of the Bi-Fold doors described below please. (1)Schweiss Strap Lift Bi-Fold Door, 140 MPH, Width: 45 Ft x Length: 23 Ft, Electric: 240-1PH, Switch Location: Left Inside, Truss Design: Interior; Bottom Drive; 12 Inch Top Rubber, Side Col. Type: Steel Tubes (2): Installation (if separate) (3): Freight(if separate/applicable)


I need a price on 4- doors bifold sizes are 3-10'7 x 38" and 1-14'9" x38" Please e-mail me literature or drawings also i will e-mail back the specs for the job


I'm currently working on a project for University of Connecticut, water demand and reuse. Right now we are at the preliminary stages of the design. In our design we are proposing two operable wall located on the north and south facade for easy access for future replacement/maintenance of the mechanical equipment housed in the building. Your Bi-Folding looks to be a great product for us to use. There are some factors that I need some assistance with: 1. Thermal value-we would like to have a glass wall like in the image from your site 2. Cost 3. Structural Framing requirements. The wall sizes are 55W x 24H and 61W x 24D (sizes may change)




I have been forwarded some new info for the bifold door. 1.) The exterior sheeting is now wood T-111 sheeting which is 4'x8' 1/2" and weighs in at 1.88 lbs per sq.ft.. 2.) The inside will have a 1" layer of spray polyurethane foam, then 3" batt insulation and 29 ga liner steel. What changes need to be made on your end? Please let me know. Brian


Need a quote on a 40 x 12(clear) bi-fold going to Stockdale, TX 90 mph wind. Best regards, Dick


Please quote to supply only biford door with clear opening of 45w x 15'H. As our other orders this is for the same place as far as shipping. We require sheathing, straps, safety eyes, free standing header, insulation blanket, Extra steel siding and blanket insulation to in-fill the rest of open wall for 75w x 25h. To clarify, we have a 75'w x 25'h opening and are putting the 45x15 door in this opening centered, we are infilling the entire opening with matching insulation and siding as the door. Regards, Scott


Dear Sirs, Can you provide a door that would be either 120'W x 23' clear or 28' clear? I have a customer of mine in Laredo, TX that has asked me to look at large hydraulic doors for a building they are considering. I had not considered a vertical lift door, but maybe you can do it? Please advise, Ruben


Good afternoon: Please provide pricing for six 42' x 12' bi-fold doors. Please provide freight as an option, we may haul this on our trucks. I have attached the spec's for your use. If you have questions please call or e-mail me. Thank You Sam


Hi I am building a steel farm equipment building in Saskatchewan and am interested in your bi-fold doors. I would need a 16 to 18' high by 42' foot door. Please advise on the cost and weight of the door, what specs for the steel building supplier, delivery charges. Thanks Iain


I require a price 2- 19'-10" x 14'-0" Bi-fold Please do not hesitate to contact me should you have any questions, comments, or concerns. Sincerely, Nevin


please quote the following bifold doors for a project that I am bidding in Montreal Canada


I would like to get a price on a Bi-folding door 45'x12'6" please let me know if this is posible and how we can set up shipping to California as well as an account. Thanks in advance Charles


Please quote price (FOB Portland, OR) for 3 ea. Bi-Fold: 1 ea. 48' x 16'; 2 ea. 46' x 16'. Design for 110 MPH / Exp. C per IBC 2006.


Good Morning, We had talked about the bifold door about 50' wide and 35' in height last Friday. The site is in Mulberry, Florida (Polk County). We would like to have it designed for 150 mph and per the city's or county's requirement. Could you also please send me the quote for 25' wide and 35' tall bifold door? Our client wants to see the price difference before he could decide. Thank you, Binod B


Please provide a quote for (2) 46' x 16' and (1) 48' x 16' clear span bi-fold doors. Do you also sell slider doors? The project we're bidding also includes (7) 40.5' wide x 12' high bottom slider doors.


Need to find a bifold door to cover the opening to a pit. The pit would below grade, but I am thinking that the door could be at a convenient angle to the building; maybe 60 deg above the horizon or more. Can you help? Alan


We have used your products in the past for smaller doors. I have a customer that is looking for doors to fit 3 openings. They have one opening that is 120' x 44' and two openings that are 100' x 28'. Is this a size hydraulic door that you can manufacturer? Please let me know. Thank you.


Please furnish information about cost, lead time and options, including glass panel possibilities. The job I am specifying is calling for your bifold doors as an option, with operators. There are four doors- one 12' x 12', two 16' x 16' amd one 4' x 6'8". Please include shipping and/or a distributor/ installer for the Corvallis Oregon area. Thank you.


I am looking for a price on a 40w x 12h bifold door. I am also looking for a price on two- 40w x 20h. Give me the price FOB your yard. And provide me with the weight and width detail so I can look into shipping options. Thank You, Rick


i would like a price quote on 1 bifold door, the sooner the better, i might be interested in a 14 wide by 12-14 tall also thank you


Had one bifold Schweiss door in Stacy Minn-worked very well. How much for a 24' by 11' opening delivered to Negaunee (Marquette) Michigan?


1. There will be a total of (10) doors: (5) 64'-6 x 18' (5) 55'-6 x 16' (clear openings) 2. Doors should include 230V single phase electric motor, push button controls, door seals, electric door latches, 3070 walkdoor in each hangar door (10 total) w- standard lockset hinges etc.


Please quote a 40-0" x 18'-0" clear opening bifold door w/ lift straps delivered to Le Mars, Iowa. Include full weather stripping w/ center seal and bottom seal. Please include an option for auto-latch. Need drawing provided with design details so that I can properly design and quote a steel building.


I would like a installed Quote for a 42' x 12' bifold with lift strap system, insulated and lined.


I need a price on a 40 x 10 bi-fold door for 126 mph wind load. This door will ship to Lucedale, MS 39452.


I would like to request a product binder and an immediate quote for the following: (4) 14'-0"w x 7'-0" (h) (2) 9'-0"w x 7'-0"h bi-fold doors. The project is new construction, ICF (insulated concrete formwork, and the bifold door would be used as an awning in the open position and hurricane shutter in the closed position. I am also interested in a wood bi-fold door for a garage application (2) 10'-0" x 7'-0".


We are seeking a large door to withstand D-90 wind zone, real world winter gusts reaching 140 mph directly exposed to Pacific Ocean but situated on salt water bay. Certified diaphram calculated moments and engineering for closed condition only. This door will be opened all the way perhaps only once per year in only the most select calmest conditions to remove one of two marine travel lifts. A 24" 108lb/ft wide flange steel beam is proposed as the clear opening header supported by (2) 14"-30 lb columns at each end as are used in travelife storage building. This is a 4th stage inter-connecting all metal building to tie two existing steel buildings together and eliminates a 45' breezeway. Bifold door to be installed on southside of concrete slab between existing two buildings hung from top flange of wide flange header with wedge not to exceed 5 ft. Can we get a Red Power motor?


Need a quote for the "Hangar Doors" for the Imaging and Outpatient Center, UNC Hospitals, Chapel Hill, NC. Price needs to include installation. 2 - Openings 22'-2" x 14'-0" Vertical bi-fold doors each consisting of a 2-panel motor operated door system. Please respond with email address so I can forward complete specification.


We are interested in your bi-fold doors for steel construction. We are a CECO dealer and erector. We have a job that is requiring several bifolds. Please contact me as soon as possible about a quote.


Please quote 1 - 40' x 20'6" Bifold Door Option: Operator & required brackets Thanks Isaac


I am looking for a price on 2 hydraulic Schweiss doors, 1 - 50' x 20' and 1 - 40' x 18' both non insulated. Also time frame for availability?


Please quote a bifold door without windows and with 4 windows 4.5'H x 5.5'W. The Rough Opening will be 14'H x 52' W Thank you


Could you please provide some literature on your 21'-0" H x 65'-0 W, (18'0" clear with 3'-0" wedge) Bi-fold door.


I have a bi-fold door from your company and need 4 windows that are in the door. All the windows are 40" x 40". Can you please contact me so I can get a price on these.


need a quote on 2 bi-fold doors 36w x 17h in endwall 24w x 16h in sidewall I input the info for the 36 x 17 in the fields below but I need a price for both these doors asap.


Need a 24x14 and probably 12 foot high bifold door. We need to know the cost plus shipping and handling. Thanks!


Please quote installing 24'x12' not insulated and 14'x12' not insulated bifold doors each with extra remote operator. Are there any cost incentives to go one piece. Gable installation. Thanks 


Please quote price and lead time for a 56'x 14' Bifold Hanger Door. Wind load 90 MPH FOB Grand Junction Thank You 


I am trying to get a value on a door for insurance purposes. 50x16 bi-fold door with no windows or doors.


Need a quote (budget price) for a 100'-0 X 25'-0 bi fold door also considering lift straps do you supply? Pls. quote material delivered and alternate for installed.


Need a price for (2) 60' x 21' clear Bi Fold Doors with alternate price for electric operators to be delivered to Louisburg, NC 100 mph Exp. B


I would like more specific details @ the jamb and head conditions. We are trying to do a flush mount bi fold door with wood paneling with really tight reveals. The information given on the website is very general and I was hoping for something more specific. We would like a 10'X10' one piece hydraulic door. If you can't send old shops or standard details @ the head and jamb I would like to know what measurement 'F' is in the -how to measure- tab. Also whether the tube frame would be a 2x2 or a 3x3 profile. We have a need for six doors. Three will be installed into a CMU wall and the others in a heavy timber structure.


I am going to need these one piece doors to have a clear of 14'-0" when opened. I am going to say the door needs to be 15'-0" please advise what the correct dimension should be?


Need a number for (1) 48'x 16' bi-fold door, clear opening of 47'6" x 14'0". 230v 1ph top mounted motor, per. w/s, manual latching w/ interlocks, 4 cable pick-up. Thanks


Our company has installed a door of yours that was purchased by the homeowner. We have another customer building in the same area that will need a 42x13 bi-fold and I would like to get a quote. Thanks


I have a 11/6 wide x 8 tall opening that needs a non-insulated bifold door and motor. Can you help? Could you price FOB Kalispell? Lead time? Thanks in advance. Dave


I would like to get a rough quote for a 50' wide by 15' high bi-fold door. Thank you, Chad W.


Give me a range of cost for a 40 foot by 18 high bifold. Also a 30 foot by 16 high. Thanks, Keith M.


Will be starting construction around end of September would like a quote for a standard 40' bi-fold door with a seperate quote for shipping. Thank-you... Aluminum Option Adder Painted Frame Adder


I need a revision for a quote Door Size: 48'wide X 16 clear with 30" Wedge an option for Door size: 50'wide X 16 clear with 30" wedge


Please send me information on your bi-fold doors that are 18 X 60 for a merlin 111b. i would also like to have some cost information. Thanks Kevin G.


Project: Q. Convention Center Extension & Link Bridge. Design Consultant : H. Venue Design Manager : B. & McD. Program & Construction Management : KEO Client: Q. Petroleum Location: Doha Q. Dear Sir , Please submit your best & competitive offer for supply and installation of Bi Fold Motorised door according to attached documents


I have a Cessna 185 on Amphibs...it is about 13' tall at the tail. It also has a wing extension kit so the total width is just a hair over 39'. I am researching metal buildings and pole buildings. What size bifold door would you recomend?


How much is freight to San Antonio for 2 42x12 cable operated bifolds?Do you charge sales tax in Texas?Thanks


We have a customer who would like extra decals install near there bi-fold doors.Can we purchase the safety decal sets and if so, what would the cost be? We may be looking at 30 plus doors.Regards Randy H.




I am bidding on a hanger for a client and I am looking for a price for a 40' X 14' bifold door. I am looking for an installed price and I am located in Idaho.ThanksRod


I have a large pool house that looks like a greek temple that I am interested in having bi-fold doors installed in.Do you have a local rep.We would require someone to come and measure and discuss with the contractor as the building is pre-existing and in not standard constructionThank YouAnne F.


Hi,I received a quote for a 40 x 12 door, Thanks. But I have a fellow EAA member who is also building a hangar that I am coordinating. He needs a 40 x 10 Bi-fold door. Would you please send me a quote. His name is Greg M.




I would like some price information on 41'6''X 14'0'' bi-fold hanger door. Builder is in Kansas City, area. Thre is 5 to be installed , with 3/4 hp. ops . Thank you, Del


Brook & Jeremy, On 01-09-06 I ordered a bi-fold door on quote for the Rick V. job. He is planning to build another building and I would like a quote ASAP on another bi-fold door. The clear opening we would like is 50'-0" wide by 18'-0" high. Could you please run this & send me a spec sheet so I can design the building accordingly? Thank you,Mark M.


Hi, I have your Bi-Fold door no a building. I have a series A G.E. open/close switch which I am having trouble with. I need a scamatic of the wiring for it and a cost for a new switch.


hi.... iam trying to fine metal interior bifold doors hope you can help.........thanks david


Hello. I'm looking for prices and additional information for 2 bi-fold doors, which would be clad with corrugated metal, have 1' wedges, and one would have a ribbon of 2' high windows just above the center. One is for an end wall, the other for a side wall. The building is new construction in Santa Fe, NM. Both doors would have 16' wide by 8' tall clear openings. Email is the quickest way to reach me. Thanks for your help.


Am looking for more information. Please have someone contact me on my cell phone number listed above at their soonest convenience. Would like to speak with a representative concerning your bi-fold doors. Would like to speak in person over the phone with someone, as I do not check my email very often. Thank you Tom F.


Hello, I need a price for a 50' wide bifold door that will, when fully open, create a 12' clear height. I'm OK with the mechanical strap system and I do not need remote opening or a final latching system. Can be a manual latching.


I am loooking to replace a bifold door. I would like to see one of your hydraulic doors in motion. Is there one installed locally that I could go see? Thank You


interested in installing bi-fold doors into the sides of 40' steel shipping containers. could you pls give me an idea of cost? thanks


I am working on a quote that has three bi-fold doors. Door sizes are: 111' wide x 28' high 96' wide x 28' high 76' wide x 24' high I only need the loading information so that I can design my frames. My quote is due Monday, 2/23/09. Use IBC 2006; Wind = 90 MPH, EXP C. (Jet blast = 100 MPH up to 17')


I have a project bidding in Carrabelle, Florida requiring three (3) 41' wide x 12' high Bi-Fold door each containing one (1) personal door. Doors need to be design to the FBC 06' 130 mph, exp. C. If you are interested could you please send me your quote along with your weights and balances so we can design our building around your doors. Thank you, Jon A. VP-Sales


I have a customer that may need a bi-fold style door. Can you call me with pricing for the door. The size is 18x8 and they will want to have a wood exterior.


I have plans for a 26' x 10' 10" bifold that my customer is going to add wood zinc sheeting to. i have a spec sheet that I can email. Can you give me an email address that I can forward the plans with?


i am looking for a bifold door 22 feet wide with an 11 foot open ht. on one upper corner of the 11' high opening the distance to the soffit is 16".on the other end(left side standing inside) the measurement is 36". so im guessing a 12" by 36" triangle cutout out of the right hand top corner of door would be needed assuming an 11' door measures 13'. the other end i would leave square. please send me a price. the building is at fort peck montana. oh, the roof pitch is 4/12.


I need a price for a 28' x 18' bifold door without a walkin door and the customer would like the motor up high but if thats not possible then bottom will work.


I'm very familiar with your bi-fold doors, having 8 of them installed for truck loading drive through as my business. I'm interested in installing one on my new garage under construction but have concerns on vertical clearance. It is on a side wall, not end wall. I want the door to be 24 or 26 ft wide. The framed side wall is ~120 inches height. The eave extension height is 100 inches. Is is safe to assume that with a 12" wedge that I can still achieve ~ 96" drive through clearance? I am starting to build the support frame out of 6" x 10" x 1/2" square tubing. Please contact me asap to discuss.


Interested in Bi-fold door. I have previously emailed project specifics to the company email address.


We are requesting for a quotation on 2 "Bi-Fold Doors": (18'10" x 7'3") and (13'6" x 7'3") Thank you.


To Whom It May Concern: We need to get a quote on ( 1 ) 46'-0 x 16'-0 Bifold door with motor. I am sorry but we do not have any more specifics other than this, we had a customer looking for quote on a phone in. You can Email quote or fax Thank you John


Door to be insulated, two or three windows, soffit clearance outside looking in on right may be close (required clearance?), what else do you need from me, & how much prep is required by me. 6 to 8 years ago you installed a 30" plus bi-fold for this customer Joe N. Farms. Thanks Doug


Dear Sir, We are in need of 24 number of Bi Fold Doors of size 4000 x 50000 mm for one of our contracting project. We would like to get all the details regarding price and delivery of the doors. We request you to give us above requirements at the earliest. With regards, Edison C.


Please price out a bi-fold door (1) 60' wide x 16' clear height Jobsite Loveland, CO 80538 Please price door with operator Please price external free-standing frame Please price installation charges for door and a option for external frame install Please price an option for auto-latch system


Wanting a price quote on a bi-fold door for resale with opening dimension of 24'4" x 14'4". Any information or a pricing list would be greatly appreciated.


I just wanted a quote for a bi-fold door. Right now, we have three rol-up doors with hinged tracks.


Design 85 MPH, Exp. C per IBC 2006 Quote for Bi-Fold Door of 80' width x 25' clear height. Please provide framing details with dimensions and load data. Thanks. Lawrence


I am looking for a budget figure for a Top Drive, stationary, bifold door that is flush mounted. The opening is 18' w x 10' h, and will be covered with corrugated metal siding to match the exterior of the building. If you have any questions or need more information, please contact me, either by e-mail or by phone. Thank you, Robyn H.




We just had our bifold door installed past weekend. I brought the literature home to read and see that we are to check the oil level in the gear box. Is the gearbox prefilled from the factory? I just want to know whether I need to get oil for the door before my next trip up to our property. Also, is there someone with experience in Arizona you could recommend to do a post-install inspection for adjustments, etc? Thanks.


I would like quotes for two bi-fold doors on a project. We are still in the design process - but feel we are far enough along that the openings should not change at this point. I have a pdf I can send you if you would like. Below is the first door I need a quote for.


Need pricing for nine (9) 40' x 12' bifolds. 9 lifting cables Manual door latches 24" wedge (actual Door height @ 18'6"?) 1 single phase motor inside manual push button mandoor framed in door I have another project requiring much larger doors as well 100'x28'


I am looking for a price on a bi-fold door.The door is 84ft. wide and needs to have a clear opening height of 24ft. Please give me a call as soon as possible. Thanks Chuck H. This door will be located in Houston Tx.


I am wondering what the price for a door and installation would be. I think the opening is about 18' wide by 14' high. I am interested in an automatic bifold insulated door with a couple of small windows.


Please Quote, 1 ea. 60' x 18' clear and 2 ea. 50' x 12' clear bifold doors. thank you...John R.


I have a cable type bi-fold door in my shop and was wondering if you could quote me a price on a new bottom door-seal and where I might purchase it. The actual seal measures 27' 2" in length. Any help on this will be greatly appreciated. Thank you, Vic B.


I would like aproximate cost for a 16 ft. high 24 ft. wide bifold door. And what size rough opening is needed.


Need six (6) bi-fold. One (1) Bi-Fold 12'-0" x 14'-0" One (1) Bi-Fold 24'-0" x 14'-0" Four (4) Bi-Fold 20'-0" x 14'-0"


I'd like 4 prices, 1) one door 2) one door and instalation 3) two doors 4) two doors and installation. Also how long will it take from deposit time to it is delivered and or installed by your guys? Bifold 12' X 40' Thanks Jim


Correction to previous quote request. The building is 50(end)x100x18. The customer gave me a bad sketch. The bifold will be centered in the endwall.


please quote a 20x14' bifold door please include freight our customer would install the door


I am quoting a gabled building 100(end)x50x18 that will use a 32x16 bifold in the center bay of one endwall. The roof slope is 1:12. We will use our 26 gauge sheeting and trim to cover the door. Please provide a quote for this item, delivered to McPherson, KS. Let me know if you need any more info. Thanks


Need pricing ASAP for 55' x 13' bi-fold door with an optional price for a 60' x 13' The 13' height dimension is the required clear height with the door in the full open condition. I also need to know how much area I need above the door for mounting...


Need budget for installing 3 bifold doors for a client. Door opening /- 40 ft x 14 ft. need pricing, loads on lintel and jacks... Job to be done this fall Thank you


We are looking to utilize a bifold or fold-up door in one of our project and would like to learn more about what you have to offer. I would appreciate contact as soon as possible as the project is moving quickly. Thank you, Katie


I have a garage with a 9x7 opening that a conventional garage door will not fit because the head space inside is too low. I saw your door that is bifold and it appears it would work well. I'm wondering about cost, installation, are they insulated, can they be put on an automatic opener, etc.? Any information you could give me would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Carrie


I have a customer for whom we are constructing a building. He is interested in putting a bi-fold door in this building. What would be an approximate price on 40' wide x 12' tall door? Thanks.


Do you supply an "external, double leaf, metal bi-fold door to fit an openning of 8'wide x 7' high"? Please advice. Thank you!


Is it possible to use your bi-fold door on the interior of a building (one that does not access outdoors)? Thank you, Leah D.


Need a quote on a Bi-Fold door w/ 1earn. 3070 in the door. Required clear ht. 17'-0" when door is open. any questions please call


Hi, I am looking for a quote on a similar door to the one I purchased in 2006. I am looking @ 2 options this time. Option #1 - 16'wide x 20' tall Option #2 - 30'wide x 20' tall I am quote that is basically the same as the last door, other than the size. Thanks, Jim


These doors will be used in a 200' x 50' building that will be divided into 4-50' bays with one door in each bay. Is it possible to place a 3-0x7-0 walk door in the bifold doors? If not we may have to try to reduce the door width enough to place a walk door in the wall next to the door. Thanks, James


Hi, Looking to incorporate your bifold systems into our new project and would like quote and standard details. All are endwall applications with ample head clearence. We would like to apply horizantal wooden siding to meet flush when closed. Doorway cover 1 (Metal 6"x6"posts on both ends) A:14'-6" B:7'-6" clear C:9'-0" plenty of headroom Doorway cover 2 A:4'-8" B:7'-6" clear C:9'-0" plenty of headroom Window cover 1 (metal 6"x6" posts on both ends) A:14'-0" B:4'-0" clear C:5'-6" plenty of headroom Window cover 2 (Metal 6"x6" posts on both ends) A:4'-2" B:4'-0" C:5'-6" plenty of headroom I'm sure you will need more information from me however, this should be enough to get started. I look forward to your response. Jacob C.


Please provide a quote for the following bi-fold door. Please get back to me asap, I am working on a package quote and need your figures to complete my quote. Thanks a lot, Jeff


I'm looking for ideas on how to make a fold up door with 4 panels. I have 2 openings 12' x 7'6" and 1 opening 8' x 7'6". There is about 30" clearance above the opening. Any ideas? Thanks, Steve D.


You used to have an iso of a Bi-Fold door which was higher then the building. I can't find it on your Website.


Please provide a quote on a bi-fold door including motor or lifting mechanism for a 40x14 foot opening. Building will be either wood or steel (not quonset). Building has not been purchased Thanks


interested in a 80 foot bifold also some other estimates on 70' please quote some prices with options including installation and shipping


Need a bi-fold that will span at least 57' with a clearance of 16'. I need specs and pricing


Hello- The company I work for is planning on using one of your bi-fold doors on a new construction project. I was wondering if I could get some information about other people who have installed your doors. We would like to be as prepared as possible, and would like to try and find out if there is someone in our area who has installed them before. Please email me with any information you can give me. Sincerely- Morgan P.


need qoute on 12'hx16'w bifold ; is finish panels applied @ site ; how difficult is first time assembly (how much time should I allow); how much weight can I add for finished front( it will be a rusted metal skin)


Looking for quote an Bi-fold door and door frame size is : 40'w x 12'h. /-. Please let me know. Thank you. Steve


About 7 years ago I purchased a bi-fold door from you with a built in personal door access. A while ago some theives broke into my hanger and virtually destroyed the door lock and bolt mechanism (not the bi-fold, just the man entry door) to the point where replacing the lock appears impractical. What would a replacement door with lock cost and how much would the shipping be?


I currently have one of your 40 foot Cable B-fold doors. So does my neighbor. Do you sell the 12" neophrene seal that goes at the bottom and top. If so what would 40 feet cost ? Thanks


I am a salesman for Illini FS / GROWMARK in our construction department and need pricing for a 50' X 18' bi-fold door. Please contact me as soon as possible being that I am workinmg on a pending quote to get back to the client with. Thanks, Jeff H. / Illini FS


Dear sir/madam, I'm interested to learn more about your BI-fold Doors.Could you please send me your products catalogs. Thank you, Jessie




I need a quote on a 48x14 bi-fold door shipping to Henderson, KY. Please let me know if you need any other information. Thank you, Kim M.


Looking for quote/local supplier for flush bifold doors: 1 - 18' wide x 9' tall 2 - 9' wide x 9' tall Thank you Dave C.


Looking for pricing on a 70'1/2" x 24'11" Bi-Fold This would be for immediate purchase to replace existing damaged door. Please contact ASAP


Looking for pricing and info on (10) 44x 16 bifold doors installed @ KMIC We had one of our hangars burn down last mo. and are now ready to replace. please call.


I am trying to adjust the cables on a pair of Bi-Fold doors by Schwiess and I can no longer find my installation books. How much slack do I leave in the cables? How do I make sure that the doors rise evenly (level)? What is the best way to lubricate the hinges?


I just want an order of magnitude price on something like a 40' wide x 12' high bifold door. I am not building at this time. In the "planning" stage. I'm guessing on the specs. Do not call.


Can you send me a quote for a bi-fold door 42x14. I think that's what I need. I have a building that's 60x50x16 2:12 and the customer wants a 42x14 clear to go in the center of the building. Will that work? The door will be going to Baldwin County Alabama 150 mph wind. Thanks Korey P.


Would like to know the approximate cost of a 25x15 bi-fold door. We aren't ready for a salesman, but are looking at all options.


Request INSTALLED quote on a 50-foot wide by 14-foot high bifold. Also a quote for a 50' x 13' and a 50' x 12'. Also Strap vs. Cable costs. Are local dealers required for installation and receiving of door? Shipping costs to Prineville, Oregon.


need pricing on bi-fold 44ft. long by 18 ft.6" tall doors. also estimate on instalation and removal of old doors in South Texas.


I'm looking for a bifold door to cover a 20'w x 14'h hole, I would cover it with metal clad siding on one side price it with a remote auto opening system and also non remote manual latching system. Thanks Alvin E.


Do you have experienced people in the my area who have installed your bi-fold doors in new construction?


Hello, I'm a student at Marquette University working a design project with Menominee Valley Partners and the Sigma Group in Milwaukee. We are assembling a feasibility report for a skate park (designed to open up via garage doors during summer months) beneath a viaduct, and need a price estimate to address budget concerns. If you could please provide a rough estimate (per door) for the following doors, it would be greatly appreciated. If there are standard dimensions near the dimensions provided, feel free to adjust as necessary. Thank you for your time. Bi-Fold Door: 35'W x 20'H Bi-Fold Door: 80'W x 20'H


I am looking to specify vertical bi-fold doors for a project in Milwaukee Wisconsin, similar to the doors I see on your web site. The project has a budget, and I need to know what information you need from me to get a ball park figure to use these doors on the project. Please email me back or call and I will be happy to give you any other dimensions or other information you may need. I will look forward to hearing from you. Kind regards, ann h.


Please provide quote for 4 bifold doors 50x15 clear with straps and separate for cables.List also any options that are available. What is the lead time for delivery? What would shipping be to Oshawa airport CYOO? What would installation cost be? Thank You Hannu H.


I would like a quote for a 35'x15' bifold door delivered to Santa Maria, Ca. 93455 Thank you, Mark.


needed to know price range for the frame work and hardware for bifold door, 10 ft wide and 14 ft tall. Thank you for your time Jered


I would like a quote on a bifold door. The clear opening is 24'6" X 14'. If you need more info please email me


Include additional cost for optional walk door, windows, cold weather kit, straps for bifold, auto latches with remote, manual latch, top & bottom rubber, 125 mph 3 second wind gust zone,


Looking for a price on an Bi-fold door for any existing interior wall to seperate to warehouse type areas.


We need a quote for a pair of bi-fold doors. Please have a representative contact me ASAP. Thank you. Stephen D.


I would like to know your price on the manual side latch kit for bifold doors. Is there a different left and right latch? Thank you, Barry W.


I am interested in a bi-fold door system for my hangar/garage. Presently, I have 2 - 20 foot roll-up doors with a center guidepost for entering my airplane into the garage. The opening is approximately 9 feet high. There is a concrete floor and apron inside and partially outside. The header is a steel beam spanning the whole 40 foot opening and is covered by wood. At what cost do you estimate that I could replace with your bi-fold doors? Thank you, Pat


Need a quote on a 16ft X56ft Bi-Fold door delivered only. Thank You Mike


I need to know the structural depth of your bi-fold door. The clear door opening is 115' X 28'. I have a Part 77 building height restriction of 35' so we will set the door in front of the opening in order keep the buildings as low as possible. It is still going to be very tight so the depth of the structure and hangar door in the open position is critical. We have limited experience with bi-fold doors but design a lot of hangars. Your hapid assistance would be appreciated. Check out for background on us. Thanks Mercer D.


Please contact me for discussion and info regarding a 44x12 bifold door on new construction. Thank you Tom S.


We have an opening for a door that measures 19'-9" x 15'-6". We are interested in the cost of your folding door. What additional information would you need to offer a quote?


probable build 2009.Hope for2008.If 12' sidewall what is the claerance of bi-fold door? App. cost 12x12 door.


I am in need of a 3-button switch for a bi-fold door. Hopefully this is enough information to place this order. Please contact me if you have any quetions. Thank you!


need a quote on 12 each 65 x24 bifold doors. Project is a design-build in Alaska. There are 3 inch insulated panels for the building skin, 2.75#'s per square foot. IBC 2006 Essential Facility 100 C wind 65# ground snow Ss 150 S1 55 call if you have questions


Need two free-standing bi-fold doors 38'w x 16'h (14' clearance). Shipment to 90670. Thanks.


can you give me an approx price for a basic bi fold door electric remote latch and lift opening is 10x10 with about 18 inches available above the door...I know those are broad specs but a close range will do thank you jeff


We would like a price for the following Bi-Fold doors. Price installed and not installed. Job is in Long Island, NY 10- 20' x 20' 12- 25' x 20'


I need a price for one 30' wide by 18' high bifolding door delivered and installed to Conlen, Texas in Dallam county.


Please note the two email addresses. I need a quote on a bifold door. The clear opening is 46'X 12'. I'm not sure what the dimension is to top of hinge but assume 12" for quote. New construction. Top and bottom rubber. Strap lift. Manual latch, single lever. Please include a shipping estimate for delivery to Soldotna, Alaska. I have not purchased the building yet. Your quoted will be a determining factor and like all your customers...I'm sure....it's urgent. Thank you.


Need a rough quote for your most basic bi fold door 70x24 To see if he is in the ball game. Don't spend too much time on it. It will all change if project becomes reality. Thanks, Ron


Hello, I'm interested in a quote for a bi-fold (aluminum or steel) door to fill a 30' x 9' opening. I'm just starting to get the quotes now and will be building within the next 6 months. Final installation will be in Catawba County, NC 28609 Thank You, Stan


We are interested in using a bifold door in our exsiting building. The opening will be 28' wide and 27' tall. We would like more info and a quote. Thank you Gene M.


We primarly need costing on 2 rotary limit switchs 40:1 We also would like pricing on motors gear reducing transmissions etc for a bifold door 60 wide X 18 ft


I am looking for a quote on a couple of doors. One opening size is 40'x14' high. This is to be a bi-fold door, with a free standing frame thaty will attach to a wood frame building. The second quote will be Two 60'x16' bi-fold doors steel building with steel frame.


We purchased a 12 X 40 foot bifold door. The contractor has installed it, but we don't have electrical service installed and connected yet. Now we have to have a fire sprinkler company come in to hang fire sprinkler plumbing from the ceiling. He may need to use some large equipment (forklift, scaffolding etc.) to accomplish this. Question: Can the bifold door be opened manually somehow? Right now the lift strap system and related hardware has not been intalled. The door is merely hung on it's hinges. For example, could a fork lift be placed under the center of the door and used to open it without damaging the door? Any suggestions appreciated? Thanks, George H. Groveland, CA


We are interested in the price of a 16 foot high-24 foot wide bi-fold door for our equipment shed. Please contact me on my cell phone. Thank you, Rob H.


We require a price for a Bi-Fold door 72' wide clear height of 20'.Wind load for Stockton Ca. 70mph 3 phase power. This is for a design budget project will go early next year. Thakns for the help Mike


I would like to price a series of bifold doors for a proposed project. The list is: 1: 80' wide x 18' high clear door 2: 72' wide x 18' high clear doors 5: 46' wide x 16' high clear doors Options Include: a) prices on both strap and cable types b) prices on std. latch, single lever latch, and auto latch c) each with walk door, no window d) full weather kits w/out insulation, (top,bottom,foam,white weather board) If you could please fax me a copy of the bid. Thank you very much.


I need a custom size bi-fold door. My "finished" opening is 28" wide and the height is 72 3/4". Can you please let me know if you can custom build a door for me. Pine wood will be fine (unfinished) Thanks Stan


Please call if you have any questions. The specifications for the door state the following: Door contractor shall furnish all labor, materials, equipment , an services necessary, including rigging and unloading, to complete the bi-fold door construction.


Hi few years back i got a door from you for a shipyard, maybe you have a record it was a 40 x 40 bifold. Any way i have a request to bid on a hangar door for aircraft, the size in feet is 82' x 26', can you please quote, delivered to the mexican border by san diego, as before. just simpe door nothing else, with sheeting etc. If we got the contract will be installed in Ensenada Baja California Mexico as the one i got from you some time before. Please advice, and give me your best bid Thanks Estuardo Z.


We have a customer how would like to have a bi-fold door with the service door built into the bi-fold...


Please provide a quote for the following Bi-fold door. Also, provide alternate pricing for installation.


Want a bi-fold door clearence has to 10' high x 40' wide. Want pricing and let me know what spec building opening would have to be to have. Thanks


What is the price for a bi fold door 77inches high by 11 foot wide. We need four or five for the carousel building, and two 77inches by 5 foot wide. Thanks Rich K.


Need a price for a Schweiss bifold doors, installed, on a job in Arlington, VA. Installation would occur 4th quarter 2008. I have specs that I can email to you if you would like. If necessary, price could be furnish only, FOB. With or without Virginia sales tax. I left a voice mail message for Jeremy about this.


Please provide quote for bi-fold door in specified opening. Drawings can be made available if more information is required.


I am interested in your bi-fold doors for two applications. 1- to provide insulation and wind protection on an oceanfront home. The door will cover a south facing glass wall as well as other east and west facing walls on a modernist home 2 - I would like to use this bi-fold door to cover a small swimming pool - 8' x 20'. I'm hoping that we can cover the door in wood decking and be able to use the cover as deck space when the pool is not in use. Please contact me.


could you please quote me a 65 x 20 clear bi-fold door going to Accola,Mt. standard accessories. thanks.


Please price for a bi-fold door for an 80'-0" wide x 18'-0" opening. This would be delever to Troy, Michigan.


I am building a 30x40 garage and am interested in a ROM quote for a 16W x 12H bifold to put into one of the gable ends. I am comparing it to a roll-up garage door, so cost will play a roll. A manual bifold would be fine.


Inquiring on purchasing a Bi-fold with dimensional spec @ 29ft high clearance and 40ft wide.


Julie S. quoted Bid-Spring. We need a final quote on a 70'x22' bi-fold door. I also need to set up credit so we can place an order upon final approval.


I need a quote for either a Bi-Fold door or a stacked door if you have them. The building is 85W 100L 25H(Eave) with a 2/12 pitch roof. The door needed is 25H65L clear. Please quote ASAP!


Hello I'm Seung from Cooper Carry in Atlanta, GA We are considering to use bi-folding door for loading dock entrance and want it be folded to inside. But all of your pictures shows doors folded to outside. I'm wondering if you can provide it.


May have project that includes Bi-Fold doors and trying to learn more about the doors. I need one more door. 48' x 13' Wasn't able to list this door.


My door opening is approximately 44' X 11' I'm not sure if the Bifold door is within my budget. Could you give me a ball park price for a door that size? Absolute basic door. Thanks Bob


I would like a quote on a bi-fold door with windows. The size would be rough opening 14'3 1/2" tall 29'63/8" wide. Quote with 4 windows.


We have a 30' Wide X 20' High roll-up steel door that needs repair. This design is very poor and we want to consider replacing with a more robust door. Please provide a budgetary quote for a bifold door suited for this opening.


Hello, My name is Nick A., We at BCI are looking to build a hanger this summer and we need a 70'X(20'height clearance) bi-fold door, so if you could get a hold of me about getting a price quote that would be great! Thanks, Nick


I am looking for a quote on a 16 x 40 bifold. Also if possible the shipping to get it to Alaska. I am looking for the simpelest cheapest model. ] Thanks Matt


looking for a quote on 5 Bi-Fold doors 44' x 14' with man door, to be installed in Brevard Co. Florida.


Would you please inform me of material used to built your bifold door frames. Wood, Steel, Aluminum, Galvanized ? ?


What model door are we receiving this week? ASI did not tell me exactly. Is the motor on the right side looking out from the inside of the door? Alan S.


Please quote on the following items and lead-time. 1)6 sets bi-fold Door (2L 2R) with all their frame and accessories for the openings of following: 2 sets (2L 2R) for 108%u201D (width) X96%u201D (high) opening 4 sets (2L 2R) for 96%u201DX96%u201D opening. 2)2 sets of double doors of size 35-1/2%u201DX93-1/4%u201D, or 2 sets of standard ones (35-1/2%u201DX83-1/4%u201D) All frames are clear anodized.


1 ea 40' x 20' bi-fold 1 ea 50' x 20' bi-fold cable x std wedge x 20' hinge height delivered and installed in devils lake nd both doors on same project


I am looking for a door for my home that folds like a blind and when you open it you can lock it


Sir or Madaam: I am a student at the University of Cincinnati and am using a bi-fold door for the design of an airplane hanger for a class project. I was wondering what the APPROXIMATE cost (incl. shipping and installation) and the installation time for a door measuring 127' x 35'?


I am interested in the pricing for adding a bi-fold door to my open ended hangar. Are there estimates for the installation costs?


Please provide door data today 3/1/07. I also need a 65'x20' bifold door quote with door in the endwall as part of the same quote. If you have any questions please call me Thanks Betty G.


Hello, Need Quote for Bi-fold door w/ lift straps, & walk door. Free standing header. Thank you! Rich


Hello, I am designing a hanger and would like a quote and specs on a bifold door as listed below. The a-1, A-2, A-3 and A-4 sheets would be very much apreciated (PDF format if possible). Thanks for you time Jamie


I just sent a previous e-mail asking for a quote on a bifold door, I gave the dimensions of 44' wide x 13' high, could you also quote me a 14' high door.


Need a price for two 42X12 clear opening, internal truss, bottom drive, bifold doors. They will need to come with self suppporting trusses. Please e mail if any questions. Thanks


looking for two bifold doors, the openings are 40 foot wide and 11foot 8 inches high the hanger is side by side and wood construction. please send information , price, shipping charge and approximate construction installation fee. thankyou, Fred G.




Hello. Our company is very interested in your Bi-Fold doors. For our project we need more information about them. It should be a two pieces Bi-Fold door for an existing building with concrete construction. Please send us all your information. Thank you and have a nice evening. Pamela


I'm looking for a price on a 50' wide 14' clear bi fold door any help would be appreciated Thanks, Matt


looking for to bi-fold doors that look like the old swing out doors from the 20s size 12w x 9t


We would like to receive additional information/material regarding your bifold doors as well as a possible price list. Send to address above or email address for printing. THanks for your time and attention to this matter.Sincerely, Charles M. Vicki L.


I need a price quote for a Bi-Fold hanger door that is 38' to 40 feet wide and 14' tall. Thanks


We would like information on the bifold barn-style door for our barn - like the one depicted in the picture on your site. The opening is 10' high x 16' wide. Thank you.


I would like to speak with someone in reguards to Bi-fold doors (1- 30'X 16' and 1-32'X 14')and obtain priceing. Please free to contact me. Thank-you in advance for your assitance. Kevin M. Pres.


Price / Delivery / Installed for (4) complete bifold assembly- Opening is 18ft W x 18 ft. High


Hi I am looking for info and priceing on a bi fold door. The door opening on my building is 39'x10'-8" please call or e mail me with info. Thanks Bob.


Please send us a catalogue of your Bi-Fold Doors. Also email us back a quote on Bi-Folding Steel Hangar Doors, strictira; fra,omg fpr tjis door, door frame tracks and door frame systes as standard componets: 20' high x33'long Thanks, B. E. Project Administrator


I am in the process of buying a new hangar with your bi-fold door installed.I am curious how much an Upgrade to a remote opener would be?




i need a "a manual" vertical bifold door (11' wide x 8' tall) any suggestions? its for a little storage shed and i would like a clear opening, thanks Bill


We are looking for a price Quote for a Bi-fold hangar door 40'X 16'. We will sheet it with 4" foam core panels by Metl-Span or equal. We need prices by next Wednesday 11/08/06. Freight will need to be FOB Seattle Docks, as the door will be for an Alaska Project. Sincerely, Dave S.




We have 2 hangar buildings needing 8 "scissor-type" hangar doors 55'x17'. Can I get a budget/bid price on these? The hangars are located in Couer D'Alene, Idaho. Please send a brochure as well. Thanks Pete R.


Please price a bi-fold shipped to Deland, Fl 32720 Rated 120 mph 3 second gust Florida Building Code Exposure B Framed Opening 48' X 16'


I have a Schweiss hangar door system with remote control and auto latch. I would like to obtain another remove control. Please advise. Thanks, Don.


We need a quote for a 50 wide x 12 clear opening bifold door. Windload is 90 mph, exp. C per IBC 2003 code.Jobsiite is Bastrop, Texas Thanks,Mark


Good Morning, I need a quote on a 29'x15' bifold door delivering to Alamosa, CO 81101. You can email it of fax. Please call me if you have any questions. Thank you, Garry


I am interested in a bi fold door my opening is 19' wide by 16' high what would the cost be? I would like a price on insulated as well as non. Darrel F.


I am planning to start building a personal, wood frame hangar, this fall. Planned dimensions will be 50 ft. wide x 40 ft. deep. Please provide a budgetary estimate for a 45 ft. x 12 ft. bifold door with installation estimate separate.Also, I am looking for basic drawings or plans for a complete frame hangar including details of the structural requirements for the bifold door installation. Your assistance would be greatly appreciated. Regards,Dave S.


I am pricing out a hanger and need a price on a door. Can you email or fax me the $.I need a bifold door for a 100' wide openbing and clear under the door of 27'-6" Thanks


We are about to place an order for a 12'w X 14'h bi-fold door. Your quote sheet requires the balance of the payment to be paid by cashier's check. The funding for this project is from an escrow company where the entire construction amount has been deposited into an escrow account. Would you accept a check from the escrow company?Please advise.Bill


aprox cost of two doors one 16' by 10' high and another 16' x 14' high automatic openers. insulated


I have a client that has, or intends to purchase, a Schweiss Bi-fold door. We need assistance with detailing and exactly how the door will fit into or onto the building frame. Door Purchaser is : Dr Peter , LA Please have someone call me as your earliest opportunity. Thank you