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We are an aviation company looking to construct 2 large hangers. We are looking for doors 50’x 20’. Would like a bid on the hydraulic door and the strap bifold door. What are some pros and cons of each door?


I need the price for a 41 foot X 14 foot bifold door.


I am interested in a quote for a bifold with opening dimensions of 44ft x 14 ft. I assume you ship to Alaska regularly and have the freight figured out. Thanks Jake


Good day, I would like to know how you can install a 40 ft X 10 ft bi-fold on my aircraft garage. I don't want to loose my 10 ft high ceiling and try to keep my 43 ft wide hangar. I am located close to Daytona, FL. Thanks.


Need a price on hanger door 45 x13.5 want a person door in it and 2 4x4 window opening bi fold door. Thant you bob


Please send me a quote for a 42'x14' bi-fold hangar door with a strap system. I am going to be building a hangar at the airport in Cook, Minnesota 55723. The building is going to be constructed by Sherman Buildings.


I need data and load sheets to design my PEMB to accomodate a schweiss door for the OGM Aviation project in Midland, TX. It is a 90' wide x 24' clear height folding door with 1 man door.


I am looking for a price quote for a 40'W x 14" H bi-fold hanger door. It is for new construction in a 44'x70'-14' Ht. post frame building. It would be located at the Garrison Airport. What kind of additional framing would be needed? Just let me know if you have questions, and I will try to answer them. Thanks, Rod


Need 100' wide x 30' vertical clear bifold in a metal building would like the all strap overhead door. Email cut sheet with price- job will be at Atlanta Speedway Airport in Georgia IBC 2018107 mph exposure C


Quoting removal of (4) fabric hangar doors and replacement with (4) Schweiss hydraulic aviation  doors at Chicago Executive Airport (Wheeling, IL) Need quote on (2) doors 52' wide by 14' high (2) doors 52' wide by 15' 1" high Need to fit in existing steel channel framed openings in metal building.


Hello, Looking for a quote for a door similar to this one: https://www.bifold.com/photo-of-the-day-baja.php Also I am looking for a steel builder to complete my architectural kinetic hangar door project. * I currently own a Cessna P210 Silver Eagle but would like to build to perhaps someday put in a Twin Commander 840. Thank You.-


The Port of Othello, WA is looking to install 6 overhead bifold liftstrap doors on hangars at our airport. The openings are 42'w x 12'h. Please send pricing information on the custom-made doors and lead time available. Thank you


Please quote on one 70' wide x 20' high (19' clear)strap latch Bi-Fold jet aircraft aviation door in AK. Include walk door insert.


I would like to price the following bi-folds 42'x12',40'x12',and 40'x10'. I am planning on a 50'x64' hanger with 14' eves. The door would be in the end. Please include liftstraps, walkdoors, remotes and any pertinent information. 


Ladies and Gentlemen, I am thinking about building a hanger at Harrisburg, PA airport. The door is very important for obvious reasons, and I was hoping I could get some cost information for a hanger approx. 50' x 50' in size. I assume the door would be slightly smaller, say 46' wide. The height is for a fairly light GA airplane (I currently have an A36 Bonanza), but I would like to build large enough for a light twin or Piper Malibu. I like the Schweiss electric bi-fold doors I've used in the past with motor at bottom using the straps. Is this enough information to provide a budget price? Could I also get an estimate of installing the door to a pre-engineered building. 


Per specs Liftstrap bifold door mechanism: 1. Minimum 7-32" aircraft grade with 5:1 safety factor. a. 10-year Warranty on straps. 2. Electrically driven motor and drive unit, factory installed, sized as required to easily operate strap lift system. a. Powerful Motor to have 3 year all-inclusive warranty. Provide frame in door for 3'x7' walkdoor.


I have a customer looking to build a 45'x40' hangar w/ a 40' wide bi-fold liftstrap door. Could I please get a price for a 12' tall door and a 14' tall door with autolatches? Building will be located in Chetek, WI at the airport.


We have a client in the Austin, TX area that is requesting a quote on a 44' x 12' Bi-fold strap door for an airplane storage hangar. Please call.


Looking for a 60' x 16' bifold liftstrap door to put on the front of a stick built airplane hangar. Need a price and weight info for framing door. Price your autolatch system and walk door with it. Any extra cost for windows across the middle of it?


Wanting information and price on a 14 ft high by 40 ft wide bifold and or hydraulic aircraft hangar door for a metal hangar. Door needs to be insulated. For bifold door include price with addition of liftstraps and autolatch door closer.


This large hangar door is for a Municipal Airport in  AR. I can forward you the specs if you need them. Bifold aviation use door will be 80 wide X 25 clr. Will need the design info ASAP to design our metal building door.


Need cost for 5 large corporate jet hangar building doors. Large steel frame Schweiss bifold aviation straplift door with automatic closing and door locking device, wide enough and tall enough for a Airplane 737 in Puerto Rico. Hangar door is on cement block construction.


Investigating options for expansion of a large hangar door in Barrow, Alaska each with differing door configurations. Need pricing on; 1. 80'x26' bifold 2. 80'x26' and a 90'x20' bifold door all using your liftstraps, remote openers, walk doors and ready for insulation and interior door sheeting.


I have a customer interested in a airplane repair storage building door, with a 60' wide x 16' tall gable end door. Looking for options on Schweiss bi-fold strap doors and hydraulic steel doors. The building will be 60' in width.


I need a 60' wide by 18' tall bi-fold door with straps and door autolatch for a steel aviation hanger door. Local wind loaded door at 90 mph exp. C. If you have any preliminary engineered door loads I would like those to help with the building budget.


We are currently gathering estimates for the construction of a 60 x 100 foot hangar. Please include costs for an insulated Schweiss bifold liftstrap door with remote control and two handhelds. Include prep for a steel interiodr liner. thanks


We are designing an airport facility addition and are considering using bi-fold doors that are 3600mm tall. Do you have a swing path drawing that you could send me or direct me to the spot on your website where you may already have that supplied? We want to put bollards of 900mm tall in front of the doors, realizing that they must be sufficiently far from the doors to allow for the swing-path. Thank you.


My company is putting together a bid for a County Municipal Airport. Your company was listed in the blueprints as an acceptable company for the hangar door. Per the blueprint: "Steel Bi-Fold Liftstrap  Hangar Door by Schweiss Doors Inc or equal. Provide with sensing edge, remote control, door base safety edge, 3 button automatic switch and bottom rubber seal with foam cushion kit."


We will be bidding the new airport hanger in Morris  and your Schweiss companys bifold liftstrap door is called out. Plans are on Quest or I can forward them on to you. I do need the rough opening dimen for a 80'-0 x 18'-0" door.(plans call for 18'-0" clear opening)


Please quote Bifold liftstrap door with installation. Aviation Hangar Project. I will also need a 30"x60" service door in each door. I just submitted for two additional door quotes...Those will also need the service doors in each. Please price doors with install.


Dear Sirs, We are interested in a SCHWEISS LIFTSTRAP BI-FOLD aviation hangar door for an Airbus 320 aircraft = W:44 meters H:14 meters. Thanks. Lucas, Infrastructure Manager Armenia International Airports AIA Building Yerevan 0042 Republic of Armenia 


Hi, I am looking for a Schweiss bifold liftstrap  hangar door approximately 48' wide by 13' high for a client. The frame will obviously need to be reinforced (windrated) in some manner. Is there a frame with the doors or do I supply that? Thanks 


Hello, Boss is wanting to explore a hangar construction for company jet. Wingspan is 45ft and I would like 10 ft clearance both sides. Can you give some advice on a Schweiss hydraulic one piece door 65ft x 25ft such as how much building width and height structure is required beyond the door? Also a very generic quote on door options would be greatly appreciated. Feel free to call me if preferred. Thanks, Mike


70x16 and 50x16 Schweiss hydraulic one-piece aviation door quotes with wall mount power packs. Quote same size in bifold with straps and auto latch. 4 windows in 50 wide door 6 windows in 70 wide door. Summer delivery. Looking forward to getting your quality built doors. Thanks


Please propose the price and terms for producing Schweiss bifold and/or hydraulic doors for our planned to build hangar with the estimated door size of 14,5meters x 3,5 meters. Additionaly please propose the remote control options and prices. Also, the construction charts for installation and requirements for hangar structure. The packed size and estimated weight for shipping to Vilnius, Lithuania. Your operative reply would be appreciated


I am designing a hangar to fit an A320 and we are looking to use your Schweiss hydraulic doors, the ones with Red Power hydraulic pumps for fast and heavy lift and with a Red Power backup system. The architect has drawn up the door as 120' x 23' with a 24' x 19'7" tail section. Is this something your doors can provide? If you email me back ASAP I can email you a PDF/CAD of the opening. It is to be installed in a steel building hangar. Thanks Jerry


I desire to build an aircraft hangar from a pole barn type construction in Northwest Alaska. We experience gale force winds, and artic temps. I am envisioning a 48'x40' barn, with your door being in the 48' gable end. The door would have to be tall enough to give ten feet of clearance. We currently have a Cessna 175 to house, but maybe a light twin in the future. Would a Schweiss bifold or hydraulic door work better under these harsh conditions? What backup systems do you have? I would appreciate any information that you can provide to help with the success of this project.


I need some information about Schweiss bifold and hydraulic doors. We have an 18 x 18 drive in door on one of our buildings that has failed. We cycle this door about 40 times per day for the winter months, and 4 time a day during summer months. Would your hangar doors be suitable for this application? If so any recommendations and cost you could supply would be helpful. He is a pilot and has seen your doors advertized and we have discussed their use here several times, now we have a need. Thanks 


Dear Sir: We have now joined a long line of previous, now out of business, competitor door purchasers that have had a complete door failure and have no recourse. The business has declared bankruptcy. Our 70'x20'clear height hydraulic door failed last night. No one was injured and no aircraft was damaged. Which of your products would you recommend we replace this failed door with? Schweiss Bi-fold or hydraulic? My employer recently purchased a bi-fold door that is framed and sits outside the building to retain the opening we needed. They also changed from cables to straps to open their hangar at the local airport. Can you send a rough estimate of cost for a Schweiss bi-fold and hydraulic lift door so we have an idea of what the cost could be to repair our problem and make our hangar useful as soon as possible? Thank you 


Mile High  owns and operates the Lake Anna Airport. We have purchased a Steel Building which is 47' wide by 25' in depth which has a clear opening of 39'0" in width and 10'8" in height. We would like a quote for a Schweiss Bi-fold door to fit this building opening with hopefully the same or close to the same clear opening after attachment. We would like to include the autolatching option plus shipping charges to the airport. Please advise if you need any additional information or need copies of the building plans to be emailed.


We are considering the development/construction of a series of hangar buildings in  NC. I would like to get some preliminary information as to pricing, options, specifications, scheduling, etc. so as to work on the conceptual plan and presentation to the airport board. Please have someone from Schweiss Doors contact me about Schweiss bifold/hydraulic doors, preferably via email so as to start communications.


Dear Schweiss Door Company I wanted to send you a e-mail to thank you for all your support while installing the door at Aviation location in Easton,Md.The product that you are selling seems to be a well built product. The client seems to be very happy as I while I was going over operating & safety instructions with them. Jeremy was more than professional each and every time I called.It is comforting to know there is a company that helps you through the install even after they have sold the product.I received a call from another client that has purchased a Schweiss Bi-Fold in the area.Plan on meeting him on Monday to discuss install price.If this referral came from you,Thanks.If you have any clients in the future I would greatly appreciate it if you would pass my info to them as an installer.


Good day. We are interested in bi-folding door the size of(12 X 4 m)/ for aviation hangar (25X16 m). Please send cost. Where we`ll need transport it from? Kind regards.


I am planing to build airplane hangar with a 50w X 12h bifold door. What are the differences in hydraulic, cable, and strap lift systems? What is the useful life of the different systems? What problems have been experienced by operators? What is the price difference between manual latches and automatic latches with remote operating system?


I am looking for a budget estimate on a vertical lift strap door with a walk door for my new steel construction personal aviation hangar.


I am building a hanger 45' wide by 50' deep and 16' high. I am looking for a hangar door to fit an opening of 40' wide by 14' high. Can you supply me with a schweiss bifold door price


I am starting constuction on a 40x40 hangar next month & I need to know what my rough opening size needs to be to fit your strap hangar door. I am storing a cessna 150 & a motor home & would like a 36w x 10h opening. At this time I only have a 3500w generator for power would that work or do you have a manual door option ? Please let me know what you may have to fit my needs or contact me if you have any questions. Respectfully, Dave


i am in the planning stage for a small private aircraft hanger. 40' x 30' wood building, concrete slab,R19 insulation. So I am interested in a quote for a well insulated Bi-fold door. thanks Derrick


Dear Sir/Madam, I'm writing to introduce my company as below; We are a civil aviation company that requires hanger doors and looks for companies like yours who can fulfill and support our needs. Now this company is looking for high technology bifold and hydraulic hanger doors such as Schweiss Doors has produced for decades. Kindly request you to send us your company capabilities and related product details and quotation in reply. If you have office in Dubai or Middle East please inform us. Thank you so much for your cooperation and Look forward to hearing from you. Kind Regards A. Bagard Engineering & Maintenance 


Looking for door options for an aerial application operation hanger roughly 80'x70'. Looking at 2 bifold aviation doors roughly 60' wide x 16' high minimum.


I am considering a hydrulic door for my hangar which now has a sliding manual door. The opening is 42' X 11" and the skin is re-usable (high quality steel). The building is metal skin on 8" X 8" wood posts. Please provide me with an estimate and indicate whether it is for the kit or installed.


I am a real estate broker and represent a seller with a hangar at the Concord Regional Airport, and I have an interested buyer who needs a larger opening. Currently the hangar has stacking doors which provide approximately 60'. Can you provide me with some hydraulic door options and a ballpark cost. Any help will be greatly appreciated.


Looking for a price of a Hydraulic Door for 10ft ceiling and 40ft opening for airplane hanger, flush mount


Have an existing 40 foot wood frame hangar and would like a bifold door. Let me know what is involved with these doors?


Remodeling older house in fly-in community in  CO. Hangar is attached to house and currently has large sliding garage style doors in need of replacement. Most interested in your bifold door.


Dear SIr, W.r t the tender project ' PROPOSED CONSTRUCTION OF HANGAR BUILDING FOR  EXECUTIVE'S BUSINESS JET AIRCRAFT AT DIb - HANGAR FOR CHALLENGER 300/605 AND GLOBAL 5000/XRS (6NOS - 8 NOS), kindly send us your best price on hydraulic doors. PN: This is a design built project.


Need 52 foot clear wing span, need to know rough opening for installation of hydraulic door into steel building. Thank you for your prompt attention,


To whom it may concern, I would like to take this opportunity to introduce you to GATVONLINE, a half hour long web based Aviation Show that can be viewed 24/7 via our web site which also includes Flying Resources, Flight Planning, Sponsors Links, Events, etc. The first episode is in production now and should air starting in mid January. You can visit the site now and watch the shows intro on the home page. Each episode will have three features with a wide variety of aviation topics including aircraft reviews, after market modifications, flying clubs, cross country destinations, training and weekly safety tips, just to name a few. One of the main focuses of the show will be to bring new people into the aviation community. The response that I have received so far from the aviation industry has been overwhelming, clearly most people feel that there is a need out there for this type of programming and want to be involved. Please take the time to view the site and the show's intro. If you have the desire to be involved with us on an on going basis or if you have any questions please feel free to contact me. Thank you for your time and consideration. Sincerely, Dave E.


Need pricing oh your doors , size range and technical features. HB builds hangers for ourselves and third party. Thanks, Jim M. SR Projects Mgr HB, Holland Shelter Aviation Group


Hi We need a quote for an aviation Bi-Fold door size 13600x5000mm(44,6 feet x 16,4 feet)I think it is your "S" type door.Judging by an old catalogue of yours dated 1993 the steelwork in place will easily support your door. We would like a CIF Johannesburg price if possible together with your manufacturing lead time. I am quite confident we will be able to install at this end. If you need more detail to quote please be in touch. Regards Roger B.


I need a quote on bi-fold doors like to the one we purchased for Burgess Aircraft Management. Can you tell me what my clear ht. needs to be from STAR? Thanks, LaDonna


We will be bidding the Airport building at Sibley Iowa. There is a 46 x 16 clear bifold door. We will be bidding this for Building Inovations. This is bid on the 25th. Please advise with comments or questions. Bernie D.


Hi, Could you please send me via snail mail information regarding hydraulic doors. I am looking for a door that will accomidate a plane with the wingspan of 68 ft and height of 18 ft. Thanks!


We would like some technical information so we could design the supports (and the door itself). It is a 60'x20' bi-fold hangar door for an aviation high school. We plan to put translucent wall panels (CPI Daylighting) as a finish.


Request estimate for bi-fold door for rough opening 16' (height) x 75' (width). Thank you! Al A. Airport Planning Goodwyn, Mills & Cawood, Inc.


Greetings from Oshkosh, Wisconsin If Schweiss Doors need lodging for the upcomming EAA convention here, I have a few homes and some rooms available yet that are friends or neighbors of mine. There is no extra charge to you for my effort to help them. I'm a retired travel agent so I am having fun doing this! Here are those yet available: 1) Konrad%uFFFD%uFFFD%uFFFDs home has 4 bedrooms, 3 baths, central air, internet connection, several TV%uFFFD%uFFFD%uFFFDs in several areas of the home. The master bedroom has a queen bed and attached full bath with tub and a separate walk in shower. The 2nd and 3rd bedrooms have twin beds and the 4th bedroom has no bed now but 2 twin portables could be brought in. So 6 people is the maximum number for sleeping if there were one couple for the queen bed.. There are 2 more full baths with walk in showers, (1 w/bathtub-shower). There is a nice deck and a large outdoor pool in the back yard. They own a Golden Retriever dog that is occasionally in the house when they are there. It is located in a quiet residential neighborhood about 5 miles from the EAA grounds. It is about 30 years old but everything has been well kept & up to date. The rental rate is $400 per night. The maximum number of nights they want to rent for is 8. 2) Berndt%uFFFD%uFFFD%uFFFDs home has 3 bedrooms, I %uFFFD baths on main floor plus a shower stall in the basement. There are 3 beds, (1 queen and 1 double and 1 twin bed). There is a cardio gym with weights and work out equipment. The home has Central Air, internet connection, a large back yard with a deck and furniture. It is located in a quiet residential neighborhood about 6 miles from the EAA grounds. It is about 30 years old but everything has been recently renovated inside and out. The rental rate is $270.00 per night. 3) Schade%uFFFD%uFFFD%uFFFDs home; offers 2 bedrooms upstairs in a bi-level home located on a channel of Lake Winnebago in a quiet location near public transportation. Three bedrooms upstairs will share two baths. The owners will stay in the home and reside in the lower level and Chris will prepare a breakfast each day for the guests. The rental rate is $80.00 per night, per room. 4) Steel%uFFFD%uFFFD%uFFFDs home will rent the full home or by the bedrooms. There are the following: 1 Queen bed, 1 Full Bath, 1 King bed, 1 Futon, A large Living room, Full Kitchen, Large Back Yard, located just West of the city of Oshkosh and about 4 miles from EAA Grounds. The rental rate is $160.00 per night for the full home. The rate for the king room is $80.00 per night and the Queen room is $70.00 per night. If someone sleeps on the futon that rate is $50.00 per night. If you are interested in finding out more, please contact me by email or phone listing your needs. Thank you, Bill W.


I am considering building a hangar and am considering my door options. The building options I am considering are 75X75 or 60X60 with a 16-17' door height. I had a Schweiss door in a hangar I rented previously and was happy with it. Right now I am trying to budget properly and compare prices between your door and another door. I want to make sure I have the height available to clear a King Air tail if necessary.


Learning. This will be a not for profit to store 3-5 general aviation antique/classic aircraft. Need five minutes of your time. Thanks, Mike


We are working on an airplane production facility here in Bend, Oregon and would like more information about your doors. Thank you.


I am a staff of aviation technology company in China. I am very interested in your company's products.I want to know more specific information. And I also want to know a approximate price about your products. If I have similar order in the future I will introduce your products to my client. I am looking forward to receiving your reply. Regards


we are building a hanger on the above airfield and we are looking for a hydraulic door we live in the United Kingdom and we be visiting to start the project in October please quote via our E mail address. for the time being


I am considering building a miracle truss hangar for my Piper Arrow. Do your doors come in a standard size? Can I install it myself?


We are in the process of pricing a new facility in Bloomington, IN and would like to price a bi-fold door for a 80' x 120' hangar. The door would need to be at least 70' wide by 18' clear height. We would like pricing for both straps and cables. How much would the Auto Latches add to the price? Thank you, Mike B. Aircraft Inspector


I'm building a hangar with two doors. The aircraft will be light airplanes with wingspans of around 31' to 32' wide. I assume a 36' wide x 12' high opening in my building will be sufficient??? Mike


Hi, DMS is the west coast dealer for Behlen buildings, and currently we have two clients for hangars. One client is probably a few months away, as the project is located at an airport, so there's a lot more permissions required. The second is a private client, for whom we have priced out a 60ft X 60ft hangar. He is interested in the overhead bi-fold door to fit a 50ft wide by 20ft high opening. Can you give me a ballpark figure so that i can get some working numbers to the client. Thank you, Mark T.


I need a quote on 2 - 50'wide x 16'high bi-fold hangar doors w/ operators delivered to Abq. Intl. Airport / Eclipse Aviation. My price to Eclipse is due Friday.


I contacted you a few weeks back about a door opener on our hangar door at our Aviation hangar building, in Greenwood, IN. The gentleman that called said it would be $49.00 or so - I don't remember. If you could get back with me again on this opener, I'll give you a credit card to have it sent. Thanks Phil B.


Hangar will be located at the Milaca airport (18Y). Construction has not yet started. Building is 45' wide x 48' deep with 12' sidewalls. Hangar door would be 44' wide. Thanks. Joel B.