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Hello, We are interested in using Schweiss Doors on one of our projects. We are looking at the Standard Hydraulic Door Flush Mount. We were wondering if you could provide us with Revit families/details or Autocad blocks/details. Thank you


HI I am an architect and am looking for hydraulic or folding Schweiss doors, and screens for a building I am working on in Western Cape South Africa. Do you supply to South Africa? Do you have representative/ agents in Cape Town that I can discuss this with? Kind regards Justin


Hi, We've been working on an indoor/outdoor community/cultural center, and a bifold door seems like it would be a great match with our kinetic architectural door design for the performance space. We're interested in generally learning more about the application of such a door and how much one might cost, but I do have some specific questions as well to gauge its plausibility. If we wanted to have custom materials on both sides of the door %u20AC%u201D a rain screen or other facade system on one side and an interior finish on the other %u20AC%u201D how would that have to be applied? Are there any weight restrictions on such applications? Would such alterations affect cost? What are the structural requirements for a 30' x 14' door? How would the structure change with any applied coverings? Do you have bifold details we could integrate into our drawings? 


We are working with an Architect/GC on an existing building that is going to be re-skinned with new glass. They want to include a hydraulic glass  door (1) that will consist of glass curtainwall. The overall size is 10'x10'. We are looking for budget numbers at this time. 


I work for an architectural firm, doing all sorts of projects from residential and condo dwellings to industrial and commercial buildings. Working on a project for a helicopter hangar, our client wanted to use bifold doors, a product that we knew nothing about. Searching on the internet, I discovered your company and noticed Schweiss also specializes in hydraulic doors. I would be interested, if possible, to receive an architectural binder, containing the technical information about your products (minimum and maximum dimensions, exterior finishes, insulation and R value is possible, colors, warranties, installation, cost %u2026). I also found that you can also do some custom bifold and hydraulic door projects and we find this aspect very interesting. Thank you in advance for your help. Have a nice day.


Hi, My name is Stacey, I work for an Architecture and engineering office. We design, permit and construct wineries. We have two projects that we are looking at glass bi-fold or glass hydraulic winery  doors for. Please see the attached image for reference. The sizing we need are below (QTY 1 ea): Walnut Creek, CA 8 x 15' 6" wide door 8' high x 7' wide door Sonoma, CA 10' high x 20' wide door Could you please provide us with a quote? Love your Opus Winery doors described on your Must See Photo Schweiss website. 


Hi, I am an architect. Currently we are designing a shopping mall in Shanghai, China. We like your bifold and hydraulic shopfront doors and would like to know if you have repesentative in Shanghai or in China we can contact. We did see one of your doors on a nice hotel here. Look forward to hearing from you.


Hello, I'm a Architectural Associate from Chicago, IL we are interested in using your doors for our project. At the moment, we have one door on a side wall and one door on an end wall. We need an estimate and information on the cost of two doors within 3 options: Option 1: two hydraulic doors with photo eyes and windows.  Option 2: two bifold doors with the strap system Option 3: two single panel doors with hydraulic doors.  Please attach any CAD, DWG, or PDF files that can help. Thank you for your time, 


We are looking for a quote for Community Center in TX Your company is specified by our architect for a glass hydraulic designer style door. Can someone please contact me so I can give you a more detailed description?


I'm with an architectural firm out of Denver, CO. We have a new mall we are designing that we think should use your hydraulic designer doors. One is 25'x15, the other 25'x14 - and we would be adding some decorative rock to the outside face. Could you outline the safety features, such as photo eyes, etc. that we can get with these hydraulic designer doors.  We also would like engineering design loads so we can understand how it affects our structures. I will  provide architectural door renderings to clarify what we have in mind. Thanks - Chad


We are Boise, ID architects designing a high profile sports and performance center in the Dallas area. We are looking for design assistance on a large opening to go across an indoor/outdoor practice field. The opening is 15' tall by 160' wide. We want it to be a  glass hydraulic door and we want the opening clear with no columns. Please have a representative contact me as soon as possible.


Hello. We are a architectural studio from Barcelona. We are designing an hotel in Ibiza with several buildings and we would like to use your hydraulic lifting doors and/or your bi folding doors, with glass, in them. Could you please send us some information, dwg details if possible. Do you have any distributor in Spain? Thanks..


I am in the design stages of a home and me and my TN architect are looking at options for a hydraulic door for an outdoor living area. Please provide pricing with weatherstripping as it will be used and a conditioned basement. Also provide estimated lead times. Thanks


Looking for a hydraulic door, 15' x 11', to look like aluminum sectional door. Crazy VT Architects!


Hello, I am an architect in Miami and I am interested in using a hydraulic power door product like yours in a commercial application. Do any of your products carry a Miami Dade NOA? 


I am working on a project in which I would like to use several hydraulic doors with the new Red Power pumps. It is an interior installation for a board room that we would like the walls to swing open. We are early in the design phase so the dimensions are flexible to allow for standard sizes (if necessary). Right now we are looking at four 16\' long by 9\' doors with glass. Acoustic separation is an issue. I\'ve not spec\'d a system like this so any assistance or recommendation you can offer would be very helpful.


Hi, I am a 3rd year architecture student studying at Illinois Institute of Technology. I am writing in regard to more information about the Schweiss products such as CAD drawings. I read through your web site and and found it very informative. I love the creative things you do with a simple door. Thank you for your help.


I'm an architect working on a project in Boston, trying to get a budget quote for a hydraulic door. Actually, we need two hydraulic doors. They are both 6'-9 1/2" tall. One is 15'-7" wide and the other is 22'-2" wide. The bottom of the door will come to rest on the top of a bar that is partially inside, partially outside. The door would be mostly glass wil aluminum and/or steel partitions and framing.