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I work at an Architecture Firm and we are interested in learning a bit more information and potentially specifying Schweiss BiFold doors in a project we are currently working on. This project has 3 garage doors needed (2 of the doors are 8'-0" Tall x 17'-6" Wide and the 3rd door is 8'-0" Tall and 6'-0" Wide). If you can please contact me and provide any details that are necessary to understanding the system as well as any pricing information you can provide me at this time that would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.




Hi I'm an architect working on a residential project in Toronto Ontario and am interested in a vertical bifold Liftstrap garage door for a new garage. The building is generally wood frame but there is a recessed steel frame that might be able to be used.


I am an architect working on a private residence in Austin Texas. we are looking for a bi-fold garage door that we can clad with vertical wood cladding to match the exterior cladding and be flush with the exterior wall. the garage door size is 16'x 18' . Will you be able to estimate closely what the total weight will be with the exterior fir cladding.


Hi, I am an architect working on an art gallery project located in a historic building in San Francisco, CA. We are considering door options to replace an existing loading dock door, while increase the opening size to the maximum opening on the facade. We are looking for a single leaf hydraulic door, or a bifold lift strap door approximately 14'x14', to match the existing mullion pattern on the façade. Please let me know if are able to provide additional information on your products and pricing. Thanks, Jonny


I'm working on a proposal for a client and the architect has specified (2) of your doors on the boat house. I will email the address above with a link to the plans. I'm hoping that I can get a price range for the doors in the morning since we will be meeting with our client in the early afternoon. Your proposal should include windows, walk doors and auto latch features. Also include shipping costs. Please feel free to contact me with any questions. Thanks -Joel


I would like to speak to a representative to get more information on a door system. We are the architects for a residence in Driftwood Texas, the project is issuing 100CDs in a couple of weeks and desires to have a unique bifold glass designer door from Schweiss.


Hi.. I am an Architect in Wisconsin with a client looking for an aircraft style door in his small outbuilding. This building is new wood construction. I am looking for advice on the most budget friendly door ( either bi-fold Liftstrap or hydraulic ) that would accommodate a custom size of 9'high x 18'wide ( this may change with header requirements ). The building will have a poured concrete floor, 35'wide x 55' deep with a 4 / 12 roof pitch to meet the maximum height allowed by zoning ordinance. I would like to start the conversation to assist in my design. Thank you!


We have a new project coming on line in Scandia MN, we are looking at either a 12' or 14'high bifold lift strap door that is 16' wide. needs to be fully insulated. Who should I direct our architectural team to at your company for design information and structural requirements. Pricing can be directed to me directly. Thank You.


Hello, I am an architect in NYC. I have a project in Brooklyn that the client wants to use a bifold or hydraulic glass door from his living room to a roof deck. The final clear opening size desired is 11’-6” x 6’-11” (W x H). The building is framed with light gauge steel. Could you advise which of your products, bifold with straps or hydraulic door is most suitable for this size, would maximize visibility and minimize structure required? Also, could you give me a sense of the price-range of the products? Thank you! Sophie


I have a custom home build I'm working on pricing for a customer. Architect has specified a bifold door with lift straps and I would like to talk with someone about a door that also has a remote opener and automatic locking system.


I am an architect working in a integrated design build firm on a large DoD project in Virginia. We will be installing 17 bi-fold overhead blast doors at a Vehicle Maintenance Facility at JEB Little Creek-Fort Story. I have been online but could not find your product specifications, nor CAD details to include in our design submittals. Can you please point me in the right direction, send me a link, or send me the native files for incorporation into our project docs? Thank you in advance!


Good Day, I am looking for a quote on an architectural bi-folding 50' W x 14' H liftstrap door. Going to the Florida Panhandle, wind rated to 170MPH. Please call or email if you need any further information. thank you, Ian 561-757-1303


Hi all. We would like a quote on an architectural hydraulic and bifold strap door . Size: 10 ' high x 36' wide . it would be cladded with 11 gage Corten steel if possible. If interested we would send the plans by email . Regards , Hugues Baribeau .


Hello, we would like more information about the architectural bifold designer door system using liftstraps. Do you have a local rep in Austin?


I am having my architect design a large luxury home we will start building soon in the mountains overlooking the Las Vegas strip in Henderson Nevada. I'm obsessed with your bifold and hydraulic garage and residential designer doors and want to gain an understanding of what they are likely to cost so I can budget to have them included in my new home. I will need two doors (or maybe three or four if we decide to use smaller ones). We can build whatever sort of steel or wood supports that might be needed. Please feel free to call me on my cell at 818.219.8088. Thanks, Blaine Greenberg, Esq.


Mountain time zone - Interested in Bifold (and other practical options) with standard height of 14 to 18 ft. Width of 12 to 14 ft (or other standard) and likely strap - but will need advice. Bifold Solar panel door


I would like to get a quote for (2) 50’ wide x 20’ tall -17’ clear and (2) 18’ wide x 15’ tall – 12’ clear, Bi-Fold architectural grade liftstrap designer doors. I would like to forward the specifications and architectural plans.


My name is Brian Doherty, and I'm an architect with BOSS.architecture. We're working on a custom home in big sky, montana, and are researching options for a large garage door. our goal is to achieve a large clear opening (both in height and width), and we'd like to better understand the details and clearances required for either a bifold liftstrap or hydraulic option. the auto latching, fast opening bifold door would be wood clad, and we need to achieve a 10'-3" clearance. the door is also set back from the finish face of the building, so the door would open up into an alcove, with a soffit above the door. i'd love to discuss this with someone who could share some details with us to help us plan this correctly. thanks brian


Hi, my name is Marco Aiello of Backen Gillam Architects in Sausalito California. I am interested in getting some quotes for a 14'-4" wide x 9'0" high steel/glass garage door with mullions and muntin. My client is considering both a bi-fold liftstrap and a one piece tilt up door, and price could determine either one or the other option. Weight and different solicitation would have to be considered as the structure has been already erected. Thank you very much in advance Best Regards Marco Aiello


Planning my indoor pickleball court building. Using an architect. Can you help me design, spec out and quote several bifolds similar to the Caney High school doors on your Schweiss website, but for outside wall, i.e. weatherproof? Can you make the complete doors with insulated glass? I would like up to four as follows: one larger that's 16' wide and 8' clear open height; and 1-3 that are 10' wide and open to clear ht. of 7 ft. This is not a rush, I have time... getting building permits now; will erect steel structure where we'll clad the sides non-metal, and add all our windows and doors. Advise: can the outside clad be painted? Powered preferred.Thank you! Steve Berliner, near Portland OR.


I'm an architecture student with Dunwoody College of Technology working on designing a truck bay for a fire station. I'm hoping to use your hydraulic doors for my model. Do you have any available BIM models of your products?


I am an architect working in a Residential project. We would like to specify wood cladding garage horizontal bi-fold doors that have garage lift straps and automatic locking mechanism. I want to use your product. Can you customize the dimensions of your models? We have 2- 9’x9’ and 1- 18’x9’ openings. Please contact me as soon as possible.


Hi there, My name is Heidi and I'm an architectural associate here in Tacoma, WA. The firm I work for actually specified one of your bifold liftstrap doors for a recent project in Redmond, WA. I worked on the project during construction and it looks really beautiful. I am now working on an addition project at my home and am looking for a vertical folding bi-fold door for my garage. I was wondering if you could give me any sort of estimate for what that might cost. I am open to glazing or solid panels. The exterior of the addition will be black corrugated sheet metal, if you have any doors you would suggest to complement the modern exterior. We have not yet started construction so the width and height of the door is still flexible if there are standard sizes that are more cost-effective options. I have drawn the bifold garage doors 10-12' wide and approximately 8-9' tall. Looking forward to hearing back from you. If you offer discounts to those in the field, that would be great to learn about as well. Thanks!


Good morning, I'm an architect currently working on an adaptive reuse project in Portland, Oregon, which has a large atrium space that we intend to make the main thoroughfare through the building and is currently in schematic design. We've been looking at options for large bifold or hydraulic designer doors that will allow the atrium space to be opened up to the outside, and after looking over some of the precedents such as the Red Bull HQ and Kings Stadiums, it seems like a bifold glass door would be possible at this scale. Would it be possible to discuss feasibility and get, if possible, any ballpark numbers just so we can compare such a Schweiss designer liftstrap door to some of the (admittedly smaller) sliding doors we've been looking at? Thanks! Guy


Hello - I am an architect based in NYC working on a residential project in the Chesapeake Bay (VA). We are cladding the building in wood siding and would like to install a strap-lift bi-fold door with exterior cladding to match the building (design intent is for a fully seamless look). The overall opening/door size is 18'-0" wide by 9'-0" tall (though we could use a 16'-0" wide door if there is a significant cost difference). The building is wood framed, however we have steel columns and a steel header at the garage door location. I'm looking to get pricing, clear opening height, as well as CAD details.


I am in need of a price for a 40'-0" wide x 12'-0" tall bi fold architectural quality engineered. liftstrap special purpose door. This door is going onto a office building between the break room and a training room i assume they are want to be able to open it up to gain more space if needed. i will be glazing this door with 1/8" tempered glass. Can i please get pricing for this.


Looking for Glass Storefront Opening Bifold vetical lift /- 15'-8" Wide by 10-4" High. This is for our own Architectural office in Charlotte, in Retrofit brick warehouse. Love your architectural designer doors. Nobody does designer doors better than Schweiss.


Do you have any BIM details of the Bi-fold doors? We're doing a smaller indoor 10'x10' opening for a architectural client.


Hello, we are an architectural firm in Chicago - we are looking for a large bi-fold door with an option for custom exterior cladding for a residential steel frame project. The bifold liftstrap door needs to be 30 feet wide and 1o feet high clear. This projects is fully modeled in Revit and is still in a design development phase. We'd like to be able to accurately present the 3d model to our client and wanted to inquire about BIM models for your doors. Can you provide us with a BIM model of your bi-fold doors so we can get this order going before summer is over? I apperciate your help.


Would you be able to provide CAD details / cut sheets for the bi-fold designer door with horizontal top drive? We have a project under construction and our client would like to replace a section of storefront glazing with a operable Schweiss bifold liftstrap designer door. We'd like to have some better understanding of how your door system would sit in plane with the other glazing systems and have some details for the architect and contractor to price. If I could get the CAD files ASAP that'd be tremendously helpful, I only see images of details on your website.


We need a 3 part architectural spec for a project at the Youngstown Warren Regional Airport for a storage building that requires a bi-fold vertical folding Liftstrap door.


I am an architect, with a residential client with a garage on a steeply sloping site. A bi-fold door would solve a lot of problems. Two requirements: 1) The bottom rail would need a strong angle to meet the ground and 2) they would require an automatic operator. If you can put me in contact with a local contractor or supplier, that would be most helpful.


We are working with an architect to design a three-season room. The current design includes two glass bifold designer doors (probably with a retractable screen to keep bugs out when the doors are retracted). Looking at the photos on your website, a bifolding door may be more functional than a regular garage style door. I'd like an approximate idea of cost to help determine whether it is something I should ask the architect to consider. The exact dimensions are TBD; however, a regular (8-foot?), standard size would work for an initial estimate.


Hello, I am Aimilios Davlantis Lo from LA DALLMAN architects, and I am contacting you for specifications and cad drawings of your architectural bi-fold series operable liftstrap door. We are working on the rehabilitation of an old granary in Wisconsin. We are interested in having three bi-fold type doors (8'-6"Wx14'-9"H) that would be supported by the existing 12x12 wooden columns on either side. We are open to ideas for structural detailing. Also, we are thinking of having the motor and the drive system above the door. I look forward to more information. Thank you very much, Aimilios


I am an architect, working on a project where our client would like the ability to have open an entire wall. Our biggest questions are: 1. What is the size possibilities of the bifold liftstrap or hydraulic doors? 2. What material options are available on the door (ie. glass, metal panel, ptfe, etc.)? 3. What infrastructure / mechanization is required? Thank you.


Hello, I am interested in learning more information on the Bi-Fold Doors for the garage of a residential project we are working on in Austin, TX. The size doors we are looking for is one door about 23'6" W x 8' H and the other door is 10'0"W x 8'0" H. After looking at the architectural details for the bi-fold doors, it looks like we are mostly interested in "bottom drive" and "horizontal top drive" options. Is it possible to provide me with some product options as well as general pricing for the bifold architectural doors? Thanks!! Dom


I would like to be have architectural details of your bifold horizontal top drive bifold designer door and also your hydraulic doors.


Hello, my name is Yana and I am a student of Faculty of Architecture on CTU, Prague, Czech Republic. This semester I am designing sport center like my bachelor thesis and I would like to use your Schweiss bifold door in my project. That`s why I need to know that can I use bifold door with strap latches between reinforced concrete pillars, know to minimal and maximum sizes and want to ask you if it possible to supply me some details of montage, mooring of the doors etc. Any information will be VERY helpful. Thank you so much.


The owner of the project (Alter Brewing Company)is expanding their operation to include a restaurant and a testing brewery in a new space. Our architecture firm is focused on restaurants and hospitality projects and this job will require bifold or hydraulic designer doors. We would like a quote developed very soon. A ballpark estimate for our pricing set. See below for specifications: Full height exterior door, singular door Bifold or singular, which ever is least expensive Size of rough opening (w x h): 14'6" x 10'-8" no sill, but include rubber gasketing at bottom head room underneath the open door - minimum 8ft is goal Include glass stops,  these can be inside-sash (infill) or front-set (curtainwall) or whatever is lower price Glass itself is nothing unusual - Tempered or laminated for code requirements, LowE coated; likely argon filled, overall U factor 0.55 or lower, SHGC: 0.40 or lower, glass units of 24x52 each; Finish - Factory powder coated in black on all metals, including hydraulic mechanism Structure - We have metal stud framing at sides and steel beams (beam above W30x148. We can connect to this). If need be, we can add steel HSS. Thank you, Steve 


We are in the beginning design phase of a large t-hangar project. The owner is looking for cost comparisons for different kinetic architecture door types. They are leaning towards hydraulic but would like to know how they compare (up front cost) to bi-fold. Would you be able to give me an approximate price point for 42x14 bi-fold compared to the same size hydraulic door we anticipate around (60) doors total? Also, do you install your doors in house or rely on the building erectors?


Good Afternoon, I am working on a project in which the architect has specified your strap doors with automatic latches for the two garages. They are 24' wide by 10' high. It is a contemporary style home. Doors have a ribbed metal look. Can you give me a estimated price for these two doors? Thank you,


Good Morning, I was wondering if you had any REVIT models of the architectural bifold doors available to architects. I was hoping to model and specify this product on a current job. 


Hello, I work for the architecture firm. We are designing the custom garage door for one of our projects. We would like to use the bifold designer style door that folds at the ceiling with the custom finishes. We would like to have a wood finish on the exterior side of the door with the 3"x3" scrim panels. The same scrim and wood we are using on the exterior wall. The bifold designer door is supposed to look like its is the part of the wall. I can provide you the drawings if that is the better way to describe the idea. I also wanted to ask if you can provide us any DWG drawings of the door profiles so we can take a closer look at this condition.


Hi, I'm looking for pricing on a build your own door kit. I have two architectural doors: one retangular 16-4" wide x 10'-0" tall with four glass windows and one "d" shaped (d on its side) 15'-4" wide x 10'-0" tall with a standard glass door and two windows. Each door has a W10x45 header and W8x45 posts. Each door is designed to pivot around the center of a 6" sch 80 steel pipe which will act as the upper frame member of each door. Can the stock BYOD kit be modified to work with a different pivot style or are we looking at a custom setup? I can provide drawings of the doors if requested. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask. Carl


Looking at a 20'Wx10'H opening. Would like pricing on a vertical top drive architectural bifold door with 16 insulated glass tiles. Our client is looking at this vs. a standard roll-up door. The opening is over a 30"H eating counter (so goes from 2'-6" to 12'-6"). Could we also look at a 25'Wx10'H opening? Thanks, Dylan


Building a new home in Denver and architect has specified 3 bifolding Schweiss doors and need to get pricing. I can email drawings with door schedule and details.


We are working on a project where the homeowner and architect have spec'd out one of your bifold architectural doors. I am looking to learn as much as I can about Schweiss bifold door installation, cladding, price etc.


Hi, I'm an architect looking for a flush mount wood building bi-fold liftstrap door. We'd like it to be glass paneled. Specifically, I'm looking to detail the jamb condition, as we have a service counter directly inside the door similar to the Yankee Stadium example on your website. Can you please email or call with these details? Thank you and happy new year.


Hello, We are interested in your products. Do you have an agency in Europe? Please send me a contact address via mail. Kind regards Jimmy Joe Account Manager - I love your doors ! Schweiss


Hi: I need a quote for a big architectural bifold door of 24 meters (78.74feets) x 6.7 meters (21.98 feet) height. I need you to call me so I can explain the usage and the type of materials. Is for Costa Rica, so I need the price on site. BEst regards, Felipe Izquierdo Flores


I'm an architect and working on a metal building that houses large radiator's. Clients wants doors along all sides of the building that can be open to condition the space during the summer. Temps inside range from 150-180 degrees. I'm looking at cost effective solutions for doors and came across your bifold specialty use doors. Existing doors vary in size, 8'x6', 11'x5', 7'x6' and a few other sizes. However, with the new metal building I would like to keep openings to only a couple sizes, due to existing foundation openings will vary. Thanks


I have an architectural engineers drawing that I would like to send showing the clear opening/structural Schweiss bifold door details. Please quote a strap, bi-fold door (size indicated below). Please quote installation cost and delivery schedule as well. Does installation include electrical connection? Does installation include outside metal sheeting? Are there instructions in case I want to install it myself? 


I've been asked by an architect about the sizes of a steel frame for a bifold door. They want to do a 28 foot wide by 10 foot tall glass bifold strap door that folds in the center horizontally. The panels are going to be 2 foot on center and support a glass material. Due to some space restrictions they were hoping to keep all the panels and edge members to 4" depth. Does that sound reasonable? Do you have a door like that that we could use? It is an exterior application and will have about 25 pounds per square foot of wind load on it. Thanks!


I am an architect currently in the design phase of a small building project using insulate foam concrete construction, and am considering placing an 18' x 8' bifold strap door on one gable end, and have some questions. 1. Does this type of construction require any special engineering considerations, or would the standard IFC construction provide all the lateral support needed to counterbalance the torque and wind forces? 2. With this type of construction, does a bifold door still need go be mounted on the face of the opening, or could it be flush mounted? 3. Are the same number of support points needed for this type of construction, or are any modifications needed at the supports? 4. Is the insulation and decorative cedar sheathing applied on the site, or installed in the factory, or is either an option? 5. Could you please give a rough estimate (or range of prices) for such a door? We will be moving forward on this project in the very near future, so a prompt response will be appreciated. 


I'm an architect needing Bifold Chiller Plant Doors for a University which will house 3 bifold chiller doors. We are looking for a large operable glazed doors for our project. There are three 12 ft. by 14 ft. h openings that are required for installation and eventual removal of each chiller door. One opening needs to be an operable glazed glass door that functions as a loading door. We would like all three opening to look the same. Please let me know if you have any chiller door ideas that would suit our application. 


Architectural designed aluminum and glass door for finished opening 32'4" x 14'. Wood construction commercial recreational use door.  Require self supporting door. Quote for Schweiss hydraulic and bifold lift strap doors.


Need quote on one bifold designer style copper-clad door per sizing below. I have architectural door details that I can email to show door design. 


I'm an architect designing a project for tractor dealership doord in IL. I'm planning to include two  of your bifolding liftstrap glass doors in the design. Building is a pre-engineered metal building. The lifting wall doors will be 50' wide and 22' tall. I'd like to have Schweiss Doors review our door design drawings to answer questions about lateral gravity door loads, glazing and insulation. 


I am in need of that architectural quote on liftstap door upgrades. Can I get it yet today? 


I am working on a small architectural door project where I am considering the use of (2) Bi-Fold straplift doors with a full glass veneer. One door would be 10'x10' and the other would be 12'x12'. These will be glazed glass hotel doors.


Considering a steel structure & glass bi-fold doors  at a high school I'm currently in Architectural Design Development for. I want the door opening to be 8' tall, (I do not need it to be wider than 40', but I'm curious if that's possible), as well as the recommended width (in terms of door cost). Is there a width/height at which the price of the glass door starts to climb steeply?


We are an architectural firm preparing a bid for designer doors in New York. We have two doors specified as Motorized Overhead bi fold doors (with bifold door liftstraps and autolatching door system) at 6'w x8'h; Do you furnish only, or can you include door installation?


I am an architect in Roseville, Minnesota and would like to get a quote for a bi folding garage door for my house. 12' wide, 7' tall. I like the way the bifolds fold up and cantilever out slightly from the garage. I would like to do it in a translucent material so light comes in and very modern detailing. Please price with liftstraps and autolatches and a remote opener.


Hello! I am an architect looking to specify a 4m wide x 2.5 m high glass exterior bifolding door for a pavilion. Probably vertical bifold. Can you please email me some PDF details of the winder mechanisms, motors, side rails etc that I need to consider when designing this pavilion. I was told your Schweiss doors have straps instead of cables, that really interests me.  Also: do you have an agent in NZ or Australia? Yours, Marc


70 x 18' clear bifold liftstrap door needs to be insulated and have metal liner panel on inside needs 4 windows in door 7' wide x 3' tall need cost to include installation We have architectural plans...will try and send them to the general email. Need door reactions and details to send to Butler so they can design and price the building for me Thanks


Do you have revit models or any 3d models of your Schweiss liftstrap doors? I would like to use them on an project and need to show them in an architectural rendering. Thank you, Daniel


I'm and architect looking at options on a clients door. It will be in a heated shop, are you doors insulated? Can they be built with and entrance door and insulated windows? Building is 60x80 with 20 foot eave. The door will go in the endwall. Thank you for your time pricing this. Mike


I have designed three new bi-fold garage doors for my client. He has asked about long term maintenance on these doors. They have a series of windows in a horizontal band from halfway up to the top. And then on down with trimming and color panels looking like wood on the drawing. What are my options for weather resistant finishes; fiberglass, hardy board, something else? The doors 16'x8', 8'x8', and 16'x9.5' Can you help me? I also want to talk about price, shipment and bi-fold liftstrap specifications. Sincerely, Ron P. Architect 


I am presenting a business plan and would like to obtain financial numbers for the proposal. If possible, please provide the cost for both your Schweiss liftstrap bifold and Red Power hydraulic doors in 40x12. Also list prices on any upgrades.  


I have an architect here that has bought an old fire station and is remodling it and asked to see if he could get your Schweiss glass designer bifold strap  doors in his budget. What information will you need to give me a real accurate quote.


We require a bi-fold door for a new airport hanger to be constructed early spring in North Andover, MA. Dimensions are 15'h x 50' wide. I am the architect for the project. Kindly contact me asap so that we can establish your capabilities and submit specs. to engineer of steel structure. This should be similar to the last two doors are architectural firm worked out with you late last year.   Thank-you R. Busky- Architect


I was thinking of installing a Schweiss liftstrap bi-fold door as a security door in the main entrance to to the offices of a warehouse in Chicago and would like to get more information. I am not sure if the doors needs to be within the confines of a wall or can it be a box 3' off the face of the building. I could send a preliminary architectural plan of where I would like the door located. Thanks


To whom it may concern: We are an architectural firm interested in learning more about the Hydraulic and Liftstrap Bifold Doors. Please, forward the pricing and lead time for this item. It will be much appreciated. Kind regards, Rhonda 


Hello, I am researching potentially using one of your Straplift Bifold door systems on a project our architectural firm is working on in Memphis. It would be great if we had a rough quote to give to the client to help us move forward in our design. Door design and specs are given below. Please respond.  Thanks! Gavin


We would appreciate a fairly close price for two bifold Straplift Schweiss doors so that we can include in our building estimate. 1.In an existing wood post frame building endwall: 18'H x 50"W 2.In a new steel [not pre-engineered] building: 18'H x 36'W These will be purchased by the General Contractor but it would be preferred that you include cost of installation in your estimate. This would not include the cost of required extra bracing in either building. We would build this cost into our architectural firms building estimate. Thank you 


My company has been contracted to design and build a garage with a bi fold liftstrap Schweiss door. You come highly recommended from a couple of local architects and I am excited with what you have to offer. I am assuming you deliver to Canada? Also, do you send a spec sheet for the required framing of the building to support the stresses from the door? Thanks for your time and I look forward to hearing from you soon.


I'm an architect looking at a potential application for Schweiss bifold or hydraulic doors, and would like to discuss feasibility and technical questions. Would be easiest to exchange a few drawings to describe the application prior to discussion. Please give me a call or email to put me in touch with the appropriate person. Thanks! Randall S.


I am and Architect and am renovating my apartment in Hong Kong. I am considering adding solid, likely aluminum clad, bi-folding doors to our window wall, containing with sliding doors, that leads out to our balcony. Requirements a. The functions of the bi-folding doors are: a sunshade and rain protection when open: a security shutter and noise reduction when closed. b. As we are by the sea, corrosion resistance is necessary (even 316 grade stainless steel can get rusty here after some years) c. Anti -drumming, likely by using an aluminum insulated panel, is preferred to mute the sound of rain d. The inside, especially, must have a neat designed appearance as we can see through it when the shutters are down. Note our intention is to keep it open most of the time when at home, however at night we would close them to stop light and noise from coming inside. e. Hurricane/typhoon resistance is needed f. We prefer as lightweight a door and frame as possible so that minimal stress is put on the existing structure. For sizing we are considering OPTION A - 3 sets of shutters S1 - 5400mm long by 2800 mm high * - motorized S2 - 6000 mm long by 2800 mm high* - motorized S3 - 2400 mm long by 1800 mm high - manual is preferred. Also, this one does not need a pretty inside as it will cover an outdoor kitchen counter) OPTION B - four sets of shutters (replacing i & ii) to allow for flexibility in opening and ease of delivery S4 - 3300 mm long by 2800 mm high*- motorized S5 - 2100 mm long by 2800 mm high*- motorized S6 - 3300 mm long by 2800 mm high*- motorized S7 - 2700 mm long by 2800 mm high*- motorized * For all heights, assume 2300mm h for clear opening 500 mm h for the wedge Note dimensions are approximate and would need to be re-measured once the final openings are made I would be grateful for answers to my technical queries For Shutters S1& S2 - Fixing would be to either a concrete side wall or steel frame (for one end only) 1. Are 2 inch squared frames possible for the size suggested noting hurricane/typhoon resistance needed? If not advise other size 2. What are the suggested depths of the internal and bottom truss? 3. What is the minimum size of the wedge, i.e. is 400mm possible? 4. Are there any standard fixings recommended for the concrete or steel fixing? Hilti M10 or ?? 5. What loading must the structure and fixings be designed to withstand to support the doors? 6. What is the maximum wind speed gust the door can be left open in? 7. Please advise location of Red Power LEESON motor  i.e. top left and outside or concealed within depth of bottom truss 8. If we use aluminum to keep the shutter light in weight, is there a problem with bi-metallic corrosion with other parts? 9. Are there standard anti-drumming/insulation panels/ noise reduction panels that can be used? 10. As it is more important for the inside to be neat and clean inside rather than the outside. Can cladding, say a heavy duty vinyl fabric, be used to conceal mechanisms when viewed from inside? 11. If a dead bolt is added on inside, where would it be located? (This is to act as a security shutter when we are away for a few months) 12. Manual override likely needed on very rare occasions i.e. typhoon knocks out power. What are the options for location of the manual override drive/handle location? 13. Any special surface required for the rollers i.e. cans stone cladding with gaps (say 10mm) work or does it need to be smooth steel? For shutter S3 - Fixing would be to a steel frame 14. Are 2 inch squared frames possible for the size suggested noting hurricane/typhoon resistance needed? If not advise other size 15. What are the suggested depths of the internal and bottom truss? 16. What is the minimum size of the wedge, i.e. is 400mm possible? 17. Are there any standard fixings recommended for the concrete or steel fixing? Hilti M10 or ?? 18. What loading must the structure and fixings be designed to withstand to support the doors? 19. What is the maximum wind speed gust the door can be left open in? For shutter S4 thru S7 20. Are 2 inch squared frames possible for the size suggested noting hurricane/typhoon resistance needed? If not advise other size 21. What are the suggested depths of the internal and bottom truss? 22. What is the minimum size of the wedge, i.e. is 400mm possible? 23. Are there any standard fixings recommended for the concrete or steel fixing? Hilti M10 or ? 24. What loading must the structure and fixings be designed to withstand to support the doors? 25. What is the maximum wind speed gust the door can be left open in? I would be grateful for a rough cost estimate to allow for supply for the options stated above, the cost to ship to Hong Kong. For now assume we will take care of the local delivery to our door within.


I am in early talks with the architect for this project (See attachment). I have recommended the motor operated bi-fold autolatch door with straps. We have an opening of 40\' 0\" X 16\' 0\" that I need to get a Budget price for please.


I am looking for some more information on your bifold liftstrap door with the automatic latch system and horn and lights. We are thinking about a door that will require approximately a 14%u2019-0%u201D clear opening to the ground and 40%u2019-0%u201D wide. We are working with an architect and will likely need a stamped shop drawing for submittal to the design team as well. Also we will need to know what additional structure, like header/jamb support we will need to include into the design of the hangar building. And of course we will need to know an approximate cost, installed, with a one year warranty. This building will be in Ft. Stockton, Texas.


It was good talking with you this afternoon. I am an independent Architectural Product Representative in Dallas, and work throughout the Texas market. Our focus in Section 8 including Custom Windows, \"Unitized\" WindowWall, CurtainWall and Folding & Hydraulic Glass Door Systems. As mentioned, I am interested in the potential of working with your products here as I have heard really good reports about the Schweiss Hydraulic Red Power and Bifold Lift Strap/AutoLatch Doors, and look forward to your catalogues on these doors as well as your outstanding designer doors. Thank you.


We are currently working on budget pricing for this museum in Texas. The architect is currently leaning towards traditional hangar doors on slider tracks. Are you willing to propose an alternate solution such as your hydraulic Red Power door or your patented lift strap bifold. Please contact me at the number below and I can forward current design drawings.


Hello, I'm contacting you from an architectural firm based out of Toronto, Ontario and I was wondering if you have a Canadian sales rep I can speak to. I'm currently working on a vehicle bay that will require three (3) 18' x14' horizontal bifolding liftstrap doors and was wondering if you have any product information and CAD details that would help me draw and spec the door for our project. I look forward to hear back from you. Thanks in advanced,


We would like to request a product information binder for our office. We like the bifold doors at the small kiosks along Broadway at the newly remodeled Santa Monica Place mall. We would like to spec bifold doors like that on some of our commercial/creative office TI projects. If you can, also include binders on your hydraulic and designer doors. We already have one client that wants your door. Will get back to you very soon.  Thank you,  Design Architects 


Hello i'm a student of architecture at the Technical University Dresden. At the moment i am working on a project where i want to use your big bi-fold doors. My problem is that i can't find any comparable gdl-objects for archicad. i have to build and render a genuine cad-model in good quality. Could you please send me a simple GDL-Object if possible? Many Thanks! Slyvester


Dave: Thanks for attending the Alaska show. As discussed I have a plan set I need help with. Can you contact me with another email. I need somebody to send the architect bifold door plans too for your company consult. Bill 


Please give firm quotes two Schweiss bi-fold/hydraulic doors as indicated below. Architectural glazing system will be installed on site. Do the Schweiss Doors now come equipped with your new Red Power Hydraulic pumps.


We are an architecture studio office at Montevideo, Uruguay, working on a large designer house where we need to install 3 hidraulic doors. Please send us your Schweiss Bifold Doors email address, so we could attach a file with the drawings of the project  Thanks


I am interested in a price quote on a Schweiss bifold door similar to the picture of the two doors provided for the architects office in San Francisco. The door in the picture was 12' x 9' and I would be looking for a door which was 12' wide x 8' in height. The structure is mostly metal construction. Thank you.


Hi, I am working on a project where there is a need to have some kind of retractable partition in auditorium. Bifold Doors seems like a good option because we have a limited space above the 9' ceiling and we don't want to use horizontal folding doors to avoid pockets in the walls. Have you done any projects with similar interior applications and what is your advice on the best solution? Thank you, Regards, Mark Lovelace


I am working on a new elementary school in TX. We are wanting to do a bi-fold door at the gym. Having never done one in the past, I have a few questions.


Hi, We have a project for which we need a door. The bifold door size will be 100 feet wide by 48 feet high. We need to provide quote and design alternative to our client very soon. I will appreciate your's prompt reply. Thanks


Interested in pricing availability and price on 2 hydraulic doors. One 30 ft wide x 20 ft. high and also a 40 ft wide x 20 ft high. This would be for an agricultural / industrial project in Alberta.


My office is interesting in using your products for one of our project. And I have couple questions that you might be able to help me out.01. if I'm using your bi-fold door and hydraulic door for the same opening of a building, in general which one is cheaper ? And for a 18' wide by 9' tall size opening, what's the cost for both bi-fold and hydraulic door options? [I know it's kind of hard to just give me the cost via the insufficient info I gave you, but could you please give me a basic idea of the cost, that will be super helpful for my office. Could you also please send me any specs or cuts for both of the door via email by any chance [either pdf or cad format is fine]. Somehow I can't find anything to download from your website.


Seeking bi-fold doors for a residential project in Seal Beach, Ca 90740 1 door 16' wide x 8' high and second door 8' wide by 8' high Full rchitectural dwgs are available upon request.


We are specing one of your bi-fold doors on a project. I have a couple questions to run by a rep. for our coordination. Thank You, Peter


Please advise cost of Agriculture Bifold Door 26 ft. wide and 16 ft. high. Thank you, Craven Register


dear sirs, very interested in your upscale products. We have 2 hotel properties in Niagara Falls and numerous other restaurant outlets that these bifold designer doors would work on perfectly. They would be work well on our valet decks during the winter and great for restaurants in the summer. Please contact me and I will send photos and site plans for better dialogue on our requirements. I look forward to your reply. One of the hotels is Embassy Suites at www.embassysuitesniagara.com thx, 


We are a Architectural firm interested in using your product on a new construction fire House. I would like to know if you had a color chart and what was considered standard finishes. Also need information or brochures on your Schweiss Designer Doors. Are they available in hydraulic and bifold. Terrific looking doors and you've installed them at some pretty awesome locations across the U.S.


This message is for Jermy.This is regarding the conversation we had yesterday about the bifold glass door. Here are the measurements : 76" wide x 82" tallPlease send me several options with prices, material wise, keeping in mind that we need to keep 3 lights / 3 lights. Please give me a call as soon as you get this message so we can go over details if needed.Thank youRashid


Hello,We need to replace the door on the front driveway side of our garage. Because the garage has french doors on the side wall opening into the garden, in the summertime we use it for a party room when the rain comes in.So rather than having a traditional overhead door which when opened intrudes into the interior space, we are looking into bi-fold doors that open outside the space and found your web site in a Google search. The opening is 7' high and 8' wide. We like the idea of a door that looks like either your greenhouse doors or the indoor restaurant style windows shown on your site on the "designer" page (the name was "Sidney's).They will be exterior doors and being in coastal Rhode Island we do get high winds including hurricanes. The doors will need to be weather resistant and if possible insulated. Is this enough information to give for you give me a quote?I can provide by email a photo of the front of the garage if that would be useful.Thanks, Sue


Greetings, My name is Morgan and I am currently in the masters of architecture program at Arizona State University. I am working on a project that involves a bi-fold door that is 70 feet wide and 15 feet tall. Your website has been very informative and helpful for my project. Right now I am working on some drawings that require me to detail the bi-fold door. Are any technical scaled drawings that show the connection details of the door available? Specifically a section through the door showing the connection at the top and the hinge in the middle. Thanks for your time, Morgan P.


I would like preliminary pricing information on a pair of glazed bifold doors for an architectural application. Opening height for both doors is 12'-0"; width of first door is approximately 8'-0", width of second door is approximately 16'-0".


We acknowledge your product thru Architectural Product magazine. Would you send us your product binder, please? Thanks, Marco


Dear Sir or Madame, I am inquiring about bi-fold doors for a project in Palmer, Mass. Construction is scheduled to start in 2010. The project is a pit building with 36 garage bays for a new auto race track. Each garage bay has a front and rear door, total of 72 doors. We plan to clad the doors with polycarbonate panels, and each door requires a 'man-door' for exiting. I have a few questions that would help us at this point in the design. 1. can bi fold doors be installed on an angle? If so, what is the limit? We are sloping the exterior walls approx. 18 degrees as an architectural feature and would like to have the bi fold doors sloped as well. 2. Along the 757ft building length, the grade drops approximately 10ft. Would it be best to maintain all doors the same height and vary the head height along the slope? Or would it be best to have sections of 3-6 doors with aligned head heights, and varying door heights? 3. Could you please provide a preliminary quote, excluding cladding? Best Regards, Flavio S.


Hi, We are an architect firm located in Boston, MA. I am interested in your product but wondering if your system could be applicable for smaller scale construction. We are designing this modular/replicable play shed for K-6 and we would like to find a system that intended to work with an operable translucent oversize window so when it open up, it could function as a canopy to provide shaded area, sort of like giant awning window. The ideal system would be a operable one-piece 18'w by 6'h panel, but we are also open for bi-fold system. Panel also could be divided into multiple panels without mullion in between. The space wouldn't be conditioned so the system doesn't have to be weather-tight. Let me know if you could help me with any information. Best Regards, Dino.


Hello, My Name is Emanuel R. and I work at a architect office in Lisbon. We would like to receive information and catalogues for "Bi-Fold Door" / Hydraulic "One-Piece" Door and if you have comercial office in Portugal that we can contact. best regards Emanuel R.


Please send full architectural / structural binder of product information. Thank you, Fredrick




We are using your product for a project of ours. I thought that it wouldn't hurt to ask if you have a CAD detail drawing of your bi-fold door. I am looking at the door style schweiss, drive type bottom drive, lift type: strap lift. I want to show just the bottom portion of the bi-fold door like you have shown on the "Your Cement Floor" area of the spec sheet. Can you provide me with this detail so I can insert it into my structural foundation detail. If not, no problem, I'll just draw it the best I can. Thanks!


I am setting up an architectural library for a new office. Please send a product binder. Thank you.


Good Afternoon, I'm an architectural designer working for a large firm in CA. I found your website through google. I'm interested in your designer doors for public school applications. Thank you! Noah


I would like to talk with someone about an application we might have for an opening on a cooling tower that has an architectural screening material. The screening material needs to open up for a steel boom to lift materials through the opening and into the cooling tower area. Once loaded the screening materials need to be closed back up. Your bifold door may be just what we need.


Hello I spoke to a sales rep this morning. I would like to have cad drawings to be able to add to my set. The proposed door is 10'-0" High by 15'-7" Wide glazed as in the motorcycle shop photos. I have a meeting early next week and would it be possible to receive drawings to encorporate into my sections? Thanks Eva L.


Hello! We are an architectural Firm in Phoenix Az. One of our projects specify Bi-Fold door for the Airfield hangars. The door openings shall be 70 feet x 22 feet height Please advise as to how to obtain specs & AutoCad drawing since we can not print the schematics / details shown on your web page Thank you Sincerely Vlad C.


Hello: We are an architectural design firm and are interested in one of your products, which is pictured on your website in the Designer Doors section of the photos tab - sixth picture down. We are in the early stages of design and budgeting. My question to you is for a 9' tall by 18' wide opening approximately how much can we expect to pay for an all-window, double insulated door? We are just trying to determine if this product will fit into our client's budget, so I just need a ball park figure. Please call or email if there are further questions you need answered in order to provide an estimate. Thank you.


We are an Architectural firm located in Fort Worth, Texas. Currently we are designing a recycling facility to be constructed in Mckinney, Texas. The building will be a metal building approx. 26,000 sf.There will be 20' wide x 25' high bi-fold doors. Please send a catalogue and information regarding detailing hanging of these doors. Head, jamb and s1ll details would help in the building design. Thank you, Johnnie E. J.


Hi We are a young architecture office with a practice in Western Europe and on the East Coast. For a potential application in a building in Brussels, Belgium (dutchspeaking) we are interested in finding out of you have a distributor of your product in the area: Belgium, Holland, France, Germany? Thanks Alexander


1. Please forward us a copy of your Schweiss Handbook mentioned in the architectural specifications page ("The Schweiss Handbook should be read by anyone involved in the design, specifications,selection or purchase of an industrial bi-fold door operator or automated bi-fold door system.") 2. We are looking to install a replacement door system on our Theresa Banks Pool in Glenarden, MD. 4-bays @ 20' col.centerlines (19'x10'h clear), 8x8x3/8" cols typ, W12x40 co er columns; center bay @ 25' col.centerline (24'x10'h clear). One bay each side of the corner will also be replaced optionally, if such system works (24'-4"x10'h clear). Thus, min. number of doors = 5, maximum = 7. Doors shall be glazed. Primarily considering bi-fold, but hydraulic single lift door a possibility. Can you assist. TIA. 3. Building Construction: Masonry (concrete brick on CMU). Doors attach to both tube columns & W sections as described above (W sections @ bldg. co ers). Spandrel beam, 8x10x3/8" above existing sliding doors also carries a barrel-vaulted greenhouse glazing system (also to be replaced with new greenhouse glazing system). The data provided below is the best I could do considering the choices offered.


Please mail a complete architectural binder with all information to my attention at the address above. We design a lot of fire stations and the request for 14' x 14' door pricing is for information purposes only. Typically a fire station will have a minimum of 6 bay doors. Thank you.


I have a residential project that your bifold doors would work well for. We have (2) 9'x6'-10" doors in wood. Can you send me some info on the doors and a ballpark price that I can present to the client. Thanks, Micheal D.


We are an architectural firm. We are looking for a way to open a pair of indiviual doors (each 7'2" X 7'10.5 solid wood)that are horizontal when closed and need to be vertical when open. Basically it would look like the Hyraulic "One-piece" Door only rotated 90%. Would this application of your product work for us?


Please send me your Schweiss Architectural Manual. I have a project I am working on for KSTP with two openings, one at 31'4" wide and one at 20'9-1/2" wide. Both approx. 14' high. I need more info for door head and jamb details. Thank you


We are an E/A firm in South Portland Maine with over 100 employees. We are looking for a lunch and learn (or box lunch) regarding large overhead doors. We do a lot of municipal, military, and airport work. Do you have someone that could come to Maine and talk to us during a lunch hour about your doors? We have our lunch and learns on Thursdays and are currently scheduling in July. We're hopeful of your being able to come present a lunch and learn to us. Thank you, Mercer B.


I am working with some clients that are building a 36'x72' building. 9'-1 1/8" Plate height. They have a designed a gambrel truss with the lumber company that will have the bottom chord step up 5' in the center 28' so the ceiling heigth in the center of the building will be 14'. They want a 28' door. They also want a 14' tall bi-fold door. Will this door need to be mounted on the outside of the structure? Also, with the size of this building and the size of the door they are wanting, would it be necessary to have an engineer design the loads on this building. I am a home designer and am not familiar with this type of door system and it's structural requirements, loading etc. Any information, guidance in what direction to start on this would be GREATLY appreciated. Thank you in advance, Annie J.


I am an architecture student at MSU and I am working on a project that will possibly use Bi-fold doors as one of the main design features. Could you please send me a catalogue and any other info you have on commercial applications. I saw your Redbull project and find it very interesting. This Resturant design project would be a similar application. Thanks for your help, Michael S.


Additional Specifications: 1) Weather seal flap consisting of neoprene rubber weatherstrip at the top, center & bottom. 2) The door shall be insulated w/ R-12 vinyl rein. fiberglass blanket insulation. 3) The door shall be equipped with automatic Limit Switches to turn off the motor when the door reaches the full open or closed position. 4) The door shall be equipped w/ an auto locking/ unlocking mechanism. Project: Wood County Regional Airport Architect: Crawford, Murphy & Tilly, Inc. Bid Date: Feb. 12, 2008


Our architectural office is currently designing a pool house that will have six 12'-0" wide x 10'-0" high doors. All doors will be completely glazed to let in as much sun as possible into the pool area during the winter and then be opened during the summer. Our client would prefer bi-fold doors, but we would like to know the possibility, options, and cost of both the bi-fold and the hydraulic "one-piece". Thank you.


The bifold door would need to have the appearance of an architectural metal panel system with a series of joints. Finish quality similar to Alucabond or other Centria Architectural smooth metal panel


Hi, WE are a residential architecture firm interested in your bi-fold and hydraulic doors. We'd like to get a ballpark estimate of an aluminum and glass bifold for a residential application. Also what would a hydraulic door cost, assuming it was a solid panel, faced with wood or some other siding material?


Hi - we're interested in using bi-fold doors for a glazed application (each door approx 18' wide x 9' high). We would like to get CAD details from you so we can start to integrate them into our design drawings in order to inform the design. Can the doors hold double glazing? Can the doors be hung from the bottom of header beam instead of the top? (We don't mind seeing the door from inside when its open). If you have two bi-fold doors at 90 degrees to each other on a corner, how close together can they be? Your prompt response is appreciated! Thanks.


I am doing a budget estimate for a community college arts building. The architect would like to use vertical folding glazed doors between the classrooms to connect them.


Hello, I have a client, we are designing a white oak post and beam constructed addition (sunroom) on the rear of their existing home. They would like for the sunroom to be able to be as open as possible to the exterior of their home. The homeowner located your company and asked me to inquire about your doors. We are looking to install two bi-fold doors (both are currently 12'Wx20'H). Since this is a Sunroom the view to the exterior is of utmost importance and therefore we will be installing insulated glass panels over the entire door. I would like to get some additional information about your product as well as find out what type of budget we should be allowing for the doors. Also, we will have one door on an end wall and one on a side wall. Lastly, the side columns could be either wood or tube steel....we are open to both options. Thanks! Jared S. ArchiBuilt, LLC


Good evening: We are looking at specifying your product on one of our jobs. As such we would like to better coordinate our buildings with your product and were wondering if you might be able to assist us with some CAD details of your products. In particular we are interested in the Bi-fold doors Thanks Kyle


This is a technical question about installation of a door. It is 40'x14'. Need a technical drawing of the top mounting steel beam and the side steel I beam columns to give building designer needed info to design and quote building. Any additonal info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!


My question is, I am a truss designer and the building i'm doing trusses for is going to have a bifold door. Does any part of your system connect to the trusses at any point?


I find special architectural elements for customers' residences and small commercial buildings. One project involves a garage that needs a special door. I saw your Bi-Fold door on an airplane hangar recently. With the appropriate options, this type of door could be just what the project needs. Please contact me after 10:30AM Central Time Zone by telephone. Sincerely, Albert L. R.


We are an architectural design/build firm. We have an 18'-0"x8'-0" opening in a residential garage which we would like to use a Schweiss bi-fold door and automatic opener on. We are looking for specifications and for costing information for preliminary pricing purposes. Anything you can send us will be helpful. Thank you; WL


I an interested in any AIA on line training that you provide. Please send me some information. Thank you. Ellen W.


dimentions are approximate and we possibly need to have them shiped as soon as possible what is the leed time for the manufacturing and shipment of these doors please contact me as soon as possible these doors are going to be in an architcts office and will be used as display as well i can send you a dwg or pdf of how we would like them to look. and they will be installed by our contractor. please let me know ASAP. Thanks again


Currently in the final design stages for several aircraft hangers for the Minden, NV airport. Need assistance on hanger doors(ie. type, details, engineering data, drawings etc....) Please contact me directly. I will provide the autocad files for your review and recommendations. This is very short fused. Attempting to get several through the permit stages prior to a code change in June/July time frame. Point of Contact is: Larry J.


I'm a garage door contractor and I have a customer that I belive will benefit from one of your doors. I need to know how we can get things going on this. So I can get them some pricing on the Bifold door. This would be like a hanger door but smaller.


We are in Miami-Dade County which requires 146 mph. We will be the GC and designer for this project and at this time we would like to know if a 125' wide X 27' high vertical lift bifold is feasable. Please contact me to discuss. Thank you.


We supplied and erected the building for a Mark N. and installed one of your doors for him that he bought direct. We have picked up another opportunity this time to supply one of your doors along with one of our buildings. Please quote as appropriate. Please send more literature on your various doors, as you know one happy customer leads to another in our business! Thanks


We are an architectural firm in Los Angeles that does both residential, mixed-use, and commercial design. We are very interested in finding out more about your products--in particular your new, one-piece hydraulic doors. Please send us a catalog/brochure and as much information as possible. Thank you.