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Hi, I work at saam architecture, and we have been looking at your large bifold doors and hoping to use one at a school we are working on in Rhode Island. We are currently showing the door at 22'-0" tall and 47'-0" wide. This door would act as a way of extending an outdoor amphitheater and auditorium. We interested in seeing the options you have and some pricing.


Hello, I am an architect in NYC and looking for a bi-folding hanger gate system. Below are my questions and if you can help us and recommend a product line, it would be greatly appreciated. 1) we need 27ft width with 80ft height which means two panels (27'(w) x 40'(h) each ) will fold up. 2) we want minimal internal frames. If possible, stay away from truss bars either. The ideal case is only with a surrounding frame which is simple metal tubes. Not sure if the panel in our size will be twisted without internal frames. 3) we are thinking of covering the door panels with expanded metal. With the above points, if you can propose a product line or consult with realistic solutions, it would be greatly appreciated. Regards,


We are looking to use some strap lift bifold doors in a large project in Grand Rapids MI. Looking for details and spec to include in our documents. Also looking for BIM models if available. Please contact me via email above. We current have 14 20' openings.


Good afternoon, My name is Jimena and I work as a facade designer for Studio NYL. A structural engineering and facade design company in Denver Colorado. We are looking at some door options for a project and wanted to ask if you could send us product information for your doors. Information like size limitations and options. Thank you


We're interested in specifying Schweiss bifold doors in a project we're currently designing and would like to speak to a rep about size limitations and materials we can use in lieu of vision glass. Does Schweiss have revit families we could load in to our model?


Hello, I'm an Architect working on a project with a double height workshop space for a new Research and Development building. The facade is fully glazed and require an over-sized vertical bi-folding door to match the height of the double height glazing. I've seen similar system on your website and I'd like to start a discussion with one of your sales rep. Please contact me via email or we can setup a virtual meeting.


Hello, I am an architect working on a light industrial project with ~8 garage doors in Mount Desert, ME, and I think Schweiss Bifold Doors could be a great fit for this project. I am particularly interested in all the examples of custom and flush-mounted door cladding. Can I be put in touch with a rep to get information on Schweiss' capabilities and detailing these doors?


Looking for a revit or autocad drawing for your hydraulic bifold hanger doors. We are in the process of drawing up a hanger for a customer who could use this. Thanks


Hello, I am interested in your all glass bifolding and standard hydraulic doors for an exterior application in New Haven, CT. We are looking to have a door opening that is 16'H and 13'W clear when in the open position. This opening/door is going to be made within an existing concrete wall. We'd like to incorporate a canopy above the door, and get the door to sit as close to the plane of exterior cladding as possible (we have looked at some other options that would require setting the door back from our face of building and we do not want that). Is there a specific product you might be able to recommend for our application? Thank you. I am happy to send over drawings if that's helpful.


I am an architect and I am looking into a couple of things for my project. There is a folding door and folding windows that I would like to specify but I would like to know what my options are. Could you please help me out on this and give me a couple of recommendations for this? I would like the door and the window to have a similar language, be in kind if possible. Could you please advise if you are able to do something like this for a residential building. The door is about 6’-2 with 7’-11 limit on height. The window width is 5’-9” with height limit of approximately 4’-9” if given 2” of header/framing above. These are non standard sizes so I would assume that they would have to be custom. Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns. Thank you


Hi, I am from Arcadis IBI Group, and I hope this message finds you well. Our team is currently working on a project located at Pompano Beach, FL, USA. We are interested in your hanger door products, specifically the SCHWEISS HYDRAULIC DOORS, and SCHWEISS BIFOLD DOORS. To proceed with our project, we require the Revit model of these hanger doors for reference. Could you kindly provide us with the Revit model files? For further communication, please reach out to me. Thank you for your attention to this matter. Best regards,


We are an architectural firm and I was wondering if you had your doors as a bim model so we can use them in our design. Your project will be the only acceptable door for the project also.


I want to see if I can get a price for a 12' x 8' insulated glass hydraulic bi-fold door - the specs say Schweiss type 4. This is the only information I have on the drawings from the architect if you need something else please let me know and I will talk to the home owner/ architect. If you could e-mail me a quote along with any material for the door quoted I would greatly appreciate it. job name: EC Moore Thank you


To whom it may concern, I am an architect designing a hangar for my client. He has a Cessna Citation M2 Gen2 and would like your recommendation on the hanger door. If possible, please provide specs and CAD drawings. Thanks


Hello, I'm designing a build out for a customer's airplane hangar with Schweiss door and was hoping to get a CAD file for it's 50' opening for the architecture model.


Good Morning, I was doing some research for my principals and Hydraulic doors is something they were planning on using on a future project. Do you happen to offer virtual or in-person courses for Lunch and Learns? If so, we would be interested in obtaining more information on any courses you may offer. Kindest Regards


Good afternoon, I am an architect based in Washington DC. I am working on a commercial project located in the District and I am wondering if you could help answer some questions about a door solution I’ve been working on. We have a couple large openings in an existing building (which limits the amount of structural work we can introduce) and we really want to incorporate a bi-folding door to open the interior space to the patio area here. Can you help answer some of my questions about these systems? Primarily I’d like to know what my options are regarding the… 1) Door Glazing. What are the maximum panel sizes within the door itself and what do these intermediate mullions need in terms of spacing to make the door structurally stable while providing the largest glazed openings? Can these mullions be sized and spaced according to our design intent? We would prefer a SSG for the horizontal and a 2” for the vertical. 2) Structural requirements. Do you typically need reinforcement for particular door solutions? Is there a maximum height or width that triggers the need for additional structure? 3) Mechanical Requirements. What does the hydraulic system for these doors look like? 4) Do you have any Revit models you can send me? Thank you for all your help. For context we have about 10’x15’ of clear opening to work within.


I am an architect and I've been tasked with designing a personal 60x60 airplane hangar at a small regional airport in Mountain Home Idaho. I have a quote for the metal building package, but it does not include the hangar door package. We would only need a single hangar door at 50' wide and 14' in height.


I'm an architect here at Miller Architectural, and I've a project for a renovation of an existing Community Center in the City of Redlands, California to include incorporate new glass hanger doors to existing exterior building CMU wall. I've a floor plan w/ possible location of doors. Need to get a preliminary cost estimate so I can propose to client.


Hello! I am working on a project where we are specifying a Schweisse motorized bi-fold door. We are preparing to enter the Construction Documents phase and would like to meet with someone to learn more about our options and the details of the door. Can I be connected with someone? Thanks


I'm an architect in Columbus Ohio. We are interested in using your hydraulic doors as a basis of design on a large commercial project here in Reynoldsburg Ohio. We have a concept design for an event hall that would have 2 of your doors on an exterior skin that would open up the building for special events. The 2 doors are identical and on the same gridline. Rough size is 13' wide by 14' high. One caveat is that we'd like to have our exterior cladding system (currently full brick coursing) on the doors so they blend with the skin when not in use. Could one of your reps give me a call either today or tomorrow sometime to discuss?


Hello, I work at the architecture firm BNIM in Kansas City. We are looking into using the Bi-Fold door on a project. I am wondering if there is any general CAD or BIM information available on this? Looking for a plan detail at the jamb and a section detail at the head. I see this info in PDF form on the site, but just curious about any CAD/BIM. Thanks!


Interested in getting pricing for two different doors on a project I am currently in Schematic design on. looking at Glass Bifold doors or glass window wall for two different openings on and adaptive reuse project and our considering using one of your doors but do not have a good idea of what my client should plan on budgeting for this. Door #1 is a 10'wide x 10'high opening Door #2 is a 12' Wide x 10' high opening Love help with understanding the different systems, pros and cons, as well as cost ramifications for our project. Look forward to hearing from you.


Looking for double-hung bi-fold doors for a fire station. They need to be 14' wide and 16' tall. Ideally we can get a lunch and learn about options / specifications.


Product that is specified: Designer Door Bottom Drive Electric Door Operator: 1. Usage Classification: Heavy duty, 25 or more cycles per hour and more than 90 cycles per day. 2. Operator Type: Manufacturer's standard for door requirements. 3. Operator Location: Bottom section of door. 4. Safety: Listed according to UL 325 by a qualified testing agency for commercial or industrial use; moving parts of operator enclosed or guarded if exposed and mounted at 8 feet (2.4 m) or lower. 5. Motor Exposure: Interior.


We are Architects in Miami Dade, Florida working on a residential renovation project in Miami Beach. Proposed garage door opening is 7'-0" from top of slab to underside of beam above and width is 21'-0" from column to column. When your bifold garage door is in the open position what would the opening clearance be from top of slab to underside of open door. I presume your doors meet Miami Dade Wind Requirements. Appreciate your assistance.


Hello, I am interested in understanding it there are Revit/ BIM models for the glass overhead bi-fold doors. We are looking at a proposal in Brooklyn and would love to use your product. Thanks


Hello, I am a designer at Louise Braverman Architect. We were interested in using your bifold garage door in one of our upcoming projects and wanted to get more information on that product. Do you make standard sizes or is everything custom built? We are interested in using it for a smaller opening. Thank you so much for your time and hope to hear from you soon. Best


UMD I.E.B. project. Whiting-Turner has asked the glass and glazing subcontractors to include the hydraulic door with our best and final pricing today. They suggested that Schweiss may be familiar with the project and able to quote.


We received pricing you shared with our Architect of Records, Henriquez Partners Architects for Seattle, Washington. This is proposal is dated 10/21/21, I was wondering if you could help us out by updating this proposal and send it back to me? Your help is greatly appreciated. Kind regards




Hello, I am contacting from DPH Architecture in Canfield, OH. We are working on a project that will include a large banquet space and are interested in extending the space outside with a large opening door. The bifold or hydraulic would be prefered. We can send drawings to further the discussion and show dimensions if needed. Please email me back with any information you can provide on price, lead time, etc. Appreciate the help!


Schweiss doors are specified for project that I am bidding in Purcell, Oklahoma at the Purcell Municipal Airport. Please let me know how I can get a quote. If I need to send plans/specs to you, please let me know. Thank you.


I need someone to email me documentation that your bi-fold doors meet UL 325 standards for safety/obstruction/etc. I need this information to ensure that we can use Schweiss Doors for this project. Could you please forward this information as soon as you are able. Thank you, The Arcus Group Inc. Architects


Hi, we've specified and used your products in the past...all good! At the moment, we are specifying your Standard BiFold Door with Horizontal Top Drive (with straps) for a commercial storefront project in Los Angeles and are in need of your AutoCAD files and Standard Specifications for our drawings set. We'd love to get ahold of these files "yesterday" as our drawings are being reviewed by a City of LA Plan Check Engineer. In addition, our structural engineer is in need of the drawing details. The doors will not have glazing in them but instead will be clad in a lightweight thin metal screen.


HI, We are an architectural firm that would like to know more about your product. Do you provide a continuing education program to discuss your product and detailing that would be needed? Thank you, Scott


Hi there, I'm considering using a Schweiss unit on a new home build in San Francisco. My architects have used your solution on previous homes they've built. I'm wondering though what kind of remote control or automation options are available either from you or through other technology providers. Something like being able to open the door with a phone app etc... Thank you


Hello, I am a designer at The Miller Hull partnership in Seattle WA. I am interested in a glass designer bifold door, similar to the Metal shutter house, SciArc or Red Bull Projects for a project in Bend, Oregon. The opening would be about 14' high. Do you have any typical details for doors like this and are the products NFRC rated? Thanks?


What would be a ballpark budget for architectural bifold door with an interior finish and a wood exterior? Current design requires 6 doors they would be 16'-0" wide and 8'-0" high openings.


I am working on some architectural project and when I saw your bi-folded doors i knew they would be perfect match. So my question is, is it possible to recive from you 3d model of them compatible with archicad or sketchup? Thank you in advance.


Dear Schweiss, We are considering the implementation of your fold-up all-glass doors on a façade system in Manhattan. Currently we’re looking at having 3 vertical folding glass doors that would replace the fixed glazing leading out to the terrace. The panels would be 10’-0”x16’-4 1/2” (X2) and 10’-5”x16’-4 1/2” (X1) (See drawings below). The final effect would be a seamless indoor-outdoor connection (adding images for reference) The design intent is to have the door as minimal and clean as possible, with no visible motor no visible hydraulic arms, and to match the lookandfeel of the base building currently under construction. We are particularly interested in exploring two options that we would like to share with our client on Monday, your timely response would be very appreciated. 1/ Hydraulic glass door (full height with no straps or exposed motors), hydraulic pump hidden in a closet nearby 2/ Pivot Hydraulic Glass door If you can send us details and photos of all-glass installations that can be shared with the client for both options We were wondering how such façade system is possible to achieve with your product, and what are the supports needed for such a system? What is the biggest size door we can achieve in this configuration? Let me know your thoughts and I look forward to speaking with you soon. Best, Reem


I would appreciate if you could send me a quote for 3 Bi-fold doors: 18’ wide x 10’ high x 2 doors 18’ wide x 8’ high x 1 door I am looking for glass doors or with wood paneling. If you could give me and order of magnitude number for these 2 options, it could help me decide if it makes sense developing a more detailed quote. Thanks LM.


I have a project that calls out for Schweiss Doors. it is on a residential home and just one door. Can i send you the details?


we are working in a new project in miami and very interested in your bifold and hydraulic doors. who can we contact in miami? We need more design infor in schweiss doors to see how we can incorporate them, specs/Revit/CAD would be helpful. thank you.


please contact me. we do high end residential doors and customer keep asking for an alternative for sectional we have an immediate need for 2 specific doors from schweiss. Interested in both hydraulic door styles and bifold door styles. thanks michael


I am trying to find resources and prices of bi-fold garage doors for a project I am working on in south carolina. Interested in talking with Schweiss and any door information you can send me.


I'm interested in the Schweiss Bifold-Vertical top drive door. Do you have CAD or BIM detail files you can share with me so I can incorporate them into my drawings?


Home remodel. Looking for 2 bifold glass garage doors. 16ft wide 7 feet tall. Need spec for architect drawings. Need info to also locate railing that will not interfere with opening of doors.


Architectural project-Looking for pricing on a 12x12 and 10x10 glass garage doors with black trim. Bifold door please.


Small residential application. Most likely solid wood similar to a traditional residential garage door is the desired finished look, possibly with upper lite. Possibly just door frame for field installed architectural covering? Can you send specs for both the hydraulic door and the bifold door?


Looking for bifold door for creative office located in the Arts District in Los Angeles. The sizes are approximately 12 x 14 and 9 x 9. Can I get pricing and specs from Schweiss Doors?


Hello: I'm working on a retrofit of a PEMB tennis pavilion, and our client is interested in installing new operable doors, and we think bifold doors would be a good option. We are in the early stages of the project and trying to determine the type and quantity of doors. I've given the Schweiss Doors website a look, but it would be helpful to have some additional information about which Schweiss products would be best suited to this project. In particular, generally how the different product lines the folding door vs the hydraulic door compare in price would be good to know. Thank you.


Good afternoon, We have a residential renovation project in San Francisco and I am looking for a vertical bi-fold door system. The door (8'-0" high x 16'-0" wide) would have 2 panels clad with vertical wood slats similar to the photo attached. Would you have a product for this application? Wondering if you could send me revit drawings of your bifold system. Thank you


Hello, I work for an architecture/engineering firm that is working on a new construction hangar for a client, and am looking for some additional information. We are fairly early in the process, but would like confirmation that you are able to do a bi-fold door in the size the client is asking for (100'W x 28'H clear opening), as well as an approximate cost. From your website I see there are a lot of additional options to choose from, but with us so early in the project we probably will not have answers for a while, so just looking for a rough estimate at this point. Please let me know if you need any other information from me and I will do my best to answer! Thanks


Hi, I am an architect and I am looking for a cool solution for a high-end residential project in Austin, Texas. We are interested in exploring the pivot hydraulic as well as the bifold versions. Our door opening is approx. 30'-0" wide by 10'-4" high. We would like to have a single door with minimal header space. I wanted to speak to someone to figure out which product would be recommended for our application. Thanks


I am an architect working on the design for a Gym/Auditorium. The client wants the back wall of the Auditorium to open up with a horizontal bifold door. The opening size will be approximately 21'tall x 32' wide. I need to specify a door and understand the jamb/head details as well as the structural support that will be required. I would appreciate a call in order to better understand these items.


Architectural firm looking for hydraulic door designs for high end luxury home. Would like to incorporate Schweiss residential door to open up the living room to an outdoor seating area. Please send me general specs for design layout.


Designing luxury home. Would like to incorporate moving wall door into our design. We would like to place the door on the second floor to have the master bedroom open up to a patio. Is there any addition structure/support needed to incorporate a glass hydraulic door. Please send me specs.


I have a project I am building in Calgary that requires hangar style garage doors. The Architect has worked with your bifold and hydraulic doors before and has spec'd schweiss doors in his plans for this project. I would like to send you the plans for you to provide a quote for me.


We have a project where we are replacing three 20' by 24' roller doors with Bi-fold doors. I am preparing a drawings for the university to bid this door replacement work, using Schweiss as the quality level to bid. Would like schweiss bidding specifications and standard details. Thanks, John.


Hello! I am from West Chin Architects in NYC. A couple of months ago, I spoke with a schweiss associates regarding a bi-fold door for our residential project. We are entering the bidding phase and would like structural and electrical requirements along with pricing for a schweiss bifold door. Along with the information below, we can share plans and elevations. If you can provide any notes or details, it would be much appreciated. I look forward to hearing from you, thank you! T N


Hello, Please email me as soon as possible. We are currently designing the new school of architecture and design on MIT's campus in Cambridge, MA. We are in the early stages of incorporating a bifold door into the interior lobby design. I wish to work with someone technical to test fit the components and discuss configurations. We have concept sketches and renderings ready to discuss. We want something architecturally creative and inspiring. Many thanks!


Hello, We are an architectural firm located in south Ontario. I'm looking to get a quote/estimate for both the hydraulic and bi-folding styles. In either case the door would be installed onto an addition of a pre-engineered building steel, for a farm equipment retailer. The client has already reached out to a engineer for the shop drawings for the steel. Who have set a 5'000 lbs limit for the door leaf. Is this achievable with either style of door and if not can you provide an estimate of the total weight of the lightest possible door? - Regards Jake


Needing a quotation and preliminary building design loading details for a bi-fold hangar door with 100' x 28' clear when open. The architect for the project has assumed a header height of approximately 35', but we will design the building with your recommended header height, based upon the required 28' clear opening height. For your info, the project is New Corporate Hangar in Ardmore, OK, should you receive additional inquiries from other bidders.


Schweiss Bifold Doors are called for on a project in College Station, Texas. The project is the GBBF Pavilion for the George and Barbara Bush Foundation. We need to know if there is a manufacturer's rep or reps for Schweiss that will handle this construction project in College Station, Texas. We need to solicit bids for the Schweiss Bifold Doors. Please call or email me. Thanks.


Hello Schweiss Crew I'm an architect for Elliott Workgroup in Park City. We're about to use your bi-fold doors in one of your projects and a Revit/BIM model would be very well appreciated. Are you guys able to provide any Revit/BIM models for us? Thank you so much!


Hello, I’m an architect working on a single family residence on Long Island NY. We’re looking to do a 10’ x 7’-6” bifold garage door that is clad in cedar siding to be flush and aligned with the siding on our house - see attached 3D view for reference. Are any of your products appropriate for residential application at this size and able to be clad? Thank you.


I came across your product searching for bifold "garage" doors for use in a residential setting. We are looking to use the Standard Bifold Door with Horizontal top drive mounting hardware. If you would be able to provide any CAD details to help us determine if this architectural door system will work for our design that would be great. We would be interest in either a 16' wide and a 6' wide option, or if possible a single 22' wide door. The garage currently has 12' clear inside so should not be a problem to have enough clearance for the top mounted system. Please give me a call or email at the address below if you need more information. Thank you, EE


Need budget and spec for a 160 ft wide x 24 ft high bifold hangar door. Project on coast in Rhode Island. Installing in a Varco Pruden metal building Any options. Thank you


Hello, I am with a small architectural firm in Georgia and we are expanding our company and need a larger office space. We are in the preliminary planning stage now. We would like to incorporate one of your architectural designer doors into the new facility to showcase our design conceptualization. If you could get back with me with general specs information for your hydraulic designer doors so we can start incorporating it into the new facility design.


Looking for a glass designer door. Currently thinking a two-story glass door (11-8" x 20 or 21' tall) for an architectural office. Lift Straps seem like the way to go but wanted to understand price and options and flexibility between the hydraulic and bifold.


Dear sir/madam, I am doing a design project for my Master Architecture at the Technical University of Delft. For this project I am using an architectural bifold door from Schweiss. It is the STANDARD "VERTICAL" TOP DRIVE . . . WITH MANUAL LATCHES door. I was wondering if you could send me autocad drawings of this door. I look forward to your response. Kind regards, B


Hi, I am looking for a schweiss designer door-modern vertical two piece bifold garage door about 116" x 109" for a spec house I'm working on.


Hello. It is with sad regret to inform you TopDataList.com is shutting down. We have made all our databases available for you for a once off fee. Visit us on TopDataList.com


I am a Nashville based residential architect looking to get some more information on sizing/pricing for a client of mine here in Nashville. The client's future house is around 10k sf with a large 4 car garage, and he loved the idea of using a large bifold or hydraulic door or possibly two of each instead of one big one.. Please call or email me and I will be happy share pdfs of the current drawing set. Thanks!


I am working on a architectural bifold designer door project for my customer Goodgame Co. and they asked me to get a quote on the Bi-Fold door for them along with my quote for the building. I will also need your typical loading information, and any framing specifications to insure my building is properly designed.


Hi, This is Nicolas Orellana from Luis Vidal Architects. We are currently designing a FBO in Atlanta. We would like to receive information regarding your Bifold Liftstrap fast opening Hangar door systems. Please respond me by email. Thank you


Hi: I'm an Architect with a project that will require a fire department ladder truck to access an interior courtyard through a 60' tall x 30'wide x 30 long glass connector. I like your bi-fold door product and would like to introduce a bi-fold glass door that looks similar to the Project curtainwall on the east and west elevation of the connector. The bi-fold door would be in the 14' wide and 20'high range. The concern at the office is the amount of straps and other door related hardware that I'm seeing on your website photos, but we certainly do not want to deal with steel cables that can snap or fray. Have you all done a bi-fold door installation in a more polished curtainwall than what I might be seeing on the website and with some less obtrusive straps and spools? The concern with a hydraulic door is the single leaf and the emergency vehicle being too close to the doors when it's time to open them. Any help would be appreciated Tom


Hi there, I am an architect writing from Singapore. I've got a residential project (house) with a design aesthetic that is very much factory / warehouse-like, and we are interested in a bifold Liftstrap designer door system for our main entrance door. Do you have a contact that is based in Singapore? That would be very helpful. If not, what is your delivery time if you place this in a shipping container? Thanks in advance!


Hello, I am a german architecture student in need of a bifold door. I just wanted to have a bit more information about your amazing Liftstrap designer doors and wether or not I could actually have doors wide enough for my project and how that would work. Your website is the only one that has been helpful so far! Thank you!


Hello, I am an architect working on a STEM education building outside of Dallas, TX. We have a number of maker spaces and shop spaces where we would like to have large folding doors to connect some of the shop spaces to the outside. The building is new construction. It would be great to set up call to share our current design and to see if your bifold Liftstrap designer door products are a match for project. Also if you all have any BIM/Revit models you could share of glass bifolding doors that would be of great help. I look forward to hearing from you. Thanks, Habeeb


Hello, I am an architect and I am hoping to get an idea on a budget price for a designer bifold lift strap design door with a vertical top drive with vision glass panels. My opening is 11'-0" wide and 12'-0" tall. This is for a food and beverage tenant build-out in an existing ground level retail space. Could you also price this same door with an aluminum frame? The main structure of the building is concrete frame, and there is an existing hss tube girt at the top of the opening.


We are architects interested in specifying one of your products: Standard Bifold Liftstrap Door - Flush Mount. The size of the door is approximately 9' tall by 10' wide. The issue we have is that the client wants to be able to deploy an insect screen when the door is open. Have you come across this before? We cannot see how this would be possible with the tubes that go from outside to inside. We also need to get a quote from you for this size door.


Hi, We are doing a proposal with a 3D model in Revit. We want to use the architectural bi-fold liftstrap doors equipped with photo eye sensors and door base safety edge. Do you have a revit family that we can use for our model?


Hi! I'm Sheena an architect at Rise Projects. We are working on a 36 car private garage in Long Island, NY. This will be divided into 4 modules and we are shopping around for custom glass bifold designer doors. This is not a normal high class bifold door


I'm an architect. I work on high-end residences. I frequently need to suggest we import tilt-up Facade bifold garage door hardware to Australia. It's remains unclear to me why American manufacturers use panel roll-up so much, they don't even compare to your Schweiss Bifold and hydraulic door line. I enjoyed seeing residential applications on your website -- the Carriage House for helicopters, for example. It's overkill, but can I contact you for a quote for a double-car garage (16'-8"W x 8'-0"T, min) tilt-up door when appropriate?


Hi, My name is Chaim Emanuel. I am an architect with YMK. We are looking to specify a bi-fold garage door with your patented liftstrap mechanism for a residential client, and so I am contacting you for information and quotes. I don't quite understand your different models. Do you have a brochure? and more details. The client's car garage door will measure 96-102" W x /- 84"-96" H. Best, Chaim Emanuel


My name is Xuancheng, a designer from the architectural firm, Payette in Boston. I’m reaching out to see if you could provide any Revit family and CAD detail of the BIFOLD Bottom Drive door. We're interested in using your top of the line bifold designer door in one of the feature projects that we're working on now. Please let me know. Thank you!


Hi, I am with Studio Gang Architects, and we are doing a project in Wyoming where we would like to add several Schweiss Bifold Designer Style Garage doors clad in stainless steel. I am attempting to understand the details of the garage door to make sure we have proper clearance needed for the Client's requirements, 10'-0" min. Is it possible to send me some cut sheets showing the mounting details needed for our design? I am unsure of mounting requirements. We are open to either steel support side columns or wood supports - it depends on the information that we can see from your office. Thank you and Sincerely, Jason Flores Studio Gang Architects


I am an architect working on a residential project in California. I am looking for the bi folding strap lifting gate top drive with door attached on the gate for emergency exit. total height of gate will be about 15' width will be 30' and width will be 31'. the material for the gate probably will be metal mesh with aluminum frames. would you be able to share your experience and recommend some products for me?


I have a Wilson Door on my hangar and am looking for a similar bi-fold door for a new hangar. The current door is 46' opening by 12' height clearance. I need 13' height clearance on the new hangar. My architect is looking for specifications and wants it to be a liftstrap door with auto latches and a backup system. Can we start a dialog? Can you provide initial specifications that an architect might need? (I'm imagining weight, attach points, outside dimensions??) And I'm interested in price and shipping. Please advise and ask any questions. Thank you.


Hello, Our company is currently working on a new project that will be built/ located in Bentonville, Arkansas. We are a small firm with 1 architect licensed in the State of Missouri, and myself, an architectural designer. We are highly interested in using the bi-fold doors, the kind with lift straps and automatic locking systems and would appreciate your quote and feedback moving forward. Also, does Schweiss offer any professional trade accounts or opportunities for recommended/ specifying your products? If so, please let us know what forms should be submitted. We appreciate your help and look forward to hearing back from your team. Thank You, Monica Stegall Earthouse LLC


Hello, I am looking to use your bifold door product on a project and need cad file to incorporate it into our design. It is a privet residence being designed by the MaryAnn Thompson Architects of Watertown Ma.They may have already contacted you on this Home/Greenhouse" project with the intent of using your Bi-Fold Glass Door on one wall of the greenhouse. Any drawing files that you can share wold be greatly appreciated. Sincerely, Jerry


As an architect, I'm interesting in your product, all glass Bifold door. Please contact me back by email for discussing 8 hangar houses projects that will require bifold strap doors of different widths and heights.


I am an Architect in Charleston, South Carolina and am building a garage addition for a client who has a 5th wheel. They need a 11' wide by 12' tall garage door. Can you provide general pricing for either the bi-fold or hydraulic in that size.


Dear Sir or Madam, We are a French architecture office based in Paris. We usually work on big scale projects in France, Germany, Switzerland, Belgium (education, institutional, office...) We discovered your products and we are very interested for more informations about your bifolding liftstrap hangar doors. Could you send us a pdf catalogue to know much about your products? Looking forward to hearing from you! Hilaire Baudouin


Hello, We're a company that sells and installs architectural door products. Currently we're looking to partner with a company like yours to work on bifold and hydraulic Schweiss door project in the Dominican Republic.


I am an architecture student working on a media facade project. I have a couple questions regarding your hydrophilic arms. Would they be able to be used horizontally rather than vertically? We are planning on having a facade in which has dynamic arms that open and close. Would these arms also be able to push around 3000lbs back and forth. This is all a hypothetical idea at the moment Thankyou


Hi! I am an interior design student at Belmont University and for my studio project I need tall glass garage type doors to insert in my Revit model (BIM file). I really like the bifold glass designer doors you guys did for the New Market Municipal Center in Ontario. Is there any way I could get that or a similar door in a Revit family?


We are interested in pricing a bifold door similar in appearance to the Newmarket HQ etched glass designer doors on your website for our new architectural office in West Des Moines. The door would be 11'-2" wide by 9'-4" tall and we would like glass panels to be about 2'3 wide with a single horizontal at mid-height. Let me know what other questions you have. Thank you.


My name is Rachael and I work for Jones and Jones Architects in Seattle. I am working on a public carving shelter in South Lake Union. We are planning to have large operable aluminum and glass doors in the project and are beginning to look at price comparisons and viability. Would you be able to provide me with cost estimates for aluminum and glass bifold doors: 9’-0” high x 11’-6” wide And 9’-0” high x 16’-0” wide. Price remotes and automatic latches separately. Please contact me via email. Thank you.


We are architects and want to specify your 60'x16' bi-fold door. Do you have any DWG files that we could insert into our Autocad files so we can accurately specify your product? Also provide any upgrades available such as lights, horns, backup systems. Thank you. Dave R.


I have a project where the architect is requesting a specific type look for zoning restricted RV bifolding garage door and wanted to see if it is something that your company does. I look forward to hearing back from you soon. Thank you in advance for contacting me.


Hi. I'm an architect needing an architectural wall system bifold shutter door for a window that is 24.6 feet wide located in Lisbon, Portugal. Can you do it? Could you deliver and install in Lisbon, Portugal? How much would that cost? Thank you.


Good morning, My name is Miranda, I am the Project Architect of a Residential Mixed used project in Washington DC, Art Place at Fort Totten. I would like to get more information - CAD drawings and specs - the Schweiss bifold glass Liftstrap designer doors. Door sizes are: Door #1 – w 20’x h14’ (with 14’-10” ceiling height) Door #2 – w20’x13’ (with 14’-10” ceiling height) Door #3 – w10’x12’ (with 15’ ceiling height). Please advise on turn around and delivery times for this bifold mixed use door project.


Hello, We are an architectural design firm and would like to specify the hydraulic and/or bifold liftstrap door in one of our residential public apartment projects located in Miami,FL. Could you please provide us with product approval (NOA# or FL#) to certify the product is impact resistant. Thank you, Maria Trochez Design Project Manager


Hello, I am Aimilios La Dallman Architects, and I am contacting you because we are interested in using a set of bifold doors for our Granary rehabilitation project in Wisconsin. We have a series of 9' wide by 14' 9" tall openings on the ground floor that are framed by the wooden building structure. 12x12 glulam columns on either side and a 12x12 glulam beam resting on top. We are open to all bifold liftstrap configuration types, but we would prefer to minimize the presence of the heavy hardware, like the geared motor, so we are especially drawn to the option where the drive unit is mounted at the top. We are looking to use lightweight polycarbonate panels for exterior finish. We have a Revit model, and I want to share with you our drawings to start a conversation about implementing your products and talk about pricing and installation. Do you have any Revit models or cad drawings of the bifold system to share? Thank you very much, and I look forward to working with you. Aimilios Davlantis Lo


Hello, HMC Architects is in design on a new Technical Education Project for San Bernardino Valley College (San Bernardino, CA). The 100,000 SF project includes several automotive labs for traditional passenger as well as heavy trucks. We are currently planning on the use of 10 bifold automotive liftstrap doors of widths between 10’-37’, and a typical height of 20’. Reviewing your web site, the Bi-Fold Architectural Door, Horizontal Top Driven seems to be the direction we’re going. I have several initial questions. Do you have any recommendations on typical door heights to accommodate heavy truck (without trailer)? We want to make sure we have appropriately sized doors. Is there a typical “Wedge Height” or does it vary based on overall door height? What kind of options are available for the door panels? We are considering glass (clear


We are architects designing a modern home in central NJ (Hunterdon County) and are interested in using an operable facade at a few locations in the home. We looked on your website and saw your bifold overhead door design using liftstraps and would like to see a Bifold installation manual and/or CAD details so that we may know how to integrate the products into our design. Would you please send me an installation manual and/or CAD details for your overhead bi-fold doors? Thanks!


Hello, We are an architecture firm working on a new residential project in CT. We would like to solicit a quote for the garage door of the house, which we intend to clad with vertical charred wood planks (link attached). Both the bi-fold and hydraulic options are of interest to us. The intent is to hide the structure of the door entirely behind the cladding, so that only the wood is visible from outside. Please let us know if you would be able to work with our cladding material, and whether it would be possible to integrate glazed sections into the door / how much that might cost. Thank you


Good afternoon, I'm a Brazilian architech and i'm doing a project in Connecticut, I need to budget a bifold or hydraulic tipper gate with 10 meters of extension. Is that possible? I can send you some images if you give me some email. Best regards, Heriane Ramos


Dear Sir/Madam, I'm an Architect from Bromley Caldari Architects in NYC looking for a sales rep from your company to discuss bifold designer door products for an upcoming project. Could I have a name and contact email for one of your reps that I could contact for additional information? Thank you.


Hello, as a part of our senior school project we are implementing your bifold and hydraulic door product into our design. we are currently using the slanted top drive bifold door system with straps. I saw you have a page with some "architectural" details. I was wondering if you have/could provide us with those details in their original pdf/cad or revit (revit is best) file so we can implement the details. I think this is a great opportunity to get a class of 60 architecture students to get to know your product and having these detail drawings readily available would be extremely helpful. Thank you very much, Andres.


I am an architect working on a residential home (built beyond commercial grade) of all steel and concrete; looking for a bi-fold garage door. We will need to design this door system to withstand up to 140 mph wind design pressures or be Florida product approved. Please contact me to discuss more.


Hi There, We are Residential Architects working primarily in New Zealand and Australia on highly detailed bespoke residences. We are working on a Boatshed where we are wanting to maximise the head height of the main door, and are seriously looking at your strap lift bi-fold system with auto latch and remote opener options. Current construction programme is due to start work February 2020 for completion December 2021 Have you supplied outside of the US before? and what would the process be for this? I look forward to hearing from you, Kind regards, Sam Peters Christian Anderson Architects


Hi, I work for an architect in Los Angeles and am interested in getting pricing information for one of your vertical bi-fold liftstrap doors. The door would be used as a garage door on a single family home that is just starting construction. I've provided the dimensions below, the door would be clad in either aluminum or smooth fiber cement panels. Let me know if you need any additional information to generate pricing. Thanks for your help! Best, Patrick Fromm


Hi, We are working on a commercial building in Brooklyn, New York, with large glazed restaurant frontage along the Gowanus Canal. We are exploring bifold liftstrap restaurant door options for allowing these apertures to completely open for access to outdoor seating. The overall aperture lengths are 40' and 34'6" as currently drawn, but can be broken into multiple smaller segments. (we do not have a specific tenant in mind, but it may be better from a cost or operational standpoint to divide the door into smaller segments). If you have any brochures, details, or BIM models that would be much appreciated. Thanks, Brandon 


Hi, I'm architecture in korea. I'm going to build a huge hangar with bifold door. Could you let me know a maximum size of a Schweiss bifold strap lift door?


Hi there, My name is Ben Crawford, and I am an architect in Los Angeles. I am designing a co-working space in Park City, UT which needs a 17'-0"(H) x 14'-0"(W) bi-fold glass door. Have you done bifold strap door projects in Utah? Can you send me information on what the options might be? Lets connect soon. Thanks Ben Crawford


I am a  project manager from Arshia Architects, we are currently working on a high-end residential project. We are looking for a bifold garage door, 20'-0" wide, 8'-0" to 10'-0" high. The garage is located at concrete basement of this building Could you suggest a residential Schweiss door model with specification and quote? Thank you


Good morning! Our architect needs the design information including the wedge dimension for a 70'x16' clear Schweiss bi-fold door with auto latching system.  Thanks!


I am an architect looking for options to back 2 trucks in with portable MRI and CT Scanners. Approximately 14' X 14' openings. Looking for options to install the doors with brick veneer or architectural panels so the doors blend into the building.


I'm an Architect looking to install your doors in lieu of the standard sectional roll-up doors. I'm specifically looking to weigh the benefits of using your bifold liftstrap auto latch door in lieu of a standard roll-up door. Any information on this topic would be helpful in pitching this to our client. Please reach out as soon as possible. Thank you.


I'm an architect reaching out for a specific project. I'm requesting an estimate for a 14'w, 12'h Schweiss glass designer door and would also like to price a 14'w, 10'h door for the same location.


Do you have BIM or Revit model of the Bi-Fold door? Specifically the vertical top drive bi-fold door revit family? I am working on an existing project, where we plan to remove and replace existing. Your sites drawing details are descriptive and helpful.


We are bidding a repair hanger at Hurlburt Field AFB in Florida. Would like to send drawings and spcifications to receive a price. Please provide an email. Thank you,


Designing new hangar construction. Looking for a details and cost estimate (not necessarily a quote) for your bi-fold door. Hangar will be nominally 50' wide with 15' eave height. I'd like to get some idea on the largest door I can install on a 50' building and an idea of cost and power requirements for the opener. Any drawings of the framing you furnish or that you require the building manufacturer furnish would be very helpful. Thanks, Marcus


I am an architect with a client in Napa who is building a Gym for himself. He wants a tilting glass door, either 10ft or 15 ft wide (he will decide when he knows the price). Height is 7ft but can be 8ft if easier for you. thanks


Hi I work for a Toronto architecture firm. We are looking to spec a motorized, insulated, overhead garage door, built flush with the finish, which in this case is horizontal charred accoya. Could you please send me product information, as well as the details to calculate the rough opening from the finish opening (jambs and header). This is crucial to determine precisely as the garage door is within a concrete wall. Thank you. Jason


I have a project with one of your door systems and would like to get pricing from a local rep. Please have someone call


I'm an architect in Indianapolis cutting a door opening into an existing pool house to become an outdoor bar. I'm interested in reusing the exterior cladding and reapplying this to he exterior of the bifold door. Therefore the core door would be very simple and able to received this exterior cladding. I'm thinking that this operator would be a simple strap or even hand lift. Thanks for you information.


We are looking at your overhead bi-fold doors for a 17'-9" Wide x 11'-4" High opening for a new restaurant in Plymouth Michigan. I'm interested in the strap driven Schcweis bifold door system, we plan on a glass door, using Marvin windows in your frame. I'd like to talk about details and framing, and can send you some wall sections and details for discussion. Staden Architects


My architect firm has a project that we would like to use your horizontal bifold door in a project we are working on and we need some Autodesk Revit files to use in our model. Do you have such an item. Would sure make things easy to show the actual door in our model and renderings. Thank you


Hi, I'm an architect designing a new house in Hillsborough, CA. We have a two garage doors and the larger one is 19'-10 3/4" wide x 8'-5" tall. We will want to clad the garage door with our vertical cedar siding and are hoping to get a full-flush look with the exterior facade. It looks like your one-piece hydraulic door could do the trick. We have a look and size quite similar to your 'Kicking Horse Ski Resort House'. We'd like to get your take on the project and see if your product could be a viable option. Thanks in advance for your time and help.


I am an architect designing a wood or steel header at an opening, where my client wants to use a bifold Schweiss door. The opening is 40' wide x 14' tall. In order to design the header I would need the door weight (psf), and if there is a deflection limit I need to consider. Please let me know as soon as possible. Thank you.


We are the architects for a renovation to existing hangar doors. part of the design includes modifying the existing hangar doors to accommodate a "bifold liftstrap tail door" for large jet aircraft. I would like to speak to a sales rep that can give me technical information for a pre-manufactured tail door. can you help? thanks! Robert Byrd


I'm an architect and am currently working on the design of a Convention Center in PNG currently under construction, we are documenting from our Melbourne office in Australia and we are interested in your product Hydraulic fold up doors for two purposes one for a banquet hall which will be internal with timber battens fixed to the door panels (see example images attached) this one has to achieve an acoustic performance of STC 40, the second door would be more industrial back of house with a fire rating 120/120/120 both same width 3m approximately. Could you provide me with some information to see if this is viable in both cases, the constraints and structural requirements? if you send me a private e-mail we can send you some drawings and example images of what we need for your information... Also very important for our documentation is to have the CAD/Revit drawings as soon as possible for the door schedule, could you provide this please? Please give me a call for further information. Thank you!


Hi Schweiss, I'm looking at a door very similar to the Lake Tahoe boathouse project with vertical wood siding. This is for a rural residence that is closed up much of the time. When they do open the doors, they will need shade. First choice is a hydraulic one-piece door, but the bifold will work. My guess is that wind will be a factor as this is an exposed location. First step is to see if a ballpark estimate doesn't scare the owner away! I can send a kinetic architecture rendering if that would help. Thanks. Pults & Assoc. Architects


Hello! I'm an Architect from the Boston area looking to source kinetic architectural doors for a small residential garage project. We're looking for aluminum/steel framed, bifold hangar doors, preferably with frosted glass of some kind. Motorized/automated opening  would be a plus. We would also like to consider an option where we clad the doors to match siding of our choice. We're looking for two doors, one 7hx10w ft and 7hx12w ft. I hope someone can help us. Thank you!


Good morning, I'm an Architect in Manhattan and am looking to spec your bifold doors for an upcoming project. I have a few questions for you as we work to implement these doors into our drawings: 1. We would like to inset a glazing system into the bifolds rather than to install a curtain wall to the exterior of the doors; would this be possible? 2. I've noticed that in some photos of your finished projects there is a Schweiss bottom truss at the sill. What conditions would require this truss? Is this only required for aluminum, or would a steel frame also need this bottom truss? 3. I found a few details of your top drive doors online, but am having difficulties finding a bottom drive detail- if there is a detail of this condition, please email.


hello i am an architect working on a project in Israel. i am looking for a kinetic door system that will allow a hole facade of a building to open. i saw the red bull project at your site. can you send me relevant info regarding the system? can it work with any glass curtain walls and so on? the opening is 6 meters high by 25 wide ( 19/ 82 foot) and has two doors in it. thank you Dror


Hello, We are looking to get a price quote for your vertical foldaway door/window. We are proposing a series of your doors in short lengths (8 total). The dimensions of the doors are as follows: 3' 8"W x 7'-6H. Essentially they will act as Schweiss fold-able windows with grey tint low-E  1/2" glazing. Please send us any project samples that mimic our requirements and provide a price quote for 8 total doors/windows. If you have any questions please contact me tomorrow. Best Regards, Steve Architect Glendale, CA


We are an architectural office that wants to do high end custom residential bifold door projects and would also like to speak to someone about Schweiss bi-fold and hydraulic one-piece specialty designer style doors. The bifold vertical slat door for our project would have slats on the front face to match the surrounding facade. I can send a rendering. There are 5 garage doors in total for the project. Construction has already started. Door sizes range from 10' wide to 19' wide. There may be other projects in the office that would need your help also. 


We are architects working in a project in Miami Beach and we want to use one of your product. The idea is to use the Schweiss hydraulic door as garage door for a condominium. The clear opening is 22'-0" x 7'-0" and a McNichols bar grating (GAL 175) attached to the door frame will be the finish Could you please send to us your section and elevation specs in CAD to be incorporated in our drawings. We appreciate your prompt response in this matter 


I am an architect, I am working on a project where I am proposing 2 Schweiss hydraulic designer doors of about 12'-6" wide X 9' high, all glass. Could you please give me an idea of pricing and time of production/delivery. I would prefer response by email please.


We are architects designing a wood framed building addition to an existing structure and we require a 36 feet wide x 13 feet high insulated overhead hydraulic powered door. Can you provide us with some technical information, costs and delivery/order times??? The project is located in BC, Canada.


Hi, My name is Samuel, I work for a Architectural firm, in CT. Our firm is currently designing a operable hydraulic canopy door for a large home here in Connecticut, the canopy is around 15x60%u2019 in size and lowers 10%u2019 to provide cover to a courtyard below. We have a structural engineer that has designed the structure, lifting points and calculated all the loading requirements. Where we have hit a bit of a dead end is finding someone that can design and manufacture an operable system for lowering and lifting the canopy. (we have had some quotes but most are either very expensive or bulky and not in line with our design, but your Schweiss hydraulic door meets our specs) I was wondering if your company would be interested in working with us and if you could put me in contact with someone to discuss this in further detail. We can also provide preliminary drawings upon request. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me, I look forward to hearing from you. Kind Regards,


I am coordinating continuing education for our architects and designers. Would you have a local representative available to do a lunch & learn with us in our New Orleans, LA office? Thanks for any information you can provide on both your hydraulic and bifold designer doors. We've looked at your Schweiss Designer Door line on your website, very impressive.


I would like you to mail me a catalog to CO of your Hydraulic and Bifolding Liftstrap/Autolatch Doors for architectural specification.


Our architectural studio in HI is working on a new university project in Hanoi, Vietnam. We are interested in getting more detailed information on your bi-fold liftstrap doors and hydraulic doors as an option for the university's recreation-gym buildings. We have questions about advice on the size limitations of your product, how it appears from the interiors, and if you have contacts or suppliers in the Southeast Asia region. We would be interested in your knowledge in this region. Please email me with any info. Thank you. 


Good Afternoon, I am emailing you on behalf of my NJ architect with Innovation & Design in Architecture. I was wondering if it were possible to get a sample book detailing your hydraulic doors, bifold doors and designer doors from you for our interior library. Let me know if this is possible. 


I am the Principal in Charge of a Houston, TX based architectural firm. I would like to get more detailed info on your single panel hydraulic designer door for my new residence. The door would be clad in a 20 GA corrugated metal panel. I would like to achieve a "flush overlay effect with the door so that there is no exposed frame - head or jamb - visible from the exterior. Steel structural columns and beam can be provided as needed to support the door.


 I am an architect and we are considering a move to another location here in Helena. We would like to install either a hydraulic or bi-fold door to create an outdoor work space. I grew up on a farm and have been familiar with your doors for many years. I wrestled sliding doors on our shop and everytime wished for the day that we could add a Schweiss door to it. Now in a second life, I am hopeful of the chance. This is a CMU block building and the door would be set in a non-bearing wall. I do realize we'd more than likely have to have a steel subframe to support it. That is not a problem. We just located the space and do not yet have an anticipated size but I wanted to get a feel for the cost of each unit prior to finalizing the size (below is approximate). How do you figure your pricing structure? Do you have discounts for architect/engineer designers when they show it off on their own space? Interested aluminum frame bifold with liftstraps and autolatches.


We are an architectural firm in Honolulu, HI and our project is a community center in Hilo, HI and we're considering using the bifold designer door with the lifting straps for the multipurpose room that will be used for large gathering and opens up to a patio. Please send me all the necessary information including pricing, etc. versus the hydraulic door 


I am an architect in washington dc we are specifying 3 of your bifold glass and aluminum frame designer doors for a current commercial project please forward me info on where I may send drawings for bidding by Schweiss as soon as possible.


I'm an architect looking for additional information for a residential "designer" application, jamb and threshold seals, etc. for bi-fold or hydraulic. Thanks!


RE: Sydney's Restaurant window folding doors: Per phone message Saturday for a set of two hydraulic or strap side by side doors. I need to prices as soon as possible for the following: 1. 2 ea. Sydney Restaurant style SIDE by SIDE doors. 2. SCHWEISS to specify required hydraulic door and bifold door header height. 3. Frames are galvanized steel or stainless steel, or marine grade Aluminum. Honolulu is a marine environment. 4. Opening: A=10' B=8'. Architect will spec other dimensions or will e-mail CAD to SCHWEISS. 5. SCHWEISS to provide e-mail address for CAD drawings. PLEASE CONTACT ME ASAP.


We are an architecture firm currently designing a vehicle maintenance facility and we are studying garage door options for the equipment shop. We'd be interested in pricing and getting engineering specs on both styles of hydraulic and bifold Schweiss doors.


I am an architect working on a project on the waterfront in coastal Maine. This product would be for a wood frame retrofit. I am looking to create a bifold liftstrap/autolatch door that results in a 12' side x 8' height clear opening. the exterior finish will be shingles. the door will be insulated with a nice interior finish quality. I have a few questions: 1. Pricing 2. Timing (purchase, shop drawings, delivery, etc) 3. Is it possible to have an overhang condition on the sides, past the rails? I would like to extend an additional 4.5 feet but there would be no corner post to run a track. Drawings are available


I am an architect working on a large, slope-side training facility doors in Utah. I'd like to learn more about your bi-fold strap doors similar to your project in San Francisco, House of Air glass doors with aluminum door frames. I need to learn more about the thermal door winterization options. Your bifold door looks like a great product.


I'm an architect based in Los Angeles. I'm trying to reach out to a Schweiss Door engineer at your company. I currently have two clients interested in bifold and hydraulic doors of the designer door caliber. Can I forward door engineering data in order to facilitate quotes on these glass designer doors. They are both commercial doors.


Interested in a new-construction single car standard sized Schweiss residential garage door (8' tall x approx 8'-9' wide) that our architectural firm is designing. Interested in any special building requirements for the horizontal, etc. loads, what the closest distance an outside car can park to the bifold liftstrap garage door and pricing info. We would like to have a row of windows on the door, likely a carriage-style exterior look. Thanks


We are looking for industrial grade bi-fold doors that are 6 feet wide and 10 feet tall. Also 12 W x 17 H. The architectural design firm calls for bi fold. However we may be able to accept one piece exterior mounted hydraulic overhead doors.. 


I would like to send my architectural building and door sketches to begin a conversation about the applicability of your Schweiss Door products and services for our glass designer door situation. I'm most interested in your bifold liftstrap door at this point, but will consider purchasing a hydraulic one piece designer door.


Please price two (2) 30 x 18 bi-fold designer doors with top two thirds of door clad in etched glass. I will provide some basic architectural drawings.  


I'm an architect bidding on the glass and metal door part of designer door project that requires an overhead glass garage door using your vertical liftstrap bifold doors. I would like to forward the sketches to you so that I can get a price. 


I'm an aeronautical architect wanting more details as to how exactly your Schweiss patented bifold door liftstraps and autolatches work and if they can be installed by contractor. I'll be contacting you soon to place a large corporate jet  hangar door order.


I am an architect, and want some information on your Schweiss Specialty designer doors, bi-fold, aluminum frame doors, and a quote for this restaurant door. The application is for an existing  restaurant that is 10'-9 w X 9'10 h. 


Getting architectural info for (1) 12x10 and (1) 10x10 aluminum/glass bifold liftstrap/autolatch door. The projected designer door will separate the restaurant from the patio area at a brewery. Stained glass upper portion on door. Aluminum bottom door cladding.


Architect requested we obtain pricing from Schweiss Doors on a bifold designer glass office door system for a new construction club room door. Three aluminum frame doors with glazed glass. All 16 ft. wide x 10 ft. tall. Photo eye sensors and lift straps.


I'm writing for a architectural door project that our architectural office is designing in CA. We need  two story, two-garage car lift doors and we have specified Schweiss bi fold liftstrap/autolatch garage doors at location. Preserving clear height is critical as we will be placing a car lift inside. Our structural engineer has informed us that the door design loads for the header for the bi fold doors will need to be generated by Schweiss Doors based on the actual installed doors. We are specifying the bi fold doors as "custom" doors and are hoping you will further educate us on the door model for this project. Also am interested in learning more about available finishes for the car lift doors.


I work for an Architecture firm based in Oakland CA, and we're interested in knowing if a Schweiss Door representative could come talk to us about your engineered high rise glass building doors going on a door project we are putting together.


Please contact my architectural firm about door pricing for an upcoming commercial designer door project in California. I'll be incorporating glass into door and want an aluminum door.


My architecture firm is out in Phoenix. We are researching options for two bifold liftstrap doors that will be school gym doors connecting outside spaces to the gym. We are thinking the size might be between 48' wide to 20' tall. It will be a new construction door. Can you quote door with glass and all door safety options available. 


I am a anchitect. This application is for a clubhouse in a 287-unit apartment project in Los Angeles CA. Any shop drawings regarding installation on a wood frame building and a rough price estimate will help. Thank you!


We are an architectural firm currently working for a CONFIDENTIAL client in Mountain View CA. On the Exterior skin of the central utility plant the architect has design (4/ea) bi-fold "storefront" all glass liftstrap model Schweiss hanger doors such as the ones you have on your photos. The dimensions of these doors are 24 wide by 14 high. Current we are looking for budget cost to furnish and intall turnkey. Could someone help us with a quote?


I work for an Architecture firm, and we are exploring opportunities to install an operable Schweiss door in one of our building's existing masonry openings to establish a better connection to our side yard. We're interested in mounting a storefront system to your Schweiss Red Power hydraulic lift door. First, we would like to get a better understanding on what our options are and what those options would cost.


We are building a personal hanger (80x100) and need information about the Schweiss liftstrap bifold and hydraulic one-piece door. Windrated for North Carolina.  Please call/email me. I want this door to open fairly fast, so it will need your best Schweiss motor and a backup system in case of a power outage.  Thank you, Gary 


We are in the process of designing a prototype warehouse/distribution center for a large wholesale construction material distributor and will be needing your Schweiss liftstrap Bifold doors, some of which are quite large. This particular building will be on the Texas Coast. We want a facade that is retractable and will serve as protection from hurricanes and security protection in off hours. These covering will become part of the total architectural design to cover windows and doors. Our basic building will be in the neighborhood of 60 to 75,000 sq. ft. with 35 foot high ceilings, built of tilt up concrete panels. We will design the folding covers as an overhang for day time use.


We're looking for preliminary budgeting pricing for 10' wide by 10' tall aluminum bifold biomass door with motor. The doors will be clad with insulated glass units, 2x2 grid of 5'x5' panels. Project is in Brooklyn NY. Building is former mechanics garage turned into biomass production facility, heavy wood frame roof, block wall. There is currently a lintel above the 10' wide opening that will likely need to be upgraded. I am a registered architect and will work with structural engineer, but I'm curious what engineering service Schweiss offers for design of structural beams to support the door. Also want to know about installation services, coordination with IGU/glass fabricator. Thanks. Dan 


My name is Thomas and I'm the project architect for a Allen, TX golf course renovation. We have incorporated your straplift bi-folding doors into the design and I'm in the process of detailing these connections for our construction documents (due on 2 weeks). I could use some cut sheets on the doors as well as all the structural loads that I can pass onto my engineer. We have a total of 6 doors (5 - 12'h x 20'w & 1 - 12'h x 10'w). Thank you


We are an architecture firm in the Washington D. C area. We are currently designing a 5000 square feet residential apartment complex. Many of our clients is very interested in installing liftstrap bifold doors and Schweiss hydraulic one piece doors in their garages. We would like to have some information about the product and the cost of it. Your Schweiss Door website shows some outstanding examples. Thank you.


To whom it may concern: We are interested in learning more about the Schweiss Hydraulic and Bifold Liftstrap Doors. Please, forward the pricing and lead time for this item. It will be much appreciated. Kind regards, Architects, Oklahoma City, OK


I am an architect here in NYC, and we are working on a new condo project in which we would like to use your Schwiess straplift doors. There is a bi-fold door for a residential garage that is adjacent to the main resident lobby. As such we would like to match the exterior finish (stucco curtain wall) at the garage door. It looks like this is something that you would be capable of doing. I would like to discuss this with you further, and determine how best to proceed. Thank you 


We need to design two garage door, overall dims 6.2x2.6m. These straplift bifold doors will be covered with wood same as building cladding. When doors are closed, these should be flush / concealed with the building cladding. Please advise if you supply such items to outside the US (Saudi Arabia). Many thanks, B. Peraque, Architect


I work for Architectural Design Inc in Youngstown, Ohio. We are currently designing a aircraft hanger for the above referenced project. Could you send us a complete product guide, details, specifications, etc. for a Schweiss Doors bifold lift strap/ autolatch aircraft hangar doors. We have two 60\'X20\' clear openings and one 80\'x20\' clear opening in which bifold hangar doors will be installed.


Hello Schweiss Doors, I'm a new employee for Architects in San Francisco, California. I've been given the task of acquiring some CAD drawings for a glass bi-fold door. From your website's "Designer Doors" section, the: Redbull, Stanford, and Santa Clarita Gov. Center all appeared to be what we're looking for. Unfortunately, I know very little about the project and cannot explain too many specifics at the moment. This can maybe be discussed later on as it seems your company does specialized projects. Do you have any general CAD drawings (plan and section) that could be used for a 11' wide 8' 3" high opening? We're just trying to put in a somewhat accurate bi-fold liftstrap/autolatch system into the drawing (as a placeholder really). Thank you, and sorry for the lack of info.


Dear Schweiss Doors: I am an architect who has designed a residential project for which I would like to use your bifold liftstrap doors for a folding louvered sunshade. Have you an experience with your frame and hardware being used this way? Attached are drawings showing how we would like to use it. Please send me your feedback or questions.  


We are architects for a new art museum, which has an insulated loading dock door 10' w x 12' h. Because of a number of limitations, we are considering a vertical bifold door but it would need to fold to the inside, not outside as they usually do. Can you provide that configuration? If so, please provide contact to whom I can e-mail some drawings and start a dialogue about clearances etc. 


Building a 40x40 hangar and need a door - but I need costs for both a bifold and a hydraulic door so I can decide which to include in my costs. Lift straps and auto latches on bifold and Red Power on the hydraulic. Extra remote and backup system.


We need one Aircraft Hangar Bi-fold type door with lift straps for a metal building - dimensions approx. 24 feet high by 12 feet wide. Please forward some prices ASAP. How much more to have it insulated?  I will call you also. I will fill out your questionaire for specs.


I am an architect looking for pricing on a pair of bi-fold doors for openings that measure 20'wide by 10' tall. They should be aluminum clad with no windows. Auto latch system with lift straps and remote openers.  Thanks for your time


Hello, we've got the aircraft hangar facility under construction at the moment; to be mentioned that the operating temperatures are C -50 / 40 required. We are in Italy - could you indicate please your European / Italian dealer for Schweiss bifold doors if available?


We are renovating an all-wood fruit stand for a client and are interested in incorporating bi-fold shop doors into the store front of the building. The project hopes to utilize four 8x8' bi-fold doors arranged with two (side by side) on the building's northern end wall and two on a single side wall (also side by side). Can the doors be ordered without the drive unit and operated with a manual hand crank? What is the approximate pricing and weight for a door this size? Should a free standing header be deemed necessary, what is pricing on such? Please send response and price quotes. Thank you, Beaman Z., Architect


I need to get pricing on a Schweiss door but I don't know if I have enough information for you. I am currently working on a project where the Architect changed one of my insulated coliling doors to a 12'-0"x 11'-0" insulatd, hydraulic, canopy/tilt-up, door prefinished. That is all the information I have. No new specification or anything.


I am a designer working at an architecture firm based out of San Francisco. I am interested in using your product on a new construction project. I had a couple quick questions. The first being about the insulative qualities of the doors in a space that will be used for large events/gatherings. Another consideration (as always)is cost and functionality. The openings are relatively small 9'x9', is this cost feasible given their size? Thanks and I look forward to discussing further. Randall M., Junior Designer


Hi, I am an architect looking to specify your Bi-Fold doors on a residential project. Can you send typical installation details so that I can work out opening heights, jamb details, etc? Please let me know if you need more information from me - I can provide drawings if necessary. Also, please feel free to call me at 215 805 5781. Thank you, Roger


We are a California architectural firm currently working on a library project and would like to use storefront Schweiss bi-fold door system, I would like to have some literature pertaining to cable and strap systems and autolock.  Matthew.


I'm a Project Architect and we have a project in the DFW area that is interested in your Schweiss Hydraulic Door. I was wondering if we could get the details dwgs of your Hydraulic door and various Red Power pump systems and backup systems. I last ordered a bifold from you back in 2011.


I am the project architect for a 68,000 sf project in Renton, Washington. I have three locations where I am looking at Schweiss liftstrap bifold doors which open an interior play court to an outdoor playground. Each door is 12' tall and 19' wide. These need to be fully glazed designer doors. I need pricing, details and specifications and if you have these doors set up in 3D Revit so I can drop them into the model I would really appreciate that too.


I'm a architectural designer and I get involve in a lot of barn, shed design in my area ... and lately more and more customers talk about these Schweiss liftstrap "bi-fold" doors so I found your site in a search and I'm sending this to ask if you guys have any "cad" files of your doors design I could use to put in my plans to show the proper designs ... of course I would includ your logo if you wish on any design I have to would requirer bi-fold doors ... didn't know if that would be something you guys have or not or would be willing to share ? but I'll never know if I don't ask :)  I run Autocad, Softplan and Sketchup (more Sketchup and Softplan) any help or info will be greatly appreciated !! Thanks in advance


I am an architect in Denver and I would like some pricing information regarding your bi-fold doors. Please contact. Thank you!


The attachment is your Schweiss Bi-Fold Door quote to Your Construction. The 2nd attachment is additional door detail information provided by the architect for this project. Would you please review the architect's details and modify your proposal if necessary. I understand that the door installation and the glass glazing is included in your quote. I notice on your original quote that the "ship to" city is incorrect. I am not sure that will make much difference in the shipping costs, but it should be corrected. The "ship to" city is Santa Barbara, CA 


My name is Regis and I work for Architects in El Paso, TX. We're currently working on a project where we're proposing a Schweiss aluminum/glass bi-fold liftstrap door (12'W x 10'H) similar to the one shown on your website for the Global Ecology Center - Stanford University. Could you please send me your product information/specification and price list for this particular door so we can show our client how it works. You can either email me or mail the information to the address below. Your help on this matter is greatly appreciated.Thank you.


Hi, I was looking at your product on the web and am very interested in trying your doors. I am a designer in north central minnesota and currently have a client interested in a bi-fold door. I was just wondering if you could send out some literature on your doors.


We are an architecture firm looking to use your Schweiss Door product as an insulated door over a series of exterior French doors. Have you done this type of an installation before? We are thinking of using SIP panels as the actual material of the bifold liftstrap door. If you could email and tell me a little about your product - I can follow up with a phone call and see if this may be a possibility. Thank you for your help and advice. --Kevin


I am going through the design & permit stage for my customer. He wants a 40' by 12' door opening in a wood frame hanger with a loft. We plan on using a W18 x 97 (A 36 steel) wide flange I beam with steel columns to support the roof & loft. How much height and clearance do I need for your bifold door? What is the best mounting style? Thanks Barry


Have you done any doors on fire stations....any info??? Tim W. Arch. & Planning


I am the lead design architect on an Entertainment project in South Florida. I am thinking about using the Schweiss liftstrap glass bi-fold doors on an outdoor cafe that I am designing. Could you send me a catalog of your products, specifically information on commercial restaurant applications. Thank you.


I just spoke with someone in sales. I was requesting pricing on a 8' x 7' Schweiss bifold door. I would like a quote a one piece as well. I have a Architectural design center in my building. Can I get a display (operating) for this center. We will be bringing Architects and Designers in to showcase all your bifold and hydraulic Schweiss products.


This is Bart, an Architect in Los Angeles. We are interested in using Schweiss bi-fold glass strap door for our school project in Santa Monica. We want to learn more about your product and would like to have your representative to show us the potential of the products, installation methods, and structural implications. I would appreciate your reply. Bart


I am an architect working in Switzerland and I am interested in your Schweiss Doors products. In particular I am interested in the example of your door under "designer doors" the final image on the bottom of the page. In this case it is used as a bifold liftstrap door for a hanger. I am interested in a door the opens like that for a community centre. please could you forward me some drawings/plans of how this works? .dwg is preferable. Thanks in advance, Lou 


I am an architect in Raleigh, NC. I am designing a new project in Florida. Have your Schweiss bifold and hydraulic one piece door products been accepted by the Florida Product Approval process? I am particularly interested in the sectional doors, bifold liftstrap doors and single panel doors. the building will have operable doors all 4 sides, sizes from 10' wide to 25' wide. The opening height will be approximately 11'. This project is on the beach in the Pan Handle and must meet the required wind loads by Florida codes. Please call me. Thanks.


I am doing a pipe supply warehouse in Houston. The architect is specifying Schweiss BiFold liftstrap doors that are 22' x 18'. Can you tell me the motor horsepower and available voltages? Thanks.


I am having hangar plans drawn up. I plan on a Schweiss 46' x 14' bifold liftstrap door. I have two questions: 1. My architect says he will need to loads that the door puts on the hangar structure, and that you can supply the loads. Is this correct? 2. I want a 14' high clear-space opening. How high does the hangar opening need to be for this door? I assume that the door needs a few feet up on top. The side columns are not determined yet, but I think we are going with masonry. Thanks


I need budget pricing for a project you may already be aware of for the Big City Jewish Center. The architect is hcl. They would like to use a Schweiss straplifting bifold door 28'wide and 15' 6" tall


Designing two private hangers 60x60 and 60x70 in wood frame. Owners' want largest door opening wall can handle. Hydraulic one piece Schweiss steel door, 60x16? I need weight and load information and any details you feel I need Thanks, Eugene P, architect


I am interested a Schweiss Liftstrap Bi-fold for a commercial application. The opening size is 16x58 feet. We also need specifications for the drawings. Thanks M&G.G. Architects


Gentlemen I have a bi-folding door that has been spec'd by the architect to be a quality Schweiss bifold liftstrap door. Please have someone contact me. Plus do you have installers in the Tri-State area?


I am an architect trying to determine what type of special construction requirements are necessary, primarily additional structural support requirements, for the bifold door. (12'widex16'high)


My name is Antonio R. I am architect in New York City. I am interested in getting information and price regarding a By fold garage door around 8' x 18' on a project we are working on. Thanks Antonio.


I am an architect and am designing a house in Orinda CA. The owners want a glass door with aluminum fram like the ones you do, is the door able to be weatherstriped? The opeing is 10'wide and 8' tall.


RE: Chartwell Hangar - Georgetown, Texas I am architect working on an aircraft hangar at the airport in Georgetown, Tx. I believe the metal building manufacturer, ATY Building Systems, has coordinated the bifold door design with you. I am concerned about overall door height. The bottom of structure is at 13'-0"aff to allow for a clear opening height of 12'-0". Will I be able to get a walk door your door? Thank you


Hello, I am an architect in Washington, DC, and I am currently working on a restaurant project that we would like to look into using One Piece Hydraulic Doors for. A couple of questions. 1. What is the best way to get started? 2. WIll Schweiss provide AutoCAD drawings of the system once it is developed? 3. What is the typical lead time for a project that includes, (4) 8'5"H x 6'2"W doors? Looking forward to hearing from you all soon. Michelle


I am an architect working on some design options for a client who is building a shelter for a large taxidermy "sculpture" of 2 moose. We are looking at large door openings as a way of moving the sculpture in/out of the enclosure for transport, as well as allowing visitors to view the sculpture. I am interested in getting a rough quote to share with our client to determine order of magnitude cost impact. In addition, I am interested in learning about the custom door facing options that we have. Ideally, the door panels would be a combination of wood (rough pine) and a good amount of glass for viewing. I'd like to understand how the door sub frame is designed, and what options we have for working with you to maximize the glass viewing area. Thanks in advance, Matt R.


Dear sir/madam, This is Bart from Daly Genik Architects in Los Angeles. We are interested in using Schweiss bi-fold door for our school project in Santa Monica. We want to learn more about your product and would like to have your representative to show us the potential of the products, installation methods, and structural implications. Is it possible to arrange a visit to our office sometime the week after Thanksgiving? I would appreciate your reply.


We are looking at using either two bi-fold or two hydraulic doors for an interior application. Your "designer doors" gave me some insight on what is available for infill panels, but I would like to know costs and other options. A generic price quote on both doors (with glass panels) would be helpful as well, in both steel and aluminum construction. Thank you, Dean S.


Please send me a catalgue at your earliest convenience. I am an architect working on commercial projects including one small regional airport. Thanks in advance.


Hi I am an Architect in London working on an exclusive residence with an indoor to outdoor swimming pool and need a very large glass door which seperates the pools to be operated electronically. Please give me a call or advise as to if you can do this in england. Cheers Chris


i would like to price a 16'x8' opening size for an architect in a residence. the contractor wishes to cover in wood lap siding. any problem with that? please advise. thanks, mike


We are looking for a specialty door for an interior application where we can divide two dance studios with this partition. The door can be solid, no windows necessary. The opening that we are working with will be roughly 30' long by 11' tall. Please call me so I can discuss this with you. Thanks, Nate G., AIA Architect


I'm an architect in Colorado. We've got an unusual house that we want to use bi-fold doors on the garage. Two doors, each covering an 8'x8' opening. I'm interested in budget pricing and any drawings of door / wall intersections at the head and jamb so we can understand clearances. Thanks, Christopher


Hello, I am looking for a bi-fold door that can be installed in a warehouse in Ft. Bliss (El Paso) Texas. I need 6 doors that are 10' wide x 12' high. They need to withstand the wind speeds in El Paso and have straps or other support to allow the doors to be kept open for several hours a day. Please have a sales rep contact me as soon as possible. Thanks, Aasiya M., Architect


I am an architect. Please send me a catalog. I would like to specify your product for a current project I am working on.


I would like to know what is the smallest one piece hydraulic door and also the smallest bi-fold door that your company manufactures. I am thinking of using them in a residential context if price permits. Look forward to hearing from you. Anna v. . Architect


Greetings, Schweiss Door representative. I'm working on a hangar restoration project that includes a hangar door replacement and other door upgrades in Sawyer International Airport in Gwinn, Michigan. Please provide a contact for a representative that can assist in that area. Thank you. Juan C., AIA


Do you have specifications in Master Spec masterFormat 2004 format that you might send me electronically? Thanks, Dante A., AIA Project is for the Monte Carlo Resort in Las Vegas


I am an Architect in Santa Rosa, CA working on a project where the client would like to put in a glazed bifold garage door in their bedroom to maximise their view as well as open it up to the outdoors when the weather permits (which is pretty much always around here...) Please give me a call to see if this is something you guys can do... Danny


I need a bi-fold door 19'-4" wide by 7'-6" high. I would like a translucent covering, similar to the one shown in your catalogue for a greenhouse. What materials do you recommend?


Gentlemen, We have a hanger project that needs your bi-fold door. The door size is 27 ft.(h) by 90 ft.(w). Please email me your general specifications so I may incorporate it into the bid documents. Gary L. M., Architect


I am getting ready to build a house with a hangar underneath it in the Knoxville Tennessee area and need to know if there is a typical door size such as 40 foot by 14 or something in that range that may have some savings since it is might be a standard size? I have an architech drawing the plans right now so I need some advice and some pricing from you.


To Whom it may concern; I am a practicing architect in both Minneapolis and Norway and we want to use couple of your smaller bifolds in a school building we are building in Norway. Could you please let me know if you have a northern Eropean rep. that I could contact. Or do you sell directly to this market.


Dear sirs, I'm the architect on a hangar project. The building needs two doors of 65' wide and 18' high. Please send me a quote for these two doors delivered at the airport Beek - Netherlands. Thank you, Marcel W.


We have a bifold door on order from your company. We are doing a design build project and my Architect is asking if you have a set of specifications he could obtain to place in his specifications manual. He would like to make his specifications, as they pertain to your unit. If you do, can you send them to him, in word, if possible? Please let me know what you are able to do. Steve K. Vice-President R.D. Lambert & Son, Inc.


Dear Sir: This door is to be used in a pre-fab construction totally made in cement. The side columns are also in cement. Because this is an initial contact, please send us your name and e-mail information and we will then send to you both a photo of the structure as well as drawings directly. In this way you will have more accurate infor-mation regarding this requirement. We look forward to hearing from you as soon as possible. Thank you for your prompt reply. Regards N. R. Architect


I am an Architect in Hong Kong and very interested in your 'designer' glazed bi-fold doors for projects in Thailand and Hong Kong. Are you able to export to Asia? Best regards, Adrian M.


product was listed by Arch Stephen B. J. PC on a project located on 29th and Park Ave. South in NYC. Please call to Discuss.


We would like to use one piece hydraulic door on a residence. The entire door would be covered with standard nail flange windows, weighing approx 9-11lbs per sqft. I am looking for pricing and detail drawings, also the approximate lead time. I assume the door is all knock down construction? A few questions: How large will the pump and motor be? Are we limited on the location of the unit? Can the hydraulic mount directly to the building's w-section columns? If our open is 11'-3" high, how high off the ground does the hydraulic mount to the opening, and how far off the floor does the hydraulic mount to the door? Do you possibly have shop drawings for a similar door? I just want to be sure I am specifying the right door and dimensions as we get closer to construction. Please feel free to contact me anytime via phone or email, Thank you for your help, Josh J. E. Cobb Architects


We are in schematic design for a 80' X 60' X 22' pre-engineered metal building to serve as a maintenance hanger for a local Airport. The bi-fold door opening is 64'wide by 18'high. We need 1. budget cost, 2. specification with any special requiements, 3. details (drawings),4. power requiements, and 5. specification for a strap and cable bi-fold door. The owner has not decided on the door a strap or cable system. Thanks Terry B., Architect


Please have someone contact me August 7th. I am an Architect working on Laguna Honda Hospital, currently under construction in San Francisco. We are making a change to our main security gate to the new facility, and need to work closely with a manufacturer for a custom designed bi-fold door. This door will need to mount to existing structure (some flexibility may be possible) and will be the housing for some type of metal (aluminum or possibly stainless steel) artwork that will cover the door. Please call me after 8:00 AM Pacific Time (3 hours behind Eastern Standard time) We have a deadline of August 31 for the design. Additionally, the door will need to conform to structural requirements determined by our Structural Engineer due to the State governing body that oversees hospital construction. Thanks very much, Ryan D. Anshen and Allen Architects


I am an architect working on a restaurant tenant finish space in Salt lake City Utah. I would like to explore using the vertical bifold concept to open up the storefronts of the space. It is in an existing building. Before I can propose this to our client, I need to know something about cost, availablility, lead times, etc. I have a drawing of the elevation that I can send to you.




Interested in using the door as a glass wall that is operable. Would like to know how your system will compare in cost to a glass overhead door. As an example, what would a glass bi-fold door cost if it were 10'-0" tall x 8'-0"wide? Or 12'-0" tall x 10'-0" wide? Thanks, Phil


We are a small glass shop in NW Montana. I am working with an architect on an innovative design that is beyond our local expertise. However, recognizing the opportunity to build a specialty niche, I am doing the research to provide a solution for my customer. The architect wants a walk-out patio door for a residential project. Dimensions are roughly 15' to 20' wide and 10' to 12' tall. His vision for the framework is an anodized aluminum storefront wall that would lift up utilizing your system to create the walk-out opening. He would then match it with storefront aluminum around the rest of the house. From there, smaller matching bifold windows may be considered for other areas of the residence. Does this sound like a possibility for your company? Thank you for your time. Regards, Keith N.


Architect interested in use of hanger door style for residenial garage. Please send product information or call Thank you.


I'm beginning to work on a corporate facility that will have two hangers. One will be 45,000 sq.ft. and the other will be 30,000 sq.ft. The long side of both will be 300 ft. As an architect, I like the bifold doors for purely aesthetic reasons but I need to determine which door system is best for my client. What is the max span of a single bifold that will accomodate a 28' tail height?


Hi; I'm designing a residence where the owner has requested a bi-fold type door similar to your product. The qpplication is different in that it only serves a small work shop. The door would be 12' x 9' high. do you have an attractive product like this and pricing info?? thanks R. B.- Architect


We have designed a project in San Francisco that includes 4 bi-fold overhead doors that were considered to be of aluminum construction with translucent panels of Polygal or similar material. The doors are approx 10'-0" wide x 8'-0" high. The doors fit into a window wall 17'-2" high x 23'-0" wide - the door located at one side of the overall panel. Our initial thought was for a flush mounted door - in line with the exterior of the window wall assembly. Your thoughts or suggestions? Lew B. archhitect


I am an architect for Mr. Virgil Williams, Jr. for a building to be constructed in Monroe, GA. He has dealt with you in the past and received a quote from you approximately 2 years ago. The project is now hot and I need assistance for detailing/bracing/sizing door openings, headers, columns, etc. for your bi-fold doors. The building is pre-engineered metal building 80' x 120'. There is a 40'x16' door on the 80' end and a 70'x 16' door on the 120' side. I am most concerned, structurally, about bracing the side wall door. Your prompt response is most appreciated... (As mentioned, this is very hot). Also, do all of your doors open to the outside? Thanks in advance, Dennis N. Architect


Hello I am an architect in Alaska. I am looking at using this of door for two and three car garages in an upscale sudivision. A couple questions: 1. Are there any problems with using 20 individual remote controlled doors fairly close together? Are there enough separate frequencies? 2. How is glazing incorporated into the doors if I want half or all of the door to have clear polycarbonae panels? I have not looked thru all your details yet. 3. Is there a local rep here in Anchorage, Alaska that I can contact? Thanks for your help Jack B.


I need an estimate for a bi-fold door sized 24' wide and 10' high. I will be making my own custom panels so it looks sort of like the image you fetaure on your website of the cedar ba with the vertical Wood panels. just need a ballpark price so I know whether I can afford to pursue this solution. Am an architect and will feature this project on my website and in my press kits. Please advise on pricing and delivery info to a jobsite in Connecticut.Scott , AIA