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Hi, I am an architecture student at the University of Kansas and I was hoping to see if you guys had any revit models of the bifold airplane hangar door. I want to showcase it in my final project. Please let me know if this is possible, thank you!


I'm reaching out as we got approved for hydraulic garage doors for our remodel at our house in Sea Pines on Hilton Head Island. The doors will have to conform to the ARB guidelines from an architectural standpoint so I wanted to see if you could email us some pics of residential applications that you have done. I would imagine the doors are not high enough for bifold so it will probably need to be hydraulic. The height is 7ft and the width is 8 ft. Currently, its just open with no door since we will be converting a carport to a garage. Email is much better for me if that's OK... Thanks, BW.


Hi I am preparing to build a home in a fly in community in FL. The hanger will have cement board siding on it and I'd like a hydraulic door to match the rest of the house. Is that possible? Also, I need to send out the plans so the architect can get the structural issues set up on the plans.


We are an architectural firm preparing Budget estimate for our client and request you to provide your Quote for hydraulic  door systems. Doors opening of 25 feet wide x 25 feet high on 60 feet wide wall. 


We would like to use your hydraulic designer style door for a custom WI residential project. The door is 12' wide by 8' tall, and we'd like it to be wood boards on the exterior. We also would like the structure to be as unassuming as possible on the interior. Can you send us dimensions or CAD details that we can use to develop our architectural drawings, and also to speak with someone about the design and flesh out all the important decisions/specifications. 


I am an IN architect. We are designing a sports facility in Oklahoma, which will include three horizontal lifting hydraulic powered doors - 14'W, 19'-6"W, and 19'-4"W, all 12' tall. I am looking for technical information on Schweiss hydraulic doors, to assist our project team in detailing and specifying these doors. Please contact me via email. Thank you. 


We will be building HI Aqua Grill Restaurant interior and would like a hydraulic glass door for the interior Private Dining Room. With your response we can forward architectural drawings for the details.


I am working on a residential quote and the architect is calling for a Schweiss bi-fold liftstrap/autolatch garage door, insulated, with weather stripping and custom metal cladding. The door is approx. 24' wide x 8'6" high. Please contact me via e-mail and I can forward the drawings to you in order to receive a quote for the door.


Hello, I am an architect working on a restaurant project in Pittsburgh, PA. We are interested in using a door that would lift up to horizontal in one piece. The dimensions of the door are approximately 6'-4"h x 14'-9"w. Could you provide information about your Schweiss "Red Power" designer hydraulic glass door including cost information? Do you supply the door or just the hardware/hydraulics? Please give me a call at your earliest convenience. 


Hello! I am an architect in Los Angeles, and we have designed a house on the beach in Malibu. We are hoping that your hydraulic one piece glass/aluminum frame doors will work for our application, and have a few questions to see what is possible and how to go about proceeding. Please see a screenshot of what we have pitched to the clients, and they love the idea, but we would love your feedback and to know if we are on the right track, limitations, thicknesses, etc. Thank you, and I look forward to hearing from you. best,


I can send you the achitectural plans if you can open .dwg files. We will need to discuss exterior bifold door finishes, it needs to match the rest of the building. Options: windows and siding, foam cushion seal and top rubber seal, insulation kit bead board


Hello I am currently designing an architectural facade as a lifting a polycarbonate hanger door for a university architecture project The span is 2.5m and another at 5m. Would you have any spec sheets specifically showing section and plan for this kind of application. Your lifting, bi-folding or hydraulic hangar doors for small hangars sounds like the most appropriate solution. Any further information would be most appreciated. Regards