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We're looking at bifold doors. Can you mount the lift strap motor on the top of the door instead of the bottom? Door with top drive motor. We have 3 doors that will be 30' high and 20' wide. The doors will be fabricated out of aluminum we're going to skin each door with the same material as the rest of the building. Would we need four straps per door or two? We would also like to put the mechanism that pulls the doors in tight after closed. Thank you for your time.


Need a quote on schweiss door (2EA) 16' x 12' Stainless Steel Alum., Full Vision 1'' tempered insulated glass


Looking for information of a Bi-Fold Door size 12 x 12 Aluminum with Tempered Glass. Also quote same door with steel frame.


Need a quote for a 10'W X 7'H Vertical Hydraulic or Bi-Fold liftstrap door Aluminum if possible if not than Steel will be fine, Thanks


I'm looking for a vertical bifold garage door. I'm open to either wood or glass and aluminum. the opening is 16x9. How much more is a bifold aluminum frame door over steel? thank you


I am a developer and have a project located in Central Florida. I'd like to find out more information regarding your bi-fold door, can someone please contact me? Type - Aluminum frame with insulated glass and tempered glass. Bifold Liftstrap only with hurricane rating and backup system.


Hello, I work at trb ARCHITECTS and are looking for some price information on one of your bi-fold doors. We would like to specify your product, but would like to know if this is feasible and a cost for the product. We are installing in a steel structure building. Metal studs and steel columns and beams. We need 20' wide x 10' tall. Aluminum frame bifold designer door with glass panels. This is for a restaurant/bar project with an outdoor patio. Please give me a call or an email with any information you can provide. Thank you. Ric Weber Project Manager trb ARCHITECTURE


Looking for a vertical bi fold aluminum door. I guess we would have to install the glazing. Size is 12' x 10', quantity of two. This needs to be a bifold strap door with black straps and a remote opening device.


We have 8 by 12 foot opens we would like to see options for. Aluminum Frame bifold door with liftstraps and remote opener.


Hello, I would like some information on bifold glass doors. We are currently working with a customer who would like 4 doors. 2 - 27'x10' 1- 22'x10' 1- 20'x10' Clear Anodized aluminum to combat rust bifold door. Clear non-insulated glass


Hello, Please provide a quote for the following: 2 ea 15'-0" x 20'-0" Vertical Opening Bi-fold Hangar Doors. Specs Listed Below-(Plans and specs can be sent upon request) Doors to be pre-finished, aluminum vertical opening, bi-fold hangar doors, insulated in support of exterior envelope compliance with ASHREA 90.1. Provide lockable doors with automatic operation with protected push buttons electric controls. All doors must have automatic operation with an auxilary hand. Provide doors with three button electric power conforming to NEMA MG1, NEMA ICS 1, NEMA ICW 2, AND NEMA ICS6 with auxiliary hand. Provide insulated panel profile; counterbalance; hydraulic or motorized system' wear strips; full perimeter weather stripping; pressure safety operation; electric or infrared safety edge; galvanized hardware, and manufactured trims and closure pieces. Protect the wall door jamb opening with guards designed to resist abuse from the type of material and vehicles that are transported through the opening. Provided grounded and bonded door installation.


Hi , I need pricing on 21 glass and aluminum bi fold doors , that work with hydraulic door pumps and cylinders or Schweiss patented lift straps .


I need a price on 21 all glass with alu frames bifold residential doors , bifold or hydraulic aluminum frame door. This is for a new house so bifold door needs to be your designer door model.


We are looking for pricing on a 8'0"X8'0" black anodized aluminum bifold liftstrap designer series


I am an Overhead Door Distributor in Southern California and one of my clients is interested in a framed glass bi-fold door with lifting straps and automatic locking function. The inside dimensions are 10'6-3/4"(w) x 10'11-5/8"(h). We were looking at Clear Anodized Aluminum frames with 1/4" White Laminate Glass. What would my first steps be to get a quote and drawings? Thanks very much, Gary


Do you have a vertical bi-folding aluminum strap door that would be more comparable to the Renlita A-750 Nufold? I'm trying to offer a solution. I have one door that is 16' x 8' - glass/aluminum. Please let me know. Thank you.


We need a custom 3' x 8' black aluminum slide-up bifold window door in a 6' x 8' frame. Please send me an email ASAP so I can send over the elevations.


We are working on a export hangar project which requires a wind loaded bifold liftstrap hangar door 111'-7 wide x 28'-8 ht. clean open. The current eave ht. is 33'-8, but can be changed to accommodate your door sytem. The wind load at this job site is 125 mph, exposure D. Can you please email copies of your latest literature showing your door system you recommend for this project. Along with the design loads / clearances that will be required for our metal building system. The building frames are to be supplied hot dipped galvanized, can your door frames and related parts be supplied hot dipped galvanized or Aluminum? Can your doors be installed by an experienced contractor, with phone contact to your factory if they have questions / problems, or do you require a factory representative to be on site durning this part of the project? thanks very much for your help Roger Brockway ESI


I have a client who has a well pump buildings that need a panelized type folding door that is fairly light in weight due to a unique building design....the building side with the door opening rolls on sliding rails so it can't be too heavy, so that the side of the building will still roll. Perhaps your aluminum frame bifold strap door would be best for this.


Need three bifold garage doors and lift straps for 9' W x 8' H opening. Would like wood look with aluminum panels if possible.


Looking to get a quote on an Exterior vertical bi-fold free standing bifold or hydraulic door system. Frame to be Aluminum clear anodized to match storefront.


Hi! I am Gavin with Dowbuilt. We are General Contractors specializing in Residential Construction. Currently, we are working on a custom made bifold designer door install in Harrison / Denny – Blaine neighborhood and would like to get a quote for materials labor on a black anodized aluminum and glass overhead door / bi-fold hangar door. We will be framing out the 11'7" x 9'2" opening for the door. The door should be approximately 10'10" x 8'10" This will have to be verified on site. The color of the aluminum frame should match the color of the existing window frames. If required, a visit to the site can also be arranged, but please feel free to call or email with any questions or concerns.


Looking to purchase bi fold aluminum frame interior door. Roughly 14 wide by 9.6ft tall. Email me for more information


I am looking for pricing on 4 Schweiss Bifold Liftstrap or hydraulic indoor swimming pool doors, 1 x 20', 2 x 24' and 1 x 32', all doors to be for 8' openings, aluminum frame with glass(tinted?) This will be a new build of either steel frame or wood frame and doors will be positioned in sidewalls and one end wall. Do you have a dealer in Ontario, Canada or can I order factory direct from Schweiss.


I have a customer building a pub and they are asking about aluminum glass garage doors 10' x15' bifold designer door style. Ano-black with twin seal glass clear windows Can you provide me with information?


Can I please get a quote for (1) - 16'-0" x 10'-0" and (2) - 8'-0" x 10'-0" full view aluminum doors. Black anodized frames. Single glazed frosted glass. Bifold operation. Please include freight to Canada. Let me know if you have any questions. Thanks


We would like a quote/ base pricing for a bi-fold hangar type aluminum door for a new food kiosk in Seattle University. Size: 10'-2" x 8' (2ea) & 11'-4" x 8' (2ea) Material: TBD - wood/ aluminum would prefer perforated metal for the panels If you contact me via email, I can provide more details. Thank you! Aileen


We are looking at building a 160 x 300 x 100 ft. eave double slope metal building with a 1/12 roof pitch & center column. The project is in Patrona, Pa The building will be in a very harsh environment (very hot, wet & corrosive dust). Can you provide a cost for (2)20x20 & (2)30x30 doors? Are aluminum frame or stainless steel bifold good sealing doors available?


Do you have a local rep/ salesman in downtown Chicago? I am looking for a price for (5) Schweiss Hydraulic Aluminum & Glass Designer doors for a Restaurant


13 - 9x9 vertical Schweiss bi-fold full view aluminum designer doors needed for a job. Would like to discuss.


i have an opening 8 foot high x 24 wide . interested in a anodized aluminum with glass bifold door . Please forward information and pricing Darnel


Need a bifold door quote. The entire home will have full view aluminum garage doors. Bifold want a similar look. I see some in pictures. Can it be built to accommodate attaching traditional full view panels to the frame?


Sir/Madam, I will soon need a quote for 2 Aluminum/glass bi-fold doors. Please send me a brochure of the Aluminum doors with pricing. Thank you, Peter


We have been asked to work on some big bifold doors at Ft Carson. They are aluminum frames with manual locking. We nee some locking information can you help. I don't think we got a job number


Hi I have an opening of 4000mm high, and a 7500mm wide. (currently has a side bifolding manual door (8 leaves) within the frame of the building. looking for uplifting 2 panels bi-folding aluminium door with two access doors either side of the bottom section (to allow access in and out without the need to lift the bi-fold). it also requires fire resistance clear glass (one hour) Estimated cost, please. Thank you


I am interested in doing large Schweiss Bi-fold strap door with a custom aluminum metal finish for a project in NYC. Would like to connect and further look into your product.


I am working on a cost estimate for our 60% submittal on a government project, a cafeteria renovation at a National Lab. I need quotes on 2 lift-strap bi-fold doors with aluminum frame and glass panels. 1st door is 12' wide x 10' high, 2nd one is 12' wide x 7' high. Can you do insulated glass panels?


Would like to speak to our representative for quotations and product information Aluminum anodized horizontal Schweiss lift-strap bi-fold door is mostly what I see in specs.


I'm looking for a aluminum glass bifold liftstrap designer door to enclose a porch. Bronze aluminum finish with double pain glass.


Need a price on 2 bifold strap doors- size 15'H X 28'L all bifold doors with aluminum frames- match a Kawneer curtain wall


Please price an aluminum / glass designer door. No glass needed, openings for 5/8" insulated units.


Tennessee University Campus Center Cafe Bifold doors needed: New steel construction, interior lift strap bi-fold aluminum designer door to be an attractive alternative to a roll down door/gate typically seen in commercial food service venues. Door width: approx. 25'-5", height: approx. 9'-0" but have 10'-11" to work with (bottom of beam.)Could I get revit details, cad details, or PDF? Estimated cost? Thanks!


Need pricing on 2 aluminum/glass Schweiss upward acting bi-fold hydraulic doors 12' x 9'10" Also would like info on how much labor is involved so I can price out the installation. 


Need Quote on a 20ft Wide by 16ft height aluminum glass door with the Schweiss bifold lift strap  mechanism the building is a 60ft by 60ft by 24ft height single slope cube all walls are Glazing with aluminum. need a 20ft wide door on the front side the height of the front beam is 24ft. would like to know if we you can estimate the cost of a 20ft wide by 16ft tall bifolding aluminum and glass door, The glazing panels are 4ft wide by 8ft tall.


I am needing to get a quote for a project to start in Nashville around the end of the year. Needing (2) 9'0" x 10' 0" Motorized, Aluminum framed Bi-fold doors with Clear Anodized Finish and 1/4" tempered glass in all sections. These are restaurant use Schweiss doors.   Please call me at my office 615-868-3667. 


Hello, We are working on a confidential residential building in Arlington County, VA and are interested in incorporating your architectural aluminum frame hydraulic doors in our lobby and amenity areas. We are interested in having glass doors as our concept is to have as seamless of a transition between the indoors and outdoors. Could you please send cut sheets which allow for that. Kind Regards


Quote: (3) 12'-6" x 7'-6" horizontal bifold (liftstrap) with corrugated fiberglass over aluminum frame. Manual latch operation.


Looking for a bifold aluminum frame door system that is as much glass door as possible. 15' wide by 4' height. Designer door will go over a bar top. Door needs to expand full width.


I am looking to buy a Schweiss bifold glass / aluminum frame door for my bicycle store. Could you email me price on a 24 ft. x 12 ft. liftstrap commercial door. Door shipping to Iowa.


Please provide door framing options for a Schweiss bifold liftstrap door. I'm interested in aluminum or galvanized door frame due to our location close to saltwater.


We are renovating a brewery. I need to get a quote for a bifold, clear glass brewery door. There is an existing door we would like to take out and retrofit with a Schweiss liftstrap glass / aluminum bifold door so that we don't lose head space.


I'm in need of a quote for Schweiss hydraulic doors for a customer. Below are the dimensions. My customer wants to have as much door glass showing as possible. We are a glass door supplier so we would need aluminum door frame only with all door lifting equipment. 




I'm looking for a price on an aluminium framed glass bi fold on a residence . 16x 8 clear opening


Hello, I need a Schweiss Door hydraulic model price structure in aluminum, and ready to receive a row of glass 24 "high by the length. It'll be isolated, covered with wood outside and inside gyspe. thank you Pierre.


Installing in new all wood construction private hanger. Want 40'x14' aluminum Schweiss bifold with straps, no passage, no windows, moderate to heavy wind load, want factory tech installation.


I would like all aluminum All-Schweiss bifold glass door, for a restaurant with a pedestrian door. If this is not possible the dimension is 13 'wide instead of 16' as asking in my submission. thank you very much Pierre, Project Manager


Please bid 1-27'x8 steel frame construction bi fold door (2 leafs) with straps and automation locking system, we will be apply wood to exterior face of frame and a ply on interior side of frame ship to Montana. Door needs to be insulated and I'd prefer an aluminum frame if its not to costly.


Looking to get a Schweiss aluminum frame bifold strap door installed onto an existing paint booth. Frame on booth is 6x4x.25" structural tubing. I can provide prints for you if needed.


Looking at 16 feet high by 30 feet wide Schweiss bifold aluminum strap door. Would like price and building specs. Thanks.


Steel and Aluminum Comstruction Price. Bifold Lift Strap Manual and Electric Drive Price. Needs to include a man door. Depending on prices, possibly replacing 16 doors. With and without Free Standing Headers. Cost of full istallation. Supervision, and Checkout if we were to do our own installation.


I want to install aluminum frame or steel frame 83 inch high 93 inch width bifold strap door like (sample picture number 18) right side is red brick and left side is aluminium frame next to the opening door if you have any dealer I'd like to contact with him or her or I'd like to send fax picture and exact measurement for codes. Please advise me.


Could you send a quote for a aluminum frame Liftstrap Bifold to fit a 13 foot 10" x 18 foot opening. Approximate install cost. Location: Busy business district in Boston.


A few years ago we contacted you regarding a city hall / fire station project in Key West. We are moving forward with the fire station portion of the project but want to discuss the design for these three bay Schweiss bifold aluminum/glass liftstrap doors. If someone could contact me via email, I'll provide the details we have to date and identify our concerns so we can work through this. 


I have attached our take off on a 33'  x 10' bifold lift strap aluminum door. There are specifications and details for you to review. I need pricing back by the end of the day on Wednesday


I am looking for some information on your bi-fold and hydraulic hangar doors like on your web site. What material is used to fabricate your door? Thickness of aluminum? How do we coordinate the addition of a specialty skin? Are there weight limitations? Do you offer a warranty on the door? On the aluminum finish? What kind of finish is provided standard on the doors? Primer? Kynar?


We're trying to fit a hydraulic one piece or bifold aluminum door in 18' sidewall--- if 14'-0 high won't fit, with 8" purlins, what clear height could we get with 40' wide door? Any input from your professionals at Schweiss Doors will be welcomed.


We are looking at needing a bifold door that is 35' wide and will leave an opening about 15' high for a commercial structure. Please advise the most cost effective solution and a price. I'd like an aluminum door if that price is in the ballpark. Also, should have lift straps.


I'm building a small warehouse to store some commercial fishing gear here in Alaska. I'd like to buy a 16' wide x 7' high autolatch bifold door, a very standard garage door size I know, but this one will need to be insulated and windproof. I noticed your aluminum doors. Can you quote me a price for the door, lift straps, lifting hardware, electric lift motor, and remote control. We will build the frame to fit. Could you estimate the weight? Also possible would be to quote the aluminum door stucture itself and let us fabricate the panels. What's your turnaround time from time of order. I understand Schweiss doors are easy to install. 


On the current door I have 12" of headroom with a 2' overhang. It is a double sliding door and I want to replace this dinosaur with one of your aluminum bifold doors with lift straps.


I am putting toget a buget estimate for an owner, and I am looking to get some quick budget pricing on six (6) Vertical Aluminum Bi-Fold Doors ~ 13'-9" wide x 10'-0" tall. The application is for a new office building. The doors will be located on the side of the building and are to be used to open the cafe to the outside. It looks like the doors are to be mainly glass. An exact estimate is not needed, I am more interested in knowing if we are looking at $4,000 each or $25,000 each (delivered & installed in Tennessee). Thanks, Billy Bob


Getting ready to build a 60'X 60' building customer wants 56' X approx 12'6" aluminum bifold or hydraulic door. Would like to know lead time approx. $ Thanks Gary


I am looking for a price for a 24'x14' aluminum bi-fold door installed on the gable end of one of our buildings. Could you quote and e-mail me back as soon as possible. Thank you, Brendan


I am looking for an aluminum and glass bifold door for a 8'w X7' tall opening. The project is in Seattle. Can you quote me this? Do you have installers near here?


I am looking for close estimates for two sizes... 40' x 12' and a 50' x 12' in both Lift Strap and Hydraulic. Customer is currently looking for budget numbers. Aluminum door. Lolita M.




Hi, Please send a quote on a Schweiss strap system bi-fold door with delivery to High River (Calgary). I'd want this aluminum door insulated. Thank you. Regards, Andrey


Hi.. We were contacted to bid on Airport Improvements in NJ. The project calls for an aluminum bi-fold door. We would like to bid the job. Please let me know if Schweiss Doors have pricing prepared, or if you need me to send the info. Thanks. 


Interested in your aluminum bi-fold doors and windows. Will have the exact specs soon but for minimum 2 spaces aprox 22 feet wide x 10 feet high and 22 ft x 5ft. The project is a timber frame home currently in the design phase with expected completion in April. Can you give me an idea of costs and delivery times to Vancouver, Canada? Thank you.  Bernice


I am looking to get a ballpark price for a Schweiss bifold garage door. 8'-6" h x 16' w, obscured glass panels in aluminum frame. Please let me know additional information you need.


We would like an idea of the cost of a standard aluminum bi-fold two-car garage door. I would like it to have a window or windows.it is to replace a 35 year old overhead wooden door. thank you,


Hello our company has a client who would like a Schweiss aluminum bifold door on there garage.We have drawings and would like to talk to you about it. Thanks


I am starting design and budgetting for an executive hanger and would like some budget and point load information on your bifold doors. I am also interested in your aluminum framed doors as an option. Your form only has lines for one size door but this project will include the 2- 60' doors as indicated on the form as well as one additional 50'X18' doors to add to this quote. I am additionally interested to know if you have approved or certified erectors/installers for your product located in Florida? If so I would like contact information for them as well.


looking for a bifold aluminum and all glass door for a pool house. figure 8' wide x 7' high opening with manual operation. Having it be aluminum I shouldn't have an issue with manually operating a small door like this.


We would like to have a glass Bifold door system for a new res. construction project. apx 10Wx9H rough open. We would like the drive to be on the top panel if possible. Light weight frame (Alum?) and all glass. We will install. This would be our personal house so we would like to be hands on as much as we cam. We are also very capable of making the frames in our shop. Is there a way to work together on this so we can get a very special 'custom' door 


Hi - I'm looking to get a rough estimate for high-end glass/Aluminum frame bi-fold doors for a Bicycle Station in Los Angeles. Something similar to what you show in the Old Navy pics (and if you're familiar with the new Santa Monica Place, similar to that installation as well... i can send a pic). I need to get a super rough estimate out by the end of the week in order to get financing. Thank you so much!


We are currently constructing a new library building for Johns Hopkins University. The owner has asked that we provide budget pricing to replace a curtain wall system at a proposed cafe area with an aluminum/glass bifold door system to match existing curtain wall. Can you please help in this budgetting process? Thanks


Please quote the following: 1-each, 12-6 x 9-6 & 2-each, 14-9-8 x 12-0 bi-fold doors, they will have an aluminum storefront attached to them. We will do the install. Include freight. These doors open a student area at a community college. They will mount to tube steel.


More info for the quote:18' x 9' 9" Custom two panel power operated bi-fold garage door polycarbonate panels w/ aluminium frames.


We are bidding on a project for the University of Houston - Clear Lake Campus Arbor Building Additions and Remodel There are 2 of your bi-fold doors - each 30' w x 12' h. There are some special metal panels on the doors - perforated and corrugated aluminum panels to match Centria EcoScreen CS-260.Are you bidding the project directly or do you have a representative in the Houston, Texas? Please advise.Thanks,


I received your fax quotation 2310-Houston. You do not address the type of exterior panel on the bifold doors. The specification calls for perforated and corrugated aluminum panels to match CentriaEcoScreen CS-260. Are these panels included in your proposal or, do I need to provide them? Thanks


I am checking prices on replacing our current hangar door. Can you advise your approx. price on both aluminum and steel bifold doors. I am also looking at going with straps in place of cables.


This is a replacement door, and the opening is the finished opening. The door wedge will be below this opening, as it is now. Aluminum Insulated Sheeted Auto Latches Lift Cables/Lift Straps (both ways please) Installed


I wish to find the lowest price sorry money is real tight. I am 52 yrs young so I figure as often as I am going to open the door I can crank it myself and at a later date install an opener. I realize that aluminum is lighter but I imagine that it is more costly therefore figure steel. I am flexible on the size as this is a new build and I am doing the work myself. therefore if a different size within close size is better it can be adjusted for (maybe a return or something is in your shop) The building is woodsided to look like a log building so I would like the door to be a flush mount. I am always open to a small road trip and could drive to your plant with pictures to chat all possibilities to get this nailed down if that would be better. Otherwise this is ok. Thanks for all your help on this as I have waited awhile to be able to move forward with the bifold door design but this spring is the time. Darren


Hi considering a steel building, like to build in spring and is Aluminum hydraulic door/vs steel door price and does it cut down on weight/ are these installed prices.


Hello, We were planning an overhead door for the dining room of modern ICF home. How well insulated could your glass / aluminum bifold door? Is there an option to have only manual operation instead of electric? What is a budget figure for this? Thanks.


I need to know if you mfg. a miami/dade approved bi folding aluminum/glass door. i need pricing for 2- 10'8"x 8'0" 4-panel impact rated bi folding doors. Aluminum Frame color would be either bronze or white. The impact glass would be solex with solarban 60, with a .090 pvb. Thank you, Jack S


We are biding on a school job. Bides December 17.  Community College  Two Bi-folding doors 26'-0"x19'-0" Two Bi-folding doors 26'-0"x17'-0" One Bi-folding door 15'-0"x17'-0" Two Overhead doors 26'-0"x14'-0" I can get you specs and details if you do not alredy have. Looks like Alum/glass top and bottom with horizontal steel panels in the center.


I bought some commerical aluminum for Cedar Park Motel project I would like to know if the product meets Austin Texas Fire codes. The bifold door product you sold to Brownsville, Tx. Would like to recieve the information as soon as possible your assistance would be greatly apreciated. Will


Attn: Julie, The specs attached to the above quote the architect designates Baked enamel, or powder coated finish on the aluminum sections. Do you have that in your bifold designer door estimate?


Looking for pricing on an Aluminum 60' x 20' lift strap door for middle OH. Assume 125 MPH wind speed for the design criteria. Will be sheeting with 26 Ga. R-Panel with 4" blanket insulation. Steel building I-beam framing in an end wall. Building MFG will provide fasteners for the R-Panel.


Dear Sir We are tendering for the captioned project and we would like to request your quotation for the supply, delivery and installation of the following: Option 1) Hydraulic Door Top Hung Entrance Gate - CW 15 size: 3900mm (W)x4440mm (H) Aluminium Frame with Acrylic panel top hung entrance gate Qty: 1 nos Option 2) Bi Fold Door Top Hung Entrance Gate - CW 15 size: 3900mm (W)x4440mm (H) Aluminium Frame with Acrylic panel top hung entrance gate Qty: 1 nos Please quote us 2 options one for hydraulic door and the other for bi-fold door. Thanks and with regards 


also price 20'3 1/2" x9'0" upward bi fold hydraulic with aluminum and glass job Name is Drexel


We are looking to enclose a swimming pool so that the pool can be used in the winter and during the summer the doors would be open to give the feeling of being outside. The doors would need to be aluminum and we think for economy sake we would glaze the door with kalwal or some sort of polycarbonate insulative clear panel. This is a project that is in the preliminary stages. Would a hydraulic Schweiss door work best for this?


I am interested in your aluminum bifold door with lites- we are looking at installing a 8'x8' and a 10'x8' in a house. Could you tell me what your best U-value is? Email is the best way to contact me. Thanks!


HiI'm interested in a 8'wide x 7' high door for my shed in white aluminum. A one piece door with/without 36" man door. Could you price it both ways? Could this size of door be operated with air cylinders as on the hatch of a SUV but comparably larger for the extra weight? I would prefer flush mount.


14 total hangars 6 with 102'*28'clear opening 8 with 78'*28' opening. Aluminum option? 3" insulating panel skin by others.


Finish on Bifold == aluminum with kynar finish exterior and interior ( finish to be verifed ) A low iron - low e - dual glazed glass Standard hardware for now -- 3 Panels total


We'd like to get a rough estimate on the cost of a 9-3x8-0 door with aluminum and glass construction in a residential application, similar in look to the stanford project mentioned on your site. Thanks


Looking for quote on 20 foot high x 52 foot wide bifold door strap rise bottom driven gear box. Aluminum door frame. we will skin door with steel matching building.door latches on ends. Thank you Erich


For new hangars and prefer aluminum and lift straps.and need the rugh prices and time needed of delivery to my bugdet. Thanks




Hi looking for a price on hydraulic door 192"x84" all aluim. const. with flush 1/8"aluim. skin front side only automated mounting style n. Also could you price all nessary hardware for install and automation we might fab door here thankyou Rick F.


I need pricing on three doors delivered to Denver CO H x W 1. 10' X30' 2. 10' x 8'-10" 3. 10' x 13'-9" Please assume these have a finish similar to clear anodized with glass. I would alos be interested in some VE options on the finishes. Please call me. Thanks Mark


Looking for a bifold standard 8'x8' garage door. Aluminum with glass, I can send you a photo of a similar door.


we would like to get a quote on a one piece hydraulic door. it is for a residential garage, but we would like the door itself to be aluminum with glazing, much like a storefront or the examples from redbull on your website. the door would also be electrically powered. the size is 8' x 18' and we would like it to be flush mounted with the truss on the interior. the structure of the garage is steel and wood (the jambs are steel tubes and the header could be steel or wood depending. Thank you


I have an offer in on a property in a fly in community in Locust Grove Georgia. I was looking more at the aluminum bi-fold door with the strap system. The house is a red brick/wood design. The hanger would be on wood on top. I would like a quote though on the hydro type too for consideration and comparison. Also I would like to know shipping/delivery and installation costs. The dimensions of the opening are below but just in case they are 43'10" wide X 13'10" high. Thank you very much for your time.


Hello, Could you give an estimate for 1 - 24'-4" x 9'-0" aluminum garage door. Please include delivery and installation. I am not familiar with your product, please let me know, if you have any further questions. Regards, Piotr


I'm an interested in getting a ballpark figure for an overhead bi-fold aluminum/glass door. It will be acting as a side wall in an outdoor/indoor restaurant/bar. We are enclosing the existing deck of a restaurant/bar.


The doors will be used for interior application only, we do not need heavy-duty industrial doors. We are, however, looking to incorporate glass panels. Let us know if the doors can be operated on a 208V %u2013 3-phase power. The walls of the store are drywall with metal studs. The doors are centered on the walls. If you need additional structural support in form of side columns or door header, please indicate that on your quote. Thank you.


we are major distributors of garage doors in puerto rico,we need to quote a project of 6ea 18' wide by 11' height full view aluminum bi-fold doors. send me prices literature, manuals and all information you think will help me


I have already built my own aluminium bi-fold end wall door. It is 10' tall by 20'wide. Two 5' by 20' frames are the structure hinged by 5 hinges. I am interested in purchasing a turn key opening system from you and want some advice on which is the best for my current structure. Main consideration is light weight since the building is primarily a round tubular (1 1/4" steel tube) truss system mounted on 8- 12' tall 4" by 4" wooden posts. The entire weight of the bi-fold doors is 200 lbs with out any lifting system (motors, cables, pulleys). My guess is your strap system will be too heavy for my door since the entire weight of the door is supported by a 1 1/4" tubular steel truss with a 3/16" flat bar steel welded to it. Is it possible to mount two motors (one on each end of the bld just above the vertical line to the base of the door side rails) and configure a switch to power both motors simultaneously to activate the open and close functions?


Hi, My name is Mandie B.; I'm with CSHQA. I'm working on a recreation center and we are interested in using your Aluminum Bi-fold doors. I have some specific questions regarding your product. I am also looking for a quote for (4) 12'x 10' aluminum bi-fold doors, with more than 50% glazing. Thanks for your time.


I require quotes on bifold doors. Aluminium clad. 14 meters wide by 4 meters high.Qunatity 5 18 meters wide by 4.8 meters high Qunatity 2 This would be a supply only as the doors need to be installed in South Africa


We are working on drawings for a new Shop Addition to a Caterpillar facility in Edwards, IL. It will include two new vertical bi-fold doors for openings required to be 30 ft wide by 30 ft tall, clear opening. Doors will need glazed openings at head height, aluminum construction and be fully insulated. We need details at head, jambs and sill for detailing an all-steel building, as well as load conditions (vertical and lateral) for our structural engineer. Budget/installed pricing will be helpful. Thank you.


Please quote on bifold aluminum door, no windows or man door. Door wood be hung from bottom chord of wood trusses. Require 15 foot clear height opening plus door wedge. Please indicate height requirement of door wedge. Delivery time? Pleasw quote supervision and final adjustment options


I need a price on a 42' bifold aluminum door. I'm building a wood framed hanger with 18' ceilings. I'll also need frieght pricing to Wasilla, Alaska.


Hi We would like to introduce ourself as one of the leading aluminium fabricators in Qatar. We are having requirement for one bi folding door for Crysler show room doha. Details given below. Size-3.2m Wide X2.9m Height Qty -1 No With Aluminium framed and glazed with clear glass


I am planning my hangar now and intend to send the drawings to the metal building manufacturer in late November. I had originally intended to use other Doors, but have since changed my mind to bifold. My dream door is an aluminum door with straps. I am considering an opening of 56 feet with a 14 foot overhead unless you have other recommendations on a more standard size for a 60 x 60 hangar. Can you please forward some recommendations and approximate cost for a door fitting this application? Thanks! Please do not call until 17 October as I am out of country. Thanks.




Aloha Schweiss, I am contacting you in regards your bifold doors that I found on your website. I am working for a glas company named Kula Glass, which is a company located in Hawaii and we are currently looking for a new distributor. The doors that we are interested in are aluminum bifold doors that are 8x14 feet and we would need 700 of them. I wanted to see if you do distribute the quantity that we need and also an estimate of the cost. We are currently using a distributor in Germany but are not satisfied with the quality of the product. I would be happy to hear from you soon. Sincerely, Rita K. Kula Glass Inc.


We are looking for five 20'-0" wide by 8'-0" alum/glass door on the field side of a club in a new football stadium. Would you please send some details so I can see if your doors are appropriate for this application?


We are running a quote on a hanger in Eau Claire, WI that will have a 60'x18' BiFold. The customer wants an option of having an aluminum BiFold. Both prices will include installation by you. We may run this building as a steel building. For now, let's price it as post frame. Thank you


Pls advise difference in price of 10x30 bifold door between aluminum and steel. other things equal.


hello. i’m looking for a quote on one of your aluminum and glass bi folding doors for a 7'11" x 7'11" opening. thanks


We are designing the Aircraft Rescue and Fire Fighting station building at an Airport. I was looking at your bifold doors. The client doesn't want steel because of the harsh environment close to the ocean. Do you have all-aluminum bifold doors? Or what will the alternatives be to steel assembly? Please let me know. I would also like to obtain product literature for future reference. Thank you. William K., Project Architect


I have a contemporary style residence under construction and the owner is looking for a bifold door with an aluminum finish. Instead of the typical section door, he is looking for something that will fold as it is raised. Do you have this product? Please let me know. Thanks.


i am interested to see whether your bi-fold door can be made of alum. frames and insulated glazing and whether this size of door can be manually operated without electricity. can you send me some details for installation with wood struc. supports. furthermore, please quote an estimate on this door and shipping/ installation. Thanks,


Would also like a quote in aluminium if avaliable. Shipping qoute as well please. Can fixed windows be placed without special supports? Motor and remote. seals on all sides. High wind area.