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Good Morning! We have one of your Hydraulic Hangar doors here at the Sky Acres Airport Estates Airport in Lagrangeville, NY which were purchased 3-4 years ago. We are working on building a new batch of 6-8 box style hangars and would like to use your company's Hydraulic and Bifold Doors units going forward. I believe the door that we previously purchased was 40' x 16' tall. Our contractor who is working with a NY State engineer would like to know preliminary specifications and installation instructions you can share so they can assemble a bill of material planned with the correct trusses. The engineer has asked for any technical data he will need to ensure what is designed will accommodate your attachments and the hydraulic equipment required. As the customer, I would like a quote for 6 units delivered to our location in Lagrangeville, NY 12540.


We are budgeting a hangar for the Cullman Regional Airport in Cullman. Quote a Schweiss bifold 22' tall x 80' wide, with a walk door, auto latches and remote opener,  with an option to go to 25' tall. Can you guys help with budgeting?


Price to convert my lift mechanism to strap on my 60' wide x 20'high bifold airport hangar door


Good morning, I am doing some initial scoping work on a plan to build a new airport estates  aircraft hangar to accommodate up to three King Air 350's. As part of this project I am looking at bifold aircraft doors that may be suitable and from what I hear, Schweiss builds bifold doors better than any other manufacturer. We are located right on the coast so rust is an issue, as is maintenance. The size of the door will be approximately 6m high and 43m wide (which is big by anyones's standards!). It can also be fairly windy here on occasion, so that will need to be considered. Can you please provide me with a rough cost (i.e. don't spend too much time on the calculations - to the nearest $20k would be fine) for the door, including shipping to New Zealand. Finally, do you install the bifold doors, or is there a suitable agent in New Zealand (ie qualified builder/door installer) who could do this? What is the approximate cost for installation? Many thanks, Phil McBride. Airport Manager, Whanganui Airport, New Zealand.


Hangar has an opening of 46' x 17', I need a bifold door with windows on top, and a man door on both ends. The hangar will be at my airport estates home so it will need to have side paneling to match my house.


Renovating my airport estates property and need to upgrade my old cabled bifold door, don't know who made it, opening is 48' x 17'. Want to install bigger lift strap bifold door, enough room to go up to 50' x 19'.


Hello! Looking for quote on hangar doors. 40x16 strapped bifold and hydraulic. Will be installed on my airport estates hangar and will need to match the siding, do you do install that?


Existing 60'x80'x21' Steel airport estates hangar. We currently have a 50'x16' Schweiss bifold but need 54'x19'. We would need an external frame to get this to work as we do not have the interior clearance. Thanks, Terry


Hello I am looking to build a 90x80 hangar with a 65'x16' bifold airport estates door. The door needs to be insulated with three windows. Can you get me drawings and a quote for this? How long do the straps last? Also, do you build hangars? Thanks Jacob


Looking for bifold airport estates bifold doors to replace sliding back doors to cover a 11ft wide by 10-12ft tall. Can you give me some info and an idea of what the cost would be?


I have a wood frame 40 x 50 airport estates bifold door assisted by a cable / counter-weight system. Interested in options to retrofit with bifold door electric powered open / close system. Especially interested in strap systems. Thanks.


Need pricing on a bi-fold airport estates hangar door 70 feet wide x 18 feet minimum clearance. Helena, Mt.  Do you provide man hr. figures for bifold liftstrap door installation?


I'm looking to get some pricing on a 40'-0" wide by 10'-10" tall (opening size) bifold liftstrap door. I would like the door to be full vision and the frame to be black. I'm wondering how much customization is available in the location of the mullions. Please call me if there are any additional questions or information required. These will be an airport estate bifold Schweiss door.


WE are interested in your bi-folding door system. Do you have a bi-folding airport estate style Schweiss door that does not require the strap component? I prefer the strap door, just wondering if it is a lot more expensive.


need a quote for a 100ft wide by 16ft clear Schweiss corporate jet airport estates bifold hanger door. you can call me on my cell?