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Good morning, I recently bought a home in Mogollon Airpark in Arizona. I has one of your one-piece hydraulic airport community doors. The pump assy. appears to have an antenna that suggests a remote control is possible. I have not located and remotes at the house. What do I need to be able to control the door remotely? I read about your app and unfortunately, I do not have wi-fi here (yet). It's a small town, long story. I am interested in a old-school remote, not unlike a garage door opener. Any info will be appreciated. Thanks in advance!


Hello. We are designing our hangar on our community air field (Cuyler Field, Glen St Mary, FL). Pricing different Bifold Liftstrap door options. Hangar will be at least 50’deep by 60’ wide, with door on the 60’ side. Prefer a 40’ door, approximately 12’ high, but could go as low as 10’ if it helps with standard sizing or significantly lower cost etc. I’m not sure of FL wind code, but our home is being designed for 130mph winds. Would you please recommend/quote approx delivery cost and if you have any recommended builders in the area (Jacksonville, FL is nearest big city). Thank you very much.


Hello and a happy fall to you, We're in the process of designing a airport community hangar house just across the way near in River Falls, WI, and are looking for a bifold hangar home door with maximum insulation and energy efficiency values. Will the hydraulic door be a better fit for us given that it's one-piece and can close with a more even positive pressure? I'm familiar with your system of rigid foam panels that can be placed in-frame of both style doors.. could you give me a general R-value for the doors with this done to them? Is there anything stopping us from simply adding more layers to beef it up? The rest of the house will be very tight and heavily insulated, so our energy modeling may end up revolving around the giant door :) I would much appreciate a quote for a 40x12 door, both with and without the superstructure. Thank you for your time! Ryan


I'm designing a airport community aircraft hanger building which is 50' wide, I'm assuming a 12' frame on each side leaving me with 48' opening. I'd like to have a 14' clear open height. I'm looking at a bottom open, manual latch, Schweiss liftstrap bifold door. what other information would you need to give me a price quote? 


We are looking to purchase two bi fold liftstrap hangar doors, 20 ft wide and 8 ft with wood cladding. We have a regular freight forwarder in Florida who can and will take care of freight for delivery of these airpark hangar doors. How can we arrange this? let me know, regards.


Hi, we are working on a hangar in an airport community located in TX and noticed that you are spec'd for the hydraulic hangar Door on our plans. I'm looking for some material pricing or even some recommendations on sub's that are familiar with your product. Feel free to reach out. Thanks


The opening is 56 foot wide by 20 foot tall for my hangar at our airport community. Like a metal door quote with a window towards the top. Also quoted without window.


Interested in glass and metal garage door, 54' x 18' for my hangar at my local airport community.


I previously purchased a 45x14 bifold hangar door for my hangar at my airport community from you all maybe 4 years ago. I am considering a 50' door now for new aircraft and new hangar. This would also need to be 14' tall. What are my best options cost wise. I really do like my bifold door with straps. Thanks Jon