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Hello, I am looking at getting a bifold Liftstrap hangar door for my upcoming airpark ranch home. Please contact me when you have a moment. Best, Gopi


My airpark ranch home residence in Flagler Beach FL is in need of a new bifold door. It is a ranch of cinder block construction, concrete beam header, no side column due to block construction. Will require new framing to install door. I am interested in a bifold to maximize interior space and to provide some sunshade when working in the driveway. Size is approximately 48x16 ft. Bifold hangar home strap door is preferred but If not available I will consider other options. Thank you, Kerry


Building a airpark ranch hangar/home and have questions about bifold liftstrap and hydraulic one piece hangar home doors before deciding what door to select.


I am in the process of starting construction of a hangar/home at White Plains Plantation air park ranch (SC99) and am working on a very tight budget and schedule. Please get back to me ASAP with your Quote on your bifold airpark ranch doors and time frame.


I am interested in your bifold strap door. I have an Arizona airpark ranch lot, and I am designing a combination home/hangar (home above the hangar) with mostly wood construction although the hangar door side columns may need to be steel-reinforced concrete; per code. Hangar door height is an issue (total bifold door height vs. clear opening height); particularly given building code requirements for the second story truss depth (home floor) and roof slope (snow load). I would like to have a bifold airpark ranch door clear opening height of at least 12.5 feet and a door width of 48 feet. What bifold door height do I need to achieve a 12.5-ft (minimum) clear opening height? 15-ft high?


I would like to find out pricing and delivery for the following bi-fold door for a airpark ranch hangar. The total opening for the hanga is 63' x 23'. The left side will need a walk door. Please also price with and without installation etc.


I am looking to get a quote for a 18 high, 50 wide Bi-fold door that will go on a steel building hangar at my airpark hangar that I will be putting up this summer.


Looking to price out 60' wide bifold Hangar doors at my airpark ranch. looking for 19' 8" clearance on the height. My first time doing a development but am being mentored by seasoned steel construction company owner who just retired so low experience with good mentorship. Anyway, initial would probably be an order for three doors, with probably 4 to 8 more of same width depending on client specs if the hangar is not done on spec. Have your door on two of my hangars. Good doors.


Hi there, looking for a bifold door for my hangar at my airpark ranch, how do I get pricing on a project for this type of door?


Hello there, I am interested in the bifold door product. We have a residential airpark ranch door project in Montana. The client wants one whole face of family room to be an operable door. I found one project your office did which looks like commercial, but the hydraulic door is a glass door with mullions. That is exactly what we want. Our airpark bifold door size will need to be 28' x 12' Could you give us technical drawings to figure out how much space we need for the Schweiss designer door project.


We are considering the use of a motorized bi-fold door on a 38'w x 16'h residential Airpark Ranch hangar home opening,can you let us know if is possible to use your product on this project .


Dear Schweiss, I'd like to make an inquiry with regards to your bi-folding airpark ranch hanger home  doors and one-piece hydraulic doors. I have a garage with an opening of: 4m high x 16m wide. I'd like to install one of your doors (but not too sure which one yet). Can you please quote me an approximate cost for purchasing and installing: * bifolding door (4m high x 16m wide) * hydraulic door (4m high x 16m wide) I'd like to get a rough idea of how much these will cost so I can budget for my runway hangar Schweiss door. Many thanks in advance!


I am looking for a quote to replace a 1 piece overhead roll-up door with a quality Schweiss strap door. Rough dimensions are 40' x 12' for my airpark ranch hanger door. Wind load is minimal and should be considered given the address provided. Please email a quote for consideration.