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I am looking for a developer and designer to help develop a Hangar-Home and a HOME with Hangar community next to Mid-Way Regional airport. We would love to get Schweiss Doors on board to equip this project with your high-end doors. The demand for such a home development is high. Land around the airport needs to be acquired ASAP. I hope that with your customer base you will know someone I might talk to. I am the secretary of the Airport Board of directors. A TTF agreement should not be a problem. We have over 55 pilots on a waiting list and many have expressed interest in such a development. Thank you, Mike


I am in the process of designing/estimating an aircraft hangar on an airpark estates lot in Arizona which I have recently bought. The hangar width will be 50 feet, door opening 44 feet x 13 feet. Side wall height will be 18 feet. I have a 46x13 Schweiss bifold strap door on my current hangar, am very happy with it. I have been told by neighbors that hi-lift is better. My questions: which is better in a windy area, and cost difference? Thanks, Dave


Looking to build a custom home on an airpark. Hangar will be 50 wide 50 deep 16 high. I want a big opening airpark estates door. Hangar will be constructed same as house, wood frame, stucco exterior. I guess the door needs steel beams? What size door would you recommend?


Building a new hangar home on a patch of land I bought in an airpark estates community, need a glass bi fold hangar door, 48' wide and 18' tall. Might can adjust size slightly.


Have steel hangar at my airpark estates with approx 42' wide x 14' high opening. Old fiberglass roll up doors worn out. Need bifold door. Kevin


I wonder what an 48' x 18' door for a my aipark estates hangar with all hardware would cost?


Looking for pricing for door for our new airpark estates hangar home. It is very well insulated and we want a door with a high Rvalue and a positive seal. We would be interested in pricing on both types of doors in both preassembled and build it yourself.


Designing a new 200'X 80' hangar with 8 overhead bifold liftstrap executive hangar doors. Each door is 45' wide x 20'. I would like to discuss most economic options for this opening size. 


Dear SCHWEISS, I'm assisting my architect to draw a residential airpark estates project where the client wants to switch their old hangar door into a Schweiss horizontal folding garage door style, where there will be NO steel bar going 10' across the ceiling with a mechanical box. They wants to give the ceiling more room and make the hangar door less rigid & "garage door" like. I found a lot of european companies online for this type of door, but my guess is they will cost whole lot more with longer lead time. I am guessing the Schweiss Bi-Fold airpark estates door would be my best option? My goal is to find an elegant looking bifold door that is most affordable in Oregon. The current door dimension is just 8'w x 7'h. Even though I had look around the website for doors you have, I feel like I might be missing something and that you have more options to choose from than what is shown on the website? Would you mind guiding me through what Schweiss bifold door options you have for this type of residential airpark estates door? and give me a better idea of price point, time, and what options would I have in looks and material?