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Hi, I'm originally from Benson, MN. Have actually used a Schweiss chicken plucker more than once and went to the Wilmar Vo-Tech Farm Program with some guys from Hector way back in the early 80's. I recently bought a Hangar out in Erie Colorado. It needs a better hangar door. Has two 8 X 10 garage doors now. I would like to change to a 14' Tall by 24' Bifold door. Thanks, Kevin


Request pricing for a door to be part of a PEMB package for a small private airplane hangar located in eastern, WA. Cladding to be provided by PEMB supplier. Bifold door with straps and backup system and remotes


Looking for a quote on a 45' x 16' Horizontal Drive Bi-Fold Door for an airport hanger. Should include three windows above fold, remote opener and automatic latching system.


Costing out an aircraft hangar proposed construction Request a quote for your Schweiss bi-fold strap door and automatic latching system and remotes with an opening 100 X 18 ft And 80 X 18 ft. Shipping to Alaska. 


Looking for a hangar door price I need the opening to be 60x16 or 60x18. The hangar is going into production this week. I'm undecided between hydraulic or bi-fold. I'm thinking due to size of the door and being able to park closer, I'm leaning toward bifold liftstrap hangar doors.


Good morning,we are preparing a proposal for the local flight school for a new hangar facility. I'd like to get a quote on a 60' wide x 20' high (for whatever final opening that will provide is fine) bi-fold door system. the tallest airplane (propeller height in this case) that would be proposed is 13'-4 1/2" high and the largest wingspan would be 48'-3". please and thanks, Gary


I am a builder and I am pricing an aircraft hanger. The client would like (2) 80' wide by 20' high lift strap bifold doors installed on a sidewall of a new building. The proposed building is a gable sloped building 70' wide by 200' long. I am making the column spacing 10', 80' door, 20', 80' door, 10'. I believe I will have at least a 30' eave height. I will need the door weight for each door and other information to support the bifold doors. Please either call me on my cell or email me with any questions. Thank you.




We are building in the next 6 -9 months a 150x150 airplane hangar in Ocala FL. Need to know the biggest available Schweiss bifold jet aircraft door that we could use in this building. Also pricing - please contact  at the number and email above. Thanks


The Peru, IN Airport back in the 1980s purchased some doors from your company and I was wondering if your records show the doors they got from your company. We need some more hydraulic and bifold strap doors and I was wondering if you can help. 


We are bidding a project at a Airport in Springfield, IL. There are Schweiss Bi-Fold Liftstrap Doors specified. I can E-mail drawings & specs if you send me contact info for Email.


I am in the process of building a new jet hangar  Odessa, Texas. The dimensions are 100' wide x 150' long with a 75' wide door with a clear opening of 23' ( actual 22' 6" ). I need a price for a hydraulic door and bifold liftstrap hangar door and opening requirements and approximate weight. Would prefer to have Schweiss do the install.


Hi. We are starting a new project at the Interational Airport which is located in Mexico. We have to install a bifold liftstrap or hydraulic warehouse door which dimensions are: height (10 meters) & lengh (50 meters). So I would like to know your e-mail, in order to send the entire information and get the Quote. Thank you in advance. Fernando 


I want to get a quote for a bi-fold door to use on a corporate hangar we are building for our Sovereign, C-680. This bifold liftstrap door will be used on a 90x90 hanger and the entrance size we need with the door retracted is 80w,x 24h.


Need a quote for a Bi-Fold or No-Fold Hydraulic airplane hangar door that clears 50' Wingspan, 24' Tail Height. I am a GC getting estimate for a quality Schweiss door for a client with a new hangar in Florida. He wants a windrated door.


Putting some pricing together for a client that is looking to buy some Schweiss bifold transport aircraft hangar doors. I don't know what the framed opening size needs to be in order to get the desired clearances but what I need is the following: (8 EA) 50' wide by 12' clear doors (in sidewall) (2 EA) 100' wide by 16' clear doors (in endwall) Framed opening height is adjustable to fit whatever is needed for these liftstrap hangar  doors to get the clear heights.


I am looking to get pricing for some Schweiss overhead bi-folding liftstrap/autolatch doors to use as aircraft museum doors. Below are some  descriptions of the sizes of designer doors we are looking for: 1. 50' wide x 40' tall 2. 30' wide x 20' tall 3. 10' wide x 16' tall Decorative cladding on the doors will be others, I am just looking to buy the Schweiss museum doors.


My hangar needs a large corporate hangar door. I  want to ensure the hangar door is built in a manner that I am able to add a Schweiss bifold strap door with autolatches and remote opener. The hangar is covered in hardie-plank siding. I would very much like the hangar door to be similarly covered. The door is 50x16. What would the weight be of the bifold door, including the door cladding. What is estimated door delivery time.. 


Looking for price on an 80' wide x 18' tall airline hangar door. Corporate is interested in seeing the price difference if they decrease the opening size to 70' wide x 17' tall (These new high horsepower  door dimensions are clear dimensions). Absolute minimum clear door dimensions are 70' wide x 17' tall. I will also need some hangar door loading information so that we may accurately quote the steel structure. 


We placed an order for a large airport hangar door in Pueblo, Colorado and have now decided we would like the Schweiss team to install the bifold door. We still want this to be a bifold strap door with your autolatching door feature.


Send quote for a 60 x 30 bifold multiple plane  aircraft door. I also own a Cirrus and need another bifold hangar door for it soon. Do you have cargo aircraft hangar door size for this plane. I could measure door opening size needed.


I'd like Schweiss Doors to bid an Corporate Airport hangar door in FL. Steel door, with 5 windows, one walkdoor. Opening size of 60' x 28'. Remote opening with bifold liftstraps and autolatches. Windrated door to Florida specs.


Planning for new hangar construction 80 x 80. Need to clear 15 foot aircraft tail. Shopping for Schweiss bifold liftstrap versus hydraulic door. Thanks


Hi I'm looking for a economical 55' Bifold Door with the Schweiss liftstraps and remote opener for a hangar I'm going to be building. could you please send me a quote Thank you Mark Davis


I am pricing a 60 x 60 metal hangar building with Steel Buildings/Building Systems in Florida. The building will have 12 foot side walls and we are looking for a price for a 40 foot hangar door. The building company gave me your company name as someone they have used for the hangar doors to be mated up with their buildings in the past. In looking at your website, a bi-fold door with strap lifts seems like the direction for us to go. Other pilots I've talked to swear by Schweiss Door quality.  Thanks in advance for your information, Bob




We are currently assisting a client conceptualize a project and are developing an estimate on construction costs. With this being a very large item I was hoping to get your input. This door should be able to accomodate wide body aircraft such as 757, 767, 777 etc. Wondering mostly if the hydraulic Schweiss door would have an advantage over the bifold liftstrap door for aircraft this large.


I am going to build a new aircraft hangar. I have a hangar with one of your hydraulic doors that I have been very happy with. Can you send me price on a 65x20 hydraulic door vs a 70x20 bifold strap door? I am thinking of going with a post and beam construction hangar. Which door works best with that type of construction? Thanks


I have an airplane hangar with a approx.40x12 opening. The framework is 12" I beam with the flat sides facing down on top an towards the center on the sides. The rest of the building is pole style. Can you build a custom Bifold liftstrap door for this opening and if so what would be an approximate cost. Either style is o.k. to me, but kind of prefer your bifold. If this is possible I will get more specific info. later by sending pictures and exact measurements. Thanks


To whom it may concern: I need to talk with your sales rep in the Tennessee Region about a price for a hanger and bi-fold door with liftstraps/autolatches for the Airport Authority located in Tullahoma, TN. Please have someone email or call me on my cell phone, below. Clear opening height with door open is 18'. Will need to know what upgrades you offer.


I am looking for a price and additional information (technical drawings, if available) for a 110'-0" X 18'-0" insulated aircraft hangar door. We haven't decided on a style of door yet, but looking towards your Redpower hydraulic door. If you could, let us know clear/total heights and widths, material/installation price and anything else that we may need to know. This door is going to be part of new construction (pre-engineered building) in West Virginia. High wind speeds are around 90 m.p.h., 18' clear height 110 mph windload. Thank you.


Working on a quote for residing an existing concrete block building being used as an aircraft hangar with sliding sectional doors. Customer is looking to upgrade doors to bifold with liftstraps, not cables, or Red Power hydraulic lift doors. Dimensions below are approx. Basic manual operation required. No remote control. Standard locks. One door to have man door integrated in door. looking for preliminary pricing at this time. 


I own an executive hangar in Hemet, California (HMT) with 60' traditional Schweiss bifold door with cables. My preference would be to have someone more technically savvy than I to install your strap system. The old squeaky cables are driving me crazy. So, two questions: (A) do you have technicians in the SoCal area who would be qualified to convert my existing Schweiss door to the strap system and (B) what is the cost of the strap system (understanding that labor will be an additional cost)? With warmest regards.


I am looking for a Manual version of your bi-fold or hydraulic hangar doors. Also if possible any other door that you may offer that will fit onto my Steel International Q-series building. I wish to have a door that lifts vertically. The building will be located in West Africa where electricity is not always available or can be erratic. For this reason I desire a door that can be used in the event that electricity is unavailable. From perusing your Web site, I believe the Red Power doors with backup systems may be the answer. Any helpful input would be greatly appreciated.


To whom it may concern: Hello my name is Katrina  and wish to request some information for a gentleman out of West Africa. He has purchased a Crown Steel Model Q steel building. He has requested of me to find out information on a Verticle Fabric or a Verticle Schweiss Strap Lift Bi-Fold hanger door. He uses the building for the storing of planes. However it does not have the appropriate doors. My question is might there be a way that your company can help us with this request. I have the dimensions that he wishes if needed. Please contact me at your earliest convenience. Thanks in advance! Kind Regards, Katrina T.


Hey guys, I am putting together a proposal for an airplane hanger in Montana. I am looking for an insulated Schweiss bi-fold liftstrap hanger door 80' wide x 18' tall. I need the price and weight of the door delivered (including estimated freight). Available colors? Thank you for your time and consideration. Garth 


Working up plans for a 50 x 50 aircraft hangar. I am planning on buying one of your Red Power hydraulic doors. The largest aircraft would have a 42" wingspan an no taller than 12" tall. Not sure on door size needed. Feel free to call for more details. 


I am the Airport Manager of Corvallis Municipal Airport. We have a 70 year old WWII wooden hangar with rolling doors on two sides. The rails and doors are falling apart. I would like to get an estimate to replace them with a Schweiss liftstrap/autolatch bifold door on each side. The opening is 120 feet by 29 feet high. Thanks!


Building to be used as a private hanger at Ohio Valley Airport in WV. Attached is the building framing diagram. Rough opening is 52 X 15 and the header has been designed to support 2000 pounds of uniform distributed load. Please include shipping cost to the airport and sales tax. This is a bifold door with liftstraps, insulation, remotes & windows.


I would like an estimate for a hydaulic door. We are planning to build an insulated steel hangar at the municipal airport in South Dakota. The door size needs a clear open 63 feet width and 16 feet in height. Please Include backup power recommendations, cold weather kit. cost to ship/install Thanks


Sir, Please Quote for the following two sizes, Door Size : 1) 8500mm clear Width x 4933mm Clear height (6000mm Overall Height)--6nos. 2) 6000mm clear Width x 4933mm Clear height (6000mm Overall Height)--5nos. These are airport hangar hydraulic Red Power Doors to be shipped overseas. Will need by Spring 2013.


We are about to carry out an important and big project for an airport and we are looking for a fold up door with technical specifications mentioned below. Fold Up Hangar Bifold Door Dimensions (Clearance): 18 m x 6 m Quantity: 12 looking forward to your earliest reply, best regards.


Contractors out of Fairfield Bay, AR, are bidding a project @ the Clinton Airport. We are asking for a price quote on a Schweiss bi-fold door per the included plans and specs. Please review the plans and specs. 1. Please give us a price for the door. 2. Please price installation separately. Wage rates for this job are attached.


Need price on bifold and full swing hydraulic door rough opening 57\'5\" mX 16\'8\" insulated, with walk through door and two remotes delivered to Lakeland Airport, Wisconsin.


I am in search for an aviation door to replace my existing doors in my 48\' wide quonset hangar. Presently I have two 9\' overhead doors with a removable center post. I would like to know if it possible to have a hydraulic Schweiss door with a ten foot height and 40 foot width. I\'m impressed with your hefty Red Power pump system and the backups available for it. 


I received the grant to purchase new hydraulic hangar doors at our Municipal Airport near Kansas City, Kansas. Attached is a quote form which we had on file. This was from a previous quote for doors from you. I need a price for 4 doors, installed. Please let me know if you need further information.  This was a quote from 2010, and this would be for the same 4 doors, except we want these doors to have your new Red Power pump system. I need to have this info as soon as possible. Also, could you send me information on the doors to include in the grant.


I%u2019m quoting on a project in West Virginia for the Mid-Atlantic Aerospace Complex Harrison County West Virginia. I need a price on a hydraulic Red Power hanger door the door must be centered in the end wall of the building that is 100\' wide. The required door size is 80\' wide x 28\' high with walk door, these are required measurement. This project bids on Tuesday. I need this quote ASAP so we can work this information into the building design.


I am interested in receiving some information and pricing on vertical bi-fold liftstrap/autolatch aircraft hanger doors, with man doors in them. I have included the drawing as an attachment so that you are better able to see the type of hanger that they will be going into. We are located in Ontario, Canada and I am also wondering if you ship to Canada and what the shipping costs are. The project that these doors are for is the local Municipal Airport, Ontario, Canada.


Gentlemen, for our air sports club, we need a Schweiss Red Power hangar door with a width of 11.00 meters and a height of 3.25 meters. The delivery is the airport Rechlin Larz in Germany. Please tell me about the price, transport price with extra. Alternative embodiments also. Best regards


 My name is Buzz and I work with a Steel Bldg. Manufacturing out in Visalia, CA. We will be providing a quote for a Hangar in Chehalis, Washington using a Schweiss Bi-fold Lift Strap / Autolatch door and request a quote from you, quote #2311-AN. I\'m requesting the quote from Schweiss Doors to aid in our quoting this hangar to him. He did not have access to the quote at the time of the phone call but asked if I could request it through Schweiss. Is it possible for me to receive this quote from you guys there at Schweiss?


Please quote on the following hangar doors one 80 foot wide by 14 foot high bi fold liftstrap door also two 39\'x14\' hydraulic doors just standard setup freight to Toronto, Ontario


We are needing another quote on a Hangar in the Calgary, Alberta area. The hangar has a 44 feet wide by 14 feet high opening. Can we get a quote for a Bi-Fold liftstrap and autolatch door for this opening? The quote should be FOB Calgary. I know everything is always a rush, but can you quote this ASAP? You guys at Schweiss are the best!


I am working on a possible 6 hangers and I need details and information ASAP. I know you are dealing with someone else however he does not have details or drawings on how your door would be mounted to a Sprung. Until we know that we can\'t quote and I am a week behind on pricing already. I am on your web site and am trying to identify what would work for a Sprung mount. Can you help? I am interested in the steel frame price with strap lift. Would you recommend this door to be at either end of our structure and allow a jet to fire up and fly out?


Dear Ladies and Gentlemen, We are interested in an electric operated bi-fold liftstrap door for our new airport hangar, in Atting / Germany. The complete clear opening or wide should be 20000 mm and the clear opening or height should be 5500 mm. Please inform about the costs of such a door. Additionally we would be interested about the isolation due to the winters we have in Germany and the electric power consumption to open and close the door. We are ready to order. The building should be finished by End of month and we would need the door until this date. We have the same Schweiss bi-fold door already in our US factory and it is well respected for its fine modem of operation.


One of our employees saw your doors at Oshkosh last year and got a brochure. Far North Holdings Limited owns an airport here in New Zealand and we are interested in your bi-fold lift strap / autolatching doors or possibly even a one piece hydraulic Red Power lift door for a hanger we have on the airport. I have attached some photos of the current hanger frontage to show you what I will explain. The hanger currently has an extension for the tail of an aircraft that currently doesn%u2019t fit into it. We would like to remove this and extend the total width of the hanger out as far as the current small extension protrudes. As you can see from the photos the hanger door area is split into two openings. The width of each opening is 18m (59ft) and 13m (42.64ft) respectively. The height required is 5m (16.4ft). This is currently a few inches above the current hanger door open height. The roof line of the hanger slopes up and should be able to accommodate the extra height required. As you can see there is also spare height from the door opening height to the hanger roof line. I would prefer an internal truss door. I would like an indication of the price for the two doors ready to be shipped to New Zealand. I understand that there is extra cost to extend the hanger but I would appreciate if you would be able to give us specifications of the door frame requirements to be able to hold the door. The hanger is a steel frame hanger. On your spec sheet details No 7 and 8 show an extension and setup for the Endwall- Header Placement and looks like a good way to extend the hanger and create the door frame. With this extension you may even be able to make one door that spans the whole doorway instead of two doorways that are currently while leaving the bracing of the current doorway in place. We can get engineers to sort out any specifications that you may require from the existing building. We also have drawings of the existing building.


We are working on a new hangar for the Iowa City, IA airport and would like Word files of specs for bi-fold doors (w/ straps). Doors will be 18\'h x 64\' wide. Also include separate pricing for horn and lighting system. Please let me know if there is any other info you need to provide the spec.


Dear Sir, You have made a price offer about 2 bi-fold doors with liftstraps for an aircraft hangar. We are a French society which may build a hangar in wood (LVL). I would like some informations about the weight of the doors and on the implementation. These two doors will be located on the side wall. Please find enclosed the project plans.


Dear Sir or Madam:    We are a large nickel refinery near the port of Tamatave (Toamasina) in Madagascar. The refinery, which is still under construction and is expected to be complete early next year, is a joint venture between Canada,  Korea and Japan. The company has decided to build an airstrip on site and wishes to build a hangar for the Twin Otter plane that it has selected. We are architects for the project and our purpose in writing is to ask you to provide a price to supply a bi-fold door with lift straps for a proposed aircraft hangar so that we may complete our estimates for the project. Would it be possible for you to provide us with a price to ship the door to the port of Tamatave (Toamasina) in Madagascar. Or , if it is not possible, then please provide us with shipping weights and volumes etc ex Factory and we shall make the estimates. We envisage that the door would be clad in colorbond sheet steel (coloured zincalume sheet steel of approx 0.6mm thickness). This type of steel is available in Madagascar so it may not be necessary to supply from North America. The door is a very critical element of the hangar operation and I think that it may be best to have one of your technicians come to Madagascar to supervise the assembly and installation of the door. Would you please allow for flights and man-hours for a technician. All accommodation and meals can be provided by the Owner. The location is in a cyclonic area so the door will need to be designed for the following conditions: 3 sec gust , 50 year return period, 10m above ground, open terrain - 274km/hr exposure - C I have attached our preliminary drawings of the hangar, which show a clear opening for the doorway of 22.000m wide x 6.500m high. We look forward to your advice


I've attached a estimate for a 60' door that I spoke to you about at EAA 2011. Unfortunately the engineering is only going to permit a 45 foot hydraulic one piece door. Could you update the pricing to reflect this change? I would also need it to include a mandoor. We are ready to get the door on order as I've got an Africa trip planned for most of the winter months so hoping to get this wrapped up this week. I had received a preliminary bid used for budgeting from your Company a while back.


Hello, good day! Not so long ago, I was sent Specs for a Bi-Fold liftstrap & autolatch door (bid number on mail subject) we would be using on a Hangar. Lately there have been some changes on the aircrafts' height we're considering. The door height we had before was 5560.06mm plus the wedge. The new height we're needing is 5800.00 which is about 19 ft, plus the wedge. I'm sending you the specs you sent us before. In order for us to make the appropriate changes on the hangar layouts we need the new measures, and the new weights in case we have to change something on the structure. Could you send me the new specs for the door with the new height?? 19 ft. The width stays the same. Thank you so much in advance. Regards,


We are bidding a 60 ft.deep by 90 ft. wide hanger building with 87 ft. wide vertical bi-fold hanger door with a clearance of 20 ft. in mid-November. We would like a price from your firm on this building. I can email you drawings. Please let me know if there are any questions. This will be a bifold with lift straps and autolatches. I'm still checking on some additional add-ons and upgrades. If there are any, I'll let you know by tomorrow morning. 


I am looking for quotes on bifold liftstrap doors with clear openings of 65x18, 50x14, 36x18 and 30x18. Include auto latches and walk thru doors on the two larger doors. Insulate all doors. Extra remotes for each door. These are all going on airport hangars and buildings. 


Please quote the following (3) Schweiss Bifold lift strap hangar doors delivered to Delco, NC: (2) 40' x 12' clear (1) 44' x 12' clear. We will do install as we have installed your bifolds before. Door should be windrated to 120 mph. Never know when the next hurricane is going to stir things up. You guys are great, we love your doors


We need one Aircraft Hangar Bi-fold type door for a metal building - dimensions approx. 24 feet high by 12 feet wide. Please forward some prices ASAP. I will call you also. I will fill out your Schweiss Doors questionaire for specs. Love your informative web site. Thanks, Zeb


Customer is looking for bifold Schweiss hanger door 80x16 on a pole building for airplane and sky diving company located in South western Ohio


Hi there, We are a dealer referred to you by Richard G.  in Ontario. I have been speaking with both private air hangers and some large equipment dealers about buildings and the timing was great for Richard to make me aware of you. One building for sure that I need a quote for a door is below. What is the price difference between the hydrolic door and bi-fold? We would install the door seperate from the building in its own frame. What other details would you need to make an accurate quote?


I'm interested in 24 bifold doors to aircrafts hangars with the following dimensions: 19 m large x 7 m high. We need on the doors sandwich panel 50 mm thickness or equivalente material for thermic insulation to have U = 0,54 W/m2.K. This isntalation will be done in Algeria (south - desert) Best regards Alihandro C. If you need more details contact me by mail.


We just purchase an aircraft hangar at LWM airport with your Hydraulic doors, model 300-H. The basic door size is 60'wide by 20'tall. Do you make a remote control for this hydraulic operated door? If yes, can you please provide the price. Also interested in a bifold door for another hangar the same size.  Thanks Weldon L.


I'm a VP buildings Dist. Mgr. working with a builder out of central Tennessee on a hangar quote going to Big South Fork Airpark. Can you provide a quote and design info for a 45x15 (clear) bifold door. List all accessories available. Do want lift straps and auto latch.


Comment 1) Door opening height is now 11' and 9''. I MUST have at least 9'6'' clearance for tail of aircraft with doors open. So Schweiss recommendations on bifold vs. hydraulic are needed. Comment 2) I have pictures of hangar opening available to send if needed. Hangar has concrete floor. Question 1) Will there be any "Oshkosh Discounts?" Comment 3) Dimensions are given below :


Prefer a one-piece hydraulic over bi-fold but may consider a bifold. I would like to install insulated glass panels, not cased windows, in the door. Basically for the center 6 or 8 feet of the door and then sheet metal for the remaining height bottom and top. This would span the entire width of the door or close to it. The door glass is intended to provide the majority of natural light in the building because I do not want sky lights or transparent plastic side panels. I want smooth, quiet operation,  Can you please provide an estimate for a door with and without glass... Hope to be at Airventure so will probably visit with you then. Thanks!


Schweiss: We are looking to use one of your bifolding doors in our current project. We would like pricing and information on a 14 x 50' bifold door for an aviation application. Any information you could provide us with, safety options, motors, etc. would be of a great help! Thank you


Bifold Lift Strap Door needed for Airplane Hanger on 100' gable end of 80'x100' building at County Airport in Ohio. How soon could you deliver and install.


I would like a 40'w X 15'H Schweiss bifold door for an aircraft hanger in New Mexico, I also need the building to go with the door a 40x60 would do.


I have a set of preliminary drawings. I can send you the drawing on a PDF file showing the two hangars and doors. Note - we have two doors - the openings are 88 x 16 and 80 x 16. Also - we could use the weight per SF of the bifold doors or the total weight of each door for the engineering of the header. Thanks Mark 




Re: Bid Number: 4312-YF Date: 4/3/12 YKF Hangars Corp, Breslau, ON.  I was wondering if you have any AutoCAD files/details or single sheet PDF file details you could provide me. I have been asked to detail the installation of this Bifold door on their structure (new construction). Structure is pole barn type which I drew up for them. Please advise. Thank you.


Need a quote on 75 ft wide x 18 ft tall Schweiss bifold door for new maintenance bldg. Warren County Airport Lebanon, Ohio. Use same accessories as in our last order which included lift strap system, insulation, extra remote opener.


I need a quote for 5 identical Schweiss hydraulic bifold hangar doors with size as desribed below designed for 100 mph exposure C. Door motors will be used with 380V 3 phase electricity. The doors will be sheeted with Kirby's KR-2 wall panel (26 ga.) Doors are to be crated for overseas container to be loaded at Schweiss plant. Also need estimated man hours per aircraft door installation if available.


Quote me on a 45' wide Schweiss aircraft hangar bifold door? On new construction Cleary steel building. Quote typical height. RHI airport.   Do you also install? Any price breaks for multiple hangar doors Thanks. Rick.


What has Schweiss Doors got for bifold airplane hangar doors. Preferably with button drive straps, hydraulic is another option. The clear opening is no less than 20'. The hangared aircraft is a valuable Beaver. What surface treatment is on the steel construction. Can hangar door be zink-coated or are they painted? The required voltage of the motor is 3 phase/400 V. Do you deliver and/or install overseas. Please respond with any questions you might have.


 I am director at an aerodrome in Portugal and I would like to know if you export bifold doors and if they have to be mounted by Schweiss Doors. I would like to have a catalogue and estimated prices for aircraft hangars beggining in 20mX20m to 40mX40m Can you please send me an email with this info? Kind regards Roberto DeClementy


We used to have problems with the remotes on another manufacturers door. This is a problem of the past since we had you install your Schweiss bifold doors on our hangars. Not only that, but your doors are of the highest quality. Best move we ever did to have Schweiss doors go to work for us.


 I would like a guote for a electrical operated Schweiss Bifold door, height 4 meters and width 15 meters. I also need to know the construction requirements. The building will be 22 x 28 meters. Hangar and offices. hangar will be 16 x 28 meters. Bifold Door will be positioned in the width of 16 meter wall. This will be the front of the hangar.  Will Schweiss Doors ship to The Netherlands. Kind regards, P. Neinenbroder, Director 


Need pricing on a Schweiss bi-fold door. 18x70 price door and labor to install in Soldotna, Alaska, area. I've seen your hydraulic one piece doors on a visit to Anchorage. These are quality doors. I want one ASAP


I am interested in free standing bifold aircraft hanger doors and/or hangers for small personal aircraft. Please send me a catalogue. Thank You!


We have been asked to quote a steel building that will be used as a private aircraft hangar. The building is to be 110' x 40' x 20' with a 100' x 12' (needs 11' clearance) BIFOLD or HYDRAULIC door. Please send your recommendation as to what door you think would be best.


building will be 50' wide and will need the door to be as wide as possible for an aircraft that is 42' wide and 13' tall. Would like the door opening to be 48'-49' wide and 14' tall.


We are going to be building a steel aviation hangar 65x60 and would like to price out a hydro-powered door approx 50x12 or do you have a standard size. Thanks


OK, I'm getting ready to build my SEAPLANE HANGAR. QUEST KODIAK on amphibs-45' wingspan & 18.5 feet high@tail C-206 on amphibs-39'wingspan & 13 feet high@tail Since you are a HANGAR EXPERT, what is the minimum size hangar that I need (i.e. put C-206 in back corner) I am estimating a 55' x 55' with a 19 or 20 ft high bifold door. WHAT DO YOU THINK? ? ? ?


I am considering a schweiss bifold door system for an airplane hangar that is 42 feet across the front. How much is a bifold door for this building? Thanks, Keith


Preliminary price shopping to build an airplane hangar in New Richmond WI. I'm unsure of hangar size now, but to keep the comparisons accurate, the quoted hangar will be 54X54X15. Thanks. In the pricing can you please include, Lift straps and a remote control.


DEAR SIR, We like to ask you if you can offer us an Electrical openning Bifold Door (span 50 meter ) for a BOEING 747 Airplane Hangar, that seals weather tight. Send us your proposal and full Quotation. REGARDS.


Considering building a series of adjoining airplane hangers (6to9) 50' to 60' wide. I am interested in the schweiss bifold doors.


I'd like to get an estimate for an aircraft hangar door with a clear opening of 60' wide X 16' high (3ft wedge). I'd like lift straps and the door should be engineered for a 125 MPH wind speed. It will be going on either a new Olympia Steel Building, or one by Steel Smith.


I am planning to have an aircraft hangar built at the Cook, MN airport later this summer. I want to install a 48X14 Schweiss Bifold door with the Auto Latch/Remote system. Please send all pertainent info, specs and pricing including delivery. I want to get all info so that the contractor can build the open door frame to your detailed specs. After reviewing the info, I will contact you with follow-up questions defore ordering. Thanks, Kenny C.


Can you supply a quotation based on the following dimensions for one single Schweiss Bi-Fold Door for our new Hangar with lift straps and remote control, which has an opening of 18 meter span by 4.2 meters high.


I am currently planning the construction of an aircraft hangar with Steel buildings. In order to get a full estimate of the project, I need to know about the door. I haven't made up my mind for which system I want, vert lift w/ auto strap latches or the hydro-powered. My time frame for ordering is within the next few months so I would need the information as soon as possible. Thank you


Have customer looking at erecting an aircraft hanger would like a two-piece folding door 25' tall and 75' wide. Do you make a door this size and how much would it cost? Thanks, Tim.


Quote and information for a 54'wide x 19' tall (these are the dimensions of the rough opening) bi- fold door for an airplane hanger. on the bid can you add in the price on a your lift strap and latches.


I'm looking for a Schweiss bifold aircraft hangar door that will accept interior metal liner, 2 inch insulation, and an exterior tough-rib cladding. I would also like auto close and lock, with windows.


I am putting up 5 aircraft hangers that are 42 & 50' wide. Can you give me pricing on a 2 piece folding doors. Eave height is 16'. Shipment will be to Texas. Your door looks pretty heavy duty what does your stock door rated for wind load?


I am quoting a price for a hanger approximate. 90' x 90' x 50' and he wants a bi-fold for his Gulfstream jet approximate 77' wingspan and 25' high min. can you quote a bi-fold door for this project. Please call me.


We would like to get a preliminary cost estimate and construction specifications for a Schweiss bifold door with lift straps (Size: 46'-11"W x 16'H). It will be used as an airplane hangar door. Thanks


I would like to get bifold door pricing from you regarding this aircraft hangar in TX, I will need your pricing by Friday afternoon.Thank-you


Would you please develop a quote for a hydraulic door I am considering? The situation is that I have a hanger slightly smaller than the aircraft that now should be in it. I have a Piper Navajo that when nosed into the building has the tail about 3 feet sticking out of the building. Roof line of building prevents aircraft from going in tail first.I have seen on someone's web site pictures of a single piece hydraulic door that had a 'garden shed' type extension build in to accommodate a slightly larger airframe.The door approximate sizing; (naturally exact measurements would be used for ordering)45 feet long 18 feet tall 'garden shed' needed for middle 21 feet, starting at 5 feet up and extending to 14 feet up and protrudingout 4 feet. The shape can be triangular as the aircraft tail feathers would be the part covered by the extension.Hanger opening characteristics Hanger front beam is an 18 inch H beam, which is welded to the steel roof trusses. The door will hinge at the top of the beam. Corner posts are 1 foot square wood posts that extend below frost level. Hanger faces north and is along a taxiway with hangers on opposite side (thus no strong winds can develop onto the face, only along the face of the door) Space between hangers is over 75 feet, thus no issue with opening beyond the normal (is someone parked or standing there).Hanger is located at , Ontario We have the ability to weld up the door frame/structure locally. Great group of local pilots include people with all the skills and equipment, thus if you would consider a price for the 'hardware' and blueprints, I would consider using local materials and equipment to greatly reduce shipping costs. I would like a quote for both your normal service and (if you will consider it) the hardware/plans service.Thank you


We are in the process of estimating building a new hanger(48'x 40') in Evansville, Mn. The client would like us to price one of your bifold doors(44'x 14") I need to know if you sell to contractors of if I'd need to get pricing from a distributor for the door. I'll need an amount for the door, installation, and what ever shipping to Longville would amount to. Please get back to me with the info I need and also if you have any questions.Thanks


Hi, I have a client who is bidding on a Airplane hangar job and I am needing a quote for a 40x16 bi-fold to Denver. This will be my first hangar install but with the option to do more in the future. I was given your information through Northwest Door in Denver, whom I use for my garage doors, and they referred you as a supplier.Could you email me back with some info and rough costs just so I can get an idea of what I am looking The sooner we get in touch the better. Thanks for your time. Manager


Schweiss Doors, I would like to request a quote for a Bi Fold door for an airplane hanger. The door opening is 44 ft.by 13 ft. high. I have another 1ft above the door opening to the overhang on the front off the hangerand need to achieve at least a 12ft. clearance.Can you also include delivery and an installation quote.The door would be delivered to 3DA, Flushing Dalton Airport, Flushing, MI. 48433I am attaching a picture of the Hanger.Thanks for your help,Stephen Maloon


I am looking at purchasing some hydraulic doors. I need some prices on: 12'x42' 12'x60' 14'x60' 12'x75' 14'x75' I am looking at starting the aircraft hangars May 1st. Thanks Bill


Please quote me both your bifold strap door and a hydraulic door with remote open/close/locking options,(I am only looking for ballpark pricing now) for an aircraft hanger that is 80'x80'. I need 75ft x 16ft high clear opening. It will located at the  Airport. Thanks! Ryan


Dear Sirs: I must to build an hangar for my Bonanza A36. The hangar size will be 46 ft x 46 ft Is possible to quote a bifold hangar door for spain? Thanks in advance Edwardo


I am building a aircraft hangar and am most interested in the single one piece hydraulic door, however, I would like to compare costs with the bi-fold. Door opening must accomodate Maule or Cessna 185 on amphibious floats. Please price me both doors 38'W x 14' H (when open) with estimated shipping cost.


I am thinking about adding on to my exsisting aircraft hangar putting a bifold opposite my exsisting bifold door.


I am working on a proposal for an executive airplane hangar. I would like to recieve a proposal asap as my proposal is needing to be complete by Monday February 15, for 12 hyraulic Red Power doors. Thank you for your assistance in advance


Good Morning Would you look at my hangar and see if one of your schweiss bifold doors will work. I've attached a photo. Thank You Jack


I'm designing an airplane hanger for a customer. The airplane is 48' in length, 15' height, 55' wing span. My ceiling height is 24'.the building will approx. 70' X 70'. What do you recommend for a bifold door. Is there a standard size or are all your doors custom. Also, I need a ballpark figure for my budget.


Have a client in need of a new airplane hanger door. Existing opening is 45' 10" wide and 11' 2" high (uneven asphalt below, sides not plumb or level, but close... Can you send info re: approx. cost, time to deliver from order, and feasibility of using a bi-fold to replace the damaged fan-fold (site built) that exists. Assuming common cvarrier delivery of unit to Airport, near Spruce Pine, NC. How much on-site construction/assembly is required. Do you have an estimate of time required to assemble/install? Thank you. Ron


Hello, I am in the process of taking bids for a 65 X 100 airplane hangar building with 20 ft eave height. I need a quote on a hydraulic one piece door, clear opening 56ft X 16ft, with remote operator. I will need information on your door: 1.Is it provided with an independent frame? 2. What is the framed opening size requirement? 3. What reaction forces are applied back to the building frame so that I can advisd the builder? 4. How much weight can be attached to the door (sheeting and insulation)? Please provide quote with shipping with optional installation.


Building plans still not completed yet. Early stages. I looked up airplane size on your chart. Are these aircraft dimensions only, door dimensions, or is this the size of building dimensions needed for that particular aircraft?


Hanger will be rebuilt perhaps next spring. Hydraulic Door size is approximate, only expect a rough estimate on the door. Hanger holds a single C172 aircraft. Will want your new Red Power pump for this large door.


Please give email me pricing and specs on a 70ft by 20 ft bifold door for an aircraft hangar. I am gathering data with the possibility of building an aircraft hangar in the near future.


Aircraft hangar is currently equipped with poorly designed steel manual rolling doors. I would like a quote for both hydaulic and bifold doors.


Need Hydraulic Door Design to withstand 100mph (min) gusts. building design has not yet been finalized. hangar to accommodate light sport aircraft with 28'max span. To be located on private unpaved airstrip.


There are 4 openings (2 Hangers) that we need demo and haul away, of old sliding doors, Supply and install New Bifold Doors turnkey. Electrical power supplied by others. Donald


Hi, Centrex Construction is putting together a proposal for the Port of Astoria, Astoria, Oregon to construct a structure with 10 hangars in it. Three (3) of the hangars will have up-lifting bi-fold doors, the other seven (7) hangars will have bi-parting rolling doors. We would like to get prices from you for the up-lifting bi-fold doors. One (1) door will have a 48' X 16' clear opening and the other two (2) doors will have 46' X 16' clear openings. Power available for operating the doors will be 240 volt, single phase. Price should be FOB Astoria, Oregon. Additive Alternate price for a man door in each bi-fold. Please contact us with any questions. Thanks


I am building an aircraft hangar and I am restricted on my building height. The building is 56' wide 50' long,and has 16 foot walls. It has a 2-12 roof pitch. The airport board requires a bi-fold door. I'm not sure if I can get the clear opening I need with a bifold door. I need a 50' wide clear opening with a minimum height of 14'. Is this possible with a Schweiss door. The door will mount on the 56' wide wall of the building. I would prefer the door posts be below the roof pitch, but they do not necessarily have to be. I was told that I couldn't get that much headroom with a bi-fold door, but after looking at some of your photos, it looks like we can make it work. Please advise me on this matter. If I can get this clearance, then I would like a quote on this door. Thanks 


I am looking to build an aircraft hangar 40 feet wide outside dimension front. with 12 foot sidewalls. I would like to know what the actual free opening size would be. A price would be a great help as well. Standard or basic hydraulic unit. Thanks for your help on this matter. 


I am anticipating building a 50 X 40 foot airplane hangar with 12 foot walls. I would like to have a 44 foot bi-fold door.I would need 10 foot clearance under the door when open. My builder has a couple questions as to required size of upright column's required at door ends, his standard upright is 6 inch square tubing. Also his standard trusses are of 2 1/2 square tube. would he have to go up in gauge metal? Would he need to make the end truss a double truss. What number of and spacing do you use for the top hinges, or is this adaptable to vertical members of the truss. What is the electrical requirement for operation? What would the cost of the door be with strap lift, delivereed to Godley, TX? Thank you for your attention. 


we are looking at building a 10 unit hangar in OKC, OK. please price different options for a 44-6 X 14 hydraulic door opening. Please break out installation if you do offer it. Thanks, Lance


The requirement is for 2 nos of Aircraft Hanger doors( planned for multi leaf, sliding type) , the opening size being 10.0m high x 35.0 m wide clear. Appreciate suggestion/ proposal for other type of doors. Please provide the details. Thank You.


I am designing an airplane hangar for a client who wishes to have your bifold doors installed. There will be a clear opening of 16450mm wide (53'-11 5/8"). He wants a 4877mm (16'-0") clear height when the door is open, with the maximum possible width that can be accommodated. How high above the floor does the underside of my beam need to be?


Looking for information on aircraft hangars for general aviation aircraft. 50 x 50, 60 x 60, and 60 by 80. Our plan is to build 38 of various sizes in 3 to 5 unit buildings. 60 x 80s are planed for business uses and will have additions for office space.


I'm interested in finding out the cost of 1 or 2 airplane hanger doors. I will be erecting either a 30'x40' or 40'x60' steel building. The former would house one plane with a 30' wing span, and the latter would house two planes with the same wing span. I'm open to your input on placement and door size. The building will have a 14' eave height.


We are currently providing budget pricing for a project in Austin Texas. I need the name of an approved subcontractor to furnish and install bi-fold airplane hanger doors in the Austin area. Please provide the information to me as soon as possible. We have to have pricing ready on May 6. I have plans i can provide for pricing.


I am looking for types of weather stripping for a door in an airport hanger. Can you please call me or fax. I need to see several different types of weather stripping around the door. Please call and I can explain.


I need a price on a bi-fold door and a hydraulic door for a job I am working on for an air plane hanger.door size is 42'x 12' feet .it would be for new construction.


Bidding a job in Clarksville Arkansas on a airplne hangar...need price for doors....and installation


Please give us a quote on a 36x12 airplane hangar door. We need a good door that is economically priced. Let me know what you have available. Thanks Richard J.


Looking for a quote on a door big enough for a king air c90. My hangar will be 60' wide. Thanks Greg


I have a customer looking for a 36' - 38'x10' bifold door for an airplane hanger. I have been in business for 14 years but have never installed one. I have had calls in the past for these and ended up putting in sectional doors instead. I would like to get a quote on this door and an idea of what to charge if that is possible, Thanks for any info!




I am in the planning stage for the construction of an aircraft maintenance hangar (to bebuilt this year) and am interested in information and pricing on doors of an approximate size of 65'wide by 18' high. In this general range, what are the dimensions that cause a price change? The construction would be in central New Hampshire. Pleas respond


Hello; I am planning to build an aircraft hangar this spring. I am considering building either a 60' X 60" with a 55' X 14'high bifold or a 70' X 70' with a 60' X 16' door. I just bought a deHaviland Beaver. It will be on straight wheels for the most part, but amphibs may be in the future. Do you have any suggestions on door/building size and could you kindly provide me with a quote for the above two door sizes? i have not chosen a building manufacturer as of yet. Thank you in advance for your help. Stan M.


Greetings: This is a request for information/advice on adding one of your bifold doors to a pole style building (aircraft hanger). I am in the planning stages of the building, and the tentative information I have is this... 42' wide, 45' deep, 14' eve height and 12' x 40' opening, internal truss door. Again this is planning, so I'm not sure these numbers will work. Do you have previous builders using your doors with about the same dimensions? Could you suggest a better size? My minimum accecptable clear door opening is 38' x 11'. As soon as I finalize the size I will request a quote, fob waterville, washington. Thanks, Chris H.


Hi guy's, I need a one piece hydraulic aircraft hanger door, 18m x 5m, I am in Australia, what would it cost me for a complete kit including hydraulics etc... landed in Australia, alternatly do you have someone in Australia that can make this door, here from you soon Josh.


Hi Im a college student design an airplane hangar for a technical report. I would like to specify one of you by fold door systems. To do this i need some specifications about your header to incorperat it into my building. My building is simply supported, has columbs supporting beams which hold up open web steel jost that holds the steel roof. The wall receaving the door is 82ft long and 23ft high. i would like to have a door 50ft by 18ft. Please feel free to email or call Thank for you help Matt


Need a quote for a project in Louisville, Kentucky for a airplane hanger bi fold door. Steel Building with a opening 60' wide by 15' tall opening. Please let me know what information you need to price this item. Thanks Jerry


want to price out door plus some options, I want to price a 3' walk in door, top override juggle switches, Three button automatic switch, door base safty edge. This is for a new airport hanger, and I have to bid this door on Wednesday Feb. 25. Sorry for the short notice, but if you could, I would appreciate it. Thanks alot. Steve S.


Dear Sir, I am having an aircraft hanger constructed (to be used for the storage of 2 sailplanes). The hangar has 6x6 wooden side columns, wooden roof trusses and will be covered with metal cladding. The size of the hangar is 60feet wide (front end) and 40 feet deep. I am very interested in a hydraulic front door with size 55 feet wide and 12 feet high. The door will be covered in metal cladding like the rest of the hangar. I would also like a standard size man door included in the bottom left co er of this hydraulic door. Could you please send me a quote for: 1) The cost for the hydraulic package and the door (with shipping and handling included) and 2) The cost for the hydraulic package only for a door of this size with shipping and handling included. I look forward to your response! Sincerely, Nico M.


Have older aircraft hanger with approximately a 13 tall by 58 long door no windows no doors.


I would like a quote on a 70'x 22' clear height bifold door for an airplane hangar building in Minocqua, WI. Thanks


Looking for mounting details for Helicopter facility door openings that are 24 feet high x 50 feet wide.


Requesting price for: 60x18 bi-fold w/ bottom motor lift strap auto-latch and remote for aircraft hanger, please e-mail or call w/ questions


We are the Russian Company which deals with aviation hangars. We need a bi-fold door for aviation hangar made of steel tubes. Door width is 28 metres, door height is 6 metres. The hangar itself is a steel building. Tell us please how much it will cost to make it? Looking forward to your answer.


looking for quote for bi-fold door delivered to UK, for private light aircraft hangar. Clear opening 35 foot wide x 8 foot high required. We do not have electric power on site. Is there a manual-operation option, or a 12 volt motor option ?


I need a price for 2-14'x 60' bifold airport hangar doors with straps and manual close asap. Please call me at or email me back. GREG R.


I plan on building a new private field hanger for my RV-9A airplane project. The airplane should be completed sometime in 2010 at which time I will want to have my hanger done. My inquiry is for a cost estimate for your hanger door based on this aircraft size and the building general specs. Please include estimated lead time and shipping. Thanks.


We are thinking about building an airplane hanger. The building will be about 70X70 feet to accomodate up to four Cessna 172 or 182. We need a opening at least 40 feet across and 10 feet high. What would something like that cost? I am looking for a ballpark number. Maybe the lowest I could possibly pay and the "Cadillac" price. Then I will know that there will be something in the middle I can plan on. I want a door that I have have opened with a door opening system.




Dear Sir, We presently own two Dornier 228 - 200, wwich we are building two hangars to have them and for maintenance in those two cities. We would like more information on your bi-fold doors as technical and prices. Regards, Pedro L.


Looking for aircraft Hangers sliding or upward roller shutter doors Nos: 3 Size: Width: 19M Heigt: 6.5M Operation: electrical and manual chain operated doors Pleas send your quotaion and techincal detailes Thanks Harith D.


We have aquire an aircraft hangar that has a bi-fold door manufactured by your company. We would like to have a maintenance manual. Is there a possibility you could e/mail one to us, or fax it to us? Thank you Lonnie


Do you know of a place the works and repairs on bi folding doors 20x60 ft on air port hanger doors


What is the largest Aircraft HAngar door your firm has done? What is the largest you can DO? Do you export?


it's for aircraft door hangar . Is`t steel or allumunium door contruction . And get me a separate pricing for delivry to Val-d'or location


Im interested in buing and installing bi fold doors to our hangar. We are operating Beechcraft 350. What kind of door do You reccomend. Maximum size of oppening avilable is 40 m width and 10 m high. But we can install smaller doors. Please send me pricing with shipping costs and Your suggestions. Regards


I'm a student at montana state university and I'm doing a class project bidding an aircraft hanger. I was wondering if you could give me a price quote for a bifold door that would fit a rough framed opening 40 ft by 14 ft. Thanks, Cory B.


I am interested in getting a quote on a 54' x 16' Schweiss Bi-Fold Door for an Airport Hangar. Please contact me with a quote and/or additional information. Thank you very much.


Hi, We are considering to build some aircraft hangars. The 4 hangars will stand in a row and the dimentions will be around 40x40feet, the doors must be 35x9 feet. Can you provide me an estimated price packed in a 40feet container ready for shipping to Norway?


I am building a 40x30 Aircraft Hangar and requir the door. I was Investigating the door you sold to my friend Barry and would like a quote for the size I will require.


We are a provider of steel buildings & I have a potential customer requesting use of your bi-fold door in an aircraft hanger. What I primarily need are specifications for the listed 56' x 12' bi-fold door (weight, dimensional requirements, etc.) for our engineering to properly "load" the gable en-wall of our structure. Any associated literature would be appreciated. Mike


Dear Sir/Madam I live in Australia, and have an aircraf hangar here. Do you have an Australian distributer or an aliance company out here to cover you designes? Thanks for your assistance


We have just returned from the Farnborough airshow and have been asked to design and provide prices for light aeroplane hangars. Your doors seem ideal for our purpose


Dear Sir/Madam: Do you have a Philippine distributor/agent? We have a requirement for an aircraft hangar. Thank you. Michael D. C.


I am building an aircraft hangar and am interested in a bifold or similar door to span a 12 to 14m opening with an open height of 4m. What options can you offer and at approximately what cost? The hangar will be at Mt Beauty in Victoria


interested in a bifold door for private aircraft hangar. The door opening size is 10' x 39'. Please send informationa on door options and pricing. Thank you


Hi, I would like a quote for a door for an aircraft hangar which would be 20m wide and approximately 6m high when opened. If you could quote for both a manual and remote control door and include the cost of delivery to an airfield near Doncaster in the UK that would be great. Many thanks Steve R. Sandtoft Airfield UK


Dear sirs , Please send me the details about aircraft ( clamp shell manintenance hangar , landing mats THANKING YOU


Bidding an aircraft hangar in Jacksonville, Florida. Need to price a door that is 100'-0" x 16'-0".


We are preparing a design for some aircraft hangers here in Napier, NewZealand. Client requirements are a 12.7m clear span with 3.3m clear opening height.


Dear Sirs. We have an aircraft hanger we would like to change the door on. Total length of the hanger is 39 meters divided to 3 sections. We are interested to put a one piece hydraulic door on the hander. Please give us price for a 3 pc, one piece door, length 13 meter and height 3 meter Please give us offer for the following: 1.3 pc door, length 13 meter.hight 3 meter height one hydraulic pump unit and other vice reedy to use hydraulic opening system 2One hydraulic pump unit and hydraulic system on 3 doors. (in case we modify the existing doors to your system) Best regards Gunnar


Looking for quote on 10 1 piece hydraulic doors. Size 30 ft wide by 14 ft tall. Looking to build aircraft hangars for rent. Include prices for doors with walk thru door and without. Thanks.


I am building a new Wick airplane hangar (Wick dealer is Bob H.). I will have a 42X11 opening. I want a 2' wedge for a total door height of 13'. I want lift straps, a simple manual latch, interior truss and bottom drive. Up/Down control panel will be located inside the building and on the left side of the door (when facing the door from outside the building). The building will be built at the airport in Monroe, WI. I want Schweiss to hang the door. I will sheet the door and provide final electrical hookup.


This is for an aircraft hangar. I want to keep the 10 foot opening. I could go with a 12 foot door with the top horizontal without interference with the gabel end. This is also a wood hangar,do I need any engineering drawings. I would like to have someone look at the hangar and tell me what I need and then install it.


Structure is an aircraft hangar, duplex configuration, 100'x45'. The end walls will be 18' high and the center of the roof will be 23'. It is being built on a concrete slab. Please list the additional price of the optional lift straps, auto latches and remote.


I need a price on ten bi-fold doors for airplane hangars to be 42' wide and clear height of 14' The eave height of the buildings are 16' 6" The hangars are nested front and back alternating.


I Am working on an eight unit airplane Hanger with 50' Wide doors, and a highth of no less than 16' 6'. Could I get a Quote for planning purposes, on eight Doors to Seattle,WA, (to be shipped to Juneau Alaska,) I need a quote for Optional ALUMINUM and STEEL, Strap lifts, with and with out windows. insulated and non-insulated. Please advise, Richard H.,


I have a couple of County Airport hangers that I need doors for. One is 90x20 and the other 80x20. I need all the dimensions for doors of this side as shown in your details on your web site so I can ensure final bldg hgt and framing etc. Also pricing for each door. Owner is looking at all options. Thanks.


To whom it may concern. I am planning to build a barn / Hangar combo and I need the door opening to be 46ft. wide x 12ft. high. My contractor said I need the spec. on the door first before building. I am looking for a low cost door to fit the need and will give me the 46x12 clear opening that I am looking for. Can you help with info and price of your doors and which is best for my needs. I think I have seen your ad at the Sun-N-Fun airshow in Lankland last year but not sure, were you there? Thank you for your time. Ron M. please reply ASAP.( PS. 120 MPH wind load.)


BI-Fold door Dear Ladies and Gentlemen, we are planning to build a small airplane hangar (20 x 40 m). It will be a wood construction and will be covered with isolated steel sandwich panels (60 mm). For that we need two Bi-Fold doors: 46' width, 12' height, 30" wedge. To compleete our planning we need all measurements to install your doors properly. Please give us all information we need (please the measurement in mm or cm). Please send me all information by e-mail. Kind regards Friedel S.


I have a 40' W x 10'2" H opening. (10'2" to bottom of C channel) The hangar is an older built hangar with steel pipes in the front outer corners, heavy wall with upper gusset supports. The header is a 6" "C" Channel and the wood roof trusses all tie into the "C" channel. The rest of the hangar is wood construction with tin roofing. The roof pitch slopes towards the front from the center ridge cap and slopes from center ridge to back wall. (side loaded?) So it may be considered a side wall install? I am not sure. My work number for contact is good until around 7pm MDT, M-F. Correspondence via email is preferred. I do have 220v AC available for the hydraulics. My bird requires no less than 8'5" vertical tail clearance. I would appreciate a quote for both door systems. I will perform the installation. Thank you in advance. Dane K.


I'd like a quote for replacing two doors on an existing hangar. It's got a bi-fold door at each end, but because of the door design, there's not enough headroom for the planes we'd like to put in there (the framing opening is about 16 feet tall, but the door takes up almost two feet). I know an exact quote won't be possible without knowing more details about our particular installation; I'm just looking for a ballpark answer.


I am interested in obtaining additional information regarding your airport hangar doors. A client is interested in replacing a 100' wide by 20' high sliding hangar door. The current hangar door is not motorized. Based on viewing your website, I have a couple of questions as follow: 1. Do you supply or install your hangar doors in Pennsylvania? 2. Do your hangar doors accommodate an opening of this size? 3. Do your hangar doors work on a heated building? How well do they hold in the heat? 4. Would you please provide me with an estimated cost for the supply and installation of a replacement hangar door that would include installation, sheeting, and be motorized and replace a hangar door with an opening of 100' by 20'?


I just sent a request for quotes for 6 hangar doors and forgot to mention they want (3) 4'x2' double insulated picture window in each door approx. 9' off ground. Could you please quote with these windows or do we need to frame and install on site?


I have been asked to bid on building 6 aircraft hangars in Juneau, Alaska. They have specified the following doors. I would like a quote F.O.B. Juneau and an estimated labor time to install each if possible. (1) Truss hydraulic door M style mount 64'-5" x 16'-5" (3) Bi-fold doors, bottom drive-cable 50' x 18'-6" (1) " " 55' x 18'-6" (1) " " lift strap 46' x 18'-6" I need to summit a bid by next week and they want to start construciton April 1 of this year so a prompt response would be appreciated.




Can you please provide with a quote on a 30'x18' bi-fold door for an airplane hanger in Kerrville, TX. Building size is as follows: 36'x72'x20' bi-fold being on end wall. Please note if any additional structural framing is require? Thanks. Carlos E.


This door is for an aircraft hanger attached to a residential home being constructed in Colorado. The facia will be of wood. I will need the door in 3-5 months. I would like a price quote for both types of doors. Thank you!


Building is located in a high wind area with above normal snow loads. Opening required is 70'W x 22'H clear. Building will be used for Corporate Jet and smaller aircraft.


Our firm is bidding on the Wood Co. Airport hanger project on Bowling Green, OH and would like to received a quotation from you for the bi-fold airplane door. Please contact me for more information, thanks.


We are designing a hanger in Helena. We requested your catalog some time ago, but have not received it. Will you please send a copy. Also we are trying to locate information on the types of Aircraft that will fit into the various door heights and widths that you offer as standard. Any help you can provide will be appreciated. We are not sure of the size of door we will order and need any information that you can provide that will help us plan this building. Thank you.


Need a price for a aircraft hanger door for a building we are considering. The height needs to be 10' min. and the width 38'. Would prefer the bi-fold type. At this stage of the project we just need a budget costs. Thanks, John D.


I have an airplane hanger with 4 rolling doors. I would like to replace them with something automated. My hanger is a 1.5 hour drive from the Dallas Fort Worth area. I would like to get a price and installation quote. Mike


I am pricing out a commercial airplane hanger and need a quote on a 60'x22' insulated strap-lift bifold. I would like a quote for the door and a quote to have your crew install the door. I recentlly installed two of your strap lift doors at the Rhinelander airport and they went up faster and easier than I thought! I'm wondering how often that the staps need to be tightened? I'm on a fast track deadline for this quote, so the sooner you can get back to me the better. Thanks, Kevin E. Select Builders


I am building a 60'X54' aircraft hanger at the New Richmond, WI airport this spring (2008). I will need a bifold door 46 to 52 ft wide by 18' high. I like the "strap" idea and am wondering about costs for that size door. Also, are the door frames of steel or aluminum, what are the electrical requirements for the lift motor, is the door installation extra, and what is the cost to insulate the door? Thanks.


We are building a new hanger for an Aztec in Fayette County, Ohio. It will be wood construction with 12' eves if possible. The Aztec wing span is 38'6" and the height of the tail is 10'6".


I am going to build a aircraft hanger, the opening I want is 60x18 clear to enter the hanger,so please let me know what size door I need. a wood building is more cost effective, do you think it is wise to build a wood building with a door this size, will it be ok ? I would like your input and a qoute on a door. Thankyou Pat J


New aircraft Hanger structure will be approx 42'W x 36'L x 12'H Unknown what the side walls will be at this time. Please assume wood. Just looking for budgetary pricing at this time. Once building is selected then final pricing will be requested.


I need a quote on 45'x 14', 50'x16'6" these are the opening sizes we are looking at for a airplane hanger. Thank you Jimmy Also a 10'x10' opening.


I have a large Aircraft hanger with a bi fold door I need some kind of seal or gasket to seal off the door edges when the door is closed. what can you recomend?


Looking for a quote in general terms, for a bifold door for a hangar I am planning. The aircraft wingspan is 36 feet. I am considering a door 40x12 or 45x12. The bifold door will be compared to a quad panel sliding door option.


I am bidding two plane hangers in southeast georgia, my rep. at A&S building systems recomended you for bi-fold doors.need a quote on two doors, a 50x14 and a 40x14 delivered to Baxley,GA. Thank's W.G.A.


Dear Sirs: I have an aircraft hanger that now has accoridan doors that we would like to change and install bi-fold doors. The sizes of the doors are as follows:60 X 20 and 45 X 20. This needs to be a turn-key job. Can you quote a price? Joe N. Tulsa, OK


Looking for budgetary pricing for two possible aircraft hangar options: 1 - 50 ft wide door x 15' open height 2- 60 ft wide door x 15' open height Shipping would be to Marceline, MO. Thanks for your help. John M.


I'm building a pole/stick hangar using 40'-46' wood trusses. I fly a Merlin GT AULA (height 77", width 36'. Could you help with the following questions? - What width hangar would you recommend? - Door height (bi fold)? - Door width? Thx....Dennis C.


Please provide price and delivery for bifold door (lift strap system) to fit a 40' x 14' framed opening on aHeritage Building Systems aircraft hangar. The hangar will be constructed near Guthrie, Oklahoma.


Schweiss bi-fold doors are specified for an aircraft hangar in Thomasville, GA. I was checking to see if you had received any information on this bid. Please call or e-mail me at the above contact #'s.


Please provide pricing 46' x 12' aircraft hangar door for new wood frame construction with metal interior/exterior finish, preferably R16 to R20 insulation or better, single phase power, windows near top of door only.


We are preparing a bid for a new aircraft hangar facility for the City of Thomasville, GA. The specifications call for (2) 80 ft. x 22 ft. horizontal bi-fold doors, electrically operated (there is an option for (2) 90 ft. x 22 ft. doors). We need structural loading informaton in order to design the steel building. Could you please provide this for both situations ASAP. I apologize for the short notice, but we have to have our bid in to the GC by Friday and I just got the invitation to bid today. Thank you. Jim H. Estimator


Just checking prices. I'm going to build a 50'x64'x14' Airplane hangar. How much would a 48'x14' bifold door cost? Thanks, Chris


Planning a new aircraft hangar building to house Aviat Husky on my ranch. Assemblying preliminary information and quotes. Expect to build within 12 months.


Hello I'm looking for a door for my hangar. With is 48' and hight 11'. If you can give me a couple of options including the new hydraulic door price. My aircraft will be shipped from the US in May of 2008 and that is when it would need to be ready if possible. Thank you, Ivan J.


I am doing a Airplane hanger project and I need 2- 70x16 hydraulic doors. Could someone please contact me and give me a price on these doors, and some info on them. Both doors will be insulated and the same wall panels as on the builing. Thank you Bill O.


Hello at Schweiss, I placed one of your 50' doors on my 40' by 60' hangar about 10 years ago. I have been very happy with it, and am planning on building a new hangar thats larger, in the spring of 2008. The aircraft is 60' wide so I think I need about a 64' door. I was hoping you could give me an idea about how much one would cost, and what options you might have...Thanks Vern F


I am pricing out a small airplane hanger in Holt, Fl. which calls out for your hydralic clear span bi-fold door. The door is 12'-6" x 40'-0". Can you provide me with pricing delivered to job site. Thanks, Joel T.


I am trying to determine the distance from the top of the clear height to top of single hinge (D), in order to get 16'0" clear opening for the an aircraft hangar. I need to size the section above the clear opening, where the folded door would sit while it is open. Any help would be appreciated


Your door will predicate the overall size of the aircraft hangar. The original proposal was for a 70' wide x 100' long x 22' eave height I explained to the principles that most likely thay will have to go wider and higher to accommodate the door which they required. The maximum width a maximum building width cannot exceed 72 feet wide


We are looking at Seven executive hangers, approximatly 60x 60 in size with mezzanine floors above the aircraft for office space. Recomended door sizes? do you have a sheet on aircraft dimensions? or wing spans? strap or cable? Walkdoor in door ? Bi fold or one ? Randy S.


Please call or email to discuss door type and cost. Building is an airplane hanger 60'x40'x14'eave height. Monte Clark Columbus Montana


Dear Schweiss Bi-Fold Door company, WOuld you be so kind to assist me in designiing an airplane hangar with the bifold door system. The info that I can provide is listed: Clear height = 20'-0" Clear width = 80'-0" From top of opening to underside of roof overhang = 2'-0" Meaning total height from floor to underside of roof overhang is 22'-0" Would you be so kind to forward this to the engineer and reply via email. Regards, Walter K.


Please send a quote for a bi-fold door to be used as airplane hanger door. Measurements are below,


I need to get a price for an airplane hanger door 45 X 15. I would also like some brochures and other information to show my customer. Thanks




Please quote a bi-fold hangar door with straps: Building is 80 x 100 with a door opening of 60x 17'6" Metal aircraft hangar. Thank You. Bonnie g.


We are considering building a pole barn type aircraft hanger approximately 40ft wide with a door opening of 38ft wide and with 12ft clearance on the height. I would be interested in prices on both the bi-fold and hydraulic type doors. On the bi-fold type door I would be most interested in the option of having the lift mechanism on the top of the door. Also, pricing information on assistance in installation would be helpful as well. Look forward to hearing from you. Thanks, Thomas R.


Looking at building 40 x 40 hangar and saw your ad on internet. Please advise cost of door for that size bldg. Do you also have garage doors. Want dual use of bldg for airplane hangar on one side and garage on other side.




I have a wooden aircraft hangar currently uninsulated. I need a door and a floor. Probably the door would be 43-44' wide and 9-10' tall. Currently I have 6" leeway above the top of the end wall where the roof meets it. I would probably have to cut into the roof eves in order to get your free standing frame to match the building and still provide me with the 9'10' opening clearance. How tall is the bottom rubber skirt where the door meets the floor? Can you please send me a quote for the above mentioned door dimensions and separetly a quote for the free standing frame. And the cost of shipping. Also, will you be at the Alaska Airmen's Trade Show in Anchorage, AK this wknd.? If so, I'll see you on Sunday. Thanks, Chris


Hi My name is Denis and I'm putting an airplane hangar. Bruce M. is putting one up as well and told me to give you guys a call to see if we can have the two doors shipped at the same time. My hangar is a 44' X 60', and I am putting the door on the 44 foot wall. I want the biggest door that is practical for the end wall. The inside of the building is 43 feet wide. I'm looking for the biggest door that will fit inside a 12 foot ceiling with a width of 43 feet.


Looking to build an aircraft hanger at Airport in Savanna IL. Hanger door opening will be 40 x 14. Door will be customer installed with factory delivery to building site. Please provide quotes for folding bi-fold door comparing lift strap and cable options. thanks, Jeff K.


We have a structure that used to be a wharehouse and we are now using it as a hangar. It has an open end for the airplanes to enter but we would like a door. This door would have to be a stand alone or something like that because the structure is only metal framing and probably can't support alot of weight.


Aircraft hangar existing door opening 60' 1 1/2" wide and 16' 8 3/4" high. Not too much headroom at the corners. Picture can follow if you need it. Want remote up/down operation. Like the strap idea. Bruce


Hi You have e-mailed me a quote for a one piece Hydraulic door for opening 40' x 10' aircraft hangar. I have a couple of questions, 1. The hangar I have constructed has a steel frame opening (40x10) which is substantial and could accommodate a door. Can you please confirm that it is possible to hang your door direct to an existing frame(flush internal fit)? 2.Can you advise on how to measure the opening to ensure the correct size door is made? 3.There are a two nuts at each end of the cross beam (they secure the two upright steel posts to the cross beam) (Header rail) which protrude about an inch below the bottom of the rail, will this be a problem in fitting the door? 4.How much will you charge for fitting the door please, the address is Gilbert South Carolina?


Hi, I purchased one of your doors about 5 years ago and it is working fine on my aircraft hangar. I never installed the limit apparatus and have misplaced the chain that goes in the apparatus. What do I need to supply you to buy a chain? The door has a number marked on the side. Thanks, Benny W.


Would like the spec and price on a bi-fold electric door for a 70 x 70 x 20 aircraft hangar. The hangar will house a Cessna Citation w/ 53ft wing & 15ft tail. Would like a door approximately 65ft wide and 18 ft high.


Please quote a price for Meridian aircraft. Height 11ft- lenght 29.3 Wdth 43 ft.Wil pick up on our onw truck. Plans are to have it heated and insulated locally. Please delivery time. Harry V.




Interested in a 30 wide by 15 tall bi fold door for an aircraft hangar. Please call with quote.


Planning on putting up a 64 x 40 deep metal aircraft hanger with a door openning of 50 x 12 high. Wondering what a door that size would be.


Julie, I recieved a packet in the mail from you last February, I wasn't able to put a deal with a contractor together so we did not persue it any further until now. It looks like we will be able to go forward with construction now. I initially thought we needed a 60'X12', but have revised that to a 40'X10' door. I am unsure of the typ of door we need, so maybe a little guidance from you is needed. The bottom of the beam at the ends of the door opening is 11', and the top of the beams are 12'. Not a tall structure for an airplane hangar, but it is all I have to work with. Please contact me with any questions, thank you. Regards, Michael S. P.S. I see your name is spelled the same as mine, where is your klan from?


We have a job at a US Air Base to design a aircraft hangar and we are interested in any information you can give us regarding your bi-fold doors the max span we would have would be 61 mtrs and max hight is to be confirmed


We are interested in obtaining pricing and information on bi-fold airplane hanger doors. Please contact us...


Looking for pricing for two hangar doors. Will be "hangaring" a Cessna 337..........Thanks


Dear Sirs We have customer how are interested to buy aviation hangar doors The aircraft dimensions are following Wing Span 14.9m 49.0ft Aircraft Length 10.9m 35.7ft Aircraft Height 4.4m 14.5ft Best Regards Marten V.


HI Can you email prices for the one piece hydrolic doors. Sizes are 14'X 60' 14'X 110' PLease let me know. We are building a few aircraft Hangers.If your price is good then we want to get the doors from you. Thanks Co y


I would like to retrofit an exsisting door to your strap system. The door is a bi fold in an aircraft hangar. Aprox size 40 x 12. Would you quote me on a system to replace present cable system please? Thanks, Walter


I am a tenant in a hangar door complex. I am looking to add a "remote" for my hangar. Have any ideas of products that will work?


New hangar under constuction in antwerp, floor must be clean,no rails possible measures appr; (25 meter w, 20 meter free height any possibility from your side ? bi-fold,hydraulic, curtainwise