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Hi, I'm from Spantech International, we specialise in aircraft hangar construction. I would like to know more about your product for our USA projects. What is the maximum size in mild region as Texas or Georgia? What is your maximum size in windy region? Thank you.


Have a few huge existging hanger doors that we need an expert to asess and provide remedial recommendation from simple repair, modification of existing assemblies, to replacement. Think 777 size openings. Many thanks,


I have two airplane hangar projects out at Bowman Field, Louisville, KY in which I am needing some cost estimates on hangar doors. I can send drawings and other details if you email me. Thanks.


Hello, I'm providing budget pricing to an owner for a new airport hanger project. He's was recommended your product and he's interested in using your product for 80'x20' and 40'x18' openings. Can you provide rough pricing for hydraulic doors?


I need stackable doors for an aircraft hangar that will be shipped to Miami and then shipped to the Bahamas. Due to the nature of the island I want stackable doors with a 60 ft total opening. Thanks


Hi, Looking for a sales rep to get a bid for two hangar doors 54' X 20' for Lake Hood Flight Center, Anchorage, AK. One of the two doors has an integral man door. Thanks, Dennis Smedley, Project Manager Will send drawings to assist with pricing. Would like pricing by June 26th.


We need pricing for Lift-Strap Bifold Doors for the Huntsville International Airport Hangar Expansion. The bid date is Thursday, 6/15. Please advise if you can provide this pricing or point me to someone who can. Thank you!


I need a quote for a 42' -0" wide x 12'-0" high for a hanger project we are bidding delivery would be to Andalusia, AL. this would be mounting in a steel building. ThanksMuscle Shoals, AL 35661


Need quote for two hangar doors, 40 foot wide (the opening, must have 40' clearance for plane), 10' tall is enough; a DA40. For delivery to airport at Del NOrte CO. If you have military discounts, I'm retired military. Also the specs I'd need to give to my hangar building company.


I'm trying to build a hangar on my property Approx. 45'x 40'. I need hangar door that is 40'wide and 12' tall. I was talking to some with Hansen Pole buildings and they said they would need the specifications of the hangar door in order to draw up plans for the building. Just looking for a straight foward quote, I don't need anything fancy, just something to get the job done. Thanks.


Hello, Could I please get a quote for a hangar door. I believe I want bifold 42ft x 14ft and would also like to price 50ft x 14 ft steel building. What are the cost differences for wood vs steel framed building doors? Thank you


I am quoting a hangar project that will likely begin in Sept of this year. Metal building, 17' eve, 50' span, 90' in length. Would like a quote for a 40' net opening door in one end, bifold w/ lift straps. If savings are sufficient, we can fabricate the door and install your components. Please quote both ways. I was unsure how to answer the side column type- I will fabricate per your recommendations. Thanks


Looking to replace 4 40'X 8' hangar doors on a wood constructed building. I would like a people door in each.


Requesting door quote: send contact info to transmit building description and drawings. Building has (10) 41'-6" x 12' clear dim. bifold doors and project includes alternate for an additional 2nd identical hangar with another (10) doors.


Hello, I am interested in a 55ft hangar door, supporting an aircraft entry height of 15-16'. Can you let me know what you have available that you would recommend? Also, my hangar design is tight on width space on the lot - how much space would be required for the framing support on either side of the hangar door before I go back with the side walls? I am usually in work meetings during business hours so feel free to e-mail or text if I don't pickup a call. Thank you very much for the assistance.


Hello, I'm looking for a quote for 2 aircraft hanger doors. The dimensions are 70' wide by 20' tall for a red oxide PEMB


Hello, We are looking to replace the door on our FBO Hangar at the airport. We have one quote, but would like to consult with another capable firm. We have funding allocations already in place, so are eager to complete this project asap. We would need the door and installation services. Thank you in advance


Thought American was including the door but was not the case when their quote came in. Please help, need quote asap! Qty: 3 50x20 strap bifold doors


Looking for a strap bifold door. The door must allow access to building for a King Aire, 57'-11"Wingspan X 14'-4"Height


Our company plans to construct 2 large hangers for aviation manufacturing. We would like to see about hanger doors that accommodate a 50’x 20’ opening.


We have a customer that has 8 of your hanger doors in Albany NY they want us to inspect and PM the doors I am looking to see if you can send us the manual and PM schedule - I have the serial numbers if necessary. Thank you


I am looking for a two prices. 1) A 16'-0" tall x 60'-0" wide door. 2) A 18'-0" tall x 60'-0" wide door. We are exploring building a hanger in Laurel, Montana. Do your doors come with the metal cladding and insulation systems, or do I need to source that separately?


I bought land for a hangar in Afton, WY. I currently own a Cirrus SR22 but I want a door large enough to support a Cirrus SF50. We are looking at a steel building that is 60'x60'


I am looking for a 60' wide bi fold door that when it's completely open offers a 16' clearance This will be for a Aircraft hanger


I would like to get a price on a door. Large enough for a Cessna 185 on Wipair Amphibs. Wingspan is 36ft and height is 12'8". Thanks


I require a preliminary quote on an airplane hanger door 80 feet wide by 26 feet opening clearance. A call isn't necessary but would be accepted as well.


Hello, I am in planning stage on building a 60 by 100 foot pole building aircraft hangar with eaves at 20 foot. I am looking for a bifold hangar door with metal siding and a rough opening of 53 by 16 feet. I intend to use Hansen Pole Buildings for the design of the hanger but am waiting to deciding which hanger door door before proceeding with the design of the building.


We are a garage door company and would like a quote and availability of a door for an airplane hanger. Projected rough door opening 45'


Please quote on a 45w x 19h bi-fold door for a new 50 x 50 hangar being built at the Orlando/Apoka airport. Please include tax and optional cost for your installation. Thank you. Manuel


Hello, I am working on a confirmed project where we need (2) separate quotes on a few hangar doors with freight to the jobsite included. Our client will be deciding whether they want to go with Bi-Fold or Hydraulic doors. The new buildings will be Pre-Engineered Metal Buildings (steel) with the hangar doors attaching to the endwalls. If there are any questions, please email me. Thank you! Jobsite Location: Vero Beach, FL • Quote #1: - (7) 50' x 18' standard Bi-Fold Doors w/ (1) built in man door each - (6) 60' x 18' standard Bi-Fold Doors w/ (1) built in man door each • Quote #2: - (7) 50' x 18' standard Hydraulic Doors w/ (1) built in man door each - (6) 60' x 18' standard Hydraulic Doors w/ (1) built in man door each


I need a quotation for a 150' wide by 24' tall, hangar door for installation into a new Star Building Systems pre engineered metal building. Jobsite location is Indianapolis, Indiana.


We are looking at an airplane hangar kit for our land. It doesn’t include a door. Wanting a cost estimate on a bi fold door for it. The hangar would be 80’x100’ We just need a rough estimate. We don’t know the exact door dimensions yet. Thank you. James


Hi. I need a bifold for a steel hangar in Salado, TX. Sufficient for a Piper M350. Width of 47’ to give me some margin, and a usable height of 14’. I would appreciate the specs the building manufacturer will need for the door. Thank you.


Have a 39’x12’ opening on an aircraft hangar. Regarding the framing to be installed inside- how much on either side is required to secure adequately? Currently have sliding overhead track doors- and the sides go right to the opening of the door, on the top I have maybe 4” from opening to bottom of truss. How much distance is lost at the top when opened? Thank you! M


I am interested to replace the double sliding doors at my aircraft hangar and am looking for budgetary pricing. Hangar opening is about 40ft wide by 12ft height. Thanks B


I purchased a new Schweiss bifold door for my newly built hanger at 3D2 about 5 years ago. I now bought another smaller hanger at KSUE and would like to replace the old push overlay roller doors with a new Schweiss bifold door. My opening is ~41 feet wide and ~ 10 high to the base of the truss. Can you provide me a price estimate for 41’X10’ foot bifold dirt installed in Sturgeon Bay, WI? Thanks for your assistance. Brian


Getting quotes from both Mortan, Northland, etc. for possible construction at KCQM (Cook, MN) for aircraft hanger approximately 50' x 50' - project to start next Spring. Looking for quote from you for both insulated and uninsulated versions of bi-fold door to fill R.O. / clearance when door is in full open position of approximae 42' wide by 12' high. Please advise. Thanks


We are building a 8400 sq ft airplane hanger in Lansing Michigan. We build out of light gauge steel. We nee bifold hanger doors sizes as follows; 1 door 50 feet wide x 16 feet high. 3 doors 42 feet by 12 feet high and doors 42 feet wide by 10 feet high. We need pricing for the doors and installation in Lansing Michigan. Thank you.


Hello, I am interested in pricing on aircraft hangar doors from Schweiss Doors. I need a 18 ft. tall X 60 ft. wide hydraulic and a 16 ft. tall X 50 ft. wide electric bi-fold.


Looking for an airplane hangar cost estimate. The hangar door is a 110' x 28' opening.


We are looking for a quote for a Airplane Hangar accordion door 75' wide 24' clearance. This would going to Oxnard, CA Ventura County.


I’m contemplating putting up a hanger with a 50 x 14 door opening. Wondering what schweiss could do for me and if I could get rough pricing.


Looking for a bi-fold door 54ft wide x 15 ft high for a steel aircraft hangar to be 60 ft (w) x 40 ft (deep) x 18 ft (height).


40' x 14' byfold door pricing? We are looking into building a pole building for an airplane hanger


Hello, I'm a P.E. working on designing two aircraft hangars for clients looking to build large hangars (100x100 and 150x100). We are in the design phase and are looking to use hydraulic doors due to their quicker opening and closing times. Can you provide details on what sized doors you provide, as well as Revit BIM files? We are targeting a 24' door height, but will adjust as required based on what is available. We are not quite to the quoting phase, looking to nail down design options. Thanks!


Looking for a bi-fold for an airplane hangar. Was looking into the schweiss new strap door. Needs 10' of clearance, 30' wide. We'll build the building around the door's requirements.


Would like a quote for a Hanger door for a new construction hanger currently in design. Quote fro bifold door and hydraulic door.


Building a 60 x 60 Aircraft Hangar - needing a bifold hangar door for the building and was referred to Schweiss by Rhino Buildings. Appreciate your assistance, I dont have any idea what size door we need. Thanks


I have a big project. It's an aircraft hanger. Going to be 8 doors 44'6" x 13' please get back with me on this. thank you!


Hangar under construction and would like schweiss pricing on a 44' wide x 13' high strap door bifold door


Do the electric bifold with lift straps have automatic garage door opener style buttons? I’m envisioning a pilot opening his hangar without shutting down the motor to open the door.


We are currently planning to bid on a hangar door replacement project for the Wausau Airport and I'm looking for Schweiss pricing for the replacement hangar door as well as a list of installers I can contact to see if they would be interested in quoting the project.


I just purchased a lot on a runway and this coming spring will be when I build a hanger. The hanger will be 44x48 and the 48’ side faces the runway. I’m thinking about 16 ft bough and 40 foot wide bifold door. Insulation will also need to reflect that it gets pretty darn cold in the winter here in Canada. Let me know what to expect as far as pricing, shipping, wait time etc. Thanks for your time, cheers!


I am looking for a schweiss bi-fold door quote for an aircraft hangar. Either a 30x40 or 50x50 hangar to allow passage of a 25-26 foot (or larger) wing span aircraft to enter. Does the door require engineering into the building, or does it have its own frame? What sort of site prep is required? What is your lead time? Is it up to the customer to assemble/erect the door? Thank you.


I am looking for the cost of Schweiss One Piece Flush Mounted, Hydraulic Door. 55'x18' for the project Three Corporate Hangars For The Johnston Regional Airport.


Looking to get a quote on a 60x18 Schweiss Bi-fold door for an airport hanger. Please let me know if you have any questions. Thank you for your time. DJ


Hello, we will be building a hangar home in North Carolina and will be needing a bifold door. I have some questions about schweiss doors and hangar building in general. Would it be possible for someone to call me? Thank you


Need a quote on a schweiss bifold door, clear opening 12 feet high, 40 feet wide for airplane hangar. Please quote for automatic remote control latches.


We are about to do a steel building for a customer who has contacted schweiss doors about a 50x14 bifold door for his hanger. He is in Post, Texas. His layout is going to put the bifold door on the sidewall of a building. Do you guys have any designs for the type or size of header beam we will need to support the 50' bi-fold? The building is going to be a 80' wide building. We will have 25' bays in the building and will be taking out the center column where the door will be placed. The sidewall is 16' tall and I'm thinking we will use a 24" I beam across the 50' span the tie our 21"-44# rafter into. Will we need any diagonal lateral braces going back to the rafters? Any help is greatly appreciated Thanks


what height schweiss door would give us a 14'6" clear opening? largest aircraft we anticipate would be a PC-12- trying to build just-enough door. this will drive the building design.




I have a customer that is looking to build a new airplane hanger (50' x 40'). Wood building hanger. They would like to put as large of a bifold door on the front as possilbe? May need free door standing header. I would need to identify a viable door and pricing. Thank you! Don


We are a General Contractor and Butler Builder. We are working with a client and designing Butler aircraft hangars. I would like to get some more info on what is needed from a structural standpoint to install a Schweiss Bifold door with strap. With the bifold door finish. Are we able to attache a panel that will match our building? Not sure how much info you need from me to produce a quote. Currently looking for a quote for the following: 36'x14' Door 57'x18' Door


Building a aircraft hanger at KLHZ in Louisburg, NC and need a hanger door. Span is 110’ and clear height is 16’. Need a price and lead time please. Thanks - Keith


We have the electrical design underway for a ten-unit hangar to accommodate small private aircraft, and the hangar bay doors are planned to be the bifold type 42 ft wide X 16 ft high, non-designer style. The Schweiss product line is specified in the construction documents being prepared. Your literature shows several motor horsepower sizes; we need to home in on one that is adequate for the door size. Could you let us know what horsepower motor is ordinarily furnished as part of the motor assembly to operate this (individual) door so we can consider this electrical load, and Could you confirm to us how with NFPA 70 (National Electrical Code) Section 513 is being met, as the first 18" above the hangar floor slab is defined by this Code as a classified hazard area, in other words, does the motor assembly need to be mounted high up? This is likely to have a bearing on door specification. Regards, TB


Hello, Our LLC has twelve of your doors installed in an Aircraft hangar. Very satisfied with your product. Recently one door failed to close; I was told the relay/transformer mounted in the door control panel was the cause. Part identified as SQA4024. My question is: what is the emergency procedure for closing the door without electrical power? Thank you rl


We are looking to build a new airplane hanger that will require a 45' wide x 16' high door. The plan would be to liner tin the inside to match the interior and have pole barn metal on the exterior to match the exterior. Fully insulated door. I would like to get a rough quote for a hangar door to supply/install if possible. Looking to put budget together for owner to make a decision. Thanks, Steve


I am requesting this price and specs for a aircraft hangar i am quoting in Payson AZ. I need the specs to input into building quote 62x16 clear, strap lift IBC 2018 115 mph wind exp C. Going in the endwall of an 80x60 Behlen building.


looking for schweiss aircraft hangar door 48' x 30' x 15' Received your contact information from Sunward Steel Buildings. They will provide metal siding for hangar door to match the building siding. There is a 115 mph wind load requirement in the zip code 98617...


We are a contractor and have been asked to build an aircraft hangar; hangar size 80' x 60' with a 66' x 20' clear opening bifold door. We've been asked to get quotes for a Schweiss door. Thanks


Please quote a bi-fold door to retro-fit to a Shelterlogic (ragtop) 60Wx50Dx18H tubular steel airplane hangar building. Suggested bi-fold clear opening 46'W x 14'H. I currently own a Schweiss bi-fold on another hangar and have had good luck with it. The Shelterlogic building is an arch structure constructed of galvanized trusses spaced at 10 feet (depth direction), and bolted to concrete piers. Only issue will be wind struts, which I assume will be welded or otherwise mechanically attached to existing arch trusses. Thanks Bill


Looking for a replacement for cumbersome old


I'm designing a hangar for an Airport in Arkansas. I'm trying to decide between a cheap sliding and bi-fold hangar door. I'd like to get a quote for a bi-fold Liftstrap hangar door option. If we go with bi-fold, I'd be interested in any spec material that you may have.


Lookin for quotes for a 40x12 bifold door. Will used on a 50x100 airplane hangar here at my farm in crosstimbers mo. Door needs to have straps and a remote opener and auto latches. No windows.


Need insulated airplane hangar door ASAP (17"10 x 14") What is your lead time?


I am considering building a 60x80 aircraft hanger and would like a quote for a 55x14 Bifold. Thanks Bart


Needing a price for an insulated 40'x16'(clear) bi-fold and hydro-door for a aircraft hanger. It will be on the end wall of a pre-engineered metal building. What additional information do you need? What questions should I ask,additional framing needed, who hangs the door, will we need to supply steel, fasteners, insulation, etc., etc.?


Door is for 70X70 hangar. Plane is a King Air 350i wing width is 58 ft height is 15ft


Building a 60x50 aircraft Hangar this fall in Quebec and have a couple questions ? 1 - do you have a distributor for Quebec 2- what kind of isolation performance we can have from your door 3- the size of the door should be 56 x 16 4- Delivery time. thank you


Good Afternoon, I am a truss designer and have a customer that would like to have a header designed for one of your doors. It is for an airplane hangar and what I am looking for is the loads for a 14'x40' bi-fold door. This is for a 56x80 post-frame building with metal roofing and siding. I would appreciate any help on this! Thank you,


Needing prices on doors for aircraft hanger. 16ft side walls on metal building. 45ft and 50ft wide. Prices for hydraulic and bifold on both widths, include shipping cost to Arizona.


What would be the price for a bi-fold door with windows and your lift strap system with strap latches. I need your recommendation on the door size needed for a Rockwell Turbine Commander AC-95. Wing Span 52 ft 2 in Length 42 ft 12 in Height 14 ft 11 in


I am looking for a 40' x 16' airplane hangar lift-strap bifold door, I need a price for the door and installation.


I am considering the purchase and installation of a 40' wide x 12' high lift strap bi-fold door for my airplane hangar located at Del Rio International Airport (KDRT), Del Rio, Texas. Please provide me with an estimate for manufacture, shipping and installation of this hangar door. Finally and for exact measurements, do you have a brochure or instructions on how to measure or do you have a technician that can do this at my hangar? Thank you. Wilson


We are putting together budget numbers to build an airport hangar in Louisiana. 174' x 40' x 16' with four (4) hydraulic doors @ 42' x 13' all located at one gable wall. Thank You, Joey


We are bidding a job to build an airplane hangar and need pricing for installation of a door. As of now were thinking 38' Wide x 10' or 12' Tall. Can you price me different style doors installed in Maryland?


Bi-fold door approximately 12'Wide x 12'High or hydraulic lift door. Masonry wall application. Probable cost and delivery time. Its going into a aircraft hangar


I am looking for pricing on an aircraft hangar door. Would like to see prices for both lift-strap bifold and one-piece hydraulic. The door has a critical clear height of 28' and a width of 130'. You help in this would be greatly appreciated. Gary


I would like a quote for a new one-piece hydraulic door with installation on my airplane hangar. It is an older hangar with low overhead room so I'm interested in the one-piece hydraulic style door that Schweiss Doors offer. I am hoping you have a contractor in my area that you have worked with in the past. Please call or email me back with any questions you may have. Thank you.


A customer is requesting a 60' x 60' airplane hangar for his small airplane, a Cessna 182. I assume we can have a 40' wide door x 14' tall or maybe 16' tall. We used a Schweiss Lift-strap Bifold door on our last project and it works pretty well.


I am building an airplane hangar and wanted to get a quote for a Schweiss lift-strap bifold door measuring 80 wide and 15 high.


Was wondering what a Schweiss lift-strap bifold door 40' x12' high would cost installed in an aircraft hanger?


I visited your booth at Oshkosh. I have an existing 60 x 60 aircraft hangar with a vertical door. I am interested in converting it to a Schweiss lift-strap bi-fold door. The hangar is located in Tennessee. Can you put me in touch with someone who could give me an estimate and information on installation needs for my aircraft hangar. Specifically, I am purchasing a larger airplane and need to see what opening clearance the bi-fold door will offer once installed. You may email me or call. If you call and I cannot answer please leave a message and I will return your call.


I need a quote on a Schweiss bifold hangar door measuring 90' wide and 26'6" high to go on a metal building which will house a private jet. Thank you


Looking for pricing information for hydraulic doors on an aircraft hangar that I plan to build sometime between October 2017 and May 2018. Largest door span would be 60' to accommodate a King Air 90 (53.5' x 14.5') in a 55'x 98' hangar. I haven't finalized the door size so may go smaller as the taxi-way may not be wide enough for that size aircraft. Also would like to see pricing on smaller vehicle door tall enough to handle a trailer hitch pulled travel trailer (Trailer is 8'11" high x 6'8" wide). The smaller door could be on side wall or on end wall. You have provided doors for several of the folks at my airfield (Hicks [T67] near Fort Worth Tx) and they all like them as does my building mfr (Rainbow in Dallas) Thanks, Jason


I am looking to purchase a door for my aircraft hangar. The opening is approximately 50' wide and 17' high. Will I lose any clearance with your bi-fold door?


good afternoon we are looking at a kinetic energy door design like your bi fold door design for a airport hanger 13mtrs wide and 4 mtrs high do you have agents in Melbourne Victoira


We are researching building a TN aircraft hangar and would like to look at options for both an 80x26 and a 100x26 door. We really like your hydraulic doors, but think your bifold liftstrap hangar doors will be best for this size job.


I am working on budgeting a MO hangar facility with 4 bifold strap latch doors of the following dimensions: 50' x 18' 50' x 20' 60' x 18' 60' x 20' What do I loose in clear height when the door is open? Can you send budget numbers for each size? Can you provide a separate erection number for each door? How much weight do I need to carry with the door header? 


I saw the pictures of the project you work on Oshawa airport, we are interested on starting a small project of the same kind, whit 6 to seven hangars to start for small planes, so 2 thing, do you just sell the doors and not the building or do you work whit a building company that can help us, i recently purchase other kind of metal building, of course we want your bifolding straplift doors over here the planes that we are trying to accommodate are aprox 13 meters wing span and 9 meters long, 3 meters tall, thank you


Working with a client that needs a 18' x 60' Hydraulic Door for new Aircraft Hanger. I need to get pricing and specific requirements for this opening. The proposed new building is 75' x 60' and the Hydro-Door will be installed in the 75' side of building. Door has to have 2 walk doors and windows and an inside liner.


We are contemplating building our aircraft hangar and would like to see a price comparison on the bifold liftstrap door and the swing out hydraulic door in both 75 ft and 100 ft sizes with an 18 ft clearance height. Thank you!


I have a 90ft Schweiss Bi-Fold door in Phoenix, AZ, Deer Valley airport. Can you please provide a list of your local Factory Authorized service providers for maintenance and installation of another 85 ft. door for the other end of the steel building. Straps, windows, autolatches, walk door.


I'm a manager for the New England States and have a project in Rutland, Vt. that requires a 90 ft. x 28 ft. Airplane Hanger Door. Pre-engineered Post Frame construction. Metal siding. Quote your bifold door with liftstraps, autolatches, photo eyes and remote opener.


Looking for quote on a 60X16 bifold straplift door in King Salmon Alaska. existing building is 80 (gable end where door would be -facing tarmac) by 60. things to be considered are cost, R-value, ease of operation and maintenance, structure support. Existing building does not have a hanger door but a roll up vehicle door 12x15 on one side.


We are building an airplane hanger for a customer in Karnes City, TX. The door will need to be 60 wide x 17 tall. we have built one for this customer previously but we were not satisfied with the last company and the old cable system, we want your advanced liftstrap/autolatch design, please email me when you get a chance, I have a few more questions. Thank you for your time -MK


Looking for aircraft hangar design for a C-130 something in the range of 200 x 300 x 45 - with a 40 foot clearance bifold hangar door. I'm assuming your strong liftstraps will handle a door this big OK. Just the same, quote me on one of your hydraulic door models too.  thanks v/r Mike email is best contact


Have need for 70' wide x 18' bifold corporate aircraft hangar door, 18' min. clear height in a steel building. I need to know what the rough opening door height should be. In trying to set an eave height, I need to know how much vertical door  height is taken up by the bifold door and its supports when door is in open position.


I am building a 60 x 60 aircraft hanger and need industrial strength hangar doors. I currently fly a Cirrus, with a 38' wing span. I am proposing this 60 x 60 building, so that it can have re-sale potential to an owner with a larger airplane. For a majority of planes, a 50' x 16' opening size for a bifold strap remote opening aeronautical door should suffice. 


I have a 40 ft. Schweiss Bi-Fold aircraft hangar door at a Nevada Airport. It is raised and lowered by 5 cables. I want to convert the door lift mechanism to your lift strap system. My Bi-Fold hangar door has a "man-door" installed in the lower segment of the door. Great door, but after seeing door straps I'm now sold on them.


I am looking for a price on a 60'W Aircraft Bifold Straplift/Autolatch Hangar Door. I need 20' clear probably a 4' wedge. A steel building hangar door going to Missouri. Give me a call.


Pole Barn Hanger storage equipment door to be built for Cessna 182. Hanger will be 65 X 60. Plane is 36' wide. Thinking of a bifold liftstrap door size in the 40's. Please list all door accessories.


Need a quote on a 55x16 Schweiss Liftstrap Bifold door on an airport job we are bidding. Job in NE.  Door includes a 3060 walk door and a 4x3 window and should have remote opener and backup system.       


Hi: I am planning on building an aircraft hanger at our Municipal Airport and am looking for a hanger door quote. The building designers are calling for a 50 ft by 14 ft door. if a man door was located in the hanger door it would help. The hanger will be steel framed and clad and typical rectangular construction. I am looking for a quote FOB to Ontario. I understand the company erecting the hanger adds the door cladding and insulation, or can I do that. Please let me know if that is not the case. thanks for your help. You make some mighty fine doors at Schweiss, the guys that have them up here really like the strap system.


Non binding estimate for 80' aircraft hangar door? Bi-fold and hydraulic please. Need no later than Friday, Thanks.


Can you price for me both a 40ft hydaulic and bi-fold door. We're planning for a aircraft hangar with an open area of 12' high. Thank you, 


I am building an aircraft hanger adjacent to my home in Baja California. I would like to put a 40'x10' Hydraulic door on it. Can these be manufactured in such a way that they can be transported on the highway with minimal fabrication on site? My home is located approx 250 miles south of the border on the Sea of Cortez. Thanks for your response.


I have a new aircraft hanger i have just built that requires a bifold door 40 ft x 10ft. please quote me with straps and a thru door. I may want to install this door my self.


I am planning to build a 60 ftX60 ft. aircraft hangar and will need a 50 ft. X 12 ft. opening when the door is open. I'm curious about your hydro-powered doors, could you send a quote.




Customer building Airport Hangar. Door 14 ft x 45 ft. Wants hydraulic door. Has 230v single phase for power unit. What would hydraulics package include and Price.


We have been asked to quote on the replacement of a hangar door at the International Airport. The existing door is a Schweiss Bi-fold. The opening size is 60' X 19'. My customer wants a Hydraulic Door instead. The current door is mounted on 3/8" thick 8" X 8" I-beam. Require four 6' X 4' windows in upper part of door.


I have a 60x100 aircraft hanger and would like to install a rear hydraulic one piece door approx. 50x14 . please have a salesman call or e-mail me with some prices


I have an existing hangar 100'x100' with a 18'x60' rolling door. It has 3 20' doors panels on 3 tracks. I need to get a plane in with a 70' wingspan. I think a Bi-Fold or Hydraulic door would work. Can you help? Thanks 


Do you have a Schweiss bifold or hydraulic door that will work with a Boeing 747? If the 40 foot high door is used, a 70 foot high tail door would be added.


We have bought an aircraft hanger from U.S. Buildings. It should be arriving within the next few days. I'm researching the market for an end wall hydraulic lift door. Here is the hangar type: -U.S. Buildings. -S model quonset. -60' wide -10' vertical side wall before arch. -Arch peak of approx. 25' We need the opening to facilitate a King Air 200 which has a 55' wingspan and 15' high. What solution do you advise? What competitive price can you offer? Thank you, 


I am building a new shop/hangar this spring. Dimensions: 48'W x 96'L x 16'H. I would like a 40'W x 12'H door for plane and at opposite end 12'W x 8'H door for vehicle. Could you give me a seperate price for Schweiss hydraulic and bifold doors. Also include delivery to Prince albert, SK. I am open to whichever door best suits the purpose - keeping the price in mind.....thanks 


I have bought a new aircraft and am planning a small hangar on my lakeshore property. The door size needs to be 32' wide and 7' clear height. Currently thinking a hydraulic would work best. Please give me an idea of pricing for bifold and hydraulic options.


Need a door for an aircraft hanger in design door opening: 45-0.wide 14-6 clear height Plain door no openings, no windows No skin. Just door frame and mechanics to open and close. I am familiar with hydraulic and bi-fold. either will do and can be accomodated. Can you price both or do you need additional info? What is lead time? Thanks


I am taking a hard look at building a four unit airplane hangar which I will rent the four bays.The doors should clear 41.5 feet wide and 11.5 feet tall.I am currently looking for a building and a general contractor. Would you send me the information on the hydraulic doors,installation, personnel door,125mph wind structure(Texas Gulf Coast), pricing,etc. Do you have an option of providing the door header? Any suggestions are appreciated.




I am looking to build an aircraft hangar and your company hydraulic doors were reccommended to me. I will be either building a large hangar, or a smaller one. I would be looking at a hydraulic door of 60' X 18' if I go large, or 40' X 16' if I go small. I have never built a hangar and will be getting an engineer involved with design, etc. Can someone contact me for cost estimates for the door sizes? For doors of those sizes, what is your current turn around time from start to delivery? If I go with your company can I get help with the structural design requirements for the doors so the engineer can design the building to accomodate your doors?


Looking for a quote on a hydraulic door for personal aircraft hangar. New wood, pole barn type construction with triple wood truss on door end and 6x6 poles on the sides. Finished concrete floor. Height and width indicated below. Also, looking for 12vdc motor to power door if possible. Solar/battery bank to power. AC is avaiable if necessary.


Door to support a plane with 36' wingspan and 10' vertical clearance required. A hydraulic door with similar size to what's requested will work, if you have "standard" sizes.


We have been awarded a small contract to construct two Aircraft Hanger for private planes (max 11 seaters). In this regards we request you to quote us the complete hydraulic door along with associated material required to operate the door automatically.


I am getting a Husky on amphibs. Based on that size we plan to build a hangar on my property for that a/c. We will need a hydraulic door that is at least 36' long and 12' high. Do you make a door this size or a bit larger? Please let me know what you have and prices.


Need price on a 70 x 22 hydraulic and 60x22 hydraulic for aircraft hangar.


I need two 40' wide  doors for a airplane hanger. My client likes the hydraulic doors, and I like the bi-fold. He wants it to be an automatic opener/remote control door. What are your heights, cost, and special construction considerations for each type?


We have a 60 wide X 100 long aircraft hangar.We would like to use a much as possible of the 60 foot opening with one of your Hydraulic Doors.The hangar is a modern steel building with a garage style roll-up door system currently in use.The current height opening is 15 feet the current width is 48 feet opening.I believe we can increase the height as well as the width opening. Do you have a quote on a 57 wide X 16 high door? Thank You