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I’m planning an Airpark home build for myself and am looking for some rough estimate costs on a bifold door with the lifting strap system. The hangar will be steel construction and am looking at a 50’ door width on the 60’ side of the 50’ x 60’ hangar/garage combo building. The door will not be centered as the first 10’ will be vehicle garage parking with separate entry doors on the 50’ side, if all this makes sense. I don’t have architectural plans yet so not sure of the door height yet. I want the hangar to be 2-story height (min 20’) so if there’s a standard door height for this width then I’d like your recommendation. Thanks in advance.


I'm in the planning process for a hangar/workshop building at my airpark home. I'm looking to get information and a quote for a 50' wide and 15' tall hangar door. Thanks!


Building a new hangar home in a airpark and looking at door options. Could you send me a quote for both the bifolding lift strap door and the hydraulic power lifted door? 60x18


We are building a hangar home at the airparck in Kindred, ND. The construction hasn't started yet, so we are build it as you recommend for side column, required bracing, etc.


Looking at getting a building from General Steel erected at San Geronimo Airpark in San Antonio, TX. Will be wanting a pair of bifold hangar home doors. Door details below.


This is a price request. This is for an airpark bifold  hangar door. I am looking at steel buildings by American Steel Buildings or Worldwide Steel Buildings. I do not know whether the side columns would be I-beam or steel tubes.


Just begining the process of spec'ing out our dream house at an airpark in central AR. I have no idea about the costs for a hanger, including the door. Would like a ROM estimate for the hydraulic hangar home door and installation (assume local contractor?). Got some of your info at Airventure. Really impressed with your new interlocking insulation panels and upgraded new auto latch. I'll want those for sure.


Can you give me a budgetary quote. I will be using RapidSet Buildings for the design and hangar kit for MI airpark doors. Interested in hydraulic and bifold airpark doors. 


I need budgetary pricing and delivery information on a 25' wide x 20'high [Clear OPENING] bifold liftstrap door and a hydraulic Schweiss airpark hangar door, whichever is least cost. OPTIONAL PRICING.... INCLUDE ADDER FOR 3'-0 x 7'-0 man door framed into right hand side, when viewed from the outside. This door will require modification of an existing 12" CMU wall. What are the required openings?


I would like to talk about a hydraulic door for an existing airpark hanger we are working on. Really like your new compact hydraulic pump unit and have long admired your stronger cylinders. Thank You


This is for a airpark hangar that we are going to start building, If I can change something to save cost let me know. The building is 50 x 50 and I was going to build it out of 2 x 6 with a trust roof. Only price your liftstrap bifold door with autolatches and remote opener.  Thanks Jim


Hello, I am looking for information and quite likely a quote for 10 bi-fold liftstrap doors for a new airpark hangar being built in my area. Hangar doors are to be 44' wide and tall enough for a 16' opening including a man door within. Please reply ASAP.


Please quote to supply a 50' x 14' bifold strap door for hangar to be built at Peterborough Ontario Airpark 


Our Airpark is considering a 48 X 12 ft opening door for an existing steel frame building. Just looking for basic prices and opening dimensions for your bifold liftstrap doors at this time. Please reply by e-mail.


Hi I need a quote for new construction on a bi fold liftstrap airpark hanger door, auto locking door, 15 feet clear opening height, will skin outside with metal siding, what door insulation packages do you offer?  


I need a Schweiss 40 ft bifold strap hangar home  door. Opening is 12 ft high. Airpark doors shipped to at Sterling, MA.


I need a quote on a bi-fold airpark hangar door 34x16'. Also price for door installation. Needs to be a liftstrap hurricane wind rated hangar door with door wind pins delivered to Florida.


I'm breaking ground on a custom home that will need airpark doors. I have a prelim drawing for the hangar door. I have not had any engineering done yet pending a decision on the type of hangar door. I'm interested in both a bi-fold liftstrap door and a hydraulic door. I'm leaning towards wood door framing for the hangar but would be interested in hearing if steel framing might be a better option.


Built a new hangar in West Houston, needs Airpark Hangar Door. Mgr. at airpark highly recommended a Schweiss bifold strap door for the job. Need price on 42 ft. x 14 ft. windrated door with remote openers.


Re: Orlando Airpark hangar doors. Need quote on two more (2) 60 ft x 18 ft bi-fold executive hangar doors with straps and auto side locks.


I've been talking to other pilots about your bifold hangar doors. They all give Schweiss Doors high marks. I'm building a new hangar next month. I know you build windrated doors, but do your custom-made airpark hangar doors have a "center pin" that goes into the concrete in the center of the hangar door to keep wind from bowing it outward? I would want that door safety feature. 


We are building a private airpark hangar in Delray Beach (FD08). We are interested in a hydraulic windrated Schweiss door and need to discuss with Schweiss and get Schweiss to work with Architect to make sure construction will support the door. I can forward plans to your appropriate dep't Looking forward to working together on this project. 


Building a airpark hangar in 77546.  Design / pricing stage Interested in Schweiss Liftstrap Bifold door, 40-50 x 16. straps. I guess it wouldn't hurt to quote hydaulic also. Cost is important. 


I am looking for a PDF of a spec sheet or a product brochure for your bi-fold and hydraulic airplane doors for use at my airpark location. Schweiss is the company that only has the liftstrap bifold doors, right?  If you could please email that to me that would be great. Thanks Carl Lam


I'm looking at two airpark hangars in Sellersburg, that we will need liftstrap bifold doors on. We are going to retro fit two existing hangars by adding walls and doors. Buildings 1 will need 9 doors 40' X 10'-6". Hangar 2 will need 10 doors 40' X 13'-4". I would like to get some input on my options on this. Please call me.


I am building a hangar at my airpark residence. We need a door 60x15 for a large aircraft. I would like to go with a Red Power Hydraulic door. Can you give me a rough idea of what I'm looking at for a basic door, no walk through, no windows? I'm also interested in what kind of footing a door like that would require. Thank you.


I am interested in another bifold Schweiss door for a steel hangar at Riverfalls-Airpark in Amarillo. Same dimensions as the last two we ordered three years ago. Great doors. Burt


Airpark Hangars in New Milford, CT. We need specs to design hangar door opening. GC has explained that Schweiss is the only manufacturer they will deal with if they win bid. Guess they want the best and won't settle for the rest. Thank you


We are planning to build a 45 x 50 foot hangar. Wood framed with trusses. Opening will be 44 x 12 feet. We live on Lake Norman Air Park (14A) - just north of Charlotte. Most interested in your Schweiss bifold door with lift straps, but will consider a one piece hydraulic with Red Power pump. Either or will need to be windloaded.   Please have a salesman give me a call. Thanks Bob


We are bidding a project at an airport in New Jersey and need a price on Bi-Fold Hangar Doors. Please let me know who I can email the drawings to. Need Price by the 19th of December. Thank you, Renae        


I need a rough quote for a 40' x 14' schweiss bifold door. -Is there a price break for door height (i.e. is 12' cheaper?) I am putting together a proposal for a local airpark and need to know the rough cost of building a hanger. Thanks for the help.




I plan to build my dream home on an airpark outside of Dallas sometime this year. Plans include a hangar big enough for a 1956 Cessna 310, a 21 foot boat trailer, and three vehicles. The hangar area will probably be 50 X 50 with a hangar door 11 X 40. Do you have standard sizes for your hydraulic doors? I want maximum wind protection from severe thunderstorms. I need to know prices, and why I should choose your product over your competitors. E-mail is best since I am on the road much of the time. Thanks, Mike


Looking for pricing on a 40'ish bifold and one piece hydraulic for a model hangar at our 100 lot airpark development in central Florida. Thanks. DAN


My wife an I are moving to an airpark community and building a custom home on our lot. The home will have a separate building/hanger reminiscent of the home design but built more like a 4 car garage than a typical hanger. The main hanger door opening will be approximately 8' to 10' tall by approximately 30' wide. Please provide a quote for both a bifold and hydraulic door. Thanks


This door will be going on a wood built hanger attached to a the house in an airpark setting.We are looking for a rigid lift door. The hydraulic door is our first choice. The ultimate aircraft hangar door will be on our home hangar and it must be of the best quality. Thanks


Please provide me a quote for a 42x10 bi-fold door to be installed on my hangar at Mount Royal Airpark, Crescent City, FL. It would need to be engineered to withstand a 110MPH wind load and have a finished surface comprised of stucco board and stucco. Lastly, please include both cable or strap prices and the remote control option. Thank you. Jason       


I am planning to move back to MN from NM in the spring and want to build a 50' X 60' hangar at M Lake . I can't make up my mind as to a bi fold or hydraulic door. I have seen both in operation yet MN has a bit of snow as you must realize. I would like a remote and both have that. I am not wild about the external trusses but I also need at leat a 12' plus opening on a 45 ft door. I also like the windows in the door but not the door in the door. It needs good insulation as I will be heating it during the winter. I need your advise at present and a price quote. We presently have a place on an airpark in NM and have a 40ft sliders stackable door on a 50 X 60 ft hangar. Great for the south but not the north. Give me a call or send an e-mail. Thanks Laurie


We are Developing an Aero park in South Africa near Kruger Park and we would like to use your doors throughout. Do you have an agent here in South Africa and if not could be become one as we will be buying over 50 of your bi fold doors.


I have Purchased an airfield in Little Rock Ar. with eleven hangers that need hanger doors. I have a 40x10 opening to each hanger. I would like a price per door for the hydraulic on piece door


Would like to have a proposal for a 36 feet wide and 13 feet hight (opening required) for my hangar in Sruce creek, fl, I can install bifold door myself or also propose install


I live in an airpark in AZ, about 65 NE of Phoenix. Myself and some of our neighbors would like to have our doors inspected and serviced, if necessary. Can you recommend such a service person or company as close to us as possible, probably in the Phoenix area? Thanks!


Need quote and weight spec for a building RFQ.Building will be an expandable shed type roof for an airpark with common ridgeline and door to be installed on what will be a side wall.Other builders will expand the building to the next unit etc.Building size is 40x40x12ft side wall 2x6 ladder construction with steel panels.


You have already supplied a Mr. F. and Mr A. with hangar doors on the same site that I am buiding a house, the acctual address is: Airparc France


I am preparing to build a new home and hangar on an airpark near Tulsa, OK. I am interested in your bi-fold door with the strap opening system. I am working on the design now and am contacting hangar builders. I will be starting in the next 30 days. I am guessing the door I need will be about 45' - 50' wide. I am building a lower profile building and hope to have a door with about a 12 to 14' clearance. What is lead time? Do you have a sq. footage cost or?


Sir or Madam, I am building another hangar in the airpark in which I live. Please quote me a one-piece hydraulic door (with self support frame) approximately 42' wide, and 16' high. Sheeting on the door will be steel. Also, if you can; please quote me the installation price for your crew to install it. The building is not built yet (and I still don't have the drawings back from the architect); but I need to choose a door so he can complete the engineering. To be built in the early part of 2009. Thank You, A.


I have a lot at Narromine Sky Park in NSW Australia. I would like to build a hanger and house there. I stil have to work in Japana till 2012. If I can build a hanger and and house together, I can visit Narromine more frequently. I would like to get some of the hanger and house design samples with pictures you can provide me so tht I can bring them to show to the Narromine Council next time I visit. I have a vintage Piper aircraft. And the lot I have is 50 x 50 meters. Best regards, Yoshi


We are in design stages for a customer who is building new construction home on airpark he is looking for a bifold door roughly 75 feet wide and 24 feet tall. He is looking for windows in door similar to residential windows and a wood type product for siding what iformation can you ghet me to get to draftsman in plan. I am not seeing differnet door specs and options on your website. Thnak You Shane


Am intersted in a quote for a bi-fold door with bottom strap drive. It will be used for a hanger. It will need to be delieved to the Home Acres airpark in lake city MI. (shipping quote should be easy to figure you have delivered here several times in the past)


This is for a customer by the name of Steve F. at an airpark in Greenville, Tn. He mentioned you folks by name so he may have gotten a quote from you. This is attaching to a postframe building. Please send a quote and also advise about the additional steel framing needed. This is going into an endwall. Building is 60'x50'x16'. Hanger opening must be 40'x14'. Please price standard and list options, inso etc. Thanks, Roger W.


Looking at building a hanger in Sandia Airpark, Edgewood N.M., I noticed that you do not 'ship to' N.M. is that correct? If you do, I'm looking at about a 40' x 12' door, most likely to fit a stick built hanger about 50'w x 40'd, about what would a door like that cost? Thank you. Jeff B.


We are building an airpark community on the Texas gulf coast. We are building 97 hanger homes and one shop/flight school hanger.. We need prices for your Bi-Fold Hanger Doors, Do you have standard sizes? Please provide list. I would like to have prices on 40' x 12', 45' x 12' and a 45' x 14' What is the aircraft clearance on your doors?


I understand that you have already quoted Mr. Fraser & Mr. Arrowsmith for doors. We are all building new houses on an airpark near Tarbes in the South West of France. Mr. Bruce r. will also soo be contacting you. I am looking for a budget price at the moment because the drawings for my house still have to be completed and designs approved etc.


Dear sirs, We need a quote for a bi-fold door for a hangar (air park type). The hangar we have is built with brick and mortar on three sides (sides and back) and the front is built in steel. The opening for the door is flanked by I-beams on the sides and top, and we can use it for support of the door. The dimensions of the opening are 20m wide x 5.90m tall.


I saw your ad. in GA Buyer, and like the look of some of your photos. I hope to be building on an airpark in Lithuania this Summer. Do you supply your doors into Europe, and do you supply plans for home/hangarage? Further in formation on your services would be much apreciated. Regards Martin L.


Would to price a 13 tall x 30 wide self supporting bi-fold door. It is for Sussex Co. in the Air Park.


I am in the process of developing two aviation parks, one only with 350 hangers and these will mainly be T hangers and the other in the Cape province with about a hundred T ahngers and 216 residential units with hangers at the homes and would like to here from you as far as opening mecks and prices supplied to South Africa. please advise with the neatest way and most cost effective way to handle out hangerr doors Regards G


I had already filled out this info but may have inadverdantly sent it out into cyber space ahead of time. Forgive me if you have already received it. I am closing on a new home at an Air Park in Mountain Grove, MO on Oct. 19. I plan to build a 40'x 60'x 12'Wood Pole Hanger with Steel Siding sometime in late Spring. I would like to locate a 40' x 10' bi-fold door within 5' of the right corner of the long side of the hanger. Obviously, this would mean the door would be perpandicular to the trusses. Do you have a system that could frame the door and support the trusses? If so, what would be the approximate costs and do you have any literature on such a system? Respectfully, Andre C.


I presently live at the VanAire Skyport fly in community and have started pricing up a new home on an adjoining lot. Would appreciate it if you could e mail me a quote for a bifold door per the following, Thank you.


I am planning on using one of your doors for a new hanger to be build on our airpark home near Lake Wales Florida. I think the door will be 46 ft. x 15 or 16 ft. high. The hanger size will be 60 x 60. I need any information you can provide, such as design,cost, shipping, and installation. Thanks: Steve H.


looking for a price for a door for a 45' x 12' opening for a hanger I will be building in Idaho on an airpark


Hello I am builing three houses on a new airpark I would like info on th doors I should use for a attached hanger on house Thank you Bob H.


I am in the design phase of an airpark home and hangar near Chapel Hill NC. I would like you input and quote please. Do you have any current users in the area?


I live at stellar airpark in chandler arizona. I have your door. My question is: Do you offer a way to run the door up in case of a power outage? ie: a mechanical chain system, or do I need a generater or ?battery (220 volt system) Thanks, Tom C.


I need a hydraulic hangar door for a residential airpark home. It will need 12' open clearance X 40' Wide. We are adding a 30' wide X 60' long hangar to the rear of a wood building. The door will mount in the 60' long section. I need free standing steel mounting frame so I can build around the door.


We are planning a new home on Sky Harbor Airpark in Webster, Minnesota. Construction should be during the summer of 2007. I would like to get some information on the door options available along with some budget numbers and enough construction information to allow our builder to arrive at a good budget for the hangar itself. We are wanting to have 12'-6" clear inside and will need to discuss the headroom issues on the building exterior.


I had been communicating with Julie S. last year and placed my price lock order with her. I just sent an email to her with questions and it bounced back. Anyway, here is the email I sent: Hi Julie, Just to let you know, we're getting close. Question(s): I'm planning on and have been quoted a 40 X 14' door. I can't remember, what is the vertical clear opening on the 14' high door? (with a maximum wedge) How about 12'? What seems to be the 'norm' on residential airpark hangers that you get orders for? Am I going overkill on a 14' high door? Do you guys have an insulation package available? Recommendations? Re: the vertical steel going down the sides of the opening for the wheels to roll on; am I responsible for providing that in my building, or does that come with the door? FYI, I'm leaning toward a Walters Building (post and beam) now. Does that effect you? Thanks Julie! Alan B. , OH (formerly Walton, KY)


I am having a house built on an airpark,and the hanger door opening is 9.82 ft high x 39.36 ft wide,would you please provide me with following. a price for the door ( unclad). two hydraulic cylinders and the power unit to drive it, would you also advise the weight of the door,so the I beam can be sized. I look forward to your response M Peron


I live near Denton Texas (just north of Dallas), does someone do your doors down here?? I live at an airpark, hangar is on the end of the house.