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pricing for 3 bi-fold doors - Reviere Cattle, Olivia, MN 2 ea. at 20 x 18 1 ea. at 28 x 16 Installed Pre-Engineered Metal Building endwalls


Looking for a 36' wide x 17' tall horizontal bifold. Agricultural application. Option for insulation pkg, window pkg, walkin door option. We are familar with Diamond door brand and have installed several. Thanks in advance. Rick Shepherd


I have customer I am designing a project for that is looking for a door for large equipment access. He asked me to send a quote request.


Building a agriculture shop.Wanting to price the bi fold door vs a hydraulic powered hangar door. 40 ft by 18 ft tall


We are building at Ag building and want a price on both a Bi-fold and Hydraulic door 30' x 18'. This building will be insulated so I need an insulated door. Please put windows in one section. Call with any questions. Thanks, AV


Wondering what a 14' x 20' bi-fold door would cost..? Two identical doors.. small farm, lowest cost possible/feasible. Doors would face South and North. Thanks, cw


Hello, I am in need of four schweiss doors. These will be agricultural farm doors so I think the bifold might be the best option for the yard and utility of it. Could you please send over a quote.


We are a General Contractor based out of Nebraska. I am looking for a bi-fold door to be installed on a poultry barn. The size of the door needs to be approximately 10' wide x 8' tall. Is this a size you could manufacture? Please quote if possible.


Have an existing machine shed that I'd like to put a door on. Non insulated, plan and simple agriculture door


I need a quote on 2 - 20' x 14' for a turkey barn door. I need insulated bifold doors, installed 10 miles North of Marshall, MN. thanks,


I bought the old farm from my father. He installed a Schweiss bi-fold door on the large workshop in the 1980s. It works very well but I would very much like to have an experienced technician stop by and perform preventive maintenance on the door, cables, motor, and roller wheels. I would also like to get an estimate on converting the old wire cables to lift straps for safety purposes. Thank you.


I farm and am need on a shop bifold door. I'm trying to get the best value, I work for every dollar I make so I'm looking for a balance of quality and price. I'm looking at putting up a 70x120 metal or wood building, depends on how much prices vary. I'd like to see a range of prices for a solid and bi fold strap door, as tall as possible with 18' sidewalls and 3:12 pitch. I will have a large opening on the end, would like to go at least 28' but up to 42', again depends on pricing. And then on the side, at least 18' and up to 30 wide. Costs will be the main driver of my decision. Call or text is fastest wait to get ahold of me, email works but I don't check it frequently. Looking forward to hearing from you. Thanks


In design phase for a large agricultural barn. I see you have a byod option on the website which would be great as I also own a small machine shop. Do you also offer BYOD doors in the bifold design?


I have a 60'x103'Behlen 14' vertical sidewall steel farm use building. I am wanting to put the 40' door in the sidewall, not the end wall. I'll need to have instructions for my contractor on how to enhance the header, etc.


Would like a quote for 2 doors 40'W X 18'H for our agricultural building we are constructing. Most interested in your agricultural configured bifold strap door with two large windows and remote opening system.


We are bidding a project in Heyburn, Idaho. Job name Agri-Service. The project has (2) 40' x 18' bi-fold drive-thru crop spraying Liftstrap doors. Please have someone contact me to discuss. Thanks, Jason Jones


I'm looking for a door that's 27' wide by 17' tall. this will be a ag shop bifold door for a shop at a dairy. the door will not be used that much.it only for the large equipment. off that 17' we have about 2' overhead clearance.


I am in the very beginning stages of putting ideas together for a farm shop, I was looking around for door sizes on your website but didn’t come across any, but did study all the farm stories and am amazed at what some of these farmers are doing with their doors. I have a lot of interest in shopping for a bi fold strap door for the north facing eve side I am think of building, could you give a email back with sizes and cost per foot wide?? Thanks David


In the process of planning on converting a barn into an airplane hangar. Nowhere ready for a purchase yet. Decided on hydraulic door for clearance issues. Trying to pin down some prices so we can make some financial plans. Looking for a ballpark figure for a 40'x10' hangar door with a free standing header built by us. Wood building, but adding internal steel structure for support roof and door.


I am building a shavings bin for horse bedding. I would like the lid (roof) to lift up out of way so dump truck can back in. Lid should be 12'x12'. I saw on your web site that you have built one for a farm in Ocala. I would like a price estimate on a hydraulic or bifold strap door and the hydraulic backup system. Thank you, Linda Kooistra


Hi there, We are looking at using your bifold Liftstrap ag doors on a high-end barn build coming up. In preparing our drawings, we are wondering if you have any .dwg files that you could pass along of your architectural bi-fold and hydraulic doors? We are looking for a 12-14' clearance (14' for hydraulic, likely 12' for the bi-fold). Thank you for your help.


This is a steel sided, wood frame Morton building. I would like to insulate this for an agricultural shop, what is the recommended insulation type (spray in?)? Would it also be possible to include lighting on the Schweiss bifold door for side lighting when down and overhead lighting when up?


Need a quote on a 30 w x 16 h bi-fold door. It will be for farm use, so whatever type is normally used in that application. I don't want a cable lift door, but would like windows on the top half for added natural light.


I need a agricultural bifold door. 30' x 14' tall. My client does not have any spec requirements other than it needs to be insulated to protect building from freezing. I'm recommending bifold door strap and auto latch design.


I need a quote for a H 13' 8" x W 22' bifold winch up ag shop door, strap style. I do need it insulated. No other extras other than liftstraps. Please price installed and not installed.


Replace sliding machine shed door with a bifold on a morton building and convert my existing bifold cable driven with straps thanks


Hello, Building a New England style barn, looking to get info on your doors both hydraulic and bifold liftstrap farm doors. Is there a diagram or pictures that show how the exterior hinge/frame can be finished and also a weatherstrip detail? Thanks, Steve


I'm currently working with a barn builder to design an equipment storage barn 40x60 in size and have had him price out bi-fold and hydraulic barn door


I’m interested in your bifold lifting strap and auto latching doors for my metal barn. It was built in 1974 with a very little roof pitch and limits door to roof clearance. Like to know cost on these units. Call me and if I done answer leave message and I’ll call you back. I get robo are sale people calling and I don’t always answer.


i am building a 40x46 old school gambrial style barn, am looking for a 10x20 door to go on a endwall, want it to look like it should be on a barn not on a garage — a Schweiss designer barn door. was wondering if this is something you could help me out with


Nebraska AgrAbility recommends assistive technology for farmers/ranchers in Nebraska with disabilities or severe injuries in which they cannot do their work anymore and need assistance. I have a client in Southeast Nebraska that has a machine shed in which he needs to gain access too. Client has a spinal cord injury, and cannot push open the doors anymore. Client does not want to loose any "head space" as then their combine will not fit in the shop anymore. The door measures about 26.5 foot wide by 16 foot high. He likes your bifold strap door due to the fact we do occasionally get some big snowfalls. Do you have a representative in Nebraska that could come out and make sure this type of door will fit for the client and then would be able to supply me with a quote for this item? Also do you install these doors?


looking for a budget number for a customer that we are looking to remodel his feed plant and the overhead rollup door is giving our designers issues. got me thinking about a bifold agricultural strap door that is 12ft wide and 16ft high


Hey I am building a barn don’t know anything about your bifold strap doors would like a price on your doors my barn is 40’ wide where I want the door I have not framed the open yet just asking about how it compares to traditional roll up doors


Would bifold doors work on a dairy freestall barn? Limited summer use, frequent winter use. Temps in our region can go well below zero, so it will have to be well insulated. I like your washable interlocking insulation panels. Remote opening capability?


Looking far down the road at building a new home and barn on our property in the Topeka Kansas area. Am looking for bifold ag door options to allow light and air in on nice days. (Considering doors down at least one side of barn)


Good Afternoon, We are a dairy farm located in northwest IL and would like some information and price on your doors for our freestall barns. I'm very interested in your new interlocking insulation panels because they look like they will clean up very nicely. Thank you, Scott Brenner Hunter Haven Farms


Hi, I'm in the planning stages of building a heated shop on my farm and would like more information on your bifold liftstrap door options. Planning on building a 60x90x20 insulated / heated shop. We are in Sanilac County, MI so we get some snow, I'm leaning towards bifold, but don't know much about the hydraulic swing. What would you reccomend for a door size, I'm thinking 45' wide. how much headroom do you lose with a bifold design would like to maintain 18' if possible. Also what about insulation and windows, planning on spray foaming the rest of the shop and blown in insulation in the ceiling. look forward to hearing from you soon. Email is best, currently overseas for work.


Would like any details and design loads for a farm bifold strap door within a steel building setting. Will need to provide design data to Butler Manufacturing for building pricing.


Im looking at building a steel structure 60x120x18 barn and need a bifold liftstrap/autolatch door. Is there a standard size door that you make for that size of building? And a ball park figure on cost ?


we are bidding on a John Deere project and It calls out when of your doors. We were wondering do you install as well or just supply them. Insulated 25 ft. tall x 44 ft. wide bifold strap door with bottom mounted motor and three windows. Also include cost for auto latches and remote opener.


Looking to redo a farm shop. Looking bifold agriculture quality strap door because I don’t have interior room for a conventional overhead. Don’t want a hydraulic door I already have two of them. Going on a steel building in an area where snowfall is quite deep each winter.


We are looking for large bifold or single doors for very large agricultural buildings. I see by your website you make bifold doors as big as they come and for some very important clients who rely on a trustworthy door. Thanks


I have a building with two openings that is currently unfinished, I would like to place bifold strap doors at each end of the building in order to give it a drive thru bifold door option for my aerial spraying operation. I can provide pictures and dimensions in order to get a quote. I'm most interested in the bifold strap doors. approximate openings: 44' wide 16' HIGH


I'm building a barn (30 x 60) barn and would like to consider an aesthetic bi-fold agricultural strap wide doorway door. Purpose is aesthetics and so that it opens to make interior bball court connect with exterior hoop to form a full size court. I do not have a final drawing but want to know ballpark range on a price?


Hello, I'm interested in a 30 ft wide bifold strap door on my farm shop. Also interested in what kind of rodent proofing options you have. Thank you Andrew


I am a GC working on preliminary pricing for a project in Sonoma County, CA. It is an agricultural barn that they are looking to build-out into a nice gathering and event space. It is a steel building but will have wood cladding inside and out. The architect specified bifold liftstrap overhead glass doors for a 11' X 18' opening, potentially one on each side of the building. Do you have any Schweiss Door installers out in this area, or have a rough order of magnitude installed price for something like this? I contacted my go-to garage door company and they were clueless to this type of thing. Much appreciated, Jeremy


Hi I'm a farmer in Australia and planning on building a door on my shed 60 foot wide and 20 foot high. I really like the look of your hydraulic lift and bifold strap doors and was wondering if you would supply plans and how much they would cost? I have quite a bit of experience in building things and therefore am interested in your BYOD features.


Budget quote request for repeat customer. 50' wide x 18' tall bifold liftstrap Farm Implement repair business door in Kansas. thanks, jason.


Need price quote for a bifold or one piece hydraulic door, 14' x 50' please quote for both steel and wood agricultural building.


Hello, We have multiple large manure storage buildings that are open face. We have had issues with manure and debris leaving the barn and causing environmental issues. The opening of the barn is 80' by 24', can we put two bifold 38' liftstrap ag doors in this opening?


Looking for pricing on Ag. Bifold or Hyd. door. 40'x 20'. Steel Building is for John Deere combine, sprayer, box spreader and tractors.


Hello, I’m building a 60’ x 60’ airplane hanger at my farm. I’m interested in your bifold door, 40’w x ?h. tall enough to hangar a Citabria. Regards


Front and end doors replacements on old Morton 94x50 machne shed building. Bifold agriculture doors. Strap manual or powered lift. Requested pricing including installation and removal of old doors. Schweiss Bifold Ag Doors to allow combine access height and width clearances. Thank you.


Hi, I'm quoting a project for a farmer near Burstall, Sk. and am in need of a price for a bifold style agricultural door with a clear opening of 16' wide and 14' tall. I am looking for 1 row of windows at a height of between 4' to 6' from the floor to look out of. I would like it insulated with at least an R-12.


Have existing Morton building. Bill Jacobs from Morton Buildings Phillipsburg, NJ suggested we contact you to have the slider doors replaced with bifold strap agriculture doors. Need a door approx. 35'wide x 13'high I can send pictures. Do you have a sales person nearby? Thanks, Stu


Hi there, These doors would be for a timber framed large barn structure. Reach out with any additional questions for initial pricing & details on your bifold liftstrap barn doors. Thanks for your help, Kristen


I am in the design phase of a new agricultural building that will be a steel building having 22 ft eve height. I would like to put a bi fold strap door in the center bay. the Bay width will be 60 ft. I'm looking for quotes on pricing and what kind of maximum dimension we could have in this door to gain maximum headroom.


We have two silos that we want to add lift outer hydraulic or bifold door covers to cover overhead door or roll-up keeping the silo look. We have light weight corrugated panels and can make the frame.  Please call to discuss. 


Hi, I am in the process of planning for a 60'x60' insulated barn on my farm in southwestern Ontario. I would like to know the cost of a insulated bifold agricultural use door 40' wide with a 12' clear height including an automatic door opening/ locking/ unlocking mechanism. Glen Gilvesy


I already have straps on doors, two 40ft x 17ft bifolds,would be interested getting another door from you,as I am impressed and would like to put in another bifold door on my new barn.


I would like to get an estimate on a few different styles of hydraulic doors. Our customer is wanting to build a metal agricultural building to pull in his combines/tractors. The door will be 35'x 18'. If could I get an estimate on a bifold and hydraulic door please.


Building 34x31 metal barn, leaving the back wall open for a bifold barn door like yours or multiple clear garage doors.


I have a 60' x 80' agriculture shop with 30' door openings on both ends. I was curious as to which style of door you would recommend and also a price on each.


We build pole barns throughout year for ag and all other types. Currently working on a 40x50 airplane farm hanger and wants a bifold liftstrap door with remote opener and windows in one end of building.


Project is in conceptual design for a new small-scale seed processing facility. The facility is envisioned to be a pre-engineered steel building with a 20 foot overhang on two sides for coarse threshing operations. The bifold agricultural doors will form two adjacent sides of an enclosure under a shed row housing large threshing equipment. Opened doors will allow airflow though the enclosed area carrying away dust from the threshing process.


We recently purchased a 500 cow dairy and are doing some renovating. Looking to replace four overhead agricultural doors with bi-folds. Two doors are 14ft high by 16ft wide. I believe the other two are 12x12. Thanks, Alex 


I am getting a price to a customer for a 60'x60' addition on to a 60'x108' Wisconsin dairy barn shed. He wants a 30'x16' bifold strap door on the gable end and move the existing 20'x12' overhead bifold door to the same gable end and convert it from cables to liftstraps. I need a price


Please provide Quote lift strap bi-fold liftstrap with autolatches and walk door. Door Opening 31' x 15' Argi Barn Located in Ellensburg WA 


Need a quote for a one piece bifold or hydraulic ag   door 50' x 14' clear Door will have custom framing with vents and false sliding door (barn look)


I am designing a timber frame barn. I am considering two doors. 12Wx13'6"clear high. The facade I was considering would look like a typical X sliding barn doors except they are a bifold with liftstraps. Looking for feed back on budget and design considerations. 


Need to get a quote on a 44' x 18' one piece hydraulic in a metal ag building. Please call me to discuss. Need quote ASAP for customer's building.


My metal livestock building in Arkansas is now ready for the bifold strap doors which I ordered a month ago. Have your Schweiss Door installers come as soon a door can be installed.


I need a quote on two 40' wide 16' tall bifold postframe ag doors. I am assuming the bifolds are electric contols and have no hydraulics? I would  like specs on what you need for lumber or special door framing on existing postframe buildings.


Our company has a dairy with 4 tunnel ventilation doors needed. 20 ft wide by 14 ft tall barn doors. These windrated steel bifold doors have a constant 20 mph wind and are used to seal the end of the barn in order to create a tunneling affect drawing air from the open end 600 ft away thru 50 fans on the same wall as the ventilation doors. The electrical powered door needs to open and close  40 times or more per day, and will need to open and close within a couple of minutes, so only your strap style fast opening door will do. These barn doors will need to open inward and have plenty of door swing room inside of the steel building. We have several other smaller barns and will soon need  a bifold door system that can be opened and closed with a hand remote opener door system.


Looking for bid on 80'w x 20'h Bi-fold liftstrap and automatic latching insulated cattle ranch shop door installed in Montana. Wood building will be 130'w.


Looking for a wide agricultural aviation hangar door. Doesn't need to be fancy, but should have a remote door opener and include your liftstraps.


In addition to the 50x18 bifold door, I also need a 30x18 bifold cattle barn door. Both with straps. Same door install location, labor on both doors. 


Can you give me price and availability on a 60' bifold door or one piece hydraulic machine shed door. Liftstrap door, remotes, two walk doors.


Im wondering how large of bifold liftstrap doors you make and if they are insulated. I'm fixing up a old horse barn and don't want to lose any hieght or width. The opening is about 90'h x105'w. thanks


Just wanted a email price for a budget for a 20' wide x 24' tall Schweiss bifold liftstrap or hydraulic door for our ag building. Door to be prepped for interior liner. Please include remote control with two handhelds.


Looking for loading specifications for a single-leaf Schweiss Red Power hydraulic door, 50' x 18' (clear) to be installed in a Ag steel building; 90mph wind; site exposure "C"; site location in Concordia, MO.


Would like pricing and loading information for two  ~ 50'x18' Cattle barn Bi-Fold doors. Locations - Fredricksburg,  TX. Code IBC 2009 Wind Load: 90Mph. We will provide 26ga. "PBR" panels and trim for door. Walk door on one door. Autolatches on one door. Remotes for both.   Thanks!


Thinking of putting a door in 80x80' Steel stock building with 18' side walls. I am thinking of using a 17 1/2' high door by 46' wide. Would hydraulic be my best option? Would a 17 1/2' wide by 46' bi-fold strap lift door also work? If so what would be the price of each? My farm is 100 miles NW of Fargo,ND. Thanks!


Quote for hogbarn project. I would like a quote on a 40x16 and 24x16 bifold door with liftstraps. these are the opening sizes I need. Would you also compare hydraulic prices for these openings? Also include how much headroom I need. Are these installed prices? thank you, Bob


Need a budget quote for 1 - 38' x 16' bi-fold door with liftstraps and auto locks for agricultural use. We need to maintain 16' clear opening. This will be new construction so the building can be built to accomodate your door. 


We are finally ready to get those two Schweiss bifold strap doors ordered that we talked about earlier this spring, bid number 41410-DF. I believe the contractor contacted your company about what should be done for installation and will do the install. We had earlier figured the one door at 37 feet 3 inches but need to make that 37 feet even to allow for another ply on the poles. So this is what we will need. 1st door 37 feet wide X 16 feet high with strap lift This door will not be insulated, but I would like to go with the automatic latches and 2 remotes. 2nd door 27 feetwide X 12 feet high with strap lift I plan to insulate this door and would also like the automatic latches and 2 remotes. I would like two fixed windows in this door. You can decide the best placement as long as we can see out while standing. Let me know the final price and what I need to send for a deposit now. Is there any of the upgrades that I should be considering for farm use.


I have two customers requesting quotes for Bi-Fold Lift Strap doors in Canada. 1. 80' x 20' h insulated for an aircraft hanger to replace a sliding door system in Medicine Hat, Alberta 2. 40'w x 18'h un-insulated for Ag use near Morse, Saskatchewan How much room do you need above the door for clearance? And are the doors self supporting or does the structure need to be made stronger?


I am interested in a quote for 2 hydraulic and 2  bifold liftstrap doors 24\' x 12\' - 3 1/2\" tall for my livestock facility, delivered to Alvin Texas 77511


Looking for a bifold liftstrap or hydraulic 26'w and 16' tall door insulated to a n R-10 or better to be installed in Sidney, Ia. If I have a 16' opening can you install a door and provide 16' clearance?. I am bidding a 60x60x16 farm shop


I was told the door could be installed on the outside of the building so we would not loose any over head space, But the shop would still be rodent proof. The measurements provided below are the exact opening and we can not have the bifold door any lower than 14'7" (height of combine). If the Red Power hydraulic door would give me better head clearance tell me what the difference would be.  


Have not started construction but plan to in the next 30 days. Need to accomodate a 30 ft combine platform so I've marked 36 ft but if 34 ft is alot cheaper or 32 ft include those prices. Also lift straps and three remote controls for this bifold door.  Thank You


Please quote a Schweiss bifold, lift strap, bottom drive, manual latch door for a 42'x12'8" opening with a 2' wedge. I also want the optional seal kit. Door is for a wood structure building.


Schweiss Bifold Doors: We do metal building construction for oilfield and agriculture. I have a bldg that I am working on for a farmer and he wants a price on (2) 30 X 18 or (2) 40 X 18 and (1) 22 X 15. I looked at your web site and it looks like you specialize in custom bifold/hydraulic doors.


Looking for cost effective door option for Ag Buildings with a 24 foot wide x 14 foot tall door opening. Need quotes on Schweiss bifold and hydraulic doors.


We are retrofitting on a 60 X 120 Morton Ewuiptment Barn. Had 4 15X15 Sliding Doors Would want 15 X 58' opening Plus or minus.I need Schweiss Doors recommendations on which of your bifold or hydraulic doors to install.


I need a price on the easiest and cheapest Schweiss bifold or hydraulic door to fit an opening of 28' wide by 16' tall. It will be a door for a farm building. Thanks


We are considering options for a Schweiss door 36 wide and 18 high for a metal building. Standard metal door for farm use.What's better for my use, a Schweiss Bifold door or Schweiss Hydraulic door?


reference/Schweiss Doors job #19196. Please call me. I need information to prepare for the installation of your door. I believe the salesman's name was Brent. Thanks


We are in the farm machinery business, and are going to be building a new indoor show room. I am looking for a quote on 10 Schweiss doors approximatly 50'x22'. Some of the Schweiss doors would be just steel clad with windows, and some of them I would like all glass door tinted.


 We are building a large wooden machine shed. We have a door we were going to install a sliding door in but have been considering a  Schweiss hydraulic door. The opening is 38 ft 5 inches wide by 19 ft tall. It is cold storage and will not be insulated. We have a very large I-beam header 24 in tall by 9 in wide. almost 1 in thick steel. 5 double ply trusses sit directly on top of this beam. My post are 5 ply LVL (wood) laminated beams. We are very strong as post but probably not strong enough for your cylinder points. We do have 6 ft of concrete wall the post are sitting on, 3 ft under ground. 3 ft exposed. I need a price on a Schweiss door this size. What is your lead time? What can be done about power outages to open the door? (can a T fitting be installed and a farm tractor used as the hydraulic power source?) The farmers biggest concern, cant get his tractor out... Thank you.


Please send catalogue about your Schweiss bi-fold and hydraulic doors for an agriculture related barn for farm equipment.


I looking at building a machine shed (70x160x20)and I am thinking of putting one Schweiss Bifold/Hydraulic 40x19 door in end wall and a 30x19 in other end wall. I would like a quote on both doors in both styles.


Would like to price a 30 wide by 16 foot tall door. Both Schweiss bifold and hydraulic models. Also would like to price a 24 wide by 16 tall. Walk through door in each of them. I am thinking of remodeling a  building that i own that is setup for cattle now and making it into a machine shed.


I would like to have a quote and design on a present farm barn that has two end doors that are split sliding type presently. The barn is a Butler steel building. I am interested in changing to a Schweiss bifold design. The present door opening is approx. 13' h x 20' w.


I am looking for a 24' wide, 18'high door for an ag building. Looking for price on a Schweiss Bi-Fold and your hydraulic door.. Fort Lupton CO.


we are building a new 60f by 120 shed and would like to put about a 36ft in the end if possible. Which of your Schweiss doors would you recommend?


I am looking for a price on a 28'w x 14'6"h bifold door. The the building that I am bidding on is a 40'x52' pole building addition for agriculture use. 


It is our intention to mount a Schweiss Hydraulic one piece door at the endwall of a 40'-0" wide Steel Building having an 18'-0" eave height.This will be an agraculture project that is tax exempt.The structure will be used as a repair shop for large and tall equipment, The headroom clearance must be 16'-6" minimum.


We have a barn front opening of 10'x12' and would like to close it off to the weather. Found your doors and interested in either the bi-fold or the hydraulic, especially the hydraulic. Could you send me more info on the both, and prices. Or a rep. in the area for a quote.Thanks,


Need a quote for bi-fold doors agricultural application. Need 20'x16' in the clear. Questions


I need a price on the following: (1) 25'-0" x 16'-0" Sidewall (1) 30'-0" x 16'-0" Sidewall (1) 40'=0" x 16'-0" Endwall These are agriculture bi-fold doors going in a metal building. I would like the quote by 12:00 pm March 1st. FBO Boise, Idaho


We are working with an agriculture project, where the owner wants a 29' x 18' bifold door to get his combine into the building with out taking off the combine header.


I am quoting pre-engineered steel building to local farmer who would like to see pricing on both a Schweiss hydraulic and a bifold door on a 30'-0" by 18'-0" opening, and a 20'-0" by 18'-0" opening. For the bifold, price with liftstraps, not cables.


Interior finished ceiling clearance height is close... to combine grain bin extensions.... within 6 inches. Should I go bifold or hydraulic


need quote on 28' x 15' folding door ( farm post bldg. construction ) including installation instructions delivered to zip code 46928


I need a door for a farm shed 20x14 bifold Where can i get information, how soon and what prices you would have.


I have a shed with an garage door on the end wall. I want to take that door out, frame in a bigger opening, and put in a 28 foot wide door. I also need 14 feet of clearing height for the combine to fit. And the hydraulic door needs to be insulated. Thank you.


We are making barns into shops for farmers and they are interested in the bi-fold doors could you send info that i can share with 5 farmers. Is there a way i can get to be a dealer? Here are some common sizes desired: 20' wide by 16' tall, 22' wide by 18' tall, 20' wide by 18' tall Thanks! Ted L.


I have a customer that has a need for a 35' x 14' hydraulic door for agricultural use and I am interested in your product. Please feel free to contact me. Thank You.


I am looking for a quotation on a bifold door for a agricultural building that will store a combine. Eave height of the metal building will be 16' with a 3/12 pitch roof. The bifold door needs a 14' clear space and will be in the end wall of the building.


Price on two doors installed in agri building. Rough Openning 13 feet wide x 10 feet 11 inches high. I will finish off exterior with sun tuff panels


Converting two potato bin doors into one 40'x16' bifold door on the end. The wall in the center is not a supporting wall but I would need to put a header in. The width of the building is 50' and is a wood frame building. I have plenty of steel sheets from the center wall in the bin to cover the door and insolate it. Just need the frame of the bifold, lift components, weather strip and installed properly. So far I am researching the costs. Van


I am pricing a pole building for my farming operation. I would like to have an idea what one of your doors would cost. I would be interested in a door to cover a 24' wide by 14' high opening. Also, what height sidewall would be necessary to accomodate this size door? Thank you, Steve S.


The Minnesota State Cattlemens Beef Tour and Trade Show will be held in Lake City Minnesota on July 7, 2009. Please provide contact information for your representative in southeastern Minnesota so we can forward tour and trade show information to them. Thank you.


I am interested in your one piece hydraulic door foor my tool shed/agriculture shop. Do you ship to the country of trinidad and tobago in the caribbean? I would like to dicuss this with you, so can you provide me with a name and telephone contact with whom I can speak with one to one? Perhaps a fax number to an agent that will be able to help me. Thanks.


I have small farm in Grant Count Minnesota with shed that has a 14ft wide and 10ft high door. Rafters are 16ft high so need bi-fold door to permit my 12ft 6inch bus opening. I will need opener also.Please send quote along with delivery time.


Need door for hanger building that will initally be agricultural use with plans to later convert to hanger with capability of handling amphib


My wife and I are looking a purchasing a farm property near Owatonna MN, and we are working to determine how much we would need to spend on improvements if we were to go through with the purchase. There is a 36 x 48 pole barn on the property that we would like to convert to a hanger / shop. I am interested in what to expect for the cost of adding a door that will allow me to get my quicksilver sprint in and out. The building would have heat, so I need something that seals reasonable well. I am looking for something more towards economy than feature laden. Thanks, Steve


Hello....im in need of replacing a sliding door on my farm building, i need a 25 ft. wide door and my truss height is 14 ft. from floor, can you help me out with pricing etc.....i need an electric opener and a man door and i would like windows also in this bi fold.....i need every inch possible for height on this building also.....


I have an old livestock barn and would like to convert it to machine storage. There are 3 doors, size: 9 X 13; 2- 9 X 9. I was interested in cost of doors and installed price Thank you; Loren


i am building a conventional framed barn for a farmer 90ft by 110ft. he has three of the big john deere sprayers that drive in the fields that sit high with the skinny tires. he wants a door in the gable end that is 40ft wide and 16ft tall like a airplane hanger door


Please provide a "ballpark" figure to include shipping costs (Columbia, Mo)on the following 30' wide x 16' high bi-fold door vs. hydraulic door. I am bidding this type door for a 60'x60' agriculture shop building. Thanks!


I am remodeling an old dairy barn style building, for my shop. It has brick for the bottom 4' and then its wood up to the roof. I gave you the sizes of the door that wood fit and there. Do you carry any standard sizes close to what I'm looking for. Thanks for your time Jon R.




I have two farm building that I was interested in for installing your bi-fold doors. One is a steel round top with an 16' wide X 14' high double door. I would like to add a free standing door and increase the width and height to 22' wide x 15' high. Second steel building has an opening of 32' wide X 15 1/2' high. Also would like a free standing door.


I have a 10'4 by 14 opening and need all of it to clear the cab on my tractor and that is 12 to 14 inches below the gutter so I don't know witch door would be better but I would like to get some info on both types


I am very interested in your bifold doors for my new pole building I am going to be constructing in the near future, and would like some tangible information sent to me if at all possible. I read about your company through Successful Farming. Thank you, Tyler


I am going to live in my country house this winter. I have a 50x80 pole building that was built in the 80's. Steel clad, I have two doors on each end; both are sliding and you know what a bear they are in the winter....I was a farm boy who chiseled them many mornings in the winter....anyhow, I want to put my cars and tractor with snow blower in...so, if it snows too much I can open the door and blow my way to the road and get out..... So, the existing door is 24x14......I am thinking about two 10x10 overheads or one overhead that might be a bit smaller.....yours came to my mind.....so now, what is the most economical way to fill the hole? I am cheap and will try to get the least expensive; however, I also want something that works for a long time...in that event, the quality rolls into the lead..... You can get back to me by the cell number. I am working on developing wind farms and will be in ND doing just that.....oh, by the way, have you guys talked to Benson, Mn yet? I was on the airport commission of years...had to get off as was on too long; however, they are building a circle hangar and I don't know if they have the complete package yet....give Gene D. a call in Benson, MN...he is the president....there that should help for a discount...ha, ha....have a great day. I look forward to your response as I am going to do something here before freeze up..... Duaine F.


I would like more information about your doors priceing etc. My need is for 10' x 14' doors for Poultry Houses. Thanks Wade A.


what would just a 50 ft x 100 ft 12 ft tall with side walls and one back wall with top cost for a hay barn? One end would be open.


I need pricing on two (2) different Agriculture Bi-Fold doors for Dongloa, IL 62926. The first door would be a 40'-0" wide by 16'-0" high bifold door, and the second door would be a 24'-0" wide by 16'-0" bifold door. Please price these doors seperately


I need to build a 30 foot wide by 14 feet high door for hay storage ,this may be the door for me. How much does this system cost?