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Looking for pricing on bi-fold doors for ag buildings. We build wood frame pole barns. Have a customer interested in a 50'x18' bi-fold to be installed on the gable end of an 80' wide building. But, would like a catalog with prices of various sizes for future reference and if this customer decides to look at other sizes.


Hi, I am building a barn and would like you to give me an estimate on a bi-fold door. The width is 16' The height is 15'


Estimate for a 24' wide x 17' high opening in an ag building, hydraulic door


Building a new shed. 200x80. I would like two doors, one side wall one endwall. Would like to get the maximum clear opening out of the end wall door and a decent size side wall door. Would like to talk with someone at schweiss doors about door sizing for this size shed. Thank you, Rob


We are building an agricultural equipment dealership and are needing a wide and tall bifold door system that would allow us to move equipment in and out of our showroom. Door opening would need to be approximately 40' wide and 18' tall. The door would be installed in a steel building with concrete floor. We want the door to be attractive from the interior of the showroom with some glass openings. This will be on the south side of the building so we want it durable with the crazy wind we have as well.


I am a potato grower with 20 buildings. Interested in a bi-fold door to start off with. I would want a price on the Liftstrap door and also what you would charge for a freestanding header in order to increase the size of my clear opening. Will a quonset style building support a bifold door? Who does instal?


Hi Schweiss! I am working on a barn project, and have fallen in love with your beautiful bifold farm doors! I'm hoping to find out a few bits of info from you (email or call - both are fine by me): 1. For a glass bi-fold door, roughly 20' x 10', what does that cost? 2. What is the lead time for ordering such a door? 3. Do you have any energy modeling/ratings for your glass doors? California requires that we achieve a certain amount of energy performance, so would be helpful to understand what our options are for insulated glass, seals, and what R value those achieve (since it has to be plugged into the software). Thank you kindly! Taylor


We are looking for 3 flip style or bifold style garage doors to be installed in party barn that will open into an outside courtyard. Would like to know if there is a preference of wood vs. metal frame construction? The doors will each measure 10' x 10'. Looking at hydraulic and bi-fold options. Is there is a door that is a "flip-style" door that does not require a hydraulic motor? We would like to quote and look at the price and options. We are looking for a full glass door. Our property is located at 7215 Creek Rd. Dripping Springs, Texas 78620


Moving 19th century barn to Colorado and considering bifold or other style for shouts facing walls rather than conventional windows. Friend in Ohio directed me to you and your website. Would love some price info to see if it can be used as alternative. Thanks. Pete


Hi, I was just wondering if you sell doors in Canada and if you have a Manitoba dealer? I am putting up a 60x200x20 cold storage pole shed to store farm equipment. Right now we have a 40x20 bifold door priced into it but would love a price on a one piece hydraulic farm door instead if the price was comparable. Would you be able to give me a quote on a 40x20 door delivered to winkler mb? Thanks Jarrad toews 204-362-8237


We are having a barn built. The plan was for three doors 9x11 in front and one single door at back that is also 9x11. I am having a hard time finding a good quality ag door that will work and look like an actual barn door with the x detail. After checking your Must See Photo webpage, I now know I am contacting the right door company for this bifold farm door. A friend told me to look into your doors. Looking for idea and price range for this style of door. I think the mounting and opening of these door would be great for our tractor equipment. Not sure on side column type or end wall info.


I have a few buildings with barn doors that I would like to switch to a agricultural use lift strap bifold door. 3 doors total.


WE build poultry houses and are looking for other Bi-fold door vendors like yourself who can provide a better quality agricultural use door. We typically use 12'x 9'Bi-fold doors in the houses. Can you please send me a quote to kristen@southernagbuilders.com or call me at my office, 910-428-4005. Thank you


Building a farm shop in spring, looking for budget number on a bifold or hydraulic farm door 35 x 18 with windows in it. Also a backup system and remotes.


I have a local farmer putting up a 50'x 100' fertilizer building. They are wanting it to have five bifold fertilizer plant doors one on each bay. The height will be around 16' with the width being around 20'. Looks like the bi-fold with lift straps maybe best. Looking for info on the construction of the door and pricing. Also info on installation, can we mount these doors ourselves and what machinery will we need to install the bifold doors. The project is located in Veedersburg, IN


I was interested in a quote for a 40' or 48' Hydraulic or Bifold Strap Door for my farm shop. It is a 80'x160'x20' and the door would be going in the sidewall. I was wondering if you could give me a quote on the installed price for a 40' and 48' so I can see the difference in price. Thanks for your time, John Dassow


In the process of building my barn for all of my equipment. 40x52. 16ft walls. Need to have 14ft clearance, interested in a price on your bifold strap door with remote opener and auto locks.


I have one of your 40' door but am looking at building another shed for the farm and wanted to go with a 50 foot this time using lift straps and this bifold door with a walk door and windows. I simply could not remember if you had dealers or we just get them directly from your company. Please email and let me know the best way to get one if we go ahead with this project. Would just as soon have an email to start with, including a contact number if I have questions. Thank you, Steve


I have an Ag building with a 24' wide by 10'11" high R.O. that I would like to get a hydraulic and bifold door quote for. The building is ready for door installation.


Need a quote on a "barn" type ag building bifold Liftstrap hurricane rated door specified for a project that is located in Clearwater Florida. Please give me a call to discuss and get a copy of the drawings.


Looking to have a man door in the lower section to allow access inside when the door is down. Does not have to be full size. Opening measurements are not exact. looking for an estimate. No windows are needed and I can provide the door sheeting to match the Barn color from barn supplier. Do you have bifold door installers in Oklahoma?


im building an ag shop the foundation is done and have an 18 ft opening in it . im thinking probably 14ft in height would be good . a couple of windows would be nice also needs to be insulated. using your bifold Liftstrap door or possibly your one piece hydraulic im thinking. my building will be black an orange can door be made to match?


Interested in 14' tall door for barn, possibly 30 or 32 wide and 18 ft. tall with automatic latches and lift straps. Curious on pricing for most economical option


I have. Customer that needs two 12x12 bifold doors for his barn. What options, styles, pricing can I get for him? Is there a product brochure of selectable choices ready to go? How does it work? Shoot me a price on these bifold with remote openers.


I have a client that found your doors online and wants me to bid building the frame and coordinating the installation of your style door. I’m looking for a 16wx14t door for his farming equipment. He has a wood structure barn that I will be building a metal freestanding header frame to accommodate the door. I’m not sure if a bifold Liftstrap door or a hydraulic lift is better. He wants at least 14’ height clearance and I can build anything to fit your door. If you can quote both styles and explain which would be better fit for him that would be great. If you can also tell me any specs on the frame you need to attach to. Feel free to call me with any questions or any explanations. Also what is your wait times on installation? Thanks Scott Conroy


I am looking at putting a farm machinery barn up early next year. I am trying to see where costs are at right now to get an idea (realizing costs are very volatile right now). I would possibly be looking at putting a bi-fold door across one of the end walls. The barn I am planning would be 48' across the end wall and 17' high from the ground to the bottom of the trusses. I would like to have a door run across the entire end wall if possible I would not want any walk in doors or windows in it but could be talked into a remote opener and bifold door auto latches. Also it will just be for cold storage so it does not need to be insulated. Are you able to provide some idea of cost on something like this? Thanks.


Howdy - I have a barn with 2 openings... The openings are 16.5' wide and 12' tall. What would be the price for all the materials to lift and lock the bifold strap door? Can you install or do I? We are needing robust doors due to my farm being in a active Hurricane area. Kindly respond or call me to discuss.


Would like to discuss budget cost, electrical and structural requirements to install 34' x 18' bi-fold strap door into a new agricultural wood post structure in Grant, NE. also price a bifold door with automatic latches


16x40 door. Dry storage farm shed. B


Rev barn door rustic x panel on bottom, window on top. 13 ft high 10 foot wide liftstrap and auto latching door. Less expensive between one piece and folding.


I am in the planning stages of a new equipment barn. I would like quote for both a 45' wide door and a 35' wide bifold strap door. Both doors 16' tall. Email is best, I am planning for starting a new farm while finishing up working a job and am not available by phone very often.


about to build a hangar on the farm. need a price on the hyd superstructure door please. 45' wide 15' high bifold strap ag building hangar with windows, walk door and remotes.


Interested in your hydraulic or bifold barn door. I'd like to put one on the front of my barn. Opening will be 22' wide 15'3" tall. Looking for an estimate for this. It's going to be an insulated shop, so can I order it insulated or do I need to insulate it? If I need to insulate it how thick of insulation can I put in there? Front of the door is going to just be white tin. I would like to put a service door on the left hand side of it and have a backup system in case of a power outage.


Hello, I am consulting for a barn/house project in upstate NY. We are considering incorporating two bi-fold auto latch doors in our view side of the house. It will be post and beam/stick built so we can add enough structural steel in the wall at construction to support Bi-folds. Approx 19' x 12' each. I am wondering if this is something that you have done etc. I would love to start a conversation soon. Best, tim jones


I need a quote for 3- 40' x 16' metal doors for my new 80 x 200 farm storage building. I have overhead doors that have been on order for 3 months and they can't tell me when they will arrive now so I'm ready to scrap this idea and go with a better Schweiss bifold strap door.. They installed 28" ibeams for header over doorways. I need a price and estimate on delivery date please. Thank you


Good evening. In the process of building an ag shop this year and I am going to have one 40ft wide by 19ft tall door, along with 3 18ft wide by 19ft tall doors. I'm only interested in you liftstrap bifold door with remote opening function and automatic latches. Looking to discuss options and cost. Feel free to contact me at your convenience preferably by phone due to the lack of me looking at my emails. Thank you


Looking to build a wood or steel shop to work on large ag equipment. I'm not a fan of sliding doors, but am $$$ conscious and am considering bi-fold liftstrap and hydraulic doors. I'm building a 60' wide building that will likely have 18' walls to accommodate a combines, sprayer, tractors, tillage equipment, etc. This large door will go on the end of the building. Must be big enough to serve future generations. A good Schweiss Bifold strap door with auto latch buy is more important than a specific size, at least 26' wide but would go up to 35' wide, and 17-18' tall. One row of glass would be nice for visibility and light. I love options so if you have a chart of some sort to show the pricing for different dimensions, I'd love to see it. Thank you in advance!


I am needing a price on a 35'x18' either bifold strap door with auto latches or hydraulic door for a building I am building for a farmer. Please give me a call and we can discuss. Thanks Chris


I have a 23ft by 9 ft opening to my barn/machine shed. Do have a solution for a bifold door for me that won't take away headroom?


Am interested in a door 12x12 for a farm shop. Approx dimensions. Can you give us an approximate cost. Do you install? We have a sliding door in place now. It is a heated shop so does a Bi-fold auto latching strap door seal as good as a normal overhead door? Thank You Bruce Mitchell Starbuck minnesota


Hello , I would like to inquire about models/sizes on the sturdy bifold Liftstrap Barn Doors you sell, so email me availability and let me know the types of payment you accept. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions. Best Regards, Bill Golden


Email would be best to get back with me. I’ve got a barn I’m working on completing and looking for pricing on a bifold door with your Schweiss liftstrap design. Size would be 40’ wide and 12’ tall. Options for window pricing for “each” (might do 2-4) Option for insulation. Information on structure required as I finish my building. (Header size


I have a 50x50 barn would like to put a Hydrochloric or bifolding Schweiss door in. Opening is 49’ x 11.5’ Door truss is not loaded for a heavy door looking for something that attaches to 6x6 wood corner posts. Door would need a man door opening, and possibly a freestanding header. I would install insulate and skin


Looking at building a steel building for an agricultural shop this coming summer/fall. I am interested in a 16'x50' bi-fold liftstrap/autolatching


Hello! I am building a wood framed barn/garage in Maine. 24'x 40'. The door would be in the gable end and would be 9' wide/and 10' high. It seems to me that a bifold door would be great for our snowy winters. I'm concerned re: needing power as we do have power outages. Is there an option for a battery backup system for opening/closing if power is out? Counterweight? or? Thank you! Edith Konesni


I am looking at getting a quote for a machine shed hydraulic farm door. The height of the building is 14 ft. and I can't afford to give up any height and that is my reason for getting a hydraulic door vs. a regular door. the opening is 20 ft. wide.


I have a customer that is interested in a full glass hydraulic or bifold strap door for his tractor implement showroom. What is your turnaround time for delivery to Michigan?


Hello, Can you please quote a 30' x 16' hydraulic and bifold strap door. This door we choose will be for a pre-engineered metal building (farm building) and will need windows and remote opener. Please let me know if you have any questions. Thanks,


I am putting up a barn and need 2 bifold liftstrap ag doors 20' wide X 14' tall and 2 that are 20' wide X 10' tall. Can you give me a price?


I am the contractor and I need a quote for bifold doors for a large farm equipment dealer in Paragould, Arkansas. The details I provided below are for the 50'W x 20'H doors but there will also be 3 25'W x 20'H bifold doors as well. All bifold strap doors need to be 20 ft. tall in order to accept their largest machinery.


We would like a quote for a 40ft x 19ft single hydraulic or bifold strap door with all of the equipment to operate it. The agricultural use bifold or hydraulic door will be installed in a Behlen steel building (new const.) We will skin the door with Behlen's Adp-1 wall panels. Please include the freight to ship to Leoti, KS. and the earliest possible delivery date.


Hello, I'm on the process of building a farm shop/ truck garage. I am looking at installing either 2 overhead bifold strap remote operated doors or one large hydraulic open door. I am looking for a quote for a build your own kit for a 36'X 16' high door. Email reply please. Thanks Jim


Considering options for replacing our old sliding doors on the fertilizer plant. I have questions on how much header height is needed for installation. Door is approx 18ft wide 14ft tall We plan to replace 2 doors with bifold fertilizer plant doors when we find something that will fit/work.


We are in the early stages of planning an Ag. Shop build. I wanted to get pricing on 3 bifold liftstrap doors 2 for new construction 1 insulated 35x18 hangar door 1 non-insulated 30x18 bifold And on 35x14 non-insulated bifold with external header for old construction building. The old construction building may require a freestanding header for needed support. I will send photos for you to look at.


I am looking for folding doors for an old farm building I want to keep the same siding look of the building using your bifold strap door design. If possible Please have a salesperson contact me when possible


Good Morning we have a project we are pricing that will require a qty of 4 bifold strap doors that are 16' 0" x 16' 0" clear opening (not including the wedge) bifold units, lift straps 480 3phase shop prime painted frames we will install siding we will provide installation project name Nutrien Ag can you provide a quote by 4/23 job bids 4/24 please call with question or concerns


Please quote a 24 x 18 bi-fold door for this AG Shop building. This bifold ag door should have the liftstrap design and a remote opener. Thanks!


I am in the process of constructing a farm shed for equipment storage. I am considering a bi-fold liftstrap door with an automatic latching system and backup system in the end wall of the shed. The shed will be 32' wide. I would like as wide a door as I can put in the end wall of the shed. What special considerations are there for construction of the foundation and or end wall of the shed? How wide a bi-fold door can you put in a 32' wide shed? The door opening will be 16' tall. Please get back with me as soon as you can since they plan to put in the foundation later this week. Also, what is the cost of a bi-fold door 16' tall X however wide you can put in a 32' end wall?


I just built a 40 x 60 barn%u2026 The center wall has 8 x 8 post the end walls have 6 x 6 post%u2026 I can either put 2 bifold 20 foot doors and 2 bifold 10%u2019 doors as I will be using the center mostly unless it is cheaper to put the 40 foot bifold barn doors for the space I%u2019m trying to cover%u2026


Hello, met with your sales associates while at the farm machinery show in Kentucky. Would like a quote on the bifold strap door with the measurements below. Would also like and installation guide if at all possible. We are trying to determine what we will have to do to make the door work since the building might be shorter than what the bifold strap door will be. If need be I can be contacted by phone as well. Was also wondering if you had any doors in our area that we would maybe be able to travel and see. If I can also get a single door quote and 2 doors I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you for your time. Very Respectfully, Brett Thayer Thayer Family Farms


Adding an addition to our feed mill. Looking for a 14'x14'bifold strap ag door with opener for truck entry/exit. Horizontal augers under trusses does not allow a standard rollup. Non-insulated building with extremely high feed dust accumulation on all surfaces. Do you have any experience with your bi-fold ag building doors in this environment?


I am looking to put a hydraulic or bifold hog barn door on my barn. I would like some information about a door. The door opening is roughly 37.5' wide by 17.5' tall. Please do not e-mail me, because I do not look at the computer that often. Thank you, Greg Rector


Dear Sir, We are a manufacturer of feeding buckets for cows and other attachments. We are now designing a bifold door for a cow house. We need bifold door units for door control of cow house. Door details; 1. door size : 10 m x 4 m ( wide x high) 2. weight : 1000kgs 3. opening time : about 10sec Please send us your quotation as soon as possible. Thanks and regards, Kim Jin-tae -director Korea Hydraulics Company


I am looking to replace our 16'X14' bifold doors we got from you about 20 years ago. I wondering if I can get a price for new doors with your new liftstraps. I need 2 of them. They are in a fertilizer pant. Thanks Black's Valley Ag


hello, We have a request to include a bi-fold door in our current contract scope. Info below, please quote complete costum design door assembly and operator, no exterior cladding, standard primer finish. Steel to steel opening is 9-0 x 10-0, we understand the clear opening with the door in the up position will be approx 8ft. thank you


I am in the early stages of building a new shop for my farming operation. I would like a quote on a single piece hydraulic lift door and a bifold strap door.


Hi, Curious if you have standard sized bi-fold glass garage doors. Or is everything custom? Application would be for a barn. Either 4 standard garage doors or two double doors. Fairly indifferent to size of bifold door glass panes, just looking for the most affordable options. Thanks, Logan


What is pricing for a bifold strap door and freestanding header, measuring 36' wide by 12' tall for an existing wooden barn. Thanks Glen


I am building a Beef finishing mono-slope barn and I am in need of 2 mono-slope bifold barn doors for each side of my alley way. The 2 doors need to be 14' x 14'. Looking for a quote on how much this would cost me. I prefer to work with Brook or Julie. Thank you


looking for rough pricing on a Schweiss bifold barn  door we can cover with wood bevel siding to match barn exterior, - installed.


I am looking for a quote on a replacement bi-fold  liftstrap door that is for a Morton ag building that now has hard to open sliding doors with opening dimensions of 22 ft high by 58 ft wide


Looking for a bifold or hydraulic door for my ag  commodities shed! Approx opening is 30' by 17' 9"


I own a 60 by 80 Cleary building and the doors are sliders the don't fit real tight , so I was looking for a bifold ag door. I spoke to a overhead door company about a door but they said I would lose 2 foot off my opening I need all the height that I can get my opening is 14' by 20' I have a farm machinery repair business. Can the bifold door be mounted to the outside of the clear opening?


I have a customer wanting us to quote him an 80'wide x 96'long pole building with 18'sidewalls.He would like a 36'wide x max.height bifold livestock door in one gable end.


Hello, I am an architect and we are looking to do a bifold designer door, custom, on a barn (a nice, new, custom barn). Door dimensions of around 13' by 20', wood clad door (wood of our choice ideally) and a wood-framed building. We would like the operator to not be mounted on the door, and would like not to use the yellow straps please (cables?). Would like help understanding options, pricing, and how to make this look as good as possible please. Thanks, Ryan L


I recently purchased a 100 by 250 behlen straight wall building and am looking at putting in 2-50 foot bifold agricultural doors in it. They will be non-insulated as this is a cold storage building. they will be installed in the end walls. I have single phase power here on the farm. I am looking for a price on doors right now as I will be proceeding with this project late summer or early fall. can you give me a price on supply only and a price on supply and install please. I would like to end up with a minimum 18 foot height opening. Thanks for now.


Hello, I am interested in hydraulic doors for self building. Right now I am building arch storage building for corn and grain. I need the Schweiss hydraulic agricultural door that is 8 meters wide and 4 meters high. Could you please send me the offer? I am also a producer of arch buildings for other purposes and I wonder if you are interested in further cooperation on Europe area? Best Regards


Hi, I need a price on a one-piece hydraulic or bifold door for an agriculture post frame building here in Shelbyville Kentucky. The building dimensions are 50'x 72' x 14' and the door will be on the 50' gable end. We are looking at the following door sizes. 26' x 14' and 30' x 14'.


Good Afternoon Looking for help with a Schweiss designer door for a custom barn/shop project. I have two glass type doors we're looking to do in a bi-fold hanger style. A) 20'8" width, 16' height B) 10'6" x 10'4" Can use some help for budgeting and planning at earliest possible for follow up. 


I would like a quote on a bifold strap lift agricultural door for a rough opening of 40' wide and 18' high. It will be installed in a Lester Pole barn. I would like your crew to install so Please include the installation cost. In the door no windows, but should have a Schweiss lockable walk in door.


We have a large barn that has 3 openings on one wall that measure 16' wide x 9' high. Do you have a hydraulic or bi-fold liftstrap option for this size ag door? Can I pick it up at your MN factory?


I'm not sure what my side column construction is. Also I could pick up the hydraulic farm doors myself as I get close to your plant with my own semi in SD fairly often. These doors will be side by side in a 60 foot end wall. Thanks Glen


I have a wooden barn that is 2 years old and it has in each end 16'x 30' openings.The junk doors that were built in each end were 2-15'wide by 16' tall on a sliding track. I have an opening in each end of the barn.The barn sits north and south and I live in Alfalfa county in NW OK. I was wondering what you would recommend and what would the ballpark cost be for your bifold liftstrap/autolatch door? Lightly windrated. Wind can get up to 70 but most of the time it is around 25 mph.Please contact me by email or fax. 


I have a client wanting to build an aircraft hangar in the Ottawa, Ontario. Canada area. We are looking for a price on a 60' wide bifold liftstrap/autolatch ag   door with a clear height of 16' plus wedge above. Installed in a (pre-eng) metal building. We purchased a door of similar size from you back in 2002 and can arrange for installation. Thank you, 


We are constructing a 32'W x 40'L x 12'H (side walls) storage building on our farm property. We are interested in putting a 20'W x 11'H ( /-) hydraulic door on it. Can you give us a quote to include windows and a walk door? 


Client is looking for bi-fold liftstrap ranch cattle door. 40 x12. Will also need steel lay out for this. Client lives in Whitewater MT.


Need a aircraft bi fold strap dr for ag building 26 x12/8 would like to put matching metal on face and have a walk thru dr.


I am interested in you Bi-Fold doors. I have a steel stockyard building that measures 40' L X 40' W X 15' H. It is in the "S" style. I'm looking to close in the front of this build. I am looking at your bi-fold strap door for this project. Could you please provide me with pricing of your product, also like pricing on installation ? Thanks in Advance


I am going to put up a farm building 30x45 and would like a bifold strap door that opens the entire end, what do I need for 28-30' dr.? or will that size work.


We are building a 60x136-18 wood structure pole building for a grain farmer. On gabled end he would like either (1) 36'x16' or (1) 56'x16' There will be 24" of headroom on interior. He would like the full 16' of clearance when open. What do you recommend ? Please contact me as soon as possible as he lost this building to a tornado a week ago and needs to rebuild soon. Bifold doors will need to be windrated for Wisconsin. We need to know how to construct the gable walls to accommodate this type of door. Thank you, Paul


I am planning to build a hanger on a Fly-In Ranch later this summer west of Fredericksburg, Texas. Will be interested in your bifold liftstrap door with autolatch system. Can you quote me on a 48 ft. x 16 ft. steel door with a lockable walk-in door?


Building a 16' tall building. How big does my header need to be also how tall will my opening be? Are they insulated? 25' x16' door. 2 of them. Can I get price on bifold liftstrap and single hydraulic swing Will be in a half steel and wood barn. 


Begin production on a 44x14 bifold agricultural door, include shipping to Palmer, AK. I will need the door delivered in June 2014. What are the required door framing, slab, and footings specifications. Do you have a door installer in Alaska ? Or can we install the bifold strap door?


Bifold doors for farm buildings to be 2x8 wood frame construction. 1) 60 X 18 bifold machine shed door giving me a min of 15' clearance 2) 20 x 15 hydraulic shop doors. Bifold door is liftstrap and autolatch door. Remote door openers for all, windows and walkdoor on bifold ag door.  


I have a customer considering a shop building door. He wants a door that is 44w by 20h. The steel structure door will be located on an endwall. The wall height is also 20'. Provide a price on a farm shed door that size, with 4 windows, and a high thermal door insulation value. Include all labor and other expenses for door installaton.


I have a customer that is looking at using one of your Schweiss bifold liftstrap / autolatch barn doors. I need specs on it so I can design our steel building for it. Steel door size is going to be 32 x 18.


End wall bifolding Schweiss 46 ft. steel dairy building door. Width to the outside of pole shed is  15 ft from bottom of door rafters to the ground. Would like the fastest dairy barn strap door you can give me.


I'd like information and budget pricing for a farm door project near Aurora, Nebraska. Looking at two  36' wide x 18' tall Schweiss bifold liftstrap agricultural doors. Please correspond by email.


Please provide quote for the bifold strap ag doors noted below. This rancher is used to the cable operated doors, however I want to present the quote with strap operated doors simply because they are so much better. I need the ranch door quote returned  as soon as possible. The outer skin of the doors will be steel panels to match the building.


Please quote a 40'x20' Hydraulic one piece Schweiss ag door with (3) 4'x4' framed door  opening for windows. I will provide door insulation and install door cladding panels on the inside and out. Include remote door opener please.  


I am quoting a steel frame farm building door for a customer. It has 18' eave height. He wants a 35'W X 16'H insulated bifold liftstrap ag door installed onto a sidewall. The shop door would be shipped to the job site, in rural Nebraska.


We have a horizontal rolling door (on farm roller tracks) and want to replace this door with a Schweiss liftstrap insulated bifold? Sealing and heating this building has not been a problem in the past as it was storage; now we wish to use it during the winter. Will need insulated steel door.


I called before Farmfest about bifold farm doors and am now ready to place a Schweiss factory door orders. Build a bifold strap door that fits a 36 by 18.5 doorway and a 30 by 18.5 ag building door. I will insulate and install both steel doors.


Vertical columns are 6" X 6" fir Horizontal header beam is 14" X 7" steel I-beam Base of steel header I-beam is 13'6" above ground Building is wood frame with I-beam across door opening. Looking to put a big Schweiss hydraulic one piece door on a 110 ft. ag building using a 45 ft. wide door.


I've got a project where I'm looking for a vertically opening Schweiss bifold strap door that won't encroach on interior finished areas, and your product looks like it could fit nicely. Additionally to the door size I input below, there are a pair of 16'W x 14'T doors, and a 16'W x 12'T door. The building in question is a custom timber framed barn/garage. The client would like the doors to open vertically due to the amount of snow they get, as well as have a carriage house style to the finishes. Thanks, -Fred


Building a new AG building with a Schweiss door in each end. The building will have 18 feet clearance under trusses. Looking for bifold strap doors with 16 feet clearance. One 30 feet wide. The other door undecided 20 feet or 30 feet. Wanting automatic doors with remotes. Interested in pricing and availability.


This customer is from the Atwater, MN area. The steel building farm door may end up to be 38' wide but quote them 40' to be safe. I would need both the Hydraulic and the Bifold (with straps) quoted with locking systems. Non-Insulated I will provide the door panels and flashings but need you to install them. Customer is really sold on your quality doors. Thank You.


I am needing a quote for a ag project in Iowa ....you may have already provided quotes to other contractors bidding this project. What we have is a steel framed building which we have two (2) 50'x18' Hydraulic Red Power Doors specifying Schweiss, as the door of choice. Both doors will have steel sheathing on the exterior....One door will have an interior liner to 8' high and the other will be fully lined on the interior. I am needing to submit my proposal on Tuesday, so I will need your quote soon. Any questions, call. Thank You, Dan


I am planning on building a new heifer shed, and I am thinking about putting some Schweiss bi-fold liftstrap doors on the ends. I have put the size of one of the doors below, the other one will probably be 14' wide by 12' high. I would just like an estimate so I can compare prices. Include remote and backup system.


We are building a new shop for our biomass farm business and are considering a hydraulic door wondering if you could give me an idea on a price of a 40 ft and two 20 ft all 18 tall hydraulic doors. No windows, but include windows across, 2 or three. Insulated. Installed by Schweiss.


I have a steel biomass building with a 15'8" wide and 14' tall door what would it cost to put a bifold door with liftstraps and autolatches on it. It has steel-reinforced concrete columns. Don't think I'll need a free-standing header. Should be insulated.  thank you


I would like a price on a 60'x17' Schweiss liftstrap livestock building bifold door installed in Hogeland Montana ? Also, if you folks skin the door?


I have a wood frame farm building with 21x14 door would like to replace with Schweiss bifold or hydraulic, don't have much hight to spare don't know which would best and if there is much price variance would like a rough price and to know if I have to install them or if you have crews that do the installing. Terrific doors you make there.


I need a price for the following: (6) 41'-6" x 14'-0" Bifold door with 3068 Mtl Man Door. (2) 44'-6" x 14'-0" Bifold door with 3068 Mtl Man Door. Project is located in upper peninsula of Michigan, so doors will have to be well insulated. Bldgs. to be used for livestock and storage.


About two and a half weeks ago a guy came out and measured for a hydraulic farm, door. I was wondering if you had a quote for the dimensions that he gave you. The dimensions were clear opening of 22' wide x 16' high. Please send Schweiss Doors specs for building requirements also.


I am on a farm located 60 miles east of Calgary, Alberta. I am wishing to inquire about 2 doors. One for my shop and the other for my quonset. The shop door will be 14.6' x 22' and the quonset door will be 14.6' x 20'. Could you please give me an idea of what the cost would be for a strap lift bifold and for a Schweiss one-piece hydraulic door and how the shipping and install works with us being in Canada.


Do you have any dealers in West Central, Ohio. I am looking for pricing on a 36' x 14' or 16' Bi-Fold Door with straps and autolatches and remote opener  for a farm building. Thanks, Tony


I am estimating a farm fresh produce storage  building that is specifying a liftstrap Schweiss bi-fold door. 55ft wide and 16ft tall. It is in Utah, 28 miles west of Salt Lake City. I want the option for a Red Power hydralic door also.


I am looking for a quote on 2 different doors. 1- 19' wide x 12' tall 2- 24' x 15' Both bifold liftstrap with autolatches for ag buildings on end walls. I will pick up.


I'm building a farm shop and I'm needing doors. I'm needing one door that is 60'wx18't. And either two others that would be 20'wX18't or maybe just go with one that's 40'wX18't. Which would be the better option? The Schweiss hydraulic or the liftstrap bifold?


I have a customer that wants a building 70' wide x 120' long. Will have dirt floor and used for farm equipment storage. Needs a liftstrap Bifold Schweiss door 40' wide and 20' clear height. How well do your doors seal on dirt, or should I consider laying a small area of concrete or a railroad timber for the door to lay down on. I am interested in both your systems. Thank you


I am looking to price a bifold lift strap door for my farm shop. 13' 1" high, 16' wide. wood frame 4x6 vertical and 2x4 across top. cement floor. The other bifold I bought from you years ago is still working great, but I'd like to put lift straps on it too. Is that a pretty easy operation?


This is for the Davis Purdue Agricultural Center project that is in Farmland, IN. There is 2 doors going on this project and your company was the basis of design. Door width: 30'-0" Door height: 15'-0" Wdg: 24" Overall height: 17'-0" Drive type: Bottom Drive Lift type: Strap Lift Truss: Internal Hinge style: Single hinges Total W: 362" Totl H: 204" Do you install your doors? Email quote, 


Would you please quote 35'x16' insulated bifold ag shop door with lift straps and auto latches for me. If you need more answers please call me on my cell. 


Please quote a 40x17 Clear Strap Lift Bifold Door Installed in a New Pre-engineered metal building that will be used for grain storage. Grain will not touch door. Please quote labor to install as well. Please fax design information so I can forward to building supplier. Please also fax quote. If you could forward today that would be great. Thanks


hello can you give me a price on a 20' w x 14'h hyd door for a metal ag building?  Want it insulated with two windows for better outside lighting. Who installs them?


Good morning, I\'m enquiring about your doors I see on the Schweiss website, would like a little more info. please. My customer is building an addition to a farm shed 54\' x 100\' x 18\' and will be a pole building. He is wanting a 40\'x17\' door in the end wall and a 30\'x17\' door in the side wall.I understand that with the hydraulic lift door this would work and also with the bifold, with liftstraps, although with the bifold you loose some height when it\'s open, correct? Could you confirm this for me and price these 2 doors for me? I work in a retail lumber yard in Altona, Manitoba, Can.. 


I am in the process of designing a farm shop and have a budget to keep in mind. Located in Watrous, Saskatchewan, Canada and I found your website. The bifold doors with the straps/autolatches are of interest. We are a large grain farm - 36 foot headers, Large John Deere combines - 9860's. So I need a large door, width and height. I was thinking about 40 ft x 16 ft, it must be able to be insulated - winter can get to -40 Celcius. Do you think this height is adequate for the next generation of farm equipment? How high do the side walls have to be a accommodate this door size. Estimated cost of the door, delivered to Watrous, Saskatchewan, Canada.


We need a quote for a Bi Fold lift strap motor operated, opening size 38%u2019-8%u201D x 16%u2019-0. Also do you provide the skins for the door? If so please include in quote. Are there any window options? Our customer wants a row of windows. This is for an agriculture building.


I'd like to get quotes on bifold doors for two tobacco storage sheds. The first is a woodframe building with a 12 x 12 opening. The second is a quonset hut with a wood frame that is 16 x 12 that we would like to extend to 18x 12. Do you have a southern USA installer. Almost forgot, make sure these doors are priced with lift straps and auto latch locks. 


Please send me pricing and shipping to 70532 on a 24 ft. wide X 14 ft. high agricultural bi-fold door (lift straps) and a hydraulic door (Red Power). This is for a prefab metal building end wall opening. Include man door and two remotes. Thanks


Have need for a 36' /- wide x 18' high Agricultural door. Well insulated for a shop. Need to confer with you as to which door, BIFOLD OR HYDRAULIC would work for my customer.


We are building two new ag buildings each will have one opening at least 35' x 16' possibly 40' x 16' I would like a quote on bi-fold doors for these openings. We will also have 2-20'x14' doors and 2-22'x16' doors. and one 24'x16'door I am thinking of using overhead doors for these but if you can be competitive with a hydraulic door and would like to quote them as well that is fine I will consider them. I'm pretty impressed with your new Schweiss Red Power Hydraulic pump, but cost will be a factor in my decision.       


We have an ag pole barn with opening 30' wide by 16' hi Do you have contractors to install. I want a Schweiss bifold w/lift straps and remote opener.




I am designing a small farm shop and I need 12ft of clearance, I would prefer to use a Schweiss bi-fold lift strap door. How high does the sidewall or opening need to be to have sufficient room for the wedge area and still have my 12 ft. of clearance. 


Hello! I wish I had an order of magnitude of price, for a door scissors (bifold) isolated from 12 'wide by 14' high, for agricultural use. thank you


Please price a 30' x 15' Schweiss Hydro Door for an pre-engineered metal Agricultural Building with a 17' eave. I almost went with your popular bifold door until I read about your new Red Power hydraulic pump and backup system, which I think will work even better for this building. Figure freight to Spencerville, OH 45887.


My son and I installed one of four Schweiss bifold doors in a hanger we built last year. We were impressed with their quality workmanship and smooth running lift strap systems, and now I have need for another one on my Beford, Wyoming Ranch. What info do you need from me to provide a quote? Thank you. Gary




JULIE- Looking to get quotes for a 30 x 20 door. A Schweiss bi-fold with lift straps for an ag door. thanks


We have a machine shed with a door at each end that I would be interested in changing to a Schweiss bifold or hydraulic. The width of the shed is 45' so I would like to consider 40' doors with 14' clearance.Include price on your Schweiss Red Power Hydraulic pump and standard Schweiss pump.


Looking for a Schweiss hydraulic door and installation, 50' X 14'. Door is being put on a metal cold storage ag structure and need height of opening to be 14' with door open. Thanks!


I am trying to design an ag implement building that will have a 45'-0" wide X 20'-0" tall bi-fold door and i need to know how much a door from Schweiss Doors that size would roughly weigh. Thanks.


I am looking for a price for two hydraulic doors. One is 24 by 14 and the other is 20 by 13. I want to be able to insulate both of them. Both are going to be mounted on my steel implement shop.


I am building a shop inside an existing agriculture machine shed (wood pole structure). I have the sliding doors for the entrance of big equipment on the end of the buliding. I guess I am looking to replace them and traditional over head doors don't interest me at all, just checking out prices and quality of door for a bi fold that is insulated.


Quote for a steel ag machine shed. Outside mount with 2 windows in the hydraulic swing door. I look forward to hearing from you.


Would like a ballpark figure for bifold doors with lift strap and auto-latches. One being 40' wide by 18' tall. The other 35' wide by 18' tall. I don't really know any details yet about where it will be installed, all I know is that is how big it has to be to get the combine into the implement shed.


We are contemplating a new ag building/shop, as well as remodeling older concrete building to accomodate large machinery. Give me info on your bifold lift strap system please.


Needing an approximately 32'-40' wide bifold door for a ag equipment shed endwall we are constructing. It's an truss building, so the endwall structure can be either steel or wood. That is why I love your doors, I like the fact that you can manufacture them to my spec's instead of the other way around.


Can you send me a Quote on a 11'7" X 38'1" door. Please quote both styles of doors, with remote. I want the quote to include installation on a steel hog barn.


I need a one piece hydraulic barn door. This system seems like an excellent choice for me. Can I dress it up with wood myself Outside? Inside? i need the headroom for my tractor to lift to a loft. I also need remote operation. aesthetics are very important (barn Look). I can do any amount of the door design, build. My door is 10' wide 9' Tall. Please quote.


Need a price on a bifold door system for an agriculture building. Steel Curvet building. 28' wide, 15' tall rough opening. The building is going to be for cold storage so i won't need insulation.


44x90 ag building,need 20x15 gable door,can bifold go up into gable to allow 15'height? do you recommend bifold or hydro power? include opener w/quotes.thanks




I'm looking for an ag type door. I designed one close to your Bifold bet it was getting pricy to do it all myself. When I saw yours just now I was impressed. I have two openings I need doors for one 13'6" H X 14' W and the other slightly higher at 14'6" but I only really need 13'6" height there so I may lower that Header or opening. What are my choices what do you reccomend. The Schweiss hydraulic door looked interesting but may have costs and stress points I don't like. They did both look real heavy duty. Another feature I liked was the shaded area they can create like a mini poarch when they are up. It is a feature I was trying to put into one of these doors. a frame, hardware and great design might be what I am looking for. the siding or covering I could do locally if that adds to shipping and costs. I'm looking forward to what we can work out.


I would like to get a quote for a bifold nylon strap door for an opening approx. 10' tall by 23' wide. There is a complication: There is an existing overhang over this opening of 30", so the height at the edge of the overhang is more like 9'6". This is a hay and equipment storage building on a farm. It is a steel building. Thanks for your advice.


I am putting a price together for an ag implement building and need a door quote for a Hydraulic door 36' wide x 18' high


Please quote on a bi-fold door, with straps and method to lock door. Also, its for a new barn and we need to know the structural changes we will have to add to the barn. These will help us determine the added structural cost to install this type of door. if possible, I would like to get this for this Friday, have a meeting with the builder on Saturday. Thanks very much.


36x18 door to fit farm machinery in. I assume that the bifold with autolatches will be the most economical? 


Im a building dealer and have a farmer that wants a bifold door can you get me in contact with sales we need a quote on a 30 wide 16 high door. The owner looked at your website and specifically said he wanted the fast moving nylon lift straps.


We have a project in North Dakota. We need a qoute for a bifold door that we are bidding on. The door needed is for Agriculture/ Aircraft use and is to be a Bi-Fold/ insulated door. The size of the opening is 50' wide by 18' tall. If you will, please email to me the door that you can provide with installation. In addition, we also will need the spec's for engineering purpose's,Color to be determined. Questions; Call me; Thank You, we hope you will be able to help us on providing the door & Installation.


I need two quotes: One for a Bifold Ag door 16'x22'and the other for the same dimensions but for Hydraulic Ag One-Piece door. I live in Washington state. How much for door delivery? Do you install? If so, how much does it cost? This is for a pole building. Is it possible to get this quote by Monday? Thanks.


I have an existing pole barn that has slider doors I want to insulate the barn and replace the door on end wall but I need all the head room I have so I cant put a conventional door on but I fiquired a hydraulic Hanger Door price would be in my price range so I thought I would contact you to find out


I am looking for quote for 50'x16'-6" Hydraulic door to be installed in an agricultural building to be located on farm property near Coolidge, Arizona. I will need electrical data as well as loading and framing requirements in order to get acurate metal building quote and electrical cost for the project. If you can reply with your email address I can send preliminary building sketches as well.


We would like to get a quote for a 29' wide by 20' high bi-fold or hydraulic door. The demenions are rough opening. The use is Ag. The job location is Corvallis, Oregon. We have limited 240 power for the door unit.


would like a quote on 2 one piece hydraulic doors 20'wide by 14' tall for 50x100 farm equipment shed


I have a potato farmer in Idaho who wishes to install a 24' x 16' hydraulic door in an existing spud cellar. We can do the building modifications, but how do I go about getting a price on a hydraulic door?


I'm looking to purchase a bi-fold door for my barn the opening is 32ft wide by 17ft high. I dont need it to be automatic, just simple and inexpensive. email me a brochure and the prices for the product. Thanks, Dave




we are building a ag shop 40 x 56 with a big end wall door we need 14 foot head room the building has 16 foot side walls looking to put a 24 or 26 foot wide bifold door with 14 foot head room. like to have an opener with it


Doors would be for an agricultural building. One door would be 16x14 and the other 16x12. The building is wood frame/steel outside. Construction starts in 2 weeks and was considering normal overhead "garage" doors. Have experience with bi-fold hangar doors and am looking for a price comparison. Would like straps rather than cables. Thank you.


I'm looking for price for 24' wide 15' tall door. Building will be solid core SIP type construction from EPS Buildings. This is Ag building. Bifold door needs to be insulated. Any suggestions would be welcome.


WE (my partner & I)have been working on a project for a large beef farmer to build (12) feeder buildings that will be 192'ftx18'ftx620'ft. The center drive-thru is 30ft wide. I would appreciate a sales person to contact me for prices and availability on these Hydraulic doors. Thank you


I am converting My old wooden barn into machinery storage. Barn is 32ft. wide , thinking of a 20ft. wide door and probly 14ft. high. No openings are cut in yet.I would like to know what I am doing for a door before I sign a contract to have the barn covered with steel siding. Do not contact Me by e-mail as I never check for those


Hello - Would you mind to send the catalog of farm door to me by mail soon. I am looking Bifold or one door open, which size is 9 by 12 I think. Please send me a catalog so I can look at it and decide to order it. Thanks, Richard


This is going on one of our hoop buildings and have had a similar door estimated by local company. We are looking for the basic door as it would be primarily used as grain storage.


Have an olivia rafter round roof building with shingles and steel siding. It is 40'x70' with an existing 12'x 14' overhead door with opener. Want to get combine in so would want at least 15'x24'? door opening. What door would work best? Would want the door insulated and may do cement repair on the existing floor. Door width has to be wide enough for an 8 row corn head.


I sell Metallic Buildings. I have a Prospect in Centralia,IL. wanting a farm building with a 50' X 18' BiFold Door. I can supply the wall panels, and the 4" insullation. I need a price on your door, shipped to Centralia, IL. with and without installation. Please line item the freight. Call me if you have any questions at the above phone. Kindest regards, Virgil S.


I am quoting an Ag shop to be constructed at Evansville, Wi. and my customer is looking at a 24'wide x 15'bi-fold door as an option to an overhead door. Could you quote me an installed price for this door? Thanks, Gary


I plan a farm building 32 X 60, with a 30 wide door which has a 10 foot clear opening, located on the gable end of this building. Vertical steel siding and roof will cover the building. Q1 - Is a 32' wide building wide enough to accomodate a 30' wide door? Q2 - This will be a pole building with trusses forming the roof. Do you build the truss or provide specs to truss companies? Q3 - Please provide an approximate price for such a door with lift straps and a bottom mounted operating motor, including freight to Princess Anne, MD.


I have a storage business in Northern Wi. with a 40x80 ag building with standard 16' sidewalls and would like to put a bi-fold or single door on the front. I would like to get a price for the largest door I can fit on the 40' end. If you have any questions, please call me. Thanks, Larry


I hope to build a hangar on my farm this summer and would like to put a hydraulic door on it. I think it will be 40'x 12'. Can you give me a ballpark price delivered? Thanks, Bill


hello We have an agricultural building that has a doorway with size dimensions of 16' high by 22 1/2' wide and i would like an estimate of what the cost would be. Also, included in the estimate i would like to know how much the shipping charge would be. thank you for your time and have a great day!


I'm in the process of budgeting the construction of a new fertilizer storage building to be located in SE Minnesota. It would start in the spring of 2009. On the project would be two bi-fold doors with a clear opening size of, 16' wide by 16' high. Can you provide me with a price for these doors? The skin on the doors would be corrugated fiberglass panels. I'm not sure if that is enough for you to price them. If not please email with any questions you may still have. Your prompt reply would be appreciated. Willy D.


Interested in pricing a 80' bifold or hydraulic door for a steel building mounted on gable end of building. Building will be used for assembly large ag equipment in ND.


I want to convert a 36'x60' dairy barn which has a quonset top set on block barn walls removing the haybarn floor between them. Haybarn door opening is 16'x 10'4" on top of lower level ba door 7'x9', converting both to one large door 28'x18'6". I need someone to come look at this project and tell me if it will work or not.Can we do this this year? How much will it cost? How soon can someone come?


60'x 100' post frame construction ag machinery storage building. Looking to place a bi-fold door at each end. Would like a quote for the two bi-fold doors.


Please send literature on your 14' X 20' agricultural door that will open to a maximum of 13'. Thanks


I would like to have information on your ag building bifold doors. will need specs & quote for 35 by 14 door and operator.


looking for ag bi-fold door for steel building end wall putting a used steel bldg back up in aprox. three weekswould like to talk to someone about doors first # is don second is matt thank you Don B.


Please send a quote on a 20' W x 12' H door for ag machine shed and a 25' W x 16 H ag shop. Thank you.


I saw your ad, and have a barn that i am considering replacing the door on. This is not a door that is used often, so price will be a factor. The door is 14'x14'. We have sliding barn doors there now, and they are in need of replacement/repair. Let me know what your cost is.


I was impressed by one of your doors (new installation at craig w's) I recently bought an old farmstead with several old sliding doors and am looking at the options and would like to get an idea $wise how your doors compare to overhead doors. drill rigs require about 13' high opening. one door about 25' and a couple 16' wide Thanks Jet


IM interesred in a hydraulic door mounted on sidewall of a 18 ft tall barn can I get a 30ft wide by 16ft tall in this opening to work. I would also like to line inside and out with metal and to insulate. please call me on cell phone best way get hold of me. thanks John.


I would like to have a quote on two (2) 36'0" wide x 16'0" high doors, one (1) 20'0" wide x 16'0" high door. This is for an agricutural building, pre-engineered metal building construction. 36'0" doors are in end wall of building, 20'0" door in side wall, building is 18'0" eave height and is 1/12 roof pitch.


Need to retrofit a door on free stall dairy barn. Opening is 16ft. w x 10ft 1o inches high. need prices on bifold or a hydralic one peice door .


We are looking at long term plans for building renovation in our Ag Mech Shop. Currently, we have a roll-up door with windows above it. I would like to remove the windows and put in one large door. I would like price quotes for a 15 x 14.5 door and a 12 x 14.5 door (this would be the door size if the windows remained in place). Thank your for your assistance.


Could you send me more information regarding doors 6' wide and 10' high. These are for an aluminum farm shed. There are five doors. Please include price ranges as well Thank you, Roland L. F.


This is an existing barn /shop combo. 48' x 48'. Not sure of the door size at this time.


KQLX radio (8.90am) is the most listened to ag network in the Red River Valley of ND, MN and SD. IF Schweiss doors are interested in reaching our listening audience please contact me and I'll forward our coverage area info and rates. KQLX radio is a most affordable way to reach a good percentage of the ag professionals in our area. Many of these business owners have deferred income and buying decisions until after January 1st, so now's the time to let them know about your Schweiss door products. All my best, Charmin H.


Constructing 40 ft wide 60 ft long 12 ft high farm building. Wood frame with wood truss construction. Need budget pricing on bi-fold door 38'W x 10'H Thanks Jim


We are looking to replace the doors on an exsisting building. A dry fertilizer storage bulk building. The front of the building is open and has wood pillars dividing the front into 6 sections. The doors we are thinking about could be one large or two smaller ones.


I am curious to know what a bi-fold, or hydrualic door might cost me for a hay storage barn. The dimensions are 14 feet tall and 40 feet wide. One color, red. With an outside controller, and possibly with a remote. No walk through doors needed. I also need a door 14 feet tall and 12 feet wide, with same color of red, outside controller, and no walk through doors. Can you please send me prices on those dimensions, or a price list of common sizes? Thanks, Ty


i have a steel miracle span building. the door opening is 24'w x 14'h. i need to raise the height a foot to get combine in the shed. looking for a quote and time frame. i just put a hopper topper on combine, now it doesn't fit in the shed...


Looking for a small fold up bi-fold door: 6ft. by 6ft that would fold up into a small shed. I am building this to store items like by zero-turn lawn mower and wood splitter and don't have much space. I would like this door to either fold up or fold to one side outwards or fold in two halves but would need to fold inward. The building is an attachment to my compact Kabota tractor barn that I built and is of an odd shape due to the trees that I don't want to cut down. I also could have a door that would slide to one side and open. This might be the easties way. I would need a track for this for both the framing I will build and for the door. What opitions do I have?


I have an airport hanger on the farm. the opening at this point in aprox 56 ft. with 20 ft of overhead clearence. since i do not need any more than 35 ft of opening i am trying to figure the cost of doors based on width and my cost of enclosing the extra. could you e-mail me an estimate for diferent width doors with the strap and bottom control


I would like to request a full catalog about the Agricultural Buildings all types. High ceilings, can handle strong winds and heavy humid, hot weather, heavy rain. Hope to receive the catalogs soon and thank you. BEST WISHES, Maynard s.


a kenyan company that deals with agricultural farming and processing. We are looking for upward folding doors for our new rice mill with the following dimensions:12ftx14ftx14ft. please send us your qoutations and details of your products. Thanks. Jack O.


Looking for two bifold doors for ag buildings. One would be 10x10 and the other would be 12x12 Insulated is preferred Need ASAP Thanks