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I will be making an offer to purchase a home-hangar at Propwash Airport in Justin, TX. The hangar is 60' wide and has a 40' wide Schweiss system Bifold door. I think the height of the door is 14'. Can you give me a very rough estimate on how much will it cost to substitute the bifold aero park door to a 60' x 14' bifold door. This can be a negotiating point for me. Regards


Good day, I am looking to build a small aero park hangar under a house to fit a Cessna 172 and looking for pricing for a 40x9 opening. Bi-fold or hydraulic would work. Will I be needing a self-supporting frame for extra strength as this is under my home.


Good day. Could you get in touch with us per email please. We recently bought a property at the Spruce Creek FlyIn. We own two hangars. One built in 2015 with two Schweiss doors, one bifold and one one piece. The other hangar was built in 1994. We want to replace both of the bifold doors in that hangar with Schweiss doors, one piece or bifold to eliminate problems with other manufacturers inferior doors. The hangar door size I do not exactly know as we are overseas at the moment, but I could get our neighbor to measure them.


hello, I am interested in a 24 ft tall x 56 ft wide bifold door for a new hanger I am building at an aero park.


good day we are interested in a custom residential hangar application...we are a high end Toronto home builders and have a client interested in a hydraulic door for their aero park hangar. do you have a certified dealer in Ontario Canada? best Arthur


In need of 23 60 ' x 18' hydraulic doors for our aero park hangars.


I am needing pricing and shop drawings for a: Bifold with liftstraps (1) 56' wide X 25' high for my aero park hangar. Builder needs the details and clearance's to build opening for this door.


I am looking into designing & building a few aircraft aeropark hangers. I would like to discuss options for 50'and 40' wide hangers. The door height range from 9' to 13' clearance. I am considering 14' walls on the hangers. Some of that depends on how much clearance is allowed by a 14' bi-fold door. Most importantly, the prices. I need to give perspective buyers a price range and options for Schweiss aeropark bifold door styles. Although, the Schweiss bi-fold door seems to be the standard around here (mid coast Maine.) Also, the amount of prep work that will be needed with framing (wood frame). I am already getting a price for a girt truss over the bifold strap door, but not sure that it is needed. I would like to know specifically what I need to have in place to support the door. Or what comes with the door. I looked at a few of your technical drawing on the web site, but could not find dimensions. I suppose that depends on the door. I am a builder/contractor and could potentially build several hangers over the next few years. However, it is new to me at this point. I am a pilot and familiar with hangers operation, just not building one. Thank you for your help. 


Northern Idaho - we are wanting to build a small hangar home. 1ea. 45 x 14'9 similar to the Silver Wing Aero Park doors you supplied at the Sandpoint Airpark.


All glass clear anodized aluminum bifold aeropark door, set for 1/4" glass. This is for a restaurant. Something like the Schweiss bifold hanger door picture.


We are buying a house on a residential air park. Currently it does not have a hangar and we will need to build one aproxamitily 50 X 80. I am hoping to put 2 of your bifold aero park doors in but obviously I would like to get more information and maybe a recommendation for a local contact for a builder /installer if you have someone in the Denver CO. Area. The bifold residential designer doors would be installed on one end and one side.