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Do your homework before deciding on a hydraulic door - 14

Hydraulic door frames

Hydraulic door buyers really need to know what goes into the framework. Insist on one-piece all-steel or aluminum frames that are manufactured with at least 2x4 tubing and a continuous header tube for extra support.

There are many factors you should consider before deciding on a hydraulic door. You’ll want to know the price, and you’ll need to decide that even if you may be paying a little more, is it worth it to know you’ll be getting a better hydraulic door for that extra money. On the flip side of that, you may be paying more and getting less in the end. Watch out for and ask if there are little add-on expenses or hidden costs that a company may put on your purchase which may involve a higher payment in the end. If the door company you are dealing with is asking for anything more than a 25 percent downpayment upfront, beware. What kind of a track record does your hydraulic door company have, how long have they been in business? Are they a start-up company under a different name from another company that went out of business? Talk to others who have their hydraulic doors or ask if they have doors in the area you can look at. Did they deliver the hydraulic door on time, did it arrive in good shape? Was the hydraulic door they delivered everything they said it would be? Has their hydraulic door held up over the test of time? Was the company and its installers courteous? Did the company provide you free engineering data, door weights, hinge locations, precise measurements, wind load and design specifications? Are they willing to work with you, your architect or contractor? Do they use quality all-steel frames and components on their doors, or does it appear they cut back on quality to increase their profits? Were they willing to answer all your questions and offer suggestions? Are their doors low maintenance doors? Do they use approved UL components? Are their hydraulic door pumps and motors powerful enough to lift a heavy door? Ask about their cylinders and hinges. Do they have a website or can they mail you a brochure explaining in detail about their hydraulic door? How big are they on safety? Do they appear to know their product well? Do they offer any guarantees and will they stand behind their hydraulic door after the sale? Don’t go shopping in the dark. Compare apples to apples. Know the company you are dealing with and the product claims they supposedly stand behind.
Hydraulic door cylinders

Does your manufacturer supply two extra-heavy hydraulic door cylinders that will give you years of trouble free operation? Will they provide vertical cylinder legs for doors that need additional strength.

Hydraulic door hinges and headers

Your hydraulic door is only as good as the beefed up hinges that hold it onto the building. Are they self-contained on a continuous header tube, how big are the hinge pins? The building header design needs to be good enough to support your hydraulic door.

Hydraulic door installations

Your hydraulic door company should have qualified hydraulic door installers and should be able to provide easy to understand self-installing directions for you to do the hydraulic door installation yourself.

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