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Hydraulic doors needing extra heavy windloading requirements. - 40

Hydraulic doors can be windloaded against severe weather conditions

Hydraulic doors are designed to close and lock tight. A windloaded hydraulic door will make it even more secure for states and locations where windloaded door designs are required.

Schweiss hydraulic doors can be windloaded to withstand hurricane-wind forces. One rural door owner even had a tornado take his building down completely, but the doors and doorframe's on each end of the large machine shed remained standing. That’s what you call “Schweiss Strong.” Schweiss can configure a extra-heavy windrated hydraulic door design to conform with specific state regulations and local codes that will be approved and sealed by a professional engineer registered in the state where your door will be located. Hydraulic door windpins can be furnished on doorframe's to increase windload. Wallpins can also be incorporated into the doorframe to provide additional windload requirements when needed. Center windpins have a minimum diameter of one inch to provide sturdy installation and to secure the hydraulic door securely to the building frame when the door is in the closed position. Schweiss hydraulic doors never rattle or creep open. In addition to this, each Schweiss hydraulic door has two large powerful autolatching cylinders located at each end of the doorframe to provide a weathertight seal around the entire door opening and a positive lock during severe weather conditions. The hydraulic cylinders are powered by a new efficient compact pump design which holds your door safely in all positions. Spherical bearings at each end of the cylinders add life and smooth operation to our hydraulic doors. This quality hydraulic door design is only available from Schweiss Doors.
Hydraulic door windpins and wallpins

Schweiss Doors can windrate your door to withstand hurricane and tornado velocity winds. Windpins and wall-pins can be installed to further secure your hydraulic door to any building.

Hydraulic doors close weathertight and provide a very good seal.

The combination or singular use of windpins, wallpins and strong Schweiss hydraulic cylinders will seal and lock your hydraulic door in tight to any size building.

Hydraulic doors, large and small, are used for any style building or hangar

Schweiss hydraulic doors for new buildings and retrofits give you an efficient operating door that is aesthetically pleasing and 100 percent efficient. The quality design and superior hydraulic components are only available from Schweiss Doors.

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