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The all-important pump moves your hydraulic door - 11

Schweiss 95 percent efficient hydraulic door pump

Large hydraulic one piece doors can get quite heavy. It takes a powerful motor/pump to get it off the ground. The Schweiss technology-engineered pump with its advanced electrical system is compact, but packs a quiet but powerful punch to keep your door operating day-in and day-out without a hitch.

You wouldn’t send a boy to do a man’s job would you? That’s the thinking that goes into every Schweiss hydraulic motor and pump system to lift your hydraulic doors. When you have a need for speed and constant dependability the all-important Schweiss hydraulic pump keeps on running, just like the Eveready Energizer Bunny. All Schweiss energized hydraulic doors keep on running thanks to the best hydraulic pump unit on the market. This new compact red hydraulic pump runs at 1,800 RPMs and delivers 95 percent efficiency. The Schweiss low voltage electrical control station in our pump system is designed and engineered for large moving doors and to accept multiple safety components. The Schweiss compact hydraulic power package comes complete with motor, pump, all gauges in one neat looking hydraulic unit that can be mounted or placed anywhere within your building. The one of a kind state-of-the-art pump and strong cylinders seal your hydraulic door weathertight and hold the door in the closed position. Think smart, think safe, think efficient with the best hydraulic door pump that comes with every Schweiss hydraulic door.
Red barn, hydraulic door pump with power

There’s a lot of red on this big barn and big hydraulic barn door, but what’s really red and important is the Schweiss hydraulic door pump unit and the strong cylinders it needs to power to lift the door without a hitch day-in and day out.

Hydraulic door pumps for tall doors

Big or small, wide or tall, the Schweiss improved hydraulic door pump is capable of lifting any size or any weight hydraulic door, even this real tall one.

Hydraulic door pumps for wide doors

It doesn’t matter how wide or big your hydraulic one piece door is. The Schweiss hydraulic door pump, capable of operating large cylinders, will lift your hydraulic door in a hurry, set it down softly and seal it weathertight.

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