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Aircraft hangar owners look to Schweiss doors - 2

Rural custom window hangar door

This rural Illinois pilot with a plane restoration and historical research authentication business wanted his personal hangar to have the old hangar look with eight custom made door windows reflecting the 1930s era of his aircraft.

A large variety of airplane and helicopter hangar doors are built by Schweiss Doors for shipment throughout the world. Aircraft hangars and doors come in many sizes; very large hangar doors for use on big corporate jet aircraft and military blastproof hangar doors, down to small and medium-size hangar doors for everyday pleasure planes, floatplanes, seaplanes and ultralight aircraft. The Schweiss Hydraulic one-piece hangar door and patented Bifold liftstrap door are the pilots top choice. Aircraft pilots depend on and insist on a low maintenance, weathertight, smooth-operating doors that open quickly and quietly in all types of weather and which are available with a remote control door operating systems, standard door backup systems in case of power outages and other Schweiss Door options. You’ll see Schweiss windrated aircraft hangar doors at large airports, landing strips, airparks and on hangar homes. Schweiss Doors has manufactured them all and is a respected custom made bifold and hydraulic aircraft hangar door builder that designs strong custom-made hangar doors for any type of building.
Canadian floatplane hangar door

Two rail systems, one for his 185 Cessna floatplane and the other for his boat serve this Canadian pilot well. A 48’ wide x 15.5’ one-piece Schweiss hydraulic door was built for his new 40’x50’ wide hangar.

Mexico corporate hangar door

This attractive corporate jet hangar is located in Mexico has a 72’x22’ Schweiss bifold/autolatch door with special heat resistant protective Alupanel aluminum composite self cleaning door cladding.

Costa Rica Ultralite Quonset hangar door

A sightseeing business in Costa Rica equipped its quonset hut hangar with 12’x44’ wide Schweiss bifold liftstrap door. Just 200 yards from the ocean, they get drenched with 275 inches of rain each year and needed a good watertight hangar door for their operation.

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