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Hydraulic doors are built with the best materials - 10

Better overall designed hydraulic door

From the strong Schweiss cylinders to the strong 4-inch x 2-inch tubular all-steel frame and truss design, everything is built tough on a Schweiss hydraulic door to give you decades of maintenance free service at the touch of a button.

A big one piece hydraulic door is only as good as the materials that go into it and the door components that accompany it. Schweiss Doors knows this all too well. One of their main objectives is to build a better designed, safe, low maintenance top quality hydraulic door that the end-using cash paying customer will be happy with and recommend Schweiss hydraulic one piece doors to others. Schweiss Doors is proud of the one-piece hydraulic doors that swing outward. The door is powered by a powerful high quality compact hydraulic door pump unit, two heavy duty cylinders, beefed up hinges, heavy duty trusses for added strength, NEC approved electrical components, many safety features and our recently introduced spherical bearings which are critical to the safe and smooth operation and extended life of the hydraulic door. The one-piece doorframe is manufactured with 4-inch x 2 inch tubing, you won’t see any wood 2x4s on our steel frames because we know there is nothing better or stronger than completely welded steel horizontal crossmembers. Our hydraulic doors feature three backup systems in case of a power outage. Door add-ons and accessories stretch the gamut from remote openers to photo-eye sensors, door base safety edges, warning lights and horns and entrance lights to mention a few. Schweiss hydraulic door customers expect only the best, and that’s what they get with each and every hydraulic door that leaves the factory, just like the thousands before it. You can be assured that no one will have a better designed hydraulic door than you if you have a Schweiss hydraulic door.
Bigger, better hydraulic door cylinders

Heavy-duty cylinders go on every hydraulic door. Spherical bearings located between the teardrop area and cylinder plate at each end of the doors lifting and closing power cylinders prevent cylinders from bowing or breaking and add life to your door.

Better designed hydraulic door compact pump

You won’t even come close to finding a better hydraulic motor/pump system than this. The well-thought-out compact design operates very quietly at 95% efficiency and is strong enough to lift any size door. It can be located anywhere within the building.

Strong hydraulic door framework, no wood, only steel

While some others try to replace horizontal crossmembers with 2x4 wood and lighter weight framework, Schweiss Doors doesn’t hold back. Our hydraulic door frames can be windloaded and are manufactured with strong 4-inch x 2-inch steel tubing. Beefed up hinges hold the hydraulic door in place. Closed hydraulic cylinder doors give a weathertight seal, the open door large canopy design gives more shade and Schweiss hydraulic doors open and close quickly.

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