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Schweiss hydraulic doors and liftstrap bifold doors give you a choice - 21

Hydraulic doors for hangars are built strong

Pilots, airport owners and military installations worldwide rely on strong and dependable Schweiss hydraulic hangar doors.

Schweiss Doors gives you a choice: Hydraulic Doors or Bifold Liftstrap / Autolatch Doors. Each of these Schweiss doors is just as popular as the other, it all depends upon what you like and what you want in a quality Schweiss door. Each style of Schweiss doors are real workhorses; they’ve been tried, tested and improved over the span of 35 or more years and have different advantages and requirements. The famous patented Schweiss bifold liftstrap / autolatch door has revolutionized the bifold door market moving this style of door sales well ahead of the longstanding cable lift doors. This quiet running, faster opening bifold door has gained worldwide attention and is perfect for all types and sizes of buildings. Just like the bifold door, Schweiss hydraulic doors are unequaled in quality and craftsmanship. They are the first choice for customers wanting a one piece door. Strong hydraulic cylinders and an efficient-operating compact new pump and strong cylinder design give it more than enough power to lift any size door. Both styles of doors have been top choices for architects, engineers and contractors whose clients want them used as elegant and stylish “Designer Doors.” These designer doors are a Schweiss Door specialty and have appeared on exclusive upper crust venues as well as residential homes, hangars and other buildings worldwide. No matter which style of low maintenance Schweiss door you decide on, you can be assured that your door will be custom-made to order and will fit your clear opening perfectly without loss of headroom. You’ll have peace of mind knowing that your doors are built with the strongest and best possible material and components to give you years and years of trouble-free service at the convenient push of a button.
Schweiss Hydraulic Designer Doors

This hydraulic designer door was clad in a wood design to give the home a great look. Designer doors come in many styles and are available as hydraulic or bifold doors.

Bifold machine shed doors

As farmers increased the size of their machinery they’ve also turned to Schweiss Doors to manufacture them a bigger and better bifold or hydraulic door. The big doors make it easy to move equipment in and out during all times of the year.

Bifold motorhome garage doors

This new home needed a big door to house it motorhome. Schweiss Doors custom-made this bifold door to conform to a local zoning ordinance by giving it a look that blended in with the outside of the garage and home and making it appear not as tall as it actually is.

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