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Schweiss Hydraulic doors are in a class of their own! - 26

Hydraulic doors for farm, ranch and agricultural use have a clean look

You can’t beat the clean look of a nicely clad hydraulic one piece door. They’ve been around for years, and Schweiss makes agricultural use hydraulic doors better in many ways. They’re in a class of their own.

Customers often ask, “Your hydraulic doors are so popular. So what are the advantages of a hydraulic door?” To begin with, they are a very well thoughtout design, made for safe, quiet, fast, reliable and smooth operation, no matter what size door you have in mind on any size or type of building. Schweiss low maintenance hydraulic doors have fast opening speeds with few moving parts and require less headroom. Two powerful cylinders with larger rod diameter are used to raise and lower even the biggest hydraulic doors, such as those on large aircraft hangars and agricultural and industrial buildings. Only Schweiss hydraulic doors come with spherical bearings that protect the larger cylinders and add to the life and safe operation of your door. One look at our compact superior gear-driven fully-assembled pump and you’ll see everything you need to know. Easy to read gauges, oil filters, a powder-coated reservoir tank with sight glass and temperature gauge at eye level. It holds the hydraulic door safely in all positions, locking the door tight so it never creeps open. It has a better UL listed electrical package and the pumps run at 95 percent money-saving efficiency. When hydraulic doors are open, they provide a large canopy that offers more shade. There are no obstructions that protrude back into your building like a roll up door. Tractor hydraulic fittings come standard on all Schweiss hydraulic doors as emergency backup systems in case of a power outage and there are two additional backup systems available, a battery backup system and a drill-driven backup system. A built-in emergency lowering system is also standard on all Schweiss hydraulic doors. Hydraulic door frames are pre-hung inside their own subframe. The hydraulic door’s subframe adds extra building support and is easy to install. Subframes have 3x5 and 5x5 heavy steel tubular members for added support. An external truss visible from the outside of your building and located near the floor gives even more additional strength. You have a choice of mounting styles, either a flush mount located below or under the building header or an exterior mount, that attaches above the building header on the face / outside of the building header resulting in no loss of headroom to give you a maximum opening. Hydraulic doors lock in any position when not operated. If a hydraulic line should leak or get damaged, the door will lock. Counterbalance valves and safety components are standard equipment on all hydraulic doors. And hydraulic doors are easy to install. We could tell you more, but basically, the hydraulic door speaks for itself.
Hydraulic Doors for residential homes and garage doors

You’ll find Schweiss hydraulic doors on all types of buildings from homes to airports, farm and industry. These strong doors are attractive as well as very functional.

Schweiss is the “Cadillac” of hydraulic doors for garages, RV and storage shed doors

When it comes to style and performance, nobody manufactures a hydraulic door better than Schweiss Doors. The quality hydraulic door components from pumps to cylinders and more guarantee you’ll have a hydraulic door that will outlast all others.

Hydraulic Doors for farm and ranch agricultural use come in big sizes for big ag equipment

You’ll appreciate your Schweiss hydraulic door with strong cylinders and will want to show it off to your friends. Schweiss low maintenance powerful hydraulic doors for agriculture are better, stronger, faster and smarter engineered doors. Schweiss hydraulic doors is a brand name you can trust on and off the farm or ranch.

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