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Hydraulic doors designed for special purposes - 13

Denver glass garage and patio hydraulic door

This homeowners multi-purpose 30 ft. hydraulic glass garage and patio door speaks of class all the way. At certain times of the day the glass on his door reflects the beautiful Denver surroundings he lives in. With a kitchen inside the garage he uses it for family gatherings and to store his prize vehicles. When open it provides an extended rain roof.

The clean sleek look of a first class Schweiss hydraulic one-piece door is something to really appreciate, no matter if it is used as an agricultural machine shed door, industrial crane door or for something as simple as a pair of garage doors. Then there are unique hydraulic doors that are really special doors with engineered designs and attractive glass or door cladding that really sets them apart and causes people to stop and take a second look and say . . . “I’ve got to have one of those Schweiss Hydraulic doors!” Many of Schweiss hydraulic door orders come that way, by word of mouth from customers who want to brag about their doors and share them with their friends. But first and foremost, these same customers realize that just because a hydraulic door looks good from the inside or out, it’s what makes doors run and perform flawlessly that really counts. You can own a Cadillac, but if it doesn’t run, what good does it do you? Schweiss Doors makes sure on both counts that their quality hydraulic doors are built to last with very little or no maintenance. All big and small hydraulic one-piece Schweiss doors don’t leave the quality controlled factory until they are spot-on perfect doors, something we know our customers will be proud door owners of. Schweiss doors are only manufactured with the best materials and high-tech door operating components. If you want a first class hydraulic door and you really want to give it a first class treatment, consider custom glass, translucent panels or window wall doors. Clad your doors with decorative copper, stucco, wood, rock face or home siding, there are a myriad of possibilities with Schweiss doors. Be the first on your block to make heads turn.
Arizona stucco clad aircraft hydraulic hangar door

The owner of this Arizona hangar wanted a hydraulic door that would offer him shade when opened and a door that could easily be clad in stucco to match his nearby home. The Schweiss hydraulic hangar door is 44x12 ft and easily hold his Cessna 140 and car.

Copper clad Hall of Fame Hydraulic doors

When the Louisiana Sports Hall of Fame built their new facility they wanted two hydraulic doors that would blend into their building. They were clad in copper and the second level door has a pleated ventilation design for people inside to see outside.

Lake home hydraulic boathouse door

This Minnesota lakehome owner is the envy of the lake with his remote controlled hydraulic boathouse door. He enters and exits the boathouse in a matter of less than a minute with his classic 1955 Chris Craft Continental boat. The exterior of the boathouse is clad in heavy cedar wood planks. The compact Schweiss hydraulic door pump unit fits nicely just to the side of his boat. The hydraulic door was also windrated to hold up against the windy days on the lake.

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