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Bifold doors with cables can be retrofitted with liftstraps - 23

Bifold door liftstrap doors on big hangars

Schweiss Bifold Door liftstraps have been used on big and small doors. Each liftstrap is rated at 29,000 lb. tensile strenght to lift even the widest hangar doors.

One of the most frequent requests that Schweiss Doors receives from owners of all brands of bifold doors is to have them converted and retrofitted from cables to Schweiss patented liftstraps. Schweiss Doors is happy to accommodate these requests and to provide easy-to-understand instructions for installation, or in some cases to retrofit these outdated cable doors using our Schweiss Door installation teams. For years, bifold doors have been lifted and lowered by the conventional means of steel cables. Schweiss Doors revolutionized the bifold door world with its liftstrap bifold doors. Schweiss Doors still manufactures a cable door, but nearly 99 percent of all customer orders request only a straplift door. They want the liftstrap conversions because liftstraps are longer lasting, stronger than cables with 29,000 lb. tensile strength, won’t rust, tangle, fray or overwrap and they are quieter and give your door a faster lift. Liftstraps carry a 10-year warranty and are competitive in price to cables. Customers also appreciate the Schweiss liftstrap autolatch system for their bifold doors. This unique automatic door locking system also utilizes liftstraps. With just a push of a button, your bifold door is automatically secure, sealed from weather, water and wind.
Bifold liftstrap doors on round buildings

It doesn’t matter what size or shape your building is. Schweiss Bifold doors with dependable and maintenance free liftstraps are used on them all.

Bifold liftstrap restaurant doors

Fancy restaurants, hotels and other commercial establishments love bifold liftstrap designer doors to expand their serving areas or to open it up to the outside.

Bifold liftstrap conversions are easy

Bifold doors with liftstraps are easy to install and once you have them on, they are virtually maintenance free. Nearly all Schweiss Doors bifold door customers insist on having patented liftstraps on their doors.

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