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The Liftstrap Moving Gate lifts vertically without folding - 22

Liftstrap Moving Gate divides room in half

The Schweiss 44 ft. liftstrap moving gate allows the dogs and employees to see what's going on in the other half of the 46x96 ft. room. The Schweiss liftstrap moving gate can open up and divide the entire room.

When a customer requests something new or different Schweiss Doors looks forward to taking on the challenge of satisfying them. Such was the case with “The Paw,” an upscale dog and cat resort and training academy. The Paw owner wanted a lifting wall about 7 ft tall and 46 ft. long to separate their 96 ft. high ceiling room. He insisted on a safe gate that would not cause harm to humans or animals in his public facility. The liftstrap moving gate was built with a steel panel siding on the bottom half and a clear polycarbonate see-through panel on the top half. This particular gate allows humans and animals to see across to the other side of the room without having to raise the gate and can be used to separate big dogs from small dogs during training sessions. The Schweiss Moving Liftstrap Gate still utilizes the patented Schweiss liftstraps, but instead of folding like a bifold door or outward and up like a hydraulic door, it lifts straight up to the ceiling. A push button control on the side wall and a 2 h.p. top-mounted motor easily and quietly lifts the 1,500 lb. moving gate conveniently out of sight in less than a minute. Priced less expensive than a comparative pocket door, the gate is much easier to use and now virtually gives the animal resort two rooms to work in or one big room without having to build a wall or drag out individual room dividers to separate it. Moving liftstrap gates can be used for many other applications from commercial to agricultural buildings.
Schweiss Moving Gate lifts straight up

The Schweiss moving gate in the up position. It lifts and lowers in less than a minute, once open the dogs have run of the 46'x96' room

Schweiss Moving Gate Liftstraps

Five patented Schweiss liftstraps attached to the gate and ceiling and a 2 h.p. top-mounted motor easily lift the 1,500 lb. moving gate.

Schweiss Moving Gate divides big room

Schweiss Doors installed all the framework, straps and motor. A built in man door allows for easy passage between each side of the room when the Schweiss moving gate is down.

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